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  1. VaderLVR64

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    Feb 5, 2004
    Title: Not Her Type
    Author: VaderLVR64
    Characters: Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade
    Genre: vignette, humor
    Summary: Luke is working out, and Mara enjoys the show.
    Notes: Written for the sweaty Luke challenge.

    Not Her Type

    ?So she doesn?t think I?m her type, huh?? Luke grunted as he hoisted his body up once more.

    ?Well that?s just fine by me,? he snorted, feeling sweat dripping off the small of his back. A harsh exhalation and he brought his nose up to the bar where he hung upside down. His stomach muscles burned but he kept on.

    ?I don?t much care for her type, either.? He gave another short grunt as he felt his muscles start to protest his harsh treatment in earnest.

    ?Really?? An amused voice came from behind him and Luke fell back and saw an upside down Mara Jade. Even from here he could see her green eyes sparkling.

    ?Don?t much care for whose type?? She asked in a challenging tone.

    He scowled at her and flipped off the bar, coming to an impressively solid landing on his feet right in front of her. ?None of your business,? he huffed. ?What?re you doing here anyway??

    Luke searched for his towel. He had come here to exercise away his ire, an attempt which had failed miserably. Mara smirked at him and he had the sinking feeling she had known exactly what he was doing, or trying to do in any case.

    ?My, my, we are touchy this morning,? she purred.

    ?Is there a point to this conversation?? Luke snapped.

    ?You need a shower,? she said as she drew closer.

    Before he could stop himself he lifted his arm and took a whiff. Then he grinned at her. ?Why? Am I too ripe for you??

    ?Honey, you?re not nearly ripe enough to pick just yet,? she said in a very suggestive tone. ?Once you?ve aged up a bit, I?ll be back.? She licked her lips. ?You can count on it.?

    Luke gulped and wrapped the towel around his neck to give his hands something to do. Something other than grabbing Mara and kissing her until they were both senseless.

    She sauntered past him and looked up at the bar. ?Keeping yourself in shape I see,? she murmured.

    Was that a hint of approval in her tone, Luke wondered. Surely not.

    ?Not much else to do right now,? Luke said in a surly tone. ?Almost all of the students are visiting their families right now.?

    Mara looked up into the blazing sky. ?Yeah, it?s the hot season all right.?

    Luke felt more sweat track its way down his back between his shoulder blades. A drop trickled off the edge of his nose and plopped down on his bare foot. Mara seemed to watch its progress with interest.

    He wiped the sweat from his face, glad that he could hide the flush that his very improper thoughts had brought to his face. He heard Mara chuckle and decided that she had probably already guessed the gist of those thoughts anyway.

    She turned and walked back toward him. As she sidled past she brushed up against him and he sensed his breathing quicken. He sternly reminded himself that a Jedi Master should have a firmer rein on his reactions, and he deliberately slowed his thundering heartbeat.

    Coming to a halt in front of him, Mara trailed her fingers down Luke?s chest. As hot and sweaty as he was, he was fairly certain his temperature went up at least twenty degrees. Surely he?d soon burst into flames and never have to worry again if he was her type or not.

    Drawing close, she put her lips close to his ear. ?What?s the matter, Skywalker??

    Swallowing hard and restraining the impulse to haul her up against him at that very instant and worry later about where her lightsaber might end up, he did nothing more than quirk his eyebrow.

    ?Why nothing?s the matter, Jade,? he replied softly in his most serene Jedi voice.

    Deciding that being faint of heart had never gotten him anything remotely interesting, he moved the towel and stared at her. His eyes lit up as he noticed the slight flush of her cheeks. He ran a callused thumb softly across her cheekbone.

    ?You must be running a fever,? he mocked quietly.

    She pulled away and then glanced down at his bare chest. Then her ha
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    ::Fans self.:: Hot season indeed.
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    Thank You!! After ROTS I definately needed that!!
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    *fans self*

    That was really, really good. I think I need a shower...

    Can we have more, oh great wonderful L/M writer?? *grovels*

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    Whoa nelly! :eek: *steals Ish's fan and chucks drink over head*
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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] That was awesome! I think I like this challenge.... ;) Very nice job. :D
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    O my!!! (turns up air conditioning in apt.) That was intense!

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    I think I hurt myself smiling over here. :D[face_love]=P~[face_blush]

    Wonderful challenge vig! *fans self*

    *feels sudden urge to go watch TESB....* [face_mischief]

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    Heeeeee. Delicious. :D
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    *giggles* Ah, the joys of being a fangirl. :)
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    DarthIshtar This was very difficult to write, I kept getting distracted, LOL!

    AvenKiel Me, too! :D

    Mirax_Corran I'm sure I'll manage to torture these two again. O:)

    ThePariah Fans provided, I went through three myself just thinking about writing this.

    Knight_Aragorn Uh yeah, the challenge. That's right, I wrote this for the challenge...

    lurker2209 And my hubby wondered why I had that big grin on my face! [face_devil]

    Jedi_Trace Yeah, I had to watch it for research...over and over again. Poor me!

    Valin_Halcyon Thank you! :D

    RebelMom The farmboy's got the stuff, what can he say??

    Alphiriel Just the thought of sweaty Luke put me right there, too.

    Leia Yes, tasty. =P~ But not quite ripe, LOL!

    EmilieDarklighter Yep, we're a lucky bunch, aren't we? [face_blush]
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    [face_laugh] Hey, that was fun. Thanks VaderLVR64.
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    AH fans herself...


    Now that was a wonderful way to begin the day! :D
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    *grumbles how mean it is that this is only a PG forum - oh the possibilities*
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    Uh, I am working on a not so friendly board version...

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    A not-so-board-friendly version?!! Whoo, hoo! Let me in that sauna, and I'll find a bucket of ice for myself! Bring it on! [face_drool]

    (comes to slowly), that sounded...bad. Especially for me, a usually 'nice' little girl.



    ^-^ Peace!Ari.
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    OMG, you are killing me here! I wont see my hubby for three more days! ***Runs off to take a cold shower***


    If you post a more "Adult" version somewhere, please let me know. =P~

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    Whew, that was really great. Too bad I'm at work and not close to a cold shower. Yes, I know I should be working, but hey, gotta have my Star Wars fix.

    Uh, I am working on a not so friendly board version...

    Any chance of getting PMed or emailed that version when you are finished???? :D [face_blush] :D
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    Uh, I am working on a not so friendly board version...

    Count me in!
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    whooooo. pass that bucket of ice water. that was HOT. yes I'd love to see the other version you're planning... where can we find it?
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    *Hops in fridge* Count me in on the other version.
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    Wow...yeah. That was... [face_blush]

    Count me out on the other one, I think I'm still a bit too young for it... :p
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