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Beyond - Legends No regrets, for the springtime meadow of wildflowers & berries challenge

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, May 4, 2021.

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    Aug 21, 2006
    No regrets for the springtime meadow of wildflowers & berries challenge
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: Legends: beyond
    Genre: one shot
    Characters: OC's Jono Bel Hana and others
    Time-frame 44 ABY

    No Regrets

    A Corellian corvette was leaving the infamous Moniron nebula, escaping from the authorities who had been unable to stop it.

    On the bridge of the corvette was pilot Jono Bel-Hana or as he was known to his boss as Jono Bekana. He was a recent addition to the gang of Amos Slojuk, his son Ira, Vicky Padoffi, Melikas and Warren. He was awed after seeing the swirling patterns of rocks and dust that formed the nebula. His father Jeb had told him everything about the treacherous trip to Moniron and the debt he had to Ira Slojuk because the corvette had been a wreck after landing.

    Jeb had to pay for the repairs and got a meagre job in one of the factories near the harbour where he met a nice girl and married her. Jono was born in Noranan. He was ten when the police came to take him home telling him that his parents were found murdered. Jono was sent to an orphanage in Monir where he was soon taken by a nice couple.

    Jono being interested in what his father had done for a living graduated as a fully qualified pilot after studying at Monir University. He was a pilot for the Monir police and partnered with Steve Magaron when he got the belongings from his parents and found out that Amos Slojuk had been responsible. Jeb had been late paying a term on his debt.

    Jono began to plan, took his accumulated leave from his work at the Monir police-department and had joined Slojuk two and a half months ago giving a false name. Slojuk had greedily accepted his services when he heard that Jono could finish the repairs on the corvette being the son of a Corellian pilot stranded on Monrion after his craft broke down.

    Jono had no regrets. Now he could bring the gang to justise. He had already seen on the navcomp that the next stop was Corellia.

    Warren had joined the pilot on the bridge of the corvette and gave a relieved sigh when he saw the last particles and rocks of the nebula making place for the deep black of space. He was awed by the skills of the pilot. Bekana had repaired the corvette and knew how to fly her and program the astro-droid that was helping him in the co-pilot seat.

    “Entering hyperspace now,” Jono had his hands going over the controls.

    Warren saw the swirling patterns of hyperspace and began to laugh. “Melikas is too busy with Padoffi to appreciate the beautiful sight out there.”

    “We will see where we end up,” Jono grinned. “The next stop appears to be Corellia.”

    “Corellia,” Warren began to smile. “Ira Slojuk will like it to return to his home planet. He told me about Coronet city. The first thing I will do is visit Treasure ship row.”

    “Not my idea but if you want another company to work for it’s the place to be,” Jono said. “My dad was a Corellian business man and liked to go there and visit the bars. He became a grumbling old guy after becoming stranded on Moniron when the planet became off limits for the empire. Getting a wife and me didn’t change that grumbling.”

    “I will welcome a change,” Warren grinned. “I was born on Moniron and got my first job at Slojuk’s factory as a truck-driver. Helping him with his ‘nice’ work earned me enough credits to start a tapcaf and earn my credits living honest.”

    “Great idea Warren,” Jono had a smile on his face and thought about the things he sure didn’t want to reveal to Slojuk, Melikas or Padoffi or even Warren. ‘As soon as I enter Corellian space I will sent a greeting and my real name. Getting my dad’s belongings from my foster parents started my search for the murderers now three months ago. The belongings were very useful with the book on the old Corellian language and the manual for the corvette. Grand dad Captain Bel-Hana was a well known CorSec officer. Slojuk and his gang will pay for the crimes.’

    “Slojuk doesn’t have bugs here?”

    “No Warren,” Jono smiled. “I went over all the nooks and crannies before having her ready to fly. I hope Corellia will be a nice place to live for you and me.”

    x x x x x

    Jono Bel-Hana had a relieved smile on his face when he was guided to a waiting transport. His mission to get the murderers of his parents to justice had ended. He had left the corvette after landing it in one of the berths telling Slojuk that he had to hand over his credentials to the authorities. Slojuk – he had come to the cockpit as soon as the corvette came out of hyperspace – had believed him because there had been a steady stream of conversations between the cockpit and the spaceport as soon as the corvette entered orbit. Jono had been responsible when he sent his name and a ‘greeting’ in the old Corellian language. Someone at the spaceport had picked up immediately what he wanted and had continued with a pleasant conversation ending it with ‘report to CS-command.’

    He had told the CorSec officers everything about Slojuk and his business on Moniron. Mentioning the planet had him explaining all about his father’s journey to Moniron, the stored jump and that he didn’t know the coordinates and that it was a nuisance for spacecraft. They were impressed by his knowledge of the old Corellian language and his piloting skills.

    ‘We will give Slojuk and his father, Melikas and Padoffi a nice place to stay and give Warren a ride to Treasure ship row,’ was what the CorSec captain had said before giving orders.

    Jono liked that Warren was given a chance to start his tapcaf. He had a new future too. As a police pilot and a grandson of Captain Bel-Hana he could join CorSec. But he had the knowledge to return to Moniron inherited from his mother. And that good looking girl giving him a wink with her left eye was something to pursue. Was this what his mother had taught him about Dunai elder and falling in love? No, Jono had no regrets coming to Corellia.
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    Nice helping Warren with a new start
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    Aug 3, 2003
    What a great use of the prompt! Glad justice was done and a new future awaits. :)=D=
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    Your main character is certainly in for interesting times and faces a new horizon.[face_good_luck]

    And you also met the challenge well, bird! :)