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NSWRPF Archive No More Heroes

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by TheManinBlack, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. TheManinBlack

    TheManinBlack Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 1, 2007
    [hl=red]No More Heroes[/hl]

    From the Ashes

    March 17, 2001

    ?This is Andy Dillon, from GNN~ Global News Network

    ?Earlier today HAVOC?s Head Quarters where stormed by S.W.O.R.D agents and members of The Virtue Society, lead by The Fantastic Female, Night Wolf, Race, and The Man Hunter. Baron Blood, The Mongol, Freak Show, and Polarity are all under arrest. You heard me... the east coast Super Crime Wave is over. My god its over, they got Em, The biggest super crime team is under arrest. They got those murdering freaks.? The fat reporter cried in religious ecstasy. He was weeping in delight, as much of America must be.

    On television screens across the world men in shining slick black amour and uniforms lead a line of badly bruised men in costumes, to large steel vans and other large transportation vehicles. The men where slouched in defeat, utter despair was worn like masks across their faces. As the media descended upon them, some knocked the cameras right out of the reporter?s hands others, while others just let their heads hang in shame. These scenes are too familiar now. Just last month New Athens?s Super Villain team, The Guild of Doom, fell to Vengeance, a team started by The Platinum Paladin and Colonel Liberty . A week before that they Fraternity of Evil Evolved, fell to NextGen. Crime is down 600%, Skyscrapers haven?t blown up over a year, and a Mayor?s daughter hasn?t been kidnapped in over three months. Hell even that crazy clown known as The Jester is behind bars in the Lovecraft Lunnybin.

    The days of supervillian are numbered.

    Or are they?

    While your locked away in what the Press is calling Super Jail, the first efficient penile complex built just for Meta Humans, your minds are racing. ?Where did I go wrong? Where did we go wrong?? Then it hits you! I didn?t trust the right people. I didn?t work well with my fellow scumbags! I was to busy fighting my friends, and not my enemies. We need to work together like they did?we can do it! It doesn?t mattered that this cell is located on the moon and is guarded by Super Powered Robots."

    Together, you can take down those self righteous jerks!

    Welcome to The Dark Side!

    You aren?t the good guys. You ain?t in the grey either. You?re a FREAKING Super Villain! You see that plasma T.V? Go take it! Go ahead. Feel free to kill the security guard on your way out. T.V doesn?t fit your decorum? Throw in the trash, you?ll can steal another one that does this afternoon, along with a vault filled to the rim with money.

    See that kid little in the Bat-Man shirt who says ?Gee Whiz? or ?Holy Cow?. The one who always says ?Please and Thank You? because that?s what Batsy would do. Well, time to show the brat how to act properly. Take Batman by his cape, and hang him to with it on top of city hall, while a T.V. crew records it live bellow. Make him throw away all his superhero junk, give up on life, and become a depressed alcoholic by the time he turns thirty. Its your job to make sure that truth, justice, and The American Way crumble underneath your boot. Hell it?s your moral duty. Your out to make the world less like Leave it to Beaver and more like Mad Max or A Clock Work Orange. Your out to terrorize people and make them fear for their lives. While a Superhero fights for a better tomorrow, you fight to make sure tomorrow itself never comes. While a hero fights to see a smile on the face of a small child and a loving mother, you fight to make her clutch her child in fear.

    And to get stinking rich in the process.

    How to become a Trillionaire and a Living Nightmare

    There are two types of currency that are going to be in this game. These forms of Currency are cold hard Cash and Terror/Reputation. No matter how rich you get, you won?t have cult members worshiping you. Likewise, being able to creep people out isn?t going to get that Installation on Mars to fire its Laser Beam at D.C. in th
  2. Mikaboshi

    Mikaboshi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 12, 2005
    [hl=black]GM Approved Character Sheet[/hl]

    Name: Marcos Deschain
    Alias: Daemon
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Powers/Skills: Magic (through the tattoos's on his body he has been granted mystical powers which make him capable of a great many feats such as flight, teleportation, molecular transformation, etc.) the full extent of which is still unknown, genius level intelligence, inventor.
    Gadgets/Weapons/Vehicles: Cybernetic arms granting the ability to absorb and re-channel energy, which is stored in the arms until needed. The arms can also create a force field around Daemon which protect him from harm, and emit powerful blasts of energy. These arms, if they expend too much energy, will not grant any abilities but rather act like normal arms until recharged.
    Weaknesses: Greed, Ego. Often times it isn't a specific set of powers that will bring him down, but rather his own desire for more. He will reach too far, take on too much, disrespect the abilities of others (both friend and foe alike). He has no resistance to telepathy.
    Personality: Arrogant, greedy, thinks he is better than those around him...and if he thinks someone is smarter than he is he will immediately hate that person.
    Arch Enemies/Nemesis:
    Nightmare: (Jan Hirst): Powers of illusion casting and tactile telekinesis. Can cause others to see, taste, touch and hear illusions of her choice. Through tactile telekinesis can increase strength and create a protective barrier around her body.
    Iron Lord (Antonio Salazar): Wears a suit of armor, created by Daemon. This suit allows him to fly, grants super strength, and can fire energy blasts from the palms of his hands.

    Origin Story: (why are you in Super Jail and how you got your powers is a must):

    Marcos was always interested in inventing, and he was extremely skilled from a very young age. He in fact was a prodigy, and graduated from High School at the age of 12, and College at 19 with degrees in robotics engineering, physics and computer sciences.

    The only dim spot in his otherwise bright future was a disabled arm, which from the time of birth to the present was unusable and deformed. Upon completion of college he found himself employed by the NASA, hired to create robotic cranes and devices to aid in the repair and construction of satellites while in orbit. However he found himself fixated on the thought of creating an arm to aid him, a cybernetic replacement for the flaw he was born with.

    His initial attempt was a success, but he found that it used so much energy that he would soon go broke trying to keep it powered. That is when he discovered a way to allow the arm to draw on ambient energy all around him, and store it within the arms themselves. Through various modifications he found he could also draw energy from things such as electrical sockets, power transformers, and even lightning storms. More modifications allowed him to not only absorb energy, but also disperse it in the form of powerful blasts of raw energy.

    With his new found abilities, he quit his job, which had already gave him a comfortable amount of capital to live on for a little while, and set forth to make a name for himself. Finding two like minded individuals, he built a robotic suit for one who was to become Iron Lord, and the other had mutant powers of her own. The three soon became known as the Triad, and their exploits we well known, mostly for the brutal way in which they dealt with criminals.

    This path led them down the criminal road soon enough, realizing that they could in fact act as heroes to the public while privately stealing from and blackmailing super villains. This is how Daemon first came into possession of an ancient Egyptian b
  3. Blaise_Marik

    Blaise_Marik Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 28, 2002
    I will be submitting CS soon
  4. loneclonehunter

    loneclonehunter Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 17, 2007
    Name: Edward Deveros
    Alias: Ruin
    Appearance: Tall, thin but muscular, very pale, almost grey skin. He has long winding tattoos all over his face and chest. He has a great jagged scar over his left eye, and the eye itself is totally white with no pupil. He wears a full suit of battle armor made of an unknown, bullet resistent but not impenitrable, metal. Over his armor he oten wears a dark black cloak with a hood.
    Age: 32
    Gender: male
    Powers/Skills: He Has the ability to levitate his enemies off the ground and throw them, as well as use the same force to crush them, as well as make himself fly. He can also generate massive bursts of electricity.
    Gadgets/Weapons/Vehicles: His gauntlets have knives hidden in them which can spring out and be used in combat. His helmet has a night vision, heat sensor and radar setting, as well as infrared. His Main weapon, which he carries into every battle, is a sword made of the same metal as his armor.
    Weaknesses: Water, which shorts out his electrical system. He is not profficient in hand to hand combat either.
    Personality: Chaotic, crazy, has no rules or regulations. Enjoys death and pain, like most of us enjoy cake.
    Arch Enemies/Nemesis: (feel free to create a CS for them as well, but you won?t be playing as them, just aiming to kill them) Name: Amorpha
    Power: transformation
    She is his arch nemisis, and has foiled his schemes more than once, he wants nothing more than to see her in pain, but not dead, then his fun would be over.

    Origin Story: (why are you in Super Jail and how you got your powers is a must): He got his powers while he was in an asylum. The asylum he was forced to live in was storing a toxic material which was to be transported to the near by research facility. One night, ruin escaped his cell and went running a muck throughout the facility, breaking glass, releasing the other inmates, as well as killing a few guards. In his mad dash he stumbled into a barrel of the toxic material and accidently consumed some of it. He immediately began throwing up violently. Then his skin temperature dropped and rose rapidly. The nurses found him and rushed him to the emergency ward, where his horrific symptoms magnified. He began to vomit blood, his bones broke and healed almost at the same time, he would become so hot that he would light the beds he was laying on on fire, and then so cold he would freeze the water he tried to drink. His body then began emitting sparks of electricity which quickly became mega storms of pure lightning. He then started lifting the loose objects of his room and spinning them, then in a bought of pain he crushed it all. FInally his pain and suffering ended, after 2 weeks he he had survived and was better than ever. Then, not 1 day after his recovery, he smashed his way from his room, hovering in mid air, killed whoever got in his way and flew to the city.
    16 years after that, his arch nemesis, amorpha, stopped him from unleashing a mega storm onto the city , and knocked him unconscious. When he awoke he under water, with a breathing mask on.... In super jail.
  5. BartSimpson-SithLord

    BartSimpson-SithLord Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 24, 2002

    Name: Jessie Freeman
    Alias : Venom Demon
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Powers/Skills: Enhanced durability, 80-ton Super strength, Living poison (able to generate any type of poison from his body, able to infuse poison with radiation in order to create even more destructive poisons, able to generate massive amounts of poison in order to grow into creatures such as giant dragons and demons), radioactivity (radiation blasts, can emit radiation).
    Gadgets/Weapons/Vehicles: N/A
    Weaknesses: Sensitive to sound, certain substances are harder for his poison to eat through, no immunity to telepathy.
    Personality: A brute first, he can think things through, but chooses destruction more often than not. He does have a softer side, one he learned to express when he spent time with Songstress, but that side is long hidden.
    Arch Enemies/Nemesis:
    Songstress (Genette DeRais): Flight, Sound manipulation, able to create solid sound constructs. She's also very stuck up, often looking down on others so much that she leans backwards.

    Silly Putty (Brian Hutch): Can stretch and shape his highly resilient body into any shape he can imagine, even ones with moving parts, can assume the image of anyone he's ever met or seen. Is fairly playful and confident.

    Mad Wax (Kevin Horn): He is able to tap unlimited amounts of wax from his body and create things from it. He can create walls, structures, but mainly uses it to create slides, cages, his armor, and walls.

    Origin Story: Once a simple Bouncer who worked for a club in New York City, his girlfriend became terminally ill with a strange disease. A mobster who specialized in orchestrating the obtaining and selling of technology throughout the city claimed that he knew of a scientist who could heal her. With the love of his life fading day by day, Jessie became an enforcer for the mob.

    His life after entering the mob was one of heartbreak and trouble. Constantly being caught by heroes and police alike, he spent many months in prison. While he was always rescued by his ?family? the life was putting a strain on what he most cared about. His newly cured girlfriend became frightened of what he had to do for her, and left him. She went to live with her family, hoping one day that Jessie would find his salvation once again. Because she knew too much, the mafia put a hit out on her and her family. They were all gunned down leaving a Broadway play.

    With everything he'd cared about, and the only reason he was in the mob to begin with, gone, Jessie made his break with the family. He went back to his job as a bouncer and began trying to find his life again. The mafia would not have this, however, and captured him. When they caught him, they filled his body with a vast amount of poisons, killing him slowly and painfully. When the deed was finished, they dumped his body in a pool in New Jersey. What they didn't know was that this pool was also a radioactive material dumping site. The radiation fused with Jessie's lifeless body and the poison. It brought him back to some semblance of life and changed him.

    Once awake, Jessie, now Venom Demon, had a large hatred for everything. He hated the criminals who did this to him, he hated the world that allowed people like them to exist. He went on a crusade to rid the world of corruption, only he saw everything as corrupt. Whether it was destroying buildings, people, whatever he could get to, he destroyed. It was then that he first met Mad Wax. A man who could block most of what Venom Demon could throw at him. Mad Wax was the first to capture him. Silly Putty was also constantly annoying him. Able to slouch off most poison and radiation, the malleable hero always seemed to be there.

    Songstress, however, was different. He first met
  6. TheManinBlack

    TheManinBlack Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 1, 2007
    OOC: Game will begin soon as the next two people post their sheets. Don't worry if you want to join late btw...we can arrange you going to Earth like everyone else quite easily...

  7. EmpireForever

    EmpireForever Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Mar 15, 2004
    Name: Nikolai Guyovitch

    Alias: Red Sickle [m7.3] (Formerly Red Sickle [Marx 1-6])


    Age: 77(Robot age: 3 months)

    Gender: male characteristics

    Powers/Skills: Most of Red Sickle's body is made of alien metal, giving him enhanced durability against blunt forces, explosives, and other forms of physical trauma. The rest of his body is made of a specially engineered metal, created from materials recovered from a crash landed UFO at the Tunguska Explosion, which was fused with DNA from the hero known as Silly Putty. The resulting metal is incredibly strong, and has the malleability of plastic when properly stimulated with electric current. Red Sickle is able to shape his arms at will, preferring to make them into impossibly thin blades, resulting in an edge that will cut through virtually anything. His joints are also malleable, which allows him to perform incredible feats of contortion and acrobatics. His robotic brain relays information faster than a human brain, granting him faster than normal reflexes. His energy cells have a half life of 5000 years, and he requires no fuel or rest. Skilled hand to hand combatant.

    Gadgets/Weapons/Vehicles: Prior to the incident which created the seventh Red Sickle armor, Nikolai had access to several version of his trademark power suit(Marx 1-6, respectively) as well as upgrades and alternative weapons, in addition to a state of the art laboratory.

    Weaknesses: EMP. Sufficient physical trauma to his internal computer/energy cells.

    Personality: Red Sickle is brooding, cynical, somewhat erratic, and completely insane. Methodical, ruthless, and cunning, Red Sickle always makes plans before taking action.

    Arch Enemies/Nemesis: Capitalist Machine(formerly), Silly Putty(Formerly)

    Origin Story: Nikolai was a former super scientist for the U.S.S.R. in the field of robotics. During the cold war, Nikolai was tapped to come up with a response to the U.S.'s armored superhero, The Capitalist Machine, and developed his own power suit, known as the Red Sickle m1(??????? ????), which used top secret alien metal from the Tunguska Incident. Unfortunately, Nikolai's suit was never able to overcome the Capitalist Machine, and he was consistently beaten.

    Later in his career, Nikolai began to work for himself, hatching mad schemes and robberies across the United States, only to be stopped by Silly Putty on several occasions. During one such fight, Nikolai was able to obtain a sample of the hero's DNA, and began work on the innovations to the alien metal.

    When Nikolai's body could no longer maintain the strain of wearing his Red Sickle armors, he began working on remote controlled armors using virtual reality. He made little progress, and fell off the radar of the super villain world.

    During one such experiment, there was an accident in the lab, which resulted in a massive explosion, incinerating everyone, including Guyovitch. However, the Red Sickle armor survived, and was confiscated by Super Jail in the ensuing investigation. Finding that it was not a power suit, they discovered that it was fully functional, and classified it as a robot.

    However, the Red Sickle armor is powered by a displaced consciousness. Refusing to believe that he is a robot, Red Sickle m7.3 is convinced that he is Nikolai Guyovitch himself, and that the experiment was a success, although he has no memory of his former life. The transfer has left him severely unbalanced and especially violent, although he maintains the keen intellect of Guyovitch.

    Red Sickle bides his time, waiting for the right opportunity to break out of Super Jail, and regain his once great status atop the world of supervillains.
  8. Kimblee

    Kimblee Jedi Youngling

    Jul 9, 2009
    GM Approved

    Name: Harry Turvin
    Alias: The General
    Age: 58
    Gender: Male
    Powers/Skills: Telekinesis and trained martial artist.
    Gadgets/Weapons/Vehicles: He had a giant fortress, multiple hideouts, and a customized warship.
    Weaknesses: Elemental attacks.
    Personality: Harry is evil and bad. Very calculating and thinks his crimes out well. He wants money and power. He is greedy.
    Arch Enemies/Nemesis:

    Name: Jor Kadel
    Powers/Skills: Flight by wings and extremely poweful wind manipulation.

    Origin Story: The General was actually a General in the US Army and he was born with his telekinetic powers. He served the army and even tried a run in politics. The thing was: The General was evil. He wants world domination and 7 years ago attacked a Naval base with his giant warship. The confrontation turned into a standoff for 10 days until the air force bombed his ship into nothingness and he was apprehended. He was trained in martial arts before joining the military when he was just a teenager and even boxed while in the service. His arch-nemesis is Jor Kadel, an ace Air Force pilot from Germany who has foiled The General crimes time and time again. Eventually, the General had Kadel's army record cleaned and his house in Germany destroyed in an assassination attempt. It only resulted in Kadel moving to America and becoming a full time superhero, launching all out war on the General. When his warship was destroyed, The General had almost made it to shore and he had planned to go into hiding, but Kadel caught while he was still out to sea and pummeled with wind bursts until the General was knocked unconscience and then arrested.
  9. TheManinBlack

    TheManinBlack Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 1, 2007
    IC: Makoto Ito ?The Diamond Daimyo?
    The Common Room, Super Jail

    Life was hell here, to say the least. The hallways where obviously made of a reinforced stainless titanium steel. The walls and floors where kept so clean that unless you came here just recently you had to squint while navigating around the buildings maze like corridors if you decided to move at all, otherwise you just kept them closed. Mattresses where a thin slab of what the guards called ?Synthetic Cotton?, but what everyone else called ?Cotton White Metal,? no matter how much you smack around that thing around you called a bed, it wasn?t going to fluff it out or cause any kind of impression at all. The food was actually a bland grey goo, designed to enriched with nutrients to the highest level possible, while it also dulled the mind and senses. Nothing but specially made, plastic like utensils to eat it with too. The closest thing to entertainment was matching old movies from the 50?s and earlier on the TV in the Relaxation faculty, the gym and basketball court was a close second?but that was actually fun any more thank to the safety measures they took to make sure no one could use their powers.

    The guards for their part where models of courtesy and patience; and not because they had to be either. They did so because they knew that ticked off the other guys in here more than anything else. Violence and hatred was something every guy in here, including Ito could understand. Hell, Ito knew they would thrive on it! It would make them still feel like they had all the power in the world, and that if the brackets on him where off (or whatever other safety gear the others in here had on), they would show these guard a thing or two. Instead?they where held in polite quiet contempt. ?Condensation would be to much for you has beens?, was the message?and even though Ito knew better, given it got to him. All the guards where wearing low level power armor and armed with the best of non -lethal weaponry.

    Even if he got of the bracelets that turned off his flick to slice through anything with his hands, or anything in hands for that matter, there was no way he could take down all of them by himself. And even if he did do just that, where would he go? He was on the freaking moon!

    Sulking in the middle of the common room, watching Casablanca or some other movie with Humphrey Bogart in it, Ito tried to remember what life was back in Chiba. He had it all, money, power, and women. He rent out an owners balcony for a Yankee?s game last minute, take a private jet to get there, with a model who had been on the cover of Maxim as his date. Now he was stuck in middle of the moon, with a white jump suit on, getting grey glue off a plastic tray, looking forward to laying on his stone hard mattress tonight.

    Ito was so engrossed in his thinking he almost missed the figure approaching to his left. But it would have been impossible to miss the large bubbly, baggy full body rubber suit approaching. Ito was instantly reminded it could be worse, he could be trapped one of the things high level Meta?s where when they couldn?t control there powers fully. One or two hours in uncomfortable suit. The rest of their time spent sedated, in a special full body steel cage in reinforced cage room with full time guards. Most the guys in that condition weren?t exactly in the best of moods, and didn?t make many friends.
    Ito know of only one that would approach him, instead of trying to pick a fight or hang around in a corner all by themselves

    ?Hey Napalm what?s up.? Ito said turning slowly, offering a genuine friendly smile. Napalm was one of the few guys who didn?t have a freaking social defect, and once you over the fact he was a living fireball, was a pretty cool guy. Like him he was also a Yankee?s fan, kept up with Ultimate Fighter. and even spoke a little Japanese. When ever he got out of solitary they always hung out.

    ?What the hell are doing here dude? Didn?t you here, Marcos is here dude. Marcos Deschain, the Daemon.

    ?You have to be kidding me. Are sure?? Ito y
  10. jawbox

    jawbox Jedi Youngling

    Nov 7, 2008

    Name: James Wochs

    Alias : The Manipulator

    Appearance: Small and thin, with long brown hair. His body is usually hidden by a cloak and his face by a variety of masks.



    Powers/Skills: Has a power over memories, which accesses through eye contact with his victim. He can delete memories, manipulate them, push painful memories into the forefront of one's mind, and he can delete "physical Memories" (ie: How to make one's heart beat, how to talk, how to fight disease etc.) in order to slowly kill a person.

    Gadgets/Weapons/Vehicles: Simple handgun, a variety of bombs and other explosives, and a butcher knife.

    Weaknesses:Must make eye contact with victim in order to use power, physically weak, tend to bite off more than he can chew.

    Personality: Appears very innocent and unassuming, but inside he is very angry, bitter, and vengeful. He never forgives nor forgets those who wrong him. Very cynical and misanthropic, sadistic, and introverted.

    Arch Enemies/Nemesis:

    #1.The Mighty Warrior: A handsome, self-righteous, super strong hero. Leader of the super hero team TANK ( The Altruistic Warrior Kinship)

    #2.The White Assailant: A beautiful albino super hero with the power of invisibility. Member of TANK.

    #3.The Paralyzer: A small, thin, geeky kid with the power to temporarily Paralyze someone.

    Origin Story: James was your typical geek, a small wimp who loved Sci-Fi and Fantasy in all of it forms. His obsessions with video games and obscure films were not well appreciated by his peers, who mercilessly picked on him. He had only one friend, Erick Hanshaw (Who would later be known as The Paralyzer), a fellow geek who idolized Super Heroes.

    The two of them continued being misfits until one fateful day. James, who was so shy that he'd never made eye-contact with anyone in his entire life, bumped into a girl while walking to school, and for a few second held eye-contact with her. In those moments, her entire life flashed before him. After a few more incidents, James realized that he had a super power, he had control over peoples memories.

    That same year, his friend Erik also discovered his super power, the ability to paralyze. The two of them were over-joyed with their new found power, and they sought to join a super hero team to put their talents to use fighting crime. Unfortunately, no team wanted them, their powers were at best viewed as useless( at the time Erik could only paralyze facial muscles) and at worst laughed at. Shunned by the heroes and increasing angry at the world, the two misfits turned to crime.

    The pair found that their powers were actually incredibly useful for finding codes to bank vaults or convincing guards to let them in. Erik would paralyze a persons face and James would look into their unclosing eyes, stealing information or manipulating memories. As they learned more and more about their abilities, they began doing increasing complex schemes, manipulating the police into killing super heroes and guards, infiltrating military bases, and turning various powerful leaders into their minions.

    Eventually, they began manipulating super heroes' memories, turning them into powerful minions. With the converted super heroes, they created the super villain team Dark Vengeance ( Yeah,kinda cheesy but they couldn't think of anything else at the time). Unfortunately, they made a powerful enemy when they captured and converted the The White Assailant, a member of TANK.The Mighty Warrior, the leader of TANK, decreed an all out war against Dark Vengeance, to arrest it's leaders and bring back the White Assailant and the other heroes to the good side. Now, whenever Dark Vengeance attempted a heist, TANK was there. Infiltrating a military installation, TANK was there. This rivalry lead to a brutal stalemate, with neither side being able to destroy the other.

    Unfortunately, Erik was beginning to have second thoughts about being a villain. He was tired of hurting others and was frightened of James' increasingly sadistic nature. He also still clinged to childhoo
  11. loneclonehunter

    loneclonehunter Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 17, 2007
    IC: Ruin

    Ruin couldnt take it! he was losing his mind.... again. He couldnt stand to walk down those stark white hallways to eat a fine grey mush! DAMN THOSE GUARDS!!! If he every got loose, he knew he would throw them out the air lock and watch them struggle to breathe!
    Ruin now spent most of his time sitting alone in the cafeteria, no one truly sat by him because he had a tendency to create, shall we say, chaos. He would start a fight for the sake of the violence it brought about, or throw his food at a guard to make him attempt to stun him, though no guard had yet hit him with any type of object or weapon, because it gave him a little bit of the thrill he so missed from good old new york.
    He knew if he could escape he could make a telekanetic bubble around himself with enough air to make it to earth, but he could not take on all the guards without his armor.
    For that he would need help. For that he would need ALL the inhabitants of this retched place.
    But he knew that they were watched far to closely to ever have a meeting in secret, so he returned to the cafeteria and sat in his dark little corner, staring at his grey blob of so called food, when he saw the newest of the inmates, a man they all seemed to fear.
    Fear. FEAR!!! Ruin new no fear! especially not from a nooby inmate!
    He threw his blob of what looked wet newspaper at the one they called Daemon.

    Tag: Daemon
  12. loneclonehunter

    loneclonehunter Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 17, 2007
    OOC: this is what ruin looks like

  13. TheManinBlack

    TheManinBlack Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 1, 2007
    OOC: Now that RL isn't eating me alive would anyone like to continue this? Just PM if your answer is yes.

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