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    Title: Mysteries of The Force
    Author: Briannakin
    Timeframe: 47 ABY – Legends
    Characters: Luke, Mara, Ben
    Notes: I’m borrowing (with permission I got like over a year ago) some plot points from Ginchy’s Echos of Always. I’m stealing (without permission) Star Wars from Disney. This sat half-finished on my computer for over a year, so I decided to give it an ending. It turned out much differently than I intended - but I did intended for it to be weird, dream-like and more-or-less pointless.

    It is 5 chapters long, but most are really short, but one really long, so I’m not quite sure how I’m going to post this, but I'll have it all posted in a week or less.

    "An infinite mystery is the Force. The more we learn, the more we discover how much we do not know."

    Chapter 1

    With a sigh, Luke palmed open his apartment door. He was not surprised to find it dark and empty. Ben had moved out a few months back. Luke was happy for his son, and the youth often came by to visit, but Ben was away on a long-term mission to the slums of Ryloth. To make Luke’s life even lonelier, Leia and Han were on Hapes visiting Allana and Jaina was off visiting her in-laws with her kids. “Uncle Luke” was turning into the hermit. He now understood why old Ben Kenobi and Yoda had a few marbles missing.

    Luke didn’t even bother going into the kitchen. After an extremely long meeting with a bunch of senators, he had simply grabbed a Corellian slider and ate it on the way home. If Mara were alive, she would have slapped him for his current eating habits. But she wasn’t alive.

    He went right to his office to drop off his case. Flicking on the light, Luke furrowed his brow at the sight of a random, out of place datapad on his desk. He set down his case and picked up the confusing find. It was a standard issue datapad, but not the brand he normally used. Turning it on, he found files of research papers, all on alternate universe and alternate reality theories. He sat in his nurf-leather chair and scrolled through a few of them. It was interesting, but he still had no idea how it got onto his desk.

    He tried to remember if he could have accidentally picked it up somewhere, or if it somehow got jumbled into his datapads by mistake. A cough brought him out of his thoughts. He covered his mouth with his hand and when he pulled his palm away, he was surprised, and slightly alarmed, to see it covered in speckles of blood.

    Just great, he thought. He knew he shouldn’t ignore the fact that he was coughing up blood, but he felt fine. He was just tired. He’d comm Ben, see how he was, then go to bed. He would go see Cilghal in the morning if he coughed up more blood.

    Luke moved to his holo-comm and entered Ben’s number. He waited and was then connected to Ben’s message box. A recording of Ben appeared.

    “Hi, you have reached me, but I’m not here. Hopefully you know who I am. I’m probably off saving the galaxy. You know what to do at the sound that follows.”

    Luke rolled his eyes as the comm beeped.

    “Hey Ben,” he started. “I was just comm-ing to see how you were. I’m fine.” He coughed again, it was as if his body was calling ‘liar, liar.’ There was more blood this time. He quickly and discretely whipped it away. “Okay, maybe I’m not fine. I’ll probably go see Cilghal tomorrow. I may just need a day to myself. Anyways, comm me when you get this. I love you.” He terminated the comm.

    Wearily, Luke made his way to his bed.

    Chapter 2

    Luke woke suddenly. The need to cough overtook his entire mind. He sat up and coughed. It felt like he was coughing up a lung, it hurt so badly. He felt lightheaded. A headache was coming on like no other. He reached for his commlink. This could be really bad if he lost consciousness.

    He couldn’t find it. He finally looked toward the nightstand and realized, even in the darkness, he did not recognize the piece of furniture. Looking around as best as he could, he knew he wasn’t in his apartment.

    “Luke?” He froze. That was her voice. He didn’t dare turn around. He didn’t know what he’d do if she was there. Krell, he didn’t know what he’d do if she wasn’t. “Luke, are you alright?”

    What the kriff was going on?

    He glanced back and nearly fainted. There she was, sitting up in a nightgown, red hair framing her face, looking extremely concerned. “Luke?”

    He vomited. Blood spewed from his stomach all over his lap. This was bad, and not just the blood.

    “Oh, Force!” she screamed and grabbed a commlink. She started barking into it, but Luke suddenly felt weak. His entire right side seemingly slumped away from him. He fell back. The world was spinning.

    * * *

    When Luke opened his eyes he was lying down as the world passed by him. He was on a gurney being pushed by begins he did not know. Medics.

    He tried to get up. He wanted Mara. Everything was so confusing.

    A hand pushed him down. “Your Majesty, please lie down.”

    No, this made no sense. He wasn’t royalty. And Mara was… dead.

    He tried to get up again. It was the need to vomit that prevented him this time. He tried to roll over. Thankfully one of the medics realized his needs and helped him. It was more blood.

    He collapsed against the gurney. They went through a series of doors and he was loaded into an ambulance.

    “Is Queen Mara riding with us?” one medic asked another as they worked on him.

    “Yes, probably. She went to inform Prince Bail and Princess Breha.”

    Who were they talking about?

    “Well, she’d better hurry. He doesn’t have much time. Call the med-center,” the medic ordered. “Tell them to have as much type specific blood they have on hand for the king.”

    All the while Luke was spitting up blood. An extra hard cough came up and he spewed blood everywhere.

    “We gotta go,” the first medic said.

    “Wait!” Luke recognized Mara’s yell. She was running towards him in a blood soaked nightgown. She hopped into the back of the speeder.

    “Go!” the medic yelled.

    As soon as the speeder started moving, Luke vomited again. He was vaguely aware of the medics turning him on his side. Before it all went black, he felt Mara’s hand slip into his.

    * * *

    Even though he had been drifting in and out of consciousness, Luke made sure he continued to grip Mara’s hand in this strange world.

    “Your highness, you have to let go now. We have to take him right into surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain.”

    “Okay.” Mara then whispered in his ear. “Luke, please let go of me.”

    He refused, his grip tightened. He wanted to say no, but more blood bubbled from his mouth. He was not letting go.

    She pried her hand out of his. “I’ll be right there when you wake up, I swear.”
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    Well, that was an...interesting beginning. :eek: (Not bad at all, don't get me wrong - just...whoa, lol.) You've got my attention!
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    It does sound interesting and like everyone is in for a massive headache.
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    Oooh yeah! I remember you talking to me about this!! My poor Lukie, though. Coughing up blood! King Organa, huh? Seems like a few things got shuffled around. I can't wait to see where this goes!!
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    Fascinating =D= =D= I like the twists here, very intriguing.
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    Ohhh...fascinating! I absolutely love universe-hopping fics.
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    Yikes! What a start! :eek:
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    Interesting start. Where will Luke end up?
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    That was my intention :) It's a short fic, so I wanted to start off with a bang!

    Nah, only Luke. I do like to torture that poor man :p

    Yeah (it was a LOOONNG time ago). Thanks for the permission! And YES! King Organa. I'VE always wanted to do an AU were Luke was raised on Alderaan and Leia on Tatooine. I'll never get around to it, but this was my little poke at an universe that could have been.


    Thank you! This is my first real universe hopping fic (kinda).

    Oh it gets worse :D


    AN: This is the one really meaty chapter. I had no idea how to break it up, so it is VERY long compared to the other chapters in this fic. Enjoy!

    Chapter 3

    Luke woke up some time later to find himself in a posh medcenter room. He was lying at an angle, in a standard gown with a breathing mask over his mouth and nose. He had been put in a private room, decorated elegantly in white and blue, with large windows. It was obviously a VIP room.

    He remembered the events leading up to him waking up here. Had it all been a dream? If it had been, he was still in it. The scene outside his windows was one that he had only seen in holos. He was looking at the Cascadia Mountain Range on the planet Alderaan.

    There was no physical way he was on Alderaan, not in his universe anyways. Nothing about this place made sense: he was on Alderaan, royalty apparently, and Mara was alive.


    Luke looked around to find her asleep in a lounger beside his bed. She had aged well, yet she was wearing a dress, something Mara rarely did in a casual way. It was a simple dark blue dress with long sleeves, a modest square neckline, and a belt around her waist. One thing was the same: a lightsaber hung from her belt. Her hair was done in a braid. Oh, how badly he wanted to reach out and touch her.

    Yet he needed time to think. Why was he here? What was here? How did he get here? How was he going to get back to his life? What happened to the Luke that was supposed to be here? Was he in his place? Was the other Luke dead?

    He then remembered the mysterious datapad last night. If this wasn’t a dream, then this was an alternate universe, an alternate reality essentially. Reality was similar, yet different. Choices made by him and others created new time streams and new realities. The rest of his questions he could not answered, all the research papers on the datapad only contained theories of their existence; nothing of traveling between them. If it was the Force that brought him here then the Force would take him back, or so he hoped. He had to hope that he would be brought back to his Ben in a timely manner. As he saw it, there was little else he could do but wait and hope.

    There was only one decision he could make: would he tell Mara, or anyone for that matter, that he was from another reality, or would he play the part of this Luke? On one hand, if he told, they would probably throw him in a white padded room. If he didn’t tell and he messed up his act, they may still throw him in a white padded room.

    He was so deep in weighing his two options that he didn’t notice Mara stirring beside him.

    “Don’t try thinking too hard there, Your Majesty,” she said in a teasing tone.

    He turned and smiled. His smile didn’t feel right. He tried to greet her, but words would not come to him. Pursing his lips, he sought words that simply would not come to him. He finally found the word: hi. But when he tried to say it, it didn’t sound right.

    She smiled. “Hi, to you too. You gave us a huge scare there.” Mara stood up and hugged him. To say that he liked to contact was an understatement. He tried to reciprocate, but he could only do so with his left arm. She looked away as she sat down. She was wiping away tears.

    This wasn’t his Mara. His Mara would never openly cry. But still, it was a Mara and he wanted her. He reached out her left hand to her. When she looked back to him, she took his hand and gulped. “I’m going to get a doctor, but they figured it best for me to tell you. You have an extremely rare illness called sudden vascular disintegration. It’s a genetic condition that lies dormant for generations, but due to extreme stress, exhaustion and your love for Corellian food, many of the major blood vessels in your body disintegrated in a matter of minutes. Usually it’s fatal, but because we got you to the medcenter so quickly, they were able to save you.”

    Oh, Force. That was why he was coughing it blood before he went to bed, and probably why the Force transported him, and his physical body, here; so that he would not die.

    Mara continued. “A major vessel disintegrated in your brain and you had a massive hemorrhagic stroke. You have severe brain damage, do you understand?”

    He understood her words, but their implications were enormous. If and when he returned to his reality, would he still have the damage? Probably.

    He nodded.

    At least he could play the part of the Luke that belonged here and if there were discrepancies in his behavior, they would chalk it up to the stroke. He also probably wouldn’t be speaking in any sort of meaningful way, so there would be no way of him “slipping up.”

    “Okay. They are going to try neurological regeneration, but you are in no condition for it now. Right now they are still dealing with the sudden vascular disintegration. They are pumping in bacta, along with a dozen different chemicals into your body and you are breathing in a special oxygen, bacta and chemical mix. For the next few days you are just to rest. You’ll get some physical and speech therapy, but they really just want you to take it easy, alright?”

    He nodded.

    “Okay,” she said once again. “Ben is on his way. He should be here in a few hours. Leia and Lando are on their way too. Bail and Breha want to see you too once you are feeling better. Breha is feeling terrible for last night.”

    When she mentioned Ben, Luke was relieved. He wanted Ben. He knew this Ben wouldn’t be his Ben, but it would be nice to see his son’s face. He became confused when she mentioned Bail and Breha. Those were the names of Leia’s adoptive parents. They couldn’t still be alive even in this universe.

    His confusion must have become apparent. “Luke? Do you remember last night? Do you remember fighting with Breha about her upcoming mission?”

    He didn’t know what to do, so he simply looked at her blankly. He was so glad he didn’t have a bond with this Mara. His act would be discovered in a moment.

    Mara sighed and patted his hand. “I’m going to talk to the doctor for a few moments, and then I’ll come back, understood?”

    It was as if she was talking to someone that was mentally handicapped. To her credit, she had no idea how much brain damage he had. He rolled his eyes but he was scared. How much brain damage did he have.

    She rolled her eyes as she stood up. “No giving me attitude, Organa.” She left.

    It took him a moment to realize that she was talking to him. Was he Luke Organa – King Luke Organa?

    He looked around and found a datapad. He used the Force to bring it to his hand. Powering it on, he connected to the holonet. He did a quick search for “Luke Organa” and brought up a short biography on himself.

    His Royal Majesty, King Luke Organa of Alderaan (nee Luke Amidala Skywalker; formerly His Royal Highness, Prince Luke Organa; Senator Luke Organa; and Chief of State Luke Organa):
    King Organa of Alderaan was born the son of Padmĕ Amidala and Anakin Skywalker, a forbidden relationship given that his father was a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic. His father became Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith before Organa’s birth. Shortly after his birth his mother died, orphaning him and his twin sister Leia Skywalker. Organa was adopted into the royal house of Alderaan by His Serene Highness, Prince Bail Organa, First Chairman and Viceroy of Alderaan; and his wife Breha Organa. His twin sister was adopted by Anakin Skywalker’s step-brother: Owen Lars and his wife Beru and taken to live on Tattooine.

    Luke scrolled through the retelling of “King Organa’s” childhood and the rebellion against the empire. Most of the latter was seemly similar to what has happened in his reality, the only difference being Luke did everything Leia did and she did everything he did. Oh yes, and Luke managed to save Alderaan by destroying Ossus. Opps. This Luke Organa had also lost his right arm, but due to a blaster bolt hitting him during the battle of Endor.

    He skimmed through his time as chief of state during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Gah, he had been a politician during and after that shavit. He had retired from galactic politics when his adopted father died of extreme old age. He had become King of Alderaan (mostly a figurehead role) and a Jedi Master under the tutelage of his sister.

    He read more closely when he reached Personal Life.

    Organa married his long time best friend and childhood companion Mara Jade.

    Luke smiled. There was no mention of her being an assassin for the Emperor. There was even an holo of them as kids together.

    Organa and Jade have three children: Ben Organa, His Royal Highness Prince Bail Organa II and Her Royal Highness Princess Breha Organa. Ben Organa gave up his royal title to devote his life to the Jedi, however he still has a close relationship with King Organa.

    “Luke! Are you doing work?” Mara stormed in, annoyed. Behind him was a human doctor.

    Luke quickly exited the biography and looked guilty.

    Behind her, the doctor chuckled. “Well, at least that aspect of his personality hasn’t changed.” It was then that Luke recognized the doctor as Derek Klivian.

    Hobbie was a doctor.

    What kind of kriffed up reality was this?

    Luke wasn’t quite sure he wanted Hobbie treating him. Although he did look like a doctor in scrubs and a long white coat.

    “How are you feeling?” Hobbie asked.

    Luke managed to get out something that sounded like “Okay.”

    “That’s good. We’ll get a speech therapist in here even before we try the neurological regeneration. Now, I’m going to perform a short physical on you.”

    Hobbie made Luke do a few mundane tasks that assessed both his mental and physical status. Luke knew he passed them mental aspect, but failed the physical. He could barely move his left hand and foot, let alone his arms and legs.

    “Okay,” Hobbie sighed. “We are going to want to start neurological regeneration as soon as possible. But I really need you to rest. Depending on how you feel tomorrow, we may start then.”

    Luke nodded. He figured it best to stay in character. Even if he personally didn’t know them, he’d better ask to see his kids. He wanted to ask for them but he couldn’t get any words out. He didn’t know what words to say.

    “Here Luke, it’s often easier to type words out than it is to say them.” Hobbie gave him his datapad with a blank document open.

    Luke typed out BEN.

    Hobbie showed it to Mara who smiled. “Ben is still at least three hours away. But would you like to see Bail and Breha?”

    Luke did his best to nod enthusiastically.

    “Okay, I’ll go get them.” Both Hobbie and Mara left. Luke heard them talking outside.

    “I seriously think his memory has been affected. I get this feeling that he doesn’t know who Breha and Bail are. He’s the same, yet different.”

    “Mara, your husband just had a major medical crisis along with a major stroke. It has affected him. He’s lucky he’s up and understanding us –– it’s actually a small miracle that he isn’t in a vegetative state. It is possible that he can’t associate Bail and Breha’s names with who they are. But I’m sure he knows who they are. Ben’s name is short, so that’s probably why he knows the name associated with the person. As for forgetting his fight with Breha last night, it is possible that it affected some short term memories that he already had, it should not be a big concern.”

    “Okay, but I swear, if anything happens to him, I’m telling your wife.”

    “Mara, go get your children for your husband.”

    Luke heard them leave and wondered who old Hobs had shagged up with. It was probably a Twi’lek. That old scoundrel.

    Luke wanted to have a nap, yet he felt Mara coming back already.

    A boy, about 18, entered. “Dad?” He approached the bedside. The boy looked like Luke at that age. He had well-kept sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and was fairly short. He was dressed in fine blue robes. He looked like a prince. “It’s me: Bail.”

    Luke smiled and held out his good hand. Bail took it and sat down. “Mom said not to talk about work, but I wanted to let you know I have everything under control. I’m updating the media on your condition and Parliament has recognized me as your representative until you get better, alright?”

    “Thank you B… b… b….”” He felt ashamed that he couldn’t say this boy’s name. He seemed like a very pleasant kid.

    “Bail,” the boy said.

    Luke concentrated. “B… ba… Bail.”

    The boy smiled. “Yeah, that’s right. How are you feeling?"


    “That’s good. You seem to be finding words alright.” Bail then glared at him. “Are you using some Force thing to help your brain?”

    Luke smiled sheepishly. He just wanted to be able to communicate with Mara. He didn’t know how much time he had here and there was so much he wanted to say to her… even if she wasn’t really his Mara.

    “Daaad,” Bail whined. “You’re supposed to be resting. This whole thing came about because you’ve been trying to do too much. Now,” he said getting up and pulling up the covers around Luke. “Breha is quite upset. You know how she is, she’s like you; she thinks everything is her fault. Don’t let her fussing get to you. And please rest. I have to get back to doing more work, but if you need me, just ask.”

    Luke nodded. He wanted to say a goodbye so he reached for the datapad and started to type with one hand, but Bail stopped him, tears forming in his eyes. “Don’t waste your energy. I love you too.”

    Luke shook as Bail hugged him. He hardly knew this boy, yet he felt like he was his father. Luke felt like he loved Bail.

    Luke was so tired that he shut his eyes for a moment as Bail left. He just wanted to sleep, but he knew he had another visitor.

    “Luke,” came Mara’s voice. “Are you feeling up to having one more visitor?”

    Luke opened his eyes to see Mara and a teenage girl that looked exactly like her mother. The girl looked like she was ready to cry. She couldn’t have been any more than 16. He definitely had his children late in this reality. “Yeah,” he said, holding out his hand. He saw shaking from exhaustion now, which only seemed to frighten the girl further.

    “Daddy? You don’t have to see me if you don’t want to. I know I caused all this.”

    Luke’s heart nearly broke. He summoned all his strength and sat up a little taller. “No... want to.” His chest chose that moment to start hurting. It took everything he had not to collapse back on the pillow. He laid back down. He brought his right hand to his heart, looked at Mara and made a soft moaning noise.

    The girl looked to her mother. “I didn’t understand that.”

    “Breha, your father is very tired, but he does not blame you. Many things led to this, the least of all was you. Can you talk with him for a bit while I go talk to the doctors?”

    Breha nodded and sat down next to Luke as her mother left. “I’m really sorry for last night. I should have listened to you when you said you had a bad feeling about the mission and didn’t want me going.”

    “It’s… okay.”

    She smiled. It was a very pretty, yet shy smile. “I guess you got your wish – I didn’t go on that mission.”

    “Yeah.” Luke was about to close his eyes when Mara and Dr. Klivian re-entered.

    “Luke?” Hobbie said, walking to his bedside. “Are you having chest pains?” His voice was low, but Breha, from her facial expression, still heard.

    Luke stalled, trying to find the right word that would not alarm Breha. “A bit.”

    “Okay,” Hobbie said, putting in an earpiece and retrieving a small device out of his pocket. He hovered it over Luke’s chest. “It’s nothing to be alarmed about. Your heart is just a bit strained from the earlier blood loss. I would give you a sedative to help you relax, but I don’t want to introduce anything to your body I don’t have to. So I want you to rest. I want no one coming in here until you are well-rested. Mara and Breha are going to stay here until you are well rested, okay?”

    “Okay.” Luke looked at Mara then to an empty chair. She got the hint. Mara sat down and held his limp hand and he was asleep before Hobbie left.
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    I really like this alternate reality. A lot. It wouldn't hurt my feelings a bit if Luke had to stay there. :) I like Bail; seems a decent candid fellow and Breha's a loving lovely girl. :D And having Mara (and Ben) is just icing! [face_love] Hobbie as a doctor does tickle me though [face_mischief] Huh? [face_laugh] =D=
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    As a paramedic, I first started thinking of all the things going on with Luke. All scary things. My poor Luke. I have to say my friend that you do like to place my favorite farmboy in very unfortunate situations. However, you do write these situations very medically correct. I like that. Please put me on your PM list because I do not want to loose this story. Have been known to do that and I am still finding my way around the site. I am technically challenged and can not even figure out how to do the little smiley faces and stuff anymore. Great job and thanks! :)
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    Luke sure is in a situation. How will he explain all? And will Leia come?
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    Hobbie, a doctor??? From how my fellow fans portray him I wouldn't trust him with a stethoscope never mind more complex tech.

    Well at least he knows some chief differences and knows of a few changes. Leia and Lando?? What happened to Han???
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    Wow, Hobbie's a doctor? Hahaha! I'm loving this alternate reality; Luke's kids seem great.
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    For some reason I keep imagining Hobbie getting a show with Doogie Howser's intro - except instead of accolades it's a bunch of headlines about all his disastrous incidents of malpractice. [face_laugh]
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    Love that the most-injured guy is the doctor, and that Luke automatically assumed that he married a Twi'lek. The "Rogues have a Twi'lek fetish" trope will never not be funny to me. [face_laugh]
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    Thanks. Unfortunately, I have to say, I'm going to have to hurt your feelings. But fear not! This comment kinda inspired a plot bunny that is slowly forming in my mind.

    Thank you. I actually took more artistic liberties with the 'disease' in this fic than I normally do in my fics, but I'd like to think it is still plausible, especially with the stroke part and the depiction of the effects it had. And yeah, I love putting Luke in unfortunate situations (bahahaha!). I'll add you to the PM list and if you have any questions about the new boards, feel free to ask.

    Hobbie is a very smart human IMO... He's just accident prone. We will get to Han in this chapter.

    Yup. Thanks.


    I find it hilarious too. Like 2 years ago another user and I plotted out a fic featuring many of the well-known Rogues all in a retirement home together. One of the main laughs was that Hobbie had married a Twi'lek nurse. I had to include that. Unfortunately, the fic never got finished (I have the first chapter SOMEWHERE), she lost her motivation and I never found the motivation to finish it without her. Random tangent, so whenever I have the chance, I make a jab about Hobbie and a Twi'lek.

    Chapter 4

    When Luke woke sometime later, Mara was still at his side, reading something on her datapad. She had her legs crossed; looking like a lady. Luke smiled. This Mara had experienced a normal childhood. She probably had a mother to teach her how to sit properly. Luke couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of Mara having to sit through etiquette lessons.

    The noise caught her attention. “Oh, we’re awake again, are we?”

    He nodded.

    “Well. Breha was having a hard time seeing you in such a state, so I sent her for a walk, but look who took her place.”

    Luke looked to the other side of the bed and there was his Ben, grinning like a Solo. This Ben looked exactly like his Ben. “Hey old man. You know, you don’t have to almost die for me to come visit you.”

    For some reason, Luke started to cry. In his own reality, he pretty much had to almost die for Ben, or anyone, to come visit him.

    “Oh, Dad,” Ben sighed, getting up to hug him. Luke tried to lift one of his arms to hug his son.

    “I think your dad is just tired and strung out on drugs,” Mara explained as she handed Luke a tissue and helped him wipe his eyes.

    “Yeah,” Ben said, sitting on the edge of the bed, “I can tell. We can catch up when your feeling a bit stronger, but nothing new has changed in my life since the holo-chat the other night.” At least this Ben was apparently good at staying in contact. “Aunt Leia and the gang want to come in. Are you up for visiting?”

    Luke nodded once. He was honestly curious who Leia Skywalker had turned out to be.

    “Okay,” Mara said, gently squeezing Luke’s hand. “You can visit for a few minutes, but then you have to eat some dinner and rest.” It was dinner time? Had he really wasted this entire day with his beloved wife sleeping.

    Luke nodded and Ben left. Luke waited by staring up at Mara.

    “What are you looking at?” she asked.

    Luke managed to sputter out, “Beauty.”

    Mara nudged him in the shoulder. “Sap,” she muttered. But he could see her blushing. He wondered if her Luke complimented her as he himself did his Mara when she was alive.

    The door opened and he watched his sister calmly enter. She was wearing black Jedi robes and a lightsaber hung from her belt. Her hair was short, something Luke had never seen on his Leia. “Luke?” She approached him with a small smile. “It’s Leia.”

    Luke smiled. He wanted to say ‘I know,’ but it came out as, “Yeah.”

    “I’m not going to lie Luke: you don’t feel the same in the Force.” This Leia was blunt and straight-forward. She was not his sister at all.

    Mara looked like she was about to jump Leia, when Lando, of all people, came up behind Leia. “Dear,” he said, “Your poor old brother just had a massive stroke, let the guy rest. He’s probably not feeling like himself at all.”

    “Yes, of course,” she said. “The kids are on the way from Yavin IV to visit you - or at least Anakin and Aumi are. Lando Junior is off on the outer-rim.”

    Luke had to stop himself from laughing. Lando Junior? Were Leia and Lando a married couple? Luke glanced at their hands. The rings, and the fact that they were holding hands, were enough evidence. Everything else about this reality, Luke could see as plausible, but Leia marring Lando? That was impossible.

    Curiosity got the better of Luke. He had to ask. “Han?”

    Leia looked suddenly distraught.

    Mara looked at Luke, extremely worried.

    Lando laughed nervously. “Don’t scare us like that Luke, it sounded like you just asked for Han Solo. Perhaps it’s best that we come back tomorrow.” Lando squeezed Luke’s shoulder. “You rest now buddy.”

    “Yes,” Leia said, hugging her brother. “Get some rest. We can be back tomorrow if you wish.”

    After they left, Mara glared at Luke. “Your memory is gone, isn’t it?”

    He glumly nodded. He wasn’t going to tell her that he was actually a Luke from another reality.

    She sighed, getting onto the bed with him. “Hopefully they will return with your neurological regeneration. Han Solo, the guy that helped you escape from the Death Star, the moron Leia dated forty-five years ago, is dead. He died at the hands of Darth Vader, your father, on Bespin, before the Emperor was defeated.”

    “Oh,” he said, simply.

    “Weird that you would remember him of all people. Just try to remember not to bring him up with Leia around. It’s still a rather sore spot for her, and for Lando as well.” Mara got up. “I’m going to get you some dinner - you must be starving. Try not to forget who I am while I’m gone.”

    “No,” Luke managed to get the right word quickly. “Never.”

    * * *

    Luke enjoyed a quiet meal with Mara. She was cleaning him up when there was a knock at the door. Ben, Breha and Bail had let themselves in.

    “Hey, Dad,” Ben said. “We were wondering if we could hang out as a family for awhile, if your feeling up to it.”

    “Luke, do you think you’ll be okay?” Mara was concerned.

    He nodded and patted the side of the bed. His children came to him and sat around him.

    “So,” Ben said. “We were thinking, once you get better, we should take a family vacation, maybe to the place on the lake in the mountains. We all know how you love the cabin. It would be very relaxing for you.”

    Luke nodded. It did sound nice.

    “But I think your dad needs to rest,” Mara said. “Why don’t we turn on a holo-documentary?”

    Luke smiled.

    His children and wife all sat around him, but he knew he didn’t belong here. It was another Luke’s life. He belonged somewhere else. He fell asleep, longing for his family and his life, even if it wasn’t as full as this one.
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    [face_laugh]at Dr Hobbie.

    And wow, interesting twist with Han dead and Leia married to Lando. Love all of Luke and Mara's kids.
  19. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Very plausible twisty there with Han's fate at Bespin :( This is a fulfilling and loving reality, full of a living, gorgeous soul-mate and kids who are affectionate and not dysfunctional LOL -- but still Luke knows he belongs 'elsewhen.' [face_thinking] =D=
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    This is such a minor thing, but I had a hunch this alternate Leia would have short hair and I was right, lol. It's also interesting that she followed along in her alternate-universe brother's habits in wearing black rather than brown Jedi robes.
  21. Lady_Misty

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    Well that was kinda fun and informative.

    At least he wants to return to his own verse.

    I actually had Wedge in one of my fics make a baking soda and vinegar volcano. Well he didn't do it "on screen" but Luke comments about it.

    Oh, my sig at the moment is the basis for a DAC chapter that you inspired.
  22. Gemma

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    I love your writing. I have to agree with Luke though. Leia marrying Lando --- impossible. I can't see it. Still looking forward to seeing how Luke either stays or gets back. BTW where is the Luke of this universe????
  23. Briannakin

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    Thanks. It was fun to think of all my weird twists.

    Indeed he does :)

    I though Leia would be all business in this reality.

    Thanks. It all got a bit silly, but there's a bit of a reason for all of it.

    AN: Forgive me for this :p I wanted to finish this fic, but I really didn't know how. So you guys don't exactly get concrete answers. It's up to you to decide what really happened.

    Chapter 5

    Knock. Knock. Knock.

    Luke woke and slowly became aware of his surroundings. He was in lying on his back, in his bed, on Coruscant. He was back home in his reality.

    But had he ever left? Had it all been a dream? Everything was just so damned confusing.

    The loud knocking continued. “Dad! Are you in there? I’m seriously freaking out right now!” The voice was Ben’s. He sounded extremely distressed.

    Luke tried to respond, but found he could not speak or get up. Had he really had sudden vascular disintegration? Had he been transported to another reality, for a day, saving his life? Or had it all been a dream, made up by his brain that had been, or still was, bleeding.

    Luke cried out. One thing was for sure, Ben needed to get in here and get him to a med-centre.

    Ben finally barged in. “Dad? Dad what’s wrong?”

    Luke slurred gibberish, looking towards the commlink on his bedside table.

    “Dad, seriously, talk normally. I can’t understand you and no one has heard from you in days.”

    Days? It felt like he had only been out of it for a few hours. But that was the least of his worries - Ben did not recognize the symptoms of a stroke. Not being able to communicate his needs to Ben was incredibly frustrating.

    “I’m going to call Cilghal,” Ben said with a huff, grabbing the commlink and dialling a code. “Cilghal? It’s Ben. I found my dad. He’s in his bed, but he’s acting really weird. He’s in bed, smells like a rancor and he’s talking like a moron.” He then came to false conclusion with disgust. “I think he might be drunk.”

    “Ask him to smile,” Cilghal’s tone was extremely alarmed.

    “Okay,” Ben replied, confused. “Dad? Can you smile for me?”

    Luke tried to smile, but he could feel the right side of his face not responding.

    “Is one of the sides of his mouth not responding?” Cilghal asked, calmly.

    Ben studied his father’s face. “Yeah, his right side. Now that I’m looking at it, the entire right side of his face is like droopy.”

    “Okay. I am sending a medic team now. Just stay at your father’s side. Keep him calm but alert.”

    “Why?” Fear was creeping into Ben’s voice. “What’s wrong?”

    “Ben, I think your father is having, or has had a stroke. No one has heard from him in four days. If he has been having a stroke for that long, he should be dead.”

    Luke was actually surprised at how calm Ben became as he put down the comm. “Okay Dad,” Ben said, taking both of his hands - the left was normal, but the right was curled into a claw, no doubt the cybernetics malfunctioning. Ben held both of his dad’s hands. “I know you are confused, but the medics are coming and I’m not going to leave you.”

    Luke nodded, trying to show Ben that he understood.

    “I’m sorry of accusing you of being drunk. I should have come a lot sooner. I’m sorry I didn’t answer my comm when you called. If I had, I would have made you see Cilghal that night. I just thought you had a cold or something.” Ben’s composure started to crack.

    Luke started to struggle. All he wanted to comfort Ben, to tell him that everything was going to be alright, but all that came out was gibberish. But two words were clear. “Ben… Okay.”

    “Hush, okay?” Ben said, holding his dad down. “The medics are coming.”

    Luke then got a whiff of himself. He smelled like hell.

    “Yeah, dad, you smell, really bad, but that is honestly the last of our worries right now.” They were interrupted by the medics bursting in.

    They got Luke on a hover-stretcher, but he remained determined to hold onto Ben’s hand.

    * * *

    Luke woke a few hours later. He vaguely remembered something about a hemorrhagic stroke and the medics having to reduce the pressure on his brain. He was very confused, but glad he recognized the room he was in. It was one of the rooms in the halls of healing. At least he smelled better now.

    He then heard voices outside. It was Ben and Cilgal.

    “What’s sudden vascular disintegration?” Ben was asking, confused.

    “It’s basically internal bleeding on a mass scale with no physical trauma. It is usually fatal within a matter of minutes, but in your father’s case, he somehow healed himself, but the damage caused by the bleeding still remained.”

    “Do you know why?”

    “No, I wish I did. But you need to thank your lucky stars that he is alive.”

    “There’s no such thing as luck,” Ben said with a sigh. “He’s going to have a long recovery time, isn’t he?”

    “He is, and even with neuro-regeneration, he probably won’t be the same again.”

    “Oh gods, why didn’t I answer my comm?”

    “I have my regrets too Ben. I should have sent someone looking for him when he didn’t show up to his office that first day. But he is still with us.” Cilghal paused. “And I think he might be up and eavesdropping on us. I’ll let you two have some time alone.”

    Ben entered with a smile. “Hey there, old man.”

    “Hey.” Luke found the word quickly, even if it was slightly slurred.

    “So, we got your brain drained and you smelling a bit better,” Ben said as he sat on the edge of the bed.

    “Yeah. Th… Th….” He was struggling with the word.

    “No need to thank me Dad. I’m just glad you are up and talking. Are you comfortable?”


    “Okay. So I want to get this out of the way now. Can I move back in? You honestly scared the life out of me. I’m not going to be able to sleep at night if I’m not with you.”

    “Yeah.” He wasn’t sure about letting Ben help him with all the tasks he’s probably need help with, the kid needed a life too, but he had missed Ben so much.

    Ben smiled. “Okay. I’ll get some guys to help me move back in. In the mean time, you should probably rest. Knowing you, you’ll want to start doing your therapies and other treatments as soon as you can, but I just want you to rest. Can you do that for me?”


    “Is that the only word you can say?”

    “… N… nah.”

    Ben chuckled as he got off the bed and settled in the lounger. “Okay. You rest. I’ll be right here if you need me.”

    Luke smiled as he drifted back off to sleep.
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    Mmm. Well, that was ... what? A dream? Or something else altogether. Either way, it was a fortunate thing that Ben got there in the nick of time, more or less. [face_relieved]

    Apparently, the flow of time in both "realities" is similar/equivalent. [face_thinking]
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    Well it could of been a dream. We have lots of strokes in my family and many strange dreams happen. My brothers are the first ones on my fathers side to live past 59. We threw a party. Great job and thanks.