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Before - Legends Origins of the Sith (novel,feedback wanted)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Darth Apocalypse, May 23, 2017.

  1. Darth Apocalypse

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    May 10, 2017
    A planet…unknown to the Jedi, the perfect base for the Dark Jedi. The Dark Jedi launch sporadic raids against the Jedi. After many years of war, a stalemate has ensued. The Jedi cannot find the Dark Base and the Dark Jedi cannot defeat the Jedi. This may soon change.

    The Dark Base was in Wild Space. This was a region that was mapped but not explored. The Jedi and the Republic thought the base was were an uninhabited wasteland was. It was originally uninhabited but never a wasteland. The perfect base was waiting right where the Dark Jedi needed it.
    “We must attack the Jedi,” the Dark Jedi leader Ajunta Pall said. This created an uproar. “We cannot attack the Jedi,” some Dark Jedi elders said. “We don’t have a choice, either we attack them or they attack us” Ajunta said. This pretty much stated the general consensus of the Dark Jedi.

    Ultimately, they attacked. A major raid was launched. The Jedi were taken by surprise. A battle took place on Coruscant. The Coruscanti Jedi called for aid.

    Ajunta Pall led the Dark Jedi force himself. Many Dark Jedi had protested this move. It was only decided that Ajunta could go when he named a successor. This successor was Sorzus Syn.

    The Jedi called on their masters and friends. The Dark Jedi attempted to block this call but failed. The Jedi Masters arrived. The Dark Jedi began a valiant last stand.

    The Dark Jedi were winning against impossible odds. This couldn’t keep up. It didn’t when the Jedi began trying much harder. The Dark Jedi retreated from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, which they had captured.

    The Dark Jedi fought a last stand on Coruscant. They fought against impossible odds. The Republic and the Jedi soon had them defeated. Many Dark Jedi fought to the death. Ultimately, a retreat was ordered after the last stand.
    The war against the Jedi continued. The Dark Jedi fought an underground battle against the Jedi of Coruscant. This underground battle was going well at first but a revelation was to change everything. This was that the pseudonym the Dark Jedi were using was revealed to belong to them. The citizens of Coruscant took it into their hands to attack any Dark Jedi on Coruscant, regardless of affiliation, though most were on the “domination” side.

    Therefore, the Coruscanti Dark Jedi changed strategies. They would now operate as a company. This company was dedicated to exposing the flaws of the Jedi and indirectly the Republic. This strategy failed immediately. Following this company failure, the Dark Jedi shut down the Coruscanti campaign, retreating to their base.

    The Dark Jedi would stay hidden for some time. Their strategy was the same as before. This was raid but don’t show any signs of working with others. The hidden Dark Jedi wanted revenge.

    One day, the Jedi followed a raiding party. This was bad news. The Dark Jedi did not know what path the take. They began a long debate. The Jedi wanted to make the Dark Jedi pay.

    The debate raged for many hours. The Dark Jedi elders sided with face them at the base. Ajunta Pall sided with attack them. The side going for attacking ultimately won out but the debate was long and wasted valuable time. The debate wasting time was to become an extreme problem.

    Another battle ensued against the Jedi ensued. This occurred in the middle of Wild Space. The battle began early in what would have been the morning if the participants were on a planet. The battle was to be fierce.

    This battle involved nearly all of the Dark Jedi. It would prove to be very long. The Jedi fought for the reunification of their order, while the Dark Jedi fought for survival. The Jedi tried a frontal assault but failed. The battle would be very long indeed.

    The Jedi called on their allies, the Republic and more troops. More troops arrived quickly. When the Republic heard about the battle, they joined in. The Jedi now led a coalition.

    The Dark Jedi fought ferociously. They fought to the death. The members switched their goal from the Jedi turning to a dark-sided order to surviving. The Dark Jedi would soon force the Jedi off their flagship. However, the battle wasn’t over yet…

    The Dark Jedi proceeded to attack the Jedi in their other ships. The operation failed at first. The Dark Jedi then began trying harder and the Jedi were pushed out of the Dark Jedi ships. The Jedi retreated, hoping for ultimate revenge.

    Though by this time, all was lost. The Dark Jedi launched a huge battle on Corellia. This battle was fought against only the Republic at first. Its purpose was to take the Republic out of the war. This was going extremely well at this time. Hope may have returned.

    Then, the Jedi heard about the Dark Jedi attack. Some of their members were immediately sent to Corellia. The Dark Jedi efforts became futile. Many Dark Jedi refused to acknowledge this fact. All hope was lost.

    Thousands of Dark Jedi supporters died for a hopeless cause. Many of them refused to give up. The leaders of the Dark Jedi tried to order a retreat but to no avail. The Dark Jedi just wouldn’t give up. The battlefield was to be littered with corpses.

    The Dark Jedi eventually surrendered. The leaders were for retreating but realized that their troops wouldn’t do it. The troops fought long and hard. The civilian deaths were even higher. The leaders finally asked for peace negiotiations.

    These went nowhere. The Dark Jedi wanted some settlement that kept them alive. The Jedi demanded unconditional surrender. The Dark Jedi refused. The war would continue.

    The war continued for a short while. The Dark Jedi fought well. They fought halfheartedly, though. The war was bound to end soon. The continuing war lasted for a year.

    Finally, the Dark Jedi leaders agreed to negiotiate again. The new negiotiations led to no results. Finally, the Dark Jedi surrendered. They were sent into exile until they realized their mistake. The century-long war was over.

    This was only the beginning of a feud that would last for thousands of years. The Sith were to continue this war. They would eventually be defeated for the final time many, many years later. I am the Keeper of Records who knows the history of the galaxy. This is the story of how the Sith came to be.
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    May 14, 2017
    Okay then.
    I was laughing throughout the time I spent reading it.
    Your spellings are good. The grammars are okay indeed.
    If this piece was supposed to be serious in tone, then...
    Gosh, thanks for the laughs.
    good times