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    Jan 20, 2003
    Introduction- AU, Xanatos leaves the order to get married and look after his small family. His wife, also an ex-jedi, has a force-sensitive child they don't what to give her up. The jedi take her anyway and the two parents fight to get her back. (BTW /../- means their thoughts.)
    Disclaimer- Most of these aren't mine and I make no money from them :(

    Alania looked out across the vast plains of Savan, it was a beautiful planet; it stirred many memories of times long gone. Xanatos, that was the memory it brought to the surface of her mind. The two of them had been here 5 years ago on a break from the Temple, alone. Their masters were elsewhere.
    It was this very building where their love had truly blossomed, like a Corallian rose, slowly at first before suddenly bursting into full bloom.

    Maybe it was the planet's heavenly atmosphere, you couldn't escape from the beauty surrounding you in all shapes and forms. Vines displaying flowers of every colour you could imagine concealed whole buildings. Animals ran and played freely across the fertile land, they filled the forests whose trees grew the sweetest, most succulent fruit in the galaxy. The sunset was a magical sight, it cast a rainbow blanket across the land, it made all the buildings, which were all built of orange/red stone, glow in the slowly diminishing light. After the sun had set the planet was illuminated by millions of small lanterns, which gave of a warm glimmer of light and warmed the heart of anyone who passed through their rays. Soft music and joyous laughter filled the air for hours at night; it was unbelievably soothing and could put even the world?s most stubborn child into a deep slumber.

    The memory of waking on a bed, which was soft, warm and comfortable to see a smiling face peering down on me, surfaced in my head. Xanatos leaned over me and presented me with a lily which me softly placed on my chest before pulling me into a passionate embrace and pressing his lips against my own in a loving kiss. It was like been in heaven. Although I knew this was so wrong at the same time it all seemed so right.

    Alania was awoken by a knocking which had intruded on her dreams. When the rapping persisted she unwillingly threw the duvet cover off her and threw her dressing gown over her baggy sleep trousers and string top, pushed her feet into a pair off slippers and shuffled to the door.

    "Hello." She greeted the man stood at her door, she hadn't yet noticed who he was as her long brunette hair had fallen in front off her eyes. I wish morning sickness wasn't a side affect of...

    "Well aren't you glad to see me." Her head perked up at these words.

    "Xani! Where have you been? I miss you so much." She launched herself at him.

    "Guess that's a yes. So do you want to stay out in the corridor all day or shall we go inside."

    "Oh yeah sorry, I was happy to see you that I forgot come on." She flopped down on the couch.

    "You like to keep the place clean I see." commented Xanatos his eyes scanned the room, data cards were arranged in random heaps all over the place, in the corner there was a pile of holovids on top of the computer terminal.

    "Sorry about the mess, I'm really busy at the moment, I'm working some really funny hours currently." Alania explained.

    "You are still a dance teacher and a professional Dancer?" He asked, it was a long while since he had last seen her and her job had changed several times.

    "Yep, but I'm taking a break soon."


    "I'll tell you later." Alania stood up and walked to her small kitchen, which was actually part of one big room, which consisted of her lounge, study, kitchen and dining space.

    "Wanna, cup of herbal tea?" She asked.

    "If you insist." She strolled back over to him a minute or two later with a tray on which stood two cups of a steaming liquid and a bowl. "What is that?" Xanatos looked at the bowl in disgust, it contained some greyish brown slop.

    "Lasgemi, it's from Naboo, it's taste quite good as well
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    no one interested? I'm so so on this one.

    chapter two on Lineage has been posted.

    Does anyone like a good xanatos story? well were just going to have to change that. UP this story will go.
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    Okay, lets see if I can do this.


    Beautifully done.

    I will be watching this.


    //Like that Master?//

    Master said that if I did 10 calm posts that I'd get another posty on Soul Destroyer..

    I'll be back later to rave. ;)
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    perfect padawan. :) *starts writing a post for Soul Destroyer.*
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    Looks like a great story, SHADOW13!

    Please continue! :)
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    Jan 20, 2003
    Agent_Jaid- That was definatly a calm post
    thanx for reading Cat_Orange and jacen200015.

    Part 2- A New Life

    The last thing Xanatos heard before he had an arm full of Alania was a yes. Alania knocked him over and ended up lying on him. When she got off him she was grinning broadly, they moved off to sit on a bench. Xanatos spoke up.

    "So are you ready to start our new life together then Al? All three of us." He placed his hand on her stomach. She looked up at him a smile on her face, their gazes locked and within moments so where their jaws, Alania took the time to explore all of Xani's mouth before finally drawing away and pressing her forehead against his.

    "Yes. Of course I've looked forward to anything more. As much as I love to stay here all night it's getting kinda cold and I have to be out earlish tomorrow."

    "Anything you want darling." The two set off down the street Xanatos wrapped his arm round Alania's shoulders and pulled her up to him. They conversed all the way the home. When they got there they were as quiet as possible and layed down on the sofa.

    "You still tired?"

    "Not if your here Xani." They stayed there for a few hours watching holovids and getting lost in one another. The lights eventually went out outside and the room was illuminated only by the still running holovid.

    "I'm going to bed now I think. Xani your lying on my arm."

    "Sorry darling, Goodnight beautiful." He moved off her arm and neatly caught the blanket Alania threw him.

    "Night," she said before she vanished into her room. Once she shut the door she let her dress fall to her feet and wrapped her bathrobe round her and wandered into her en-suite 'fresher and ran a steaming hot bath which she lingered in for about half an hour before dragging herself from it's comforting warmth and wrapping a towel round her upper half. Alania dried herself and was constantly thinking of what she wanted at her wedding. After pulling her night stuff on she clambered into bed and pulled the cover up to her chin and within 5 minutes was fast asleep.

    Sorry it's a bit short but I've got to have a bath.
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    I am getting the eirie feeling that this is not going to last..............

    HOW COULD YOU TAKE A BATH???????????????

    IT'S UNETHICAL!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I'll wait.
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    Jan 20, 2003
    Agent_Jaid- sorry but it was 10 o'clock @ night.
    This might not be much longer 'cause it?s about 9pm again.

    Part 2 continued

    As soon as Xanatos was sure that Alania was asleep he crept into her room, so as not to wake her, and sat on the edge her bed. She looked so calm and relaxed now unlike last time he had seen her, that was when she had just left the jedi and was under a lot of stress and pressure. As Xanatos sat there and felt himself drift off to sleep.

    When he woke some short time later he found he had an elbow in his back and Alania was restlessly tossing and turning in her sleep, she was very hot and it became obvious to Xanatos that she was have some sort of nightmare. He gently pulled her on to his lap and sent calming waves to her through the force and she quickly settled again. He remained with her well into the morning hours before creeping out and settling down on the sofa and instantly dropped asleep.

    In the morning Xanatos awoke around 10am and was surprised he had slept so late.

    ?Al, are you up yet?? There was no reply. ?Alania?? Xanatos walked into her room to find her bed made and empty. He checked the ?fresher and everywhere else before moving into the kitchen, on the worktop he saw a note which said

    I had to go out this morning. I?ve left you some bread out in case you wanted toast. Can you have a look at that letter I got yesterday? I didn?t find time to open it. If you want to come see me I?ll be at the town hall, Maple Street you can?t miss it unless your blind but I won?t go on.
    Love you lots

    Well I?m not that hungry so I suppose I should read that letter.

    He torn the end of the envelope off and opened the letter, after ripping the seal, which had 5 towers on it, off.

    They look familiar, wonder where I?ve seen them?

    He read the first few sentences and instantly decided Alania needed to know

    I wonder if Xani?s up yet? If he is I hope he found my letter.

    ?Mary point your toes.? She called across at a young teenage dancer. She had been here an hour now before all her students had arrived. ?Stop talking and concentrate on dancing at the back.? Alania hear the door click open and she turned round to see Xanatos doing his best to be quiet. She smiled and waved and motioned for him to come over before turning back to her class.
    ?Stand up straight you can?t dance all slouched like that.?

    ?Hi beautiful having fun.? Said Xanatos quietly in her ear as he didn?t want to disturb the young dancers.
    ?I suppose but life just got a whole lot better.?

    ?When will you be finished I got some news for you.?

    ?Is it good or bad?? She asked she wasn?t looking at him but instead watching her pupils like a hawk to check for mistakes.

    ?Um?depends which way you look at it.?

    ?Well I?ll be done here in 5 minutes you can sit and wait here if you like.?

    ?Okay then.? With that Alania turned her full attention back to the lesson she was supposed to be teaching. The teenagers were now sat facing the front.

    ?Ally you haven?t paided your terms fees yet.?

    ?My mum?s bringing them down right after the lesson.?

    ?Okay then. Gosh is that the time I?ve kept you at least 5 minutes more than I should off you go.? They all got up and left and Alania began to pack her stuff up.

    ?Alania,? She had always preferred her students to call her by her first name. ?I?ve got the money.?

    ?Thank you Ally.?

    ?By the way nice ring.? Alania glanced down at her hand and also admired her ring that cast a rainbow across her finger.

    ?It?s my engagement ring Ally.?

    ?Oh that?s nice.? She said it meaningly before running off, most likely to tell her friends about her teacher?s love life.

    ?So what did you want Xani?? She asked without looking up from packing her bag.

    ?It?s about the letter.?

    ?Oh so you read it.?

    ?Yeah, the Jedi Council want to see you for some un-stated reason.?

    ?What!!! What the hell could they want with me??

    ?As I said I don?t know.?
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    ...Coruscant = Shopping heaven....

    *Jaid grabbs her presently empty suitcases*

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    BTW, great post!!
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