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  1. greencat336

    greencat336 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 27, 2001
    We had much fun with our SW Transformers when we went to see the Transformers movie. Obi V. Maul (whose arm came off all too easily)

    Superchill showed us pics of his Cade custom (shiny!)

    No one chatted about the stuff got at CIV . . .

    The post office had many neat things, since the release of the SW stamps was scheduled at the same time as CIV (which was the 30th Aniversary, of course)

    I picked up some envelope with SW stamps on them, hand cancelled with a Darth Vader image, LA Zip code and 'First Day issue'. Also a matted set of the SW stamp sheet above a envelope that was decorated with images from ANH, with a Han & Chewie stamp, hand cancelled with the LA zip code and 'first day issue' stamp. I had wanted a Leia & R2 stamp (or a Luke or an Obi-Wan) but they were sold out of those versions.

    I finally got a set of the German made blue hippos dressed in OT outfits. So cute! I've looked at them with want on ebay for some time, but the shipping cost always put me off. w00t. This was definitely the item I was most excited about finding (LOL, yeah, the Qui Gentle Giant bust came in a close second)

    Speaking of which . . . I hadn't gotten one of the Qui as Jesus (look at the image and you'll see what I mean) busts from Gentle Giant. By the time I got to the Gentle Giant site, they were sold out. Ebay of course had zillions of them, but I was so annoyed about that I wouldn't buy from them. I stopped by the Gentle Giant booth hoping to get the 'animated style' Leia and R2 (sold out) and I spotted the Qui in a pile of figures. w00t. Now he sits on my mantle. :)

    Picked up some SW playing cards. The Heros and Villian sets will go to the kids, I'm keeping the poster set. Yeah, that means that the kids' set will get beat up and used and eventually lost, but they like SW and like playing cards . . . and it will amuse them and make them happy.

    At the official store, I got some magnets, coffee travel mugs (of course), waterbottle, and a couple of t-shirts. I bought some t-shirts from unofficial folks, also. Lego SW for the kids and one for me.

    Tradmic gave me an 'animated' movie card (one of those bumpy cards that you move back and forth and it looks like the image moves) of Qui-Gon. Very neat.

    I added to the autographs in my first edition novelization of ANH.

    I was tempted by many other things, but I'm trying to get rid of all my debt so I've very much cut down on the whole collecting thing. I figure I can always start up again when the debt thing is taken care of.

    The only piece I'm now semi-seriously searching for is one of Obi and Qui infront of the blast doors on the Trade Federation ship, which lights up. I've bid on it several times on ebay but now I'm a bit concerned because its been a while since one has shown up.

    [link=]Pics of Greencat's collection[/link] (well, not all of it, but a nice chunck of it)
  2. Earthbound_Misfit

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    Oct 26, 2004

    From over the pond comes another wave of
    colorful plastic [link=]playthings.[/link]

    We get some good-guys now.

    Begun, this duck war has.

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