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Non Star Wars One Sentence Challenge Stories

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by devilinthedetails, Nov 2, 2019.

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    Nov 1, 2004
    She was not being sarcastic. He actually wore backless chaps to the crime scene.

    Ahh...another fandom I love. That pretty much sounds like what Lana says to Archer all the time. Other popular sentences include 'Phrasing' ,'Babou!' and 'That's why we get ants'.
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    Jun 29, 2004
    Oh, ouch! =(( I'm used to laughing for your Married With Children snippets, but this one hit and hit hard!

    [face_laugh] [face_love]! What I love best about this sentence is that there are so many things that they could be laughing about, and the rest of the scene is up to the reader's imagination. What a great way to tell a story with just a few words!

    Excellent offerings, all! I was thrilled to see you join in on the fun. =D= [:D]

    And now, for my next group of drivels - this time in no small part for @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, who keeps love for this fandom going strong [face_love] [:D] - I have . . .

    “boldly going, gone”
    (Star Trek: 2009 | Ensemble Cast)​


    “Mother, what is this?” no matter his tender years, her son was already so, so serious to ask, yet Amanda only felt her mouth turn up all the more so to explain a smile to Spock.


    She was nothing more than an impression against the horizon, a hazily sketched promise of things yet to come, but when he looked at the ghostly contours of the Enterprise for the first, Jim knew that she was straining for the stars, impatiently yearning for flight – he knew, because he felt the same.


    He was still as stone beneath her touch, so much so that Nyota first panicked, her mind rapid-firing through every reason that this was impossible inappropriate wrong and oh no, but she'd just made an irreparable mess of everything . . . before she realized – with a jolt that she felt from her fingertips to her heart – that Spock was kissing her back.


    In a fraction of a heartbeat, Spock couldn’t help but cycle through all eleven – nearly twelve – regulations they were breaking, all the while factoring in every logical reason that this couldn’t possibly work between them . . . before he stopped thinking entirely, powerless as he was but to return the cadet’s hesitant kiss with a fervor of his own.


    At first, trying to figure out how the half-Vulcan commander could ever mean anything more to him than a frustrated headache and a still seething sense of annoyance was enough to make his head spin, but now – bruised and battle-worn but alive, and the Earth saved along with them – Jim couldn’t help but think that maybe, just maybe -


    “Honestly, I think it’s best if we just start over,” he was ready to take the second chance the universe was offering them if Spock was too, “So: my name is James Tiberius Kirk, and it’s a pleasure to meet you.”


    A full month into their five-year mission, Nyota listened as Spock tried to puzzle their new captain out aloud, but was unable to keep herself from summarizing: “In other words, I think that you may just be starting to like him,” with a knowing grin.


    Jim was surprised – but pleasantly so – when Sulu revved the engine on the hoverbike next to him, a challenge glinting in his eyes; ignoring McCoy's cries of protest, he floored the accelerator and took off like a shot, his helmsman following suit not even a second behind him.


    The away team’s chance of overall success went up by 22.7 percent for Nyota’s inclusion, only to plummet down to 38.5 percent when the Klymirrians opened fire regardless, and then down to 17.31899 percent when the left stabilizer blew; gripping the arms of the captain’s chair, Spock pushed his calculations aside, finding no solace in the usually cool comfort of his logic.


    “You know, you could just ask him yourself,” Pike gently chided his old friend, but still invited Winona inside to share a glass of Saurian brandy and relay the latest reports from the Enterprise.


    Nyota was just beginning to nod off when she registered Leo’s presence in the medbay, checking on Spock's vitals one last time for the night, when - “Just don’t tell anyone,” the concern in the doctor's eyes belayed anything he may have said aloud, “I still have a reputation to protect, you hear?”


    If there was one thing Kirk shared in common with Uhura, it was how often he tried his absolute best to provoke any sort of emotion in his usually impervious first officer; Spock, he thought, knew this, which made his rare moments of not-smiling all the more satisfying.


    Scotty couldn’t help but feel the great ship’s pain as his own as he shimmied through yet another access tunnel, his welder held in hand; “Just tell me where it hurts, lass,” he whispered as the Enterprise sang her sorrowful song, “and I’ll have you feeling right as rain in no time, I promise.”


    “Your mother would have approved,” was Sarek's only comment as Nyota walked away; the silence that then fell between them was then heavy with memory, but there was solace to be found for their missing being shared, rather than endured alone.


    “Oh, but you've gotta love this, Bones: the boldy go part of our mission statement?” Jim couldn’t help but enthuse over the din of the wailing sirens and the bustle on the command deck, his grin only growing as they raced into the fray yet again.

    ~MJ @};-
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    "Interpret" -- adorbsness! :* :*

    "Jolt" & "Equation" melts! This moment is filled with such what did I do? Followed by YES! :) [face_sigh]

    "Consonance" & "Repeat" -- oh the delicious, timeless Jim & Spock friendship! [face_dancing]

    "Speed" -- oh, the FUN mental image - so like Luke and Biggs -- boys who love FAST rides forever [face_laugh]

    "Calculate" -- a riveting bit of edge of seatness in one sentence. =D=

    "Messenger" -- I loved the glimpse of the Pike and Winona friendship plus the hint of something still tentative in Winona's wanting to mend fences (but not knowing quite how) with her son. [face_thinking]

    "Balm" -- [face_mischief] [face_shhh] Leo's secret is safe, for now.

    "Fissure" -- 3 cheers for the command crew banter. :D

    "Blessing" -- a wonderful, touching wrap up! Yes, indubitably Amanda would have approved 100%!

    Thank you so much for these GEMS @Mira_Jade

    [face_love] [:D]
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    Jan 28, 2007
    He's in love, awww ... :D

    The Night They Invented Champagne

    Pinkie preened her longest tail feather and quizzed Marlene, "Baby, are you for reals sure you want to take this one home forever?" while Marlene held back Skipper's forehead feathers after he'd overindulged at their wedding; Pinkie gossiped about the otter bride's answer for hours to her flamingo flock.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    [face_laugh] Poor Skipper got snockered on too much champagne :p
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    Thank you, @Jedi_Lover! Good to know that you enjoyed ST. I've got plenty to mine if you have the notion. :D

    Lovely set, @Mira_Jade! It is always good to see Nine/Rose. Beautiful set.

    I had to read this a couple of time to get the why the Doctor and Rose were present. Fantastic sentence. And, arguably one of the best quotes to come from LOTR.

    Mooring - Lovely that the Doctor sees her as all of these things.

    Doctorate - Wonderful. It reminds of one I did back in the days when the Doctor drops his screwdriver and Bones drops his hypo.

    Ephemeral - definitely a somber moment for Rose. Reminds me of long-lived immortals from Highlander.

    I do love me some Nine. He had such wonderful expression. So demonstrative. However, he lacked the grace of Ten. I really like how their relationship, that started here, progressed with Ten. You are killing (^:)^) me with the (). :cool:

    @amidalachick" Keep em coming! It's good to see you here at the sentence challenge. I enjoyed AL Bundy, but,as you have probably, guessed, I loved the Stranger Things one. I imagine they were listening in on Hopper and Joyce? Great sentence about their giggle fest.

    @pronker: I really do love Skipper. What a voice! What command presence! What an utter embarrassment at the wedding. [face_laugh]
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    Jun 19, 2019
    Awesome to see how prolific everyone has been! Keep up the great work as we come into the home stretch of this challenge!=D=

    @amidalachick So glad that you like the format of this challenge, and that you chose to give it a try for yourself:)

    On an administrative note, this is just a friendly reminder to everybody that the last day to submit sentence entries for this challenge will be November 23rd. I will make a post in this thread to mark the official end of this challenge that will be sometime after midnight EST. After that, you are welcome to post comments on story entries, but you may not submit any more for the challenge. Thank you!
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    But, wait, there was more from @Mira_Jade! How did I miss the ST:2009 set?

    Inevitable - lovely sentence. the friendship in its infancy.

    Speed - Love the bromantic competition/friendship bourn out of the platform jump in ST:2009.

    Balm - Mira said Leo! My work in spreading my headcannon into fanfic has one more victim-er...recruit. Nice seeing Leo checking up in on Spock's condition.

    Fissure - Wonderful.

    Malady - This reminded me very much of Jimmy Doohan. But I can picture Pegg doing it as well.

    Blessing - I want more Spock-Sarek moments in this verse. They are still Vulcan but have a common love a human if not humanity itself. I am, what the word Nyota uses? Chuffed, to know that Amanda, in Sarek's eyes would have approved of Uhura.

    Intrepid - But he doesn't, Jim, and you know that, which is part of why you're grinning. :p

    And, now for a few more Stranger Things flash-sentences....

    Winter Wonderland

    There was so much she had not seen, so much she did not know, but as she stepped out the front door of the cabin, a foot of snow all around her, she was sure of one thing: it was beautiful.


    It was the night of the Snowball dance that Mike first told her she was beautiful; a concept she had learned from Joyce and Hopper, but one she simply could not accept.


    It was all of them, her parents, Mike, and, especially Max, who helped her see that she was more than a 'lab rat'; that she was someone special, not just because of what she could do, but because of goodness inside of her.


    Lucas Sinclair was mesmerized; enthralled, captivated, indeed spellbound by the earthy, natural allure, the bewitching freckles, the waves of copper hair, the endless depth of her blue sky eyes, the grace on a skateboard, the aptitude with a joystick, and the rugged independence that was...Max.


    Pinpointing the exact moment Max and El became friends was hard to do, in retrospect, but, if pressed, she figured it was the first time Mike made El mad.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    @brodiew -- enjoyed the Stranger Things set showing the sweet caring connections amongst friends/pairings.
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    Aug 3, 2003
    @Mira_Jade "Promise" gives me shivers - such a beautiful description of the way it feels to be on the edge of a journey with the vehicle that will make it happen. [face_love] Loved "Jolt" too - poor Nyota panicking, then realizing that everything is more than okay! :*

    @pronker Haha! "The Night They Invented Champagne" is such a fun story all in one sentence.

    @brodiew Of course I love all of your Stranger Things sentences. You have such a great grasp on the characters and their voices. But I think "Accept" is my favorite out of that set. Love El's realization that they all love her for her, not her powers. [face_love]

    To everyone who commented on my other sentences, thank you so much! This is so much fun. :D

    Stranger Things

    "And that's why boys are stupid," Erica said, concluding her speech with a dramatic gesture towards where Lucas, Steve, and Dustin were clowning around, and Robin, looking over at them with a snort of laughter, couldn't argue with her reasoning at the moment.


    Joyce sat down next to Hopper with a sigh, and wordlessly he lit her a cigarette and put his arm around her shoulders.


    Max sobbed and screamed for her step-brother to wake up as she clutched desperately at his ruined body, lying motionless on Starcourt's floor surrounded by blood, only to be jolted awake from her nightmare by Billy's sleepy voice saying, hey, shut up, I'm here, as he awkwardly hugged her.
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    Oct 11, 2005
    Thank you, @amidalachick! That set touched on a theme I haven't gotten into before: El's self image. Seems like I should do some more with that.
    As for your set, I have wanted to write Erica for some time, but I don't feel up to the task. She's intimidating in more ways than one. Excellent glimpse at her no nonsense perspective on the boys.

    Joyce/Hopper - simple, sweet, and just a perfect scene.

    Max - Billy - Very nice to see more in the Live!Billy verse. At first I thought we were at Starcourt. Nice change up with Billy waking her up and awkwardly hugging her.
  12. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    WHEW! I am so sure Max was never so relieved to wake up and find Billy was okay. Sweet with Joyce and Hopper. :D
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    @brodiew Thank you so much! Erica is a really intimidating character, and I don't think I'd be up to the challenge of writing her in a longer story. And glad you liked Joyce/Hopper and Max and Billy. I know the "it was a just a dream" trope is totally cliche but it makes my heart happy lol.

    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Thank you so much! [:D] And yeah, I'm sure Max was very relieved to wake up too!

    Going through some more sentences...

    @divapilot As someone who hates winter more each year I totally feel for Persephone! Beautifully written sentence.

    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Love "Origami Shapes"! It's such a quiet, content little story. And "Just The Thing" - sounds like the lingerie was a good choice indeed! [face_batting]

    @Mira_Jade Your writing is so beautiful, and you create such a mystical, mythological feel in your LotR sentences. "Eternity" in particular was so bittersweet - the pain of waiting but the hope of being reunited. Excellent work!
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    Superb visual!=D=

    [face_hypnotized] Whew, that was terrifying to read and worse to experience.

    I Like To Move It, Move It

    "What matters most to you, Skipper?" asked Marlene on their wedding night and though it was difficult to think through the afterglow, he thought what mattered most two hours ago was matching my mentor's record of never losing a soldier on a mission but I can't do that since Manfredi and Johnson bought the farm so when he answered, "Keeping you and the babe inside you safe," he realized that he had moved on and it was okay.


    Thanks to brodiew for the prompt!! :)
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Lovely @pronker -- as we see Skipper being real with Marlene [face_love]
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    @pronker Awww! Very touching mix of regret and acceptance for Skipper.

    These things are addictive, I swear! [face_laugh] And if you're thinking the last one sounds a little familiar - you're right. [face_batting]

    King of the Hill
    Peggy could tell that Hank was in a particularly good mood, because before he flipped the burgers he looked over at her, tossed the spatula in the air, caught it neatly, and winked.

    Cyril was (mostly) minding his own business, but the noise from Mallory's office was getting too loud to ignore, so surely no one would blame him for peeking in and checking on them (and why hadn't they invited him anyway)?

    Stranger Things
    "Ahoy ladies, Steve Harrington here - and this gun's for hire," Steve said, using his ice cream scoop to gesture at himself; Robin shook her head, made another mark under the 'You Suck' column, and called out, "You can't start a fire without a spark, dingus."
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    There have been so many wonderful sentences posted here over the last few days, and I have loved reading every one of them! I'll comment soon on individual pieces, but for now I just wanted to give three cheers and a round of applause for everyone's fine work. This has been an unbelievably enjoyable challenge! =D=

    Then! DRL has hit me something fierce this week, and all I was able to do writing-wise is chip away at this last offering of sentences. Erm, there's twenty-five of them - because I had to be long winded in one way if not another, it seems 8-} :oops: :p - but they're my effort to summarize Tolkien's saga from The Silmarillion to The Hobbit to LoTR and back again in just a few lines. So! In that sense I kept this set very short indeed. [face_mischief] ;) For those of you who are interested in wading through this lot, I thank you for reading and hope that you enjoy! [:D]

    “valued above such horded gold”
    (Tolkien; The Silmarillion – LoTR | Ensemble Cast)​


    “I think I better understand your choices now, dear Melian, as perhaps I did not quite before,” Olórin’s voice was fond as Lúthien reached out her tiny hands as if to catch the light shining through his body of temporary flesh – a seed planted then that would later bear fruit when he was called both Gandalf and Wise in the millennia still yet to come.


    The dragon’s egg was a small thing when held in the infinite hands of a Vala, but Melkor smiled a dread smile for all that he knew the firstborn of his own Children would someday become: “Well done, my admirable one,” he approved, for which Mairon bowed deeper in answer to, his spirit shuddering with a satisfaction then more replete than anything he’d once known – or could have ever imagined possible – as a Maia in Aulë’s halls.


    Her mother had long seemed timeless with a grace beyond even that of the Elves, but Lúthien knew that Melian was waning since Thingol’s death, with their bond being the everlasting anchor that kept her divine spirit leashed to its body of flesh and bone; soon, her mother would have no choice but to give into the promise of healing and rest she so sorely needed in the Undying Lands beyond their shores.


    Lúthien let her tears fall as Melian ran her hands through her hair one last time, as she cupped her face and bid her to be brave in farewell, knowing that it would be many, many vast ages of the world before she saw her mother again – and that was only if the One ever saw fit for the whole of his Children to be reunited, with so vastly different a path as she’d chosen for love before her now.


    “There ever is, and ever will be, a heavy price paid for such actions,” Galadriel gravely intoned, disquieted by the dark satisfaction she felt burning in her husband’s fëa for avenging Thingol’s murder – yet it was Thranduil who narrowed his eyes to counter aloud, “Which the Dwarves learned to their own ruin, you could very well say; may they remember the fruits of their treachery in the centuries to come, for we ourselves shall never forget.”


    “It is done, beloved; your father is avenged,” Beren gravely set the Silmaril down before his wife, and Elwing – with a child’s eyes and a child’s heart – could not understand how her grandmother could shove something so beautiful away in such complete disgust, leaving the hallowed gem to dully clatter as it fell to strike the floor.


    “When,” Galadriel hissed – her fëa blazing with a fey rage to be forced to kneel as Maedhros irreverently lounged on Dior’s throne (on Thingol’s throne), “will enough be enough, Russandol?” hating, all the while, how her kinsman did not even blink his hollow eyes for the vehemence of her judgment.


    “Your father never deserved your loyalty, nor is your Oath worth the ruin it has since inspired,” once, Maedhros would have been proud of the wisdom Elrond already showed for his young years – just as he would have heard how Elros pleaded: “Please, be the one who picks us, this time,” when his twin’s logic failed, but the Silmaril was there, right there . . . and Maedhros could not turn the works of his father's hands aside, no matter how the holy gem irrecoverably burned through him to finally hold.


    To think that once he had scorned his master’s obsession over the Silmarils as a weakness – but now, Mairon breathed in as his wounded fëa turned alight with power for donning the One Ring for the first; the Valar, Mairon exhaled fire to vow his vengeance, would regret letting him live whilst taking his lord away, and he would see that they understood their error full well as Middle-earth fell to an ever-dark equal to the Doors of Night Melkor was cursed to languish behind.


    “My lord, there are many with more power and wisdom than I; surely another would be more fitting for this honor?” Olórin respectfully bowed before his Vala, only to feel Manwë’s fondness as a wind stirring through the light of his spirit - “And that,” his concerns were turned aside, “is why you must be one of the Five who make this journey; no other will do.”


    Sometimes, for the burdens he knew as Vilya's keeper, Elrond thought that he could empathize with his parents’ choices . . . and yet, other times – such as when his sons took their first toddling steps or when Arwen’s laughter rang out through the valley – he felt as if he would never understand Elwing nor Eärendil no matter how he tried.


    Celebrían thought that, perhaps, Elwing did not expect her to return after her first (and originally only) visit, for the last Queen of the Sindar was stunned as she invited herself inside and said with an (admittedly) waning animosity, “To start with, I will answer anything you’d like to know about your grandchildren . . . and then, perhaps, we can go from there.”


    “If you say it is treasure that stands between your two kinds, then I shall be very cross indeed,” Biblo could not help but scorn – unable to believe his ears as Balin flushed pink to tell the tale of Doriath and a Silmaril . . . of a murdered king of the Elves and a king of the Dwarves slain in vengeance – some memories, he scoffed in disdain, were simply much too long indeed!


    Éowyn laughed in giddy delight the first time Éomer lifted her to ride alongside him on his pony, and he felt his own heart soar as he led his sister through a canter and then onwards to what a gallop his mount could manage when Éowyn beckoned, just as it was so fitting for the children of Rohan to rejoice.


    . . . but it was not until she picked up his sword with intention for the first that Éomer felt a note of foreboding stab through him, knowing then that he'd break her heart if it meant sparing her life – for she was worth more to him than any treasure wrought from the earth, and he’d already lost far too much to count her alongside Rohan's fallen.


    As they followed behind the march-warden, Legolas could not understand why he had felt . . . protective over one of the Naurgim, to whom bonds of fellowship and one’s sworn word meant nothing to, just as his father had so long warned; instead, he only knew that he was slowly coming to understand that Gimli was not his forefathers . . . and thus, Haldir’s scorn sat ill with him indeed.


    “Should you do half so well with Durin forged steel, I’d eat my own helm,” Gimli couldn’t help but scoff when his first attempt to aim true with the bow of the Galadhrim resulted in his arrow flying well off target to pierce the underbrush beyond – to which Legolas laughed long for in hearty delight.


    His mannish heart may have first failed him with the Ring, but Boromir was more than such empty avarice and petty greed – better would he be remembered for his courage (his bravery valor honor as a son of Gondor) as he held his sword up high, knowing that he would stand in defense of the Hobbits until he had not a breath left to do so.​


    Sam could not carry the Ring – that little slip of cursed gold was not his burden to wrest with – but Frodo was his to carry, in every way; so, he squared his shoulders and dug in deep to find his strength as he bodily pulled his friend the rest of the way up Mount Doom, determined to see their journey through to its conclusion.


    “I am Éowyn, yes, my lady,” she dipped low upon meeting Arwen Evenstar for the first, ducking her eyes away (for the elf-lady was fair to behold, in a way that went beyond mere mortal constraints of beauty – with the night caught in her hair and the twilight shining from her eyes and Lúthien's immortal song still ghosting through her voice) and wondering all the while how she could have ever hoped to compete with such legendary grace!


    Feeling as her heart seemingly broke anew, Éowyn was only able to see the thick calluses on her hands from both sword and rein alike as she stared through the thin ends of her sun-whitened hair, when Arwen gently reached forward to tilt her chin up and say, “There is no one you need ever bow before, daughter of Éomond – for I have heard told of your bravery . . . and I would, even more so, like to know of those same victories from your own mouth.”


    And it was there that the future Queen of Gondor and the White Lady of Rohan saw the inception of their friendship, one stronger than the shadow of any man that may have stood between them; but then, Éowyn was finding many such bonds in the Houses of Healing to be true as the days stretched onwards from her memories of war and despair.


    “Of course, you are the one of whom I was inspired to speak,” Glorfindel’s voice was warm as he took in the woman who had been the Witch-king’s doom, and, with his own twice-lived eyes then catching in recognition he couldn’t help but say: “You know, you remind me of your ancestress; there is much of Haleth the Chieftess of the Haladin in you, and you do her memory proud with your courage.”


    “Will you join us, husband?” a challenge glinted in Galadriel’s eyes from where she was steadily matching Gimli and his kin from Erebor goblet of ale for goblet of ale at Arwen and Aragorn’s wedding feast; but here, at the long end of many vast millennia, Celeborn gave into his wife’s unsubtle designs and accepted a seat next to the dwarf – it seemed, he resigned himself, that he had much to catch up on, in more ways than one.


    It was enough for Sam: his simple life in the Shire spent watching as the seeds in his garden sprouted for life anew; here, he was content to raise his family in a land free from shadow, making sure all the while that his children knew the stories of old so that the light would hold on for generations still yet to come, lest their trials were forgotten, and their hard-won victories taken for granted.

    Olórin: Gandalf’s true name, from when he served as a Maia of the Vala Manwë.

    Mairon: Sauron is the name you may better know him by. ;) He was a Maia of the Vala Aulë – just the same as Saruman. But he was seduced to the evil Vala Melkor’s service, where he was the craftsman who helped create everything from orcs to dragons to balrogs. You can say that all of LoTR is his carrying on where Melkor left off after his defeat. They have a . . . twisted and unbelievably strong bond. The name Aulë gave him, ‘Mairon,’ means admirable one – so Melkor is being blasphemous/sarcastic/gloating over his prize all at once in this sentence. [face_plain]

    Naugrim: An unfriendly Sindarin word for the Dwarves that means stunted ones. In short: when King Thingol commissioned the Silmaril of Lúthien to be set into a necklace of starlit stones by the Dwarves of Nagrod, the dwarves fell under the influence of the Silmaril and murdered Thingol in an effort to keep the Silmaril for themselves. Beren then led the elves of Doriath against Nogrod in vengeance for his wife’s father – a battle that both Celeborn and Thranduil (who were most likely cousins) participated in, leading to both of their longstanding prejudices. Yeah, I know – the Silmarils were nothing but bad news! But, Legolas and Gimli, who are both amongst the youngest generation of their respective peoples, beautifully showed how that feud could mend. [face_love]

    Russandol: A nick-name that means ‘copper-top’ in Quenya for Maedhros' red hair, which was a rare colour amongst the elves. (Again ignoring Peter Jackson's films unless Tauriel is somehow related to Mahtan - which is an interesting theory, even so. :p) The younger members of Finwë’s family, the royal house of the Noldor elves, would have called Maedhros this back during the Time of the Trees, so Galadriel is trying her best to hurt him by reminding him of who he used to be in this sentence. Maedhros, however, is far too gone with his Oath to listen. I can only imagine that during the War of Wrath – the final battle of the First Age, where Melkor was defeated once and for all – that Elrond and Elros tried to talk him and Maglor out of trying to reclaim the remaining two Silmarils, which instead led them to their doom. :(

    And I think that’s all! As always, if you have any questions about this amazingly complex world that I may have missed, I am always more than happy to chat. :D [face_dancing] [:D]

    ~MJ @};-
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    @Mira_Jade - only you can make me SPEECHLESS WITH AWE with a series of single sentences! :D =D= :) [face_sigh]
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    Jun 19, 2019
    Thanks for more beautiful, poetic sentence stories that span Tolkien's saga, @Mira_Jade!

    Heads-up to everyone that tomorrow will be the last day for posting these one sentence stories.
  20. pronker

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    Jan 28, 2007
    A particularly Hank moment! Those people are real.

    Oh my, the choice to reign in Hell rather than serve in Heaven becomes evident ... [face_bleh]


    Sam is on the job.[face_love]

    So many riches throughout the challenge, many thanks for hosting it, devilinthedetails, and congrats on those colors!=D=


    You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

    "I'm ready for my first afterbaby mission, Skipper!" chirped Marlene as she flourished a broom, "can't wait to get my figure back!" while Skipper searched for how to say that's not what "sweep and clear" stands for, sweetie.
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    Jun 19, 2019
    This post formally marks the finish of this challenge. Thank you for all who participated and submitted such wonderful stories for everyone's enjoyment. Please feel free to continue to use this thread to post positive comments on other people's stories. Also please head over to the One Sentence Challenge Thread to see how to vote for your favorite entries, thank you!

    @pronker, it's been a pleasure hosting this challenge. I'm so glad you're enjoying it. And the colors are really cool:cool:
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    Whew! So, it's better late than never commenting, right? :p Because I had to carve out some time from DRL to reply to the last few sentences that I missed. In short: really, truly well done, all! This was a really rewarding challenge that produced so many wonderful gems of mini-fiction! :D [face_love] =D=

    And, particularly . . .

    I REMEMBER THOSE!!! (And would love to even see more along the same vein from you, my friend. Just saying. [face_mischief]) I even remember adding a few McCoy and the Doctor drabbles back in the day - that was quite a time, wasn't it? :D

    Because it still feels weird calling characters by their surnames instead of their given names, doesn't it?? Even if it's a thing in ST. :p I fully subscribe to your headcanon, and am happy to make it my own. [face_mischief] :D

    Thank-you, as always, for your kind words! I especially appreciated knowing what, in particular, you enjoyed. [:D]

    Oh! [face_love] El admittedly didn't have the best introduction with the winter, if that bit of time she had to survive on her own is anything to go by, so I loved her reclaiming something that's touched with a bitter memory for her own. She's learning so many things over again, just as it should be! [face_love]

    Aw, sweetheart! You'll get there. [face_love] [:D]

    Whew - it can already be a fine line to walk, seeing the positive in ourselves and taking pride in our good parts, but it's all the more so for El! Thankfully, though, she has a beautiful family - in every way - who are there for her as she heals and grows. I can't tell you what a smile this sentence brought to my face. [face_love]

    The boy's in love! What a beautiful ode to his lady, just as Lucas should be so bewitched! :p [face_laugh] [face_mischief] There was definitely a healthy bit of Beren/Lúthien-esque magic going on here, which was just so endearing to read. [face_love]

    Because of course! [face_laugh] Another excellent gem to round out an excellent collection of such gems, my friend. [face_dancing] [face_bow] =D=

    Erica already knows what's what, that's for certain. I do love this little fire-cracker, and you really captured her voice here. :p

    Such a simple moment, but I loved the ease and affection it showed! [face_love]

    Because that's obviously what happened next! [face_mischief] [face_love] =D=

    Hank has some moves! [face_laugh]

    Oh my goodness - totally IC perfect moment here is perfect. I absolutely loved this sentence. [face_laugh] [face_love] :p :D

    Thanks for sharing these snippets with us! Each one was excellent! =D=

    Oh! This one twisted at my heart-strings something fierce, you have to know. Skipper is, above all else, a protector, and that little really shone to the forefront here. [face_love] Even when he can't protect them all. :(

    [face_laugh] Oh my goodness, these two - you really have a knack for writing their interactions in every way, from sweet to somber to goofy, and this was no exception! Thanks for sharing with us. :D [face_love]

    Now, to pick ten favourites! It's going to be a trick narrowing it down, I tell you . . . :p =D=
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    The voting period for the One Sentence Challenge has now officially concluded. I would like to again thank everyone who read and wrote the wonderful stories in this thread and to offer special recognition to our top ten finishers:

    For the Non Star Wars One Sentence Challenge:

    1) And that's @amidalachick
    2) Pallbearer by @Briannakin and Etude by @divapilot
    3) Save Your Breath by @divapilot
    4) Welcome by @Mira_Jade, Shield by @Mira_Jade, and Concession by @Mira_Jade
    5) Homecoming by @Mira_Jade, Worth by @Mira_Jade, Victor by @Mira_Jade, and Ahoy Ladies, @amidalachick
    6) Epitome by @Mira_Jade
    7) Shotgun Wedding, Pengotter Pending by @pronker, Memory by @Mira_Jade, Perpetual Moon by @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, and Seeing Kirk @brodiew
    8) Equation by @Mira_Jade, Tenure by @Mira_Jade, It was a hard @brodiew and Bridging the @brodiew
    9) Nyota Uhura @brodiew and Undertow by @pronker
    10) Blessing by @Mira_Jade and Married with three @amidalachick

    Congratulations to our top ten finishers and a big thank you to all who participated in reading, writing, and voting throughout this challenge!=D=