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Library Reference Omniversal Library

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Darth_Elu, Jul 4, 2020.

  1. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Chosen One star 7

    Jan 2, 2003
    Welcome one and all to the wealth of information that is this repository. Brought to you, naturally, by Genesis Gate!


    Here I shall continually update as characters come across new members of the faction, giving little tidbits about them and what world they are originally from. I will also note our list of player characters and their current positions. As well as maps of the city of Shadow’s Reach.

    Each area will be updated the moment the first person enters it and any other hidden parameters are met. This way we can all obtain an encyclopedia of knowledge at our fingers, should we need to reference or understand anything more quickly.

    Feel free to post your character sheets again here, but ask questions in the Rough Patron’s Flat and of course, continue to enjoy the story of Genesis Gate!

    The Dramatis Personae

    Valynor Syndoriel ~ @greyjedi125

    Jo’Sua Dhatra ~ @Mitth_Fisto

    Ayira ~ @spacelady

    Irryn ~ @darthhelinith

    Arthur MacDonald ~ @galactic-vagabond422

    Charjra Myt’tar ~ @Ktala

    Grimble Crumble ~ Converted to GM Control, originally @Master Vo'Un'Var

    The Jam ~ @The Jedi in the Pumas

    Henry “Dusty” White ~ Converted to GM Control, originally @HanSolo29

    Wapoe ~ @Sinrebirth

    The Patriarch ~ @Shadowsun

    Amaya Trakand ~ @TheAdmiral

    Goro Oni ~ @Master Vo'Un'Var

    K-012 "Jupiter" ~ @Shadowsun

    Wuwu Gow Go ~ @The Jedi in the Pumas

    Aryan Graul ~ @HanSolo29

    Maez ~ @greyjedi125

    Mir Dragonson ~ @Shadowsun

    Atticus Langdon ~ @spacelady

    Lady Atmora ~ @Narancia

    Tiberius Trajan ~ @Shadowsun

    Morimoto ~ @Narancia

    Keetus Windbrook ~ @Narancia

    Nomuk Lhur ~ @Ktala

    Mr. Ke ~ @The Jedi in the Pumas

    The GM ~ @Darth_Elu

    Current Locations

    Shadow’s Reach

    Genesis District
    The Genesis Gate: Mir, Atticus, Atmora, Tiberius, Morimoto, Keetus, Nomuk, & Ke

    Central District - 1st Floor
    Southern Streets: Valynor

    Central District - 3rd Floor
    Omniversal Library: Wapoe

    Central District - 6th Floor
    Cyber-Matrix Suite: Jupiter

    Common Quarter
    Personal Quarters: Arthur, Goro, & Aryan

    Elite Dreamers Estate: Maez, Wuwu, & Amaya

    Theater of the Gate: Jam

    ~Within the Onyx Bazaar~

    Margaret Merryflask's Elixirs: Charjra

    Beixnia V’dona Fashion: Ayira

    Other Regions
    Shadow's Reach Farms: Jo'Sua

    Hidden Locations
    "Unknown:" Patriarch

    Also "Unknown:" Irryn
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  2. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Chosen One star 7

    Jan 2, 2003
    Notable Personages of Genesis Gate


    Baron Quinn
    Heralding from the Show: Into The Badlands

    Status within Genesis Gate: Considered to be the Head Scout and unofficial ‘Recruiter of Dreams’

    Additional Information: Baron Quinn (ITB Spoilers, be warned)


    Red Drone Dalek
    Heralding from the Show: Dr. Who

    Status within Genesis Gate: Considered to be the Second-in-Command of Genesis Gate's scouts, reporting directly to Baron Quinn. Being a Dalek, he doesn't take this well and pretends to only go through 'The Supreme Dalek' (yet to be revealed in game so far) instead

    Additional Information: Red Drone (Dr. Who Spoilers, be warned)


    T-800 Terminators
    Heralding from the Movie: The Terminator

    Status within Genesis Gate: Elite Guards, Reserve Troops, & some are repurposed into surprisingly Mechanics...They are mostly stationed within Shadow's Reach, only deployed into the Omniverse when truly required

    Additional Information: T-800 (Terminator Spoilers, be warned)


    Rebecca "Revy Two-Hands" Lee
    Heralding from the Anime: Black Lagoon

    Status within Genesis Gate: Elite Guard of Shadow's Reach & Mission Specialist

    Additional Information: Revy (BL Spoilers, be warned)


    David Xanatos
    Heralding from the Show: Gargoyles

    Status within Genesis Gate: Business Associate/Financial Backer & Procurer of Artifacts

    Additional Information: Xanatos (Gargoyles Spoilers, be warned)


    Heralding from the Anime: Inuyasha

    Status within Genesis Gate: Elite Guard of Shadow's Reach & Mission Specialist

    Additional Information: Sesshomaru (Inuyasha Spoilers, be warned)


    King Galbatorix
    Heralding from the Book Cycle: The Inheritance Cycle (Better known collectively by its first book - Eragon)

    Status within Genesis Gate: Magic Specialist & Arcane Forger

    Additional Information: Galbatorix (Eragon Spoilers, be warned)


    Heralding from the Game Franchise: Legend of Zelda

    Status within Genesis Gate: Quartermaster & Master of the Gateways

    Additional Information: Ganondorf (LoZ Spoilers, be warned)


    Jack of Blades
    Heralding from the Game Franchise: Fable

    Status within Genesis Gate: Captain of the Shadow's Reach Guard, Head of Communications, & Elite Mission Specialist

    Additional Information: Jack of Blades (Fable Spoilers, be warned)


    Yellow Eternal Dalek
    Heralding from the Show: Dr. Who

    Status within Genesis Gate: In charge of Cyber Engineering, All Maintenance, and the Defenses of Shadow's Reach

    Additional Information: Yellow Eternal (Dr. Who Spoilers, be warned)
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  3. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Chosen One star 7

    Jan 2, 2003
    Map of Shadow’s Reach

    Look at the Legend Key in the maps to figure out what each building's # corresponds to, then use the Legend Key here in this thread to see what that building has become in Shadow's Reach. Three Step Process.

    {Note that within the story, some buildings may be made a bit larger or smaller than depicted in the visual map that has been repurposed for the game}

    Legend Key: What Was of Brazenthrone (Map) ~ What Is of Shadow’s Reach

    Grand Temple ~ Genesis District

    The Hall of the Gods ~ Evaluation Chamber
    Seminary Classroom ~ Dream Plane Analysis Room
    Office ~ Office
    Cloak Room ~ Clothing Room
    Meeting Room ~ Reserve Meeting Room (Not often used)
    Storage (Misc.) ~ Various Storage
    The Royal Crypts ~ The Genesis Gate
    To The Workers’ Tunnel ~ To “Southern” Shadow’s Reach
    To the Common Quarter ~ To the Common Quarter
    To the Great Hall ~ To Central Shadow’s Reach
    Latrines ~ Latrines
    Rector’s Office ~ Office (not often used)
    Acolytes’ Quarters ~ Secondary Evaluation Room
    Library ~ Rejected Dreamer’s Rest
    Priests’ Quarters ~ Dreams Record Room
    Refectory ~ Barracks (mainly T-800s)
    Kitchen ~ T-800 Repair Room
    Pantry ~ Minor Storage
    Balcony ~ Balcony
    High Sonnlinor’s Office ~ Dream Overseer’s Office
    High Sonnlinor’s Apartment ~ Dream Overseer’s Quarters
    High Sonnlinor’s Bedroom ~ Dream Overseer’s Bedroom
    Priestess’ Quarters ~ The Eclipse Chamber


    The Common Quarter: Ground Level

    Apartments ~ Elite Dreamers’ Estate (The only building not quite to scale)
    Barber ~ Barber
    Butcher ~ Butcher
    Bakery ~ Shelby’s Bakery
    Watch House ~ Guard Station
    Bellowers’ Square ~ Victory Square
    The Hammer’s Revenge Tavern ~ The Master Brew Tavern
    The Boozer Tavern ~ Cuisine Pirates of the Caribbean Restaurant
    The Three Brothers Theater ~ Theater of the Gate
    The Stout Fountain Tavern ~ Currently Vacant Building
    Dentist ~ Dentist
    Temple of Berronar Truesilver ~ Deeper Mysteries (No one seems to say aloud what this place is...)
    The Hog’s Roost Inn ~ The Tired Soldier Inn
    Warehouse ~ Warehouse
    The Spotted Mushroom Tavern ~ Club Corvinus
    Tinker ~ General Store & Repair Shop
    The Amethyst Arcade ~ Onyx Bazaar
    Ironbrow’s Ales & Strong Wines ~ Margaret Merryflask’s Elixirs
    Grimwald’s Liquors & Spirits ~ Rough Patron’s Flat
    Blue Cask Ales & Lagers ~ Osgiliath Imports
    Apothecary ~ Apothecary
    Baern’s Woodcrafts & Furnishings ~ Agrabah Furniture
    Maerdre’s Pottery & Glassware ~ Imperial Pottery of Tevinter
    Vodrik’s Tailoring ~ Tailors of Camelot
    Amethyst Clothiers ~ Beixnia V’dona Fashion (Finest of the Citadel!)
    Cobbler ~ Cobbler
    Garrod’s General Goods ~ Griftah’s Goods
    Arcade Greengrocer ~ Grocery
    Sigburn’s Finest Meats ~ The Keymaker

    The Central District: Ground Level


    King’s College ~ Nexus Vestibul
    Svirfneblin Embassy ~ ????'s Personal Quarters
    Lower Realms Trading Company ~ Armory
    Shrine to Dugmaren Brightmantle ~ Communications Network
    The Scholar’s Enclave ~ Medical Ward
    The Thirsty Scholar Tavern ~ Grasping At Straws Bar
    Drow Embassy ~ ????'s Personal Quarters Quarters
    The Archives ~ Memory Archives
    Human Embassy 9 ~ ????'s Personal Quarters
    Dwarven Embassy ~ ????'s Personal Quarters
    Courthouse ~ Customs & Identification Department
    Advocate’s Office ~ Personnel Resources
    Imported Goods Shop ~ Investigation Department
    Barber ~ Barber
    Tailor ~ Tailor
    Bakery ~ Bakery
    Library of Brazenthrone ~ Omniversal Library
    Architects’ Guildhall ~ Support Staff Central Headquarters
    Flaming Maeve’s Cookhouse ~ The Hungering Maw Restaurant (BBQ & Steakhouse style)
    Tobacconist ~ Smoke Shop
    The Great Feasthall ~ Genesis Hall (still a Feast Hall)
    Museum ~ Nocturne Triumphant (Trophy Hall/Museum)
    Antiquities Dealer ~ Antiquities Dealer
    Human Embassy 24 ~ ????'s Personal Quarters
    City Hall ~ Soldier’s Hall (Main place for Genesis Gate soldiers and pilots to log ‘shore leave’ and ‘entering active duty’)
    Magistrate’s Court ~ Courthouse (only for minor offenses among Genesis Gate personnel, so as not to bother leadership with petty issues)
    Central Watchhouse ~ Espionage Training Facility
    Jail ~ Prison/Dungeon
    Notary Office ~ Electronics & Technology Shop
    The Temple Bar ~ The Wink (Bar for Support Staff only)
    Temple of Hanseath ~ Midnight Arcanum (Magical personnel practice, learn, and discuss here)
    Barracks ~ Barracks of the Storm (Stormtroopers Only)
    Department of Public Works ~ The Chateau de Thirst
    Hammers of Moradin Chapterhouse ~ House of the Horned Legion (Horned Species Only, mostly minotaurs currently)
    The Bitterwash ~ The Plasma-Stream (glowing “river” of plasma, color changes between purple, blue, red, and green)
    Draper’s Shop ~ Draper and Repair Shop
    The Silverlodge Inn ~ Shade Inn (Mostly for soldiers and pilots on ‘shore leave’)
    The Argent Bank ~ Genesis Gate Bank
    Shrine to Vergadain ~ Battle Craze Dojo (Dueling & Sparring Area…mainly melee combatants)
    The Crimson Standard Caravan Company ~ Smuggler’s Run (Emergency Supplier Headquarters)
    Northern Architects’ Office ~ Massage Parlor
    Southern Architects’ Office ~ Psionic Lodge (Place for psychics to gather, discuss, and train)
    Dyeworks ~ Dyeworks
    Artist’s Studio ~ Artisan’s Studio
    Runecasters’ Tower ~ Umbra Axium (Tower for Warlocks/Maleficarum to gather, discuss, and train)
    Amphitheater ~ Grand Amphitheater (Mainly used for large scale operation briefings, but also for entertainment on occasion)
    Property Broker ~ Sebastian Michaelis’ Personal Quarters
    Small Trading Company A ~ Eon Trading Company
    Small Trading Company B ~ Vacant Building Currently
    Small Trading Company C ~ Genesis of Philosophy (Recently authorized building for those wishing to discuss philosophy and the nature of the Omniverse)
    Redforge & Shalebeard Trading Company ~ Hall of Death (Area for Necromancers to gather, discuss, train…while also doubling as a morgue and resurrection via undeath center)
    Metals Broker ~ Architect’s Office (For those engineers purely for Shadow’s Reach)
    Warehouse A ~ Warehouse
    Warehouse B ~ Warehouse
    Mail and Freight Broker ~ Post Office (for those who still wish a handwritten touch)
    Moneychanger ~ Currency Exchange
    Commodities Market ~ Commodities Market
    The Gateside Inn ~ Exotic Food Market
    The Map Stone ~ Hal 9000 ‘Block (Often used to ask for directions or other questions)
    The Grey Victor Bar ~ Governor’s Manor (A Bar and Restaurant)
    Scribe ~ Erada's Tech Repair Shop
    Papermaker ~ Papermaker
    Bookbinder ~ Book Shop
    Book Shop ~ Technological Wonders of the Centauri Empire (Tech Shop)
    Provisioner’s Shop ~ Provisioner’s Shop
    Cartographer’s Shop and Studio ~ Cartographer’s Shop and Studio
    Apothecary ~ Potions Master
    Herbalist ~ Herbalist & Traditional Apothecary
    Dentist ~ Dentist
    The Old Sentinel Deposit Bank ~ Vault of the Gate (Deposit Bank/Safety Vault)
    Religious Goods Shop ~ Shop of Faith (Religious Goods Shop)
    Stonemasons’ Guildhall ~ Rest Area
    The Sleeping Boar Restaurant ~ The Watchful Eye Restaurant
    Auction House ~ Shadow’s Reach Auction House
    Pawnbroker ~ Spacey’s Designs & Clothier
    Chirurgeon ~ Medic’s Embrace (For lesser injuries and illnesses. First stop for non-military personnel and the mid to low tiers of support staff. If conditions are serious enough, they’ll be referred to the main medical ward)
    The Limping Pony Tavern ~ Support Staff Training Center
    Livery ~ Jardok's Livery

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  4. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    @Darth_Elu Approved!

    Character Sheet



    Name: Valynor Syndoriel

    Race: 3/4 Elf

    Gender: Male

    Age: Young *(25)

    Hair Color: Red

    Eye Color: Green

    Height & Build: 6’ feet, svelt

    Other Physical Attributes: Pointed ears

    Magic Sensitivity: Yes
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  5. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    1. Name: Charjra Myt'tar
      Race: Dark Elf
      Gender: Female
      Age: 24 *Looks *
      Hair Color: White
      Eye Color: blue
      Height & Build:5'7" very slim
      Other Physical Attributes: Pointed ears.
      Magic Sensitivity: Yes[​IMG]
  6. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Approved by our GM, @Darth_Elu the Mighty

    Character Sheet


    Name: Maez

    Race: saiyan

    Gender: male

    Age: 27

    Hair Color: Black, purple highlights

    Eye Color: Black

    Height & Build: 6 ft. Athletic

    Other Physical Attributes: Maez has a tail, which he keeps hidden

    Magic Sensitivity: Yes
  7. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Character Sheet GM Darth Elu APPROVED!

    Picture: [If you use one]

    Name: Jo'Sua Dhatra

    Wraith from Tolkien verse born of Morgul blade

    Gender: Male


    Hair Color:

    Eye Color:
    Piercing White

    Height & Build:
    5'11" Medium build / 1.8 meters

    Other Physical Attributes:
    Dual existence, physical realm dominated by a black cloak over armored skeletal form, and spirit realm as seen above with silver armor over ghostly famished splendor.

    Magic Sensitivity:

    Character Sheet

    Picture: [​IMG]

    Name: Califlour

    Fire Demon / Fire Monster

    Gender: Male

    Really? Age shaming at a time like this? Some people man.

    Hair Color: Generally firey red
    , although that's really just my body, but if calling it hair makes you more comfortable. Eh.

    Eye Color: Y
    ellow, maybe orange. Ha, you see what I did there didn't you? Hehe.

    Height & Build: Depends
    - what are you willing to give up?

    Other Physical Attributes:
    Fire, gains strength based on what I eat. Living materials or organs are the best, just saying. Although a properly aged log or refined coal is pretty fantastic as well.

    Magic Sensitivity:
    I am magic! What do you think?
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  8. spacelady

    spacelady Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 16, 2003
    I forgot to add Ayira's sheet in here! :p

    Name: Ayira
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Green
    Height & Build: 5’5 and hourglass
    Other Physical Attributes: [​IMG]
    Magic Sensitivity:
  9. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    Heh, I forgot to place Aryan's CS here as well. :p


    Name: Aryan Graul
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 53
    Hair Color: Graying brown with wings of silver around the temples
    Eye Color: Bluish-gray
    Height & Build: He stands at 6’2” with a lean frame
    Other Physical Attributes: A well-trimmed, gray beard
    Magic Sensitivity: Not that he is aware of
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  10. spacelady

    spacelady Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 16, 2003
    Name: Atticus Langdon
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 58
    Hair Color: Graying Blond
    Eye Color: Blue Gray
    Height & Build: 5'11”
    Other Physical Attributes: None
    Magic Sensitivity: No
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  11. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    GM Approved

    CS #1:

    How Patriarch Arrived at Genesis Gate:


    Actual Appearance:


    The Patriarch
    Race: Some sort of Humanoid, true race unknown
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Hair Color: White
    Eye Color: Sky Blue
    Height & Build: 6ft 2in, Swimmer's build
    Other Physical Attributes: Maybe...
    Magic Sensitivity: Yes doesn't begin to cover it

    CS #2:

    Race: Robot
    Gender: N/A. Male Voice.
    Age: 223
    Hair Color: N/A
    Eye Color: Orange (Turns red when Samuel is in control)
    Height & Build: 6ft 4in
    Other Physical Attributes:
    Magic Sensitivity: No

    CS #3:

    Name: Mir Dragonson
    Race: Half-Elf
    Gender: Male
    Age: 217
    Hair Color: See Image
    Eye Color: Light Blue
    Height & Build: 6' 3" Strong
    Other Physical Attributes: Eyes turn white when he uses magic
    Magic Sensitivity: Yes

    CS #4:

    Tiberius Trajan
    Looks Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Hair Color: See Image
    Eye Color: See Image
    Height & Build: 6' Well you can see...
    Other Physical Attributes: Both arms are completely robotic.
    Magic Sensitivity: Yes
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  12. Narancia

    Narancia Jedi Knight star 3

    Oct 24, 2020
    GM Approved



    Name: Lady Atmora
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: ??
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: ??
    Height & Build: 5'5
    Other Physical Attributes: Suit changes color at will.
    Magic Sensitivity: Yes
  13. The Jedi in the Pumas

    The Jedi in the Pumas Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 23, 2018
    Elu Approved.


    Name: Mr. Ke
    Race: An Occurrence
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Hair Color: n/a
    Eye Color: n/a
    Height & Build: 6’0, slim build
    Other Physical Attributes: Skin tends to peel and crack and strongly smells of burnt eggs.
    Magic Sensitivity: Yes
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