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Beyond - Legends Odyssey - (Post - Apocalypse - 44 ABY, Canon/OC)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by JediDingo, Jan 26, 2014.

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    Mar 27, 2005
    Title: Odyssey
    Author: Jedidingo
    Timeframe: 44 ABY
    Characters: Canon and Originals (see Dramatis Personae)
    Notes: Seeing how we will probably never see a novel picking up the thread that Denning left in Apocalypse, I decided to write about the "Ten Knights" or "Quest Knights" and their journeys to find the Dagger of Mortis.
    Summary: Abeloth and the Lost Tribe of the Sith have been defeated by Luke Skywalker and his new New Jedi Order. Abeloth may have been defeated, but her evil cannot be contained. She has been defeated, for now, but eventually she will regain all of her power and make a full return to the galaxy. The only thing that can stop her is the mysterious "Dagger of Mortis". Luke, knowing that the fate of the galaxy may very well rest with finding this dagger, he sends out the Ten. These Ten Knights, or Quest Knights as they come to be known, face a galaxy full of danger and adventure.

    Main Dramatis Personae:
    The Quest Knights -
    Jaden Korr: Jedi Knight (human male)
    Oholi Soroc: Jedi Knight (Duros female)
    Rex Oddo: Jedi Knight (Ithorian male)
    Yaqeel Saav'etu: Jedi Knight (Bothan female)
    Tesar Sebatyne: Jedi Knight (Barbel male)
    Perceval Starstone: Jedi Knight (human male)
    Katlin Starstone: Jedi Knight (human female)
    Bareet: Jedi Knight (Wookiee male)
    Morgana Fey: Jedi Knight (human female)
    Daxxo Marr: Jedi Knight (Zabrak male)
    Galahad: Jedi Knight (human male)

    Crew of the Junker-
    Khedryn Faal: Captain of the Junker (human male)
    Marr Idi-Shael: First mate of the Junker (Cerean male)

    Crew of the Scylla -
    John Forge: Imperial Commander of the Scylla (human male)

    Secondary Dramatis Personae:
    Luke Skywalker: Grand Master (human male)
    Ben Skywalker: Jedi Knight (human male)




    The stars dotted the dark void of space. It would be nearly impossible to count them all, and of course back on her homeworld of Bastion she had tried that very thing as a child. Ensign Laura Kass couldn’t remember a night that she didn’t look to the stars in the sky, trying desperately to chart them all herself. If she were being honest with herself, the nineteen year old would have admitted that is the whole reason she signed up with the Imperial Navy in the first place - to see the stars.

    It was all very cliche of her, and she knew that too, but she simply didn’t care. She was living her dream, and no one was going to stop her. She sat on the bridge of the Imperial-II class Star Destroyer Glory monitoring the incoming and out-going communications. She blinked, willing herself not to yawn. That wouldn’t be very imperial of her to do. Yes, the Empire was technically apart of the larger Galactic Alliance — but there was a certain understanding amongst the Empire that they could and still would preform their duties with crisp imperial readiness, besides, who knew how long their relationship would last with the GA. Things were finally looking up for the Empire, Head of State Reige was moving them in the right direction, Laura was sure of that.

    Click, click, click.

    She heard the boots of Admiral Jutt and immediately straightened in her seat. The old man was a veteran of the Thrawn campaigns, Yuuzhan Vong invasion, and the Second Galactic Civil War. The man had been around and was defiantly a stickler for being a “by the book” kind of guy. He was walking with a couple of lieutenants carrying some holosheets.

    A ping sounded off on her console as the Admiral walked by. Laura frowned and began tapping away at her console. It was an incoming transmission, but it wasn’t a live transmission. It was a broadcast − a recording. She tapped her inner-ear earpiece to listen. She began to frown, trying to make out the words. Quickly her frown turned into a slight look of horror as her heart began to beat rapidly inside of her chest.

    She bolted up out of her seat.

    “Admiral!” She yelled.

    The Admiral turned, clearly upset that she had just broken about a dozen protocols. “Ensign, what is -"

    “Admiral, please sir, you need to listen to this. Now.”

    He furrowed his brow, clearly seeing that there was something majorly wrong. He clenched his jaw and began to walk back towards the ensign.

    “This better be worth it ensign,” He whispered.

    “I believe it is, sir.” She replied.

    “What is it?”

    “A broadcast. Just received it, and its coming from this system. We just received it when we got in-system.”

    “Vong?” Admiral Jutt asked. Laura shook her head. He bit the inside of his cheek. “Play it over the speakers.”

    Static filled the speakers, causing everyone on the bridge of the Glory to wince.

    “ — I repea — is Jedi Knig — Oholi Sor — anyone who can get this, please — arn Master S — I found something terrible. It’s not what — monolith is — gerous and aliv — wait, somethi — set for hyperdrive n — we’ve been — help.”

    After the last words, a large pop of static fills the speakers and the transmission starts over. Before the Admiral could even respond another Imperial crew member called out.

    “Admiral, we have something coming right for us!”

    The old man turned. “What is it?”

    The crewmember shook his head, his mouth hanging agape.

    “I don’t…I don’t know.”

    The Admiral turned, looking out the viewport. Moving towards them was something extremely gigantic. It was quickly beginning to fill up the viewport. Laura couldn’t tell the shape of the thing, but she noticed that she could no longer see the stars. Her heart beat jumped and she gripped her console awaiting the Admiral’s orders.

    Just as he was about to speak, the Glory exploded into a thousand pieces.
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    Looks good! Any story with Jaden Korr in the Dramatis Personae has my attention. ;)
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    Great to see you beginning with an 'odyssey' to find the dagger of Mortis
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    Hi. I resonated with Laura Kass, for ;) reasons related to having a serious fondness for communications officers [face_laugh] And her love of the stars, so like young Luke's, and the intriguing message followed by :eek: An explosion! =D= This, and we're not even in chapter one yet! Excellent! This has a very Round-Table meets SW feel LOL :cool:
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    Thanks every one, I'm very glad you all have shown interest! Chapter one will be coming very soon!