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Discussion in 'London UK' started by Jedi_Jimbo, Oct 8, 2004.

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  1. Jedi_Jimbo

    Jedi_Jimbo Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 1, 2004
    As a way to get to know people and have fun I figured that we cold all write two verses, in rhyme about your day.

    I will start and you can have a bash at it if you wish. Unless you think it is too lame then just forget it and slap me about!

    I woke at five this morning
    And made my way to work
    Then spent all day thinking
    Why leave your bed you berk?

    I left after nine hours
    Feeling very drained
    And now I rest til Monday
    When I shall do it all again.

    Lame? Terrible? Genius? Average? Insane?
    Try it yourself.
  2. Thraxwhirl

    Thraxwhirl Jedi Knight star 5

    Apr 14, 2002
    Sounds fun.

    I'm sittin at me keyboard,
    And typin'lotsa ***te.
    I do it pretty off the cuff,
    And hope it comesout riht.

    My Space Bar's kindaknackered.
    My 'g's quitefaulty too,
    And so I make some type-os.
    My lifesucks. How are you?
  3. ask-the-younglings

    ask-the-younglings Jedi Youngling star 5

    Jan 18, 2004
    Ooooh, can I do a haiku instead?

    no sleep did i get last night
    in silly mood since
    don't talk to me about pies

  4. Enji

    Enji Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 14, 2002
    Hmm, sounds like fun... *ahem*

    I'm packing my toothbrush
    I'm packing my purse
    I'm packing some plasters
    Instead of a nurse

    I'm packing my old bag
    Now it's heavy as lead
    And tomorrow morning
    To Paris I head!

  5. Stormtrooper_fan

    Stormtrooper_fan Jedi Master star 5

    Aug 23, 2003
    Today I miss someone far from me
    He works out in the middle of the damn North Sea
    He drills for oil and has no access to the net
    and today I miss him and I feel upset

    Other than that it's been one of those days
    I'll cheer up later I have my ways
    I think I'll go read something funny and witty
    and that's the end of this crappy ditty :p

  6. Jedi_padawan_leigh

    Jedi_padawan_leigh Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 13, 2003
    I'll give it a try :p

    Woke up late for college today
    Sprinted to the bus stop not to far away
    Made it ok but the stupid thing was late
    Was never going to get there at this rate!

    ICT, Media, Graphics and more
    I don't know why today was such a bore
    Went to the chippie for something for tea
    But tomorrow Ive got work at 6.30. Why Me!
  7. ask-the-younglings

    ask-the-younglings Jedi Youngling star 5

    Jan 18, 2004
    early morning, sun just rose
    feel like a party
    when do the bars open here?
  8. messicat_kenobi

    messicat_kenobi Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 24, 2002
    ask, I LOVE your first haiku! Best.haiku.ever!

    My name is messi
    My family calls me "Jessie"
    I sometimes like to rhyme
    When I have the time

    Jedi_Jimbo's little game
    Is surely not at all lame
    At rhyming I sure do suck
    Pigs like to lie in muck

    Well, that was pretty pathetic!
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