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Story Not All Who Drabble Are Lost- UDC IX - Multi-fandom (Star Trek, Stranger Things, The Rookie, etc.)

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by brodiew, Apr 24, 2020.

  1. brodiew

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    Oct 11, 2005
    A/N: Ah, to Drabble, again! I'm very excited about this. It has the muse firing on all thrusters. So to speak. This will be a multi-fandom thread. You will See Wold on Fire, Star Trek: 2009, Star Trek: Picard, NCIS:LA, Stranger Things, The Rookie, and more. Enjoy!
    If you have not hear of 'World on Fire', it presently airing on Masterpiece Theater, on PBS. It is a WWII story told on from many different povs, but mainly focusing on the Bennnet, Chase, and Tomaszeski families. Check it out!

    Week I - by Mira_Jade

    World on Fire- PBS

    1. Adamant

    The first time Kasia was sent to seduce a German soldier, she failed. She did not fail to lure him into the alley. That was all to to easy. Her failure lay in that she saw the German as a person. The boy was young as she was and he was nice. Somehow this clouded her judgment. As a member of the Polish resistance, emotion had to be left out of it. The second attempt, went off with out a hitch. She lured a soldier into the alley and walked away as a compatriot shot him in the head.

    2. Abide

    Robina Chase was done being a mother. Well, done being a mother to the young. She was never cut out for it in the first place. When her husband died it was all she could do to raise her own son with even an ounce of compassion. Now, her son had brought home a ten year old Polish refugee and she was sour on the idea. When the Germans invaded, Harry had intended to bring home a girl, but the girl had opted to save her brother instead. The boy didn't even speak English. What, on earth, was she going to do with him?

    3. Afield

    War had a way of humbling the prideful. Tom Bennett did not like the idea of humility. His tough guy actions had landed him in trouble with the law, his only way out of prison was to sign up to fight. And, fight he did, with his fellows at enlistment, with the crew on board his battleship, and ultimately with himself after the ship was torpedoed and another man saved him at he cost of a limb. Tough is tough when you're at home, but manhood is forged in battle when the blood on your hands is not your own.

    4. Aghast

    When Nancy first learned that there was more to the Nazi party than a nationalistic drive to conquer the world, she was shocked at the level of depravity that they were willing to go to preserve the 'Aryan race'. Her neighbors, the Rosslers had become very protective of their child, whom Nancy had witnessed having an epileptic seizure. The Rosslers were convinced that the she would need to hidden away before she was taken away to a clinic, a place where 'defective' we taken and never seen again. Nancy could not believe that it was true. Was such butchery possible?

    5. Aforetime

    Douglas Bennett did not want war...again. He did not want it for himself and definitely did not want it for his son and daughter. He knew what war did to a man...and a woman. He had experienced it first hand in the trenches of France. He had seen men bombed, shot, stabbed, and, like himself, simply hollowed out by the experience. He was a man surviving, not living. His son was enlisting to avoid jail and his daughter was enlisting to do her part and avoid the pain of a broken relationship. He would sit at home and worry. Relentlessly.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    @brodiew -- hello! So happy this is inspiring you and what a whizbang of a start!!! The last line -- about worrying relentlessly - so insightful and true in any time and place. =D=
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    Sep 10, 2005
    I'd not heard of World on Fire but it sounds fantastic! I love the little look we get into these characters from your drabbles. I love that female characters are so prevalent.

    This was really fascinating! I could see that being really difficult, especially when someone is around your age and doesn't seem like the monster you think they are.

    Afield was also really powerful... they all were, but that one really kinda brought it home.
  4. divapilot

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    Nov 30, 2005
    Wow, I don't know this show but I want to know it now! These are very compelling characters.
    Whoa. What a fantastic quote!

    Excellent job, @brodiew!
  5. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    I don't know this show but I have heard and seen about WW2, that's ended 75 years ago.
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  6. amidalachick

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    Aug 3, 2003
    I, too, am not familiar with the show but these are very powerful drabbles and great character glimpses.

    That line really stood out to me because it says so much in so few words.

    Excellent start! =D=
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  7. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    Oh, wow! I too am not familiar with this show, but it sounds like something I definitely need to give a watch!

    Adamant really struck me. I can't blame Kasia for her feelings. Sometimes even necessary evils weigh all too heavily, especially when even the worst enemies are still fellow human beings too. :( But the last line of Afield was just amazing - a real ringer of a sentence that made the entire drabble hit, and hit hard!

    But I think that Aforetime was my favorite of the set - WWI was supposed to be the 'war to end all wars' and yet look where they are now. This was a very sobering, heartfelt drabble - just like they all were!

    Excellent job, my friend! As always, you are aces at this challenge and I am thrilled that it's inspiring you for more drabble goodness! :D =D= [:D]
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    Oct 11, 2005
    A/N: Thank you all for your comments on Week 1. That seems like so long ago. World on Fire is a good show and finished its first Season strongly. I recommend it. This week is a bit of hodge podge of different fandoms. Some may be happy to see ST:2009 in the mix. Enjoy.


    Stranger Things

    After sending his mother to look for a cat he new was already dead, Dustin ran to the supply closet and tore through it looking for gear that would most protect him when he went to face his former pet and friend, Dart. Dart was no longer the little tadpole, or even the scrappy reptile, that Dustin loved. He was now a mini Demogorgon, flower face full of teeth and all. In raiding the closet Dustin found an assortment of protection from hockey goalie leg pads to a baseball catcher's chest padding and a catcher's mask. As he marched toward the door to his bedroom, he looked like a cross between a Samurai warrior and sumo wrestler.


    Star Trek: 2009

    When Jim Kirk entered the conference lounge he was wearing a black eye patch. The command staff eyed him closely as this was the kind of thing he might do any given day just to throw them off their games. An in just such a manner he opened the meeting with a question:

    “What does this signify?”

    “You sight has been impaired,” said Spock confidently.

    “Wrong place. Wrong comment?” Uhura poked.

    “It's a pirate life for you?” Scotty ventured.

    “You look ridiculous, Jim,” McCoy said, stoically. “Take that thing off?”

    “Perhaps, he should keep it on,” Sulu added. “It might make him scarier to the Klingons.”

    “Russians make best pirates,”Chekov said. “Is this about a mission?”

    “Indeed is, Pavel,” Kirk replied, liftly the patch from his eye. “We're hunting pirates."


    Stranger Things

    Steven Harrington heard the door chime and looked up from his perch behind the counter at Family Video. What he saw was...not possible. Nor was it pleasant. It was Hopper, but it wasn't. His head was shaved and he looked emaciated. Like he had eaten, or eaten well in some time. His head was shaved and he was scowling though a film of dirt covering his face. He wore a blue coat and tattered gray pants.

    “You're d-dead!” Steve stammered. "I think."

    “Maybe,” Skinny Hopper answered. “But I still wound up in this lousy video store.”

    “Why do you look like that?” Steve ventured.

    “I don't know, Kid,” Hopper groused. “Probably has something to do with Stalag 13. Your friend Robin had you watch it right? William Holden, right?”

    That was a German prisoner of war camp,” Steve said. “You look more like a Holocaust survivor.”

    “Not as bad as that but not much better. You need to come get me. Smuggle me out. I've already got something going.”

    “I need to what?”


    The Last Kingdom

    As the adopted son of Ragnar the Fearless, Uthred was expected to act as a Dane. He had already shown his courage, but soon he would be required to kill mercilessly and take his spoils with no remorse. The first time he chased a man through a small village and tossed and axe into his back, there was a pang of guilt and the sickness of taking a life. However, this was his life now and with each successive his taste for blood and silver grew. Because, what was a village but but the spoils of war. They kill the men, take the women as slaves, and loot the silver before burning it all to the ground.


    Star Trek: 2009

    Once the pirate matter had been brought to a close, Jim discovered that his eye patch had gone from his ready room. The obvious answer was Bones, given that he frequented the office. Kirk decided to go to sickbay to confront the doctor. This never went well, arguments with Bones. They always ended in a shouting match. Well, with Bones doing a lot of shouting and Kirk being his arrogant commanding office. Yes, Kirk was aware that he could be arrogant. He was working on it.

    “You're the captain of a Starship, Jim,” McCoy said with irritation. “You have better things to do than root out the thief of a cheap eye patch.”

    “So you admit it?” Kirk pressed. “You did say that it was silly.”

    “Leave me alone, Jim,” McCoy said dismissively. “I have patients. But if you really want to know, ask Uhura.”

    “I knew it!” Kirk exclaimed.

    “All I said was 'if you want to know...” McCoy said and rolled his eyes as he turned back to bio bed three.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    love the eye-patch discussions in St2009 and Dustin, Steven and Hopper in stranger things
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  10. brodiew

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    Oct 11, 2005
    @earlybird-obi-wan: Thanks for for the vote of confidence, earlybird! It was fun to write ST: 2009 again. I have a lot of fun with Kirk when the muse is on track.

    Week III - by mavjad
    Stranger Things


    Scott Clark had never expected Joyce Byers to stop by unannounced. It was odd to to be sure, but once she started talking about a strange magnetic phenomenon she was experiencing, he could not help but jump on to her curiosity train and ride it to the next depot. Her explanation of the distances between the magnetic incidents, gave Scott pause. Could he believe what she was saying? He had answered so many theoretical questions for Will and his friends, so explaining something that was likely impossible to Joyce Byers was no skin off his nose. She listened intently and asked specific questions. Scott found himself enjoying the conversation more than was likely appropriate. He regarded her while he was talking. Her eyes were bright, her hair glimmers in the low light of the garage. Her lips pouted, anticipating her next question. For a brief moment, Scott let his mind wander on a curiosity voyage his own.


    Erica Sinclair had a secret. She was the only one at Hawkins Elementary that knew it. There was another damn dimension out there and she was part of the team keeping that evil toilet bowel from leaking into ours. All the these fools, even her friends, had no idea the role she had played in saving the damn world. And, as much as she wanted to tell them, she was smart enough to keep her sassy mouth shut. The last people she wanted to talk to were those nerds, but as she gathered more information from Dustin, and sadly her own brother, she began to realize that these nerds had already done it twice before she even got involved.


    Dustin Henderson could not believe his eyes when he watched Mike take the final step backward and disappear over the cliff. James' knife immediately fell from his throat as he and troy stood frozen in shock. Dustin fell to his knees, his jaw slack with shock. This couldn't be real! Son of a Bitch! Why would Mike do that? Why would he die? Did he really think that James and Troy would hurt him. Dustin's life was not more important than Mike's. Why would he...Dustin's head was bowed and his hands were open before him when he heard new steps on the rock path. He looked up to see the beautiful site of El coming up the path. He suddenly heard Mike's pleas to be back on solid ground. The slack jaw morphed into a toothless grin and again into a fierce battle face. He railed on the bullies as James screamed in pain, holding his arm, before he took off running.


    After looking through the Dungeons and Dragons manuals that Dustin had given her, Erica decided she needed some of her questions answered.

    “Dustin, do you read me?” her voice dripped into the radio. “This is a code red. As in Code Dead if you don't get on the line right now.”


    Erica huffed in agitation as she reread the section on the demogorgon.

    “Did you here me, Nerd? I need know about the demogorgon and how the hell a 24 sided die is going to kill it.”

    A burst of static came over her handset.

    “You better not be avoiding me, Dustin Henderson. I know where you live and I will hunt-”

    “I see your threat level is already at Defcon 4, Erica,” Dustin interrupted. “If you want to talk, ask nicely.”

    “I don't ask nicely, Curly-cue,” Erica shot back.

    “Then you have every thing to lose. Try again tomorrow, Nerd. Dusting signing off.”


    Erica's relationship with her brother what much like the stalemate of the Cold War. If either pushed too hard or lost their heads, it was a mutually assured destruction. Keeping that in mind, she wanted to know more about the Upside Down, demogorgons, and the Mind Flayer. She had talked to Dustin, and some of the others, but as pathetic as she found herself, she wanted to hear it from Lucas. She knew the events would be the same, for the most part, but his perspective was important. He had something she wanted and she was willing to broker a peace to get it.

    She found him on the living room couch reading some book about the temperature of burning stuff. Nerd.
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    Glad to see more of your drabbles!

    Week 2 - Obviously I love your Stranger Things drabbles in this set. :D And the Star Trek ones were a nice bit of humor. But "Maraud", and this part in particular, really stood out to me:

    There's something so chilling about how he comes to see this as just the way things are.

    Week 3 - And again, I loved all of these!

    Awww! Nice seeing this from Scott's point of view!

    I love that scene, and you did a wonderful job of capturing the emotions there.

    And then "School", "Karma", and "Gambit" with Erica? Awesome. :D I love her, but I find her really hard to write. So kudos to you for not only writing her, but doing such a great job of it!


    And "Karma" was just perfect. I could totally picture it and hear both of their voices. Loved it!

    Great work on these and hope to see more soon! =D=
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  12. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    great set again
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  13. brodiew

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    Oct 11, 2005
    @amidalachick: Thank you so much for the great review! I thought about Maraud. The show is brutal in this respect and, sadly, or not, this was Uhtred's life.I was worried about Jonathan and Nancy's role reversal in the AU, but still thought it worked. AS for finding Erica's voice, I was intimidated as well. For months. But in watching S3 again recently, I got an idea. And the Code Dead just come out organically. It only takes a spark. :p:D
    @earlybird-obi-wan: Thanks! :)

    Week IV - by Mira_Jade


    When she closes her eyes, she sees him. He is standing on the catwalk smiling at her, acknowledging a love they never spoke, ready to die to save her and the Family. He nods, letting her know it's okay, that she can turn the damnable keys and send him to oblivion. She hesitates, maintaining the lock with his eyes; his sweet, soft, and tender eyes. She remembers losing Bob. Now, Hop. Her eyes are suddenly wet. Holding the strap in one hand and the the second key in the other, she takes a deep breath...

    She sits up in bed, blinking tears from her eyes. Turning on her side, she gives in to emotion and sobs until blissful sleep comes again.


    Joyce Byers sits at the kitchen table, the dark, empty house closing in around her. The only light is the one above the table. A half empty pack of cigarettes lays on the table before as does an ashtray. She stares into the darkness wondering how God or the universe could be so cruel as to kidnap her son, have Bob eaten by a monster dog, and Hop blasted to atoms. She is thankful that her sons are alive and as well as can be expected, but she hoped that this entire ordeal would leave her with something to hope for. Instead, she is alone, again, and wondering why she hasn't left this hell hole sooner.


    Joyce Byers had attended so many funerals over the last couple of years, she had gotten to know, casually, of course, many of the pastors in town. Out of sheer boredom and loneliness, she invited Steven, a local Catholic priest to breakfast at her house. The conversation started out pleasantly enough, but soon veered in an unexpected direction.

    Joyce, fingered the glass of orange juice in front of her and took a drag on her cigarette, which it was clear was making the priest uncomfortable.

    “Why does God hate my family so much?” Joyce said, her agitation rising. “Maybe it's Hawkins he hates. Can you tell me why, Father? Why have there been so many mysterious deaths. Where is God in all of this? Is he letting The Devil run around unchecked? Who is watching out for me and mine?”

    Joyce extinguished her smoke in the ashtray and sat back awaiting the answer from the poor man she had just blindsided.


    There were times when listening to the radio was an almost soulful experience. You're sitting in your friend's basement eating popcorn and talking about movies when song one hits your ears. 'Warrior' by Patty Smyth. Heads start bobbing and pop corn starts sailing as 'You might think' by the Cars come one. An oldie but goodie, 'Carry On My Wayward Son' by Kansas has Dustin asking for the music to be turned up. Your friends are on their feet which gets you off the couch as well. It's 'Take on Me' by A-ha that gets the dancing started. And, finally when 'We Built this City on Rock and Roll' comes on, the shouts are raised and the dancing intensifies. You look at your friends and feel, unabashedly like your are in the stage musical scene from Charlie Brown. Everyone is on their own world, but you are all together and of a like mind. It is heaven to you.


    Jim Hopper swings his sledge hammer for thousandth time and commits his life to returning home. He has an idea of where he is, but still no idea how he ended up here. It doesn't matter. He will get home if it takes years. He will see El again, hold her as tight as he can and say how sorry is for being gone so long. He will fall on his knees and beg Joyce to marry him even if they never got that first date they promised each other. He will grab will and Jonathan and hug them, too. Promising that he be the best man, a better man that he has been, for them. He will sit with Mike and Steve and Dustin and Lucas and Max and Robin and Erica and tell them all how much he missed them and how much this Family means to him. He will probably shock them and that will be okay. Because he has been...allowed to live through so many impossible events, that it was time to be thankful for what he had.
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    What a powerful set!

    Seeing Joyce's pain and grief in "Misty", "Lonely", and "Fiery" was heartbreaking. :(


    And with Hop gone she really is so alone with all of this. And she has to stay strong for El and Will and Jonathan on top of it. Poor Joyce!

    "Golden" - what a great change of mood (and great song choices) with this one! :D

    I was out with a couple friends the other day and we were driving around singing 80s songs at the top of our lungs and it was the most fun I've had in a long time. And you capture that feeling so perfectly with this drabble! I love it.

    "Undying" - what a great way to close out this set! Because as bad as things are, with Hop alive and determined to get home there's a bit of hope. [face_love]

    Love these lines!

    Great work on all of these once again! =D=
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