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Discussion in 'Archive: Anniversary Forum' started by dolphin, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. Wattowatta

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    Jan 5, 2000
    Wattowatta checking in. I think I joined somewhere in late 99. Back then, I was 14, just starting high school, and so awkward around people in real life. The internet was still this new thing, full of promise, and didn't have nearly the same amount of toxicity that id does now. It was something you went to, not a practical appendage of your body like today. This place was like a second high school, with all the drama that goes with it, but still an amazing place to meet people and make friends. I can remember a few of the old names - Aunt Jar Jar Mimah, Kyle Katarn, Tellesto, Big Bad Yoda Daddy, Chyren, Son of the Suns, I Will Make It Legal. I wish I could remember more.

    Now, I'm 33. I'd hope that I'm wiser and not just older. We all grew up together with the internet. I'd hope this is still a place where people can meet each other and have that same kind of special experience that I did, without the toxicity that runs rampant online these days.

    Back in the early days of the JC, there was a 50 year old guy posting here called jasman. He has to be well into his seventies or dead now. I think he posited that by around this time, with the prequels long behind us, we'd be in a "jedicide," where Star Wars faded from our collective consciousness, fans would stop coming to sites like this, and the few people that hung around here would be a happy remnant, keeping the fire going until it was our time to go. Even though Star Wars has become "just another franchise" now, I'm glad that it's at least keeping this place going.
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    Jasman is still around - he last logged in back in August.