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    Jun 29, 2004
    Title: “Your Reach Into the Far”
    Author: Mira_Jade

    Fandom: A little bit of this and that!
    Genre: Everything!
    Rating: PG-ish
    Characters: Everyone! (See Index)

    Summary: Bits and pieces from beyond a galaxy far, far away.

    Notes: Because it has officially been too long since I wrote for a fandom outside of Star Wars! The Ultimate Drabble Challenge IX seemed like the perfect opportunity to dabble on the NSWFF side of things again, so here I am! I'm going to try to write for a different fandom every week, but my old familiars - and a few new ones [face_love] - may show up more than once!

    As always, I thank you all for reading, and hope you enjoy! [:D]

    Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, but for the words! The title is a nick from Shoemaker, by Nightwish, just the same as my SW collection. [face_love]

    Index of Fandoms

    Week One: All That Heaven Will Allow (Lore Olympus)

    Week Two: Little Boy Blue and the Man in the Moon (Guardians of the Galaxy)

    Week Three: You've Got it at Your Fingertips (BNHA)

    Week Four: A Reclamation of Space and Light (The Rookie)

    Week Five: Little Heart, Keep on Beating (Stranger Things)

    ~MJ @};-
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    Author's Notes: To start, I am beginning with a new fandom! Lore Olympus is a webtoon (that you can read for free online if you're interested!) that retells a good chunk of Greek Mythology - and the myth of Hades and Persephone, in particular - with modern aesthetics and, more importantly, modern sensibilities in mind. It takes away a good deal of the squick and the uck! from the source material while still keeping the core stories and human connections intact. As I'm a sucker for myths and legends of any sort, this comic is one of my favorites. And it's beautiful, to boot. The artwork is just mesmerizing, and every panel is a treat! Rachel Smythe is a genius, simply put, and I can't wait for the Netflix adaptation that's in the works!

    Also, I am - rather clearly - taking the option to write imperfect drabbles. These are a wee bit robust, shall we say, but ah well, it is what it is. :p ;) [face_mischief]

    So, without further ado . . .

    Week One: “All That Heaven Will Allow”
    (Lore Olympus
    | Ensemble Cast)​

    I. Adamant

    With all of the power and majesty both inherent and earned by being the eldest of the Six Traitors, first amongst the chthonic deities and uncontested King of the Underworld, Hades coolly regarded the supplicant cowing at his feet. “You were warned of the penalty for disobedience. You have no one to blame but yourself.”

    A whining sound was his only answer. Pitiless, he squared his jaw, refusing to be moved.

    “Cerberus,” his voice fell like the swinging of a blade, “I’ve told you a thousand times before: my shoes are not chew toys! Bad dog; bad!” But, even as the hound was sternly ordered outside, Hades had the sneaking suspicion that Cerberus was far from chastised – if the lolling tongue and happily wagging tail were any indication. Clearly, he was losing his touch!

    II. Abide

    It was hard, being so close to her love and yet so far away.

    It wasn’t easier when, on a night of storms, Psyche went to check on Aphrodite’s children, only to find that they’d taken refuge with their older brother. Eros’ wings had fanned out over all of his siblings, tucking them in close and assuring them of his presence as the thunder rolled and lightning flashed. With a bittersweet pang of longing, she wanted nothing more than to curl up and join them, and yet . . .

    In her disguise, he had no idea who she was. For now, Psyche could only fight to pass his mother’s test and earn their second chance. After all, she reminded herself, Eros had answered her prayers once before; she trusted him to do so again.

    III. Afield

    Distantly, Hera wondered how it’d come to this: she’d been a warrior, once, swept up in the righteous glory of ending the tyranny of Kronos and his fellow titans. She was the Queen of Olympus and the Goddess of Marriage, for fates’ sake, and, yet . . .

    Her mascara ran as she stared at the broken glass of their framed wedding portrait – which she’d swept off her dresser after discovering Zeus’ latest indiscretion. “Did you ever truly love me?” she hated how she sounded – so small and scared, rather than hurling her words like spears. Had she always been a spoil of war? Was she nothing more than his first conquest?

    Zeus didn’t answer – she wouldn’t have believed him if he tried, nor would she have accepted another empty apology – but he did kneel, and, in silence, helped her pick up the broken pieces.

    IV. Aghast

    There was nothing Eros loved more than nettling someone about a crush; it was, quite literally, part of his job description. And Persephone made it so easy with her furious, stuttering denial: ha! But, all teasing aside, her deepening feelings were a balm to his senses – like sunshine and warm breezes and newly growing things. She reminded him of Psyche, in a way. Hers had been the most beautiful, pure love he not only had the privilege to feel, but to return . . . before he’d ruined everything, that was.

    Seeing his mood ebb, Persephone smiled in sympathy. “Hey, Artemis – I think that Eros may be the only archer who’s your match,” she summoned a distraction. “Ares says he’s better than you, even.”

    Predictably, Artemis growled, aghast. “Ooooh, Ares can shut his lying mouth! C’mon, Feathers, we’re settling this, once and for all!”

    V. Aforetime

    Frowning, Hecate moved through the veritable forest that’d sprouted up in Tower Four. While assisting the Furies in figuring out just how, exactly, their security had been breached, she paused to touch a still softly glowing pink blossom, thriving in the gloom.

    “She was able to make this grow, even here,” Alecto pointed out mildly.

    “You don’t think . . . ” a note of wistfulness filled Tisiphone’s voice. After all, they’d been awaiting their Praxidike for millennia now. Beside her sisters, only Megaera looked crestfallen.

    “I don’t know,” Hecate murmured. Just that morning she’d railed against Hades for even the appearance of impropriety where Persephone was concerned, and yet, for the girl to have this kind of power over Tartarus, where naught should ever grow . . . she reconsidered. “But it isn’t our place to speculate,” regardless, she let the blossom go. “This is something they will have to figure out for themselves.”

    ~MJ @};-
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    Adamant -- [face_laugh] too funny!

    Abide -- sweet!

    Afield - ow! Hera has all the righteous and I do mean righteous indignation of a spurned, scorned lifemate! :mad:

    You write this so lyrically, (as always!!!). I am very happy you've started an NSW drabbles thread!

    BTW, I just listened to Nightwish's Shoemaker ... STUNNING! And that VOICE didn't hurt, not one teensy bit! :) [face_sigh]
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    Aug 21, 2006
    I loved to read the Greek mythology when I was young and this is real nice
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    Like Nyota I had to listen to the song, too, and it is beautiful. [face_love]

    And these are a beautiful set of drabbles! I think Adamant was my favorite - so funny! :D But they were all great!

    I really loved this line, it's just a gorgeous image.

    Can't wait to see what other NSW gems you come up with! :)
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    This is most enjoyable as an image of both Hecate's et al. sense of propriety and sheer power of Persephone, oooh nice!!

    Way to go, Persephone, to distract and confuse the issues. Artemis, you've been played, girl. :)

    The glory that was Greece lives on and I'm stoked about the webcomic new to me and of course a Netflix interpretation.
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    Oh man, these were great!! I'm definitely going to have to check out Lore Olympus! The Magicians had some Greek Gods that had more modern sensibilities and I loved it! (Hades with depression was my favorite). So this sounds right up my alley.

    I loved them all, but Adamant had to be my favorite, it went on such an emotional journey! To wonder who he was going to punish and then it turns out Ceres aet his shoes... [face_laugh] I was laughing so hard!

    In Aghast this line:
    I loved it so much. It feels so... warm, comfortable, comforting. And I mean that literally. I could feel it as I was reading.

    Beautiful job!
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    Oh, wow! I can't thank you all enough for your awesome feedback! You guys really are the best! [face_love] [:D]

    So, a few replies before we move on with Week Two! :D

    Thanks! I loved writing both of these - especially Hades and Cerberus! The trials and blessings of owning a dog are universal, it seems! [face_laugh] [face_mischief]

    I know, right??? Zeus is a piece of work in any medium; I could happily stab him with his own lightning bolt for how his serial adultery just devastates Hera. It's even worse in this fandom, because you want them to work their marriage out so badly! It's so, so frustrating! [face_plain]

    Aw, thanks! It's great to stretch my muscles on the NSW side of things again, and I can't wait to see where these prompts lead my muse next! :D

    ISN'T IT THE BEST????!!!!!! I'm so glad that you enjoyed! Toumas is a genius, is all I have to say, and this latest album just struck me so hard with all the right notes. I can't wait to see Shoemaker, in particular, performed live - you know, if their touring the States will still be a go in the fall with everything going on in RL. :oops:

    As always, I can't thank you enough for reading, and for taking the time to leave such wonderful feedback! I appreciate it more than words can say! [:D]

    Thanks! I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed these. :D [:D]

    ISN'T IT THE BEST?! I'm glad you enjoyed it too! The whole album currently has me smitten something fierce, lemme tell ya, and I'm just happy to share the love! [face_love]

    Thanks! Adamant was my personal favourite of the bunch, too! Some things are just the same for dog owners everywhere, it would seem - and, canonically, Cerberus has gotten into a fair bit of doggy mischief more than once. [face_laugh]

    Aw, thanks! Eros really is the Super Awesome Big Brother in this fandom - and, honestly, he minds his own parents as the grown-up in the family, too. Paragons of maturity Aphrodite and Ares most certainly are not. [face_laugh] The image of him with his wings fanned out and protecting all the little ones was the first thing that popped into my mind for this set! I imagine the view would be all the more special to Psyche, who's fighting for her own right to have a family with her love. I'm glad you enjoyed! [face_love] [face_love]

    Thanks! I really appreciate your reading, as always, and leaving such wonderful reviews! [:D]

    Thanks! I love, love, LOVE both Hecate and the Furies! And I just found it reeeeally interesting that Hecate went from: stay away from Persephone for her sake to playing matchmaker in the span of a day, all after the events in Tartarus. And then Alecto totally called Hecate on her doing so, which you've read now! :D The Furies must have an inkling that Persephone is their Praxidike, and I can't wait for the comic to get to the point to where they swear allegiance to her over Hades. That was always a part of mythology that struck me as poignant - just how much power and control and purpose Persephone has in the Underworld, especially compared to how little sway Hera - and less so Amphitrite - have over their own respective realms as queens. Interpretations portraying Persephone as a damsel or a victim always make me roll my eyes. Nah uh, our girl is a powerful force of nature, quite literally, who's establishing herself as a woman - as a queen and a wife and a mother, rather than the eternal maiden her own mother wanted her to remain. And Hades absolutely adores her for all of her being, just as a marriage should be. [face_love] [face_thinking]

    But, enough of my babbling! I am just thrilled that you enjoyed that scene. I loved writing it! [face_love]

    As much as I love my feral girl, Artemis is SO PREDICTABLE AND EASY TO RILE! Now I want to know who would win that contest! I couldn't even begin to guess. :p [face_mischief]

    Aw, thanks for the high compliment. And I am so glad to hear that you're enjoying the webtoon, too. ISN'T IT THE BEST??? Happy reading, and thanks again for your lovely feedback! [face_love] [:D]

    Thanks! :D Ooooh, and you've gotta check it out, you're gonna love it! I didn't know that about the Magicians, that sounds awesome! The webtoon definitely covers Hades with depression, too - it looks at him and Zeus and Poseidon, all, and examines how they'd cope with Kronos' abuse as children (THE MONSTER ATE HIS KIDS TO CIRCUMVENT THE PROPHESY THAT SAID THEY'D OVERTHROW HIM - which was self-fulfilling, of course, because Zeus freed his brothers and then they did banish him to Tartarus), and process their trauma as adults, each in their own ways. I can't say enough for how well the comic tackles mental health issues, all while dealing with topics like toxic relationships and healing from all sorts of different kinds of abuse. It's just so thoughtfully written and really, really poignant and uplifting - on top of being laugh out loud hilarious and having just gorgeous art! I am SUCH a fan!

    :D Writing Adamant was my personal favorite, too - it was so much fun trying to craft the drabble to be misleading, building up an ominous sense of foreboding and then ending it on a funny note instead! It seems like being a dog owner comes with its universal trials and blessings! [face_laugh]

    Aw, thanks! I just adore how Eros' powers as the God of Love are portrayed in the webtoon, and it was a beautiful ability to examine in prose here! That was such a wonderful compliment, and I was beaming to read your review! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed. [face_love]

    Again, I thank you so much for reading, and hope that you continue to enjoy these as they go! :D [:D]

    Alrighty! There will be more up in just a few minutes! :D

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    Author's Note: It was only a matter of time before the MCU showed up here, and, really, how could I resist with prompts like these??? So, here we go with one of my absolute favourite found families in any fandom. Then, as a disclaimer: the title for this set is taken from Cat's in the Cradle, by Harry Chapin, which has to be on Peter's playlist somewhere. ;) [face_mischief] The italicized dialogue in Steal is borrowed from Yondu's Death Scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, to give credit where credit is due. That movie, and those few lines in particular, just shattered me, in the best ways, and provided ample inspiration for this set! [face_love]


    Week Two: “Little Boy Blue and the Man in the Moon”
    (Guardians of the Galaxy
    | Yondu Udanta & Peter Quill)​

    VI. Raid

    As far as Yondu was concerned, it was quick and easy money: stealing children who were too young to fight for themselves. He was just returning them to their father – no matter what Stakar said, the morals there were cut and dry. They were.

    But, there was once a little Aedian girl who wouldn’t stop crying unless she was playing with a ball of Kraglin’s yarn – Nyia was her name. The next time Yondu made a delivery he offered a ball of bright blue yarn to Ego. “For Nyia,” he explained. “How’s she doin’, anyway?”

    “Nyia?” For just a heartbeat – but a moment Yondu would always remember for the cold that seeped into his bones – Ego frowned. “Oh, she’s just swell,” he flashed a smile that was more teeth than grin. “My pride and joy.”

    VII. Pirate

    Peter Quill was all fight and then some, screeching like a demented Shi’ar parrot-monkey and cussing out Terran insults until he was blue in the face.

    “C’mon, do’ya kiss yer ma with that mouth?” Kraglin snapped, trying to hold the flailing kid still, but with little success.

    That, interestingly, set the Earthling off even more than being abducted by hog-buggering alien pirates. “Don’t you ever talk about my momma! Don’t you dare!”

    Then, Quill bit him. As Kraglin howled and agonized aloud about the possibility of the bite being infected, Yondu had to fight back a single, traitorous chuckle. This one, he remembered Nyia to decide, wouldn’t be for the likes of Ego to ruin.

    VIII. Smuggle

    Of course, the kid came down with a case of Brood flu right off the get-go. Peter was new to space-fare and thus susceptible to all sorts of nasties in the galaxy beyond his insulated little planet. Kraglin kept half an eye on the boy, and Yondu didn’t ask but once every few hours or so about his condition.

    Growing up a Kree war-slave, Yondu unwillingly recalled, disease had killed the weak without mercy; it culled the herd while their overseers watched, ruthless and cold. Ravagers treated their own much the same. Yet . . .

    If he smuggled in a canister of hot Judan soup and surreptitiously checked to see if Peter’s fever was ebbing during the night, his actions were his own. If anyone onboard would accuse him of being soft on the boy, then he’d just shoot them in the face.

    IX. Maraud

    Peter was, quite frankly, done with being kidnapped.

    Sure, the Ravagers were the worst, but Peter had carved out a place to belong with them, of a sorts. He didn’t worry about anyone eating him, at least; not any more. If they tried, Yondu would just shoot them. This crew – who’d decided to cash in on trafficking a Terran child – was different.

    But, he spat blood at the captain’s feet, and was confident to promise: “You’re gonna be sorry when Yondu finds you.”

    Later, after the arrow whistled and not a single marauder was left breathing, Peter didn’t object when Yondu picked him up to take him back to the ship. Only years later would he understand that the shaking he'd felt wasn’t from him – but from the man who carried him.

    X. Steal

    It sucked, losing two dads in one day.

    Or, losing his biological father, at least – who was apparently just a megalomaniac quasi-god hellbent on galactic domination. Then he’d lost . . . whatever Yondu was to him. (Ego may have been yer father, but he wasn’t yer daddy, he remembered, along with the soft, sad way the old Ravager had touched his face before succumbing to the vacuum of space. I’m sorry I didn’ do none of it right, but I’m damn lucky yer my boy.)

    “I just stole stuff for him,” Peter muttered, watching as explosions of colour continued to glitter against the stars. “After he stole me, let’s not forget. I don’t understand why he . . .”

    Gently, Gamora laced her fingers through his own. “It’s what families do for each other,” she whispered, no doubt thinking of her own lost home and Nebula. Because . . . yeah, fresh grief stabbed at his heart: that's just what family meant, in the end.

    ~MJ @};-
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Excellent use of the prompts as we see all kinds of emotion especially from Yondu [face_laugh] who is a secret softy [face_shhh]
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    Aug 21, 2006
    like your interactions of the characters
  13. Kahara

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    Mar 3, 2001
    Have seen/read neither of these fandoms, and I really like how you don't need to to get these. (Though I do have an expanded reading list now. :p )

    [face_laugh] Can only imagine the three-headed sad puppy face. These were really fun to read, with all the little bits of mythology thrown in.

    And Yondu may not have meant to get attached, but them's the breaks pal. :p I can see how that adoptive family tie is a fraught one for him and for Peter, but it's a true one all the same.
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    I read these and I thought I'd left a comment but I guess not? Oops! [face_blush] At least it gives me an excuse to reread them!

    So I'm not really into Marvel and all the superhero movies. But Guardians of the Galaxy is totally an exception to that. :D I love these movies and these characters, and I'm so excited to see you wrote drabbles for them!

    Oh yes! It totally would be. Peter has great taste in music! :D

    The drabbles themselves are all incredible, as always. You captured both Peter and Yondu perfectly.

    I love this line! Like I said, this is perfect Yondu!

    Awww! I don't even know what to say except - perfect. [face_love]

    And "Steal" - just the perfect way to end the set. I love how Gamora's there with him, supporting him even with her own grief. I know I just keep repeating "perfect" but these really are. [face_love]=D= Hope you'll write more Guardians eventually, but I look forward to reading whatever you come up with! :)
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    Ha! Yondu is such a secret softy, but it all comes out in the end. [face_love]

    Thanks for reading, my friend, as always! [:D]

    Thanks! :D

    Ha! I know that feeling! Stories on the NSWFF side of things have given me so many recommendations that I can't even keep up with. :p 8-}

    Oh, Cerberus has the best sad puppy face. He's gotten away with quite a bit of doggy-mischief over the last two thousand years or so, that's canon. :p

    I'm glad you enjoyed this set! It really was fun to play with mythology in this incarnation. [face_love]

    Oops, them be feelings there! :oops: It's small and broken, but they're family really is theirs, I just loved writing this set and I am glad you enjoyed it as well! [:D]

    Aw, you're too sweet! I really appreciate your comments, as always! [:D]

    Because GotG is just so much it's own thing, it's so unique! They're one of my favorite parts of the MCU and I love everything about them, I agree. [face_love]

    Aw, perfect! :D I can't think of a higher compliment than that, especially so many times over. [face_love] [face_love]

    I am so glad that you enjoyed these, again, and can't thank you enough for your kind words! [face_love] [:D]

    ~MJ @};-
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    Author's Notes: Alrighty, for this next set I decided to dabble with My Hero Academia - an anime near and dear to my heart that takes western superhero tropes and turns them inside out to tell a truly wonderful coming of age story! If you're not familiar with the fandom, I included a few notes behind the cut! And, even if you are, these drabbles are slightly AU, just in the sense that they're part of my Build Our Hopes Again 'verse, which was written pre-Season 4. This AU only changes with Inko knowing about One For All after Kamino Ward (as she should o_O), and her and Toshinori growing closer while 'raising' Izuku together. Because life doesn't end with middle age, and the adults deserve happiness and good things as much as the kids do! They're one of the softest, fluffiest ships I ship and I couldn't resist featuring them here. Get on it, Horikoshi, and make them canon. [face_mischief] [face_love]

    Then, as a last disclaimer, my title is taken from Got It In You by The Banners, which is my Mighty!Family anthem, for obvious reasons. ;) [face_love]

    In this world, everyone is born with a superpower - or 'Quirk'. Less than one percent of the population doesn't have a Quirk, and Izuku Midoriya is one of them. Still, he has a hero's heart, and wants to become a pro hero even without a superpower. (In this world, pro heroes are needed to combat the criminals who are equally superpowered. Heroes are trained and licensed through the government; they are not independent entities. They work in tandem with law enforcement, and vigilantism is strictly prohibited.) All Might (Toshinori Yagi) is the world's Number One Pro Hero. (He's incredibly powerful - think Captain America mixed with Thor; though I personally think he can match Superman in brute strength.) Izuku has idolized All Might from a young age, and through a series of misadventures he meets All Might and learns his secret: All Might was once actually Quirkless too. His Quirk was handed down to him from a hero named Nana Shimura, who received her power from her own predecessor. Their Quirk - which is called One For All - grows stronger with every hero it's passed to, all in the hopes of someday defeating the archvillain All For One, who has the anthesis power to One For All. Izuku's bravery and selflessness impressed Toshinori, and he passed his power onto Izuku as the next link in their chain. Finding a new vessel was vital: Toshinori was grievously injured in a battle with All For One six years prior to meeting Izuku; he lost half of his organs and most of his body mass in recovery and managing his disability. He can use One For All to 'buff up' to his former power, but his ability to do so is waning, and all the more quickly since passing his Quirk onto Izuku. He loses that ability completely after facing All For One one final time at Kamino Ward, where he sacrifices the last of his power to save his students. (An episode arc that seriously left me shaking, it was just so powerful.) The juxtaposition of Toshinori learning to accept the change in his health and circumstances, even as Izuku attends the prestigious hero academy UA and grows in his own power is just so well done. It's one of my favorites stories ever. [face_love]

    And! Just a few further notes:

    Katsuki "Kacchan" Bakugo: A demon spawn of a character if ever there was one. He was Izuku's childhood 'friend', but became a terrible bully when it was discovered that Izuku was Quirkless. He has an insanely powerful Quirk that lets him create explosions from his sweat, and he used it to physically torment Izuku as much as he was verbally abusive. Because, of course, a society like this one is going to idolize the strong over the weak; its a major flaw that's addressed in the writing. However, Bakugo's belief in his own superiority is challenged at UA. All of a sudden there are several students who are just as talented as he is, and his gross attitude is in the minority. Even so, canon does not nearly address just how toxic his behavior is well enough imho. I, personally, detest the ground Bakugo walks on and do not find his temper or irreverence amusing in the slightest . . . but he is only fifteen. I would much rather see him grow and change for the better, and there are moments in the series that make you think that's possible. So, we'll see. (I've articulated my thoughts on this subject better in Before Your Idols.)

    Nana Shimura: She was Toshinori's predecessor, and just as much of a mother to him as he's quickly fallen into a fatherly role with Izuku. She did have a family of her own outside of her pro hero duties. However, All For One discovered her true identity and killed her husband. In quick succession, she gave her son up for adoption to hide him, and then died herself protecting Toshinori - who didn't have full control over One For All yet - from All For One. Her hero partner Sorahiko took over completing Toshinori's training after she was gone. (And that's such an angsty dynamic that I have written more about in No Greater Gift Than This.)

    Sasaki Sorahiko: Gran Torino is a grumpy gremlin of an old hero with a heart of gold. (Think Yoda mixed with a Clint Eastwood type gruffness. :p) He's a brutal teacher who, quite literally, doesn't pull his punches. With Toshinori now physically unable to train Izuku in the practical aspects of his power, Sorahiko takes over. He's harsh, but he loves both of his boys even if he will never admit as much aloud. :p

    Inko/Toshinori: They are my OTP like burning. This ship is more a fandom favorite than a canon one, but the idea of two adults who both think they're past their prime and exist only for Izuku to find a second lease on life through each other just hits all of my buttons. Especially since Inko is so, so relatable: a middle-aged divorced woman whose son is leaving the nest, who feels adrift and alone now more so than ever . . . that's so real that it hurts. But she's such a mama bear, and she's one of the few in the series who's expressed concerned for Toshinori himself, rather than All Might, and that's just mmmm the good stuff! Plus, they look so adorable together - there's like a two foot height difference between them, and she's a little on the plush side and he's most definitely on the thin side and they're so cute. Because, you know, aesthetics! Plus, Izuku deserves to have his entire family together; that's just simple mathematics; I have spoken. [face_mischief] [face_love]

    And, um, that's way more than you probably needed to know to read these drabbles - but, this world, guys. This world. [face_love] [:D]

    Week III: “you don't know what you've got (but you've got it at your fingertips)”
    (Boku no Hero Academia;
    S1 - my AU-ish post-S3)​

    XI. Professor (Yagi Toshinori)

    The irony of suiting up for his first day of teaching was not lost on Toshinori. His costume was now a shirt and tie; dress shoes rather than boots; wool instead of brightly colored bodyplex; and the cape . . . well, his days of taking to the skies were now well and truly numbered.

    Yet, he hesitated for that last thought. This was a school for heroes, and more than a few of the faculty already wore their professional attire to class . . .

    If he only had so much time left as the world’s Symbol of Peace, then he was going to take advantage of every opportunity he had to still wear his cape while he still could. Besides, his waiting classroom of fifteen-year-old students was more terrifying than any villain he’d ever faced before; he planned to use every advantage he had and then some.

    XII. School (Mirodiya Izuku & Bakugo Katsuki)

    There were times when Izuku still felt like he was dreaming. His longtime hero was now his mentor and predecessor and something even more to his heart; he was the ninth holder of One For All and heir to an incredible legacy; he was no longer the outcast, the Quirkless freak for Kacchan to pick on and bully. If anything, Kacchan was now in the minority here at UA for his outlook. “A hero is a servant in the truest sense of the word; you will ever be weighed as less against the citizens you’ll swear to protect. You should be prepared to surrender even your life it as such.” Izuku remembered Aizawa-sensei growling. “Your pride will give you power to do what others cannot, to save those that can’t otherwise be saved – but your conceit will hold you back.”

    “Keh,” Bakugo completely missed the point to scoff, “as if there's anyone out there stronger than I am.”

    - only to turn very, very quiet following Kamino Ward, seeing how even the most powerful of them could fall, all in defense of those they were sworn to serve.

    XIII. Gifted (pre-Midoriya Inko/Yagi Toshinori)

    The apartment was absent of anything that marked it as a home. The only splash of color in the otherwise drab dwelling was a framed picture of Toshinori and Izuku . . . and a much older photograph of a woman in a costume, posing with a much younger Toshinori.

    Ah, the Seventh Wonder: Shimura Nana herself. Nana, Inko recalled what little she’d been able to glean, who’d tried to be both a vessel for One For All and still have a family of her own. Yet she'd lost everything, all before sacrificing her life itself for her successor . . . for the boy she’d come to view as her son. How much, Inko wondered as Toshinori blushed to stammer that he didn’t usually entertain guests, had her loss affected him, even more than he rightly realized?

    For all of his amazing gifts – and everything he’d since given the world as All Might . . . had he ever stopped to take anything back? Inko locked eyes with the woman in the picture, and resolved that she wouldn’t let Toshinori end the same.

    XIV. Karma (Sasaki Sorahiko & Yagi Toshinori & Midoriya Izuku)

    The boy finally scored a hit that broke his nose.

    Fair, Sorahiko granted; he hadn’t been holding back while Izuku was still floundering with his inherited power, and it was only a matter of time before the little zygote managed to find his fists. Watching from the sidelines – the only way he could now (it still didn’t seem right that the greatest hero their world had ever known was reduced to this), Toshinori fought to hide a smile. Even so, his respect for his surrogate mentor wouldn’t let him voice what was clearly on his mind: “What goes around comes around.”

    Ah well, Sorahiko popped his nose back in place with a grimace, Toshinori had chosen well . . . just as Nana had chosen well, all those years ago. Not that, of course, he would ever admit as much aloud.

    XV. Gambit (Midoriya Inko/Yagi Toshinori)

    The gala for UA’s Heroes of Tomorrow was in full swing. Awkwardly tugging at the collar of his tuxedo, Toshinori couldn’t help but notice Inko. She just looked so soft and small and perfect, dressed up for the evening in a green satin gown and smiling such a smile to watch her son. The irony wasn’t at all lost on him that the one time he actually wanted to dance at one of these events he was, well . . . far from his prime of being a man a woman would want to dance with, to put it mildly.

    Yet, Inko was by far the more braver of them; of course she was. “Dance with me, Toshi?” She self-consciously fiddled with her wrap, but determination shone from her eyes.

    So, ignoring every doubt and reason he shouldn’t, Toshinori took her hands and smiled back. “I would like nothing better.”


    ~MJ @};-
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    Aug 31, 2004
    :D :) Wonderful! I love how Toshi is intimidated by adolescents [face_laugh] and discombobulated in a most "bewitched, bothered and bewildered" fashion by Inko. :)
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha - Thanks so much! It's a whole new world for Toshinori, but he's fitting into this role with every bit of aplomb he once showed as a pro hero. And then, there's his new found family, too - in every way. [face_mischief] [face_love] I'm glad you enjoyed these, and thank you as ever for your support and feedback! [:D]

    Author's Notes: Alrighty! This week I am writing for a new fandom! @brodiew challenged me to write a ficlet for the Rookie season finale - which I most definitely will [face_mischief] - but as I caught up on my viewing of Season 2 I was instead smacked in the face with the brilliance that was Lucy Chen in episodes 2x10 - 2x13. I wrote these drabbles to better explore her path towards healing after her ordeal, and don't regret a single word.

    That said, this set will make little to no sense without knowing some context from the show. So, I included a few notes behind the cut as a primer for anyone interested. For everyone else, I thank you for reading and hope that you enjoy! [:D]

    The Rookie is a police procedural comedy/drama set in Los Angeles, California. The show primarily follows John Nolan (played by the one and only Nathan Fillion [face_love]) as he joins the LAPD as a record breaking forty-five year old rookie. (That part is based on a true story, too!) It's full of so much heart and humor and top notch creative mysteries. It has one of my favorite ensemble casts in any show ever, and and and, there are an equal number of male and female characters! Not one of the ladies feels shoehorned in to fill a clichèd mold, either, which is so refreshing and special in any fandom, let alone a cop drama! So I have to give it a special shout out for that. I can't recommend it highly enough; if you haven't you should totally give it a try. [face_love]

    Though I love the entire cast, this particular set focuses on Lucy Chen. Lucy is another first year rookie, who graduated in the same class as Nolan and fellow officer Jackson West. During the episodes The Dark Side and Day of Death the precinct is tasked with escorting the convicted serial killer Rosalind Dyer, who commuted her death sentence to life without parole by offering to show where more of her previously undiscovered victims were buried in Griffith Park. While there, they discover fresh graves placed by a copycat serial killer and Rosalind's disciple, Caleb Wright. It becomes a race against the clock to save the new victims and catch the killer. What was already an intense few episodes was made even more so when Lucy was drugged and kidnapped by Caleb - who she'd met previously and was meeting for a first date. She was tattooed with her 'day of death', just like the other victims, and then buried alive. After a crazy chain of events, she was saved, but the experience left its marks psychologically and emotionally. Because of course it did! Instead of glossing over her trauma, I really appreciate the effort the writing took to address her wounds and let her heal. [face_love]

    Then, as a disclaimer, Tim's italicized dialogue in Temple is taken from 2x13; it's not my own writing. Because, as another disclaimer: I ship Tim and Lucy like breathing. Down the line, of course - say, when he's a sergeant and she's an established officer in her own right. I already shipped them before this episode arc showcased their bond for the best and then these just ruined me. I can't see them with anyone else now. So, um, yeah, there's that head's up for Pilgrimage at the end here. :p [face_whistling] [face_love] [face_laugh]

    So, that said, here we go! :D

    Week Four: “a reclamation of space and light”
    (The Rookie,
    post 2x11: Day of Death | Lucy Chen & Ensemble Cast)​

    XVI. Temple

    Her first tattoo had been an act of rebellion, of a sort, standing up for what she wanted and making it irrevocably her own. “Your body is a temple,” her mother had predictably scoffed. “You don’t just deface the walls of a temple, now do you?”

    The elegant script on her neck was hers, though; her art, her choice, her inner voice being expressed. But with this . . . she truly felt defaced now, marred and vandalized and violated. She had the will of a satanic freak inked on her skin, branding her like cattle for the slaughter, and she wanted it gone.

    Yet . . . “but it wasn’t your day of death, Officer Chen; it was the first day of the rest of your life.”

    Tim was right, in a way – like he usually was. She was still breathing underneath a wide blue sky, and Caleb Wright was dead. He would never hurt anyone ever again, while she'd continue on her path of service. Maybe . . . just maybe she’d try to see it that way, too, before making her final decision.

    XVII. Sanctuary

    There were still nights when she woke up gasping, unable to breathe. She was back in that awful dark, swallowing the urge to scream and give into hysteria and panic. What a sick joke it'd been, that her staying calm to conserve oxygen was necessary to give her more precious time – and she'd refused to put on any more of a show for the cameras watching her slowly die like a fish flailing for want of water than she already was. How awful her hope had been, knowing that the odds of rescue were minuscule but nonetheless still fighting . . .

    Even her room felt too small and dark then. The walls were closing in and she just couldn’t breathe -

    “ - hey, Luce,” Jackson whispered from the cracked door. “C’mon, I wanna show you something.”

    Her roommate took her to the roof, where he had sleeping bags spread out underneath the starry night sky. A camping lantern was lit, fighting back the shadows with a gentle glow. Jackson didn’t say anything, just flashed her a smile before claiming one of the sleeping bags for himself. She laid down too, and slept without remembered dreams.

    XVIII. Shrine

    This job had always been his sanctuary; his place and purpose, to protect and serve just as he had as a soldier overseas. Yet, something was different now; his balance was off. Tim didn’t understand why he just couldn’t lose himself in the familiar rhythm of striking the punching bag. Every time his mind unfocused he was back clawing at the dirt, desperate to free Lucy from her living grave. He blinked, and could still remember how lifeless her chest had felt underneath his hands as he willed her lungs to fill. He still remembered how she’d gasped in that first breath and clung to him like a lifeline as she sobbed. He’d held onto her just as tight, as if she’d be torn away from him again if he but loosened his grip -

    - grimacing, Tim punched the bag even harder. Chen was safe now and attacking the final stretch of her training with a focus and determination that was nothing less than admirable. His girl – no, his fellow officer, his partner, his trainee – was a fighter. If she could triumph over the memory of her darkest day, then so could he. She deserved nothing less.

    XIX. Monastery

    Lucy began to think about her life in a series of before and after. Before her DoD she held onto a few small pleasures; her rookie year took up all her time and energy otherwise. But she did have drinks after shift with her friends, and maybe a few traded smiles and a little bit of flirting -

    - well, after her DoD, that was clearly off the table. A part of her wondered if she would ever fully trust a man again. She was constantly looking for beasts lurking beneath handsome smiles, and she saw monsters everywhere.

    “I might as well join a nunnery,” she flopped down between Jackson and Sterling on the sofa for yet another Saturday night spent in. It wasn’t the first time she’d made that joke, and it was losing its humor. Sister Officer Lucy Chen, yep, that was her - reporting for duty.

    Emmet helped with that, for the brief, sunny time she let him on her path to reclaiming herself again – even if he was a firefighter.

    XX. Pilgrimage

    On the second anniversary of her DoD, she returned to Griffith Park. She felt like a pilgrim on a holy trail, hiking from one gravesite to the next, laying down flowers and honoring the victims whose fate she'd almost shared. That first year, she’d gone alone – leaving Jackson and John fretting by the park entrance but promising to call if needed. Her second year, she asked Tim to come along.

    He remained a silent companion throughout the day, standing as a bulwark to her pain but leaving her to commune with her grief on her own terms, in her own way. It wasn’t until they reached the summit, just in time to watch the sun set over the urban sprawl below, that he stood behind her and wrapped her in an embrace. He brushed a kiss against her neck as she stared at the horizon, while his hand ghosted underneath the hem of her t-shirt, brushing across the numbers still inked on her skin in a ritual that was all his own.

    Lucy, for her part, breathed in deep, and allowed herself to live.

    ~ MJ @};-
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  19. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    FANTASTIC, poignant and a heart-tugging process of the road to healing, which you wrote with consummate compassion and lyricisim!!
    I love her resilience and Tim's presence throughout, admiring and supportive.
    Superbly done, and any time you want to expand on Tim/Lucy, feel free! :D [face_batting]
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    Oct 11, 2005
    It is the privilege of a ff writer to enter the minds of characters they see on screen and relay thoughts thoughts that we would otherwise no hear in spoken dialogue. You, Mira, excel at this, and do in a unique way. Lyrical, as Nyota say is a good description. You dig deep in a way that I would not have thought of given what is on screen and make think more Chen's pain and her ongoing trauma.

    Tim was expected, but it was nice to see Jackson as well. ;)

    As for the finale fic, it that episode either needs a fix for Nolan or an explanation. I'll be happy to see either. [face_waiting]
  21. Mira_Jade

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    Thanks so much for your awesome feedback, you guys! I really appreciate every word more than I can say. [face_love] [:D]

    Aw, thanks! It felt like a delicate balance to strike - letting Lucy grieve and heal and still be her kick-butt awesome strong self at the same time. But, letting yourself heal is strength. I'm glad that this set came out lyrical and compassionate; I can think of no higher praise. [face_love]

    Ha! I'll keep that in mind. :D [face_mischief] [face_love]

    Thank you for your kind words and support, as always! [:D]

    This was such a beautiful review that I just can't thank you enough for! There really are so many ways a written medium can delve deeper than a visual one - and vice versa, in other ways - and it's indeed a privilege to explore characters even more deeply through fan fiction! These few episodes just smacked me in the face for everyone involved, and especially for Lucy! I definitely had a lot of material to work with to dig in deep. [face_love]

    Shhh! I totally, totally ship them once their power imbalance is gone and I'll not be shamed. :p [face_michief] Until then I just love their bond to pieces, even when - especially when, really :p - Lucy would understandably like nothing more than to tase Tim in the face for being such a tough TO. [face_laugh] But Jackson! I just adore Jackson and how much he's grown as a character. I love his and Lucy's and Nolan's friendship, and friendship is important. I could see Jackson doing this in a heartbeat if he thought it'd help. [face_love]

    I know, right??? :eek: Honestly as of right now I am stumped for how to fix things, that episode left poor Nolan in such a bind. But I'll think of something, I'm sure of it! And, if not, there's always happy after this is mess is cleaned up fic to write. :p

    That said, it was great to see you stop in and comment, my friend! I hope your muse is treating you as well as can be! I miss reading your own drabbles, and look forward to you writing again. [face_love] [:D]

    Alrighty, more will be up in just a few! :D [face_dancing]

    ~MJ @};-
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    Author's Note: Last week it seems that I accidentally skipped ahead with the prompts and wrote for week five instead of week four. :oops: 8-} Oops! Apparently, I was so eager to write that set that my mind blanked out on everything else. :p So, here I am backtracking with some Stranger Things goodness! As always, these pointedly ignore S3 and are instead set in a vaguely AU post-S2 world where everything is as it should be and nothing hurts . . . as much, at least. [face_mischief] Enjoy! [face_love] [:D]

    (Also, as a warning, the third drabble in this set, Fiery, deals with themes of child abuse. There's nothing explicit, and it's no worse than Neil Hargrove was portrayed onscreen, but it is there. So if that's something triggering you may want to skip that drabble. [face_plain])

    Week Five: “little heart, keep on beating”
    (Stranger Things;
    post-S2 AU | Ensemble Cast)​

    XXI. Misty (pre-Joyce Byers/Jim Hopper)

    It was a misty night, one where the shadows writhed and the dark seemed full of monsters.

    Joyce knew she was being paranoid – she felt that truth just as keenly as she felt her heartbeat thunder in her chest – but that didn’t stop her from worrying and repeatedly checking on her boys. Though the clock-face showed single digits, she kept vigil on the couch, thrumming with adrenaline. She balanced a baseball bat across her knees and left a light on, anticipating a tell-tale flicker and fritz and ready to fight, to defend.

    Until, finally: “Screw it,” she muttered. When she dialed Jim’s number, he picked up before the first ring even finished.

    “Rough night for you too, huh?” she said in lieu of greeting. Hearing him sigh, she felt her pulse calm, just slightly.

    “Yeah,” he was gruff to agree, but she thought to hear his voice soften, “Rough night.”

    XXII. Lonely (Will Byers and Jim Hopper)

    Sometimes, Will didn’t know what to make of the Chief. Sure, he made his mom happy – and for that Will was happy . . . but he wasn’t his father. (Father meant too many bad things, anyway; things he didn’t like to think about.) Thankfully, Hopper didn’t try to be his dad – even if he asked questions and then really listened and honestly complimented his art and even sat in as the Captain of the Elf-queen’s Guard on a few of their campaigns . . .

    Lost in thought, he watched as Hopper showed El how to throw a baseball. Will didn’t like sports – or hunting or fishing or beer or girls; everything his dad said made a real man – but, for a moment . . .

    “You can come too,” Hopper offered when he loaded up the truck to take El fishing. “I know it’s not your thing," he hesitated, "but - ”

    “ - yes,” Will surprised himself by interrupting. “I want to.”

    (He was even more surprised when he actually had a great time on the lake, out with his family as they were growing to be.)

    XXIII. Fiery (Max Mayfield & Billy Hargrove)

    Max knew to pick her battles with her mom’s husband. She reined in her sass, and tried not to backtalk. She felt like a deer aware of a wolf in the woods, and she never trusted Neil enough to bare her throat. Until, he disapproved of Lucas -

    - she was shocked when Billy stepped in, and with a few well aimed words she was out of the line of fire.

    She found Billy on the back porch later. His right eye was bruised, and his breathing came wheezing and pained. Max didn’t know what to say – what could she say?

    “You couldn’t just keep your head down and shut up, could you?” Billy muttered, but without his usual bite.

    “Just like you do?”

    Something almost like a smile twisted at his mouth, before it disappeared. “I’m the only one who’s allowed to treat you like crap – got it?” But, for all his bluster, there was a promise in his words; a vow. Max oddly felt safe as she sat down next to her step-brother, and kept him company in silence.

    XXIV. Golden (Steve Harrington & the Party)

    Steve still couldn’t quite believe that this was his life. Here he was on a Saturday night, babysitting by his own free will. Instead of being out hitting the town he was chilling in the Henderson living room with pizza and junk food and soda, playing Dungeons and Dragons with a bunch of pubescent weirdos. (Great, what did that make him, then?)

    But Dustin specifically asked him to, and Steve had a hard time saying no to that grin. (Really, who could?) Besides, the kids were clever as all get out, and he actually enjoyed being Stevus the Golden, the dashing rogue turned (still dashing) knight who had a royal commission from the Elf-queen to guard the Party on their trek through the Forest of Beyond to find and close the Black Gate. Steve was riveted to know what would happen next.

    . . . but that was his secret; no one else ever had to know.

    XXV. Undying (Jim Hopper & Eleven)

    In the end, it was only appendicitis.

    Still, that didn’t change the near crippling fear Jim felt to see El feverish and suffering before they knew exactly what was wrong. He was suddenly back watching as Sarah fought to breathe, powerless to help his daughter as she lost her battle with her slowly failing body. She’d been so tiny in her hospital bed, surrounded by tubes and monitors and doctors, just like El was now. The similarities shook him more than any battlefield or gun wielding thug or monster ever could. He . . . he couldn’t lose her too; he just couldn’t.

    He clung to Joyce’s hand like a lifeline during the surgery, and she held onto him just as tight.

    Until -

    “ - still here,” were El’s first words when she woke up, fighting against her still lingering drowsiness. “Promise.”

    “Of course you are, sweetheart,” Jim shook his head, smiling through his tears and amazed by his little girl – his fighter, all over again. “Of course you are.”

    ~ MJ @};-
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    Touching as we see the worries and fears eased and also the unashamed yet still really? reaction of having a good time with family and friends--for Will and for Steve. ;)
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    great set with fears going away and comfort being given