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Star Wars New Sith Trials II: Rise of the Hand

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Dec 31, 2016.

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  1. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    Welcome to the second installment of The New Sith Trials!




    As was true of the previous installment, this game will serve as an extension of the EUC Sith Empire, but additionally it will now house more group-related activities such as apprentice tasks, practice duels, final trials, and promotion ceremonies. Members of the group will find participation here to be of significant benefit to their progress within the group, but non-members who are interested may still join as a Jedi or Sith character, or even a non-force user. Storylines will be somewhat loose and consist of missions of varying length conceived by GMs, potentially with specific players in mind. Players will be given a degree of control of storylines based on the actions their characters take. However, GMs do reserve the right to steer as they see fit to fulfill planned story events. GMs are Sinrebirth, Lady Belligerent, and Darth_wanderguard. Special mentions are owed to Zedd-Vega, Darth-Vassago, Mikaboshi, and darth_nemisis for each of their roles in building the original Sith Trials group and series of games which shares a continuity with this current incarnation.


    To join the game, first read the entire opening post, as well as the opening post of the Character Creation Thread.

    Next, fill out the character sheet template found in that thread, and private message to Sinrebirth, Lady Belligerent, and Darth_wanderguard for discussion and approval. They will advise on the next steps.

    Lastly, creativity in character creation is encouraged - characters with unusual species and backgrounds are appreciated, provided that they work within the narrative framework of the story and universe in which it takes place. Players should be willing to work with GMs in developing characters who fit the environment and are still the vision of their creators.


    High ranking members of the Sith Empire may, at the Triumvirate's discretion, be granted Sub-GM status and allowed to develop and run their own missions under the guidance of the Triumvirate. This privilege is generally reserved for High Lords, although Lords may on certain occasions be invited.

    Sub-GM storylines must be submitted to the Triumvirate via private message in the following format:

    [Approximate Duration]
    [# of Players]
    [Intended/Potential Outcome]

    Submissions will be discussed and alterations/further development may need to take place.


    As has been demonstrated in the previous installment, character death can and will happen over the course of the game. It should be a rare occurrence, but players who fail to follow instructions out of character, and/or intentionally disrespect a high ranking lord in-character may find themselves dead... Or worse. The player in question may create a new character if they wish to continue playing - that new character's level, and the corresponding player's standing within the larger Sith Empire organization - are at the full discretion of the GMs and their advisors.


    In 155 ABY, Darth Dreadwar calls the greatest members of the Sith Empire to a gathering in the grand temple of Moraband. As the feast draws to a close, three groups are dispatched to deal with distant but looming threats; Darth Insipid announces plans to take a contingent to the core worlds to complete the Empire's final conquest, Darth Haretisch is to take another group to the Valley of the Dark Lords where Darths Cruor and Draconis have been awakened by something mysterious, and Darth Apollyon is set to lead a third group to the Valley of Golg where the heart and helm of Dathka Graush wait under the care of a hostile sorceress. Before the missions can depart, an old enemy surfaces. Darth Insipid's malevolent clone, Malkuth, emerges and declares his allegiance to the left-handed lord, but is quickly killed.

    Questions abound, but each mission departs; Cruor and Draconis are restored to sanity and returned to the fold, but a dark corrupting presence retreats to the catacombs nearby - Haretisch and his retinue descend to vanquish it. The Golg team runs into trouble and Apollyon is killed just before Graush himself arrives. The core worlds contingent suffers a loss - Darth Dreadwar is unexpectedly destroyed by a failsafe put in place by the celestials. Darth Bellorum, who has skillfully stacked the deck in her own favor, finds herself elevated as the third member of the Triumvirate. The entity in the catacombs is vanquished, but leaves a curious imprint on Darth Arach. An expedition to Hoth goes awry but the team returns intact with the mysterious Darth Syren in tow. Graush too is overcome, and the Lorekeeper is left changed. Coruscant is conquered, and upon departure Manticore is bestowed an honor which carries with it an essence once held by the deceased Darth Dreadwar. As each team limps back to the temple, a banquet of triumph is set to begin in only hours, but is interrupted by an invading force of servants of the left-handed lord.

    The Empire stands wounded but victorious, and the location of the ritual to seal the mysterious left-handed lord away for good is revealed; Mortis. The remaining Sith set off, and it is revealed that Arach, Lorekeeper, and Manticore form the key to the ritual. Arach has gone missing, however, and Darth Syren - who carries the mark of the left-handed lord - is chosen to stand in her place. As the Sith battle through a horde of religious zealots, Arach resurfaces, having been mysteriously sent away by Bellorum. The key arrives at the ritual altar with the power to seal away the beast, but they are betrayed by Darth Haretisch who has been working toward the left-handed lord's release since the beginning. Instead they are sacrificed, and the left-handed lord crosses the divide into the mortal plane. The lion's share of the Sith die immediately and wake up in a twisting hell dimension, while Insipid reveals himself as a traitor as well when he completes a decades-long plot to recreate and take control of the body of The Son.

    Insipid, now a god, begins to fight with Typhojem while Haretisch has a personal revelation in hell, and Bellorum declares herself Empress - revealing that she knew what was coming and allowed it to happen gambling that she would be the triumvirate's only survivor. With the Night Herald's help, the dead Sith successfully resist Typhojem's attempts to consume them completely, and are able to escape back into the realm of the living when Insipid tears a hole in the fabric of Chaos - though the Son's body is also destroyed in the process.

    With Typhojem reeling, Bellorum and the others are able to rescue what remains of the Empire and escape into orbit, where Insipid essence transfers into a clone and retakes the mantle of Emperor. Using the holocron of Typhojem, the triumvirate performs a ritual which displaces them through time and space, leaving Typhojem and their broken home behind for good. Wandering through space for over a week with no navigation data and no hyperdrive, the refugees eventually arrive at Nirauan where they make contact with Grand Admiral Thrawn and learn that the year is 5 ABY.


    1. All posts must be TOS-friendly.
    2. Character level in-game is tied intrinsically with rank in the Sith Empire.
    3. The GM team reserves the right to alter or disregard any post and/or remove any player or character from the game due to godmoding, unfollowed instructions, or behavioral concerns.
    4. The GM team retains final decision on all story-related decisions for all characters within the framework of the game. By submitting a character sheet you agree that the GMs may resolve your character's story any way they see fit - but the GMs make no claim to the character as intellectual property and claim no exclusivity in the character's use with regards to other games.
    5. The main objectives are to have fun, and to tell a compelling story. This game is not a competition, save with ourselves. Be courteous to your fellow players and mindful of their experience.
    6. Challenge yourself to improve. The GM team is here as a resource - consult on anything you're unsure about and ask as many questions as you need to. Take note of the good and bad habits of other players.
    7. When creating a new character, keep in mind that the game takes place in 5 ABY, in the new Disney continuity. In other words, there is no Jedi Order currently in existence, and any trained force users will have been in hiding dating back to Order 66.

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  2. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004

    GM Post 1 of 3

    IC: God-Emperor Darth Insipid

    Ceremony Room of New Moraband

    It was a prestigious moment.

    It had been many days after the retreat from Typhojem, and they had built anew. The Sith, a few dozen in number and name, had survived. More, they had triumphed.

    And now they had an opportunity to rebuild.

    Not all of them were present today. Some were holograms, some were flesh and blood and bone. Insipid did not count who and whom. It only mattered that they were apparent at this moment in time. He himself was just a hologram atop the throne; he was elsewhere.

    He nodded to Darth Haretisch, to Darth Bellorum. To the High Lords, to the Lords, to the Underlords. To the Apprentices, the Peons, and the rest.


    Any tumult was quieted. 'As many of you will presuppose, this is not our galaxy. Not in time, or location. Typhojem was the ultimate anti-existence of all reality. If there was a universe where he would escape, then he would have done. As such, it was a mathematical probability that he would. In every reality. But by definition there was always going to be a reality where he did not.' He leaned forward in his seat for emphasis.

    'There are no more other realities.'

    'There is just this one.'

    'And we must make it our own.'

    Insipid gestured to the table, replete with food. 'We started our quest to rule the galaxy at a table such as this, months ago. We won that war, and the Galactic Shadow War, only to lose the fight to stop His release.'

    'But now we have a world to tame, this New Moraband, half wrecked sky towers, half swamped villages beneath us, a historic remnant of the Eternal War.' The God-Emperor noted Syren, a contemporary of that era, a time traveller forward and back, by stasis and ritual.

    'We have an Empire that we 'serve'. Grand Admiral Thrawn commands us, in his fight against the survivors of the Battle of Jakku, who buck against his will - the First Order - and in his subjugation of the Unknown Terrors.' Insipid's eye sought out holographic Anark, who originated from this universe, not their own, a subterfuge most foul but necessary.

    'We have world's to tame, missions to undertake, an empire of our own to forge here and now. The Order will adopt a looser function, until we are established. If you wish for a world to govern? There are worlds. Is there a quest you wish to lead? Lead it. Do you wish for direction? We shall supply it.'

    A gesture, and their datapads included a dozen addendums. Missions, worlds, requests from the Empire. 'But as one and all, you are Sith. Apprentices will defer to their masters. High Lords will lead their own missions. Dark Lords will do what must be done. I, as your God, will allow you to act without interference save for if you act against my divinity. Final Trials will occur here, not in the Arena of Geonosis.'

    A finger raised. 'There is but one rule of the Empire. No missions into the Known without the Triumvirate's express permission. We have a new regime, and you must abide by it, or court my personal wrath.'

    The God-Emperor sat back. He knew it was different from before. They were not approaching this from a power base. They had to forge it. They did not have an Empire; they served it. They were not infinite; they numbered but a few.

    It was much more interesting.

    'To victory, and power, and rule.'

    A fist raised, and smashed it to his chest.

    'To the Sith.'

    With that, his hologram vanished. Leaving them to their own devices.

    TAG: @All

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  3. Darth_wanderguard

    Darth_wanderguard Game Host star 6 VIP - Game Host

    Apr 26, 2005
    GM UPDATE 2 OF 3

    IC: Darth Haretisch -- Ceremony Hall, Citadel, New Moraband

    The image of Insipid flickered out once his speech was done. God-emperor, I scoffed, though I meant to hide it. The man was more insane than I was.

    It had been two full weeks since the arrival at Nirauan, since the 'Zakuul Accord' in which we pledged ourselves to the Empire of the Hand in return for a new home. The days since had passed by in a blur. It had begun with a coup of sorts - Zakuul was a feudal world ruled in bits and pieces by competing warlords, and that of the largest city was little more than a puppet of Thrawn. The militia under which the now dead warlord once ruled had atrophied over time as the Hand offered gradually more Imperial support, and when at last his power was wholly not his own, he was removed from the citadel quite easily to make way for us. Now it was we who were the puppets, and I absently wondered how long it would be until Thrawn threw us over for his next pet project.

    The planet was renamed New Moraband in short order, and the city dubbed Sanctorium. A gesture and nothing more - the denizens of this place didn't care. They were too concerned with survival. Our control didn't extend far beyond Sanctorium anyway - there were still countless smaller cities we had yet to tame. Rectifying this was first order of business.

    "To the Sith," I concurred with the absent Insipid. The floor was mine now. "I doubt any of you need to be reminded what we have come through," I addressed the table, "but nonetheless we are not afforded much in the way of rest. We have a planet to tame." I reached out with one hand to set a holoprojector on the table. With a click, a ghostly blue image of a decaying cityscape sprung forth. I allowed a moment for the image to sink in before I started to explain. "Boneyard is the second most populous city on New Moraband. Roughly 1/5th the size of Sanctorium, but 3/5ths the population. Ruled by an alleged descendant of Darth Vitiate, and policed by a local militia known as The Regulators." I paused to consider my words. "It is an overcrowded, starving hellhole."

    I bid the image to focus and enlarge on a tall black building near its center. "A precision strike on the fortress at the city's heart will unseat The Regulators and provide a base of operations from which we can scour the city of their presence and begin to rehabilitate the populace. Orbital bombardment is out of the question," I preempted the obvious inquiry. "Without the fortress we have no strategic vantage point, and the militia outnumbers our own forces by a huge margin across the entire urban sprawl. Intelligence tells us that they lack aerial capability, but the fortress itself does feature a number of anti-aircraft turrets. Numbers or not, once displaced The Regulators will have no viable means of retaking it."

    I neglected to mention that Hel was likely somewhere inside. She and Draconis had been the source of all our intelligence thus far, but then... yesterday, they had gone silent. Of course the rationale for not leveling the fortress outright was more than valid, but I would have stormed the place myself if that were the only other option.

    I looked across the table to my handpicked team. "Cruor, Kwea, Invadator, and Alva will accompany myself and Chaos Company as the vanguard of a multi-pronged attack."

    I deactivated the holoprojector and returned it to my pocket before I moved on. There were other matters to attend to as well. For one in particular, I looked to Syren. To High Lord Syren. Her distrust had been palpable ever since Mortis, and justifiably so, but it seemed I had doused those flames somewhat by sponsoring her promotion. And perhaps more importantly, she owed me now. "I would speak to you in my chambers. Bring your apprentice," I gestured to Darth Effay who sat beside her. I had lowered my voice slightly. Not to escape earshot of the others - only to make clear that I meant to address Syren directly. She was the only choice; Kralkus had his own orders and lacked the propensity for stealth anyway - the most capable hands for this undertaking were undoubtedly hers.

    "As to the rest of you, report to the hangar for briefing in one hour," I finished and stood, offering a nod to Bellorum as I made for the door.

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    The clang of a war hammer against steel cell bars would snap both Hel and Draconis to alert.

    "Wake up," a lone guard barked. The light of the morning, greenish as it was filtered through the oppressive gloom of the swamp sky, was shining in through two small square windows overhead.

    The pair were chained to the wall beside one another, feet fastened spread apart and hands cuffed high overhead, wrists and ankles raw. Each was fixed with force restraints - there was no escape. The room was dingy and old, a poorly lit dungeon of dust-begrimed metal that had perhaps been lustrous once.

    "You'll get food in around six hours," the guard smiled derisively, "hope the acid rats don't make a meal of you before then. Survive that long and you can expect Captain Vonn to pay a visit. He doesn't like spies."[/color]

    He struck the bars once more as a warning. "And keep quiet, or I might decide you need some breaking in, little girl," he said to Hel with a half-toothed grin, before he left.

    TAG: Lady Belligerent, dragonsith13


    IC: Darth Kralkus -- Hangar, Citadel, New Moraband

    The Citadel. In the plainest terms, it would have been dwarfed by the skyscrapers which had dominated the Kaas City skyline some millennia before. It didn't reach high above the clouds as they had. But where they had been abandoned, had crumbled to dust and become part of the swamp, the citadel had remained standing. It had certainly atrophied in that time - gleaming metal had come from clean into dented and grimy and aged. But still it had stood nonetheless, and its foundations had stayed true.

    Then when the Empire of the Hand came, old was made new and in short order the place had been renovated and retrofitted into the crown gem of Zakuul. And further renovated still when it was given to the Sith and was then the crown gem of New Moraband instead.

    Among the most impressive of these renovations was the arena that occupied much of the building's eastern wing, and which would shortly see blood spilt upon its new and perfectly buffed marble floors for the first time.

    Opposite what would undoubtedly become known as the crucible of carnage, the amphitheater of anguish - and indeed countless other cleverly alliterated epithets - Darth Kralkus was arriving in the sole hangar of which the citadel could boast. A shuttle was landing too. And in it coursed the lifeblood of the Sith - or indeed such of any order. It had been no small part of the accord, the insistence that the Empire take steps to replenish the depleted ranks of the Sith. That fresh blood, pliable force sensitives, be delivered to the triumvirate's door ready and eager to be vetted.

    The shuttle's ramp opened, and Kralkus stepped forward using his saberstaff as a cane. He didn't quite hobble, not yet anyway, but he might have done had he lacked a walking stick. Down the ramp Xauder Dhoj, Xel Saxon, and Pshyco were ushered by a pair of Stormtroopers, and upon each did the old Sith cast an un-compassionate eye.

    Impatiently, Kralkus tapped one emitter end of his saberstaff against the metal floor, and twist his face up. "Hrm!" he grunted, and took another step closer, whacking softly at Xel's leg with his hilt. "Taken notice of you the Night Herald has," he noted of the Mandalorian.

    "And of you all," he added, turning to acknowledge the Falleen and the Zabrak. "With me, come. Tested, you will be," he instructed, and made for the arena. The Sith would not be spoiled by the unworthy - of that he would be sure.

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  4. Lady Belligerent

    Lady Belligerent • WNU Adoptions Coordinator• star 7 VIP - Game Host

    Jan 29, 2008
    GM update 3 of 3

    IC: Bellorum
    Dining hall, new Sith Temple

    Bellorum had sat in what appeared to be complete indifference through Insipid's remarks. It wasn't that she wasn't interested, in fact she was very interested. Instead she had her sabacc face on and there wouldn't be a hint of distrust or malice in her emotions. She was the queen of calm, but not quite imperious.

    Once the holo of the Emperor faded, Haretisch stood and began speaking. Bellorum's right eyebrow rose a touch, and she allowed her displeasure to ripple at his slight. 'Oh really, Night Herald?' Anyone that knew her would have noted the unmistakable animus in her smile. It was an expression that could induce chills in even the most hardened soul.

    Her eyes moved across the faces around the table as Haretisch continued to speak. She'd already laid groundwork to identify who she could trust among the surviving Sith, and she was quite pleased with how many sided with her so far. They'd arrived as exhausted refugees from another time, and with very few possessions. Now they stood to reign over a populous planet that held infinite possibilities.

    It had been a stroke of genius that Bellorum had taken her shuttle to Mortis, it meant she wasn't totally destitute like some of the others. That shuttle currently sat in the main Temple hangar waiting for her orders. She'd managed to secret a horde of valuables to jump start any plans she needed funding for. But, first she would make sure the beings gathered understood the current hierarchy of the Sith Empire.

    'My dear Haretisch, her thoughts were a soft whisper in his ear, 'never slight me again.' Bellorum's whisper was spoken just as the Night Herald had finished speaking and was turning to leave the room. She sat a moment watching after him, her serene smile seared into his back as he stroke away.

    For a few moments the dining hall was silent, and the only hushed whispers were from a group of newly selected apprentices. They had been seated at a less grand table towards a back corner, these were a handful of force sensitives that were new to the Empire and had much to learn.

    Bellorum had noted their impatience and lack of restraint, when consuming the mediocre wine won out and two dared stand and start to leave the hall. The Dawn Herald's voice rung out, "halt!"

    She rose and slowly walked the few paces to the head of the main table, "you dare stand and depart from my presence before being dismissed?" Her voice was low and each word spoken deliberately with increased anger. The anger at Haretisch stepping into her rightful place and speaking after the Emperor blazed forth, and these ignorant fools would pay for his lapse in protocol and respect.

    Without raising a hand she lift the pair of apprentices to dangle above the large table. Both flailed as they tried to grasp at strangled airways, and kicked in a macabre jig. She allowed them just enough oxygen flow to keep them conscious, and held in place while she spoke.

    "We have accomplished a great deal in our short time here, but there's still a great deal to be done." She addressed the surviving Sith both from her time and those newly added, "I shall be meeting with the Lorekeeper soon to discuss the restocking of our collection and archives. These missions will require personnel suited to locating and retrieving artifacts, using whatever means are necessary." Glancing around the crowd she continued, "Hades, you Foedus, Serapis, Hekate, and Alekto will join us."

    She nodded to Hades before continuing, "I mean to proceed with these missions immediately, so be awaiting a message detailing the time and location to meet. Ravenous and Lorekeeper are currently occupied with a little project, but they should be done soon."

    The last matter was more important to her, "Cocytus and Leda will be joining Hesper. You'll be receiving a message detailing when and where to meet in a few hours for the briefing. Ravenous will be joining once he's...uh, done."

    Bellorum looked to the writhing men once again, still hanging like a flesh chandelier, and her eyes narrowed. Once hand jerked upward in a violent motion that resulted in a ripping sound. She'd torn the digestive organs from both men out through their gaping mouths, which caused a cascade of blood to stain the tabletop below them. With a nod of dismissal she allowed both to drop in a heap on the table.

    "I will not tolerate insolent behavior...from anyone." She gave those gathered a moment to view her handiwork, and she felt sure her message had been received. Smiling over the results she ended her comments, "High Lord Hesper, please join me in my chambers. Everyone is dismissed."

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  5. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Grand Moff Ike
    In orbit

    Timed to the Grand Admirals prediction of precisely when the Triumvir's would each end their speeches, the Sith-Imperial Fleet arrived perfectly on time to that moment, having been waiting at the edge of the Zakuul system for a short microjump.

    An Imperial-class Star Destroyer for each Dark Lord. A Victory-class for each High Lord. A Vindicator-class heavy cruiser for each Lord. A truly impressive flotilla. Sufficient to overwhelm any world in the Unknown Regions outside of the major powers. Many of them were in the process of being refitted to meet their new assignees specifications. The heavy cruisers in particular could be modified from their baseline into an Interdictor-class or an Enforcer-class variant, the latter which sacrificed fighter space for a punch which could stand up to a High Lord.

    Thrawn had painstakingly allotted the troopers he trusted the least, the least competent, the least able, to the Sith task force. At Ike's insistence. It was with these dregs that they would build anew, and Thrawn had no need for them anyway. He needed to consider the Sith an asset, not a threat, for as long as possible.

    And Ike had achieved as much with a very private assignation with the Chiss. He would brag about it to Bellorum later.

    With a smile, he tugged at his tightly fitting Moff outfit. Slightly too small, it emphasised him in all the right places. He loves it. It made him feel powerful. Many a Sith would be clamouring to meet the Grand Admiral, and they would need to do so through him.

    He addressed the Sith gathered by hologram, ignoring the Dark Lords. 'Sith of the Empire of the Hand. This is Grand Moff Ike Kya. It is I who has delivered the materiel required for you to expand your domain within the confederation. I have missions, which I shall transmit to your Dark Lords to assign. There are worlds to conquer, systems which require an assassins touch. And your Grand Admiral requires it of you.'

    He already knew 'God-Emperor' Insipid was not on Zakuul. He would turn up in due course. Thrawn and Ike had considered it prudent to isolate the madman, with his God delusions, while they impressed upon the Sith the new way of matters; regardless of whatever the Triumvirate said.

    'You may attend your ships now, or attend me, if you have Imperial business. I shall be present aboard the vessel of your leader, Darth Insipid, in his absence.' The Lesser Insipid, an Imperial Star Destroyer, oriented into a geosynchronous orbit, directly above the Temple. 'If I am ever absent, Moff Esmerelda will have care of my affairs, and you will see her around the Temple with my full authority, insofar as much that I act with Grand Admiral Thrawn's full authority - she is en route to the hangar now with a complement of Stormtroopers.'

    'Similarly, as Darth Manticore has taken his 'temporary leave' of the Sith, I shall have command of his Victory Star Destroyer also. Any further absences shall result in my obtaining proxy control of Sith vessels, as Grand Moff of Operation Shadow Hand, unless the proxy is assigned to another Sith you trust.'

    Ike smiled softly at that. He had likely thrown the Sith into disarray with that aside. The likelihood of the Sith trusting another with their warship was about zero. Similarly Manticore's departure would cause a stir. Thrawn anticipated that the wily Zabrak would assign his flagship to his apprentice by proxy, Invidius, if he was a it'll around, and while Ike was instructed not to block the motion, he expected the Dark Lords would. Similarly however Darth Arach had demonstrated a tendency to vanish at the whim of Bellorum - another thing she did not tell him about.

    Thrawn was just as happy to ply treachery within the Sith if it benefited him.

    As Mortis had shown, there was plenty afoot.

    Ike intended to get started. And that meant divesting himself of threats that Thrawn had foisted on him... Such as Jedi. Which is why he had sent Jagall down with Esmerelda.

    TAG: @All Sith, specifically the Dark, High and Lords, and also Darth_Elu

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  6. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Insipid
    Very much elsewhere.

    Darth Insipid hadn't actually seen the completed affair. Renovation on Zakuul had been well underway when they had arrived in this galaxy, and contacted the envoys of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Some ten months after the Battle of Jakku.

    A battle which had never happened before.

    There had been a deviation from events. What had caused it, or proposed it, Darth Insipid did not know. His experience with Time was limited, and it was clear that their respective versions of themselves did not exist here. He was out of his depth, even though he had dabbled in pulling Darth Anark to their timeline, which had been particularly difficult as he had been in stasis.

    Insipid absently wondered how soon it would be before the realisation settled in. He had carefully kept from Anark the fact that the Battle of Jakku had ever happened. Had even been to hand when Insipid awoke Anark on Tatooine, simply as a desert world proxy.

    Of course, whether Anark would consider it a betrayal was the reason why he was here. Guided by a shuttle to an undisclosed location, and then met by a Star Destroyer. And then escorted by four Stormtroopers to this room.

    Where Darth Insipid was within a tangle of medical cables and wires; where he was shackled to the wall by Mandalorian iron; where he was submerged to the neck in a tank of liquid that was frozen; where four automated weapons, hanging from the ceiling, were pointed at his form; where holocams and recorders were activated. All of those elements had been removed by use of technology so they were not apparent in the hologram.

    He was clearly a hostage.

    Anark had been left armed.

    Darth Insipid knew his new apprentice, Thunderous, was due on Zakuul today, discovered and ferried by the Empire of the Hand; he knew that Teafa would likely be freed from the reconstructive surgeons today; he knew that Aryan would likely be deeply curious about the arrival of the Imperial detachment, that Esmerelda had been selected by Ike as a Moff and a formal request that Darth Kronos act as his bodyguard would no doubt soon be sicced along official channels.

    As such Insipid had to get going.

    Of course much rested with Anark. Here the God-Emperor was, 'incapacitated', held by Thrawn, and the Chiss had ferried his betrayed, lied to, former apprentice to him.

    It did also rest on the Sith Holocron of Soliloquy, who Darth Insipid had directed removed from Kwea and sewn into the pocket of Anark's clothing for the day, and similarly concealed behind a timed spell.

    It was about time he and the newest Holocron they had - one of the very last - had a personal talk. It had been judged, privately, by Insipid, that he needed to get away from Zakuul the Holocron until he knew it better. And so manipulation had occurred; Insipid had even allowed Lenora to use a technical trick on the Holocron which would make its grasp of time slip briefly. He could not, would not, dare use it again.

    Insipid absently wondered how it would go.

    Zakuul, feast

    Lenora remained a fish out of water. A Keshiri, she had no place in this new galaxy and had no idea where her former homeworld was located. She had met with Thunderous and the other new apprentices, directed them to their masters, and led the ones whose masters were absent to the feast hall.

    That had left her sitting with Thunderous at the table as the quad of speeches from Insipid, Haretisch, Bellorum and then finally 'Grand Moff Ike', had been received. When the last finished speaking, she twisted her face into a scowl, and then realised that she would need to explain it to Thunderous.

    'Ike is the God-Emperor's ex-husband. As such his sudden elevation by the Empire is a strike directly at the political position of your master.'

    Lenora sipped her drink. As a non-Force user, death was always an imminent danger, but it was an interesting way to live. And now that the prior Galaxy had been destroyed, it was the only way she would have survive.

    Now she had to usher the apprentice of the greatest politician in the Order to a point where Thunderous would not say something stupid and get killed, and Lenora get blamed for it, and thus, killed. Thunderous was from this galaxy, as the majority of the new apprentices would become over time, so Thunderous was already a second class citizen, but at the same time the Sith were at an immense disadvantage - they did not know what had changed.

    And why.

    In the end, the new Sith would outnumber the old, and they would overthrow them. It was the way of the Sith. But this time, it was all the more clear cut, all the more apparent, all the more inevitable. Darth Manticore and his apprentice had already abandoned the Order. Rumours abounded that there was discontent about the God-Emperor betraying the Order at Mortis and then accepting back Darth Haretisch without penalty.

    There was a reckoning due.

    But, Lenora absently reflected as she gestured for a serving droid to top up her drink. There always was.


    Moff Esmerelda arrived where she had sought to leave. When Grand Moff Ike had called for her she and gone without telling Kronos, seeking to rely on the idea that the Triumvirate had ordered the Sith to cooperate fully with the Imperials, and, in-fact, she had sought and anticipated an opportunity to escape.

    Instead Ike had sent her back here.

    Worse, he had sent a Jedi with her.

    Esmerelda had not been able to make even a dent against Grand Admiral Thrawn's indomitable nature, even by hologram. If anything, he scared her all the more than Haretisch, who was more terrifying, to Esmerelda, than even Insipid or Bellorum. Especially now Haretisch seemed to have regained his former position.

    His voice... Esme's eyes unfocused as the shuttle returned. A lilting and almost soft tone, he had the ability to look right through you and divine what your true goals were... And he had still allowed Ike to send her back to Zakuul, and had even insisted upon a bodyguard being assigned from the Sith to her, on her return.

    Esmerelda absently wondered just how much Ike had told Thrawn about them all, and about her and, more specifically, Kronos.

    Did the Chiss know her secret?

    With Ike as his patsy, and Insipid elsewhere, Thrawn could dominate them... And Esmerelda was expected to assist.. While being watched by Jagall. Made Moff of Zakuul, while Ike was in charge of the project and the gains of Operation Shadow Hand, she was the face of the Empire here.

    Glancing down at her Moff uniform, she looked unhappily. Returned from the dead only to be trapped even more.

    As the shuttle sat down, she rearranged her face and stepped out with four Stormtroopers, not acknowledging the Jedi. She had no idea who would greet her, if any. Thrawn had instructed Ike to broadcast her arrival to the Sith and she was to go down to directly tease out naysayers 'for the Triumvirate.' The Jedi was to keep anyone who came doubly off balance, Ike had said - but even Esmerelda thought that Thrawn had assigned Jagall to Ike to watch him.

    Would Kronos come simply out of loyalty? Would other Sith arrive simply to look? To ascertain their role within the Empire of the Hand? Or would she be abandoned, scorned and scoffed and cut out of the loop?

    Ike had the incentive; his flotilla of pretty warships. She simply had her 'commanding presence' to impose.

    Esmerelda hardened. An affront to her was an affront to the Empire of the Hand.

    Someone best come.

    Volunteered or not.


    Stepping back from Teafa, the Imperial surgeon was already tugging off her gloves as she turned. 'And we're done.' She turned, the light catching her name tag - Dr Gray - and produced a small mirror. 'How does it look!'

    Similarly, a room over, Dr Red unfolded his legs, standing from his chair, and brought to a close the therapy session with Aryan that had been reportedly personally requested by Grand Admiral Thrawn. 'We are out of time today but I am fairly pleased with how that went.'

    The young man with features that were all too similar to that of Darth Insipid, prior to his adoption of the visage of the Son, smiled softly. 'I shall see you again next week if you wish.' The personal insistence of Thrawn was only one side of the meeting when the features of his therapist were so similar, suggesting a malice which appeared to run against the intention of insisting upon a therapist.

    Dr Green herself had just dunked Darth Titus back into Bacta for the last fifteen minutes of his session. The Dr was absently studying the man through the glass, and was less than impressed, in many ways, that she'd had to go to the nth degree for this stoic man.

    But being as the Triumvir's had ordered the Sith to afford every courtesy and cooperation to the Imperials, they were in the medbay accordingly. Said medbay was well equipped, all the moreso than would be standard of an Imperial base. Much of the equipment was newly supplied, as were all six members of the staff.

    This latest set of appointments for the two, and indeed for any other Sith, had been timed to end at the same time, and also had been specifically designed to isolate them from the feast so their stress levels were controlled. However, each meeting had been put on hold for all four of the speeches, even if the fourth from one Grand Moff Ike was not on the broadcast sheet. The speeches had been available to view in all of the rooms, and even the waiting room, if there was a Sith waiting for them or for another appointment.

    As Moff Esmerelda was shuttled down to the surface, their meetings were brought to a close to release them to join the Sith Order. Neither of them had seen Insipid since their arrival at Nirauan and transfer to Imperial vessels, though Dr Gray had ensured that Teafa was aware that Insipid had personally attended her while she had initially recovered on the Stardust. Generally the doctors had been civil, almost friendly, towards their patients, even though they themselves had very little knowledge of them.

    Unbeknownst to those present, however, the two present, as well as the others - Doctors Brown, Blue, Black and Green - had been surgically altered, to the point of even their skin hue and eye colour had been modified to afford them anonymity. None of them were authorised to share personal information, and they were hooked up to a monitor which would detect the moment their mind was meddled with. That being said, they were all young, and seemingly had served the Empire of the Hand since before the Battle of Endor, a year and ten months gone - in point of fact Dr Black had mentioned that he was happy to have been moved away from the massive reorganisation of the new arrivals into the Empire of the Hand, what with so many demobbed Imperials fleeing the known galaxy.

    However, all of the Doctors had been briefed as to the import of both of their current patients, even Dr Blue, who was presently on call to assist at the arena should the training session ran by Darth Kralkus go awry.

    The apprentice of the God-Emperor was an important person, even if she had not had a great deal of personal contact or training from the Emperor. In point of fact she had accrued prestige and recommendations from Sith around her for her conduct during the Battle of Mortis, but even the Doctors were aware that her escalation to Underlord was being delayed.

    Darth Titus, the former right hand man of the Emperor, before his accumulated injuries at the Battles of Relus, Coruscant and against a monster known only as Abeloth had put him out of action. Bacta immersions for his internal injuries had been flawed due to infected Bacta back in their own universe, a diagnosis that had only became apparent thanks to Imperial science. Who had sabotaged precisely his tank? Unknown. Manticore had been similarly dipped that day and had emerged fit and healthy, after all.

    Similarly, they knew that Aryan was formerly an important politician within the Empire, albeit they were unaware of which Empire. However the political landscape was completely redone - the Battle of Jakku had all but ended the war a year after Palpatine died, instead of the hard slog through Imperial remnants for the next fifteen years. All respect was afforded to the non-Sith, but no political data on the region had been supplied to Aryan during their stay on Zakuul.


    Strictly speaking the name was now New Moraband, but the only people keeping to it religiously were the Imperials themselves, due to them having been ordered to do so.

    The Galaxy was turning, and the two would now be free to add their weight to events.

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  7. Jax Nova

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    Jan 22, 2014
    IC: Phsyco-- Hangar, Citadel, New Moraband

    Phsyco stepped down out of the shuttle and gazed upon the sith hanger. It didn't look like much at the moment, but to his understanding they were re-building from... something. His participation in this universe had been quite... non-existent prior to his showing up in Coronet on Corelia. Those events, however, were not something he cared to think about. He was more concerned with getting to the training. He was here to learn, to grow, and to flourish.

    Kralkus addressed the small group and Phsyco gave a slight, but respectful nod as the small green alien addressed him and the Falleen beside him. It was just what he wanted to hear... no time waisted. They were to begin their testing immediately it would seem. He tightened his grip and with a deep breath he followed the Sith to whatever awaited.
  8. SkooterDawg

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    Dec 21, 2016
    IC: Xauder Dhoj --The Purple Sun, above New Moraband--
    The Unknown Regions- he should have suspected it. After months of training, Xauder realized that something more was needed to become Sith- a Master. The only problem was, Xauder knew not where to look. He had searched thousands of records, only in vain. He had thought the Sith to be finally wiped out. He should have known. Nothing can wipe out the power of the Dark Side. After his research, he decided to try a new technique, yet one that made so much sense, given his background: he had to rely on the Underworld. For months he and his fellow crew on his personal Black Sun ship, Kirby Hugain, a mysterious old Human, and SK00T-UG4, a security droid, traveled the galaxy to find the right planet of the secretive Sith. As he found each new lead, he made sure to make sure they were silenced- permanently. He did not need anyone to know what planet he was searching, and why.
    "Kirby, have you ever visited the Unknown Regions?" Xauder asked of his first mate. Kirby Hugain was his first mate onboard The Purple Sun, and his good friend. The man was odd- he spoke little, could hardly see, and had very unkempt hair and beard. What made him attractive for his services was that he was descended from Force Users. While not Force sensitive like Xauder was, he helped him much in his training. Kirby didn’t answer for a bit, as was custom. "Yes. Never visited Zakuul though. Odd to hear it called 'New Moraband.'" "Odd indeed," Xauder told his friend. He was aware of Moraband the Old- he knew it was a dangerous place to visit, albeit sparsely populated. No place of a New Sith Empire.
    Xauder looked out the cockpit of his YT-2400 to see a transport ship, Imperial variety. This was the right place. "Skoot," Xauder's droid looked up as he said his name "tell the ship ahead that I am hear for my training, and I wish to land." Skoot did as he was told. Xauder felt the Force here like he never felt before. He was exhilarated.

    --Hangar, The Citadel, New Moraband--
    Xauder looked about as he was escorted off the ship by apparent Stormtroopers. He could not believe it. Even with all of his Underworld intel, he thought for certain that the end of the Second Death Star meant the end of the Empire. He admired the Empire's seemingly unstoppable ability to stay together- first as a Republic, then as an Empire, and now this new faction. Xauder examined his fellow Sith aspirers: two Mandalorians- at least, they were wearing Mandalorian armor- a Zabrak and a Human. He continued to admire their armour until he saw a short green being step to them. His studies taught him that this being seemed to be much like Yoda's mysterious species- he'd thought they were all extinct. The clang of his sabrestaff continued until it reached the leg of the Human Mandalorian next to him. "Hrm!" the little thing said. "Taken notice of you," he directed to the Human, "the Night Herald has." Xauder eyed the Mandalorian Human, with a hint of jealousy. Dhoj realized he has allies to make. "And of you all." Xauder turned to face the direction of his speaker. "With me, come. Tested, you will be." He had never faced anyone other than practice droids before- though he had clawed his way here with a blaster and occasional saber against lowly scum intel. Months of practice had prepared him for this moment. Now was the time, Xauder thought, that he will become true Sith.
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    Jan 1, 2017
    IC: Xel Saxon
    --Hangar, Citadel, New Moraband

    Xel had been assigned to be escorted to a hangar, in the citadel. Saxon did not question it, after arriving there, he was continued to be guided by a few stormtroopers, they proceeded to bring him out of his shuttle, the stormtroopers lined up on the east and west of a shuttle that had began to start landing, Xel was surrounded by a Zabrak wearing some sort of Mandalorian Armour, Xel did not know of, at least he believed it was Mandalorian, it looked similar, and on the other side of him a Falleen, he stared at the Zabraks armour, scanning it with his blood-red eyes, wondering what type of armour it actually was. He gazed upon the shuttle, as a small green creature stepped out of it.

    The Mandalorian, still had no clue why he was here or what he was doing here. Saxon carried on standing still, watching the small creature come closer, he saw him co,ign closer, until he hit Xel's leg, softly, and grunted "Hrm!" Xel, had no idea what this creature was about to say, he stayed patient, and didn't ask any questions. The small creature spoke "Taken notice of you the Night Herald has" looking at Xel, Saxon was delighted, as he felt he had impressed the Night Herald greatly. The green creature has continued to speak, but directed his eyes at the others instead of Xel, saying "And of you all" and briefly paused and finished his sentence with "With me, come. Tested, you will be" The Mandalorian, paid great attention to the creature.

    Xel follow the creature, and the others that surrounded him, without of any knowledge of what was to come. Saxon was thinking a alot whilst following the creature, about how he mentioned they were being tested, Xel was ready, after his previous training from the old Sith Assassin that used to teach him, back where the remaining of his former clan Deathwatch were. The Mandalorian, was fully focused for the test what was to come. Nobody questioned anything, nobody knew each other's names either. Saxon did not decide to question it either, he kept on strolling ahead, behind the others.

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  10. Isley_27

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    Dec 22, 2016
    IC: Darth Alva
    Ceremony Hall/Citadel/New Moraband

    Alva took another sip of the wine that was provided "I've stolen water that had more flavor than this" he thought to himself before setting the cup back on the table. His eyes moved around the hall, glancing at all the Sith that were present. And there sitting before everyone was a hologram of the Sith God Emperor, Insipid. Alva listening as he proclaimed the grand purpose for the remaining Sith that were here, but one phrase would stand out above the rest 'But now we have a world to tame, this New Moraband' Alva contemplated the idea for a second.

    "A new world..Moraband huh" Alva had never heard the planet called that before. Alva recalled in his studies of the dark side a planet that was once ruled by the Sith, Korriban. Yet now facing the result of a single reality the Sith were to take this Moraband as their own. Once the Emperor had concluded his master began to address the crowd. Activating a holocron, he mapped out the first of many targets to be assaulted. His attention then turned, looking over at the table of his team, "Cruor, Kwea, Invadator, and Alva will accompany myself and Chaos Company as the vanguard of a multi-pronged attack." He remembered his master mentioning the plan for attack. Alva then glanced at the others in the team, he would have no doubt they were skilled force users and trained fighters Darth Haretisch would deem worthy part of the vanguard. Once finished with his address the Night Herald dismissed himself and made for the door. Now briefed Alva turned his attention to the Sith sitting next him, as we were now a team.

    Soon a commotion was heard across from the main table. The Dawn Herald outraged by the lack of respect to the order of her grace killed two unknown apprentices instantly. Satisfied she began her briefing "Damn fools" he thought.

    ""I will not tolerate insolent behavior...from anyone." She said firmly and decisively dismissing the crowd.

    Alva turned back to the team "What are your thoughts of the assualt?" he would ask them.

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  11. Anakin.Skywalker

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    Oct 11, 2016
    IC: Reiss Invadator

    Invadator sat near the others -- the group assembled for the attack. She hadn't been with the Sith for very long....less than a year. She had a lot to catch up on.

    She glanced at her master Kwea, then turned towards Darth Alva.

    "It'll put it mildly. Without a large attack force, we'll have to go in carefully. I imagine we'll be walking quite a bit." She paused, and looked towards the others. "I suppose we have really only have one option: go in disguise toward the city's center, then...somehow....get inside the fortress and take them out from there. Do we have any intelligence on the inside of the fortess? Could we disguise ourselves as Regulators to get inside?"

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  12. DarthIshyZ

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    Jan 8, 2005
    IC: Lord Serapis
    New Moraband

    Jwob was familiar with the idea of RHIP - Rank Has It's Privileges. But once you lose that rank... well, he'd spoken to Lady Bellorum in private. He was satisfied with Lord Haretisch's status. For now. It goes to show how there is no trust among this lot, though. You trust and you die. Literally.

    Much had happened in the recent past. Not the least of which, there was now an Ithorian Lord, Jwob, himself. Or by his Sith name Lord Serapis. He was quite happy with that title. It spoke of knowledge. It spoke of the search for that knowledge. That's what he had been searching for all his life. And would continue, soon.

    There was so much more that had transpired, too. Ike, the man he had met when he first came to Moraband, was now Grand Moff Ike. Insipid was not only Emperor, but God-Emperor. Even Esmerelda, the woman he had met briefly with Darth Kronos, was a Moff. It was fitting for all involved.

    But, now, there was a new history, a new timeline. Most knowledge was out the window. Only skills remained.

    Serapis' skills had increased several fold, now, and he was quite pleased with the results. Lady Bellorum was, indeed an excellent teacher, challenging him at every turn. Serapis had completed the lightsaber he wanted. Made out of a length of Bafforr tree, it had a red blade and an internal switch. One would not only have to be Force sensitive, but know where the switch was to be able to activate it. While he had trained with lightsabers, Ithorians had never been known to be nimble, though. So, he'd supplemented his skills with long-range attacks.

    He also had a new ship, his Brehe having been smacked down by Typhojem on Mortis. His new, beautiful ship, he had re-named The Hammer. Yes, he was a "hammerhead." The reference should be obvious. It was smaller than a Star Destroyer. Serapis liked it that way. It was a Heavy Cruiser, Vindicator-class. Small enough to get around, big enough to put a "hammer" to his enemies. He and his crew had taken it out on a few shake-down missions. The crew was quite capable and listened carefully to his orders. Always a good thing. The academy had trained them well.

    When Lady Bellorum had given her speech, the look she gave to Lord Haretisch was loaded with meaning. She had finished by telling Serapis and others that they would be working under the Lorekeeper to gather items for the new Archive. Most of his cohorts were new to him. Foedus looked familiar, but he couldn't place him. But all of them looked capable. This was going to be a good series of missions.

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  13. Nehru_Amidala

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    Oct 3, 2016
    IC: Darth Hekate
    New Moraband

    Lady Bellorum's speech was over, and Hekate was privately glad to going back out on a mission. She felt safer amongst the relics and books her Sith Master, the Lorekeeper, when he had assigned her tasks back in the old (or was is new?) days 100 years in the future. Yet, here she was in an unfamiliar time, feeling adrift and anxiety crawling all over her form, making her feel like she was about to vomit. There was no way she was going to make a fool of herself in front of her fellow Sith, she had Asperger's Syndrome, the highest of the high functioning on the autism spectrum, yet her autism demanded to take over, so she quietly rubbed the index finger of her left hand over her thumb, letting the blood from the hangnail pool onto the floor, as she used her right hand to fumble in her utility pouch for her favorite snack food, uncooked pasta noodles.

    As she munched on the unorthodox snack food, her imaginary friend Travis poked his head into her business. "Bishkek! Trav, what are you doing here?" she whispered loudly, aware of the stares she was eliciting. He was always doing this, showing up at the most inopportune times. Trav merely shrugged and inquired about the mission. "Well, Tash's claws- how should I know?" She said this a bit too loudly, and blushed in embarrassment. She ignored Trav and the stares of the Sith nearby, and forced herself to focus on something else.

    Pivoting around, she heard the voice of her only real friend, Reiss Invadator. Her fellow apprentice was raising a concern about the mission and seemed to be suggesting an undercover ops run. As far as she was concerned, that was an excellent idea! "Great idea, Reiss!"

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    Oct 11, 2016
    IC: Reiss Invadator

    Invadator's friend, Darth Hekate, spoke up first. Although Invadator wasn't known to be kind, she liked Hekate. "Thank you," she said, smiling. Using Affect Mind, Invadator tried to calm her friend down and relieve some of her anxiety. It wasn't a very Sith-like thing to do (she had learned it from Jedi), but there wasn't anything wrong with using all your advantages. Invadator turned towards the others, wondering what their plans were for the attack.

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  15. Nehru_Amidala

    Nehru_Amidala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Oct 3, 2016
    IC: Darth Hekate

    She let out a sigh of relief, and smiled at Reiss. "Thanks, I really needed that." She also turned towards the others. They were still waiting for their orders, and the longer they waited, the more boring it got for Hekate. As she waited with Reiss, her large brown eyes began to roam around the hangar. The panels were all stainless durasteel, shiny and bright like freshly washed pots and pans. Halogen lighting panels blinked and twinkled form the ceiling panels at least 50 to 60 feet up, and they added a nice, contrasting pattern to the paneling.

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  16. PCCViking

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    Jun 12, 2014
    IC: Darth Thunderous

    Thunderous suspected Lenora was up to something. Even though she didn't appear to be a Sith, that didn't mean anything. After all, who would have suspected that Senator Palpatine was a Sith Lord? Nobody would have suspected that he would instigate a galactic war and overthrow the Jedi Order, an order that had withstood many challenges in its long history.

    He was unfamiliar with the Keshiri, as well as these new brand of Sith. Despite many people having thought the Sith were a legend, he knew better. He had studied as much as he could, risking discovery. Despite the Emperor and Vader being Sith Lords, studying Force traditions was illegal in the Empire, no matter the tradition.

    Fortunately, he had developed the means of hiding his tracks. He learned to read people, and that was without using the Force. Most people probably didn't know it, but they often gave subtle clues to their intentions. Thunderous had learned to read intentions at a young age, and this was before he began growing in the Force.

    Lenora would have to be watched very carefully. After all, betrayal was the way of the Sith.

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  17. Darth Cocytus

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    May 8, 2016
    IC: Darth Cocytus: New Morraband

    Darth Cocytus sat at table in a banquet hall in a new temple on a new planet in a new galaxy, listening to the speeches of the Triumvirate. It was all a lot to take in being not just 150 years in the past but in an alternate universe all together, with the old universe all but destroyed, consumed by the Anti-God Typhojem, so shortly after the rise of the Seventh Sith Empire. It was all unbelievable, yet so fascinating at the same time for the Kaminoan Sith Apprentice. 'An entirely parallel universe... How deliciously marvelous.' Cocytus thought to himself with a cold smile, 'New worlds to visit and new cultures to experience. Just what I like and soon, once we're strong enough we'll rule this galaxy and the Seventh Sith Empire will finally become eternal...'

    Cocytus watched as the hologram of so-called 'God-Emperor' Insipid vanished. His eyes narrowed in his well-kept refusal to worship or even refer Insipid as such. As a Sith Priest, a class he changed to from Sith Sorcerer, while still holding his desire to practice in Sorcery, Darth Cocytus worshiped only the dark side of the force and everything it stood for with a vow to protect the Order's purity as Inquisitor. God-Emperor indeed. the kaminoan thought in his cold mind, He may be Emperor in Son's form, but he's far from being my God, and all who think otherwise are heretical fools.

    "To the Sith." Darth Cocytus spoke nonetheless, before bringing his attention to Darth Haretisch, now presenting battle plans to take capture the City of Boneyard from supposed heir of Darth Vitiate and his minons of 'Regulators' by taking it's fortress. Once Haretisch finished Cocytus turned to one-time Empress Lady Bellorum. The Kaminoan made an unnoticable, but highly sadistic smirk as he felt her anger directed at Haretisch for such petty reasons and reached out with the force to feast upon the powerful emotions to strengthen himself further.

    When Bellorum said that he would be joining Hesper, however, his eyes narrowed. It hasn't been long since he took apprenticeship under the 'Butcher of Corcusant', but he already had very little respect for her, especially with her first lesson on the matter of peace and it only furher resolved his plans for Hesper in the future. 'Freedom a form of peace. Hmph. Darth Cocytus scoffed in memory, glancing at his master and making a cruel smirk, 'Be careful, my Master, least such words would get you in trouble.

    Nonetheless, once Bellorum called everyone to be dismissed, with the exception of his Master, Cocytus left to the hanger for his hour briefing and to wait for Darth Hesper. As the Sith Kaminoan walked through the halls of the new Sith Temple, Cocytus kept himself in semi-meditation, focusing on hos anger and hatred for almost all things in the universe that stood between him and victory...

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  18. Halle Dray

    Halle Dray Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 6, 2016
    IC: Kwea Acantha
    New Moraband

    Kwea shifted in her chair, restless, as Emperor Insipid’s image disappeared. Haretsich, began to speak and she made sure to listen carefully this time. In the weeks since the Sith had found their new home, Kwea had turned nineteen. She felt that she should probably mature a bit and pay attention. Especially now that she had an apprentice.

    “I doubt any of you need to be reminded what we have come through," Haretish told them "but nonetheless we are not afforded much in the way of rest. We have a planet to tame."

    He set a little projector on the table and flicked it on. A blue image of a ruined city appeared. Then he continued to speak, "Boneyard is the second most populous city on New Moraband. Roughly 1/5th the size of Sanctorium, but 3/5ths the population. Ruled by an alleged descendant of Darth Vitiate, and policed by a local militia known as The Regulators. It is an overcrowded, starving hellhole."

    Oh, how pleasant, Kwea thought to herself. Knowing the Sith, they might make it more of a hellhole. That thought brought a small smirk to her lips. Haretisch continued talking and told them about a strike to the city’s heart. Kwea, along with her apprentice and several others, would be going on this attack.

    He finished his speech and left, telling them all to report to the hangar for briefing in an hour. Kwea reached for a chalice of wine and took a sip, savoring the taste. She turned her brown eyes onto those sitting near her.

    First, there was a man. His name was Alva and he was quite tall. Kwea knew he was an apprentice to Haretisch but that was all. This man spoke first, asking them what they thought of the attack.

    Next, there was Kwea’s own apprentice, Invadator. She was a tad shorter than Kwea, younger by a year, and had a similar look. Her skin was a bit darker though and her hair was layered.

    Then, there was Hekate, a young apprentice. She was friends with Invadator and was also a brunette. Kwea didn’t know much about her except what her apprentice had said. She was older than Kwea and was a beauty.

    Finally, there was Cruor. Cruor was strange. He was tall, at least eight feet, and his face was hidden. Kwea didn’t want to get into trouble with him. He was a respected and feared member of the Sith and had existed for ages.

    There were many others at the table but these four interested her the most.

    Just then, Invadator responded to the man, Alva. "It'll put it mildly. Without a large attack force, we'll have to go in carefully. I imagine we'll be walking quite a bit. I suppose we have really only have one option: go in disguise toward the city's center, then...somehow....get inside the fortress and take them out from there. Do we have any intelligence on the inside of the fortress? Could we disguise ourselves as Regulators to get inside?"

    Hekate agreed rather quickly with Kwea’s apprentice and Kwea narrowed her eyes at the obvious friendship between the two. She had never grown attached to anyone here in her short time with the Sith. Friendships could be a Sith's downfall.

    Kwea sat back in her chair, folded her arms, and didn’t respond to the group’s chatter about the assault. She wanted to take some time to prepare for the briefing and to watch how Invadator was working with the others. She just hoped these apprentices wouldn’t be too carried away with their plans before the briefing even happened.

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  19. Isley_27

    Isley_27 Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 22, 2016
    IC: Darth Alva
    Ceremony Hall/New Moraband

    " Could we disguise ourselves as Regulators to get inside?" suggested Reiss " "Great idea, Reiss!" said Hetake. Indeed it was an interesting idea, most of us were assassins and trained to infiltrate without being seen. Though we speculated we could only wait to hear what the Night Herald's true approach would be. Kwea would remain silent, she had every right to be for she and Cruor were recognized Sith lords.

    The crowd began filing out as everyone would make their preparations for the fight.

    The thought of a new reality resurfaced on Alva's mind again. Images of his past flashed, his angry grew thinking of all that had happened, "Nothing would change, they would have still been as uncaring as before." thinking of his mother and father "I would have killed her again without question" thought Alva, clenching his fists tighter.

    Alva could remember his master teaching him to channel all of that hatred and angry into the dark side of the force, as it would add to his strength and focus.

    He broke from his thoughts as this was no time for reminiscing. There were lives to take and a planet to conquer and with the dark side as our guide we would be victorious in our war campaign, the Sith would prevail and rule as before.

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  20. corinthia

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    Feb 16, 2016
    IC: Darth Hesper, The Butcher of Coruscant
    New Moraband

    Two weeks. Two weeks had passed since the Sith had arrived in this new time, in this new parallel.

    The change in, well, everything had left Hesper feeling sick to her stomach for two full days after their arrival. Everything she once knew was gone, lost to an age that no longer existed and never would. It was a loss so profound, so monumental… Hesper’s mind could hardly wrap itself around it. That sensation of loss, that sat painfully just between the lungs, churned and thrashed every time Hesper thought about her own history that had been erased, like a tiny light flickering out. All that time… gone.

    But time would not stop in any reality. It would continue to march onward—just as the Sith would.

    They had landed on Zakuul shortly after arriving in a time 150 years prior to the year they had left behind; they redubbed the planet New Moraband in short order, and immediately began to rebuild. They claimed largest city on New Moraband from the feudal peoples, and named it Sanctorium, a place in which the surviving Sith would set up a new home. Within the Citadel, a tower complex and the Sith’s new headquarters, Hesper had found herself allotted an apartment on the complex’s third level. She was also given a Victory-Class Star Destroyer, as part of their new subservience to another entity that Hesper had not quite had the time to learn more about, yet. She had named the Destroyer the Sibyl. It was a beautiful craft of dark graphite and crimson, a looming wedge of eminence and foreboding. It was also, however, one of the many new things that seemed to flurry around Hesper like a tropical storm. It was almost too overwhelming. And so in search of inner peace and solitude, amongst the remnants of the coup they faced upon arriving at Sanctorium, Hesper looked inward—the events at Mortis and the subsequent retreat of Typhojem had changed much within her. She spent days on end meditating within her apartment. She had questions she needed answers to.

    Hesper had felt her abilities shift after her vision upon arriving at Mortis; though she still could not recall even a second of what she had seen, she knew that whatever had happened had accomplished several things. Her cycle of lamentation had been disrupted—the chains keeping her a slave to her past and all she had lost had been broken; and what she perceived in the Force moved into the fourth dimension of seemed time. Her perception of physical space remained, but it was secondary to her grasp on what seemed to be Future Sight.

    Her ability to see coming events remained foggy— she was new to this ability. So she practiced it, though to little avail. All she saw and felt in the Force was swirling eddies forming into unending tesseracts stretching forward and backward into infinity, not so much showing her the future, but giving her fleeting impressions of it. And the future was only one direction on the continuum; looking the other direction in the Force would show her past. Which was particularly alarming, given that all that had happened in Hesper’s life—all her memories, her entire life up until this point—did not exist within the continuum she saw. All she had ever known was gone, and all she had left were the Sith she came to this reality with, and the clothes on her back.

    But the chance to build a new life, free from the shackles of her history, was exciting. In one of her many meditation sessions in her apartment, one of the impressions her continuum gave her was of great power, and a strong sense of possession. Power that would be hers. The thought of it filled Hesper with new purpose, with new dedication to the Dark Side, and to the Sith. She chased after her research with vigor, with the goal in mind of learning the Force to its very nook and cranny and mastering her control and understanding of its mysterious ways.

    The two weeks passed swiftly for Hesper, and she now found herself finishing putting the last of her deep red lip color on and slipping on her shoes to attend a feast and briefing hosted by the Triumvirate in the Citadel’s ceremony hall. Her long gold-colored hair was smoothed back from her face and hung loosely down her spine, and she wore a flowing, loose-fitting dress of inky black with a deep V-shaped neckline. It gathered at the waist around an intricately beaded triangle with thin gold chains hanging from its bottom edge to the floor, had flutter sleeves so long they hid Hesper’s hands, and the hem of the dress trailed behind her like shreds of shadow. It was simple, but elegant—and a welcome change from the close-fitting battle clothes she’d worn for what seemed like eternity. Deeming herself ready, she picked up her lightsaber in her hand and stowed it somewhere within her flowing sleeves, and ushered herself to the ceremony hall.

    She soon settled in amongst the other High Lords—Arach, newly appointed Syren, and the resurrected Darth Cruor. There was a feast spread out across the table, and goblets were filled with wine. Hesper sipped on hers, looking around the hall with her one good eye. Not all were present. Some Sith appeared as holograms where their flesh-and-blood bodies might otherwise sit, but nearly all talked amongst themselves. Hesper listened in half-heartedly before the hologram of the God-Emperor Insipid called for attention.

    “Sith,” his voice rang out across the ceremony hall, quieting the din. “As many of you will presuppose, this is not our galaxy. Not in time, or location. Typhojem was the ultimate anti-existence of all reality. If there was a universe where he could escape, then he would have done. As such, it was a mathematical probability that he would. In every reality. But by definition there was always going to be a reality where he did not.” The Emperor emphasized his last words, leaning forward and eyeing the crowd. “There are no more other realities. There is just this one. And we must make it our own.”

    Hesper nodded in appreciation and concurrence.

    “We started our quest to rule the galaxy at a table such as this, months ago,” Insipid said with a gesture at the long table set with the evening’s feast. “We won that war, and the Galactic Shadow War, only to lose the fight to stop His release.” Insipid paused. “But now we have a world to tame, this New Moraband, half wrecked sky towers, half swamped villages beneath us, a historic remnant of the Eternal War.”

    “We have an Empire that we ‘serve’,” the Emperor continued, “Grand Admiral Thrawn commands us, in his fight against the survivors of the Battle of Jakku, who buck against his will—the First Order—and in his subjugation of the Unknown Terrors.” The mention of the name Thrawn gave Hesper great pause; a name she had seen in her history textbooks at university. A great and powerful figure, Thrawn had been—or rather, was currently. “We have worlds to tame, missions to undertake, an empire of our own to forge here and now. The Order will adopt a looser function, until we are established. If you wish for a world to govern? There are worlds. Is there a quest you wish to lead? Lead it. Do you wish for direction? We shall supply it.”

    The datapad at Hesper’s place setting lit up with notifications for addendums, missions, and requests from the Empire. She picked it up and mindlessly scrolled through the contents as Insipid continued on.

    “But as one and all, you are Sith. Apprentices will defer to their masters. High Lords will lead their own missions. Dark Lords will do what must be done. I, as your God, will allow you to act without interference save for if you act against my divinity. Final Trials will occur here, not in the Arena of Geonosis.” He raised a finger. “There is but one rule of the Empire. No missions into the Known without the Triumvirate’s express permission. We have a new regime, and you must abide by it, or court my personal wrath.”

    In his hologram, Insipid raised a fist. “To victory, and power, and rule,” he said, and Hesper raised her goblet of wine in a toast as Insipid beat his chest with his fist. “To the Sith.”

    “Hear, hear,” Hesper whispered, and took a sip of her wine. Truly, in her heart of hearts, she admired what Insipid had accomplished—godhood was no easy feat.

    Harestisch took over speaking after Insipid’s hologram vanished. Uninterested in what the Night Herald had to say, Hesper turned her focus to eating the food before her, thoughts of the Sith’s future incubating in her mind. She sensed a period of relative ease; but to her, the Sith’s future was the hardest to sense. Forever tumultuous and chaotic, the Sith were.

    Hesper returned her focus to the table where the Dark Lords were when Bellorum rose from her seat, and moved to stand at the head of the main table after calling for two of the new recruits who had attempted to leave to halt. Hesper fixed her eyes on her Lady, awaiting her speech.

    “You dare stand and depart from my presence before being dismissed?” Bellorum spat, then seized the apprentices with the Force and dangled them above the table. Hesper barely batted an eye.

    Bellorum then began her address. “We have accomplished a great deal in our short time here, but there’s still a great deal to be done. I shall be meeting with the Lorekeeper soon to discuss the restocking of our collection and archives. These missions will require personnel suited to locating and retrieving artifacts, using whatever means necessary.” Bellorum’s eyes cut to each member of the retrieval team in turn. “Hades, you Foedus, Serapis, Hekate, and Alekto will join us.”

    Hesper’s eyes followed Bellorum’s gaze as she looked at each, quickly putting names to faces. Jwob was now called Serapis, Hesper noted, and—a familiar face? The one called Alekto. Seated at the far end of the table, with the new recruits, a round female Mirialan face stood out to Hesper, but she couldn’t quite place a finger on why the girl was so familiar.

    Bellorum continued speaking to the table. “I mean to proceed with these missions immediately, so be awaiting a message detailing the time and location to meet. Ravenous and Lorekeeper are currently occupied with a little project, but they should be done soon.” Bellorum’s face garnered a look of more seriousness. “Cocytus and Leda will be joining Hesper.” Hesper nodded to hear her team assigned to her—it would be good to have her Kaminoan apprentice beside her for the upcoming mission. A beautiful teaching opportunity would present itself, she knew. “You’ll be receiving a message detailing when and where to meet in a few hours for the briefing. Ravenous will be joining once he’s… uh, done.”

    The Dark Lady lifted her eyes to where she still held the writhing apprentices above the table. Hesper chewed her bite of food thoughtfully, eye unfocused, and was not surprised when the two men hit the table after a shower of blood, their entrails forcibly ripped out through their mouths. “I will not tolerate insolent behavior… from anyone.”

    Hesper smirked at the example Bellorum had made, then flicked her gaze to find her apprentice, Cocytus, and looked at him with an expression that read I, too, will not tolerate insolence, before looking down the table at the newbies seated at the end with the same countenance.

    Then, with a dark smile at her handiwork, Bellorum said: “High Lord Hesper, please join me in my chambers.” Hesper immediately looked to her Lady, and nodded in acknowledgment. “Everyone is dismissed.”

    Finishing her meal, Hesper set down her knife and fork, took one last sip from her chalice, and stood to follow her liege to her chambers; she was sure they had much to discuss, and as Bellorum’s new Blade, Hesper felt the responsibility of her position begin to creep into the edges of her awareness. The major fighting was over, for now. Now, it would be a series of very small fights; though seemingly insignificant in comparison to the grand battles at Mortis, Moraband and Coruscant that Hesper had fought in, all the upcoming small battles would surely amount to something monumental. Something… historic.

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  21. Darth Kronos

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    Jan 2, 2016
    IC: Darth Kronos
    In the Dining Hall of the New Sith Temple

    This was a new time. A new reality. A new dimension.

    And a new beginning.

    And I found myself in the middle of it.

    It all felt unreal. In the span of six days, I had gone from a lowly and aspiring Apprentice, to a Lord. The Sith Empire had gone from a strong and powerful regime, to a dwindling, not properly established Empire. I had gone from a taciturn, faceless man, with little to no compassion for anyone - to a more flamboyant, and loosened man, with an obvious love interest.

    We, as the current Sith Empire have been in this new place for two weeks, and the Triumvirate have desperately been trying to regain the power they once had over the galaxy. And then some. The Sith, here, are not the main source of power and authority - not anymore. That honor belongs to the Empire, or what remains of it. Even they were experiencing their own setbacks. Their major, major setbacks. From what I could piece together from the Stormtroopers we were given, their second death machine and the two Sith that led the Galactic Empire were gone, erased by a Rebellion that was growing in both numbers and strength. And, to be honest, I have no sympathy for them. They clearly underestimated their enemy, and as such, they suffered this major defeat.

    And, yet, despite this, they still continue to have a high influence over the galaxy. And with us in the favor of the Empire, maybe they could get back the power that they lost.

    Or, better yet, perhaps we could.

    But we'd have to take out the one highest in the food chain first.

    My fellow Sith are not under the only command of the Triumvirate. Not anymore. As a new individual has found his way into our lives. Grand Admiral Thrawn - a Chiss of a high rank in the Empire, now dubbed "The Empire of the Hand," whatever that is. We served him now. We were his tool, his asset, his weapon. We were given this Citadel only because Thrawn saw us as a useful ally in retaking the galaxy. It's just that we were only given part of Zakuul, which was renamed New Moraband, for reasons I can only assume are to relive the time when the Sith were beginning to dominate, and our enemies were falling.

    But we would have many other worlds to conquer.

    As would be made official by the speech prepared by the Triumvirate. Insipid, wait, sorry, I mean The God-Emperor, spoke first. Even despite not actually being physically present at the banquet hall itself, he still addressed each and every person who was listening. There were missions to assign.

    That was when the Emperor's hologram vanished, and the other two members could step up.

    First was Haretisch, whom had completely betrayed us all and released Typhojem on all of us. He is the reason we almost lost the majority of our members. He is the reason we are even in this mess to begin with. If he hadn't released the God because of some self-hating reason, things might have gone differently. And, I won't lie, I really couldn't care less about everyone else. Every single one of them could get a deadly disease and die a slow, agonizing death for all I care. But Typhojem had killed Esmerelda, turned her skin inside out, sprayed her blood over me, and sent her to Hell. If not for this miracle, she would still be down there, dead. In my eyes, he is just as guilty as Typhojem. Why he still even has his rank, and is not a bloodied corpse by now is beyond me.

    Was I actually there to witness the betrayal and fight him? No. But the damage was already deep enough. Typhojem had already begun wreaking havoc on us. Being there personally wasn't needed.

    And I think I'm still washing off bits of her dried blood.

    I guess it's a good thing they can't hear my thoughts.

    Haretisch had seemed to find his own trusted Sith to act with him, and one he had obviously taken a liking to was Syren, that one mysterious woman I accidentally released from stasis on Hoth, whom I only now learned the name of. Guess it took me long enough. Her, along with Haretisch, would be accompanied with Kwea, Invadator, and Alva as one side to a multi-pronged attack against another heavily populated city on New Moraband. Bellorum, the most likable of the Triumvirate, would lead another small squad to replenish the artifacts they once had.

    I was not involved in either. Which wasn't at all bothersome.

    I had been sitting in a more secluded area of the hall, partially concealed in shadow, only seen by the ones with a keen eye. The ones who were not observant would not notice me. They were all most likely too occupied on their own missions, anyway.

    And, besides, I had other duties to attend to.

    Esmerelda was arriving in the hangar. I planned to meet with her. After all, I had nothing better to do.

    Once the speeches were over, I silently got up from my seat, and sauntered over to where she was arriving. Once there, I leaned against a nearby wall, stroking my new cape - which was slick and black. Not tattered and in mint condition.

    Her shuttle landed, and she emerged, accompanied by four Stormtroopers. On her was a standard Moff uniform, which looked different on her, to say the least. It's been two weeks, and I'm still trying to get properly used to the new look of hers.

    Hopefully, she would see me.

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  22. E. L.Knight

    E. L.Knight Jedi Master star 3

    Dec 4, 2012
    Darth Hades
    The Citadel, Sanctorium, New Moraband

    Rebuilding. That is what they were doing. And so Hades would rebuild himself. He had begun with immersing himself in the dark side where he felt most comfortable. Among the jungle plants. The jungle had been his first teacher. It had whispered secrets that only those truly intent on learning could hear.

    Watching the insects crawl along, and fight for dominance. Watching predators stalk their prey. Watching as animals of stealth and evasion moved silently among the treetops to avoid detection.

    As a boy, finding the Force, he could see the living things in a greater light. He mimicked them, and in turn, he became like them.

    The Citadel had a Bestiary, and this was where Hades found himself a good bit of the time. He had found himself oddly moved towards the Varactyls. They were gorgeous and graceful. He would spend hours meditating while sitting in their habitat.

    However, they were close to the pen holding Aak Dogs, which Hades hated. His fear was more defined now than it ever had been. An incident while rearranging his quarters had made that evident.

    One Week Earlier
    The Sands of Korriban

    Hades watched as he stood on the sands of Korriban, the sun was fading beyond the horizon as he faced toward a dune that it would soon slip behind. Hades, the original Hades, and Angellus stood before him.

    You never understood. You were our weapon, with you, we could have destroyed the Sith and rebuilt. They rejected us because they knew our power! One of the Seers saw it, prophesied that we would undo the Sith and then make them in our Image!

    Hades tried to speak but he couldn’t. Then, behind them, the bodies of the Sith all laid in the sand. He recognized many of them.

    And then the shadow, it stretched up behind them and cast a shadow on the sand that made it cold as ice. He looked upwards but could not made out who or what cast the shadow.

    He looked down and Hades and Angellus lay dead at his feet. He looked at his hands and they were smaller, his body was devoid of his tattoos and he was skinnier. He was just Zandoran again….weak...helpless.

    Then he heard it….her voice…

    Oh, My Love… should never have left me…..


    The shadow swallowed him and he was in darkness, a pit of black that had no shape, no sound, no light. The black was like tar, and he was frozen in it. He was so cold, and he could do nothing to warm himself. The blackness slid down his throat and he started to choke. It cut his breath away.


    He was too weak to fight it…..he was always too weak.

    He jerked awake and sat up in the bed, his body covered in a cold sweat. His heart was racing and he had a headache from hell.

    It was just a dream.

    He swung his legs over the edge of the bed and stared at the plants that lined the wall. He had requested his chambers be filled with plants, and no one had seemed to mind him doing so.

    One of the servants, however, had heard him talking about Haruun Kal and had brought an Aak Dog to his chambers, thinking it would make a nice gift. They were wrong.

    Hades had taken one look at it and a panic went through his entire body like a jolt of lightning. He quickly shoved it away even as he saw in his mind Aak Dogs tearing him apart as the Korunnai stood over him and laughed and cheered. It was a nightmare he had had thousands of times as a child.

    He hadn’t thought of Aak Dogs in years, but this memory had risen, unbidden, quite suddenly.

    He stood and walked to the refresher and got into the shower, turning the water as hot as it would go.

    He could still feel the strain in his muscles from the day before.
    It was not just the Bestiary that he had begun to use to retrain himself. He had also begun to physically work on making himself a greater warrior with strength, precision, and power. He wanted to ensure his abilities were still on par with what he needed them to be to keep his place as a Knight.

    His main focus, for the time, had been relearning Teräs Käsi and rebuilding his muscled body as well as his endurance and agility.

    He’d taken to finding ruins on New Moraband and running through them, leaping, tumbling, launching himself off of and over them. It was an unpredictable obstacle course that made him focus fully on the run and the movements.

    Strength training was also now a part of the routine. Though he had looked fit upon his arrival back with the Sith, he had lost a lot of strength simply because he had never used it.

    He was a weapon. And he needed to make sure each part of him was ready to fight when called upon.

    He also worked his mind, and The Force. He sought out those who had skills he did not, but wanted, and with them, he would learn.

    Combo between Hades and Syren
    High Lord Syrens Quarters, The Citadel, Sanctorium, New Moraband
    Shortly after their arrival on New Moraband

    High Lord Syren and her ability with Concoctions was why he chose her as one of his teachers. If he were to ever be powerful enough to ascend to High Lord, then he needed to learn what he did not know. He was sure it would take time for him to learn, but he was a quick study and dedicated to becoming the best version of himself.

    Hades stepped up to her door and knocked. They had arranged this time for him to meet with her, and though he did not know her beyond a name, he was eager to learn. He hadn't felt like this in a long time.

    Syren knew the visitor was coming but was not entirely sure as to why beyond requesting her expertise. Which she found amusing to a degree. Aside from the many kills under her belt, she had to wonder what else she would be considered a source of knowledge on. With a small shrug she opened the heavy wooden door shortly after hearing his knock.

    Seeing the Zabrak Sith just beyond the threshold, his face she faintly recalled from the events on Mortis but otherwise was unknown to her. Motioning once with a hand, Syren stepped aside to allow him entrance to the foyer. "Lord Hades," she said evenly with a nod."What can I assist you with?"

    Hades stepped into the room and bowed his head in respect.

    High Lord Syren. I have enquired about users of gifts I want. since coming here, I've felt new abilities and talents rising and I need a teacher.

    You are good with poisons, I hear.

    Syren watched Hades lower his head before speaking. She was not used to that just yet but as she listened to his reasons for requesting this meeting, she smirked.

    "I dabble" she began coyly. Considering for a moment, she then turned to lead him into a room just off the foyer. It was dimly lit with dark wood shelves that lined 3 of the 4 walls and reached to a ceiling of average height. They were cluttered with various bottles, vials, and containers of differing sizes and shapes. Some were labeled, many were not. In the center was a small, square table with a pair of stools. The High Lord moved to sit upon one and pushed aside a small stack of well-worn tomes. Leaning forward on her elbows, Syren eyed him carefully.

    "Did you have something specific in mind?"

    Hades followed her and was amazed at what all she had so far. she had wasted no time in stocking up and replacing her stores, it seemed.

    I'm interested in the ability Concoction, actually. It seems fitting that I should learn it from you.

    "I'm flattered," she said, internally not too sure where to start. Externally she would appear confident and calm.

    Using the Force, Syren guided 3 separate bottles from different areas on the surrounding shelves. Setting them down in front of her, she quickly examined them one by one. The third she scrutinized extra thoroughly and finally uncorked it and took a daring swig. Coughing once, she closed it back up.

    "Nope, that one was whiskey." She stood and swapped it for another. "We want this one..." Taking her seat again, she held up a vial with a clear liquid. "I'm no expert, but one thing I do know on this subject is that there are many different ways to concoct a lethal poison or to create a mixture that would incapacitate your enemy."

    Placing the vial down in between the others, the trio bore no labels. She laughed softly to herself. "First lesson? Always properly mark your stock."

    Of course. It would do nobody any good to poison yourself.

    Hades and Syren worked closely together that day, several hours passed and Hades had begun to learn the basics. The studies with Syren kept his mind occupied and provided him solitude. Soon he had the knowledge to move forward alone.

    High Lord Syren, you are an excellent teacher.

    His departure from the High Lord led him on a quest to procure certain items. He had an idea of what he wanted to make.

    Hours stretched into days and soon Hades was able to infuse his creations with the dark side to create the desired effect.

    He held up the bright green liquid and looked at it with light shining through.

    He stood and went into the refresher.

    Hades dressed in a new set of robes and then attached his lightsabers to the belt. He had considered wearing his new armor, but felt it wasn’t the right time just yet.

    And now it was time to join the Order in celebration.

    Ceremony Hall, Citadel, Sanctorium, New Moraband

    Hades sat and remained silent as Insipid spoke. He heard their Emperor speak of realities, then of dominance of this particular reality. He spoke of old glories and then of taming New Moraband.

    Hades wasn’t impressed.

    And he was even less impressed when reminded they served Thrawn and not the other way around. He realized they had little in the way of resources, not until Grand Admiral Thrawn had given them to the Sith, but why had they not simply just taken the Empire of the Hand as their own, baffled Hades.

    His intense dislike of Insipid, bordering on raw hatred, made it hard for him to listen to the Emperor and not be moved to feel that pride he once did among the Sith.

    Then, Insipid did the one thing that, had he not done so, might have allowed Hades to forgive. He called himself a God.

    A God?!?! This made Insipid no better than Typhojem or Abeloth, and Hades most certainly hate them

    He was stoic, concealing his emotions under a blank stare. He had been practicing masking his emotions and his own presence, leaving nothing for others to read or feel and judge his loyalty.

    It was simple though, Hades felt Insipid did not deserve to be Emperor and had no right t call himself a God. And he certainly was no longer fit to be their Emperor. Hades was loyal to the Order and the Empire, as a Knight, it was his place to ensure the future of the Sith was protected and in the hands of someone who cared about those within said Order.

    Insipid would betray them again, as long as he got what he wanted, he would sacrifice them and everything else, as long as he won his prize. That was intolerable.

    Haretisch then outlined the plan to take over the city, Boneyard, and called on those who would help in that endeavor.

    Hades no longer trusted him, as well. He had done something just as evil as Insipid in serving Typhojem just to have everything obliterated once the so called God was freed from his prison on Mortis.

    Haretisch, though, had started to try and make amends, it seemed, but it would take a great deal for Hades to finally trust the man once more. The fact that Hel was the only reason Hades had trusted him on Mortis said a lot. Hades had a daughter, had watched her grow and then was taken from him when she was only 8.

    Haretisch, for his daughter's sake, could change and be a better man than he had been. Hades knew what the love of a child could do, and so, he would watch and wait.

    The Night Herald then left and the Dawn Herald replaced him as speaker.

    It was then that two of the new apprentices stood to leave before she began to speak, and that was their mistake. Lady Bellorum made an example of the two by scolding them whilst choking them from several feet in the air for all present to see.

    She then spoke of regaining the collections and archives they had lost in the reality jump. This intrigued Hades and sure enough, she named him to be joining her on that quest. She punctuated her point by killing the two apprentices and warning others she would not allow any insolence in her presence.This quest of Lady Bellorums would afford him ample opportunity to learn, but also to begin finding his place here. He had no allies, or even friends really. It was only Ravenous he felt an actual kinship with, and that had been a dark side bond secured by flesh and blood and the darkness.

    Yes, now was the time to move forward and begin his quest, as a Knight of the Sith, to secure the Order and the Empire and to protect it, even from those who would rule it.

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  23. Darth Master Titus

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    Dec 10, 2014
    Darth Titus
    Medbay, New Moraband

    Titus had been in and out of consciousness for what felt like the past few days, maybe weeks or months. Time sped up with lack of consciousness. An hour felt like a year, especially with pain everlasting. Much of Titus's memory were strictly of battle. So many close calls he had endured, too many to count. And quite so, he had many scars to remind him of each time he kissed death on the lips.

    Did he feel invincible? Absolutely not. He should be dead, if not his strength in the force, almost willing him to live. The doctors also receives his gratitude. This all started in orbit above Relus where Titus and his fellow Sith faced a brigade of Jedi and Republic soldiers, facing courageous men and women who should feel honored to have been butchered by Titus's crimson lightsaber.

    Then came Coruscant. Things got off to a great start at the heart of the galaxy. From chasing Republic gunships to crash landing on the streets of Coruscant, surviving in large part to Emperor Insipid. What transpired next was a grand battle between Titus and Venn Mohc. Titus was secretly ashamed of almost being bested by a non-force user, but in the end all that mattered was Mohc was rotting in a ditch somewhere on Coruscant.

    Mnggal-Mnggal...Titus's spine shivered in the bacta tank as he awoke with the image of that monstrosity fresh in his mind. Snapped awake, someone heaved his body out of the tank. Just then, the intercom within the room, as well as a holo-projector snapped to life as a live-feed of Emperor Insipid began to speak.

    'Sith. As many of you will presuppose, this is not our galaxy. Not in time, or location. Typhojem was the ultimate anti-existence of all reality. If there was a universe where he would escape, then he would have done. As such, it was a mathematical probability that he would. In every reality. But by definition there was always going to be a reality where he did not. There are no more other realities.
    There is just this one. And we must make it our own.'

    'But now we have a world to tame, this New Moraband. We have an Empire that we 'serve'. Grand Admiral Thrawn commands us...

    'To victory, and power, and rule. To the Sith.'

    What had he just heard? This is not our galaxy. Not in time or location. A new world to tame, New Moraband...serve an Empire...Grand Admiral Thrawn.

    This was too much to take in having just been woken. Titus wanted nothing more than to go back to sleep. Then came the voice of Darth Haretisch and his talk of a Boneyard City in need of conquering, and then Darth Bellorum and talk of Sith archives needing to be restored. What came next was not too surprising, given she was a Sith, but let's just say two apprentices made a much needed sacrifice to paint a clear example of how not to behave.

    In truth, the words of Insipid were still buzzing in his head. He tried rolling over from the bed he was recently placed on, when Dr grabbed him by his shoulder. "Easy now. One more session left, then you should be up and out of here." Titus glanced at their nametag which read Dr Green. Not seeing much of a choice, Titus went back into the bacta tank. One last time..

    Titus' thirst for battle had never been stronger. He looked weak right now. While his comrades were readying for new missions on a new world, he remained stasis in a bacta tank. How mighty.

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    Feb 16, 2016
    IC: Darth Hesper and Darth Bellorum (Combo with Lady Belligerent!)
    Bellorum's chambers, New Moraband

    Arriving in her chambers directly after making her speech, Bellorum took a moment to look over her new living quarters. They were more spacious than the old ones back on Moraband and certainly more luxurious... or they would be soon.

    She ran her fingers over a tapestry upholstered chair and realized she missed the presence of her friend. Ike. The image of him lounging in the chair and handing her a glass of a rare vintage he'd filched from Aden's private cellar made her smile. Ike was an issue she'd have to deal with soon. There was other business to attend to here first, and a delicate hand rose to open the door for High Lord Hesper. "I appreciate your promptness, please have a seat," Bellorum said and motioned to the chairs.

    Hesper entered Bellorum’s chamber as silently as a shadow. Bellorum’s chambers were lush and expensive-looking—a certain reflection of Bellorum’s tastes. Hesper inclined her head respectfully as Bellorum greeted her and gestured at a chair. She sat, perching attentively on the edge of the seat. “So tell me,” Hesper began in her quiet yet firm voice, “What will be our mission?” She shifted on the chair and her shoulders sagged into a more comfortable position. “And this Leda…” Hesper trailed off.

    Bellorum ignored the comment regarding Leda, and went right into the more important matter. "The Obelisk is in orbit, go there and clean house. I have intel that it's filled with eavesdropping devices and spies. Thrawn gave us a crew composed of former prisoners and scum, so your job is to terrify them. I'm sending Zalen with you because she has some interrogation techniques that I believe will be helpful." She smiled thoughtfully, recalling how Zalen had described her techniques before continuing. "The next part will take some finesse. I want you to hack into the operations systems of the other Triumvir's flagships."

    Pausing a moment, Bellorum took out a datapad containing documents with schematics of both ships along with codes she'd obtained. "Take this datapad, a slicer here in the Temple provided some information that may be helpful. I want to have access to all communications and details of everything the other Dark Lords do," she laughed softly, "Understood?"

    Hesper took the datapad from Bellorum's outstretched hand, glancing briefly at its screen before drawing it into her loose sleeve. "Sounds feasible," she commented with a wry half-smile. "So we root out any spies, and bug the Triumvirs' ships. Consider it done, Milady." Hesper leaned back in the chair, and let her gaze unfocus just slightly. "I think you've chosen an excellent team for this job."

    "I'm depending on you to lead that team," Bellorum replied in a serious tone. "Allow Zalen to address the crew at your first encounter on the bridge." Bellorum crossed to her desk and grabbed some folders she'd need for her next meeting. "She'll make an impact statement that should get the message out that we won't be playing games. Keep me informed and if you need anything, just ask."

    Hesper nodded, committing the Dawn Herald's instructions to memory. "Sounds like a plan," she said in a curt voice. "I'll keep you updated." Standing, Hesper dipped in a curtsy to Darth Bellorum, and made her way to exit her chambers.

    Hesper pulled her comlink from deep within a sleeve as she ghosted down the corridors on her way to her own apartment, and hailed her team-- Cocytus, Ravenous, Leda, and Zalen. "This is Lady Hesper," she spoke into the device in a low, calm voice. "Report to my shuttle in one hour, prepared for our mission. I will brief you all on your assignments once aboard the shuttle; do not be late." Hesper switched off her comm and replaced it in her sleeve after finishing her message, and arrived shortly after at her apartment door. She didn't have much to prepare, but once inside her bedroom, she switched out her silken slippers for black leather boots, and donned her Death Trooper pauldrons-- now a set of two-- fastened across her chest with a gold chain. Ready for the mission, Hesper left her chambers early, and left to prepare the shuttle. Then, she would wait for her team to arrive.

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    Combo Post: Mikaboshi, (Lorekeeper) E. L.Knight, (Darth Hades) WookieeRage, (Darth Ravenous)
    Dark Genesis...
    Lorekeeper's Laboratory.

    This Citadel was sufficient, it was not home, but it was what they had. The library was the same, sufficient, but lacking in materials. His personal laboratory was utterly disappointing, much of what they once possessed was now lost, in the days since their arrival it had been a source of great pain to the Lorekeeper.

    Needing a distraction he worked day and night to organize what little the Sith did have and make the library a comfortable place of learning, unfortunately that work didn't last long at all. That was when he remembered a conversation between himself and a Darth Ravenous on the topic of the practice of aberration, yes he remembered the wookiee being eager to participate.

    The process would be risky, however the sorcerer had a plan that could help, he would need the assistance of another.

    It was this which led to an invitation both received by not only Darth Ravenous, but also his risen master Darth Hades. They were to arrive shortly, and would be escorted to his lab by V3PO, and the Lorekeeper could not be more excited about it.

    His lab was stale, boring. Not the old stone of the Temple, saturated as it was by thousands of years of Dark Power. This new lab was much like everything else here though he had decorated in here as well, mostly empty bookshelves lined one wall, another had storage racks with bottles of various chemicals and other ingredients vital to alchemy, preserved specimens and other oddities, though that also was poorly stocked.

    The center of the space was a large metal table, the surface of which was adorned with various harnesses, tubes, and what appeared to be medical apparatuses. A medical droid stood in the corner waiting instruction.

    ~knock. knock. knock.~

    The metal hand of his droid struck harshly against the durasteel door, "Come, come." He called excitedly as he moved to stand before the table.

    Hades and spent a great deal of time learning of new powers within the dark side as of late. He had realized his weakness was not that he lacked talent, he lacked knowledge. He had taken the time to look elsewhere in the traditions of other Force users and that had been a mistake he paid for dearly. He had grown weak and where once he was a rival to nearly any Sith he had stood with, he now, was less so.

    He had met with his former apprentice, the now Sith Lord Ravenous and was going to meet the Lorekeeper. His time with Syren learning the ability Concoction had been an awakening of sorts, but she could teach him no further, now he was to advance himself into Aberration.

    Ravenous and Hades walked silently with the droid to the lair of the Lorekeeper, much had not been spoken between them as of yet, mostly because Hades was unsure of what to say to his former apprentice.

    The long corridor felt as if it were narrowing the closer they got to the door; a correlation with the Wookiees life getting shorter, possibly... Either way, he knew why he was here, he did not though, know why Darth Hades was.

    The Lorekeeper seemed to talk the talk when it came to Sith Alchemy or was at least knowledgeable in the way it worked.

    Has he ever even preformed it? Ravenous thought unto himself, a wave of reluctance surged through him but faded quickly. They saw the man known as 'The Lorekeeper' hunched over a large surgical-looking table. Ravenous looked to Hades and back at the Lorekeeper before curiously addressing the ghoulish man.

    "Sith Spawn are made of two beings, what are you melding me with, human?"

    Hades smirked as Ravenous asked the Lorekeeper what he was going to join the Wookiee with.

    Perhaps with something that is less likely to eat it's Master once dead?

    He didn't say it to hurt Ravenous, but rather to finally break the silence and let them both gain closure before this experiment that could end his very long life.

    You realize this could be your end? After Mortis, this would be how you die?

    He entered the lab with Ravenous and could barely contain his excitement, though. Now he was going to advance himself once more and learn Aberration, and it was on a willing participant.

    The Lorekeeper smiled as he reached into his satchel and pulled out a small vile, within it was a red tinged liquid and shook it up a bit. "When I returned from the Valley of Golg I was covered head to toe in the the gore of the Gen'Dai Darth Cruor, the many physical attributes his species displayed seem ideal for use in attempts to mutate living beings." The Lorekeeper inserted the vial into a slot on the base of the table, "His genetic material is ideal to help initiate regenerative properties in your body, which is something that will be helpful to ensure that you survive the process. My hopes are that you also gain a few of the many unmatched physical attributes of his species, though when it comes to aberration a great many unforeseen mutations can also be initiated. It is possible you could grow arms, tentacle like appendages, or even another head with a unique personality."

    His attention turned to the being the wookiee had eaten, Darth Hades. "I've asked you to be here because our chance of success will be improved, as his master you have intimate knowledge of Darth Ravenous. If you are familiar with the ability to meld that could provide a great deal of assistance in monitoring our specimen, additionally your knowledge of the healing arts will be required." The Lorekeeper found himself wondering if Hades desired success or failure for his former apprentice, he could understand how having passed through the creatures digestive tract would possibly leave one with a sense of resentment.

    Hades replied. I can do both, yes, but I am also here to learn from you. I crave the knowledge and power you hold Lorekeeper.

    The Wookiee contemplated the worst out of the possibilities given.

    Two heads... What the Kriff good would that do besides make it possible to eat faster...

    Ravenous found amusement out of his thoughts and let a smirk shine through his uneasiness, anything to lighten the mood he supposed. Another thought ran through his mind and he spurt out an excited-sounding howl, those who understood his people's language would comprehend.

    "I think I need a drink, got any alcohol? Preferably not the medical rubbing alcohol, but if that's all you have?.. I can drink before this experimentation, I hope? I'm hoping my last sights aren't you're mug Lorekeeper.. or you Hades, no offense, just don't like my lunch looking back at me." All he spoke was in jest, once again trying to lighten up the somber air. He quickly righted himself, stepped up to the medical table and sprawled upon it.

    Hades looked at Ravenous then to Lorekeeper as the Wookiee sprawled out on the table.

    Hades studied the equipment.

    What exactly do we do for this experiment?

    The Lorekeeper had begun to calibrate the equipment, adjustments needed to be made to account for the size of his specimen. He did take a moment to pull a small flask out of his pocket, it was a harsh whisky from Nal Hutta, sure to make the wookiee's nose hairs curl a bit. It had an added ingredient, one that would help him relax a bit.

    Turning to Hade's he explained a bit of the procedure, "Through the Force the alchemist attempting the experiment must focus on the separate genetic strains and excite them to a point where they mesh, if we are too aggressive the process could kill the specimen, if we were too passive the experiment would give less than optimal results and would be a failure"

    Ravenous clenched the flask and devoted his attention to the acquired prize as the Sith exchanged knowledge. He however, would gain the knowledge first-hand, and possibly take said knowledge to the grave with him. Propping his head up, he took in the spirit. It hit him harder than one might expect. The liquid burned going down and instantly caught the distinct harsh Nal Huttan grain which relaxed him; A reminder of such simpler times for him. He finished the drink and tossed the flask onto the nearby surgical desk, clanging loudly before laying his head back down upon the table. The drink began to take hold and his body loosened... He was truly ready.

    "You can tell him about it after, Lorekeeper... This booze isn't going to last...

    A few tense moments passed.
    ...Do it.

    Finally, Darth Ravenous was strapped down upon the table with many thick leather straps. The Lorekeeper injected one needle into each side of the Wookiee's neck, hoses emerged from each and led to a machine at the head end of the table. "Darth Hades, I need you now to meld our minds. Yours and mine, both to Ravenous. We shall guard his psyche from descending into madness, if we work together he stands a better chance of retaining his core personality."

    The Lorekeeper gave Hades a few moments before turning the machine on, it was a pump, within was an alchemical slurry infused with the DNA of the Gen'Dai species. By the time the process was complete all of Ravenous' blood will have been filtered through the pump and mixed with the chemical cocktail, and Darth Ravenous would either be a transformed beast of immense power or he would be dead on the table.

    Stretching his hands outward, over the wookiee's chest, the sorcerer began to chant. Power rushed to him, it swelled and then flowed through him into the wookiee. "Hades, begin to channel your healing magicks into your former apprentice." Ravenous begin to strain against the straps, "Do not let our meld break Lord Hades." The chanting continued, eddies of visible power swirled above the trio, and then the wookiee roared in pain.

    The process had begun, and so it would last for several hours.

    Hades did as the Lorekeeper bade him and reached deep into the Force and then connected with the Lorekeeper and Ravenous. He could feel a swirl of emotions and then pain, so much pain. He started the dark side healing and touched Ravenous' mind, holding the Lorekeeper and Ravenous from being carried away on the eddies of the Force that would allow Ravenous to descend into madness and show Hades and the Lorekeeper away.

    Minutes stretched into hours as the trio fought the negative effects of Aberration. He could feel Ravenous changing but the changes would be completely unpredictable.

    The convulsions were subtle at first, almost vibrations. That soon faded and the Wookiee would go into spells of severe spasms, roaring out in pain. Darth Ravenous thought he knew pain before, he was mistaken. He would know Pain. He would know Fear, something to truly be fearful of. He had no control anymore and it now felt as someone was taking a meat tenderizer with 2 inch razor blades on the end and working his entire body with the thing. Under his skin, blobs of cartilage moved up and down his limbs. He had already faded in and out of consciousness twice in the course of an hour. He could feel the two Sith trying to meld with his mind but for some reason, it hadn't taken hold so far. His prosthetic limb suddenly burst into a shower of sparks and melted completely off, leaving a slag puddle on the ground under the surgical table. He was no longer restrained with that arm and began to flail violently; Knocking over surgical equipment next to him until the meld finally connected. His body slammed back upon the table and he arched his back to an audible cracking of his spinal bones, his eyes rolling to the back of his head, showing only white. The veins on his neck were bulging so large you could see them through his fur. Ravenous let out a long, sad, droned howl before finally settling back into the table limply. He fought hard to regain control of his body but to no avail. All the Wookiee Sith was able to achieve was regaining control of his eyesight. When he did all he saw was a Zabrak and a Man both had looks of awe on their faces, the Wookiee would see Lorekeeper's yellow grin surfacing through his facade, he was enjoying the show so far. Once connected, the meld held easily. Ravenous once again lost consciousness and left his fate in the hands of the remaining Sith.​
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