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Original Alien Species Index (Resource for Bored Writers)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by freak-pudding, Feb 18, 2003.

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  1. Niobiie-of-Belfalas

    Niobiie-of-Belfalas Jedi Youngling star 2

    Oct 15, 2002
    Type of Species: Used for ornament/guarding.
    Name of Species: Felth'Fa
    Meaning of Name: Silent watcher
    Homeworld : Anywhere that sounds cool. 8-}
    Origin: They came from a carefully breeding clan of aliens hundreds of years before the Republic.
    Government System: None, they're not self aware.
    Are They Extinct?: Unfortunately, not at all.
    Physical Description: White fur that waves all about, delicately sticking straight up. At the end of each hair, an iridescent drop that shimmers and waves grandly. Five, catlike soft paws, a deep green, poke out at the base of the white fluff body. That, added with their huge, luminescent blue eyes, makes them irresistibly cute. They are about three and a half feet high. They also have three to nine teeth, needle sharp. Very adapt to sink into unsuspecting hands.
    Mental Description: Being bred to guard, they are intelligent in identifying strangers. Not particularly friendly.
    Special Powers: Able to sit and stare blankly ahead for fifty hours straight before they need to sleep.
    Extra Detail: They commonly decorate rich homes, placed all about, at the base of stairways, next to pillars or plants, very attractive.
    Real Origins: A blank moment when I was thinking about something other than my school. Used them in my story "I didn't know playdoh was explosive."

  2. freak-pudding

    freak-pudding Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 29, 2002
    up... These aliens are really cool!
  3. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    Type of Species: Sentient
    Name of Species: Kameer
    Meaning of Name: In the ancient language of their ancestors, "Kameer" meant "community."
    Homeworld(s): Found all over the galaxy
    Origin: Presumably Kecyrk, a sandy, arid planet
    Government System: On the planet Kecyrk, where they have a thriving government, they form a complex fuedal system of Counts, Dukes, and several royal families, all presided over by one Sovereign and first family, similar to the Russian Tsar.
    Are They Extinct?: No
    Physical Description: Kameer, on Coruscant, were widely called "Rodent Jedi." The odd nickname was due to their similarity to the wild weasels that used to dwell in the Coruscant mountains before they were overrun with cityscape. The Kameer are bipedal, but are long, wiry creatures with tan, whiskerlike fur, thin rodent-like faces, and brown stripes across their backs. They also had short, stiff tails that looked like kickstands, tipped in the darker brown. Their back feet were elongated, typical rodent feet, but their hands were more like felinoid paws, with the exception of the large claws and the exaggerated opposable thumb. The oddest feature is the Balosar-like antennae, sticking over their forehead from where they erupt between the ears. The antennae are furry, striped and tipped in the darked brown. They rarely reach three feet tall, leaving most adults shorter than even Yoda or an Ewok. (Think of a meerkat... see the name connection?... with antennae like Elan Sleazebaggano.) As the sovereign and ruling princes are the dominant males of the species, they tend to develop "masks" of the dark brown across their eyes. All females tend to have a red-brown fluff of hair from under their antennae running down the back of their necks.
    Mental Description: The Kameer are quite intelligent. Many have joined the ranks of the Jedi Order, their limber bodies perfect for lightsaber-fencing, and their child-like height making them perfect creche masters. Force-sensitive individuals are marked out by a peculiar trait: while most individuals have yellow-brown eyes (bright amber in females, darker sepia in males), the same gender-variation occurs in deep green among the the eyes of Force-sensitives.
    Life Span: The average life-span of a male is 170 years; the average life-span of a female is 190. Because the females slightly outnumber the males, the average overall lifespan is 184.
    Special Powers: A sixth sense, a sense of location gained from electromagnetic fields, detected by the antennae.
    Other Information: Just as their government system is like Tsarist Russia, so is their system of naming their children: The middle name is traditionally the patronymic (a suffix for "Son of" or "Daughter of" attached to the father's first name). However, there are exceptions; the firstborn male of any litter (litters ranging in size from three to eight are common) is given his father's first name, and his middle name is a matronymic ("Son of" suffix on his mother's name). In a second litter, the firstborn male will be named the same way, with a suffix added to his surname denoting "the second." If a litter of three or more is entirely female, they are named normally, without regarding who came first. Twins, as opposed to triplets or more, do occur, though they are rare, and identical in every occurance. Instead of a patronymic, they are given fratronymics ("brother-of" names). Only children are especially rare; their middle names have no resemblance to any family member. This stems back to an old tradition still upheld by a few families, declaring that only children not receive middle names at all. Their culture has an orthodox religion that reveres the Jedi (Kameer who attain the rank of Jedi Master are canonized by the priests), so many devout families give their children a fourth name, between the middle and the last, after a Jedi-saint. Only one only-child Kameer ever attained the rank, so he becomes the saint's-namesake of all only children.
    Take a look at one
  4. Diabla

    Diabla Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 30, 2002
    Type of Species: Sentient
    Name of Species: Centrex
    Meaning of Name: none
    Homeworld(s): none
    Are They Extinct?: no
    Physical Description: looks like a human (ie. two arms, two legs), but has scaled gold skin, bright orange eyes, black hair, no lips and had fangs.
    Mental Description: Can vary, like a human, usually very intelligent
  5. freak-pudding

    freak-pudding Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 29, 2002
    How far you've slipped...
  6. JediNemesis

    JediNemesis Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 27, 2003
    So far these have a cameo in one of my fics-in-the-works.

    Type of species: Sentient beings
    Name of species: Ka'alyth
    Meaning of name: Long since forgotten, but in later times it's become synonymous with 'traveller'.
    Homeworld: Once an obscure planet in the Ghost Nebula called Kalydna; now scattered all over the galaxy.
    Origin: Evolved naturally
    Government System: Ka'alyth travel all over the galaxy, so use the government of whatever planet they happen to live on. They have no representative in the Senate, because they cause so much trouble the Senate pretend they don't exist. If for some reason a consensus decision is needed by the whole species, a call will go out from the senior members of the species and be passed on by word of mouth. Ka'alyth loyalty is first to themselves and their dependents, second to their clan, and lastly to the rest of the species.
    Are they extinct? There's only about a thousand or so alive, but the birth rate is steady and they're built for survival, so they show no signs of dying out.
    Physical description: Marginally over the human average - seven feet or so - in height, thin but as a rule well muscled. Small heads dominated by big, slanted eyes which consist of a thin slit pupil surrounded by a wide ring of greenish-blue sclera (no iris). No hair, but long ribbon-like growths similar in texture and ranging in colour from black to red. Skin colour ranges from dead white to dark grey. Each hand has two fingers plus an opposable thumb.
    Most Ka'alyth have specific markings on the back of the hand and it's this that determines clan. [qv].
    Mental description: They tend to be intellectual and talk in what's usually termed a posh way. Their ability to survive just about anything means they tend to look down on other, less able species, which is just about everyone. They have a code of honour of sorts and stick to it.
    Special Powers: None, they don't need them, although they can sense the Force they can't use it.
    Other: A Ka'alyth's name consists of three parts: a first name, a clan name [qv] and a descriptive name - eg The Golden. There are four clans; to form the clan name, drop the 'Ka'' - Ka'sel, Ka'jain, Ka'rae, and Ka'numa. The markings on each hand differ with clan.
  7. Spike2002

    Spike2002 Former FF-UK RSA and Arena Manager star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 4, 2002
    These aliens appear as the primary villains in the story linked in my signature.

    Type of Species: Sentient
    Name of Species: Not known. Referred to as the Negative Race, and commonly among themselves are known as the Children of the Ancients.
    Meaning of Name: The term Negative Race can be traced back to their creation in a genetic experiment which produced two species, this one being the evil offshoot.
    Homeworld(s): Extragalactic
    Origin: Genetically created
    Government System: As the rulers of the Negative Race are reclusive, they leave their genetically created "Controllers", military and governmental commanders to control the several dozen species that make up the Negative Race Dominion.
    Are They Extinct?: Unfortunately no.
    Physical Description: The most commonly seen species of the Negative Race are the Battle Army (BA) Troopers. Although not many have survived their encounters with them, they have been said to be almost 3 metres tall, extremely muscular, and wear spiked black armour all over their bodies, including a horrific death's head helmet. Offshoots of the BA Troopers have been seen with black and silver combined armour, and a rare sighting of a completely gold armoured warrior has been recorded.
    Controllers are usually two metres tall, wear red or black armour, and horned helmets, but with their faces exposed.
    Mental Description: Elite warriors and BA Trooper officers have two-way telepathic abilities, so they can communicate with superiors and their inferiors, giving them the ability to both give and receive orders telepathically. Normal BA Troopers have one-way telepathic abilities, and can only receive orders mentally. Any orders they can give must be issued verbally.
    All but several of the manual labour species of the Negative Race are extremely intelligent, however their intelligence is mostly reflected in their technology and the art of warfare. Such things as literature and art are considered unnecessary luxuries for lesser species.
    Most military species of the Negative Race are pure psychopaths, but their inbuilt intelligence helps them maintain a professional approach to warfare.
    Special Powers: None.
    Other information: These aliens were the reason the Yuuzhan Vong fled their galaxy, having overrun their home galaxy centuries ago. Subsequent Yuuzhan Vong overlords attempted to erase any mention of them in their records, much to the dismay of the people of the GFFA.
    Real Origin: The Negative Race were introduced in the "Space Cadets" series, written from 1997-2002. They quickly became the primary villains and a reader favourite. A new Space Cadets online writing project is currently in the planning phase.
  8. CernStormrunner

    CernStormrunner Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 6, 2000
    Type of Species: Sentient

    Name of Species: Dosj-Aa

    Meaning of Name:We who make Order out of Chaos

    Homeworld(s): Jost-Aa

    Origin: Evolved from Marsupial-like animals. The Dosj-Aa have a natural instinct for Organization, and their culture consists of layer upon layer of Bureaucracy. Because of this, their technology level did not evolve much over the years, until an unknown alien ship crashed on Jost-Aa. The discovery of this ship gave the Dosj-Aa Hyperdrive, Sheild, and weapon technology of almost Imperial level.
    The Dosj-Aa began expanding their sphere of influence. When they would discover a populated world, they would offer that world membership in the Alliance. If the world did not accept membership, the world would be attacked.

    Government System: Founders and leaders of the Dosj-Aa Alliance

    Are They Extinct?: No

    Physical Description: Tall, cadaverously thin humanoids. No Body hair, some small growth in mohawk-style on top of head, males have beards. Ears are long and fringed. Four digits on each limb. All black eyes. Blood oxidizes yellow, perhaps sulfer based.

    Mental Description: Some are possibly Force-strong, but with no contact from the Galaxy at large, they have no knowledge of the Force

    Telepathic: Low level Touch-Telepathy

    Special Powers: none

    [link=]Dosj-Aa Image[/link]
  9. CernStormrunner

    CernStormrunner Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 6, 2000
    Type of Species: Sentient

    Name of Species: Paspa

    Homeworld(s): Hass-schell

    Origin: The Paspa homeworld was struck by a large Meteor several million years ago. The only animal life that survived lived in the large underground Caves that exist in the shell of the Planet.
    The Dosj-Aa Alliance conquered the Paspa 20 years ago, and employs them as Assassins in their armed forces.

    Government System: Subjugated Species of the Dosj-Aa Alliance

    Are They Extinct?: No

    Physical Description: Evolved from amphibious cavedwelling Mammals. The Paspa are a hardy species, with long arms and legs, amazing flexibility and endurance. Their eyes are white, with a network of sensory nerves spiderwebbing them.

    Mental Description: All Paspa have a low-level of Force sensitivity, allowing them to "see" through the Force.

    Special Powers: The Paspa evolved with a limited range of sight, existing in the Infrared range. The Paspa have evolved hightened senses of Hearing and touch to compensate, as well as a limited connection to the Force.

    They employ short knives made from a durable metal similar to Mandalorian Iron as their primary weapons, but have been known to employ blasters and slugthrowers as well.

    [link=]Paspa Image[/link]
  10. CernStormrunner

    CernStormrunner Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 6, 2000
    Type of Species: Sentient

    Name of Species: Ghenn

    Meaning of Name: We who scatter the blades of our enemies.

    Homeworld(s): Bey'li

    Origin: The Ghenn were engaged in planetary war between their 3 major governments when the Dosj-Aa arrived. Ghenn society is centered around males fighting for available females. For millenia, the battles were relatively one-on-one, until a bacteria evolved that decimated the female population.In a matter of weeks, there was only one female for every 50 males. Chaos ensued. This war continued until the Dosj-Aa found their planet and promised the governments that for their service to the Alliance, the full Scientific resources of the Dosj-Aa would be brought to bear to find a cure for the plague. In the meantime, surplus males would join the Dosja Military, to get them off planet and leave the few remaining Females to the ruling class.

    Government System: Warrior Class of the Dosj-Aa Alliance

    Are They Extinct?: No

    Physical Description: Two+ Meter tall Reptoids. Heavily muscled. May have distant evolutionary link to Trandoshans. Three digits on hands, two on feet. Eyes have nictitating membranes to protect from the constant dust storms on their homeworld. Scales of Brown and yellow cover their bodies.

    Mental Description: Evolved from pack hunters. Easily enraged. Have an Honor system that recognizes Deceit and Treachery as perfectly acceptible actions.

    Telepathic: No

    Special Powers: Excellent night vision. Ghenn have 20 Cm bone blades which rotate out from the wrists.

    [link=]Ghenn Image[/link]
  11. Rokangus

    Rokangus Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 18, 2000
    Okay here we go...these are from a story I'm currently working on but haven't posted yet.

    Type of Species: Sentient
    Name of Species: Eloqerian
    Common Name: "Space Elf"
    Homeworld(s): Eloqe IV
    Origin: Mid-rim
    Government System: Feudal
    Are They Extinct?: No
    Physical Description: For the most part the fit the basic description of fantasy-genre elves. They are slightly taller than the average human, with long narrow ears. Hair and eye color varies through the full gamut of the color spectrum
    Mental Description: Similar to average human
    Special Powers: No special powers per se, but their attributes in terms of quickness and perception are slightly stronger than the average human, while they are not always as physically strong or hardy as humans.

  12. CernStormrunner

    CernStormrunner Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 6, 2000
    Type of Species: Sentient

    Name of Species: Drost

    Meaning of Name:Many Mouths, One Voice

    Homeworld(s): Tak-ta-lak

    Origin: Insectoid Species Located deep in Wild Space

    Government System: Member World of the Dosj-Aa Alliance.

    Are They Extinct?: No

    Physical Description: One Meter tall insectoids. Six Eyes. Antennae with glowing tips. Skin is exosketetal, They do have a limited internal skeleton made of cartilage. Two Fingered hands/pincers.

    The Drost have a sybiotic relationship with a semi-sentient colloidal lifeform that is the basis of all their technology.

    Mental Description: Individual Drosts are of average Human Intellegence, but working as a Hive Mind exponentially increases intelligence.

    Special Powers: Hive Mind Telepathic Link. Can see in UV and higher EM spectrums

    [link=] Drost Image [/link]
  13. CernStormrunner

    CernStormrunner Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 6, 2000
    Type of Species: Sentient

    Name of Species: Torek

    Meaning of Name:Unknown

    Homeworld(s): Keklel

    Origin: Possible offshoot of the Hutt species. Planet located deep in Wild Space

    Government System: Subjugated World of the Dosj-Aa Alliance.

    Are They Extinct?: No

    Physical Description: The Torek species shares a distant evolutionary link to the Hutts. Their bodies are very similar, except for their head and hands. Torek heads are tall and conelike, with long slits between their eyes for noses and another set of wider slits lined with cilia along the sides of their heads for ears. Their large brain size gives them amazing mental capacity, and the Alliance uses them as Living computers.

    Mental Description: Highly Intelligent

    Special Powers: Low Level Telepathy
    [link=]Torek Image[/link]

  14. JediNemesis

    JediNemesis Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 27, 2003
    Type of species: Individually nonsentient. Attain a type of sentience when they've recently fed [qv]
    Name of species: Astari
    Meaning of name / Common Name: Mind Worms
    Homeworld: Astray II
    Origin: Moot point. Could be natural, could be a result of illegal genetic engineering
    Government: n/a
    Physical appearance: Tendrils approximately an inch in circumference, ranging from half a metre to two metres long.
    Squidgy and cold to the touch (cold-blooded). The tendrils taper towards the ends and are usually off-white. They have no obvious head or eyes and 'see' by a combination of a form of echolocation and sensing electrical activity.
    Mentality: Unintelligent.
    Special powers: They will temporarily possess any special powers owned by any being they feed off. These usually last three to twelve hours, indefinitely if the victim is living [qv]
    Other: They can detect the heat generated by organic and will crawl towards it. Once arrived at their destination they will slither into the nearest available orifice and take up residence inside, living off the residual heat and bioelectricity. This is the case if the prey is dead or dying. If the prey is still alive - sleeping or unconscious - the worm will live and grow inside the chest or abdominal cavity and will eventually kill them, but only after several weeks as the worm eats its way out.
    (nasty). If the victim is Force-sensitive the worm will usually go for the midichlorians first, giving them more time to live but losing them their abilities.

    Nemesis ;)
  15. emimar

    emimar Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 3, 2003
    I know what you mean. I try to use ailens as my main charactors all the time. My favourite ones are Shistavanens I've got this thing about wolves you see) and Wookiees!
    I like using Shistavanens because for some unknown reason everyone else, including most of the professional writers seem to stear clear of 'em. Don't know why.
  16. CernStormrunner

    CernStormrunner Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 6, 2000
    Type of Species: Sentient

    Name of Species: Kaurmati

    Meaning of Name: unknown

    Homeworld(s): Kaur, a planet revolving around a red sun.

    Origin: The Kaurmati evolved from warm blooded Saurians, similar to Earths Triceratops. They developed a strong connection to Nature, similar to the Ithorians.

    Government System: Part of the Old Republic

    Are They Extinct?: Pretty much. The Kaurmati Birthrates were on the decline for a century before the Emperor decided to Purge the planet.

    Physical Description: Kaurmati are 4-4.5 foot tall warm blooded reptillians. They have a flexible segmented shell-like structure on their backs and chest that make them resemble bipedal turtles. Very old male Kaurmati can grow beards on their chins and cheeks. They have 3 digits on each hand and foot. Their planets gravity is less than Coruscant Standard, so they tend ot walk slowly away from their homeworld.

    Mental Description: Force Sensitivity was common among population.

    Special Powers: Can enter hibernation state for several months. This can be Force-Assisted to last for at least 30 years.

    [link=]Sketch of Jedi Master Zauber, the only surviving member of the Kaurmati Species[/link]

  17. SpeldoriontheBlended

    SpeldoriontheBlended Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 12, 2002
    Ugh. Those slug thingies of yours give me the creeps just thinking about them, Jedi_Nem ;)
  18. freak-pudding

    freak-pudding Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 29, 2002
    Time for a new up!
  19. freak-pudding

    freak-pudding Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 29, 2002
    Pushing for a long-time up. :)
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