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    Title: My Dearest Luke
    Author: Briannakin
    Timeframe: ~16 post-ROTJ
    Characters: Mentions of Luke Skywalker, Rey
    Categorization: New Canon
    Summary: Briannakin’s new Rey theory in fic form

    Notes: [Kinda sorta] spoilers for Bloodlines (or rather the info the book gives on the timeline of pre-TFA events). More details in the spoiler tag, but proceed at your own risk.

    Basically, I haven’t read Bloodlines yet, but I was reading reviews (including spoilers) for the book, and got this new theory. Basically, I’m not 100% sure how much Luke is in the book, but from the reviews I have read, it is clear he is training Ben (Solo) at the time of the book (23 years post-Endor) who has yet to go all Cadeus Kylo Ren. There is (unsurprisingly) no mention of a daughter or Rey, but it has been confirmed outside that Rey was abandoned on Jakku about 6 years prior to the book.
    People are saying that this new confirmed timeline kinda de-bunks the Rey Skywalker theory, but I disagree! (Though, yeah, it does cast doubts and theories have to be reworked - but were we really expecting a book to give us any major indications for, or against, any Rey theories??).

    Maybe I’ll come back after I actually read the book and see if this idea still holds up (or if it is even effected at all).

    To be delivered to [comm-code 2345e3595r4] on the occasion of my death.

    My dearest Luke,

    I am so very sorry. You entrusted me with the care of our daughter, yet I am about to destroy her life. I failed you and I failed her. I regret so much.

    When she was first conceived, I said it was a mistake, along with the secret relationship that you and I had. I said she and I would always pose a threat to you; that your love and attachment to us would put all of us in danger, and perhaps maybe even the entire galaxy. You agreed and as much as it destroyed you, you let me leave your life forever. You never held her, your tiny miracle and I grieved for you.

    I thought it was for the best. I was wrong. Maybe our secret was not as silent as we had hoped, or perhaps my past in the Empire has finally caught up with me from the expanses of the Wild Regions. I am wanted for my betrayal. I know I shall pay with my life.

    I gave birth our daughter in deep space and we attempted to live discretely on nondescript worlds: Corellia, Taris, Onderon. But I always feel a shadow over my back. We are always in danger. Beings know of her: that I am her mother and you are her father. I have attempted to teach her how to defend herself, but she was nearly taken from me when an attempt was made to execute me. Like you, I too am a danger to her. So I am taking her to a place where know one would imagine abandoning their child. I need to think darker than even those hunting us.

    I do not cloak my words. My sins are unforgivable and I shall never forgive myself for this.

    She is here, her head in my lap, as we journey towards our destination. I will not tell you where. She is such a happy child, full of your light. She sleeps so peacefully as she clutches the doll you gave me as a present for her. She holds onto it tightly.

    She looks like Leia. It makes me laugh whenever she requests something. She is so darn diplomatic. There’s somehow some Han in her too - she’ll need his luck to live where I am leaving her. It makes me so ashamed that we could not tell them about her. They would have loved their niece.

    She was not a mistake, but I can not give her the safety to galaxy needs her to have. Her life will not be easy. She will never be loved and she will have to take care of herself. It breaks my heart, but it will be for her safety. It will be her best chance of growing up.

    I tell her I will leave her for a bit, but will come back, but we both know these are lies. I will fight for her. I will try to kill those that pursue me and her. But you and I both know that if you receive this letter, the data-chit was taken off my body and sent to you.

    My days are numbered. I know this because my visions of her future are clear, as if the Force is telling me this is what I must do. Our daughter will grow into a bright woman. She will escape the life I must force onto her. She’ll find Han, Leia, and even you. She will have the life I could never give her.

    I regret I can not give her more, or place her in the care of someone who loves her. I have explored all my options through the Force, but I fear that all of them will only put her in danger.

    It seems to me that I will be the cruel bringer of destiny. Perhaps that is the toll payment for my many crimes. I only wish that she would not have to suffer as a result. But I guess the daughter must pay for the blood of the mother as I watch from the Force. Such an unfair galaxy we live in.

    I wish you didn’t have to suffer either. I wish I could place this bundle of joy, never ending hugs and laughter in your arms and that she would be safe. I know you can do much, Luke, but giving her to you now would only place her in more danger. It breaks me to make this choice, one that I know you could never make.

    Do not blame yourself, even though I know you will. And if you must blame someone, blame me. One day, I hope you will understand and forgive what I am about to do. I know I will deny myself that comfort. I will die angry at myself enough for both you and myself.

    I will love you and our Rey eternally,

    Your Mara.
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    Oh, this is heartbreaking! Such sadness and regret in this letter, and such a choice to be made.

    I could easily see something like this happening in canon.
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    This is wonderful. So, so sad, and yet it makes such sense, too. The way that she sees this whole experience as an elaborate punishment for her crimes - that she would be allowed to see happiness but never really touch it, that she would be the one who would have to break her most beloved one's heart.

    Ironic - the worst betrayal she will make happens at Jakku, where she betrays the one she loves the most and she is the one who feels the raw, searing pain of the betrayal.

    Wow. To think that you have to leave your child in hell in order to give her a chance of survival.

    And then. the whole idea that if you're reading this at all, Mara didn't make it. sniff.
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    Exquisite and poignant and very, very plausible! =D=
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    Ooh Briannakin that was so good, and so sad... and has my mouth watering over whether it could be true. What will you do if you happened upon exactly what Disney intends to do? If there's another "I am your father" moment like this in Ep.VIII I'll think of you and gasp out loud in the cinema.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    I don't know why that broke me up so bad...I guess it just seems like such a Luke thing to do. He saw the truth he couldn't keep her, but he couldn't resist showing her in the tiniest way that he loved her, to give her something of himself.

    :_| :_|:_|:_|:_|:_|:_|:_|:_|:_|

    Yup. That's our Mara....

    Oh man girl. You weren't kidding about ripping my heart up!!! That was so beautiful though. It held so much emotion and weight. I can see Mara doing this too...and the way she signed it: your Mara. Oh man. I almost lost it all over again. Its like she's so sorry for all the pain and the horrible choices she's making as a mother, you see her as a only a Mother...but then right at the end you reminded me of how much she loves Luke, and that she's a wife too. UGHH!!!!!

    You're my favorite evil jerk. I adore your manic brain!!! [face_love]
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    A beautiful letter - a mix of sweetness and sadness and very poignant! I could see this as a possible scenario. I enjoyed reading this!
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    Is it wrong that something so sad makes me happy? Loved it!:D

    Re:timeline and Bloodlines (generally)
    So Rey's been on Jakku for 15 years, then, when she's 4-5 years old (if I'm guessing her age at drop off right), at the time of TFA. Luke and Ben are off doing something 23 years post-ROTJ. Rey was abandoned on Jakku 17 years post-ROTJ, and was probably born 12-13 years post-ROTJ. What was Luke doing then? Where was Ben Solo? Still don't know that.

    I've finished Bloodlines, and nothing here seems to contradict that. One more reason to love it!
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    Huh. Good to know. So

    Are Luke and Ben just kinda mentioned in passing and not mentioned at all?
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    What a sad letter! What heartbreak! But you pulled us all nicely through it, daring to ask more secret questions. @};-
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    Well written, very plausible and also very sad. I takes me so sad to think this may be how it all went down... :'(
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    Yes. There is something that happens in the book that might be related to Ben Solo's fall to the dark side, but we don't see his reaction at all. Both Luke and Ben Solo are offscreen for the whole book
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    Thank you. Right now, this is my canon (until VIII shatters it)

    Thank you. It makes me mad that this makes so much sense. BUT I JUST WANT LUKE TO BE THE DADDY AND NOT A HORRIBLE ONE :_|


    I hope my brain stumbled upon what Disney intends to to, and I will jump for joy if I'm right, but at the same time, I don't expect to be right. I expect the answer to Rey's parentage and childhood to blindside us all.

    Thanks. I love being your favourite jerk.

    Thank you.


    As sad as it is, I hope this is how it all went down. That way Luke isn't some jerk who abandoned his kid.
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: My Dearest Mara
    Timeframe: TFA
    Characters: Luke Skywalker, Rey
    Categorization: Disney-Canon
    Notes: This very somber piece/sequel came to me while playing Lego TFA of all things, so clearly my brain is broken. I don’t think I have ever done 1st person Luke, so tell me what you think. My muse is broken, I wasn’t going to post it, but I figure “eh, why not?”

    My dearest Mara,

    It has been 14 years since you have died, since your final confession and last words came to me, since I last bore to whisper your name allowed.

    I can’t bear to think of what became of you; what shadows from your past finally struck. I felt your death. I am ashamed to admit I could have burned worlds with my anger, confusion and despair in that moment. Ben Solo witnessed it all. That was his first viewing of how much power the Dark Side offered for the simple price of one’s life and soul. I hated myself in that moment and it only proved your point, why you left with our unborn child: you and me together was a danger to all life. Our love was never meant to be, but it was, and how I loved you.

    And then, the comm-message was sent to me. I don’t know who did it, or if you had it sent automatically. You were always so much better with technology compared to me.

    It brought me to tears knowing our daughter was somewhere horrible, alone, waiting for you to return.

    But you never would.

    And I could never.

    Those memories of helplessness still brings back my breaths in quick gasps and not a moment went by that I hoped someone would just tell me where she was so I could go to her and scoop her into my arms.

    But I knew it for the best. I never blamed you. I will never blame you. Our daughter was safe away from me, hidden from those that would have hurt her.

    That fact was clearest when Ben turned against me and destroyed everything. She would have died, or worse. She remained safe, alive, and with her eyes towards the future. That all a father can take comfort in. It’s all I could take comfort in.

    I know my words will never comfort you. You died angry at yourself, believing I would be too.

    But, how can I hate you when I got to hug a beautiful, headstrong woman today?

    Yes. Our daughter grew and found me. She came to my place of exile and offered me my old lightsaber, but I never saw it, only her.


    I only knew her name from your letter.

    I knew you were watching the exchange: me, whispering her name out-loud, her looking at me confused and slightly weirded out. She asked me how I knew her name. I then said those words because nothing else would come to my shocked brain: “because I’m your father.”

    Her reply reminded me so much of Leia: “I know. Somehow, I’ve always known.”

    I don’t know what the future holds, but I now have hope. I have our Rey.

    You were right. She found Han, Leia, and me.

    I will train her and be her father, as I should have done.

    Wherever you are, greet Han with a hug. I failed you both. I will not fail our Rey.

    Not anymore.

    My eternal love is with you, always.

    Your Luke.
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    You are one of those fan fic writers to force me to have handkerchiefs lying next to me when reading one of your stories. Well, letters in that particular case. You always get straight to the point, rouse a lot of emotions.

    What a wonderful explanation to Rey´s backstory!
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    Oh, Bri. That was. Pure. Luke. [face_love] [face_love] =D= =D= :) [face_sigh] If Rey isn't Luke's daughter, I will be royally ripped. :rolleyes: Hello?! It doesn't even feel like a "speculative theory" anymore [face_laugh]
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    So sweet and tender, so much like Luke to do this. He has always sacrificed for the greater good, and there can be no greater sacrifice than to stay away from the one you desperately want because they are safer without you.

    I like how you imply that Ben Solo's path to the darkness was influenced by the power that Luke inadvertently displayed with his grief over Mara's death. How ironic that Luke's grief at the loss of Mara is what started Ben down the path that would destroy so much and cause so much more grief. Another sorrow that Luke has had to bear, it seems.

    But now, the universe has finally smiled on him and brought Rey home.

    I don’t know what the future holds, but I now have hope. I have our Rey.

    [:D] Perfect.
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    I have no words.