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Before - Legends Oh, My Head - OTP Challenge OCs Britmar Seclu Drama/Humor Multi chapter

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Vek Talis, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Vek Talis

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    Oct 12, 2018
    Title: Oh, My Head
    Author: Vek Talis
    Genre: Drama/Humor
    Characters: Ocs Britmar Seclu, Uanaso, Kazaro
    Timeframe: 197 years before KotOR 4153 BBY approx.
    Notes: For the OTP challenge #10. My challenge was: One partner's ex shows up.
    Extra Notes: This is likely to be either 2 or 3 parts.

    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

    Taris was for the rich and powerful. The upper levels of the giant planet-city sprawled with decadence, greed and avarice. Fine shops touted their expensive wares to the crustiest of the crust.

    A trading hub between the Core Worlds and Outer Rim, Taris sat on one of the most lucrative hyperspace routes. Merchants from across the galaxy did business here, bringing in so many credits in such a short boom of time, that Taris' upper levels had been built over the brief span of little more than a century.

    Normally, this was not the type of world Britmar found herself on. Or, to qualify, if she ever docked her vessel, the Osprey, it would have been in the Undercity. Only a dozen meters below the wealth of several planets lay the darkness and poverty which held up such decadence.

    Today, Britmar was getting a special treat. Her lover, Uanaso, a Zabrak fellow with daring reputation to match his ruggedly handsome looks, was off securing payment from their most recent job. A semi-legitimate job, even. Would wonders never cease?

    A wealthy Tarisian was into collecting ancient Wookiee totems from Kashyyyk. It wasn't illegal, per se, to buy them from willing chiefs and resell them on the open market. It wasn't even illegal to transport a potentially dangerous item – Wookiee totems from the reign of Chaanawrl II were often booby-trapped – in a private vessel, provided you took the necessary safety precautions.

    What was frowned upon, was when a certain Wookiee chief didn't want to part with the particular totem and you had to resort to less than official means to get it. Of course, Kashyyyk didn't matter much in the grand scheme of things. It was neither in the Republic, nor Sith Empire, so what you did to the Wookiees was fine, so long as you got out with all your digits intact.

    This job was going to pay well enough that they could afford to get a little frivolous. That was why they paid for an expensive hotel room, and why Britmar had browsed a fine catalog for something special.

    The door chimed. Again.

    "I'm coming, I'm coming," she said, a towel wrapped around her head, another just getting cinched at her bosom. A real water shower was a luxury she didn't have on the Osprey. "Who's there?" she asked when she reached the door.

    "Home delivery, Miss Seclu," the voice on the other side said.

    "Ooo!" she squealed and palmed the door.

    A smiling lady in professional dress hurried into the room. Her smile dropped as the door swooshed closed. "I'm terribly sorry, Miss Seclu, I had no idea you were indisposed."

    Britmar reached for the garment bag, waving away the apology. "Don't fret none, honey. For this, I don't care if you stare." To that, she undid, dropped the towel to the floor. Her body was still damp with sweet, real water. In her other hand, she carried another towel.

    The other woman turned around, crimson beginning to tell on her already rosy cheeks. Carefully, Britmar draped the garment bag across a plush velvet chair, took the dry towel and ran it up and down her curves. To her surprise – and slight agitation – the other woman didn't try to sneak a peek.

    When she was dry enough, she tossed the towel onto a nearby sofa and unzipped the garment bag. The first item was a silk slip. She'd never had something so fancy in her life. As the delicate but strong fabric slipped across her legs, she imagined herself a high class lady, bedecked in furs, silks and jewels. It made her giggle.

    "Miss Seclu?" the other woman asked.

    "You can turn around now, honey," Britmar said. The towel on her head came off next and she rubbed a bit more before her flaming locks cascaded down around her shoulders. As she tossed her head back, she caught a glimpse of the other woman. A smile threatened to breech her walls as she noticed the other woman was staring, after all.

    This was her first job back with Uanaso after a couple of years. They'd needed a break, according to Britmar. Of course, Uanaso went right out and doinked a Zabrak tart named Kazaro, when all Britmar had really wanted was a little space.

    "We were on a break," became Uanaso's mantra after that. Britmar couldn't stand the sight of him. Until recently.

    As a gift to her boyfriend, what would he say to a second...

    Britmar smirked, then shook her head. This woman was cute, but she wasn't interested at the moment. "Care to help me?" she asked her.

    "Of course," the other woman said. "That's what we're here for." She touched the garment bag just as Britmar's hand came to rest on it. There was a brief spark and the other woman averted her eyes. "Sorry," she said quietly.

    "Go ahead, honey," Britmar said softly. "What's your name, darling?"

    "Lara," she said as she took the flowing gown from the garment bag. "I must say, that slip does you every bit of justice, as I expected it to."

    Britmar ran her hands along her curves. "It do feel good," she said in a smokey tone.

    Of course, any chance at a threesome that night flew right out the window, as soon as Lara helped Britmar on with the dress.

    "What's the meaning of this?!" Britmar screamed. Holding up her arms, the sleeves of the satin dress hung down lifelessly. The entire dress sagged and drooped and didn't hold anything up, nothing important, anyhow. Not that she needed help holding things up. Not Britmar. "I got enough room in this dress for three of me and a gaggle of ferrets up my sleeves."

    "I-I'm terribly sorry, Miss Seclu," Lara stammered. Quickly, they got her out of that tent in disguise and she examined the label. "My goodness. I called instructions back, as per your order, for a four. Instead, they give me a fourteen!"

    "I better have a dress soon," Britmar said as Lara commed her store. "My boyfriend's gonna be back soon, and then we're supposed to go to dinner. I can't go out looking like I wrassle in jelly." She would never admit, not to Lara, that she had wrestled in jelly once or twice. Nor, would she admit that it was too much fun.

    "I'm afraid we're out of your size, Miss Seclu." Lara eyed the floor as she spoke. "This is all my fault and I accept full blame."

    Sudden compassion leaped up Britmar's spine and she reached out to touch Lara's arm. "It ain't your fault, honey," she said. "Help me find another dress from your catalog and it'll be good. I need something slinky, cause my boyfriend's getting lucky tonight."

    Lara's grin was wicked, but she quickly hid it. "Y-you aren't like most of my clientele, Miss Seclu. I find you delightfully refreshing."

    "Call me Britmar, honey," she said.

    They spent the next few minutes flipping through the catalog until Britmar stopped abruptly.

    "You like?" Lara asked. She looked from Britmar, to the catalog and back, Britmar wondering what was going through her mind. "I think you would dazzle in that."

    "I would, wouldn't I?" Britmar asked.

    This was a different kind of celebration, too. Less than two months prior, she'd been at her lowest point, shuttling fugitives. She'd lost the Osprey to a runaway Jedi and Sith and ejected into space to die. If not for some naive Jedi who rescued her, then protected her from a Sith who nearly killed her, she wouldn't be around for this reunion with Uanaso at all.

    Those Jedi. They were cute, but they were such a drag. "Vek and Vizif, that was their names," she said quietly as Lara ordered the other dress. The kisses she'd given them both were only half remembered. Vizif was inexperienced, but Vek, he'd kissed before. Of that, Britmar was completely certain.

    "It's on its way," Lara said. "Of course, there will no extra charge for delivery, nor for the difference in price between the two dresses."

    "I reckon not," Britmar said. She hadn't even realized the new one was a little pricier than the first.

    As soon as the new dress arrived and they verified it was indeed the correct size, Lara said her good-byes and left. "She skeedadled, more like," Britmar mused after the door had shut. "I got to get this thing on and get into my makeup," she said. She didn't open the garment bag fully until after she'd put on her face. By then, Uanaso was milling around the hotel room.

    "What's taking so long, babe?" he asked. "It never used to take that long to get your face on."

    "What?" Britmar shouted from the fresher room.

    "Uh, I mean, you look great, babe," Uanaso said. "But we have reservations for that fancy restaurant."

    How did he know she looked 'great'? There was a door in the way. Did he have x-ray vision all of a sudden? Britmar clamped down on the anger and finished getting dressed. When she stood before the full length mirror, the perfect lighting shining across the slinky dress up to her flaming tresses, she shrieked.

    "What now, babe?"

    Britmar saw red. And not just her hair.

    To be continued...
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Wow, this is certainly off to an interesting start! Kind of a "will she, won't she" vibe between Britmar and Lara to start with here; there seems to be more than meets the eye with this dress saleslady. Was the mistake in the size less of a mistake than it looked? I'm glad Lara was able to sort it out quickly (though she's got a bit of the scoundrel to her too in surreptitiously charging extra), at least. But then what exactly is happening when Uanaso shows back up at the room? It sounds for a sec as though he may be talking to someone else other than Britmar? And what is it that Britmar sees in the mirror that makes her so mad? Something about that dress—something connected with that "other woman" Kazaro? (One thing I wondered when I first read through this was whether Lara and Kazaro are really the same person.) So yes, color me curious, and don't keep us waiting too long to find out what happens next!
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    Oct 12, 2018
    [face_blush] Thanks. I consider that an excellent comment coming from one of the wonderful authors here.

    I like to keep the reader guessing. :p

    Yeah, sounds that way, eh? Maybe that'll come into play later in the story. [face_whistling]

    Well, what do people see in the mirror that often makes them not so happy? Themselves, usually. :p

    I'm glad you're liking this little story of mine. :)

    I've finished it up this morning, and it will indeed be another two posts. Next one coming soon.

    Warning: From here on out the sexual innuendo and later, violence, get kicked up a notch, probably into hard PG- light PG-13 territory. So if this isn't your thing, read no further.

    The next update will be coming soon. Thanks to anyone who's read and enjoyed so far; I hope to keep you in stitches for the next two posts.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Hi there, I lurked during my 30 minutes break while happily munching on Asian food, that is just 6 minutes walking from my working place.

    I must say I do like the electricity in the air. Your couple is more fun than Deadpool & Cable. ;) From now on I might be a regular lurker, being able to leave comment here and there.
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    Oct 12, 2018
    Thanks, @AzureAngel2 you are too kind. :)

    Here's Part 2:

    "It's puce. Puce!" Britmar clenched her fists, pounded them on her legs. She barely noticed Uanaso slip something into his jacket pocket. Then, he gaped.

    "Babe. That dress..."

    "I know; it's disgusting!" Britmar imagined Lara's ear to ear grin that she'd escaped as quickly as she could.

    "Disgusting?" Uanaso's frown made his head droop slightly. One of his horns caught the light and shone in Britmar's face for a second. "That's uber sexy, babe," he said. "It makes your boobs rock."

    "It's puce," Britmar repeated. "I have red hair, remember? Look at my face." She waited for only a split second. "It's up here. My complexion is pasty and I have red hair. This color is horrible on me!"

    "What is puce, anyway?" Uanaso seemed not in the least concerned.

    "It's this awful shade of green, idiot," Britmar said huffily.

    "Hey," he said and stepped toward her, wrapping his arms around her waist. "I think you look amazing." His eyes wandered down to her breasts. Again.

    Sneering, Britmar shoved him away. "I don't care if the girls can do a jig in this dress," she growled. "The picture in the catalog showed it as navy. This monstrosity has to go back."

    "We'll be late," Uanaso protested. "They frown on that sort of thing at these posh places in the Upper City."

    It was to be a fine date at a rizty place. Britmar, however, stomped her foot. "Then I guess we ain't gonna make that reservation," she said definitively. "I'm not going outside dressed like a clown."

    "Fine," Uanaso said, his eyes dangerously close to rolling back in his head. "I'll have to comm them to cancel." He reached into the same pocket and pulled out his comm, before stepping outside.

    Britmar left a blistering message with the upscale store's droid and a scathing rebuke for Lara. They were closed, however, so she wasn't getting that dress off her hands until tomorrow. That also meant she had nothing fancy to wear, anyway. It was good Uanaso was canceling.

    "Wait a tick," Britmar said, scowling into the full length mirror. "Why would he bother to cancel? It's not like we give a nikrat's ass about some high class eatery on this backwater dump of a planet."

    Just as she was about to activate the security system and listen in on whoever he was talking to, the door slid open and he walked in. "All taken care of. And, I figure we can go to the Spacer's Luck, cantina and casino in the Lower City. You know, since we're here." He winked at her and despite her anger, her heart fluttered a bit.

    "You remembered," Britmar said. Maybe there was some hope of salvaging this date after all. It was where they had first met. She'd gotten into a bar fight with some schutta, and when her rough crewmate had tried to interfere with a broken bottle, Uanaso had swooped in to take out the creep.

    "That's right, babe," he said and bared his sharp teeth. "Whatta you say? Change into that little black number you got, that pushes your rack up to your chin and let's get."

    Britmar fought back a blush, kissed him on his nose. "You're a charmer," she said and hurried back into the bedroom. Off went the disgusting, high priced piece of space trash, and off came the silk slip, too. Her black dress was tight and the midriff was absent, supporting her bosom and showing an incredible amount of finely toned flesh.

    "Maybe I'll tear him out of that jacket later. With my teeth," she mused as she slipped herself into the dress. It fit just as she'd remembered. Better, maybe. When she came out of the bedroom, Uanaso's jaw dropped. "One of many, tonight," Britmar said with a smirk.

    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

    Swoop bikes zigzagged here and there in the Lower City. Gangs were mostly glorified clubs. They didn't fight too much, mostly bragged about their swoops and raced them every so often. Something about men riding throbbing, phallic shaped machines and claiming to be macho. It made Britmar giggle every time she thought about it.

    The Spacer's Luck had a fine casino. Pazaak, Sabaac, Quasar machines, just about anything you could imagine was here for your enjoyment. That, and the gambling no doubt made the proprietors very wealthy.

    The attached cantina could have been a little fancier. But it was a lively atmosphere, and 'lively' was one of Britmar's favorite adjectives.

    "I heard they got some new dancing girls," Uanaso said as they walked in, arm in arm.

    "Down boy; concentrate on the here and now," Britmar said. "Let's get a booth, then we can check out the scenery."

    Despite it being a cantina in the Lower City, one of the things that made the Spacer's Luck a bit of upscale was the maitre d' droid. "Greetings and welcome to the Spacer's Luck," it said in tinny tones. "Do you have a reservation?"

    "Uanaso," her Zabrak boyfriend said, ignoring the droid. His focus went past the clattering can and into the cantina itself. His eyes darted here and there, like he was looking for something – or someone. Britmar watched him closely.

    "Ah, here it is," the droid said. "Table for two, this way, please."

    "Can we get a booth instead?" Britmar asked when the droid led them to a round table in the middle of the action.

    "I'm sorry," the droid said, not sounding sorry. "We are booked full for the night on account of the first rate entertainment the owners have managed to secure. Enjoy your meal at the Spacer's Luck; and why not try the casino afterwards? You might get lucky."

    "Well, I suppose this'll do," Britmar said. She waited for Uanaso to hold the chair out for her, but he sat down, his eyes glued to the stage. This date was quickly souring. Again.

    "Hello? Forget about me?" Britmar asked as her chair squealed along the floor.

    "Sit down, babe, I think the show'll be starting soon," Uanaso said absently. Inside, Britmar began to steam again.

    The waiter droid arrived while Britmar was still studying the menu. "What will the lady have?" it asked in monotones.

    "Uh, is the sea bass fresh?" she asked.

    If the waiter had flesh, it might have frowned. "Probably when it was on Dantooine," it said.

    "Ugh," Britmar said and kept looking. The band began to bring out its instruments and the place filled up quickly. What could be so amusing? It's not like no one had ever seen a thousand Twi'lek dancing girls gyrate half naked on a stage before. And that was usually before puberty set in.

    "I think I'll have the green salad and the nerf tartar," she said at last.

    "And you, sir?" the waiter asked.

    At last, Uanaso pried his eyes off the stage. He seemed befuddled and perused the menu like a man possessed. "Tuber fries and a nerfburger, extra rare," he mumbled. The waiter clanged away.

    Britmar reached out to clasp her boyfriend's hand. "It's been a long time, hasn't it?" she said.

    "Uh, what? Yeah, a long time," he said. His hand felt cold and he barely squeezed hers back.

    "What's wrong?" she asked. Then, she remembered the object he'd slipped into his pocket when she first came out of the bedroom. Suspicion leaped into her throat. "Who were you talking to when I put on that gods awful dress?"

    Now Uanaso gave her his full attention. When he was distracted like this, he only gave her full attention when he was going to get some, or when he was about to tell a boldfaced lie. "Some bad debts, babe," he said and grinned wickedly. "Some people don't know when to quit asking for payment."

    "Who is this bad debt to?" she demanded.

    Just then, the lights went low. The band began to play, softly at first. All the men and women in the place seemed to tense up, as if expecting something terrible – or wonderful – to happen at any moment. Britmar shuddered at the sudden dip in temperature she felt from their rapt attention.

    A spotlight struck out, near the edge of the stage. A silky smooth leg, golden tan in shade, slipped out. It was toned, lithe and sensual. The crowd roared. Britmar found herself wanting to roar, too.

    The leg disappeared. The back end of a form slithered out from the curtains, wearing a sequined – but not overly gaudy – dress that had so little fabric it could scarce be called a dress. It was more like the mere suggestion of a dress. Tan, toned skin. Excellent physique, form and shape. All of a sudden, Britmar saw what all the excitement was about. This was no Twi'lek dancing girl.

    When she began to sing, her voice resonated against the walls of the cantina. It sounded like angels singing. She belted out the first few lines from a cantina standard in the Twi'lek language. Britmar was an instant fan, along with everyone else.

    Then, as quickly as it began, the love affair ended. The star of the show bounced up to the front of the stage to thunderous applause, her head back to allow her larynx room to force out that high note. When she lowered her head, horns gleaming in the spotlights, her full, rosy lips glittering, frosty blue eyes dancing, Britmar's hands balled up into fists and she screamed. Not that anyone in the cantina could have heard her over the din of music, singing and applause.

    "That son of a-"

    To be continued...
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Oh, oh, oh! The wrong dress color and missing the reservation at the fancy place was just the first of the ways this Date Nite has Gon Rong. :eek: From Britmar's reaction to the singer on stage, as well as Uanaso's reaction to her query about the "debtor" he was talking to, I see that there may have been something to my earlier suspicions, and it looks very much like this suggestion of the Spacer's Luck as an alternate venue may have had an ulterior motive or two... [face_nail_biting] Tension's building and I look forward to seeing how this will resolve!
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    Oct 12, 2018
    By the time we're through, the wrong dress color will be the least of Britmar's worries. :D

    Or three, or four. [face_mischief] The "debtor" will be an interesting reveal, too. [face_whistling]

    Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying this little thing of mine. Soon, all the questions will be answered in the last chapter.
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    Oct 12, 2018
    So, I know the challenge is Date Nite Gone Rong, but I wrote an ultimate chapter based on how the night might have been salvaged. It's not a part of the official story. If you want it, pm me. :) Now, without further ado, here's the last part of the 'official' story.

    As the first song ended, the cacophony rose to deafening heights. Britmar shouted at Uanaso, who either pretended not to hear, or he really didn't.

    "If he thinks I'm gonna sit still for this," she said, biting down on a breadstick. Kazaro, the Zabrak tart he'd bedded at the first opportunity, finished her song on the stage and thanked the crowd. "I'll bet that schutta had all kinds of trouble squeezing herself into the outfit," she said heatedly to herself.

    "What's that, babe?" Uanaso asked absently. His attention, along with everyone else's in the cantina, was taken by Kazaro. Men and women alike gaped and drooled over her.

    "It's not like she's a Zeltron or something," Britmar said.

    "And who do we have in the audience?" Kazaro said through the microphone. The band began to play something mellow and she strolled down from the stage. "Hello, ladies," Kazaro said to a table of three women of different species. "Came for the music or the four star food?" She laughed along with them at the joke. Apparently, the food here was just as mediocre as Britmar remembered. One of the ladies tried to put her arm around Kazaro, but the lithe songstress slipped from her grasp to find another table, this one filled with men.

    Britmar found herself muttering all number of curses under her breath. Part of it was that Uanaso had brought her here under false pretenses. Another part, she admitted to herself, but only deep down, was that, here she was, wearing this revealing, sexy dress, and no one was paying her a bit of attention. Even worse, they were giving it all to this hussy, who sneaked into her boyfriend's bed behind her back.

    By the time she dragged herself from her dark place, she realized what was happening.

    "Aren't you the handsome rogue?" Kazaro said, smirking widely, as she stood over Uanaso. She stroked his chin, lowering her head to where he could almost kiss her. "What's your name, big boy?"

    "Uanaso," he said, his voice distant, almost like he was entranced by her.

    "Oh, please," Britmar said. Her head was beginning to ache. "I got the rhyme for your name. Ooo, an a-

    "Enough, babe," Uanaso said, then returned his attention to the other Zabrak.

    At last, Kazaro deigned to acknowledge Britmar. "And who's your date tonight, Uanaso?" The look she gave Britmar might have turned sand into glass.

    That was the last straw. Britmar stood, walked up to the tart wearing a sequined handkerchief. "I'm the one who's gonna slap the taste out of your mouth, schutta," she said loudly, then turned words into action. A crisp slap echoed through the cantina and everyone gasped.

    Kazaro reached up to touch her wounded cheek, then backhanded Britmar in the jaw. Now, the crowd roared again, perhaps thinking this was part of the act and they were going to get a different kind of show.

    Britmar shook her head, trying to get the cobwebs out. Kazaro hit like a ton of bricks. She balled her hand into a fist, but before she could ready a strike, the other woman rammed hers into Britmar's stomach. She doubled over, the wind escaping her lungs, then Kazaro's fist connected with the other side of Britmar's face and she saw stars.

    "Hang on a second." Uanaso's voice came from all sides and sounded far away. The crowd's chatter echoed and flooded Britmar's senses. Say what you would of Kazaro, but she was a tough customer.

    Britmar crawled under the table as bodyguards and security and the more rowdy members of the audience began mixing it up. "Where'd you go, cheap schutta," Kazaro hissed. "I'm only getting started."

    Again, Britmar shook her head, trying to think straight after the beating she took. Then, she glanced up and smiled. Quickly, she scooted out from cover, past Uanaso toward something shiny.

    When she stood, it was on Kazaro's opposite side. "Hey, Kazaro," Britmar said, and swung the silver serving tray over her shoulder, just as the Zabrak was turning around. It caught her squarely in the chin and she staggered back.

    Rushing forward, Britmar socked her once, then twice in the gut. Now it was the dancer's turn to double over and wheeze. Britmar grabbed her by the horns, lifting her head slightly, then sent an uppercut slamming into the Zabrak's nose. She went down like a sack of grain and Britmar grabbed her aching knuckles and howled in pain. It wasn't fun and games punching someone in the nose.

    "Babe, we're gonna get thrown out," Uanaso said, grabbing her by the arm. "I brought us here to get another job from Kazaro."

    "A job?" Britmar was aghast. "How could you even talk to this, this tramp after what it almost did to us?"

    "We need the money," Uanaso said calmly. "We got to pay off this bad debt I got, or it could get ugly."

    "Since when are you afraid of somebody you owe?" Britmar asked heatedly. Before she got an answer, an angry Zabrak ran into her, wrapped her arms around as they both toppled to the floor.

    "I'll wreck that pretty face of yours, schutta," Kazaro hissed as they rolled around on the floor. She banged Britmar's head on the tiles. Britmar acted more stunned than she really was, waited until the other woman reached back with a balled up fist, then dodged as that fist rammed down into the floor.

    Kazaro yelped in pain. Britmar rolled her over, pushed her lower half off the floor, and rammed a knee into Kazaro's midsection, taking the wind out of her opponent again.

    Getting off the floor, Britmar adjusted her dress, made sure the girls didn't get a look outside, so to speak. "Who's this debt with, Uanaso?" she demanded. A trickle of blood reached her mouth and she dabbed at it with a napkin from a nearby table.

    "Rocky-something," Uanaso mumbled. "Nobody you want to get on the bad side of."

    A terrible light went on in Britmar's head. "A debt for what?" she demanded. Before he could reply, she'd hit upon another thought. "Them supplies you smuggled from Coruscant to Metalorn. You said someone inside the Jedi Temple smuggled them out. Who are you in debt to? It ain't Rocky-something."

    "I- I think it starts with a 'C'," Uanaso said.

    Eyes bulging, Britmar was about to- well, she didn't know whether she was going to punch him or run, when she was tackled from behind again. This time, Kazaro rang her bell with the serving tray and Britmar was left seeing stars again.

    "Time to take out the trash," she heard Kazaro say.

    "Kazaro, stop, that's my girlfriend," Uanaso said and grabbed the furious entertainer. "You can't-" Uanaso didn't get to finish his sentence. Something lifted him from the floor, flung him into the far wall of the cantina. Everyone shrieked and a stampede ensued.

    Britmar whirled, just as what looked like lightning bolts flew at her. As she went down, she thought she saw a figure in Jedi robes heading toward her. Kazaro shrieked, then her voice died away.

    Rough hands grabbed Britmar, hauled her up from the floor. The grim, square jawed human male glared into Britmar's soul. "Imagine my surprise, when I discovered the Zabrak mercenary I'd hired was acquainted with you," Darrdan Craroc whispered into her ear.

    "What do you want?" Britmar asked.

    Craroc huffed in her face. "Nothing more high minded than revenge," he said. "And maybe, I can use you as bait for someone I loathe far more than the likes of you."

    He shoved her forward and Britmar went. They slipped out a back entrance to the casino. Near the swoop bike waited a little girl. She couldn't have been more than ten.

    "Fyrda, remind Miss Seclu of what we do to those who displease us," Craroc said as he got into the bike.

    The little girl raised her hand. Lightning crackled from her fingertips. She glowered at Britmar, then laughed as the sparks jolted her. Everything went dark. This was indeed, the worst date she'd ever been on.

    The end...
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    Whoa... that was... absolutely intense! :eek: Quite a harrowing (cat)fight there! And now I know what Uanaso’s ulterior motive and “debt” are about now as a very familiar figure shows up... and now I see that Uanaso, too, was implicated in some of the mysterious events of Learning to Fly, and that he has further sinister plans—I think I know whom he wants to “bait” with her. Very cool way of bringing different parts of your universe together, there, but good gosh, I hope this isn’t the end for Britmar! :eek: I guess I’ll find out in the next installment of the ongoing Vek Talis saga... but don’t keep us waiting too long!

    Thanks so much for sharing and contributing this action-packed story to the challenge! =D=
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  10. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

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    Dec 21, 2016
    Dammit, Craroc, you gotta ruin everything!

    I want the bonus chapter!
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  11. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    So, I’m kind of curious... what exactly is the nature of this bonus chapter?
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  12. Vek Talis

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    Oct 12, 2018
    Oh, I thought 'Ultimate chapter' was a typical term in fan fiction? It's a, er, um, chapter of a romantic/sexual nature. [face_blush]
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    Jun 20, 2018
    Between peeking into my NSWFF (and NSFW fan fic) on AO3 and this story's Ultimate Chapter, I think @Findswoman is getting slowly edged into a whole new side of FanFic, lol.

    Edit: totally interested in getting a link to read the Ultimate Chapter, btw. ;)
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    [face_laugh]This was great!

    Lots of fun.

    This made me: [face_rofl]
    “Of course, Uanaso went right out and doinked a Zabrak tart named Kazaro, when all Britmar had really wanted was a little space.”

    I love doinked!

    Great work Vek.
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    I will say I don´t know any of these characters, so I didn´t understood everything, but it was still a funny story to read. Defenetly a terrible date night for Britmar. I liked how you were slowly building but tension more and more leading to the escalation at the end.
    Nice work :)
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