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    New Policy Regarding Linking to Fics

    As was discussed in FanFic Resource in the last few weeks, there will be a change in the ability to link to stories in FanFic Resource. Below is the new policy with regards to Linking/Promoting/Pimping.

    You are now allowed to link to stories in the following locations/ways:

    Resource Threads
    Character Threads
    Index Threads
    Challenge Threads
    Mod!Challenge Threads

    These thread are clearly marked as such. If you mention a story in these threads that is not relevant to the discussion or if people think you are monopolizing the thread, we will ask you to take it to private conversations.

    You are not allowed to mention/link to stories in the following threads:
    Social Threads
    General Discussion Threads
    MOD Threads

    These threads will either have no tag, a blue discussion tag, or a red MOD tag. These are general discussion or policy discussion threads and there is often little need to post a specific story.

    Linking along with mentioning a story is up to the discretion of the user, however, if a link or mention is clearly not needed, it will be removed.

    Here is an example where a mention of a fic would be considered not needed or self-promotion:
    Someone in the Writers Resources says something along the lines of: "I'm working on my fanfic "Titles -R-Us" where Han crashes the Falcon on Wayland and I wanted to know what language native beings there speak." That is sliding your fic into a conversation where it isn't needed and is considered promoting. The person could just as easily say, "What do the natives on Wayland speak?"

    The Promotion Policy remains largely unchanged, but with pimping removed as wording and the previous rules combined:

    Why can't we promote our fics?
    If we allowed fic promotion it would be all that resource would have. Everyone wants people to read and comment on their fics but everyone saying "Read my story!" would get annoying really quickly. Promoting your fic is considered rue an against the rules. Certain threads will allow you to mention your story freely, while others do not. Please see the list of thread types where linking/mentioning are allowed. If you are unsure, please PM a mod or the thread manager and ask. If you promote your story in an inappropriate thread, it will be edited.

    What counts as promoting?
    • Shamelessly slipping a link or a name of your fic into converstation or into another thread where it is not relevant.
    • Starting threads asking if you should start a story, continue a series, include a character, asking for advice specific to your story or anything of that nature.
    • Placeholder threads where you state your intention to start a story
    • Commenting on a fic and then saying 'Check out my fic!'
    • Sening an unrequested PM/Convo or tagging a person in your story thread

    The FAQ will be updated with this new information, but this thread will remained stickied* for quite some time for reference.(*Note - it is currently unstickied to be better seen, it will be stickied soon.) If you guys have anyquestions please feel free to ask here in this thread or send us a PM!
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