Beyond - Legends One Slice Too Many (OC Cyress Eli) OC revolution First Line Challenge

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    Title: One Slice Too Many
    Author: brodiew
    Characters: OC Cypress Eli
    Genre: Drama, action
    Summary: Cypress slices into a system she should not have and is now on the run from the Syndicate.
    A/N: It's an idea for a potentially larger story, but I usually don't do larger stories.
    This is also a flash fic that wrote directly into the site. Enjoy.

    One Slice Too Many

    It took a conscious level of will for her to walk the final steps into the library. They would be watching. Perhaps they had eyes on her now, even before she entered the holonet. As soon as she signed on, it would be a race against time for her to return what she took. But returning it was on the part of the equation; her part. Their part was messier. Their part, that of The Syndicate, was to scrub her out. Just like erasing unwanted memory from data storage, they would make her cease to exist.

    She took the first tentative step toward to library doors and pulled on the handle. Stepping into the foyer, she scanned for would be hitters. The thought of hitters made her grimace at the reality of living inside a holo thriller. The trouble was that she was not walking through some else's fantasy, she was living her own nightmare.

    Cypress regretted her all too short time as a Jedi initiate as she reached out with the Force to get a sense of the danger. There was nothing, which could mean danger was imminent or there simply was none. Breezing past the Caf counter and the information center, she made a direct like for the bank of holo com vestibules alone the south wall.

    Within seconds, she was seated and had a hard light read out display up in front of her. The young slicer's fingers flew over the display making quick work of security protocols, firewalls, defensive viruses, and even the wash basin from their cooking quarters. She was taught by the best. Ghent would expect nothing less. Well, he would expect her not go poking around in the business of dangerous criminals. And, if she were to do he would definitely not expect her to get caught.

    When the job was done, the damning evidence returned to its rightful place, Cypress closed the display by briskly making a fist. Darting from the chair and back toward the exit, she was sure she was home free. Unfortunately, the two goons converging on the automatic doors caused her to veer right straight into a holographic display on The Second Galactic Civil War. Though it was nice to see her Uncle Ben's parents and family, she felt a momentary pang of regret that her father was not among them. She shouldn't expect to see him should she? What had he been during that time? A kid. That's what. But he was Ben Skywalker's best friend and he had been there for Ben when his mother died. Did that deserve a holo image? She thought so.

    A loud clang and accompanying hiss told her that the antique caf machine had just been compromised. Leave it to Syndicate goons to destroy things were not in their way in the first place. Sparing a glance over her shoulder confirmed her suspicions and that the men in black with big blasters were right behind her. Dashing through the disembodies blue holos she pulled up short when she saw her father, Lens Eli, in hand to hand combat with another two goons near the east exit. What was he doing here?

    There was no time to ponder the imponderable. Blaster bolts struck the ground in front of her and display panels to her left. These goons must be ex Imperial stormtroopers. Their aim was horrible.The shock of seeing her father should have been her last thought, but, alas, she had been given another chance. Turning back toward the oncoming enforcers, she swung her right arm wide, drawing on the Force to pull the blasters free from their hands. One of the rifles flew from the hands of an astonished goon. Keeping her momentum going, she charge into the being knocking back through a holo of Darth Caedus and into the wall. Adding a vicious chop to the neck, the black clad goon fell to ground. A smile of satisfaction turned morphed to a scream of pain as a blast entered her shoulder from behind.

    Adding a burst of Force speed she dodge to the right as the second bolt hit his unconscious partner in the chest. Using what Force speed she had, which wasn't much, she darted for the door. Hearing another crash behind her, and risking a look, she saw her second goon flying over the Info-Center desk, colliding the the vertical terminal at the back of the circular desk. Suddenly, her father was at her side, adding to their speedy departure.

    "You've got some explaining to do," Lens said as they disappeared into crowded walkway.

    She looked up at him with a painful grimace. "What's new, Dad?"

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    Superb entry with Cypress' reluctant efficiency followed by unexpected teamwork with Lens and a fast-paced bit of action. =D=
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    Oh but it's just so great to see Cypress and Lens again! [face_love] I love these two characters, and this Legends AU you have for them to exist in. Though this story is a wonderful snippet, I admit that I would love to read more of it whenever the inspiration hits you! There seems to be so much more going on underneath the surface!

    Ha! I love the idea of Cypress being a slicer - and, her Jedi training was cut short, it seems? Curiouser and curiouser . . . So much of a story still begs to be told here. [face_mischief]

    That was a nice, more than fitting detail. ;)

    And oh how the tables have turned! Once upon a time it would have been Lens getting into trouble and having to fess up to his actions. Brilliant!

    This was a very interesting vignette, and an excellent response to the challenge, again! I enjoyed reading every word of it. =D=
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    Ooh, nice riveting action sequence here! And cool to see that Lens has a daughter who’s just as good as he is, if not better, at getting into tricky, picklish situations! :D But I think Cypress acquitted herself quite admirably, and good old Ghent would have been immensely proud of her. Thanks so much for sharing this fun, action-packed piece with the challenge—always a joy to have you on board! =D=
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    Nice little bit of action, kinda makes curious about a possible continuation. :)
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    I'm with @Anedon, I think this definitely needs a continuation! Loved it and the action was really well done.
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    Great job! I liked how Cypress's fight went in and out of holos that represented a larger, galactic fight. Plus, the holos simultaneously added characterization for her and a good intro to her father with her thoughts of the role he played there.

    Seems like Cypress got herself into a bit of trouble with the evidence she found, and the Syndicate doesn't seem to be playing around. I'm sure Cypress appreciated her father's help in getting out of there. I'm as curious as she was about what he was doing there. :)

    Great post! =D=
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