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    Chapter 20

    The Falcon exits hyperspace into the crowded space lanes above Coruscant. In the cockpit, Chewie sits in his regular right-hand seat, Finn occupies the left-hand pilot’s seat, and BB-8 rests on the floor behind them.

    Finn gazes out the viewport towards the world-city, his eyes wide with astonishment. “Look at all those lights, that’s unbelievable!” he says. Chewie looks to Finn and then towards Coruscant, nonchalantly grunting a response. Finn continues to be mesmerized by the shimmering planet for a few seconds before finally turning to acknowledge Chewie. “You’ve been there?” Finn asks, surprised. Chewie grumbles an explanation, his head and hands expressive as he conveys his message to Finn.

    As Chewie finishes, the subspace receiver pings. They both look down to the comm unit before Chewie flips a switch to receive the audio call. Finn answers first, “Poe, we’re in position.”

    “That’s great guys…” Poe’s solemn voice responds over the comm. He continues, “Chewie .. there’s no easy way to say this. Leia’s gone.” A confused look crosses Finn’s face and Chewie glares at the comm speaker as he loudly barks a question to Poe. “No buddy, she’s gone .. I’m sorry,” Poe replies.

    Chewie’s howl fills the cockpit as he slumps back in his chair in saddened disbelief. BB-8 lets out a low beep as his upper hull tilts forward. Finn looks to Chewie with a concerned look, then looks to the comm mic to address Poe, “What happened?” he asks.

    Poe’s voice gets a little stronger, “Something with the Force. We think she was trying to help Rey somehow, but we can’t be sure.” Chewie issues soft, sad barks.

    Finn turns to Chewie, his sympathy clear. “Chewie…” he starts. Chewie swivels in his chair and one furry hand grabs Finn by the shoulder as he rises. He pats Finn as he turns to leave the cockpit and BB-8 rolls out of the way to let Chewie pass. The sounds of his mourning fade as he continues down the corridor.

    Finn watches him leave, a powerless expression on his face. His eyes watering, he turns back to the comm. “Poe, how are we going to do this without Leia?”

    Poe’s voice strengthens again, “We have to do this for Leia.” The comm is silent for a moment and then Poe speaks again, “You better get on with it. We don’t have much time, and I’m not sure we can count on any support from our allies.”

    “It didn’t go well?” Finn asks.

    Poe replies, “Could have gone better.”

    “Right.” Finn slowly nods his head, still in shock. “What do I transmit?” he asks.

    Poe answers encouragingly, “You’ve got this one buddy, it’ll come to you. I’ll see you soon. Poe, out.” The comm deactivates with a click.

    Finn leans back in his cockpit chair and exhales long and loud as he rubs his face with his hands. Turning to BB-8, he asks, “Patch me into the HoloNet?” BB-8 beeps a sharp reply and rolls over to the cockpit wall where he plugs into a socket.

    After manipulating the socket for a moment, he beeps again, indicating to Finn that he can start broadcasting.

    Finn pauses to compose himself, then begins, “Ah .. this is Captain Finn of the Resistance against the First Order. Can anyone hear me?” He pauses briefly, but when there is no reply he continues, “The First Order is preparing an invasion fleet for their final assault on the remaining free systems of the galaxy. Their fleet is hidden, but the Resistance has learned its location. There’s a chance to stop them .. it’s our last chance to stop them. If they succeed, all will be lost. Every soul on every planet and anywhere in between will eventually be caught in their grip. Make no mistake, these are evil people. They’ve already stolen billions of children, who have been indoctrinated as their faceless soldiers to wage war against anyone who opposes them. I know this because I was one of those children .. and they will take billions more children if we let them. If you’re thinking, it will get better after they’ve won and the war is over .. it won’t. Their oppression will continue until no free will remains, when we are all slaves under their rule. The Resistance is going to fight, to destroy their fleet, and to turn the tide in the war and the First Order’s domination over the galaxy. But we cannot defeat them ourselves. We need you, every single person who is listening. Every person who is still free and willing to make a difference. We need you to rise up with us, and show them that we will not cower, we will not be conquered, and that we will not be their slaves! They win by making us think we’re alone. But we’re not, you’re not. There's more of us. There will always be more of us. Let’s show them. Who is with me?

    Finn’s enthusiasm as he finishes the broadcast slowly fades to disappointment as HoloNet static fills the Falcon’s cockpit speakers. Finn turns to BB-8, points at the communications console and whispers, “Is it working?”

    Before BB-8 can reply, a silky voice comes through the HoloNet comm, “I’ll fight with you, kid.” A surprised Finn snaps around to stare at the comm panel.


    The Resistance base is a bustle of activity as maintenance personnel race to get every possible ship spaceworthy, ordnance technicians load up the remaining munitions, and flight crews board their ships for takeoff.

    C-3PO stands beside Poe’s X-Wing and shouts up to R2-D2 in the starfighter’s droid station. “Do be careful, R2. With Master Luke and Mistress Leia gone, you’re the only family I have left.” R2 twiddles in response and 3PO straightens. “Well of course we have Chewbacca. Just don’t do anything foolish.” R2 chitters and 3PO turns to walk away, mumbling to himself, “I’d never see an oil bath again.”

    Poe climbs up the ladder to his X-Wing’s cockpit. At the top of the ladder, he looks aft to R2-D2. “You all strapped in, R2?” he asks. R2 whistles in the affirmative. Poe drops into the cockpit ejection seat, straps himself into the harness, and lowers the canopy as a ground crewman pulls the ladder away.

    Poe activates the comm. “Everyone set? Let’s go, form up in orbit”.

    Resistance vessels of all sizes, from single seat A-Wing interceptors to the 150-meter-long Tantive IV Corellian corvette begin to power up engines, lift off, and head skyward.

    In orbit above Ajan Kloss, the ships rising out of the atmosphere join other Resistance ships waiting for them in orbit. They assemble into formation, centering on a light carrier - its blocky engine and hanger section connected to the forward bridge by a flat and triangular hull.

    Surrounding the carrier are eight corvette sized warships interspersed with two dozen smaller ships: various models of freighters, shuttles, bombers, and gunships. On the outer edges of the fleet, starfighter squadrons comprising X-Wings, A-Wings, and E-Wings take up escort positions.

    All assembled, the forward ships enter hyperspace first, with the rest of the formation following quickly behind.
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    Wild guess that the almost immediate first response to Finn's broadcast was Lando Calrissian?
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    Chapter 21

    Rey pilots an older model X-Wing through mingling blue and green gas. The Jedi compass Luke gave her sits on the cockpit dash as she navigates her way through the lightning filled nebula.

    The ship breaks through the maelstrom into the pitch-black space occupying the eye of the nebula. A dark blue-grey world can be seen ahead, illuminated by the glow of the surrounding nebula gas and the lightning strobing within.

    As Rey descends into the planet’s atmosphere, she sees the capital ships of the Black Fleet. Some of the black painted ships are illuminated by yellowish, artificial light from hull windows and hanger bays, exterior navigation lights, and the red glow of welding droids.

    Rey continues downward, setting the X-Wing down in front of the Sith citadel. Looking determined, she exhales deeply before opening the cockpit canopy and climbing down to the surface.

    Walking to the citadel’s entrance, she opens the large door with effort and enters. Inside, she calmly walks along the large, dark corridor. The only light stems from the far end of the passageway, and as Rey continues, the flanking statues of ancient Sith Lords become increasingly visible.

    The citadel floor is a rough, dark stone, the air is dusty, and the walls are covered in cobwebs. Rey walks passed the door Kylo entered days before, which is now sealed. The far end of the corridor opens into a large room and Rey strides inside, undaunted. The room has a domed ceiling with large transparisteel windows, but blast shields block most of the nebula light from entering. The room is sparse, with only a few stone tables placed around the perimeter.

    As Rey turns towards the darkest corner of the room, she finds her quarry. Sitting atop a throne dais made entirely of obsidian stone, with a slab back rising twenty feet into the air, and finger-like protrusions extending to either side, is the former Emperor, Palpatine.

    Rey steadies herself as Palpatine slowly rises from the throne and steps halfway down the dais towards her and into the dim light. He is wrapped in a black cloak, with only his shriveled, pale face and fragile hands exposed. He gives her a toothless smile and begins to laugh; the cackling sound echoes throughout the room.


    The Resistance fleet appears, bursting out of the nebula gas and accelerating towards Exegol. A moment later, more ships follow as large Mon Calamari, Kuati, and Corellian battleships, Bothan assault cruisers, Sullustian ring ships, Hapan and Hutt task forces, and other warships from across the galaxy continue to emerge from the nebula with their support ships and starfighter escorts.

    The New Republic fleet and allied navies join with the Resistance ships, all prepared to wage war against the First Order.

    Within his cockpit, Poe activates the commlink, “Admirals, generals, thank you for coming. You’ve given us a fighting chance.”

    Admiral Sin’char, on the bridge of the New Republic flagship, replies, “What’s the plan?”

    Poe’s X-Wing passes the Resistance light carrier as assault squadrons of B-Wing fighters and Y-Wing and K-Wing light bombers deploy from the hanger bay. Poe studies his cockpit sensor readouts before replying, “The Black Fleet hasn’t been activated yet. We’ll split our forces into two groups. Half will go after the inactive ships and half will keep that First Order battle group occupied.” He looks ahead to view the First Order ships stationed above Exegol.


    Aboard the First Order flagship, a Super Star Destroyer, Allegiant General Pryde looks out the bridge viewport towards the incoming ships. An officer quickly strides up behind Pryde and informs him, “We’re in position now, sir.”

    Pryde nods and turns to face the officer. “Very good, Captain. They’ve managed to mobilize a sizeable fleet. We should be able to handle them, but let’s make sure this is decisive, recall all nearby First Order capital ships to Exegol and put the rest of the fleet on standby. This ends now, I don’t want a single ship to escape.”

    “Very good, sir!” the captain says before hurrying off to oversee the communications officer.
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    Chapter 22

    Palpatine’s cackling laughter comes to an end and he brings his hands together, interlocking his fingers in front of him. “Long have I waited for this day. Welcome, Rey. You have come to fulfill your destiny .. our destiny.”

    Rey stands square to Palpatine and without reaction. “What is it you think I’m destined for?” she asks him.

    Palpatine continues to smile at her, then answers, “Your destiny is to die.”

    Rey deadpans, “All things die, it is the will of the Force.”

    Most things,” Palpatine corrects her. “I’ve watched you for many years. You’ve grown strong in the Force, powerful indeed. Now strong enough to withstand the transfer of my lifeforce into your body. When this is done, I will once more and forever rule the galaxy, as you will grant me immortality. I have foreseen it.”

    Rey unclips a lightsaber from her belt. “Whatever my destiny, that will not come to pass. I am a Jedi, and I am here to extinguish the Sith flame from the galaxy.” She ignites Leia’s blue blade.

    “The Jedi are extinct,” Palpatine spits.

    Rey shakes her head, and with a smirk says, “Not yet.”

    Amused, Palpatine says, “Very well, begin.”


    The largest capital ships in the combined Resistance fleet are engaged point blank with the First Order task force above Exegol. As they trade broadside blasts with their heaviest weapons, the Resistance ships are taking more damage than they are inflicting. To make matters worse, First Order reinforcements have started to arrive, as individual Star Destroyers and small battle groups exit the nebula to join the battle against the attacking Resistance fleet.

    Amongst the battleships, Poe pursues a TIE fighter. The TIE banks downward towards the planet, trying to escape by accelerating into the gravity well. Poe follows the TIE into the atmosphere where, unable to shake his attacker, the TIE pulls out of its dive and turns. Poe muscles his flight stick to outturn and gain lead on the TIE. He waits for the enemy craft to line up on his targeting reticle, then squeezes the trigger, and lances of red laser energy erupt from his four wingtip cannons. Maintaining his aim-point on the TIE, he watches as the laser blasts grind down the TIEs shielding before slicing through its solar panels and ball cockpit.

    The TIE explodes in a fireball and Poe flies through the dissipating orange glow, now searching for his next target. R2-D2 whistles his praise for Poe’s piloting skills. “Let’s find another one,” Poe says excitedly.

    In the atmosphere, smaller Resistance capital ships, attack ships, and assault starfighters are targeting the unpowered Black Fleet ships with great success. Their torpedoes and turbolasers aimed at engines and power cores are steadily incapacitating or destroying the defenseless vessels. However, so vast is the Black Fleet, that only a fraction of the ships have been taken out of action thus far.

    Admiral Sin’char’s voice comes over Poe’s cockpit comm, “We’re taking unacceptable losses against these First Order heavies, we’ve got to focus on the ships actually shooting back before we continue targeting the Black Fleet.”

    Poe thinks for a second before replying, “We’re already outgunned up there. The Black Fleet is the primary target, if we stop attacking now, while they’re still deactivated, we may not get a chance to finish the job.”

    Sin’char responds immediately, “We’ll get the First Order under control and then reengage the Black Fleet. Overruled.” Switching to fleet-wide comm the Admiral orders, “All vessels, break off your attacks on the Black Fleet, form up with the cruisers, and engage First Order forces immediately.”

    Poe shakes his head as he pulls the stick back and keys his comm, “Copy, Black Squadron on me.”

    As Poe’s X-Wing ascends through the upper atmosphere, a TIE Silencer races past him, headed down towards the planet’s surface.

    Kylo’s ship lands next to Rey’s X-Wing. He exits and runs towards the Sith citadel. Without stopping he blows open the heavy doors with the Force and races down the main corridor.

    Halfway down the passageway, the large humanoid figures Kylo had previously seen working in the citadel laboratory stand wall to wall, blocking his path forward. Facing him, and still clothed in black cloaks that hide their features, they remain still as he skids to a halt in front of them.

    In unison, they reach up and roll back their hoods, revealing red skin, bald heads, eyebrow ridges extending back along the sides of their skulls, fleshy strands dangling from their cheeks and chins, and brilliant yellow eyes set in dark, sunken sockets. They are of the ancient Sith species, sworn to obey and protect the Dark Lords of the Sith.

    Faces revealed, the twelve Sith begin to move. Those standing nearest the corridor walls make their way around and behind the intruder as the aliens form a circle around their prey. Each then reaches behind their back and produces a melee weapon. The swords, scythes, and vibro-axes are gripped menacingly in red skinned hands, ready to attack.
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    Chapter 23

    Rey sprints towards Palpatine, who remains still on the throne dais as she charges. As Rey nears the throne and raises her lightsaber to strike, Palpatine casually raises one gnarled hand and Rey is swept off her feet, thrown backwards by his dark side powers.

    She lands in a heap and with a grunt on the hard, rough floor but quickly rises. She looks to Palpatine who laughs at her. “Good,” he taunts. “I sense your fear. Fear of failure. Failure of the Jedi, your Master, your friends, and yourself.”

    Rey rushes Palpatine again. This time when he raises a hand towards her, Rey gracefully sidesteps along her path and barely slows. Her blade raised, she takes the last few strides to the dais, and swings her lightsaber towards Palpatine.

    Halfway through the would-be killing stroke, she freezes in motion. Rey cries out as she fights the invisible grip holding her, the strain evident on her face. Palpatine laughs again, both hands extended to immobilize Rey with the Force. Sweeping his arms, he again throws her across the room.

    This time she controls her fall and lands in a crouch. Palpatine taunts her again, “Now I sense your anger. Anger at your parents for deserting you. Anger at yourself for not being strong enough to save your Master. Continue.”

    Rey clenches her jaw and springs to her feet, sprinting at an unbelievable speed back towards Palpatine. As she nears, he extends both arms towards her, but Rey raises a hand as she runs, counteracting his powers and this time is unaffected as she attacks him.

    She leaps towards the dais, shouting in midair as she brings her blade down from over her head, gripped with both hands, intending to cleave him in half. As she lands her attack, Palpatine lifts both hands, palms outward. Rey and her lightsaber collide with a shimmering Force bubble surrounding Palpatine.

    Rey is unable to penetrate the barrier and it quickly glows brighter and explodes outward, again throwing her across the room. She summersaults backwards to land on her feet and Palpatine cackles. “Good, now I sense your hate. Your hate for me. Use it, it fuels you, makes you powerful. Kill me with it.” He smiles knowingly.

    Rey’s expression turns from raging to thoughtful. Understanding Palpatine’s tactics, she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Opening her eyes, she calmly explains to him, “I am a Jedi, and that is not the way of the Force.” Palpatine’s smile disappears, and his yellow eyes grow intense.


    The twelve red-skinned Sith spring into action all at once. Some feint with their weapons, others simply reposition, a few strike to kill. Their unarmed target skillfully contorts his body to avoid taking any blows. The aliens circle around him in a frenzy, slashing and charging as they prod his defenses while slowly closing ranks around him.

    As he dodges another round of attacks, he grabs hold of a vibro-ax as it is thrust towards him. The weapon’s owner jerks the weapon backwards, but he kicks the alien and tries to wrench the weapon free. Just as it comes lose, he is hit in both the back and the leg by other Sith attackers. Collapsing to a knee with a gasp, he drops the stolen weapon and strikes out with both hands, pushing the Sith away with the Force. The nearest aliens skid backwards but aren’t thrown into the air.

    Surprised by their resistance to the Force, he is unprepared as they immediately attack again, landing blows that cut into his arms and abdomen before he can rise and again use the Force to push back the nearest threats. The Sith reform around him, trapping him in an even tighter circle.


    Palpatine twists his face into a snarl as he addresses Rey. “I have the knowledge and power of all Sith, a thousand years of training and dark side mastery. You are no match for me, child. Your Master, Luke Skywalker, was saved by his father. The only family you have here .. is me.

    Rey shakes her head as she stares at him and says, “I know that’s not true.”

    Palpatine squints at her. “Pity,” he replies.

    He raises both arms over his head and sweeps them apart, causing the blast shielding over the transparisteel windows in the domed ceiling to retract, and revealing the battle raging overhead. Rey lifts her head to look at the ships moving through the atmosphere, the multi-coloured laser blasts, and the orange explosions.

    Palpatine tells her, “They don’t have long. They are outnumbered and trapped.” Rey closes her eyes and reaches out with the Force, her expression conveys that he is correct and that she can feel her friends and their allies struggling and dying. “You are the one who led them here, and only you have the power to save them.” Rey opens her eyes and looks to Palpatine, distressed. “Submit to me now and I will spare them. Refuse, and your Resistance family will die by your hand.”

    Rey looks emotional. Reluctantly, she nods her head and deactivates her lightsaber blade. Taking the hilt in one hand, she rotates her arm to place the lightsaber behind her back as she kneels placatingly before Palpatine. Palpatine grins at her. “Good,” he gloats. His smile disappears as he senses a disturbance in the Force.

    Rey now resolutely rises, both hands dropping to her sides, revealing that she no longer holds Leia’s lightsaber. She reaches with her other hand to unclip Luke’s lightsaber from her belt and ignites the green blade as she glares at Palpatine. For the first time, Palpatine shows some concern.
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    Chapter 24

    Surrounded by the red-skinned Sith warriors, Ben Solo moves his hand out from behind his back, a lightsaber hilt now gripped in his palm. He mockingly tilts his head and gestures with his arms, silently signaling to his attackers that the balance of power has shifted. He ignites his mother’s blue lightsaber blade and the Sith take a step back in surprise.

    Ben steps forward quickly, engaging the nearest Sith who raises his own sword to defend. The lightsaber impacts the cortosis blade and stops, unable to cut through the resistant metal. Ben quickly steps back and turns to defend as several of the Sith charge from behind.

    The enemy’s capabilities now known, Ben dances around the melee, deftly blocking attacks and carefully timing his own thrusts so that his lightsaber gets past each Sith’s cortosis weapon to sever a limb, torso, or head. He skillfully evades attacks by ducking or turning when a blow is near. When dodging an oncoming weapon isn’t possible, he uses the Force to push back the attacker, skidding them backwards just enough for the weapon to swing harmlessly by.

    One by one, he cuts down the Sith warriors, who fight viciously to the last man, despite mortal injuries and worsening odds.


    Rey determinedly attacks Palpatine on the throne dais. She moves with incredible speed and agility, wielding her green blade against him. With great effort, Palpatine defends and counterattacks with Force telekinesis and lightning.

    For the most part Rey is able to dodge his attacks, but whenever she gets close enough to land a strike, he uses the dark side to shield himself from the blow. Continuously defending himself is taking a physical toll, and Palpatine starts to slump and begins to wheeze.

    Rey continues to wear down his defenses and is able to get within striking range more often, while Palpatine’s protective Force bubble moves closer and closer to his body as he loses strength. As Rey leaps into the air, ready to bring down her lightsaber on him once again, his panic transforms into pure rage and he yells, “Enough!”

    Summoning all his remaining strength and extending both arms towards her, Palpatine grasps and holds Rey in midair with the dark side. Surprised by his surge of power, Rey’s lightsaber spins away from her hand as she struggles to break free from his grip. He begins to constrict his hands and Rey begins to struggle to draw breath.

    Palpatine, exhausted but having regained control of the situation, holds her before him as she struggles. Still seething, he explains to her, “I had planned on transferring my essence into Solo’s body. But when I felt your awakening in the Force, such raw and unlimited power, I knew I had to wait. This would have been easier if you had turned, but no matter, my powers are unequalled, there is little risk to me.” He pauses to watch Rey struggle and savours the moment. “I will take your body, and there will be nothing in the galaxy that can stop me. I will enslave every lifeform and control the galaxy through the dark side – I will be the Force.” Now calm, he smiles at her.

    Rey looks determined and manages to speak despite his grip on her, she croaks, “You have no respect for the Force. The Jedi will end the Sith forever.”

    He cackles. “Still believe that do you?” Palpatine’s smile disappears as he senses someone enter the throne room and turns to see Ben skidding to a stop.

    Ben quickly takes in the sight of Palpatine holding and choking Rey with the Force and snaps out both arms towards the Sith Lord. Using the Force, Ben propels Palpatine off the throne dais and across the room, where he smashes into the chamber wall with a sickening impact. Rey drops to the floor and lands in a heap, gasping for breath. Ben runs over to Rey and gently helps her to sit. As she catches her breath, he leans over her in concern and she nods her head in appreciation and to indicate that she will be okay.

    Palpatine’s cackling laughter, wet and rough, comes from the dark corner of the room where he landed. The laughter continues as he walks out of the shadows, revealing a broken body. His torso and neck are unnaturally kinked, a hand dangles loose from a broken wrist, and he drags and steps on the stump of a broken foot as he walks.

    Ben helps Rey get to her feet and they turn to face him. Palpatine stops and with a snarl, utters, “Stand together, die together!” He raises his arms as much as his injuries will permit and blue Force lightning emerges from his broken hands and fingers. Ben ignites the lightsaber in his hand, using the blue blade to block the lightning.

    Palpatine screams wretchedly and a stream of lightning erupts from the nebula far overhead, travels through space, down to the surface of Exegol, crashes through the domed transparisteel windows above the throne room, and into Palpatine. Rey and Ben flinch as the windows shatter and duck to avoid the falling shrapnel while Ben continues to block the lightning.

    Palpatine remains focused on the Jedi as glass shards fall around him, digging into his exposed forearms and hands. The Force lightning emitted from his fingers intensifies significantly as he draws on the nebula’s power. Ben’s lightsaber is blown out of his hand by the surge in power and the two Jedi are caught in Palpatine’s attack. Rey and Ben drop to the ground, writhing and screaming in pain as the crackling lightning envelops them completely.

    Palpatine’s wicked glare disappears with realization, he stops his attack and the lightning surge from the nebula disappears, leaving Rey and Ben lying on the ground, their bodies smoking.

    Palpatine speaks, “You two have a bond in the Force .. a dyad.” His voice conveys his amazement. “A power like life itself, unseen for generations.” His face wrinkles in disgust. “Snoke had no idea what he was playing with.” He smiles and nods in understanding. “Of course. One the grandson of the Chosen One, the other his successor. I no longer have a need for your body, girl. The dark side has delivered me a far greater prize. Your lifeforces alone could not heal me, but combined with the dyad .. the power of two will restore the one, true Emperor,” he finishes, shouting.

    Palpatine extends his arms again and a glowing, gold aura forms around the bodies of the barely moving Jedi. The aura collects above Rey and Ben, then begins to flow across the room and into Palpatine.

    Palpatine closes his eyes and lowers his head as he absorbs the stream of Force energy. His back slowly straightens as his body gains muscle and stature. His gnarled fingers and bumpy bones begin to straighten, and wrinkles disappear.

    When the aura stops transferring from the now still Jedi, Palpatine lowers his arms, raises his head, and opens his eyes to reveal a young, thirty-year-old Palpatine within the cloak hood.
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    And this is exactly why we love to hate Sheev Palpatine.
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    Chapter 25

    The ships of the Resistance and their allies continue to trade blows with the First Order fleet, with the Resistance ships taking the worst of the damage. To make matters worse, First Order reinforcements continue to exit the nebula and further stack the odds against success.

    Poe continues to battle in his X-Wing; turning, he spots a mixed formation of Resistance B-Wings and K-Wings ahead of him. “Hammer Flight, need some cover?” he asks over the comm.

    The response comes quickly, “Roger, Black Leader, we’re taking a run at that light cruiser up ahead, any help is much appreciated.”

    Poe smiles in his cockpit and replies, “Will do.” He switches frequencies before speaking again, “Black Flight, form up, let’s give them some room.”

    Three other X-Wing starfighters join Poe’s ship in formation as he accelerates on a vector to join up with the heavier assault fighters. Nearing them, the X-Wings split to form a protective escort around Hammer Flight.

    The angular light cruiser is dead ahead, a miniature Star Destroyer, but TIE fighters are swarming everywhere. Poe and the other X-Wing pilots juke their fighters as they approach, taking shots at any TIEs between the assault fighters and their target, trying to clear a path.

    One K-Wing is destroyed by laser fire from a TIE rising unnoticed from below. As the TIE speeds past the other Resistance fighters, one of the X-Wings peels off to engage it.

    As the Resistance fighter formation approaches the light cruiser, they begin to take fire from the ship itself. A B-Wing takes a turbolaser hit that downs its shields, forcing the pilot to drop out of the attack early.

    At the edge of attack range, the X-Wings split from the formation to draw fire and the four B-Wings begin their assault run. The cross-shaped ships spin in unison as they streak across the cruiser, raking its shields with ion cannon blasts. While pulling out of the attack run, another B-Wing is hit with turbolaser fire and is vaporized.

    As the remaining B-Wings clear off the target, the three K-Wings fire a volley of concussion missiles off their wing rails and bank away. The missiles streak towards their target, and with the cruiser’s shields compromised from the ion discharges, many of them pass through to detonate against the side of the ship.

    After the explosions from the missile warheads, fires begin to erupt near the center of the First Order warship. As the fighters accelerate away, two Bothan assault cruisers approach and begin pouring fire into the cruiser’s damaged hull, tearing it apart.

    As Poe watches the cruiser explode, he activates his comm and shouts, “Great job guys, another one down!”

    Poe loops his fighter to reposition, and his expression changes to concern as he witnesses a New Republic cruiser being targeted from the lower atmosphere. His comm crackles with panic as another pilot reports, “Admiral, a Black Fleet ship just activated, they’re weapons hot and engaging.”

    Admiral Sin’char stands with his arms spread against a command holotable. His fur bristles and he frowns at this new development. He speaks aloud, his voice transmitted on the fleet comm-net, “We’re tracking it, standby.”

    Poe anxiously watches as the few Black Fleet ships that are firing weapons also activate engines and begin to rise higher in the atmosphere. At the same time automated TIE Hunter starfighters race out from under the belly of each ship, accelerating upwards to support their motherships as they join the battle against the Resistance fleet, which is now trapped between the First Order and the Black Fleet, and hopelessly outnumbered.

    Sin’char speaks again, “It looks like they’re activating a ship every few minutes. All ships prepare to retreat,” he regretfully finishes.

    Poe immediately palms his console and says, “Admiral wait. If we let them win here today, there’s no stopping them tomorrow.”

    Sin’char shakes his head and replies, “The odds are bad and getting worse every minute. Better to take our chances with a few heavily defended systems then waste everything we have here and now. We’ll target their interdictors and live to fight another day.”

    Poe continues to fly through the melee of ships engaged in bloody warfare. He’s thinking hard as he watches more allied capital ships being torn apart, more friendly pilots and sailors die, more First Order ships appear out of the nebula, and more Black Fleet ships begin to pound the underbelly of the Resistance fleet. A crestfallen look crosses his face and he begins to reply, “Admiral…”

    A new voice, energetic and hopeful, cuts in over the comm, “It’s General actually, although I’m retired.” Poe’s confusion is evident as he snaps his X-Wing around to try and get a visual on the new speaker.

    The voice is that of Lando Calrissian, and he sits next to Chewie as they pilot the Falcon which has just exited the nebula gas and is accelerating towards Exegol.

    Thousands of other ships follow in its wake, from small Z-95 Headhunter fighters, to freighters and transports, and larger yachts and liners. They all leap out of the blue and green gas to follow the Falcon as it races towards battle.

    Poe cannot contain his excitement at the sight of reinforcements. As civilian ships continue to break through the nebula and race to help the Resistance fleet, he talks on the open comm channel, “Look at this, look at this!”

    “Hey, buddy,” Finn speaks into his own comm, smiling as he sits in the dorsal laser cannon turret of the Falcon, prepping the weapon for battle by tuning its targeting system.

    “You did it!” Poe shouts at him through the comm.

    Finn steadily replies, “We ain’t done nothing yet, this doesn’t look like it’s going to be easy.”

    Poe nods in his cockpit and composes himself before saying, “Welcome to Exegol, General. Care to join us?”

    Lando cracks one of his famous, winning smiles. “I wouldn’t miss it. Red Leader?”

    An older model X-Wing swings into formation beside the Falcon. Wedge Antilles looks over from within his cockpit at Chewie and Lando in the beat-up freighter. “For old times’ sake, Gold Leader.”

    Lando smiles even wider as he comms, “All craft follow me.” Chewie and Lando slam the Falcon’s throttles forward and the massive fleet rockets towards First Order forces.


    On the main bridge deck aboard his Super Star Destroyer, Allegiant General Pryde snaps away from a forward bridge viewport and quickly walks back to a command console. “Where did their navy get all these attack craft?” he asks his officers, incredulous.

    An officer looks from Pryde to a display readout on the console, then back to Pryde again. “It’s not a navy sir, it’s just .. people.”

    “Recall all First Order ships to the Exegol system immediately!” Pryde shouts at the officers.
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    Lando and Wedge! Yeehaw!
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    Chapter 26

    A rejuvenated Palpatine looks down at his hands as he turns them over. Wrinkle and blemish free, his skin is now a healthy, pink hue. A wide grin forms on his face and he looks to the two Jedi lying on the floor before him. After walking back up his throne dais, he raises his arms in triumph and arcs of electricity crackle across his fingertips as he loudly declares, “Look what you have made, unlimited power!” His voice is clear and strong, free of his former wet and throaty inflections.

    Palpatine laughs as he points his arms towards the battle raging in the atmosphere above the Sith citadel. Lightning once again arcs down from the nebula to Exegol, flows into Palpatine, and exits through his fingertips. A stream of Force lightning from each hand surges into the sky, each targeting a Mon Calamari destroyer.

    Lightning envelops both ships and crackles across their hulls before bolts begin to spiderweb away from the destroyers, reaching out to nearby corvettes and starfighters. The ships caught in the attack quickly lose power and engines, drifting helplessly before nosing downward, caught by the planet’s gravity well and beginning a descent towards Exegol’s surface – and certain destruction.

    Palpatine stops his attack, lowers his arms, and looks to his hands again. They are smoking but undamaged and he laughs.


    Poe concentrates on flying as he follows a TIE Hunter through a maze of larger ships, which are all firing at each other.

    The TIE Hunter has four dagger-shaped solar panel wings like the TIE Interceptor, but the Hunter’s wings are canted outward, away from the ball cockpit. The craft is incredibly fast and nimble, and in a straight line, his X-Wing would not have been able to keep pace with the more agile fighter. Poe’s natural piloting instincts are able to overcome this deficit as the droid piloted fighter carefully maneuvers around the larger ships.

    Finally getting the angle he had patiently waited for; Poe squeezes the trigger on his flight stick, sending red laser beams lancing out of his wingtip cannons. At first the stream of laser bolts overshoots the TIE, but the fighter is not able to adjust its trajectory in time and runs straight into the line of fire. The unshielded TIE is torn apart by the energy beams.

    Poe looks out of his cockpit canopy as he turns away from the exploding TIE. Before starting the hunt for a new target, he quickly scans the battlefield. It is a mesmerizing display of destruction, with ships of all sizes on both sides trading blows with energy and projectile weapons. In between the capital ships, starfighters dart past crippled vessels and debris that arc downward towards the planet’s surface as escape pods powered by rocket motors race in the opposite direction – towards space. An engagement of this size has not been seen since the battle of Coruscant, some fifty-four years prior.

    The arrival of the civilian fleet changed the balance of power, but as Poe continues his scan of the battle lines he sees more First Order reinforcements appearing out of the nebula gas and additional Black Fleet Star Destroyers rising to join the raging destruction. He vocalizes his thoughts to R2-D2, “We’ve got them outgunned, but not for long. We’ve got to deactivate those ships.”

    R2 whistles a reply through the X-Wing’s intercomm. Poe looks down to one of the cockpit displays for a translation in Basic. “Can you locate it?” he asks. R2 tweets back as he opens a blue hatch on his dome, extending out a scanning device. The mast at the top of the scanner makes several revolutions before changing angles and revolving again. R2 then retracts the scanner and excitedly whistles to Poe.

    Poe slams down a button on his comm panel. “R2 says the Black Fleet ships are being activated from a control center on the surface, and he’s located it. Sending coordinates now. We’ve got to take it out.”

    Hearing this over the comm onboard the Falcon, Finn asks, “Lando, can you get me there?”

    Lando smiles in the cockpit and pulls on the Falcon’s controls. “We’re on our way!” he replies.

    Finn reaches up to press a button on his headset. “All Resistance ground forces, rally on my location, we’re taking out that facility.”

    From his cockpit, Wedge says, “Black Leader, let’s give them some cover.”

    “Roger that,” Poe confirms. He smiles as he banks his X-Wing to fly formation on Wedge’s older model. They descend out of the main battle and line up on the control center; a large, square building with a long, narrow landing pad to one side, surrounded with cannon emplacements.

    Wedge scans his readouts. “It’s heavily shielded, let’s take out the exposed gun emplacements.”

    “On it,” replies Poe.

    Turbolaser fire erupts from the ground turrets and the X-Wings dance in the sky as they avoid incoming fire while descending to attack. They begin to pour laser fire into the cannon emplacements, changing targets as each turret explodes.

    Knowing larger and less maneuverable ships are following close behind with troops onboard, as they near the facility Wedge and Poe quickly take out the remaining cannons with proton torpedoes. The X-Wings pull up and away from the control center leaving every unshielded turret destroyed. Wedge and Poe loop around, accelerating upwards to meet enemy fighters.

    Transports begin to arrive, dodging fire from the remaining canons within the facility’s shielding and heading for the far end of the landing pad. Lando quickly sets down the Falcon. The ramp is already lowered, allowing Finn, Chewie, and BB-8 to run off and take cover behind some machinery. The ships landing alongside the Falcon are also disembarking troops, including Rose and Nien Nunb. Rose runs to meet Finn and Chewie while Nien and two others race up the Falcon’s boarding ramp. The Falcon then lifts off, retracts its ramp and landing struts, and powers away. The other Resistance vessels follow suit, leaving the ground forces behind.

    Finn shouts an order and leads the Resistance troopers as they race across the landing pad, towards the entrance to the control center – a large blast door. As they pass through the facility’s shield perimeter, the blast door begins to crank open, and one-hundred elite stormtroopers in red armour rush out to take defensive positions guarding the entrance. Seeing this, the Resistance troopers stop their advance and dash for cover.
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    Chapter 27

    Ben’s body stirs on the stone floor of the Sith citadel, drawing a scornful look from young Palpatine, who stands in front of the Sith throne. “You sorry excuse for a Sith. Weak, just like your grandfather. I had hoped you would suckle from the power of the dark side long enough to gain the strength I needed. Now, it no longer matters.”

    Palpatine stretches out an arm and picks up Ben’s body with the Force, turning him in midair to face him. “Would you beg to be my new apprentice?” Palpatine asks. Ben, barely conscious, attempts to reply, but instead his head sags to hang limply against his chest. Palpatine uses the Force to throw Ben across the room where he lands in a heap. “So falls the last Skywalker,” Palpatine announces, chuckling to himself.

    Rey lays on her back, still unconscious on the floor. In her mind, the distant voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi whispers, “Rey.”

    Anakin Skywalker, his voice soft, also speaks, “Rey.”

    Luke calmly says, “Rey.”

    Now Leia, her voice loud and urgent, “Rey.”

    Rey opens her eyes. She looks up through the broken transparisteel of the domed ceiling, to the battle raging between the planet’s surface and the nebula.

    Obi-Wan calls out to her again, speaking clearly now, “These are your final steps, Rey. Rise, and take them.”

    Rey remains still and her eyes stay focused on the battle above as Jedi continue to communicate with her.

    Ahsoka Tano offers, “In the night, find the light, Rey.”

    Kanan Jarrus reminds her, “In the heart of a Jedi lies her strength.”

    Master of the Order, Mace Windu, tells her, “You are not alone, Rey.”

    Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn explains, “Every Jedi who ever lived, lives in you.”

    Grand Master Yoda instructs, “The will of the Force, do you possess.”

    Anakin Skywalker adds encouragingly, “The Force surrounds you, Rey. Let it guide you.”

    Yoda says, “Feel the Force flowing through you.”

    Ahsoka follows, “Let it lift you.”

    Obi-Wan declares, “We stand behind you, Rey.”

    Mace directs, “Rise, Rey.”

    Qui-Gon continues, “Rise.”

    Yoda adds, “Rise in the Force.”

    Anakin tells her, “Bring balance to the Force, Rey.”

    Leia, Rey’s Jedi Master, reminds her, “Trust in the Force.”

    Luke says, “Rey, the Force will be with you…”

    “Always,” Leia finishes.

    Rejuvenated, Rey rolls to her side and lifts herself off the floor to stand defiantly before Palpatine, who looks down at her unconcerned. Rey stretches out her right arm, calling Luke’s lightsaber to her hand, and ignites it.

    Calmly, she tells Palpatine, “The Force is far more powerful then you or your powers, and the Jedi are one with the Force.”

    Behind Rey, the Force ghosts of Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, Yoda, Anakin, Luke, and Leia appear. Rey smiles as she senses their presence, but Palpatine remains unconcerned as he tells Rey, “Let your death be the final word in the story of rebellion.”

    Palpatine raises both arms and attacks her with crackling Force lightning. Rey raises her lightsaber to block the incoming bolts. The Jedi Force ghosts standing behind her each raise an arm towards Rey and close their eyes in concentration, supporting her within the Force.

    The blue Force lightning and her green lightsaber blade cast colours and shadows across Rey’s face as she stands strong against Palpatine, easily deflecting his attack. Palpatine continues his lightning attack with one hand, as his other hand thrusts outwards in an attempt to knock Rey down with the Force.

    Rey appears focused and is unmoved as the wave of Force energy visibly passes around her. Palpatine snarls and makes a sweeping motion with his arm. Now, all the stone tables around the perimeter of the room rise off the floor and are thrown at Rey. As the tables near her, they break apart and deflect around her like ocean waves crashing against a boulder.

    Palpatine screams at Rey in frustration and rejoins his free arm to the lightning attack. Once again, a giant bolt of lightning streaks down from the nebula to enter Palpatine. As Palpatine’s lightning attack intensifies with the added power from the nebula, the bolts leaving his fingers and assaulting Rey change colour from blue to crimson.

    For the first time, Rey flinches from the power of his attack, looking away from the intensity of the lightning. She calls Leia’s lightsaber to her free hand, igniting it and forming a cross with Luke’s blade. As her two blades deflect the lightning, Rey returns her intense gaze to Palpatine.

    The Force ghosts behind her continue their silent support.

    Palpatine becomes impatient and begins walking down from his throne towards Rey as he continues the blistering lightning attack.

    Reaching the citadel floor and continuing towards Rey, he screams above the crackling lightning, “You are nothing! A scavenger girl is no match for my powers – the full power of the dark side. I am the Sith! You cannot withstand my hate!”

    The heavy attack is straining for Rey, but she stands her ground. As Palpatine nears, he intensifies his attack even further, with each arc and bolt of lightning getting visibly larger and more powerful.

    Rey closes her eyes in concentration. Now, instead of blocking his attack, her green and blue blades begin to absorb the Force lightning. The strain in Rey’s face disappears as her lightsabers increase in diameter and brightness. Palpatine screams in rage as his attack reaches maximum intensity.

    Finally, Palpatine stops his attack. His arms drop and his body hunches forward, exhausted. He hatefully glares at Rey as his hands smolder.

    Together, the Force ghosts open their eyes and lower their arms.

    Rey looks determined as she takes one step forward and points her two luminous lightsaber blades at Palpatine, each glowing wide and bright. Palpatine’s back straightens and his eyes go wide in fear.

    Rey declares, “You’ve failed. The Force is with me.”

    She unleashes the built-up Force energy within her lightsabers and streams of green and blue discharge from the blade tips into Palpatine, enveloping his body. He begins to writhe and scream in pain, but is held in place by the Force energy, and his body begins to visibly disintegrate. Layers of clothing, skin, and muscle wither, peel, and turn to dust beneath the twisting aura of the Force energy surrounding him.

    As the disintegration reaches his bones, Palpatine’s scream worsens and a gaseous cloud – his lifeforce – crawls out of his skull and passes through the enveloping Force energy, moving quickly towards Rey.

    The Force ghosts behind Rey react quickly, and each Jedi raises both arms towards the lifeforce, halting its movement as Palpatine’s screaming continues over the powerful sound of the discharging Force energy.

    Rey adjusts the angle of one lightsaber, directing the flow of its energy into the gaseous lifeforce.

    Palpatine’s screams peak as Rey’s directed Force energy ripples around both his body and essence. His lifeforce shrinks in size as the last of his body turns to dust. Finally, the lifeforce folds into itself, disappearing with a final shriek as the last waves of Force energy leave the tips of Rey’s lightsabers.

    The Force ghosts behind Rey lower their arms and with stoic expressions, return to the Force.

    Rey lowers her blades, now returned to their normal colour and size. After standing for a moment, her eyes lose focus, her head falls to the side as her legs give way, and she collapses to the floor, spent.

    Across the room, Ben’s body uncoils in a spasm and he croaks in pain as he regains consciousness. He cranes his head to see Rey collapsed on the floor. Groaning as he rolls over, he half crawls and half drags himself across the rough stone floor towards her.

    Reaching Rey, he rolls her onto her back and looks down at her lifeless form with sadness. Maneuvering himself into a sitting position, he draws her upper body up to cradle in his arms. He looks down at Rey and, after a moment, calms himself with a deep breath. Placing a hand on her abdomen and closing his eyes in focus, Ben Force heals Rey.

    Rey remains still for several moments before opening her eyes to see Ben. Her eyes dart around as she takes in her surroundings, then she looks to him in shock. She pushes herself up to sit across from him and places a hand on his cheek. He smiles at her, and she returns the smile before they embrace, holding each other tight.

    As they part the embrace, their smiles turn to laughter as they share in the moment. Ben’s laughter fades and Rey looks concerned. He nods at her and smiles one last time before his eyelids close and he falls backwards. Rey gently catches him and lowers him to the floor where Ben’s body fades as he becomes one with the Force.
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    You're not a Reylo shipper, are you?
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    Ha! Unfortunately no, I'll be keeping things strictly professional. There just wasn't enough in the previous two films to make that kiss at the end feel right to me.

    I will 'ship' two others before the end though.
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    I understand and respect your opinion. But I'm still disappointed. :(
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    Curious if there was anything in the story/writing that led you to believe that might have been coming?
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    This is an interesting take on TRoS! A bit sad that Rey ends up killing the lonely cave snake though instead of healing it. Great move to include a Duros and Bothan--I think the sequels really lacked in adding classic aliens! And what happened to Hux? Does he still get blasted by Pryde or does he escape to another part of the Galaxy and hire cats to pilot his star destroyer? :p
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    Well in this instance the Vexis wasn't lonely! Just hungry haha. Plus Rey saves an Orbak, much safer.

    See below!

    Two chapters left to post after Chapter 28.
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    Chapter 28

    On the landing pad, Finn, Chewie, and Rose sit against a large durasteel equipment crate as red blaster bolts flash overhead and impact all around them. Finn moves to take a quick peak around the crate. On the opposite end of the landing pad, in front of the control center, the red armoured stormtroopers have disbursed, moved into protected positions, and are now in the process of assembling several heavy weapons. Resistance troops are using rocket launchers against the building’s canon emplacements, but the First Order troops have the Resistance outnumbered and outgunned.

    Finn ducks back behind the crate and raises a commlink, into which he shouts, “We’re pinned down!”

    Poe hears Finn in his cockpit and replies into the comm, “We’re coming around for another pass.” Wedge’s X-Wing joins on Poe as he turns towards the control center.

    Finn looks up and stares at the sparkling energy shield surrounding the facility as it absorbs random blaster and laser bolts. After thinking for a moment, he turns and kneels facing the crate, then pops up to peer over the crate at the control center’s roof, and the shield generator and emitter located there.

    He lowers himself behind the crate as a blaster bolt passes through the space his head had just occupied. Finn yells across the landing pad to the other Resistance troopers taking cover, “We’ve got support incoming. Direct all fire at the shield generator on the roof!”

    Receiving nods and verbal acknowledgements of his order, then looking to make sure Chewie and Rose are ready, Finn rises and shouts, “Now!”

    Together, the Resistance fighters uncover, shoulder weapons, and take aim at the boxy generator and dish shaped emitter. Concentrating all their firepower on the shielding equipment, several Resistance troopers are hit with blaster bolts as the stormtroopers begin to pick them off.

    Realizing their pistols and rifles are having no effect on the large equipment, Finn takes cover as he calls out, “Cease fire!”

    As Finn tries to think of a new plan, Chewie passes Rose his bowcaster and reaches for his bandolier. Finding the right case, he opens the lid and withdraws several quarrels from the foam lining. Nodding at Rose, who passes him back the bowcaster, he loads the quarrels onto the weapon’s ammunition rail in a specific order.

    Finished, Chewie raises the weapon with both hands and nods to Finn, who immediately understands. Finn yells, “Covering fire!”

    The rest of the Resistance troops rise and fire, this time pinning down the stormtroopers. Chewie then stands and carefully aims his bowcaster at the facility, firing a single shot before adjusting his aim and firing twice more.

    The quarrels arc slightly on their way to the target. The first hits the shield generator and detonates an ion pulse, the second and third shots both impact the structural support, below the emitter dish, unleashing a large explosion. The ion discharge immediately disables the generator and with the emitter support virtually vaporized, the dish falls downward to crash onto the facility’s roof, triggering another explosion.

    The shield protecting the control center fizzles out of existence and the Resistance forces move back behind cover. Finn looks over to Chewie in amazement, yelling, “Nice!”

    With the shield protecting the control center down, Poe and Wedge fly straight down the landing pad, laser canons spitting red fire. The X-Wings strafe the First Order stormtroopers and their heavy weapons right up to the open blast door. Pulling up as they overfly the Resistance troopers, they climb back into the sky.

    As the Resistance ground forces cheer after the starfighters, Finn rises and leads everyone forward shouting, “Let’s go!”

    A wave of Resistance troops surges forward across the landing pad, firing on the run and eliminating the remaining stormtroopers on their way to the control center.

    Finn, Rose, and Chewie, with BB-8 following close on their heels, are the first through the blast door, entering the facility. They lead the troops down a corridor and up a flight of stairs to the control room, picking off the remaining guards along the way.

    As Finn enters the control room and sees the First Order technicians still working at their consoles, he shouts, “Stand down! Stop what you’re doing and back away from your stations.”

    Most of the technicians are surprised by the intruders and immediately comply. Some of the technicians frantically continue to activate the Black Fleet ships. Chewie shoots one of them, prompting the other hardliners to back away from their consoles with hands raised.

    Finn heaves the body of the dead technician off the console so Rose can sit down and get to work. She studies the primary control panel, an older Imperial design, and Finn says, “We have to shut the Black Fleet down, can you work it?”

    Rose hesitates as she hits a few controls and reviews the displays in front of her. “Looks like a penta-encryption, fairly old. Shouldn’t take too long,” she says. Finn nods encouragingly and Rose’s fingers begin to fly over the control panel.

    Meanwhile, Chewie organizes the Resistance troopers, having some watch the technicians in a corner of the room, with others moving to guard entrances or sweep the facility.

    With Finn nervously hovering over her, Rose tells him, “Okay, almost got it.” She presses a few more buttons. “Deactivating,” she announces excitedly, looking up to the central display to confirm the Black Fleet ships had stopped firing and were standing down.

    Finn’s eyebrows raise and he asks, “Wait, can you reprogram them?”

    Rose thinks for a moment before replying, “Not quickly enough .. but BB-8 probably can!”

    Having overheard, BB-8 rolls up to them as he excitedly beeps. He maneuvers to a computer socket mounted low on the wall, opens a hatch on his ball, extends an arm, and plugs in.

    Finn says excitedly, “Okay buddy, turn their weapons on the First Order, and when they’re done with that, have them target each other.” BB-8 beeps in acknowledgement.

    Rose then adds, “And then continue activating the fleet.” Finn looks to Rose and nods in approval. BB-8 beeps again.

    High above them, the weapon turrets aboard the black painted ships turn and begin firing on nearby First Order vessels. At the same time, TIE Hunters accelerate and turn, seeking out First Order targets.

    The firepower of the Black Fleet is added to the combined Resistance, New Republic, and civilian forces, leaving the First Order decisively outmatched.


    Allegiant Gneral Pryde is viewing the battle on a large holodisplay when a significant portion of ships switch from red icons to blue. Confused, he looks to a duty officer for an explanation. The officer looks from the holodisplay to his console and reports, “Sir, the Black Fleet is now targeting us.” Pryde looks to the holodisplay in horror.


    Aboard his Star Destroyer, General Hux looks out the front bridge viewport, watching as First Order ships begin to explode from the onslaught of fire. “What a waste,” he utters with disgust as his ship takes heavy fire and is destroyed.
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    So glad that Rose gets something to do! Poor random technician though. Nice action on the Resistance's part. Still a better way for Hux to go than that thing that happened in TRoS for no reason. Did Pryde still go out through the Windu though I wonder? [face_thinking]
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    Chapter 29

    Rey’s X-Wing rockets away from the Sith citadel and into the atmosphere.

    In his cockpit, Poe has a wide grin on his face as he watches victory take shape, the magnitude of their accomplishment incalculable. R2-D2 whistles to him; he looks down and picks Rey’s ship up on his scanners then activates his comm, “Rogue Leader in the air, Rey is that you?”

    “Copy Black Leader, joining you now,” Rey replies with a smile.


    With half the First Order fleet already destroyed – the remnants and debris of those ships on a collision course with the surface of Exegol – the rout is on. The remaining First Order ships fight on without thought of surrender but are hopelessly outmatched. Ships of the Black Fleet continue to pour their destructive firepower at First Order ships near Exegol, while the surviving New Republic fleet moves away from the planet to tackle still arriving First Order reinforcements.

    Admiral Sin’char, hunched over the holodisplay, receives an update from an aide, “It’s over, Admiral. All First Order command ships have been disabled or destroyed. All that’s left is to mop up.”

    Admiral Sin’char nods and replies, “Continue jamming long-range transmissions, give all incoming ships the option of surrender .. although I don’t expect many will take it.”

    He straightens and looks around the bridge, a smile forming on his face. “Great job everyone!” he shouts, and the command crew begins celebrating.


    Still on the surface of Exegol, Finn, Rose, Chewie, and BB-8 look up in awe from the control center’s landing pad, watching as Star Destroyers tumble downwards towards their ultimate destruction. Resistance troopers all around them begin cheering at the sight. Finn, Rose, and Chewie share a hug before celebrating with the rest of their squad.

    The Falcon roars into view and begins descending towards the landing pad. In the cockpit, Lando reaches out to the co-pilot seat and grabs Nien Nunb by the shoulder as they too celebrate.

    With Finn and the others onboard, Lando lifts off. As the Falcon powers away from the control center, it passes overhead of the Sith citadel just as several crippled Star Destroyers impact the surface. The massive ships level the citadel and turn the area into a giant cloud of expanding dust.

    The Falcon touches down aboard the Resistance carrier along with other craft which have survived the battle. Amongst the ships, the hanger bay is crowded with jubilant Resistance members. Pilots power down their craft and jump out of their cockpits, eager to join in the celebration.

    Finn exits the Falcon and enters the mass of mingling people. As he receives and offers congratulations, his head and eyes are searching. As he gets farther into the crowd his expression turns worried.

    Then, from three different sides of the celebration, Finn, Poe, and Rey all spot each other at the same time. They hurriedly make their way through the crowd, and join together in an emotional hug.

    Elsewhere within the ever-growing crowd in the hanger bay, R2-D2, BB-8, and C-3PO have found each other and are sharing their experiences from the battle. Lando, Nien, Wedge, and Chewie also celebrate together, swapping stories, old and new.

    As Finn parts from Rey and Poe, he turns to look across the crowd in search of someone else. Smiling as he spots her, he rushes over as Rey and Poe curiously watch. Finn and Rose find each other within the bustle of people and embrace, then passionately kiss.

    Rey and Poe’s eyebrows pop and their jaws drop in surprise before they smile with excitement. “Yes!” Poe shouts. Rey and Poe look at each other and both break out in laughter. With his eyebrow knowingly cocked, Poe says, “You know, I called that.”

    Rey then jokingly shoves him backwards, laughing some more as he takes mock offense. “You most certainly did not,” she tells him.

    The celebration in the hanger bay continues late into the night.
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    Is this the end? I love how the gang is back together and Whoo! Finnrose.
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    Epilogue still to come!!!
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    I'm on board with Finn/Rose, and I wouldn't be against Rey/Poe, although I honestly see more of a besties thing happening there.
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    On the world of New Alderaan, a large group gathers for Leia’s memorial. All the surviving members of the Resistance, which Leia founded and led for so many years, are in attendance. Seated in the front row, facing the speaking lectern, are Rey, Poe – who wears a spotless military dress uniform, Finn holding hands with Rose, R2-D2, BB-8, D’Acy, and Connix. Countless other dignitaries, flag officers, and friends sit beside and behind them, there to honour Leia.

    In front of them all, Lando stands at the lectern as he orates Leia’s eulogy with Chewie and C-3PO standing to either side of him. “…Leia would have been honoured to have the capital city of New Alderaan named after her, and her family. Organa City is a beacon of peace, prosperity, and freedom throughout the galaxy, just as Leia was.” Lando struggles to keep his emotions in check as tears run down many faces in the crowd facing him, including those in the front row.

    He continues, “Leia was once asked what she thought her legacy would be. Her response? ‘When I’m gone, I don’t want people to morn or cry for me. I want them to be inspired to go out and make the galaxy a better place.” Lando pauses and nods. Those who knew Leia best smile, knowing that she had devoted her entire life to that purpose. “That was Leia, and that was truly what she wanted. May we all live up to that ideal as we move forward. Goodbye, sweet princess, and may the Force be with you.”

    The assembled crowd surges to their feet, most crying, all clapping and cheering, so moving were Lando’s words. As Lando turns from the lectern, Chewie and C-3PO step towards him and the three embrace.


    A group is assembled in front of the Falcon’s boarding ramp. As Rey and Lando part from a hug, she says, “Good luck Lando, I hope you find your daughter.”

    Lando nods in appreciation and replies, “If the First Order did take her, there must be some kind of record or database out there. If there’s anything to find, Chewie and I will find it.”

    Poe offers his hand and Lando shakes it. “Don’t hesitate to comm if you need any help, we’ll be there in a second.”

    “Thanks, Poe,” Lando says warmly, then turns to shake Finn’s hand.

    “Thanks for everything, Lando” Finn says.

    “You got it,” Lando replies, winking at Finn.

    Rey now looks to Chewie. “Bye, Chewie. We’ll see you soon.” She moves in for a hug but Chewie is quicker, stepping forward to envelop all three of Rey, Poe, and Finn in a big, furry Wookie hug. Rey snuggles into Chewie’s side while the boys toss the hair on Chewie’s head. Chewie roars fondly as they part the embrace.

    Chewie and Lando board the Falcon and Rey, Poe, and Finn back away from the ship as the ramp raises. They wave to Lando and Chewie in the cockpit as the Falcon lifts off the ground, points her nose skyward, and accelerates into the blue sky.

    After watching the Falcon depart, Rey, Poe, and Finn turn and begin walking from the landing pad. Finn flips one of the shiny medals hanging from Poe’s dress uniform. “Well look at you, a general in the Galactic Alliance, eh?”

    Poe mischievously grins back at Finn. “It was too good to pass up. I made Sin’char promise that I can fly whenever I want.” Rey and Finn chuckle at this. Poe asks in return, “What about you? They’d give you a commission in a heartbeat.”

    Finn keeps smiling but shakes his head. “No, I dunno what I’m going to do.”

    Poe tells him, “You should run for office.”

    Finn turns and stops Poe. “Why is everybody telling me that?”

    Rey also stops and answers, “It was your speech on the HoloNet. I’ve listened to it, it was good.

    Poe offers, “Leia always said that you were a natural leader.”

    Finn shakes his head in disbelief, and they continue walking. He looks to Rey and asks, “And you?”

    “Oh, I’ve got a few ideas…” Rey replies, turning her head slightly to give them a sidelong smirk.

    As they walk back to the spaceport, the three friends raise their arms over each other’s shoulders, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.


    Rey walks alone through the Tatooine desert, a new lightsaber hilt fashioned from the parts of her old quarterstaff dangles from her belt.

    She arrives at the Lars homestead, and it is clear from its condition that no one has lived here since Luke left Tatooine thirty-five years ago. She approaches the top edge of the main living area, where one side of the below ground dwelling has been filled with blown sand.

    She grabs a fallen piece of casing from an old moisture vaporator unit, puts the panel down on the ground, and with a wry smile on her face, uses it as a sled to slide down the sand slope and into the homestead which she explores for a short while.

    Now back up on the sandy desert, she places both Luke and Leia’s lightsabers on a piece of fabric and folds them up, tying a string around the fabric to secure them. Placing the bundle on the ground near the homestead’s outbuilding, she holds her hand above of the bundle and uses the Force to clear sand out from underneath it, lowering the lightsabers into the ground and backfilling the hole.

    The bundle effectively hidden, she looks up to see three figures shimmering into view. The Force ghosts of Luke, Leia, and Ben appear before her, smiling. She returns the warm expression and stands to face them.

    Ben speaks first, “Thank you for seeing who I really was.”

    Rey nods solemnly in acknowledgement.

    Now Leia says, “Be true to yourself.”

    Luke adds, “And pass on what you have learned.”

    Rey smiles. “I will,” she promises.

    As Rey walks away from the homestead, an old woman riding on the back of an Eopie crosses her path. The woman halts the Eopie and Rey stops as well. “There’s been no one out this way for so long. Who are you?” the stranger asks.

    Rey smiles at the woman, and offers, “I’m Rey.”

    When the woman realizes that Rey is done speaking, she further inquires, “Rey, who?”

    Rey smirks at the question, then turns to look back towards the Lars homestead. There, still standing in the desert where she had just said her goodbyes, are her two Jedi Masters – Luke and Leia – proudly watching her with warm smiles. Rey turns back to the old woman.

    “Rey Skywalker,” she happily answers as the setting binary suns of the Tatoo system blaze brilliantly in front of her.


    A heavy, rusty door creaks open under great protest, unleashing sand and dust into the air as it moves. Rey steps through the doorway into the darkness, followed by R2-D2 and C-3PO. Rey unclips her lightsaber and ignites the golden blade for illumination. They have entered the main corridor of Jabba the Hutt’s former palace. A wide grin forms on Rey’s lips as she surveys the empty interior. “This will work perfectly,” she excitedly tells the droids.
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