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MOD NSWFF FAQ 2.0 (Revised - January 2017)

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Miana Kenobi, Feb 4, 2009.

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    Apr 5, 2000
    Dear TFN fanficcers,

    Welcome to Non Star Wars Fan Fiction! Or as we sometimes call it, NSWFFNSWFFSWNSNWSWFFF. Within these friendly confines, you will find stories including, but not limited to, the X-Files, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy & Angel, Batman, and maybe even a pirate here and there. Also to be found here are challenges, writing workshops, and fandom discussion.

    We want this place to be creative, supportive, and most of all, fun. So before you start, please take the time to go over the rules below. We know you're not excited about reading such a giganamous piece of JC legislation, but think of these rules as safety procedures at a nuclear power plant duck and cover quite enough.

    To Begin . . .

    Above all, please follow the Rules of the Jedi Council Forums as these apply board wide. More information can be found in the Rules and Announcements Forum.

    To know the going ons of the forums and any changes to policy, check the Communications Forum also known as Comms.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Mods

    The moderators for NSWFF are Mira_Jade and NYCitygurl. We can help you with any trouble you have on the boards. To contact us, click on our names here and then send a private message. We'll read your message and get back to you as soon as possible.

    If we are not online and you need help right away, contact any online Jedi Council moderator to help you. If there are no JC moderators online, contact a FanForce RSA.

    Let us know if you have any suggestions for improving the FAQ. This is for your benefit as well as ours. The clearer and more concise the FAQ, the better everyone will understand the rules, and the better this forum runs.

    We thank you in advance for your assistance with cooperation in these matters.

    So say we all,
    The NSWFF Mods

    Table of Contents

    I. Some Fandoms are Off-Limits
    1. The Disallowed List
    2. Original fiction

    II. Fan Fic lingo
    1. Upping threads
    2. Pimping threads
    3. Concrit
    4. Thread manager

    III. JC lingo and Board-Wide Rules
    1. Family-friendly
    2. Harassment
    3. Baiting/Flaming/Snarking
    4. Bashing
    5. Thread-crapping
    6. Profanity
    7. Famous people

    IV. Spoiler Policy

    V. Organization
    1. Prefixes
    2. Headers
    3. Sticky threads

    VI. What can I post in a story?
    1. Story types
    2. Sexual depictions
    3. Sexual references
    4. Slash
    5. Interspecies Romantic Relationships
    6. Violence
    7. Mature themes
    8. Religious themes/Blasphemy
    9. Actor Fics

    VII. Plagiarism

    VIII. General Writing Etiquette
    1. Incessant Upping
    2. Borrowing

    IX. What else can I post, besides stories?
    1. Discussion & Index threads
    2. Challenges & Games
    3. Redundant threads
    4. Appreciation threads
    5. Polls
    6. NSWFF concerns/Questions

    X. What about socialization?

    XI. Promoting Fics
    1. Why you can't promote your fic
    2. How you shouldn't promote your fic
    3. How to get readers
    4. Can I promote other websites?

    XII. Update PMs & Tagging

    XIII. Writing Help
    1. Need a beta?
    2. Need help with an idea?
    3. Have a good writing tip?
    4. What about co-writing and round-robins?

    XIV. Shared Usernames

    XV. Last Words

    I. Some Fandoms are Off-Limits

    1. The Disallowed List
    We put this at the top, it's so important. Many authors do not allow fans to write fanfic based on their original works. Because we don't enjoy receiving cease-and-desist letters, we have a list of the authors and works that say ixnay to anficfay. Before posting your fanfic, please check this list to make sure your fandom is kosher for this site (you don't need to ask the mods for pre-approval, so long as your fandom isn't on the Disallowed list). We also have a list of allowed fandoms that you can check if you're not sure whether or not your fandom has already been approved.

    If we find you posting a disallowed fandom, we will lock your story thread and send you a reminder. Both lists may be incomplete or updated at any time, so check back every once in a while.

    Any stories involving Star Wars should be posted in the [link=]Star Wars Fan Fiction forum[/link], including crossovers where the Star Wars universe or characters are involved. If you have a story thread with many fandoms in lots of smaller stories (like drabbles), please separate the Star Wars drabbles into a thread in the other forum.

    Please include the fandom's name in the subject line of your story thread, so that we can easily identify what fandom you're writing for. Common abbreviations for fandoms are listed further below.

    Archie Comics *
    Hakusensha **
    Anne Bishop
    Kristen Britain
    P.N. Elrod
    Raymond Feist
    Jasper Fforde
    Terry Goodkind
    Laurell K. Hamilton
    Robin Hobb
    Annette Curtis Klause
    Megan Lindholm (Robin Hobb)
    Anne MacCaffrey ***
    George R.R. Martin
    Dennis L. McKiernan
    Robin McKinley
    Larry Niven
    Irene Radford
    Melanie Rawn
    Georges Remi (Herge)
    Anne Rice
    Anne Rampling (Anne Rice)
    A.N. Roquelaure (Anne Rice)
    Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
    Holly Lisle
    Marion Zimmer Bradley
    Diana Gabaldon

    * Archie Comics owns publication writes to comic titles that have previous owners or are derived from other types of media including movies, video games and books. Some of these titles include:

    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic X
    Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
    Josie and the Pussycats
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures

    ** Hakusensha is a publisher of shoujo manga. Titles include:

    Angel Sanctuary
    Fruits Basket
    Hana Kimi
    Skip Beat!
    Vampire Knight
    Ouran High School Host Club​

    *** Anne MacCaffrey does allow fan fiction of her work, but she has a set of guidelines that she asks authors to follow: MacCaffrey's Fan Fiction Rules

    **** Archie Comics owns TMNT Adventures, which is considered an AU TMNT comic. Mirage Studio owns TMNT, and as they have no qualms, TMNT fan fiction based off of either the movies or television shows is permitted.

    2. Original fiction
    You can't post original fiction in NSWFF for a couple of reasons. First, this is a forum for fan fiction, not original fiction. Secondly, it covers both our legal butts and your legal rights as you don't want people stealing your original work, and we don't want your original work stolen.

    II. Fan Fic lingo

    Fanficcers have their own crazy way of talking to each other. Here are some terms and rules to help you move around these forums.

    1. Upping threads
    Posting in a thread for the sole purpose of putting it on page one. Incessant upping is considered spamming and will earn you a ban. When it comes to upping your story or replying to your readers, please exercise common sense and courtesy to your fellow writers.

    2. Pimping threads
    Shamelessly promoting your story or thread. This is often done in other threads or through PMs, and it's considered very rude. Certain threads will allow you to mention your story freely, while others prefer that you don't. If you're unsure if story/thread pimping is allowed somewhere, PM the mods or thread managers.

    3. Concrit
    Shorthand for "constructive criticism"; and defined here as any suggestions to an author that would change the style/tone/plot of a story (see below for more details). Commenting on formatting details, such as paragraph spacing, is not considered concrit. You must have an author's explicit permission before giving concrit, whether publicly or privately. Any unsolicited comments will be removed.

    4. Thread manager
    The person in charge of a particular thread. In the story thread, it's the author. In resource threads, it's the person who organises the challenges and indexes (fandom discussion threads do not have thread managers). Socks may be used if two or more people are managing a thread, and must be used when running index threads. Thread managers are responsible for ensuring the thread runs smoothly and bringing any problems to the mods' attention. You can contact the managers if you have questions about the thread.

    III. JC lingo and Board-Wide Rules

    These are the JC standards as they apply to Fan Fic. Please see the Rules and Announcements forum for complete board rules.

    1. Family-friendly
    The standard held by the JC forums. Stories in this forum must adhere to this standard in descriptions of sex, violence, and torture. We do not follow the MPAA rating system, but we use this context to help us judge a whether or not a story is fit for this forum.

    2. Harassment
    We want you to feel safe in these forums. Whether you're male or female, and whether the harassment is sexual or otherwise, please know that you can always talk to us if someone directs a comment your way or sends you a PM that crosses your personal line. Don't worry about how brief the comment is, or whether or not the person is also communicating with others. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, you have every right to speak up, and we will investigate every complaint. The JC Sexual Harassment policy outlines several options you have, should you ever find yourself in this situation.

    3. Baiting/Flaming/Snarking
    A bait is a comment that elicits a particular (usually negative or TOS-violating) response from another user. Flaming is when one user attacks another.

    Baiting Examples (meant to offend, but not necessarily offensive unless you know the context)

    HAN: (to Lando) What's going on . . . buddy?
    HAN: You didn't see us alone in the south passage. She expressed her true feelings for me.
    ANAKIN: General Grievous. You're shorter than I expected.
    LEIA: You came in that thing? You're braver than I thought.​

    Flaming Examples (obvious insults)

    [Stardust] YVAINE: And right here, this is where I got hit by a magical flying moron.
    [Monty Python] FRENCH SOLDIER: I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.
    [Harry Potter] HERMIONE: Just because you've got the emotional range of a teaspoon.​

    Borderline Examples (stop just short of naming names, or with strongly implied insults)

    [LOTR] LEGOLAS: Shall I describe it to you, or would you like me to get you a box?​

    --examples courtesy of ophelia and Miana Kenobi

    4. Bashing
    Incessantly making strong negative comments about a particular topic.

    5. Thread-crapping
    Posting in a thread for the sole purpose of derailing it or bashing. Also known as trolling.

    In NSWFF, we don't allow users to flame stories or discussion threads. A general rule of thumb is, "If you don't like it, don't read it, and don't post in it." We also do not criticise spelling and grammar. People who might not know this will get a polite PM informing them of this "local" standard. For people who are well aware of it, this behaviour is considered flamebaiting.

    In addition, users are free to express negative opinions, but the focus should never be other users. Discuss the stories, not the fans. Always be respectful and polite. The JC Rules of Conduct and Terms of Service prohibit abusing other users. If you receive a flame via PM, an administrator will need to access it, but once it's seen it will be treated as a post on the board.

    Note: Jedi Council moderators can only act on events that occur at the JC. Report comments on other boards or in instant messaging to the management involved in those forums.

    6. Profanity
    Authors can use "fictional" curses created within the fandom, such as "frak" (Battlestar Galactica) and "frell" (Farscape). The mods will edit anything on the disallowed list and will send a PM reminder. Repeat offences will result in disciplinary action.

    These lists apply to all JC forums and are subject to change.


    Douche (when not being used as an insult)
    Ass / Arse and derivatives (when not being used as an insult at a person)
    Bitch (true dictionary definition and verb usage)
    Bastard (dictionary definition and some verb usage)
    Penis / Vagina / any proper term for genitalia (only in a sheer biological sense and discussion)

    Not Allowed:

    Prick (except when used as a proper noun or a verb)
    Wanker / Wank / Wanking / Fap / Fapping / Jacking off / words that mean masturbating that aren't "MASTURBATING"
    Handjob / Blowjob
    Fuck / Fucking / Fucked

    Retarded (when directed at someone or something - demeaning)
    Nigger / Chink / Gook / Coon / Cracker / Honkey (any racial slur)
    Gay / Ghey / Homo / Dyke / Poofters (used in derogatory fashion)
    Fag / Faggot (when used in a derogatory fashion)
    Shit / Shite
    Cock/Dick (when used as slang for genitalia)
    Tits / Titties
    Pussy (when referring to anything other than in the feline sense)
    Bitch (referencing another person) (also Bee-yotch, or Bi-otch, or Bitchslap)
    Son of a Bitch
    Bastard (when used as an insult to any person)
    Whore (when used as an insult to any person)
    Slut / Ho
    Asshole / Arsehole
    Balls (when used as a flame towards someone else. e.g. saying you'll kick person X in the balls.)

    Update on previous ban on acronyms: Acronyms relating to and containing abbreviations for disallowed words no longer need to be starred out. (Examples: BS, FML, WTF etc.) Please remember that words on the Disallowed Words List must still be starred out in their entirety. Further, please remember that while these acronyms are allowed, flaming another user still isn't. So be mindful of how you address other users on the boards.

    Note: In fanfics, ass, whore, bastard, bitch, and slut are allowed as insults between fictional characters. Aside from this, other uses will be edited. In stories, however, we encourage you to find your own fandom-friendly curse words.

    7. Famous people
    In NSWFF, we accord famous people and those involved with each fandom (or any other venture which might make their names known) the same level of respect we would fellow posters. This means that in spoofs or discussions, we will treat a personal attack on a celebrity as an attack on a poster. This doesn't mean you can't critique work. Attacking looks or simply being cruel is not permitted.

    IV. Spoiler Policy

    You may not see dead people here, but you may see red if someone spills the beans on a movie you haven't yet seen. The official NSWFF spoiler policy is:

    Anything up until two weeks after the studio release needs to be hidden behind a spoiler tag. This includes everything - books, movies, television shows, comics. Any officially released spoilers that are given must also be tagged as spoilers until the two weeks after the official release of the movie/book/television show in question, not two weeks after the spoiler's release.

    Spoilers constitute as anything and everything that may regard to the release in question - content, writing, directors, actor appearances, etc.

    Even after a spoiler no longer has to be tagged, it Is still considered common courtesy - though not required - to warn others in your title bar or the beginning of a story thread about spoiler content. That way, anyone who wishes to remain unspoiled will stay so.

    You create a spoiler tag by using the coding:

    [spoiler} Darth Vader is Luke's father. [/spoiler} Only, replace your } with a ].

    It will appear like this:

    Darth Vader is Luke's father.

    V. Organization

    1. Prefixes
    The NSWFF forum is organized by prefixes. These colored tags can be found at the beginning of most threads and can be used to filter to seeing only that specific prefix. Example: Click on the 'Story' prefix and only see threads tagged as 'Story'.

    The forum tags are the colored tags that go at the beginning of every thread. Right now, the options are Story, Discussion, Challenge, Awards, and Index (plus Mod, which only mods can use).

    When you start a new thread, the tag options are at the beginning of the title bar. Please remember to tag your thread so that people sorting to get a certain type of thread can see it.

    2. Headers
    When you post your story, make sure you add a fandom tag so everyone can tell what it is. For instance:

    The Rise of Voldemort​


    [HP] The Rise of Voldemort or [Harry Potter] The Rise of Voldemort​

    3. Sticky Threads
    The most important threads in NSWFF. These include the FAQ and the Disallowed Fandoms list. Other threads are stickied as needed.

    VI. What can I post in a story?

    1. Story types
    Narrative fiction, poetry, song-fics, parodies and screenplays are all acceptable story formats. Only, keep in mind the Disallowed Works List as you do so.

    As stated before, NSWFF holds a family-friendly rating that does not necessarily mean PG in the traditional MPAA sense. Because of these standards, we've instituted several guidelines for story content. Included here are "high-water" marks donated graciously by several authors. We will ask you to edit descriptions that are any more explicit.

    2. Sexual depictions

    a) An example of the absolute limit for explicitness in sexuality. Very little is mentioned specifically here, and it is very much consensual.

    ]Anakin pulled her in even closer. "Oh Padmé," he whispered softly into her ear. "Never, never, never think that..." he started to undo the fastenings on her coat. It was an oddly heavy coat for the season, and he figured that even in the chill of the flat she would be hot. He slipped his hands inside and to his surprise, they met bare flesh. Anakin pulled away and looked at Padmé, thoroughly puzzled.
    Padmé smiled sweetly at him and began to finish undoing the buttons.
    "I wanted to make my apologies to you... in person," she said huskily, and dropped the coat to the floor where it pooled around her ankles. The only thing that adorned her now was a pair of slip on shoes that were quickly and carelessly kicked aside. She kissed his open palm, delighting in his reaction.
    "I'm sorry, Ani..." she whispered, and then began to tease his finger tips over her lips suggestively. "Can we kiss and make up?"
    Anakin only nodded dumbly at first and pulled her back down onto the bed, closer to himself. He finally found his voice, choked as it might have been. "Only good part of a fight," he murmured into her ear. "Making up... next time... skip the fight... go straight to this..."
    Padmé began tracing kisses down the front of his body, undressing him as she went. Very quickly, she realized that her plans for an apology were being very, very, well received indeed. Very...
    --from "The Rocker Chair" by Darth Breezy​

    b) Stories depicting sex with minors are not allowed. For these forums, a minor is anyone below 18 years of age. Romantic pairings are fine, as is a minor holding a crush on an adult, but these may not cross into sexual relationships.

    References to anyone under the age of 16 being involved in sexual relationships are not allowed.

    Minors (16 and 17 year olds) can be referenced as being involved in consensual sexual relationships, but in no case are they to be involved with anyone over the age of 21.

    3. Sexual references
    As opposed to sexual depictions, addressed in ratings, sexual references may simply be comments made in passing.

    a) Mentioning prostitution is generally acceptable, although it should not be glorified; and again, sexual encounters cannot be explicit.

    b) Mentioning incest is questionable and would depend on context. Depictions of characters engaging in incestual practices or incest as an ongoing theme in a story is not allowed.

    Note: Incest is defined as sexual relations between blood relatives. For example, Boone/Shannon from Lost is allowed, provided both are legal adults.

    Note 2: In NSWFF only, incest in the sense of a sexual relationship between cousins is acceptable, only so long as it is acceptable by the laws your characters are under in that fandom. For example, Mr. Collins/Elizabeth Bennet (Jane Austen) would be an acceptable depiction of cousin incest, due to the laws of their time and place.

    c) Rape can be discussed, but should not be graphically depicted, or, if it can be helped, depicted at all. The emotional and practical fallout is fair game.

    d) Sadomasochism, even if it is consensual, is not acceptable.

    4. Slash & Same-Sex Pairings
    At long last, stories depicting LGBTQIA+ relationships are allowed for all characters.

    5. Interspecies Romantic Relationships
    If you have questions regarding suitability of a pairing, please PM a mod before posting.

    a) For a definition of pairing:
    Pairing = Sex, fooling around, romance/marriage
    Non-pairing = Dancing, holding hands, a light kiss, feelings that are not acted upon, unrequited love, passing reference to familial relationships (example: "I'm part Klingon, part human.")

    b) All pairings that appear in each fandom are allowable. Similar pairings with original characters are also allowed. Example: Aragorn/Arwen appears in LOTR; therefore, all human/elf pairings are allowed.

    c) Species involved in the pairings should be sentient species, meaning the species have language and culture.

    d) Non-Human/Non-Human pairings - where the participants are sentient beings of opposite sexes - are allowed. Example: Farscape's D'Argo (a Luxan) and Chiana (a Nebari).

    e) Human/Non-Human pairings - the human may only be paired with another humanoid. The definition of humanoid for NSWFF is as follows:

    1) For each species considered, if the character could be played by an actor in a suit (this includes pre and post-CGI era), then it is considered humanoid and is allowed. Examples: Scarrans (Farscape); Wraiths (Stargate: Atlantis); Orcs (Lord of the Rings); the 12 Cylon models (Battlestar Galactica), various demons from Buffy and Angel.

    2) Characters that are CGI creations, or part-CGI creations, but which could have been played by an actor in a costume in the pre-CGI era, would count as humanoid. Example: Davey Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean).

    3) "Humanoid" does not include beings who were played by puppets, or CGI creations that would have been played by puppets in pre-CGI days. Examples: Rygel (Farscape), a puppet; Dobby (Harry Potter), CGI; Smeagol (LOTR), CGI.

    f) Labeling is required. Therefore, if you have a fic that involves an interspecies pairing, please label this in your subject line so that people who wish to avoid such fics may be warned. The label suggested is "ISRR"; for Interspecies Romantic Relationship.

    6. Violence
    This example demonstrates an absolute maximum for the depiction of violence. Authors with pieces approaching this level of explicit depiction should PM the moderators before posting so it can be approved as staying within the limits.

    With a sudden burst of speed, she was there. The rebel rushed forward, screaming rage and obscenities, her vibropike slashing high then low as the blood lust pushed her toward the Jedi. Etched in stark lines of hatred, her face was painted a crimson mask of gore and death.
    As she shoved the pike toward the Padawan, he leapt aside, hoping to escape her fury. She twisted into his path, reaching forward to spear him and rid the universe of the Jedi abomination. But it was too late.
    With one quick thrust, the woman was impaled, the lightsaber blade plunging into her chest. A red mist blossomed out, blood heat turning cool in the air, and covered them both in a fine spray. In the green glow of the saber, the crimson haze darkened, devastation apparent in black gore.
    For a brief instant there was silence between them. And suddenly, the insane grunts of her uncontrolled Rancor rage spiraled into high-pitched wails, screams of searing agony.
    Qui-Gon just stood there, frozen in the moment.
    He did not hear the shrill echoes of destruction going on all around him. The raucous curses and whispered pleas for mercy, the exploding pulses of detonating bombs, the faint song of far-away birds were without meaning. All he could see, all he could hear, all he could feel was her hoarse howl of bloodied pain.
    She moved then, pulling fiercely at the light spearing her chest, as though she could pluck the torment from her body. But she did not understand that it was already too late. Instead, her hand sliced apart, the fingers falling away and downward, making soft plopping sounds as they hit the blood-soaked ground one by one. Her voice gone in the scorching agony, the mewing whimpers grew fainter as she stared at the Padawan. And then she slumped sidewards, collapsing into the saber.
    Qui-Gon tried to shut off his blade but not soon enough. Her body fell apart as the light sizzled through flesh and bone. Her life's blood spurted out in a scarlet cloud, coating everything. As the woman collapsed into pieces, one shortened arm seemed to reach for her errant fingers.
    And then she was dead."
    --from "In the Moment" by dianethx​

    7. Mature themes
    Stories may be based on mature themes, such as drug abuse and torture, but the guidelines mentioned above must be observed. Instances of either should be treated obliquely.

    a) Drug use
    Drug use should not be shown in great detail and certainly should not be glorified under any circumstances. It should not be used for humorous purposes.

    b) Torture
    Torture is similar to drug use and rape in that stories should contain allusions, rather than actual depictions. Its use in a story should also be limited.

    1) Generally, no more than three instances of described (instead of alluded to) torture should occur in the entire story; more than one instance of described torture within a single story post would also be considered excessive. Ongoing torture may only be alluded to, not shown, and only if it's necessary for the story.

    2) As a rule of thumb, the mods will automatically request that authors edit any torture sequence that goes on for more than two screens of text. Within that limit, extremely graphic depictions (which go beyond the excerpt below) may also require an edit.

    3) An example: While it is clear what is happening here, Arldetta only mentions a few specific actions, and often in a distant way. The focus is more on what Obi-Wan is feeling rather than what is happening. It is also less than half a screen long.

    "[That may be so, but you have been gone for hours. And that is still an offense.]" Slightly calmer, the small floating man pulled a strip of flexi-steel ribbing from a shelf behind him. His hand moved down to the controller, once again activating the impulse. Obi-Wan was rendered immobile as waves of torment crashed through him. A new agony ignited as the strip landed across his shoulders. Quickly and efficiently, Watto flogged the boy. Fifteen lashes in total were dealt but they were enough to make the suffering child cry out in protest. After the last stroke fell, Watto spat down at the imp,"[You're lucky you're getting off light. Now close up.]" The Toydarian flew away without another thought. Curled in on himself, Obi-Wan wallowed in his wretchedness. Hugging himself to fend off the anguished remonstration of his body. Tears streaked his dusty cheeks, leaving distinguishable trails. He remained on the floor waiting for the distress to abate enough to allow movement.
    --from "The Enemy Beside You" by Arldetta​

    The mods will ask authors who exceed the limits on any of these issues to edit their work until it complies with the board standard. As these are real issues, and serious ones at that, we ask that you always treat them with tact, caution and respect.

    8. Religious issues/blasphemy
    Stories should not make fun of or otherwise insult real life religions. Faiths may be addressed, however, and religious icons may be used in humorous ways as long as it's kept in mind that the faith itself is never attacked. In other words, one might use a Book of Genesis style to spoof a character or an event in Lord of the Rings, but not vice versa. Of particular note: judgment will not be based on which religion was the spoof basis--a slur on Hinduism or Buddhism (or any other religion) is to be seen the same way as a slur on Christianity.

    9. Actor Fics
    "Actorfics," are fanfictions which feature real world people. These are not allowed, as the people involved may see them as an invasion of privacy. There are two exceptions to this rule:

    1) The "70-year rule": you may use real world people who have been dead for at least 70 years. Therefore, you can write fanfics based off historical fiction works such as "Shakespeare in Love," or simply use people like Henry VIII and Nero. Authors should tread carefully with fanfics involving religious figures, even if they're based off another work such as "The Ten Commandments."

    This rule was inspired by California's right of publicity statute, which allows a public figure's heirs to retain the figure's publicity rights for 70 years after his death. Different legal right, but similar concept.

    2) Stories may include JC members, so long as those people give you explicit permission to use their names and personalities.

    VII. Plagiarism

    Plagiarism is deliberately copying an author's work and claiming it as your own.

    On TFN, plagiarism is an extremely serious infraction and will result in a 3-month ban.

    a) If you suspect your work has been plagiarised, see a suspicious story, or you've been accused of it, follow this procedure:

    1) PM the mods with links to the original story and the alleged plagiarism. Be aware that similar plots or characters are not necessarily enough to warrant a call of plagiarism. Users often get the same ideas for a story.

    2) We will review all stories in question, considering such things as plot, characters, similar details. We will also ask all involved parties to provide any notes and outlines for their stories.

    3) If a story has been deemed an act of plagiarism, the thread will be locked, story content removed, and the author banned for three months. If not, the thread may remain open, but we will not tolerate any negative remarks toward the author regarding the incident.

    b)If you borrow material from a profic author or any real-life material in general (such as song lyrics or poetry), the original creator must be credited.

    c) Before borrowing from a fellow fanfic author, you must ask that author's permission first, even if the fanfic is posted at another site. (This includes re-writing, re-posting, or embellishing someone else's fanfic.) Failure to do so could result in a ban. If you are unable to contact the original author for permission, PM one of the Mods and we will discuss it on a case by case basis.

    VIII. General Writing Etiquette

    1. Incessant Upping
    Don't do this! The rule applies to both story threads and other discussion and socialization threads in NSWFF.

    2. Borrowing
    There's a fine line between "borrowing" and "stealing." When it comes to story ideas, OCs, names, titles - literally, anything that was created by someone else - you must ask the creator for permission to borrow. Failure to do so could result in anything from a stern warning to a ban. You must also credit the original author when posting your story.

    If you borrow material from a real-life source, you must credit the original author.

    IX. What else can I post, besides stories?

    1. Discussion & Index threads
    As stated above, challenge and index threads are the responsibility of thread managers. They stay on top of thread, whether that entails updating an index or issuing new challenge prompts. Two or more users may co-manage a thread, in which case they may use a shared sock.

    If you want to start an index thread, first contact the mods so we know who will be handling it. Index threads are limited to one per fandom - if needed, we will allow spinoff threads for characters and pairings. You must also use a sock to run an index.

    Fandom discussion threads will not require thread managers and must remain separate from the indices. If a fandom does not yet have a thread, feel free to start one.

    2. Challenges & Games
    You must have moderator approval prior to posting either a game or a challenge. But we welcome both, so feel free to PM us with your ideas.

    3. Redundant threads
    If you have an idea for a thread, check for an existing thread covering the same topic. For new challenge and index threads, contact the mods first, in case others have already pitched similar ideas.

    If a thread is already present for the topic you'd like to discuss, we will most likely lock the new thread and direct you to the old one.

    If an old thread is locked, PM the mods to have it unlocked.

    4. Appreciation threads
    Such threads for authors, stories, and OCs are not allowed anywhere.

    5. Polls
    These have been disabled. If you feel that you must include a poll with a question, contact a mod.

    6. NSWFF Concerns/Questions
    Forum-specific questions may be discussed. Wider issues, such as rules implemented by the site owners or concerns about the way Fan Fic is handled, should be taken to Communications. Below are some examples provided by former Head Admin rhonderoo.

    * Should NSWFF have to come to Comms to discuss forum-wide policy?
    * Should slash be allowed in NSWFF ?
    * Should the NSWFF FAQ be updated to be more in line with the overall JC TOS?
    Resource Threads
    * Should individual ship threads be allowed?
    * Should mod approval be required for challenges?
    * Should we rotate banners?​

    Questions regarding moderator actions should always be taken up via PM. See the Moderator Complaint Resolution Process for more details and instructions.

    X. What about socialization?

    The official rule
    Conversations within a thread that stray from the thread's theme are considered off-topic and should not be allowed to overwhelm the thread. If, after an extended period of time, no one steps forward to refocus discussion, a mod may take whatever action necessary to insure that things stay on track.

    If you're in doubt, the mods will be happy to help you figure out which conversations are pertinent and of interest to all, and which ones are likely to be perceived by your readers as off-topic, exclusive, and of interest only to the few involved.

    a) Any discussion of the fandoms allowed, writing, or fanfic writing/stories is considered on-topic. Discussion of actors in the fandoms are considered on-topic only when the discussion pertains to the actor's portrayal of his/her character. A discussion of the humor that Nathan Fillion brought to his role as Malcolm Reynolds is on-topic, but pages of nothing but "Captain Tightpants" jokes are more off-track.

    Since many actors have appeared in more than one fandom, discussions may bleed over into other threads. This is fine, just don't let general discussion of the "visiting" fandom drown out the "home" fandom.

    b) In general, five posts out of every twenty five should have something to do with the topic in hand. This is merely a guideline, and the mods will exercise common sense in evaluating this. If, for example, one whole page in a thread ends up getting derailed, but the pages before and after all contain discussion that is on-topic, it's not necessary for a moderator to step in. Pages and pages, however, are not acceptable.

    c) On story threads, readers can leave feedback, and authors can reply to their readers' feedback. But everyone should take care to not excessively "up" stories or keep them on page 1 with random chatter. Please be considerate of your fellow fanficcers in this respect.

    XI. Promoting Fics

    1.Why you can't promote your fic
    It gets annoying and spammy. Everyone wants comments on stories, and when so many authors start asking for readers, the forums can get cluttered. To save space and our sanity, we limit story promoting in all forms.

    Some threads will allow you to post links to your stories, but you must adhere to their guidelines within the thread.

    2. How you shouldn't promote your fic
    Don't start threads asking if you should start a story, continue a series, include a character, or anything of that nature. Placeholder threads, in which you state you'll be starting a story in the future, are also not allowed.

    3. How to get readers
    The first and best way is to make friends with other authors. If you post in someone else's thread, the odds go up that they will do you a favour and stop and see yours. Try visiting various threads, talking, listening, and helping out other members. Interact with your fellow authors. They'll visit your story and help you out along the way.

    If you're a little shy, start or join a round-robin, These collaborative stories are exceptional icebreakers and allow you to meet fellow authors. They're also a great way to get feedback.

    4. Can I promote other websites?
    Promoting a website unrelated to TheForce.Net is not allowed outside of the proper thread. A thread containing an advertisement of another website will be locked on sight. If you want to promote your own website, your sig is the best place to do so.

    Note: All promoted websites and advertised links must adhere to TFN standards. If a site requires registration and cannot otherwise be viewed by non-members, only the pages accessible to non-members need to be family-friendly.

    XII. Update PMs & Tagging

    To notify readers when new chapter or stories have been posted, authors can PM reminders to readers or tag them before their update. We allow this only if a reader explicitly requests such PMs or tags. Otherwise, they are considered solicitation, and the author is warned for spamming.

    Readers who receive unwanted updates should alert a moderator. Readers who asked for updates but no longer wish to receive them are responsible for alerting the author on their own.

    XIII. Writing Help

    1. Need a beta?
    A thread specifically seeking a beta reader will be redirected to the Beta Request thread.

    2. Need help with an idea?
    We have our own handy dandy NSWFF Writer's Support Group to help you with all of your writing needs. Feel free to ask your question there, and If you can't find an answer to your question there or the Fan Fic Resource, you can start a new thread. For in-depth help on actually writing your story, ask for a beta reader in the Beta Request thread.

    3. Have a good writing tip?
    Tips and tricks are always welcome! Check out Fan Fic Resource for threads covering genres and styles, or our own NSWFF Writer's Support Group. Feel free to contribute to them or start a new thread if one doesn't already exist. If your idea caters specifically to non-Star Wars fandoms, post it here. If you're not sure whether to post your tips and discussion in Resource or the Well, the mods will point you in the right direction.

    4. What about co-writing and round-robins?
    In a round-robin or group fiction, authors take turns writing or taking on the different roles in a story. You may post threads asking for co-writers. Planning threads for RRs are allowed, but they should not turn into social threads. The actual story should then be posted in a story thread.

    XIV. Shared Usernames

    The JC forums forbid sharing usernames. If a username misbehaves, the mods can't be certain which person using the name actually broke the forum rules.

    However, NSWFF allows shared usernames for stories or index/discussion threads under the following conditions:

    a) You must inform the mods of the shared username and everyone who has access to the name.

    b) The shared username can only be used in the story forum within the story thread itself, or for discussion threads, in the appropriate thread in the Well.

    Under no circumstances can the shared name be used elsewhere. Should forum rules be broken under the name, every person who shares access to that name will equally share in whatever punishment is doled out.

    XV. Last Words

    We mods have fun here and hope you will, too. So step back when your temper flares, always be respectful when addressing others, and remember that we're all here because we love fanfic.

    NSWFF FAQ cribbed from the Fan Fic FAQ. Originally compiled by JadeSolo, Miana Kenobi, and NYCitygurl. Current version revised by Mira_Jade and NYCitygurl.

    Last updated: February 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 28, 2018
  2. Miana Kenobi

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    Apr 5, 2000
  3. NYCitygurl

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    Jul 20, 2002
    Just a note that the plagarism section has been updated to comply with the ne Fan Fic FAQ. The changes are:

    b) If you borrow material from a profic author or any real-life material in general (such as song lyrics or poetry), the original creator must be credited.

    c) Before borrowing from a fellow fanfic author, you must ask that author's permission first, even if the fanfic is posted at another site. (This includes re-writing, re-posting, or embellishing someone else's fanfic.) Failure to do so could result in a ban. If you are unable to contact the original author for permission, PM one of the Mods and we will discuss it on a case by case basis.
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