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Discussion in 'Star Wars Community' started by Valairy Scot, Sep 4, 2012.

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    Loved Ewan in Birds of Prey. He has so much charisma.
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    I would argue that this is an intentional storytelling device meant to echo how Obi-Wan is so modest that one would not realise just how excellent a Jedi he is if one were not paying careful attention to him. I would in fact argue that Obi-Wan is the most relevant character in the six-parter that is 'The Tragedy of Darth Vader'. This is the Jedi Knight who, despite probably considering himself the greatest failure in the galaxy, nevertheless does not break down and manages to stick to the light side of the Force, who strives for the remainder of his life and six years after his death to make up for it. Without all that Obi-Wan gave, Anakin, despite being the Chosen One, would never have managed to turn back to the light and fulfil the prophecy. He is, at the very least, the fourth most important person to the fate of the galaxy (not necessarily exactly fourth, but the only people who even have a chance of being in front of him are Anakin Skywalker, Luke and Yoda). I have seen many people say that Obi-Wan was not a good choice of Master for Anakin, but in one sense, Obi-Wan was the best possible Master Anakin could have had, because he absolutely refused to give up while the result that Anakin had been supposed to bring about - bringing balance to the Force - had not yet been achieved, and it was because of this that Anakin could be redeemed in the eyes of the Force.

    Consider: Obi-Wan, at age 38, is on the Jedi High Council - how excellent a Jedi must he be? It is simply to make this less obvious that there are other (but extremely few) members of the Council who were invited to be on the Council at an even younger age. Does one believe Qui-Gon would have been on the Council at age 38 if he had not '[defied] the Council'? Similarly, I would argue that the reason why Obi-Wan dies before Yoda and Yoda becomes the last living Jedi who is able to train Luke is because for the purposes of the tale, Obi-Wan's relevance would become too obvious otherwise. Obi-Wan is so modest that it feels awkward to see Anakin praising him to the skies in Clones, as though he is more suited for Qui-Gon's more restrained, but sincere praise in Menace. In fact, I would argue that part of the reason for Palpatine's eventual fall is that he never realised just how relevant Obi-Wan was, or he would have taken more precautions against Obi-Wan.

    Many years ago a user mentioned that the first stanza of Arthur O'Shaughnessy's Ode (which I posted on the first page of this thread) was very applicable to Obi-Wan:
    It perfectly summarises my feelings about Obi-Wan.
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    Beautiful @};-
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    Star Wars Celebration (social thread)
    Posted in the Celebration Social thread that Ewan McGregor will be doing a virtual Q&A on June 15 at 7 PM ET. Hit the link to get all the information!
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    Awesome! *hastily scribbles note to self*
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    Gosh I'm so hoping that Obi-Wan series feeds my needs. :) I've missed the guy so much, esp after watching The Mandalorian and seeing how great a Star Wars show can be. I know there were some hiccups along the way but I'm feeling hopeful again. It has only just occurred to me that with Vader showing up there is a possibility of at least slightly rectifying the whole "Point of View" thing Obi-Wan got stuck with because Lucas changed his story between 4 and 5 if only in the sense that perhaps Obi-Wan does try once again to get Vader to turn back (which Anakin may have hinted at when he said to Luke in ROTJ "Obi-Wan once thought as you do" and it really doesn't work and he really comes to see Anakin as well and truly gone and dead at that point. It might at least put a bit more weight to his reasons for thinking so.

    But yes I think Obi-Wan seems "irrelevent" precisely because he IS a great Jedi and is anything but irrelevant. A great Jedi does what he needs to to serve others as well as he can and isn't particularly interested in making a name for himself. That actually seems to have been one of Obi-Wan's qualities, he was by and large a humble man and was known for this(who knows what is canon and what isn't anymore but I recall in the novelization a little teasing the other Council members did by talking about how they would need a great master etc to go on I think it was the Grievous mission and Obi-Wan was like "Yes, I agree" and they all just kind of looked at him and were like "yeah we're talking about you!" LOL It was a cute little moment of levity in the novelization anyway).

    And I don't actually think Qui-Gon would have been a better master if you actually look at how Qui Gon mastered Obi-Wan, he was pretty strict and quite formal for the most part. He and Obi-Wan obviously had a close relationship but Qui-Gon wasn't some "woohoo let's get wild" sort of master who was just going to let Anakin do what he wanted simply because he favored the living force. Qui Gon had a slightly different emphasis in his philosophy but he was very much a JEDI still. Qui Gon was a fairly serious fellow and not particular cuddly. He still wasn't like Palpatine, warmly and friendly encouraging Anakin's worst impulses. Qui-Gon still would have put his foot down. Qui Gon had actually MET his mother(which Obi-Wan did not) and Qui Gon said straight out he wasn't there to free to slaves. He never offered to come back and get her at a later time and I don't believe he would have. He was interested in getting Anakin freed and trained as a Jedi per the prophecy.(to be honest I've always felt this was rather odd myself...I know if I found the Chosen One out in the middle of nowhere by the Force's choice of mother, I would very assume that the Force did NOT want the Chosen One to be trained in anything in particular and that I had been led there simply to know so perhaps an eye could be kept on him to make sure he didn't fall under any bad influences, if Anakin had been freed but left there, he very likely in short order would have been able to buy his mother's freedom(kids can obviously work in the GFFA I'm quite sure with his skills he'd have been a top mechanic in no time) and that would have basically cut out half his issues right there, his mother was saved, he'd have left home because he grew up and wanted to, etc ) Qui Gon felt bad about it but it wasn't his interest. IMO it would have ultimately led to Anakin resenting Qui Gon for freeing him and leaving his mother behind and that would have been Palpatine's in to turn Anakin against him. I think the fact that Obi-Wan was young and NOT set in his ways already was actually an advantage in keeping Anakin loyal as he was because Obi-Wan could check more boxes--not just a master, but a friend, a brother, someone he could have a laugh with, someone he could be turn into a real partner with, they had their differences and Anakin resented him because he thought Obi-Wan was holding him back but he'd have probably felt that way against any Jedi master all of whom would have done the same thing. So to me the idea that everything would have been peachy but for Qui Gon's death doesn't fit what what we actually saw of him and his personality. In different ways perhaps but I think ultimately many of the same issues would have come up and he might have actually lost Anakin's loyalty earlier despite everything.
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    Hi everyone - I'm feeling nostalgic because I've been rereading this thread and having a BLAST (up to Qui-Gon defending Obi-Wan's virtue against Jar Jar [face_laugh] ). Yeah, I've been bad and I've been absent. Waves at everyone - Deb, Ash, Geri, Ruth...I so miss interacting with you AND missing (or is it that I am missing finding them) new stories or the end of stories.
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    Maybe when we start getting more real news about the series, it'll liven up.

    A favorite moment from the Prequels featuring Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master of dramatic entrances, I think he taught a class at the temple on it(gifs are not mine)
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    Agree. For instance, I can hardly wait until they leak the first images of Ewan in full Obi-Wan outfit on set. And maybe this is the right place to do some venting... I am member of some subreddits and the one regarding Kenobi isn't extremely active (yet) but when I see some speculations about the show it's most related to Anakin/Vader's appearance.
    I don't mind them having him drop by in a backflash or brief meeting but I really hope they keep the focus on Obi-Wan's story, whatever that may be in that time period.
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    Same this is supposed to be about OBI-WAN, I don't want it to all be about Vader. To be honest I felt like Obi-Wan kept getting pushed aside in the PT for George's pet characters, he ought to at least be the focus of the series NAMED for him. Same with Qui-Gon, a brief appearance in a flashback or as a Force voice fine but again, it ought to be about Obi-Wan.
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    Heck, he was a bit "done bad by" in TCW - a little too sarcastic, a little too, ah, less than "pretty darn competent," a little too shown up by the newbie (granted, some others were as well)...
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    Well yes this is true, I only watched TCW sporadically and have only just finally got to the point of watching the whole thing, in order, on Disney+, I've gotten up to the start of Season 5(but I have seen some episodes in seasons 5, 6, and 7, like I did watch the last 3 episodes of Season 7 and wanted to smack Ahsoka for her little speech). But I do agree. I don't know what it is about writers that they think to show someone is good, they have to have them show up everyone else.

    But I always had complaints about that stuff(my post count is 6000+ nearly all posted during the Prequel era and that makes up a fair lot of them). I honestly always thought it was a terrible decision to make Qui-Gon the main character of TPM and it was even worse given the direction AOTC. It basically left NO basis for the audience to see Obi-Wan and Anakin's relationship in a positive light. They were strangers at the end of TPM and were already butting heads in AOTC. I seem to recall one of the earlier scripts for TPM did have Qui-Gon as Obi-Wan's master but Obi-Wan was a knight, he was the one who went into Mos Espa, etc, Qui-Gon's role was much smaller and that's how it should have been IMO. For one it would have fit with what Obi-Wan said that he believed he could train him but he took on too much and failed.

    In any case what's done is done but Obi-Wan's own series ought to focus on showing us about him and give us his side of the story first and foremost.
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    Not that it's necessary at this point but I just thought of a couple other lines of dialogue in the OT that potentially pointed to Obi-Wan going off Tattoine in the years after Order 66. One of them is "I'm getting too old for this sort of thing", makes it kind of sound like "Again? I'm getting too old to be traipsing all over the place trying to save the galaxy", bit of sass. And the other is Owen talking about Obi-Wan's "damn fool idealistic crusades", which I don't think will be made to "fit" entirely, as I'm sure whatever he does will be done quietly and secretly and he'd likely just let the Lars know he'd be gone so they could be an extra watchful eye out on Luke, but it does make it sound like at the very least while Owen knew him, he'd go off and do things, and Owen only knew him AFTER he came to live on Tattooine.
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    It’s been years since I’ve been around these parts, but I came back for the Kenobi series.

    What did we think?

    I loved nearly everything about it.
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    I hated nearly everything about it
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    Really? I’d love to hear another perspective, especially since I do think there were other stories they could have told or other ways this one could have been told (obviously with more Obi-Wan) even though I was pretty much happy with the one they did tell.

    The last scene was one of the things I think should have been done differently.
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    Loved Ewan, enjoyed the bits with Anakin & Vader (that last duel was great), Tala, and most of the stuff with Leia.

    Still not sold on Reva. I do like Moses Ingram, so I’ll give Reva another chance if she appears in something else I want to watch.
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    When Obi-Wan just said, "Hello" without the "there" when he was with Leia back in an episode, this truly showed what a broken man he had become...

    But then at the end of the series, he said, "Hello there," which symbolizes how he has now become once again complete and is back to being the Obi-Wan we all love.

    Thank you for coming to my TED Talk :p
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    Ok, I swear I tried to keep this short. Oh well, I apologize in advance:

    I find that the directing, editing, CGI and cinematography is just subpar most of the time, but I could look past all that if only the writing was decent but it is not – it is downright atrocious, lacking even the basic fundamentals of solid themes, character development, progression, structure and pacing.

    1) The writers don’t seem understand when they have used “show don’t tell” successfully and when simply showing doesn’t hit hard enough. For instance, there is no need to spell out Reva's character flaws for us through the inquisitors telling her that: "You are reckless" and "You are too impulsive" because this has been made quite clear through her actions, whereas in the first episode we see bleak shots of Obi-Wan working monotonous jobs, being socially isolated, supressing his urge to act as a Jedi, how he is suffering from nightmares, and yet we don’t really know what he feels and what his thoughts are regarding his current situation and future plans. I usually enjoy these kinds of slow, character-driven, emotional scenes and stories, but here it is just utterly dull. And one can argue that Obi-Wan has no one to talk to but that is not true: he knows Qui-Gon is there even if he hasn’t been able to establish contact so instead of having a conversation with Nari that lacks any real emotion and the pointless conversation with the Jawa (one in which Obi-Wan allows himself to be swindled though it is clear that he has few means), they should have Obi-Wan monologuing to Qui-Gon opening up about his thoughts and feelings – his fears and hopes – and thereby add more weight to all these scenes of him looking sad and defeated.

    2) The dialogue is generic and a much of it doesn’t feel like natural dialogue but more like the writer saying: "now I am telling you something", making it sound unnatural and highly scripted, instead of flowing like good dialogue should. Sometimes the dialogue seems to be building up to something only to end awkwardly because instead of letting it head to its natural conclusion, the writers seems to have decided to save that for later. For instance, the conversation about the past between Obi-Wan and Tala (that ends with Tala just telling him to forget the past – which is a bad idea). This conversation gives a good opening for Tala – and Obi-Wan as well – to open up about themselves, but this is not taken, and it's not until the next episode that she gives her backstory (and we all know that it's because she is about to die), and only then does she give a decent answer to the conversation: that while there are some things you can't forget, but you can fight to make them better.

    3) It’s obvious the writers had clear ideas where the plot should go and how they wanted scenes to play out regardless of the lack of internal/external logic, consistency, and especially in regards to the characters, who are little more than pieces being moved around the board in whatever direction the plot demands:
    • The whole premise of getting Obi-wan back into action makes no sense whatsoever: there is no reason Reva would think kidnapping Leia would result in the Organas sending Obi-Wan to save her:
      • I) Reva found a link between Obi-Wan and Bail in the archives but what would make her think it would be so strong that it would lure Obi-Wan out of hiding?
      • Why would Bail think the person who has been hiding away on a backwater planet for 10 years is the best man for the job rather than a bounty-hunter who is far more up to date on the current situation, has established contacts, and is used to moving around a galaxy controlled by the Empire? Also, in case of exposure, Obi-Wan would (and does) attract a lot more attention from the Empire than a common bounty-hunter would.
      • Leia is hiding in plain sight and is a public figure, and if she had been kidnapped Bail would have behaved as one would expect of a person of his station and used the official channels: alert the Senate, alert the holonet, send out his personal guard, send out a huge bounty for information, hire the best bounty-hunters the galaxy could provide. By doing what he does makes him look incredibly suspicious - like he has something to hide
      • Since the Empire learn in the show that threatening Leia in particular can lure Obi-Wan out of hiding what is stopping them from doing so again?
    • Inconsistent use of the force:
      • in the beginning, Obi-Wan can barely use the force, then in the blink of an eye he becomes a force-god
      • Vader can pull down a moving spaceship and crush it, until he can’t (had he fallen to his knees with exhaustion after doing so, it would make sense, but he looks as if this was no big feat). Regardless, him being able to do so then begs the question why he didn’t simply pull back the Millennium Falcon in ESB or simply crush Luke’s ship against the wall of the trench in ANH).
      • Vader can extinguish fire with the force, until he can’t
      • Vader can use to force to earth-bend..?
    • Obi-Wan’s escape after the first confrontation with Vader is utterly contrived as Vader has so many opportunities to catch Obi-Wan: he can extinguish fire like he did moments before, he can pull Obi-Wan to him with the as he did moments before, he can send his men to run around the fire to get him. Instead, the plot demands Obi-Wan escape, and so Vader is compelled to do nothing even if this is the one person, he wants to get his hands on more than anyone else. All they had to do to make it work was to have the explosion Tala caused to set Vader on fire which would be sufficient to keep both Vader and his men occupied while they make their escape.
    • Leia is supposed to be 10 years old, but sometimes she acts as if she is 30 and other times 4 – whatever a specific scene needs her to be.
    • Obi-Wan went to Tatooine to protect Luke and train him when the time was right (and train to communicate with Qui-Gon), and yet we don’t see him training, but has instead allowed for his skills to deteriorate to a point where he would barely be able to protect Luke from Tuscan raiders. Not only would he have needed to keep his skills sharp in order to keep Luke safe and later train him, but being able to use the force subtly – like the Jedi mind trick – would have been essential to escape detection. Also, the idea that he isn’t aware of the existence of Vader is ridiculous: if he intended to keep Luke safe from the Empire, he would have needed to keep both eyes and ears open in regards to imperial movement to try and stay one step ahead, but instead he seems to think sticking his head in the ground is a sound strategy
    • The Inquisitors are supposed to be menacing and a real threat, but over and over they are shown to be extremely incompetent and passive – like when Nari exposes himself and escapes, they just stand and watch instead of giving chase so that later they have to offer rewards and use threats to try and find out where he went
    • It makes no sense that Vader would order the star destroyer to chase Obi-Wan when he intends to go after him in his own ship anyway, but Leia needed to escape so…
    • While there were good moments in the big rematch it was ruined by its resolution: there was no real attempt by Obi-Wan to redeem Anakin, and absolutely no reason for him to leave him alive. Not only did Vader prove himself to be a cold-blooded murderer, but he had just made it very clear that he was not interested in redemption.
    • Coincidental plot contrivances, like:
      • a random girl gives Obi-Wan free spice which is vital in allowing him to escape later
      • random child leads him to a “fake Jedi” who just happens to know exactly where Leia is
      • when Obi-Wan has killed the guards at the gate it happens to be Tala who arrives with reinforcements… consisting of three troopers…
      • Reva just happening to walk into the right building and find the secret passage – and somehow managed not to meet Tala in the tunnel...
    • Lack of consequences regarding injuries:
      • Obi-Wan gets dragged through fire and yet only his shoulder and back are injured when the side of his head would have been burned too
      • Reva is stabbed through her abdomen with a lightsaber twice (you know, the same kind of injury that killed Qui-Gon in a matter of minutes) and somehow survives both times without medical treatment
      • The Grand Inquisitor is also stabbed through his abdomen but somehow survives
    4) There is little to no real character exploration (rather disappointing for a show named after the main character – or supposed main character):
    • Obi-Wan:
      • It makes sense that following Order 66 and Anakin's betrayal that Obi-Wan needs an arc of recovery before he turns into the person he is in ANH, but I don't think the show gives his character enough reflection and introspection – nor give him a proper struggle to overcome in order to help him recover.
      • The show seems to know Obi-Wan has character flaws that he has to overcome and which requires introspection, but nothing is really done with those struggles beyond just showing us: here they are, and now they are no longer there – like after having his ass handed to him by Vader, he wakes up a little bit shaken but then is back to normal in the next scene. The scene where Obi-Wan is told Anakin is still alive is impactful because of Ewan McGregor's ability to act, but they don't really do anything with it, and there is no reflection on his feelings or some kind of exploration of what the revelation means to him.
      • As I said earlier, his skills have deteriorated to the point where he can barely use the force only to suddenly use it perfectly the moment the plot demands it. No arc, just a plot contrivance. There could have been understandable character reasons for him to struggle using it – like some sort of emotional block - but that requires proper emphasis on this problem and how it feels for Obi-Wan, and that then requires a great struggle to overcome it.
      • Obi-Wan is a Jedi Master, a skilled negotiator, a general who is aware of strategy and tactics when planning, someone experienced with going undercover and think on his feet, someone who has managed to stay hidden from the Empire for teen years, but most of the time he’s presented as a bumbling idiot – blurting out Leia’s name like a ripe amateur and generally seems incapable of keeping up an appearance – with poor communication skills, and who just jumps head first into danger without thought or consideration, and manages to scrape through by coincidence and luck more than skill and intelligence – he even let’s Leia make decisions on how to proceed in spite of his better judgement (it also makes him look stupid because (once again) he is unable to explain to her that the danger has not passed and they need to be careful).I know what they were trying to do, but it reflects poorly on a writer that in order to develop an established character they first have to deconstruct that character and then rebuild them back into what they already were instead of making them into a new and better version of themselves. If you are incapable of writing a good character arc for a well-rounded and developed character, then leave that job for someone more competent.
      • The show ends with Obi-Wan being shown as victorious – having achieved what he set out to do, but seems to forget that he utterly failed at his primary mission which is to protect Luke. If not for Reva’s sudden and unexpected change of heart, Luke would have been dead, but everyone seems oblivious to this glaring failure
      • It's supposed to be a show about Obi-Wan, but many times he gets side-lined in favour of Leia and Reva
    • Leia:
      • Leia's arc is, IMO, botched: her arc seems to be that she is eager to explore other planets beyond Alderaan and she feels her parents will force her into a role she does not want. She then gets kidnapped and she finally gets to see something outside Alderaan. Obi-Wan frees her and she mostly seems to be enjoying herself. After a few episodes of adventuring there is a scene where she suddenly reveals to Obi-Wan that she does miss home, and some sees this is her character development: she used to be excited about leaving home and now she's missing it. Only, there is nothing else to indicate that she misses her parents and her home, or that she has realized that adventuring is more often dangerous than fun because she seems to be having the time of her life, and she’s not remotely affected by the violence or seeing people die.
      • Her characterization is both poor and inconsistent. First of all, they mistakenly use intelligence as substitute for actual personality traits. We know the kind of person Leia will grow into, but she is allowed to be a 10-year-old child and not just adult-Leia trapped in a child’s body. Secondly, in spite of having lived a sheltered, secure and luxurious life, she is completely unfazed by suddenly being surrounded by death and violence. When Obi-Wan frees her, they are still in a very dangerous situation, however, Leia seems to have suddenly become oblivious to that, and to the trauma of being kidnapped, because she is wandering around all carefree to explore this new place. No! Even though she has a desire to visit new places, being kidnapped should have been terrifying for her, and she should have been afraid about being captured again. That she is seemingly incapable of comprehending the danger they are in just makes her look stupid and stands in stark contrast to how adult most of her lines are.
    • Reva:
      • She has no understandable motivations for a major part of the show: she’s not interested in catching ordinary Jedi because she is obsessed with Obi-Wan. Why? We don't know. She seems to think capturing Obi-Wan will get her a promotion, but why she wants that we don't know either – nor is it clear why she would think her focussing on Obi-Wan (who could be dead for all she knows) at the cost of doing her job is a better way of achieving this. There should be a very personal, character-based reason for such drive but we're not told it. She has so much screen time in the earlier episodes, but since I had no understanding of her then it was difficult to get engaged in and thus felt wasted. We finally do learn her motivations in episode 5 but this comes far too late, feels rushed, and still makes very little sense – and the revelation does little more than make her plan look incredibly foolish. Learning her background and motivations should also help establish her actions both in the past and forward, but they don’t: I still don’t think her plan makes sense and I don’t understand why she suddenly wants to kill Luke – is it to take revenge on Obi-Wan? On Vader? Regardless, like her plan to kidnap Leia to lure out Obi-Wan, I don’t think her actions makes much sense unless she has knowledge that she shouldn’t have. Adding to that, I see nothing in the way her character acts that warrants or leads up to her getting redemption.
      • They set up a sort of rivalry between her and the others inquisitors but it is not given any character weight and there seems to be little to it beyond them just wanting to become Grand Inquisitor, and their reasons for disliking each other are not explored. The result is that the conflict feels shallow and makes them seem more like children fighting over who gets to be the teacher's favourite.
      • If she is the antagonist, what does she represent to our protagonist - what does Obi-Wan think of her? Does he know who she is? What does Reva think about him? We don't know, and there is not really any personal conflict between them. Not until episode 5 do they actually talk to each other – and like the talk between Obi-Wan and Nari, it doesn’t really have an emotional impact and is forgotten in the next scene.
    • I’ll just touch on the side character quickly because I generally find them quite bland and with their motivations being inconsistent and all over the place – mostly being dictated by whatever is needed to move the plot forward or for a scene to play out in a specific way.
    5) The story lacks a main threat of the plot running throughout: it seems to set up Obi-Wan and Anakin’s relationship as the core by opening with a recap showing just that, but then it is pushed completely to the side in the first two episodes, and we don't get any flashbacks of the two of them until episode 5. Obi-Wan learns Anakin is still alive, but while they show it having an emotional impact then and there, we never learn what Obi-Wan’s thoughts are regarding this revelation. They finally meet in episode 3 but so little is done with it emotionally (and their lines to each other are so generic) that I find it redundant. The plot should have been built around exploration of these two characters but instead it focusses more on the Leia-kidnapping plot which turns into one long, meaningless game of chase – even when the plot pushes Obi-Wan-Anakin relationship back to the forefront of the story, it still often gets side-lined by Reva and Leia.

    6) The show seems indecisive as to who is the main protagonist: is it Obi-Wan? Or Leia? Or even Reva? And who is the main antagonist: Reva or Vader? 1) If Obi-Wan is the main protagonist (which the title implies), then his actual character and feelings need far more attention and focus in the story. They should show narrative consequences to big, impactful emotions - simply having Obi-Wan do things or show him feeling things isn't always enough if what he does or feel doesn't really matter. Especially in character-driven stories, being able to identify the emotion that the characters end up with at the end of a scene and how that emotion affects the following scene (even if it's in just a small way) allows us to see the emotional connective tissues throughout the story. Feelings lead to action, lead to feelings lead to action and so forth until those feelings are resolved, thereby deepening the emotional experience and bringing us closer to the character. None of that is present in the show. 2) Anakin needs more focus by having Obi-Wan reflect on him (the same could be said of Reva). 3) Reva's motivations need to be revealed far earlier, and both her motivations and background should have been reflected in her character at an earlier time so that her redemption seemed more natural. 4) Leia needs either purpose or proper care should have been given to her arc. To be honest, while I do like the idea of Obi-Wan and Leia meeting and find their interactions quite sweet, I don’t think she should have been in this story as she takes time away from Obi-Wan and Anakin, and because there is nothing in Leia’s message to Obi-Wan in ANH that as much as hints of them ever having met or spoken prior.

    7) For a show called Obi-Wan Kenobi, I learned very little about the character of Obi-Wan – the only thing that comes to mind is him briefly mentioning remembering his family before being given to the Jedi (something that might actually have been interesting to explore further), but this was pushed aside and forgotten moments later. I see the state Obi-Wan is in in the beginning but I don’t understand why he has fallen this low and allowed his skills to deteriorate to a point where he wouldn’t really be able to protect Luke should the Empire became aware of him. I see the struggles and problems Obi-Wan faces throughout the story, but I don’t see him actually overcoming or resolving them, and instead they just disappear. I see his supposed triumphant ending (one I don’t really think he has earned), but I don’t understand what has caused this change – and I certainly haven’t seen any character development – emotionally or spiritually – on Obi-Wan’s part that would suddenly enable him to communicate with Qui-Gon.
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