Beyond - Legends New Year, New Knowledge (L/M - December 2014 challenge)

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    Title: New Year, New Knowledge
    Author: Briannakin
    Timeframe: 20 ABY
    Characters: Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade Skywalker,
    Notes: Written for the L/M December challenge:

    Write a story with Luke and Mara celebrating something new. You must include:
    - the colour red
    - a gift
    - a loud noise

    “To a wonderful year together,” Luke said, holding his mug of hot cocoa up.

    “And hopefully another great one,” Mara said, raising her mug in response. They both drank. They were sitting on the couch together on the last day of Fete week. Tomorrow was the first day of a calendar year.

    Luke snuggled up to her. It had been a long week parties, dinners and presents with the Solos, and drinks with friends. He was looking forward to a romantic night in. They were both very glad they had ended up on the same planet for the holidays.

    “Don’t get comfortable,’ Mara said lightly. “I’ve got one more gift for you.”

    “Huh?” he asked, looking up at her. “Why didn’t you give it to me while we were at the Solos?”

    “Because it isn’t exactly something I can wrap and give to you in front of other people.”

    “Ohhh!” he exclaimed gleefully, rubbing he inner thigh. She was wearing a long, casual red tunic dress and black leggings.

    “Don’t get too excited, Farmboy, it involves clothing,” she said, getting up.

    “What?” Luke stammered as he fell into the spot of the sofa Mara had just vacated.

    “Come on. Put on your coat and boots.” She then grabbed a red scarf. “Then put this over your eyes.”

    She went to get her new black coat and boots from their bedroom. Her new coat went to her mid-thigh and tied at the waist. Her new boots weren’t the most practical, going up to her knee and having a skinny and high heel, but they drove Luke crazy. She heard a large thump in the living room. She rushed out to see that Luke had tripped over the caff table with the make-shift blind fold on.

    She rolled her eyes and helped him up. “You know, for a Jedi Master, you are so stupid sometimes.”

    “Shut up,” he said as she helped him up. He was clearly unhurt. “My brain was elsewhere.”

    “Clearly,” she mused, “and your blood.” She took his hand. “Come on,” she said, leading him out the door.

    “This is some sort of trust exercise,” Luke muttered.

    “Yeah, and what’s the problem?” she asked.

    “Nothing, dear.”

    * * *

    “Aright,” Mara said. “We are here.”

    Luke heard Mara turn off the speeder. “Am I allowed to take off the blindfold now?”

    “No,” she replied. “I gotta guide you to your final gift.” She got out of the speeder, opened his door and guided him into a building and through various hallways and down a turbo lift.

    Finally, she stopped and he heard her type something in and doors open. “Okay, only a few more steps.” He took a half dozen more steps, then she stopped him.

    “Okay, take off your blindfold.”

    He did and he found himself standing in a drab, but huge library. It was dimly lit, dusty and all the shelves were extremely close together.

    “We are in the basement of the Imperial Palace, in an area the New Republic was never able to access until I found the codes a few weeks ago,” Mara explained. “It’s archives from the Jedi Temple Library of the Old Republic. It’s, by far, not everything once contained in the great library, but it’s a good chunk.”

    Luke tried to form words, but he had none. They had thought all this knowledge had been destroyed in the purge, but clearly it was not. “Mara,” was the first word that came to him. “This is incredible.”

    * * *

    Mara knew Luke would be enthralled with her findings.

    “I take it I should just leave you here; bring down food and fresh clothes every few days?” Mara quipped. Luke wasn’t listening. He had started to wander and look at the holocards, flimsy books, manuscript and holocrons on the first set of shelves.

    “Okay, I guess I’ll just go now.”

    He was blatantly ignoring her.

    “Although I did have one more gift for you… I’m wearing it right now. I got it at that fancy lingerie store you really like.” She huffed when he continued walking. “I’ve been left for a bunch of old words. Great. I could strip right now and you wouldn’t even notice.”

    “Yeah, I would,” Luke said as he continued to peruse. “In fact, it may be the only way you can pull me away from here.”

    So Mara did just that.

    * * *

    Hours later, and back in their apartment, Mara and Luke cuddled together in their post-lovemaking glow. Luke glanced over; his holochrono read 0132. It was a new year.

    “Hey,” he said, absently playing with her hair. “Happy New Year.”

    She smiled back, tiredly. It was a grin only he ever got to see. She pulled him down and kissed him. “Happy New Year, Farmboy.”

    AN: Happy holidays everyone. There is an extra (NC-17) scene in the works for this - however I’m not sure it will be done any time soon and I wanted to get this up before I go back home for Christmas. I’ll post an update here when it’s available on AO3.
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    Nicely done. Luke is so trusting of Mara. There is no way my husband would let me blind fold him and lead him somewhere. He'd probably think my gift would be an impromptu cliff diving lesson. ;) Nice story. I should write something for the challenge but nothing has jumped out to my muse yet. :(
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    Very sweet! I love Mara giving Luke the gift of knowledge.
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    Alright. Seems I was more efficient in my writing than I thought. There's an adult version of this fic over on AO3 now. But it has a different title and I have a slightly different username there, so If you need a direct link, PM me.
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    Wonderful, the trust, the knowledge, and the 'gift" involving lingerie. :D She really knows how to get next to him, literally and figuratively. [face_love]
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    Awww, I love Mara giving Luke two gifts. hee!!! I love how she said she'd been left for old words. But she knew how to get him back on track. [face_mischief] I'll have to check out AO3 tonight!!!
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    Nice! This gift took a lot of organizing, but the unwrapping was worth it.
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    What a great way to ring in the New Year. I did something like that but it was to get my man off the phone with his mother! That woman would NOT shut up with her only baby boy. He got off the phone faster then the Falcon making the Kessal run. :)
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    Delightful story. Belated Happy New Year!
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    Read this one on A03 and loved it, and still love it here :p The beginning is my favorite :p Mostly because the only reason I could see Luke Skywalker tripping over something is when his mind's on his wife ;)

    [face_good_luck] Irish
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    I just realized that I had not commented on this, bad me. I read both versions and loved both.
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    Cripes, a library! That is my idea of the best present ever! Luke is a lucky guy! :)

    Great story!