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Before - Legends My Bounty Hunter's Backstory

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    Chapter 1
    Ruusaan's Backstory
    Rishi Dreams

    Time: 3658 BBY
    Star Wars the Old Republic (pc game)
    Characters: Ruusaan BH
    Natives: The Rishii
    Father: Aatuk
    Mother: Mirgaanla
    Brothers: Omec and Drac
    Recruiter: Braden BH
    Planet: Rishi
    May be continued
    I have never written anything before, but that game is so much fun, filled with possibilities. I just had to try.Update to Backstory. I added to it, to address the shuttle crash of her family and correct some things. Stringing together Tarro Bloods connection to my Bounty Hunter. Mando'a used is from Mando'

    Ruusaan was born on the lush and mountainous planet of Rishi. The perfect environment for learning needed skills. She grew up spending her days hunting with her brothers, Omec and Drac. Honing her senses, learning about other species and of course the different pirate gangs, of which she found amusing. And her campfire eveings with the Rishii, listening to their hunting stories and about a species called the "Maunger" who also are native to Rishi, although she has never seen any of them, she had found relics. They were known to invade the Rishii for their Exonium ore.

    Her free time was spent running the fields and mountains of the Rishi islands, learning everything she could. She began to feel the life around her. She knew when the focus was on her, whether man or beast.

    She was born to Aatuk Rish Sand, a man from a small noble house on Alderaan and to Mirgaanla Lok Sand, a foundling from Clan Lok on Geonosis. Mirgaanla had become one of the best in her Clan, at Biochemistry and Tactical warfare, along with learning honor and respect of clan life.

    Aatuk was left a large inheritance from a doting Aunt, which he used on his dream of being a master-forger of all types of weaponry, becoming second to none and on a Rishi island stronghold to raise his family, setting it up for defense and tactical training, which he knew was needed. Aatuk's weapon designs even caught the eye of some Mandalorian clans. That is how he met, His, Mirgaanla.

    Ruusaan's father and brothers taught her all the strategies of hunting. She consumed it, as if it tasted like ur'alayi. (small honey nut cake) She was a natural. Her mother taught her healing techniques and the proper use of all types of medical stems, because, no one is perfect.

    Ruusaan went on her first bounty hunt at age 15, on the planet Dxun, with her father and brothers as backup. She loved it and wanted to make it her way of life. But, she thought a few things needed to change.

    Seems her family's name had reached some acclaim in certain parts of the galaxy, making to hunt difficult. She wanted to be, on the down low, not stopped for questions about her father's weapons and how to buy them. So, from then on, her last name took on many changes whenever she was out on a bounty run. She would also take a few different forms of armor. Even one of Beskar (Mandalorian Iron), with help from her mother, it cost the family a small fortune. When she wore it, Mandalorians, at times, would take a second look her way. The one unchangeable... her father's weapons, she carried with pride, because when on the hunt you need the best, to be the best.

    Three years later, Ruusaan was on her way back from a successful bounty run, when she received a holo-call. Her family had just been killed in a shuttle crash, deemed an accident. But was it, the data-reports she received didn't make sense!? I's crash was on decent to Rishi, why? There was no explosion and all the systems on board checked out. Her parents and brothers were all together in the shuttle, they were not due home at the same time. Her life was forever changed at age 18. She spent that year taking her anger out on bounties, getting her family's affairs in order and securing all of her father's designs. For family use only....what family?! What was that Mando'a word her mother taught her? Skira! (my vengeance)

    "Ner Buir bal ner vode, (my parents and my brothers) may the dark-light watch over you." she whispers, "Till I can find your release to solace, I remember you."

    Closing up the Rishi stronghold and island, she stayed in the Rishii village, helping them while her heart tried to heal. (Such a pragmatic species. Humanoid in form possessing brown and white feathers, allowing flight. Having strong talons and beaks.) They were the only comfort she could find. Questions pledged her mind and heart. Who am I with my armor, standing in my father's shoes? All for my family and my reason for living, everything I've lost. Tell me, underneath my armor, am I loyal. brave and true? Chasing the answers until I can't see! What would a warrior do!? I am a Nexu's fool! Cold is the morning, warm is the dream! It has become harder to be loyal, brave and true.

    Ruusaan was sitting at a lonely corner table in the 'Blaster's Path Cantina' on Rishi. Where she had many wonderful times with her brothers, listening to their dreams. She was re-reading the accident reports, they just didn't add up! the questions; Omec, what were you doing on that shuttle? You were on Tatoonie doing a bounty and checking on a newly engineered metal for Buir. Drac, you and I switched bounties, because you made plans to meet a girl on Nar Shaddaa. Tears filled her eyes once again, when an older hunter asked to sit down. He introduced himself as Braden, explaining why he came to find her, how he had learned about her acclaimed bounties, which wasn't easy because of all the times she changed her last name.

    "Now is the perfect time to show the galaxy what your family's legacy can do!" stated Braden, " Never again hide your name, let me help you get into the 'Great Hunt', Ruusaan. And with my team, we can even help you look into the suspicious surroundings that haunt the deaths of your family."

    "Let me think about it, if I decide to, I'll join you and your team on Hutta. I have heard of the 'Great Hunt', but I also know I must have a sponsorship token from a powerful crime lord." She said. "I can not claim to be a Mandaloian."

    "Don't take too much time, we will need to set your profile, as a big time hunter, in order to catch the eye of Nemro-the -Hutt. The powerful crime lord who runs the territory of Jigunna, where we will be based out of. Nemro has of yet, not sponsored a hunter." Braden replied.

    "I'll see you soon, Ruusaan Sand. Come to the 'Poison Pit Cantina'. He said, as he was leaving.

    "Braden." she replied, with a small nod of her head.

    She sat all night at that small table in Rishi cantina, pondering over what was said to her. At first light, she made her way to the Rishi stronghold to seal it, pack a small bag and put on her second best armor. Tears filled her eyes as she took a last look around, at what had always been home. Ner Buir...why were you on a returning shuttle with my brothers, when you should have been on Onderon for vacation and a business meeting? Would she return someday? Had she made the right decision? Would Braden live up to his promise to help?

    Ruusaan had just turned 19 as she entered a small shuttle bound for Nar Shaddaa, in full gear, all eyes were on her, reading their concerns, she smiled under her helmet. Determination filled her heart. She would live up to the meaning of the name her mother bestowed on her, loyal one, for herself and her family.

    She would win the 'Great Hunt' and find out who sabotaged the shuttle that killed her family.

    As her shuttle lifted off the Raider's Cove docking platform, Ruusaan, sitting in the last seat, so as, to view all on board, allowed her mind to wonder. It took her back to the meadows of Rishi, that cradle her heart. Omec and her, were tracking the common beast of the fields Grophets, Jungle Wampas, Orobirds and Krak'jya.

    She can smell the moist air from the waterfalls close by and hear her brothers' voice as he whispers instructions to her about each beast. Even with the loud sound of the waterfalls, she can hear the sound of each animal around her. How she misses that far distant shore, in time.

    Before she realized, she was landing at her connecting hub on Nar Shaddaa. With no time to spare, she was boarding a smaller shuttle to Hutta. Making sure her back was to the wall, she looked to see the worried stares and again a small smile of knowing what they were thinking. She tried to rest not knowing what lay ahead.

    Sleep has become scarce for her now, along with an uneasy feeling looming over her, still her mind wondered back, this time to Drac. The times they spent together and how it was always fun sneaking around in the dark shadows of Raider's Cove, investigating the pirate gangs, learning what to avoid and how to get the best of them. She found she could feel what humans and non-humans were going to do next. Drac realizing this, taught her about force-users' tricks in battle and many other strategies. Drac also took great delight in showing her where all the treasure crates were to be found in the fallen ships, left from the 'Battle of Rishi', a small chuckle was heard from under her helmet at remembering the fun of it all! The small medical stems, metals and even some armor they would bring home like treasures and her family would make use of it all.

    "Ah, Drac, I miss you ner vod." (my brother)

    Just then, a jolt! Her shuttle had landed, She waited for all to disembark, retrieves her datapad and reviews the coordinates. Determination fills her soul again, let's do this!

    "Glory to my family!" she whispers.


    But, unbeknownst to her, she was about to become painfully aware of an Alderaanian coward named Tarro Blood. A Mandalorian bounty hunter with supposed dreams of owning the title: "Champion of the Great Hunt". Alderaanian? Is there a connection between her father's death and this...Tarro Blood?

    If anyone would like to see the next chapter just let me know. It is just a fluff piece about the multi-times Tarro Blood interfered in the Great Hunt when it came to my female BH and a sped up romance with Torian, ending before Quesh in the story line. All rights for the Story line/Dialogue swtor created remain theirs. :)

    My thanks to all who viewed this

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