Beyond - Legends ~Notes~ [Block Breaker Challenge, L/M]

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    Title: Notes
    Summary: A series of vignettes as told through notes and glimpses.
    Characters: Who else? L/M
    A/N: DWB is killing me since I’ve de-lurked…but I hopped over to the Writer's Block Discussion and Challenge Thread- Block Breaker Index and was inspired by the second “block breaker.” Its so easy to find things in your own life that you can write about, but integrating those things convincingly into existing characters is a challenge! But hopefully, this isn’t one of those times. A huge thanks to Nyota's Heart for the lighting-fast and super amazing beta! ^:)^

    11 ABY, 0800 hours, Yavin IV

    <open message?> YES

    ETA is 1400 hours tomorrow for your supplies. No, I’m NOT staying.

    Luke suppressed a grimace as he read the end of the already short message. Back to square one. Clearly Mara hadn’t thought about his gentle nudges and hints in the way he had meant…and an annoyed Mara Jade wasn’t good for anyone’s health. He considered their last interaction, and admitted privately that he may have not been as subtle as he thought he had been, when considered coupled with her obvious ire. Even though she hadn’t written a lot…her feelings came through.

    He sighed and deleted the message, muttering to himself.

    “No subtle hints this time, idiot. Say it with me…F-R-I-E-N-D-S.”


    13 ABY, 0300 hours

    Mara jerked slightly as the buzzing of the comm woke her from her doze. She cursed softly, grabbing flimsies and trying to unbury the switch beneath the many sheets she had spread out over her desk. Finding it, she hit it and blinked in surprise as the holo shimmered to life above her.

    “What do you want?”

    The abashed face of the galaxy’s only Jedi Master shimmered as he looked down for a split second, and then back at her.

    “I…uh, hi Mara. I didn’t think you’d pick up, I was just going to leave a message. Am I bothering you?”

    “No you aren’t bothering me. I wasn’t working very hard, obviously…dozed off reading reports. What’s so important you felt like paying for a hyperspace comm?”

    Now a sheepish look most definitely flitted across his face. “Well…I…its not really me…”

    A smile quirked Mara’s lips, “Skywalker, I didn’t think you had it in you. Sticking the New Republic with your comm bill? I’m impressed.”

    “I guess I just thought since Leia had all this stuff installed, I’d better make sure it works.”

    “Ah.” Mara rolled her shoulders back and was satisfied to hear several pops as her spine realigned. “Good to see you’re finally pulling your weight…so I’m the only one you could think of for your little test call?”

    He shook his head, a little too listlessly. “No…I just wanted to say hello. I…well, I figured since she left, there weren’t many people I wasn’t related to who I wanted to call, and you’re the closest thing I’ve got to a normal friend…so…”

    “Lucky me, to be your normal friend.” Her voice came out harsher than she meant, and inwardly she cringed. Delivering post-breakup solace was not on her list of things to do, and she didn’t want him to get the notion that she actually felt bad the body-snatcher was out of his life. “So, you want to hear about the price of Virrungian wine or were you more interested in my review of Abregado-rae’s new cantina?”

    His grin was full of gratitude.


    19 ABY, 2300 hours, Kauron Asteroid Field

    <display messages> YES

    INCOM AA-589> Thanks for the rescue.

    Starry Ice>> You’re an idiot, Skywalker.

    INCOM AA-589> I know. But hey, it worked.

    Starry Ice>> There were about two million reasons that shouldn’t have. You’re just lucky. And stupid.

    INCOM AA-589> It’s why you keep me around.

    Starry Ice>> Yes, being plowed into by an unconscious Jedi in the middle of an exploding pirate base was the highlight of my week.

    INCOM AA-589> You could have let me crash into the wall.

    Starry Ice>> Is that a suggestion for next time?

    INCOM AA-589> Maybe if you expanded your skill set more, you wouldn’t need to…

    Starry Ice>> This is this year’s warning to shut up about training, Jedi. Otherwise this ship is about to have a sudden weapons malfunction in your vicinity.

    INCOM AA-589> Okay, okay. But seriously. Thank you.

    Starry Ice>> I’ll put it on your tab. Your ever-growing tab.

    INCOM AA-589> ;-)

    Mara signed off the terminal a few seconds before the jump to hyperspace that would take them away from Skywalker and his literally blasted pirate base…then re-opened the message traffic.

    Why in the worlds had he sent her a winky face????


    19 ABY, 0700 hours, Bilbringi Refueling Station

    Luke opened his eyes and then quickly shut them again, groaning. Clearly banging your way down a stone tunnel on the back of a torrential water flow in a partial trance hadn’t left him as perfectly ache-and-pain free as he had been hoping. Naively hoping. He stretched experimentally and slowly began coaxing life back into his tired and bruised body. Glancing over at the side table, he saw his comlink was flashing. Flicking it on, he played back the message, smiling as the voice drifted out to him.

    “Hey. I didn’t want to wake you…you seemed pretty out. I’m at the ship getting it fueled up and ready to go. If you aren’t here by 1000, I’m coming to get you, no matter how little clothing you sleep in.”

    He smiled as the comlink clicked off, and swung his legs out of bed. Standing, he stretched, thinking of her voice, and what it would have been like to have her wake him up…and then considered if it would have been a good experience or not…

    Shaking his head, he grabbed the borrowed clothes and headed towards the refresher.


    23 ABY, 1900 hours, Coruscant

    Darting through the open door, Luke barreled into the apartment, hoping against hope that she would still be there. He scanned the apartment…and realized that he was too late. Mara had said she had to leave at 1500 hours…and his session with the council had run long. He had spent half of the meeting trying to figure out how to send a mental plea to wait for him without a room full of Jedi masters catching on…and had spent the other half considering if it realllllllyyy would be that wrong of him to use a small Force gesture and put them all to sleep.

    He sat down on the couch dejectedly, thinking for a moment about how nice it would be to just work at a diner or as a janitor or as a droid programmer and come home every day to his wife. Staring out the picture window, he blew out a breath and pushed such thoughts aside. They had their lives, and they were good lives, and he would take the time he could get.

    Walking into the bedroom, he tossed his clothes into the basket—smiling as he thought of her yelling at him for leaving clothes on the floor—and headed into the refresher. He turned on the sanisteam, and caught sight of something pasted to the mirror.

    Sorry I missed you. I was hoping to see you before I left for the run, but you were late (shocker). Should be home in a week. Don’t die.

    Miss you,

    Sighing, he touched the paper, thinking of her writing it and deciding where to leave it for him to find. Her handwriting was so neat, it almost looked typed, but he would know it anywhere. There were distinctive flourishes, so small you wouldn’t notice them immediately, and he loved that about her writing. Efficient, but with a little bit of beauty peeking through.

    Carefully smoothing the adhesive tape against the glass, he smiled.


    25 ABY, 0900 hours, Courscant

    Signing off the comm, Mara pulled her hair up off her neck in frustration. The traffic handlers had obviously picked today as the planet’s let’s-be-as-dense-as-possible day. She fastened her hair up in a high tail as she plotted her course and pushed the hyperspace levers back, finally glad to be rid of Coruscant’s atmosphere. Because those annoying handlers’ exhalations comprised a small part of that atmosphere, and she had really and truly had it with them.

    Walking back towards where she had hastily dropped her bag near the hatchway, she amended her earlier thought—the only thing she would miss about the planet was the lone Jedi Master who lived on it, stuck in yet another round of endless diplomatic meetings. The only person who could truly make her smile—and who could also make her as late as she had been for takeoff without losing an appendage.

    Heading back towards the living area, she stopped as she sensed…something. A whiff of a presence…or was it? She did a quick mental scan of the ship, and then massaged her temples. She was clearly losing her mind. Shaking her head, she rounded the corner and stopped dead as she saw the beautiful vase of flowers on the small counter in the even smaller cooking area.

    Flowers were one of her favorite things. Not the favorite thing you buy yourself all the time—she couldn’t remember if there had ever been a time she had bought any for herself. But she had always loved the gardens in the Imperial Palace, and Luke had capitalized on a desire she hadn’t even expressed, and frequently bought her flowers. The lilies that bloomed delicately in their crystal housing perfumed the small space with their sweet scent, and she smiled as she picked up the small card nestled between the blooms.

    To my love—Hope your trip goes well, I love you with all my heart. You’re the most beautiful flower in the galaxy, and I’m so thankful I get to smell you every day. Love, Luke.

    She rolled her eyes, but then lowered her face to the star-shaped flowers and inhaled. Their sweet fragrance filled her nostrils, and she thought of Luke writing the card. It was clearly the sappiest, corniest, most ridiculous love sentiment in the galaxy…but she knew that didn’t make it any less true. She smiled again at the card, and gently kissed the now slightly-smudged writing. Picking up the flowers, she walked over to the nightstand next to the bed and set them next down. She settled the card next to the small holo of Luke, and gently stroked his ghostly face. A small smile played across her face, as she imagined him gods-knew-how sneaking the flowers onboard to surprise her. Good thing Luke isn’t here to see me be a sap.

    “Oh, you can’t take it back, Jade, now that I’ve seen it.”

    She whirled at the sudden voice, vibroblade out and singing, cocked back to throw at the intruder. Then she saw who it was, grinning idiotically at her and not intimidated in the slightest.

    “Where in all nine Corelian hells did you come from?” Luke’s grin managed to be both maddening and adorable, all at once. “And how didn’t I sense you?”

    The grin tweaked itself, taking on the slightest bit of smugness.

    “It’s amazing how easy it is to hide when you’re not being looked for. AND—” his smile now spread in triumph across his face, “I got to see how mushy you are when nobody’s looking.”

    She glared at him with what she hoped was a convincing amount of ire, but she could tell by his face the ire level was significantly less than she hoped. Stepping quickly to the arms held out for her, she smiled as Luke kissed her.

    “What happened to endless meetings?”

    “I’m indisposed. Terribly ill, actually, if reports are to be believed.”

    A wry grin now twisted Mara’s lips. “You mean you borrowed Threepio to cover for you?”

    Luke nodded as he pulled her closer and backed slowly towards the bed, peppering her face and neck with small kisses. “Meetings seem so insignificant when compared to running away with my wife. You said you’re only going to be gone two days, right? More than enough time for me to recover gracefully from my sudden illness.”

    He pulled her down to the neatly made bed, and rolled on top of her, pinning her body and gaze with his own. “Besides. Love notes are all fine and good…but nothing compares with telling you myself.”

    Mara reached up and smother his hair, enjoying the feel of the strands between her fingers. “So you just plan on talking me to death? Two days of sweet nothings?”

    Blue eyes sparkled at her with all the love that had ever showered down from the heavens to make the stars. “Maybe some talking. Maybe not. But I plan to make sure you know just how much I love you.”
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    SQUGGLES! Oh yes. SQUGGLES! Loved the "I'm not staying" [face_rofl] in the first message. And the whole exchange around her rescue from the Starry Ice.

    A "normal friend" LOL like that description.

    The other notes to one another - in rushed passing were so them and oh the last scene! Yummy in my very happy tummy!


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    Awwww that was lovely.

    It was nice to see the progression in Luke and Mara’s relationship from both sides

    Great job!

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    Lovely! Very nice seeing their relationship as told in notes in different phases of their relationship. Although I did think you were building to something tear-jerking related to the last note she left him in Legends canon - but I like your happy ending better :)
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    I love that line. [face_laugh]

    Very nice! You did a great job with this story!
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    Perrrrfection. I adored every word and wished I had my own Farmboy. It's a lovely evolving piece and I love the last scene.^:)^@};- (Especially him holding onto to her and walking her toward the bed --- so romantic!
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    Aw! These were so sweet. I loved this one

    So very Mara.
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    Adorable! Luke doesn't change Mara as much as he rather opens up a trusting, affectionate side that she had all along, just buried. It's fun to see that side revealed through the correspondences and the reactions to them.
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    Loved this! Especially the little sassy Mara comments about his ever-growing tab and telling him not to die. And him witnessing her appreciation of his corny note [face_love]
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    These were great. You infused these notes with so much subtext, it was easy - and enjoyable! - to see the progression of the relationship!
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    I'm late to the party but I love this! I really like that Luke snuck on to Mara's ship and witnessed her tender moment. I always enjoy your writing. I hope you kicked your writers block!
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    I just loved this story. I'm so glad you are writing again. I look forward to your next one. :)