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  1. JinxTricero

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    Jan 28, 2020
    So I’m not exactly sure I’m posting this in the right place...but I recently created my first OC! I spent a lot of time on his backstory and I have actually just recently started reaching out to see if anyone wanted to draw Jinx as well.

    The hardest part about this OC is that I cant draw unless I’m just copying an imagine and I have all these great ideas but I’m no writer..

    so here is Jinx’s backstory. Sadly without being a writer this might be as close to a Story of him as I ever Get.

    Jinx Tricero had just begun his Jedi training when Ben Solo was attacked by Luke Skywalker and the temple was burned down. Jinx was tracked down by the Knights of Ren. His father created a distraction while his mother snuck him into an old Cargo ship. The ship eventually crash lands on the forest moon of Endor.

    Waltoo, an Ewok, feels Jinx’s presence. Waltoo and his wife Scout find Jinx unconscious and on the brink of death. The two Ewoks nurse him back to health. Days later Jinx awakens very abruptly and startled. He then hears a voice telling him he is okay and he is safe. Confused Jinx searches for his lightsaber. Unable to find it the voice in his head says “looking for this?” As Waltoo hands him his lightsaber. Jinx feels the connection to the force and realizes the voice is coming from Waltoo. Waltoo himself is a Jedi. Waltoo helps unlock Jinx’s memories of what has transpired to the young Jedi. Waltoo then decides to train Jinx.

    Years pass and Jinx lives amount the Ewoks. He has learned their language thanks to his telepathic force link with Waltoo. Waltoo and Scout have an infant Ewok named Miikyo.
    One night the Knights of Ren arrive on the Forest Moon and a battle ensues. The two Jedi, Waltoo and Jinx, face off against the Knights in an epic battle while Scout gets everyone, including the king and queen to safety. By the end of the battle multiple Ewoks have joined in and have been slain..including both Waltoo and Scout.

    Feeling that it is his fault that his biological parents and now his adoptive Ewok parents have perished Jinx takes off on a ship the Ewoks had been fixing up. No one was safe while he was around.
    Leaving the Endor system Jinx looks back on his home. As he does this he notices his back pack moving. He draws his lightsaber and slowly approaches. As he ignites the blade the bag opens up and inside is the Ewok youngling Miikyo. Unable to return the child to the forest of his people he keeps him with him.

    Now Jinx, along with Miikyo in a pack on his back, travels from planet to planet hiding and protecting his brother and any innocents he comes across from the Knights of Ren and the First Order.

    [mavjade edit] Hi Jinx and welcome to the boards. We don't allow threads about Original characters, but we do have several thread to discuss them. The OC Revolution thread is probably the best one to introduce your character, but many other threads allow for you to talk about them in discussions. I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread, but please PM one of us mods if you have any questions.
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    That sounds like a great character and a really well thought through backstory. Have you considered taking part in some of the OC challenges with Jinx?

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