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    Those entries are not done for profit. They are various movies and television shows.
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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2


    At a circus ground in the night time in the late 1800’s England. There is William Pratt present along with Drusilla. Amilyn is walking by. Drusilla:I have a friend of mine for you to meet Willie.” Amilyn grabs William Pratt. He bites him on the neck. William Pratt turns into a vampire. Amilyn:You will now call yourself Spike.Drusilla:This is Amilyn.

    Title Card: 1992

    At Hemery High. There is Amilyn laying dying by a class room with a ruler in his chest. Spike and Drusilla show up with the twilight group. Spike:Amilyn.Amilyn:There’s a girl named Buffy who’s chosen as the slayer of us.General Voll:We’ll protect you vampires from the slayers.” In the twilight group are General Voll a male human, Corporal Moulter a female human, Roden a male human, Catherine Madison a female human, Warren Mears a male human and Riley Finn a male human with vamp cats. Drusilla goes over to Amilyn. She pulls the ruler out of his chest. Catherine Madison:My daughter Amy and I with your magic will have your arm replaced.Amilyn:I will kill Buffy.

    Title Card: The Present

    On the football field at Sunnydale High at night time. There are football players banging into each other. One player throws the ball to the other. On the bleachers. There are Oz, Rupert Giles, Xander and Willow there along with Dawn Buffy’s sister. Out on the sideline. There are cheerleaders of Sunnydale High. There is Buffy Summers a cheerleading coach. Buffy:Let’s get on out there.” The cheerleaders get out onto the field. A touchdown is scored by Sunnydale High.

    At the mall the next day. There is Buffy with her cheerleading team. Also present are Willow, Xander, Oz and Dawn. Buffy and Dawn are chewing bubble gum. Buffy blows a small bubble and crushes it in her mouth. Dawn blows a bubble. She sucks it back into her mouth. They are walking over to a clothing store. Dawn:I am going to buy new clothes.Buffy:I remember that I slew Dracula the vampire king on my senior year of college.Oz:We have our high school reunion coming up.Xander:Faith was the next slayer when you Buffy was thought to be dead at the hands of a German vampire leader that you slew.

    In a clothing store. There is Dawn there. She is blowing a bubble and it pops landing on her nose. Dawn goes to buy a short shirt.

    At the food courts. Buffy blows a bubble with her gum. She sucks it back into her mouth. Dawn blows a bubble as she shows up. It pops landing on her nose. Buffy and her cheerleaders find tables at the food courts. Buffy:There’s somewhere to sit. I have to meet with Giles.” Buffy takes the gum out of her mouth. Dawn blows a bubble. Dawn takes the bubble out of her mouth.

    Somewhere else in the shopping mall. There is Rupert Giles with Faith present. Giles:I found Buffy with her cheerleading team at the food courts. I heard about a vampire named Amilyn who’s still alive.Faith:You were her watcher as Buffy was a college student and she moved to Sunnydale.” They go off to the food courts.

    Back to the Food Courts. Buffy and her cheerleading team get seated. Dawn gets seated too. Giles shows up with Faith. Giles:This vampire Buffy that you almost slew back when you started killing vampires is still alive. We had just found out.Faith: “I took your place when the Scooby gang was formed.Giles:We also have the group called the twilight group in league with Amilyn. Amilyn managed to get his arm replaced.Faith:Also Amilyn is the master of all that is evil.

    Later on at night time at Amilyn’s place. There is Drusilla present. Also present are General Voll a male human, Lt. Moulter a female human, Roden a male human, Catherine Madison a female human, Warren Mears a male human and Riley Finn a male human with vamp cats along with Amy Madison. Amilyn:You have all faced Buffy before. Buffy fought Spike years ago. Now Buffy is back together with Spike. You Catherine go with the vamp cats and find Buffy. I want revenge on her. She has slain many vampires over all those years I was MIA.” Catherine Madison departs with vamp cats. Amilyn rises with his artificial arm.

    Later on at night time at a grave yard in Sunnydale. There are devil worshippers present. There is Matt Hamlin the leader with 3 men and 2 women. They are all wearing black clothing. Matt Hamlin:There’s a vampire slaying team called the Scooby Gang. We’ll sacrifice their souls in the name of Satan. Let’s bash some stones. I think that some others following me were eaten by vampires.” They go over to a grave stone. Matt Hamlin pulls out his knife. Those Satanists are bashing grave stones.

    At the home of the Summers family. There is Buffy’s dad there. Also present are Buffy and Dawn. Giles is there too. Buffy:You lived with Dawn after the divorce when I was in college.Hank Summers:You have Buffy avenged your mother.Dawn:I remember my sister was attacked by vampires at a senior dance. I heard about Merrick killed by Lothos.

    Outside of the house. There is Catherine Madison and the vamp cats. Catherine Madison:There’s Buffy. She in college was a cheerleader and than became the cheerleading coach of Sunnydale High.” Buffy shows up with Dawn and Giles. Giles pulls out a crossbow. Buffy and Dawn pull out their stakes. Buffy:You never give up Mrs. Madison.Faith:Angel is in France slaying vampires. I once worked for the evil mayor but Buffy slew him.Catherine Madison:Get them.” Vamp cats come after Buffy and Dawn. Buffy kicks some vamp cats. Catherine Madison shoots magic at Buffy. Giles shoots down some vamp cats. Buffy jump kicks Catherine Madison. Spike shows up next. Spike:I have come to help.” Buffy next round house kicks Catherine Madison. Catherine Madison is melting. Spike pulls out a mirror. Catherine Madison gets trapped in a mirror. Buffy:Let’s all get back into the house.” Everyone gets into the house.

    Inside of the Summers residence. There is Buffy present with Spike, Dawn and Rupert Giles. Hank Summers shows up. Hank Summers:What happened?Buffy:We had an attack by the Twilight Group. They are still at large.

    At Amilyn’s quarters at night time. There is Amilyn present. Also there is Drusilla. Drusilla: “I have more for you my master. They worship the devil.” Amilyn:We could use them. Sacrifice Buffy’s soul in the name of Satan.” Amilyn and Drusilla depart the place.

    Nearby a Catholic church at night time. There is Matt Hamlin and his devil worship squad. Matt Hamlin pulls out spray paint. Amilyn shows up with Drusilla. Matt Hamlin:I think that we have more to sacrifice. Get them and kill them.” Amilyn from behind bites onto Matt Hamlin. A vampire band shows up. They are eating away on devil worshippers. They turn into vampires. Drusilla bites onto the women as they try to stab her. They turn into vampires. The vampires all vanish into the night.

    The next day at the library of Sunnydale High School. There is Rupert Giles there present. Xander, Willow, Oz and Buffy all show up along with Dawn. They go over to Giles. Giles:Last Night I think that some Satanists were turned by Amilyn. Amilyn is looking to start a new vampire and demon army.Buffy:I have slain the evil mayor who at the abusive Principal Snyder.

    In the school hallway. There is Buffy walking by with Xander. Robin Wood the Sunnydale principal shows up. He goes over to Buffy and Xander. Robin Wood:Are you Xander coming to the High School reunion?Xander:There might be vampires attacking the reunion. Buffy was the chosen one who started slaying vampires on her senior year of Hemery High.

    Later on at night time nearby an alley. There is Buffy riding her bicycle. Spike shows up. Spike:The Twilight Group is still out there.” He goes over to Buffy. Faith, Dawn, Oz, Xander, Willow and Giles all show up. Giles:The Twilight group is coming after us. Let’s stop them. We must slay them. They guard Amilyn’s tomb in the day time.Dawn:It’s just like in Blade when there are humans working for vampires calling themselves familiars.

    At night time at Amilyn’s place. There is Amilyn present. Also there is Drusilla. Matt Hamlin the devil worship ring leader shows up. Also there is the twilight group. Amilyn:I can see that you Matt went out worshipping the devil. We could use you. You humans go after Buffy and kill her. She broke up with the guy who was helping her years ago that took my arm.” The twilight group goes after the Scooby gang.

    Back to the streets of Sunnydale. There are people walking by on the streets. Buffy is riding on her bicycle. Amy Madison shows up with General Voll, Lt. Moulter, Roden, Riley Finn and Warren Mears. There are also vamp cats. Amy Madison:Get them!” Giles takes on General Voll. General Voll:You’re the watcher.” Faith takes on Lt. Moulter. Willow takes on Amy Madison. Willow: We meet again Amy.Spike: I will become human again.” Spike takes on Riley Finn. Oz takes on Roden. Xander takes on Warren Mears. There is hand to hand fighting going on. Buffy and Dawn battle the vamp cats. Willow fights Amy with magic. Buffy and Dawn with their stakes stab the vamp cats. Spike bites onto Riley Finn. Giles breaks General Voll’s back killing him. Oz kills Roden shoving his nose into his brain. Xander with a knife stabs Warren Mears. Faith kills Lt. Moulter breaking her back. Willow with her magic powers defeats Amy Madison. Buffy gets back onto her bicycle. Buffy:We did it. No more of the Twilight Group.

    At the Summers Residence later on at night time. Buffy and Dawn show up. Dawn is walking while Buffy is riding her bicycle. They enter the house.

    Inside of the house. Buffy and Dawn come on in. Buffy is holding her bicycle. Hank Summers is sitting on the couch watching a football game.

    Later on at night time at Amilyn’s place. There is Amilyn present along with Drusilla. Amilyn:There’s a football game tomorrow night. We’ll all go to there. I’ll get my revenge on Buffy.

    The next day at Sunnydale High at the gym. There is Buffy present along with Xander. Xander:I have a football game tonight. We’ll need stakes in case any vampires show up there.Buffy:I remember we had a vampire on the basketball team. Amilyn was the sidekick of Lothos. I slew Lothos in the gym of Hemery High.

    Later on at night time on the football field of Sunnydale High. There is a football game going on. Somewhere in the crowd there is Amilyn with Drusilla. Also there is the devil worshipping vampires with the ring leader Matt Hamlin. Buffy’s cheerleaders come out onto the field. Buffy:let’s do it.” There’s a tackle. Buffy is sitting on the sidelines along with Xander the football coach. Somewhere else on the bleachers. There is the rest of the Scooby gang along with Spike. They all get up as do Buffy and Xander. Buffy goes after some vampires. Buffy:There’s vampires here.

    Somewhere else nearby Sunnydale High. There is the Scooby gang going after the vampires. Buffy shows up with the team of slayers. The Satanist vampires all show up. Buffy jump kicks the 2 women in the band. Matt Hamlin:It’s you Buffy. You’re the head slayer along with Faith.” Buffy is fighting a few more of them. Buffy pulls out a stake. She stakes some vampires. They burn to dust. Amilyn, Drusilla and Matt Hamlin show up. Amilyn: “It’s Buffy. You’ll die now Buffy. “ Those demons show up. The Scooby gang takes on the demons. Amilyn and Drusilla leave the place as does Matt. Buffy throws some stakes into a few more vampires. They burn to dust. Faith with the others battle the demons. They are slaying the demons. Buffy stakes a few more of the vampires. Faith kills the rest of the vampires present. Buffy:I’ll slay Amilyn sooner or later.” Everyone disappears off into the night.

    The next day at the Sunnydale High School Library. There is Giles there with the books. Buffy appears. Buffy:I think that Amilyn will attack the High School Reunion just like we had a dance attacked by Lothos.

    Later on in the day time. There are Buffy and Faith walking down the streets of Sunnydale. Giles shows up driving his car.

    At Amilyn’s place at night time. There is Amilyn with his vampire band. Amilyn:Let’s go after Buffy. I took over the hell mouth as Buffy slew the Master.” They all depart for Sunnydale High School.

    At Sunnydale High in the gym at night time. There are tables there. There are many class of 1992 graduates gathered together. At one table there is Dawn, Oz with Willow, Faith and Xander.

    Outside nearby the school. There is Buffy walking with Spike. Giles shows up in his car. Buffy and Spike get into the car. Giles:Come on into the car with us. I think that Amilyn is at the school.” Spike hops into the back while Buffy hops into the front seat.

    Somewhere else nearby Sunnydale High. Amilyn shows up with Drusilla, Matt Hamlin and their band of vampires. Amilyn:Matt. Sacrifice Buffy’s soul in the name of Satan. I want her dead.” They head off to Sunnydale High.

    Back into the gym of Sunnydale High. There is the Scooby gang present. Giles shows up with Buffy and Spike. They go over to the table. Giles:There you all are.

    At Sunnydale High near the outside. There is Amilyn present with his vampire band. Amilyn:I will at the outside basketball court with Drusilla.” They go to near the door.

    In the gym near the exit of Sunnydale High. A door opens. Buffy gets up with the Scooby Gang. Buffy:Nobody gets near the door.” There are vampires standing by the door. They come into the school with Satanist Matt Hamlin. Matt Hamlin:Let’s have some fun.” The Scooby Gang members pull out stakes. Buffy does flips. Buffy throws kicks and punches onto some vampires. Giles pulls out his cross. Matt Hamlin jumps onto Spike. Spike:It’s you Matt who leads the devil worship band.

    Outside of Sunnydale High. There is Buffy staking some vampires. They burn to ashes.

    At the Basketball court. There is Amilyn with Drusilla. Buffy shows up. Amilyn: “Kill her allot.” Buffy:Stay dead this time lefty.” Drusilla throws a kick onto Buffy. Buffy throws a kick back onto Drusilla. They are beating each other up. Buffy throws a stake into Drusilla’s heart. She kicks it deep in. Amilyn goes up to Buffy. Buffy pulls out her cross. Amilyn:Will you kill me with your faith?Buffy:No. It’s my hairspray.” The cross is flaming. Buffy sprays Amilyn with hairspray. Amilyn catches on fire. Amilyn:Now I am ticked off.

    Back into the gym of Sunnydale High. The members of the Scooby Gang are killing the vampires present. Spike throws Matt Hamlin into a table. Faith pulls out her stake. She drives it deep into Matt Hamlin. Buffy appears back into the gym. Buffy:I think that I burned Lefty.” There are stakes all over the ground. The Scooby gang members pick them up. Amilyn goes crashing through the wall. Amilyn pulls out a blade from his artificial arm. Amilyn:I replaced my left arm with a blade popping out of it. Now you will die.” He goes slicing at Buffy. Buffy jump kicks Amilyn. Faith tosses a stake to Buffy. Faith:Take it Buffy. You faced him before.” Buffy stabs Amilyn with the stake in the heart. Buffy kicks the stake deep into Amilyn. Amilyn is turning into a skeleton as he burns up. Buffy round house kicks Amilyn. Robin Wood the principal shows up. Robin Wood:I am not firing you Buffy. You saved the world from vampirism.” Spike goes over to Buffy. Spike:Let’s leave here now. This wasn’t your school anyways Buffy.

    Outside of the school. There are Buffy and Spike walking by leaving the school. The other slayers show up with the watcher.

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    Legionnaire 2: Return to the Legion


    Opening Credits

    Title Card: Present Day

    In New York City in the day time. There is Andre Lefevre the grandson of Alain Lefevre walking down the streets of New York City. He walks into the Manhattan public library.

    Inside of the Manhattan Public Library. There are many people seated there. There are men, women and children present. Andre walks into the place. He gets seated down. Andre:My grandfather has eluded 4 of Galgani’s goons back in 1925 when he first joined the French Legion. He was called back into the service. He told me all about it. My dad’s parents never owned cars and never had a driver’s license.

    Flash back to 1930 New York City. At the home of the Lafevres. There is Alain with his son Christopher and his wife Katrina. Katrina:I have to tell you something Alain.Alain:What is it?Katrina:I am pregnant.” The telephone rings. It’s General Ross Deveroux. Alain:It’s Alain. I will come.” Alain departs from his home. Alain:I have been called back into the French Legion.

    There is Alain Lefevre walking down the streets of Manhattan. Alain gets onto a train.

    Inside of the train in Manhattan. There is Alain getting seated there. The train leaves Manhattan.

    In Marseille, France at night time outside of LE POIVROT. There is present Marc LeChez. He pulls out his pistol.

    Inside of Le Poivrot. There is Lucien Galgani seated at a table with his bodyguard and 3 goons Nick, Jack and Chazz. Nick is the under boss in Galgani’s gang. There is can-can music playing the background. Galgani:We could find Lefevre back in the French Legion. I don’t fix fights anymore.” Marc LeChez comes into the night club. Marc LeChez pulls out his gun. Marc:Mr. Galgani. It’s time to die.” Galgani’s bodyguard and 3 goons pull out their guns. They fire. Marc shoots and kills Galgani’s bodyguard. Galgani and his 3 goons are exiting Le Poivrot.

    Outside of Le Poivrot. Galgani and his 3 goons Nick, Chazz and Jack are running out of the place to them. They go running down the streets. Marc LeChez is in pursuit of them. Marc:Die you mob guys!” Galgani’s 3 goons fire on Marc LeChez.

    Nearby an alley in Marseille, France. There are 3 gendarmes there. Galgani and his gang show up. Galgani:There is someone trying to kill us. Arrest him.” They go to nearby the gendarmes. Galgani and his goons stand there. Galgani Gendarme 2:Stop right there. You are under arrest for the attempted murder of Lucien Galgani.” The gendarmes go after Mark LeChez. Marc LeChez shows up. The gendarmes aim their guns at Marc LeChez. Galgani:I will get back to my dinner.” Galgani and his 3 goons are walking back to Le Poivrot. A gendarme clobbers LeChez with his stick. Marc grabs onto the stick. He pushes it into the gendarme. Marc LeChez runs off into the night. Marc:I know that Galgani owns you guys. Maybe he won’t anymore once he’s dead.

    At the French Foreign Legion recruiting center. There is a recruiting sergeant standing there. Marc LeChez shows up. Marc:I want to join the legion.” He gets seated. Recruiting Sergeant:Sign here. The are only 3 ways to return to La France. 1. Full fill your contact. 2. Disability, and 3 in a box.” He signs up. He signs his name as Marcus Duvall. The recruiting sergeant gets seated.

    In Vietnam in a village a few days later. There is Marc LeChez there. Also there is Alain Lefevre promoted to staff sergeant. Also present is General Ross Deveroux. Others present are Russell a Finnish man and Dmitri a Russian. Alain:I just got promoted. I survived the battle in Morocco 5 years ago.Marc:What’s your name?Alain:I am Sgt. Alain Dushon.” Alain Lefevre goes over to Marc LeChez. They shake hands. Marc:My name is Marcus Duvall.” Dmitri goes over to Alain Lefevre. Dmitri:My name is Dmitri.Russell:My name is Russell.Ross:I am your General Ross Deveroux. I wasn’t in Northern Africa against the Riffs but back then I got promoted to general.” They shake hands.

    In the French Foreign Legion outpost in Vietnam. There are all those trainees cutting each other’s hair. Alain Lefevre is standing there.

    Somewhere else in the outpost. There are legionnaires taking a shower. Alain is hosing them down.

    Later on in the outpost. There are people taking seats eating dinner. Alain is walking by with Ross. Alain:Tomorrow you become legionnaires and start your training.

    In the Legion bunker at night time. There are the legionnaires on their beds. Russell is playing the saxophone. Alain gets onto his bed in the bunker. Russell:I came to be a hero.Alain:I am a veteran of the legion. I have survived the battle in Morocco against the Riffians.

    In the Legion bunker the next day. There are many of the French soldiers asleep. General Ross Deveroux and Sgt. Alain Lefevre come into the bunk. Ross:Everyone out of your beds. You can move.” Those soldiers including Marc LeChez along with Dmitri and Russell.

    Outside in the training yard. There is Ross Deveroux standing there with Alain Lefevre along with their soldiers. Those soldiers are carrying their guns. They are marching. They are marching into the village. Alain is standing there watching. Alain:Sing the legion march.” They all do.

    Somewhere else in a Vietnam village. There are soldiers crawling and firing the guns. There is Marc LeChez crawling behind Russell. There are explosions. Alain and Ross are standing there watching. Marc LeChez goes over to Alain Lefevre. Alain:There are the men from the International News. They took my photo before in the past.” There are men from the International News there. Alain and Marc LeChez have their photograph taken.

    On the French Foreign Legion bunker. At a table. There is present Ross Deveroux and Alain Lefevre. Alain:When I first met Katrina we were supposed to get married years ago. We got married after we got back together. We had Mr. Galgani after us.Ross:I know of the name. He’s the French mob boss owning the boxers. I hate mobsters. I didn’t go on the land of the Riffs but I did back then get promoted.Alain:Katrina and I have a son. We have another child on the way.

    Flashback at the altar at a church in New York City. There is Katrina standing there with Alain Lefevre and a minister with a book. They walk out of the church. There are many people attending.

    Outside of the church. There is Alain with Katrina just married.

    Back to 1930. Alain and Ross get up. Alain:I never had a driver’s license and I never even owned a car.Marc:I remember you. Galgani took over your boxing career. I tried to kill him and the police were after me.Alain:I eluded 4 of Galgani’s goons 5 years ago. This is something we never tell the other legionnaires. We all run.” Marc LeChez shows up. Marc LeChez goes over to Alain Lefevre.

    Somewhere else in the village nearby a Vietnamese shop. There are the French soldiers there. Also there are the women. Alain, Marc and Ross show up. There are women there. Marc goes over to the women as do Russell and Dmitri. Russell:Any women for you Sgt. Dushon?Alain:I am married. Tomorrow we are in the shooting range. It’s like keeping the bull’s eye.” Alain makes a pretend gun with his finger. Alain:I just got promoted as I have rejoined the legion.

    Back into the present day. There is Andre Lefevre the grandson of Katrina and Alain Lefevre. One of the kids raises his hand. Andre points over to that kid. Andre:Yes.NYC Library Boy:What happened than? Did your grandfather survive?Andre:We are getting to it. Galgani found my grandfather back in 1925 in the French Foreign Legion and tried to kill him.

    Flash back to 1930 Vietnam. At the training Post. There are French soldiers there. Also there are Ross and Alain. Russell, Dmitri and Marc are shooting the targets.

    Back in France at Lucien Galgani’s office at night time. There is Lucien Galgani with the newspaper present. There’s the photo of Marc and Alain. There is also present Nick the under boss in Galgani’s gang as he’s Galgani’s second in command along with Jack and Chazz. Chazz:Why should we?Galgani:This boxer named Alain Lefevre killed my brother and eluded 4 of my old goons. I want him dead. You guys will all go along and kill him and kill Marc LeChez who tried to kill us. You 2 have Nick my second in command to watch your backs.” Galgani gets up.

    At legion training pos the a few days later. There are the French soldiers marching on the beach. Also present are Ross and Alain. Russell, Marc and Dmitri are among the soldiers. Alain:I am in a good mood. Let’s get some water and cool off. We have the Vietnamese leader to capture.

    Somewhere else by the beach. There are the Vietnamese soldiers with their leader. The French soldiers go by the water. The Vietnamese fire on the French. Marc LeChez is killed by the Vietnamese soldiers. The other soldiers fire back. Alain and Ross shoot down some Vietnamese soldiers. A few other French soldiers are shot down. Alain fires his machine gun at those soldiers. They run off.

    Later on at the beach of Vietnam. There are slain soldiers there. Alain:We will send them home in a box.

    Back at the French Legion outpost. There are soldiers setting up their forts. Alain and Ross are standing there watching. Also present are Dmitri and Russell. They are setting up a fence post. Alain:We build new fortresses there. We’ll win this battle.” Nick, Chazz and Jack Galgani’s henchmen show up. They walk past Alain Lefevre. Nick:You are a dead man. I know who you are.Jack:Galgani once owned you.Ross:You guys will bring us to Galgani and we’ll take him down.

    Somewhere else in the Legion outpost. Galgani’s 3 henchmen get seated at a table. Alain and Ross get seated at the bench of the table. Jack:You killed Galgani’s brother.Alain:That was self defense. He was trying to kill me.” Flash back to 1925 when Alain shot and killed Rene Galgani. Back to 1930 in Vietnam in the FFL outpost. Alain:We have never been introduced.Chazz:I am Chazz. I know that your boxing career ended. We’ll find your woman and we’ll kill her for running away.

    In the Vietnam Village on the battlefield. There are soldiers there with rifles drawn. Alain is among them with Ross the commander. Also there are Galgani’s 3 henchmen. There are also Dmitri and Russell present. Nick aims his rifle at Alain Lefevre. Alain:Are you the one who gets to pull the trigger?” Jack takes Alain’s rifle. Ross aims his pistol at Nick. Ross:Give back Alain his rifle. I will court martial you 3 and you 3 will testify against Mr. Galgani.” There’s an explosion. There is gun fighting going on. Alain:My rifle you goon.” Jack gives Alain his rifle back. Alain shoots at the Vietnamese soldiers. There’s gun fighting going on. Galgani’s 3 henchmen and the 2 friends to Alain fire back at the Vietnamese soldiers.

    On the battlefield. There is gun fighting going on. Chazz is shot and killed by Vietnamese soldiers. Alain shoots down that soldier killing him. Alain clobbers some soldiers with his rifle. Some other soldiers come up to Ross Deveroux with knives. Ross kicks a Vietnamese soldier. Ross throws a punch onto another Vietnamese soldier. Some French soldiers are shot down. Alain is shooting down some soldiers. The others retreat. Vietnamese soldiers:Retreat! Retreat!” Alain fires on them.

    At the Legion compound. There are some wounded soldiers on beds. There is Alain standing there with Nick, Jack and Ross. Also there are Russell and Dmitri. Dmitri: “I will go check on the Vietnamese status.Alain:I once had a friend disguised as a riff and he tortured.Ross:We’ll win this battle and we’ll go home and capture Mr. Galgani.” Dmitri leaves the legion compound.

    Out on the battle field by the French fortresses. There is Alain standing there with Russell. Alain: “We are not going to die.” Also present are Nick and Jack along with Commander Ross Deveroux. Ross:We’ll find the Vietnamese leader and win the war.Dmitri:I am back.” Dmitri shows up.

    Somewhere else in the Vietnam village. There is the Vietnamese leader with his soldiers. Vietnamese Leader:We’ll win the war against the French. They are building forts on our land.

    At the French Foreign legion bunker. There are Alain, Ross, Russell, Nick, Jack and other French soldiers present. Also there is Dmitri. Alain goes over to Dmitri. Alain:We lost the battle I fought in against the riffs.Dmitri:I left Russia to join and return as a hero. I will kill Vietnamese soldiers.

    Flashback to 1925 when Alain killed Luther to put him out of his misery.

    Back to 1930. There is Alain talking to Dmitri and Russell. Also there is Ross Deveroux. Ross:I knew Katrina years ago. You and her had the dream of going to America.Alain:Galgani stopped her from going to America years ago.

    Flashback to New Years Eve on 1926 when Alain confronted Galgani. There is Alain aiming his legionnaire pistol at Galgani and the music stops playing. Galgani takes Alain’s legionnaire pistol. Alain and Katrina get onto a train.

    Back to 1930 in Vietnam. There are the French Legionnaires. They go marching.

    Out on the battlefield. There are the French soldiers. They all draw rifles. The Vietnamese soldiers show up. Ross:Enemy soldiers. Let’s fire.” They fire. The French soldiers fire back with their guns. The gun fighting is going on.

    Inside of a French fortress. There are Alain and Jack fighting Vietnamese soldiers. Jack:I will give up Mr. Galgani. His brother Rene tried to kill you and you killed him in self defense.” Jack is killed by a soldier with a knife. Alain clobbers that soldier with the handle of his rifle. Alain shoots down some more Vietnamese soldiers. The gun fighting is going on.

    On top of the French Legion’s fort. There is Ross Deveroux, Dmitri and Russell along with the remaining henchman to Galgani named Nick who is the second in command to Lucien Galgani’s gang. The Vietnamese shoot down the fort. Dmitri and Russell with the remaining French soldiers shoot at the Vietnamese.

    On the ground of the battlefield. Alain is standing there firing on Vietnamese soldiers. Nick pulls his gun on Alain. Nick:Now you will die Mr. Lefevre and we’ll get the Vietnamese soldiers.” A shot is fired into Nick killing him. There’s Ross Deveroux the general that Alain made friends with standing there with his rifle. Ross:That’s all of Galgani’s men dead who joined. We’ll find him.

    Out in the Vietnamese village. There are the Vietnamese soldiers with their leader present. Ross, Alain, Dmitri and Russell show up with the remaining French soldiers. They aim their guns at the troops and their leader. Alain:Hold it right there. You are captured.

    At the French Foreign Legion Court days later. There is the Vietnamese leader with his soldiers. There are present Commander Ross Deveroux, Russell, Dmitri and Alain Lefevre with other French legionnaires. Andre: (OS)The Vietnamese soldiers were sent to Con Dao after the battle.Ross:Now let’s go get Galgani.

    Many days later in France on the streets of Marseille. There are Alain and Ross with the French Legion battalion. Alain:I met with Lucien Galgani at Le Poivrot. There it is.” They are heading off to Le Poivrot.

    Inside of the Le Poivrot at night time. There is Galgani present with 2 new bodyguards at his table. There are many adults in the place. Also there is a waiter at Galgani’s table. There is an orchestra playing music. Galgani:My 3 goons have failed to return to me and kill Alain. Marc LeChez is dead.” Alain and Ross burst into the place with guns drawn as do members of the Battalion. Ross:Lucien Galgani. You are under arrest for crimes against the French Foreign Legion. Put your hands up.Galgani:Kill him!” They go over to Galgani’s table. Galgani’s 2 new bodyguards try topull out their guns as do Ross and Alain. Galgani’s 2 bodygaurds give the guns to the FFL battalion. Ross and Alain aim their guns at Lucien Galgani. Alain:Maybe his gang won’t be going after me anymore.Ross:I remember that you have eluded 4 of Galgani’s goons.

    A few days later in New York City at the home of Alain. There is Katrina with Christopher Lefevre. Alain comes in the door with Ross Deveroux. Katrina:Alain. Who is this man?Alain:This is my general who was originally one of my superiors back when I joined Ross Deveroux. We arrested Lucien Galgani. He’s the rest of his life in military prison.

    Back to the present day. There is Andre Lefevre there with the people present. Andre:My Aunt Jill was born and than my grandfather dropped the legion. He got a job in New York City. When Lucien Galgani was with his bodyguards taken down no more of his gang trying to kill my grandfather. He never owned a car as I have told you. I have my driver’s license but I don’t own a car. Lucien Galgani died of heart faiulure in prison.” Everyone gets up and leaves the place. Andre Lefevre goes to outside.

    Out on the streets of New York City. There is Andre walking down the streets of Manhattan in the present day.

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    Oct 15, 2005
    Power Rangers Movie Sequel

    Narrator:For many years 6 people from Angel Grove have fought against an alliance of evil. Those 6 were known as the Power Rangers. Dark Spector has united Rita and Zedd with the machine empire and space pirate Divatox and declared a woman named Astronema the queen of evil. Now the 6 warriors meet 2 new space warriors. 2 space warriors infiltrate this alliance of evil.


    In outer space on the moon. There is of the Machine empire King Mondo with Queen Machina along with Prince Sprocket. Also there are Klank and Orbis along with Mordant and Goldar. Divatox shows up with Elgar and Rygog. Rita and Zedd show up. There is in the background Zhane the Silver Ranger in Space and Andros the Red Ranger in Space. They are wearing cloaks. There are cogs and Piranhatrons. Thrax the son of Rita Zedd show up with Scorpina. Lord Zed:I am in charge of the galaxy. We’ll destroy the power rangers. I came back to here after the Power Rangers destroyed Ivan Ooze.Dark Spector:Here comes Astronema the new queen of evil.Astronema:Everyone. Let’s get seated and drink up.” Everyone gets seated. Astronema with blue hair shows up with Ecliptor.

    By the moon in outer Space. There is Dark Spector standing there.

    Back to inside of Lord Zedd’s palace. Mama D shows up with General Havoc. Mamma D goes over to Divatox. Mama D:Here’s my daughter here.” They get seated. There are drinks on the table. Everyone but Zhane and Andros don’t drink up. Master Vile now shows up. Master Vile:Why aren’t you 2 drinking? I think that those 2 are spies.” Andros draws his spiral saber. Andros:Red Spiral Saber.” Zhane draws his sword. Astronema:Get them.” Quantrons go after the Space Rangers. The Silver and Red Ranger in Space strike them with their weapons. They aim their weapons at the alliance of evil. They get onto their boards. Zhane:We are out of here.Rita Repulsa:I trapped Zordon in a time warp. No we’ll destroy him and than we destroy all that’s good in the universe.” They leave the palace.

    By the planet Earth. There is Dark Spector standing there. Zhane and Andros go gliding by onto the planet Earth. The 2 rangers head off to Angel Grove. Andros:I believe that Zordon is located in Angel Grove, California.

    In Angel Grove in the day time. There are Ayesha, Adam, Rocky, Kimberly, Billy and Tommy skydiving. Bulk and Skull follow them. There are the Red and Silver Ranger in space going by.

    At the Rangers Command Center in the day time. Zhane and Andros show up.

    Inside of the Commander Center. There’s the viewing globe there. There’s on the viewing globe the alliance of evil. Alpha 5 is present. Also there is Zordon in the time warp. Alpha 5:Ay yi yi yi. The Machine empire has joined with Rita and Zedd.Zordon:Alpha. We have Andros and Zhane on the way. They are the space rangers. We had them infiltrate this alliance. I will be going back to Eltar. We need the rangers here.” Andros and Zhane show up. The 2 rangers remove their helmets. Alpha 5:Zordon has headed back to Eltar. Blend in with the population and bring the Power Rangers to here.” Zordon departs for Eltar from his warp.

    On the planet Phaedos. There is Dulcea present. Also there are the trey warriors. They are Trey of Courage, Trey of Wisdom and Trey of Heart. Dulcea:I once had the power rangers here and they killed Ivan Ooze.Trey:Zeo Ranger Gold.” Trey transforms into the gold zeo ranger. The machine empire shows up. There are many cogs present. The gold Zeo Ranger pulls out his battle staff. Dulcea:Let’s take them out.” Dulcea and the Gold Zeo Ranger get into battle with the Cogs. They are fighting with martial arts moves.

    On the planet KO 35. In the water there is a submarine.

    Inside of the submarine. There are Divatox and Rygog. There is also Divatox’s mother. Also present is Mama D. Divatox:I think that I found this rebellion here. I want to be the queen of evil.Rygog:I think that Andros and Zhane are in the rebellion lead by Cordello. Go take him. Zordon will be eaten away by evil.” The Piranhatrons go after the people on KO 35.

    Somewhere else on KO 35. There is the Phantom Turbo Ranger along with Blue Centurion. Piranhatrons show up. Blue Centurion:I am after Divatox the space pirate. She will be arrested.Phantom Ranger:I see Divatox’s minions now.” Blue Centurion and The Phantom Ranger get into battle with the Piranhatrons.

    At the Gym and Juice Bar at night time. There is Ernie there present. Also present are the 6 power rangers. Zhane and Andros show up. Kimberly and Tommy get seated at a table. Bulk and Skull show up with Fred Kellman now grown up. Fred:I remember years ago my father was under control of Ivan Ooze. The rangers defeated him.Bulk:Skull and I joined the police and we resigned.Skull:We are the true heroes of 15 years ago when Ivan Ooze attacked the Earth.” Ayesha shows up with Rocky, Adam and Billy. Andros and Zhane go over to the 6 grownups. Andros:I am looking for Tommy Oliver.Zhane:I know that you are a scientist Billy Cranston. I need to see the 6 of you. Ayesha Campbell, Kimberly Hart, Adam Park and Rocky De Santos.” The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers leave with the space rangers.

    Somewhere else outside of the Gym and Juice Bar. There are the 6 power rangers and the 2 space power rangers. Andros:I need to meet with you 6 at the command center.Tommy:I am a paleontologist now.

    In outer space at the palace of the Alliance of Evil. Inside there is Lord Zedd sitting at his throne. Scorpina is present. Lord Zedd:Scorpina. I will send you to Earth and destroy the Power Rangers. We’ll drain Zordon’s life force and all the good in the universe will be annihilated.” She teleports onto Earth.

    On Eltar at Zordon’s chamber. Rita and Zedd show up with Goldar and Mordant. Rita with her wand takes Zordon. Zordon:You will all never get away with this. You trapped me in a time warp long ago Rita.Rita Repulsa:I am sending my son to Earth to deal with the Power Rangers.” They trap him in an energy warp.

    Later on in Astronema’s ship. There is Astronema present with Ecliptor. Also present with Thrax son of Rita and Zedd along with the Quantrons. Rita and Zedd show up with Zordon captured. Astronema:You have done well Rita and Zedd. Now we’ll destroy the power rangers. I was once known as Karone the brother of Andros.Lord Zedd:I have super putties to deal with the Aquatarian rangers.Astronema:Excellent.” Rita and Zed vanish to Aquitar.

    On the planet Aquatar. Rita, Zedd, Mordant and Goldar show up with the super putties. Rita Repulsa:I will take your planet now.” There are the alien rangers named Delphine the white ranger, Aurico the red ranger, Tideus the yellow ranger, Cestro the blue ranger and Corcus the black ranger. Delphine:It’s morphin time.” They morph. The alien rangers take on the super putties. There is fist fighting along with other forms of martial arts fighting.

    At the command center inside. There is Alpha 5 at the viewing globe. He finds Zordon captured. Alpha teleports the power rangers to the command center. The power rangers show up. Also there are Zhane and Andros the space rangers. Alpha 5:Rangers. The alliance of evil has captured Zordon. The way to defeat them is to shatter Zordon’s energy tube.Andros:What will happen to him?Alpha 5:Zordon will be gone. All that is good his spirit will forever live in.Tommy:It’s morphin time.Adam:Mastodon.Kimberly:Pterodactyl.Billy:Triceratops.Ayesha:Sabertooth Tiger.Rocky:Tyrannosaurus.Tommy:White Tiger.” The 6 rangers morph into Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Zhane and Andros morph into space rangers. They teleport out of the command center.

    Somewhere else in Angel Grove. There is Scorpina attacking the city. The rangers show up. Scorpina sends putties after the rangers. Scorpina: “Get them.” Andros pulls out his spiral saber. Andros strikes Scorpina. Andros:It’s over Scorpina.” Scorpina with her stinger strikes Andros back. Scorpina:Not quite. Zordon will soon be annihilated.” The Power Rangers are fighting with the putty patrol. There are kicks and punches being thrown at each other. Tommy pulls out Saba the talking saber. Tommy:Prepare to meet Saba.” Tommy throws his saber into Scorpina.

    In outer space on the moon. There are Rita and Zedd standing there watching. Rita Repulsa:I will make her grow and she’ll crush the power rangers.Rita and Zedd:Magic Wand. Make our monster grow.” Rita and Zedd bang their magic wands together.

    Back on Earth in Angel Grove. Scorpina grows. The rangers call to their zords. Tommy:We need shogun zord power now.” There are the shogun zords. Rocky goes into the red shogun zord. Ayesha gets into the yellow shogun zord. Billy gets into the blue shogun zord. Adam gets into the black shogun zord. Kimberly and Tommy get into the white shogun zord. The Shogun zords transform into Shogun Megazord. The Megazord takes on Scorpina. They are fighting each other hand to hand. Scorpina strikes the Megazord with her stinger. Tommy:We need the power sword now.” The sword shows up on Shogun Megazord. There are blades being banged into each other. Andros and Zhane continue fighting the putties. Lightning power comes onto the power sword. The Shogun Megazord cuts down Scorpina. Scorpina falls down. She blows up. It’s a victory. Tommy:Yeah. We did it.

    Later on in outer space at the alliance headquarters. There are Rita Repulsa and Lord Zed watching the fall of the monster. Astronema:I will be going to Earth and you’re your son Rita and Zedd. Go destroy the power rangers. My brother is on Earth.Ecliptor:I raised Astronema to be evil.Thrax:I will face Cordello the leader of the resistance. He recruited the Power Rangers.” Astronema gets onto her ship with Ecliptor and Thrax. They head off to Earth.

    Somewhere at a building in Angel Grove. Astronema’s ship lands. General Havoc:I will Astronema send out the velocifighters.” General Havoc shows up.

    At the Command Center later on outside. There are Zhane and Andros there. Also there are Kimberly, Tommy, Adam, Ayesha, Billy and Rocky. The Alien Rangers show up teleporting to the command center. Next come the Gold Zeo Ranger and the Black Turbo Ranger. All the Power Rangers enter the command center. Tommy:Let’s all get into the place. General Havoc is on Earth.

    Inside of the command center. There is Alpha 5. The Power Rangers all come in. They all huddle. Alpha 5:You will all go back to the planets you were fighting on and we’ll destroy this alliance of evil.Andros:Zhane and I will deal will break Zordon’s energy tube. We could just keep fighting.Zhane:But there’s no other way.

    On KO-35 at night time. There is a rebellion present. Also there is Blue Centurion. There is the rebel leader named Cordello with his band of freedom fighters. Cordello:We have the power rangers from Earth. After we defeat this alliance maybe we’ll visit Earth. Astronema could end this. We’ll have to fight her. She was once known as Karone.” Thrax shows up with a putty patrol. Thrax:Get them.Cordello:Face me son of Rita and Zedd.” The putties attack the rebels. Thrax takes on Cordello. The putties capture Blue Centurion. Thrax sends a high kick onto Cordello. Cordello throws a punch back onto Thrax. Divatox shows up with Elgar, Rygog and the Piranhatrons. Thrax and Cordello fight each other hand to hand. Thrax roundhouse kicks Cordello. Elgar holds Cordello at sword point. Elgar:Hold it right there for my aunt.

    Back at the alliance of evil’s palace the next day. There is Dark Spector standing outside of the palace. Dark Spector:You Rita and Zedd will go to Aquatar and finish off the Rangers from there.” Rita and Zedd head off to Aquatar along with Mordant and Goldar and newer putties. Dark Spector:You King Mondo take your machine empire with you to Phaedos and finish off Dulcea.” The Machine Empire heads off to Phaedos.

    On Phaedos in the day time. There is Dulcea standing there. The Gold Zeo Ranger shows up. The machine empire shows up next. Gold Zeo Ranger:The Machine empire is back. Let’s finish them off.” There are King Mondo, Queen Machina, Prince Sprocket, Klank and Orbis with the cogs. The cogs go after the Gold Zeo Ranger and Dulcea. Gold Ranger with his battle staff strikes at the Cogs. Dulcea with her sticks clobbers some cogs. King Mondo with his staff zaps the Gold Ranger and Dulcea. King Mondo:I got you both now.” The cogs capture the gold ranger and Dulcea.

    Back on KO-35. There are Blue Centurion and the rebels captured along with Cordello. The Phantom Ranger shows up invisible. Phantom Ranger:I am here to the rescue.” The Phantom Ranger strikes Piranhatrons and Elgar. Thrax jump kicks the Phantom ranger. Thrax:I am going to Earth now to deal with the power rangers.” Thrax vanishes back to Earth. Piranhatrons take the Phantom Ranger hostage.

    On Aquatar. The alien rangers teleport back to there. Rita and Zedd show up with Mordant and Goldar and their band of putties. The putties take on the alien rangers. Delphine double kicks Mordant and Goldar. Delphine goes after Rita and Zedd just as the others take down putties. Rita and Zedd bang their wants together. Rita and Zedd:Magic Wand. Make us grow.” They grow themselves along with Mordant and Goldar. The alien rangers call to their zords. All 5 Alien Rangers:Behold the power of Aquatar.” The zords show up. The alien rangers are fighting the over grown villains. There is kicking and punching going on. Goldar with his sword strikes the Red Ranger’s zord. The black ranger strikes Goldar with a punch. There is fighting going on between the Alien Rangers zords and the members of the Evil Alliance.

    Back on Earth in Angel Grove. Velocifighters show up. They are shooting at the city. Astronema comes out. Astronema now has pink long hair. Astronema:This is the beginning of the destruction of Earth.

    At the Command Center. There are the Power Rangers present. Andros and Zhane morph into Space Rangers. The others morph into Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Tommy:It’s morphin time.Adam:Mastodon.Kimberly:Pterodactyl.Billy:Triceratops.Ayesha:Sabertooth Tiger.Rocky:Tyrannosaurus.Tommy:White Tiger.” They teleport out into the city of Angel Grove.

    Back into the city. There are Bulk and Skull present with Fred Kellman. The Space Zords show up. There are some velocifighters being shot down. General Havoc is standing there. The Power Rangers show up via teleportation. Astornema with her battle staff zaps the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Tommy pulls out his saber. Tommy throws Saba into Astronema. Kimberly:Pterodactyal thunder whip.” General Havoc appears out of no where.” Kimberly whips General Havock. Adam, Ayesha and Rocky battle quantrons. The Power rangers do flips. Kimberly next jump kicks Astronema. More velocifighters are being shot down.

    Back on Aquatar. The fighting is going on. Goldar with his sword knocks down the Red and Yellow zords. Rita Repulsa with her magic wand zaps the White Zord. Lord Zedd with his magic wand zaps 2 more zords. Master Vile shows up. Master Vile:You will capture them and show them the destruction of the good in the galaxy.” Rita, Zedd, Mordant and Goldar shrink down to size. Lord Zedd with his magic zaps the alien rangers. They are captured by Lord Zedd’s magic. Lord Zedd:I got you now.

    Back on Planet Earth. The power rangers are fighting Astronema hand to hand. Zhane and Andros teleport into Astronema’s ship. Andros:We’ll find Zordon and we’ll finish off the evil in the galaxy. I think that Astronema is my sister Karone.

    Inside of Astronema’s ship. There is Zordon taken captive. There are Thrax and Ecliptor present. The Red and Silver Ranger show up. Ecliptor:Just in time to see the demise fo your planets.Zordon:Hurry. There isn’t much time left.” Zhane takes on Thrax. Andros takes on Ecliptor. Andros pulls out his spiral saber. He finds Zordon. Ecliptor pulls out his sword. Thrax and Zhane fight each other with martial arts.

    In outer space. There is Dark Spector there. He comes on down to Earth.

    Back on Earth. There is a crowd gathered together in Angel Grove. Bulk and Skull with Fred are watching the fighting going on. Dark Spector shows up. The rangers call to their zords. Kimberly is fighting Astronema now. They are fighting each other hand to hand. Tommy:We need Shogon Zord power now.” The other power rangers get into their shogun zords. They form the shogun megazord. Kimberly:I will staying dealing with Astronema and General Havoc.” Fred with Bulk and Skull are fighting Quantrons. Shogon Megazord gets into hand to hand fight with dark spector. They are throwing punches at each other.

    Back to inside of Astronema’s ship. The fighting is going on. Andros with his spiral saber knocks down Ecliptor.

    Back to outside of Astronema’s ship. Kimberly and Astronema continue fighting each other. Kimberly with a punch knocks down Astronema incapacitating her. General Havoc gets back up. General Havoc:You’ll pay for what you did to Astronema.” The fighting between the Shogun megazord and Dark Spector is going on. Kimberly with her whip strikes General Havoc again. They are fighting each other hand to hand.

    Back to inside of Astronema’s ship. Thrax sends a round house kick onto Zhane. Zhane kicks Thrax in the stomach. Andros strikes Zordon’s energy tubes. Ecliptor:No!” The waves of good are coming out. It goes all over the galaxy.

    On Aquatar. There are the alien rangers taken captive. The energy wave comes onto the planet. Goldar and Mordant are turned into sand. Rita, Zedd and Master Vile turn human. Master Vile:What happened?Lord Zedd:Care to dance?Delphine:I will explain it to you all.

    On KO-35. There is Divatox with her team. The energy wave comes onto KO-35. Divatox and her mother are turned human. Elgar, Rygog and the piranatrons are being turned into sand. Phantom Ranger and Blue Centaurian are free. Also Cordello and his rebels go free. Cordello:You 2 women were turned evil. It’s over.

    On Phaedos. There’s the energy wave. The cogs with King Mondo, Queen Machina, Prince Sprocket, Klank and Orbis are being turned into sand. Dulcea and the Gold Zeo Ranger are now free.

    Back on Earth. The fighting is going on. Dark Spector is being turned into sand. Also General Havoc and the Quantrons are being turned into sand. Astronema turns back into Karone. Karone:Where am I?

    Inside of the ship. There is Ecliptor turned into sand while Thrax turns human. The costumes come off of Andros and Zhane. Thrax:What happened?Andros:You with your family were turned evil by Dark Spector.

    Later on outside. There are piles of sand. The 6 power rangers Kimberly, Ayesha, Adam, Billy, Rocky and Tommy show up in their costumes. Zhane and Andros show up next. Karone with the reformed Thrax show up next. Karone:Andros.Andros:Karone. Maybe you were Astronema.Karone:How did I get here?Thrax:I need to see my mom and dad.

    A few days later in Angel Grove at night time. There are many people gathered together. There are fireworks going on. There are reformed Divatox with Mama D, Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, Master Vile & Thrax visitors from another planet. Also present are the 3 Trey warriors. Cordello the rebel leader is also present. There are Bulk and Skull along with Fred Kellman present. Also there are Andros, Karone and Zhane from KO-35. Tommy:You 2 guys Bulk and Skull our friends have helped the Power Rangers.Fred:I fought with them against the forces of evil.Zhane:All the evil out there is destroyed.” There are fireworks going on with the colors of the Power Rangers. Also there is the song It Ends Tonight playing by All American Rejects. Everyone claps. It says on there “thank you power rangers”.


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    Oct 15, 2005
    The New Crime Team


    At a Diner in Los Angeles. There is Honey Bunny and Pumpkin seated at a table. Also at another table there is Holdaway eating. Corrections Officer Seymor Scagnetti walks in and he goes over to Holdaway. Holdaway:Mr. Scagnetti.Seymor Scagnetti:I am here to talk with you. Just before Freddy Newendyke got killed Vic Vega beat the heck out of Marvin Nash. Vic Vega’s brother was also killed. He worked for Marcellus Wallace.Holdaway:What is going on?Seymor Scagnetti:Vic Vega violated his parole. I was his parole officer. Vic Vega kidnapped Marvin Nash.” Honey Bunny and Pumpkin are planning another robbery. Pumpkin:We take all those wallets here and then we are out of here.Honey Bunny:That man who tried to kill us was working for Marcellus Wallace.Pumpkin:Yes. He is dead. The other who we robbed has resigned.Honey Bunny:Let’s get this one over with.” There are people seated at the diner. There is a waiter walking by. Honey Bunny and Pumpkin get up. They pull out their guns. Pumpkin:Everyone be cool. This is a stick up.Honey Bunny:Everyone of you move and get down or we will execute every mother f___ing last one of you!Pumpkin:You all know the drill.” They go aiming their guns at everyone in the diner. They go around the diner with guns aimed at everyone. They go into the kitchen. Holdaway and Scagnetti draw their guns. They get up. Holdaway shows his badge identifying him as an officer of the LA PD. Holdaway:It’s alright. I am with the LA PD and he is with the department of corrections. Stay down. I will arrest those 2.” The robbers come back out with more hostages. Everyone else gets down. Holdaway:LA PD. It’s over.Seymor Scagnetti: Drop the guns or we will shoot you 2.Pumpkin: Execute them Honey Bunny.Holdaway:Alright. You want it so bad come and get it.” Scagnetti and Holdaway are in a gun fight with the robbers. They are shooting at each other. The 2 robbers throw their guns down. Pumpkin:We give up.” Scagnetti and Holdaway get onto the robbers with guns aimed at them. Seymor Scagnetti:Put your hands on top of your heads.Holdaway:You will be facing serious charges for trying to rob a cop. I am Officer Holdaway of the LA PD.” They both put a pair of handcuffs on them.

    Later on the LA PD shows up with Honey Bunny and Pumpkin in handcuffs. Captain Quiggle is also there. He is talking with Holdaway. Quiggle:A man named Lance who was friends with the late Vincent Vega has drug dealings. Our officers will be rounding up Marcellus Wallace’s crime syndicate.Holdaway:It was a boxer named Butch Coolidge who was fighting with Marcellus Wallace at a store. The store clerk and the security officer were torturing them for fighting. They killed them in self defense. Butch Coolidge killed Floyd Wilson.Quiggle:You and Officer Caldwell will be going to Lance’s house with the DEA. I plan to retire within the next few years. You could become captain by then. Jack Caldwell has been with the LA PD for 4 months now. Our officers try to save Freddy Newendyke. They killed Larry Dimmick. Larry killed Joe Cabot and then his son since Larry didn’t want to believe Joe that Officer Newendyke was with the LA PD.

    At Lance’s house at night time. There is Lance with his wife Jodie. Jodie is 2 months pregnant. Jodi:I am 8 weeks pregnant.Lance:Something to tell you is that Vincent Vega was killed. Also Jimmy and Bonnie are trying to have kids too.” Outside Lance’s house. There is Officer Holdaway with Officer Jack Caldwell. The DEA is also outside. Holdaway:You know the drill officer Caldwell.Caldwell:Yes.” Holdaway and Caldwell have their guns drawn. They make the move to burst into Lance’s house. They run into inside. Back in Lance’s house. There is Lance sitting on the couch with Jodie. The DEA and LA PD burst in. All those agents have guns aimed at Lance. Rookie cop Jack Caldwell has his gun aimed at Lance. Caldwell:LA PD. You are under arrest for drug charges. We are raiding your drug factory next.Lance:I am in training to be a nurse.Holdaway:Your drugs almost killed Mia Wallace the wife of Marcellus Wallace.” The agents go search for the cocaine and heroin. An agent comes up to Caldwell and Holdaway with the drugs. DEA Agent:Sir. We found Lance’s drugs.” Caldwell puts his handcuffs on Lance. The cops drag him out of his house. Caldwell:Let’s go Lance. You will be doing hard time.Lance:My wife and I are having our first child.Jodi:I’ll come visit you.Holdaway:You could have your kid visit you in prison.

    At a drug factory. There are many distributors there. There are people working at their stations. The LA PD with Holdaway and Caldwell burst in accompanied by Captain Quiggle. Also The DEA shows up. They all have guns drawn. Quiggle:We are LA PD. This is a raid. All of you get down on the ground and put your hands on top of your heads or we will open fire.” The drug dealers pull out their guns. The cops and drug dealers fire on each other. Jack Caldwell kills a few of those working for Lance. Holdaway kills a thug. This is a bloody shoot out. 2 DEA agents are shot. They have body armor on. Holdaway: The officers down are wearing body armor. Don’t worry about them Officer Caldwell.” The rest of them drug suppliers and distributors thrown down their guns. Holdaway:Alright. Place your hands on top of your heads.

    At the police station. There is Jack Caldwell walking down the offices. There is Jodi McCluskey at the computer. She shows some background on Marcellus Wallace to the rookie cop who is into one day being a police detective. McCluskey:Officer Caldwell. Here’s some background on Marcellus Wallace.Caldwell:You and Lance’s wife have the same first names. She is 8 weeks pregnant. Her piercings are disgusting. I saw her tongue pierced.” Other cops are bringing in Jules Winfield and Winston Wolf for interrogation. They bring them to desks. Holdaway shows up. Holdaway:I heard that you Jules Winfield was involved in a robbery by Ringo and Yolanda.Jules:Yes. Vincent was about to kill them. I resigned Marcellus Wallace.Wolf:It was an accident that Vincent has killed Marvin. I cleaned it up. I am in cleaning service of Marcellus Wallace.Holdaway:We are looking for Marcellus Wallace. He is being charged with racketeering and murder.Caldwell:You 2 could resign him.Wolf:Marcellus Wallace and his wife might be having a baby.Jules:Jimmy’s wife Bonnie who’s a nurse might be pregnant too.” Holdaway goes over to Caldwell. Holdaway and Caldwell are walking down the halls. Holdaway:You and I go into the bar where Marcellus Wallace hangs out. His wife smokes allot.Caldwell:I hate smoking. I used to play football. I joined the LA PD after Marvin Nash. I hated it when Freddy was smoking.

    At the bar where Marcellus Wallace hangs out. There is Marcellus Wallace with some of his goons there. Mia Wallace shows up. Paul is at the bar too. They are all seated. Mia goes over to Marcellus. Mia:I am 4 weeks pregnant. The test results came back good.Marcellus Wallace:Yes. Vincent was killed. He took you out when I was away.” Officer Caldwell bursts into the bar with Holdaway. Caldwell has his gun drawn. Caldwell:LA PD. I am arrest you Marcellus Wallace. You others working for Marcellus Wallace don’t move.” Caldwell aims his gun at Marcellus Wallace’s thugs. Holdaway goes over to Marcellus Wallace. Holdaway:Get up. We are taking you in. My officers have brought down everyone else working for you. You are out of business.Marcellus Wallace:My wife and I are having our first child. You can’t arrest me in front of my 1 month pregnant wife.” Holdaway takes out a pair of handcuffs. He puts them on Marcellus Wallace. Marcellus Wallace and the rest of his gang are being brought out of the bar. Caldwell points his gun at Paul holding them there. Caldwell: You stay right here and don’t make a move.

    There is Gloria Cabot in the office. Alabama Whitman and Frank McGar show up. Gloria:Come on in Alabama and Frank. Have your selves a seat.” They get seated. They go down to business. Alabama:I was partners in crime with Larry Dimmick who worked for your father.Gloria:He killed my father and my brother because he couldn’t believe them that Mr. Orange was a cop all along to bring down my father and his gang. Thankfully the cops killed Larry.Alabama:I am a widow for a long time.McGar:Alabama and I just got back together. She and Larry pulled 4 jobs together. Marcellus Spivey was taken down.Alabama:My husband Clearance and I were on the run from a man named Blue Lou Boyle and those who work for him. I killed many men working for Blue Lou Boyle and I killed the cop who killed Clearance. Clearance and I were informed of this Blue Lou Boyle.Gloria:Blue Lou Boyle was Mr. Blue as the police identified him. Blue Lou Boyle is dead as is all those who worked for him back in Detroit.Alabama:His second in command Vincent Coccotti killed my father in law. Larry and I killed him.Gloria:To everyone else on the team you have to keep your relationships a secret and your names.

    Flash Back to years ago. At a warehouse. The In Los Angeles the next day there is Alabama at a Cafe. Larry Dimmick is there too. Alabama throws away the rest of her pack of cigarettes as she is quitting smoking. Larry Dimmick spots Alabama. Alabama gets seated to a table. Larry comes up to Alabama. Larry:What’s your name cutie?Alabama:I am Alabama. I am all yours if you want me.Larry:You are cute. My name is Larry Dimmick.” They meet. Alabama:Sit with me Larry.” Larry gets seated at a table with Alabama. They get to know each other.

    Later on Larry and Alabama are walking over to their cars. Larry pulls out a cigarette. He lights up. Larry:I’ll show you where I live. Just follow me.” They get into their cars.

    Vincenzo Coccotti is at a hotel with his gang outside with all those cars parked at night time. There are several mob enforcers with Tooth Pick Vic. Nick Cardella is out there and meets up with Coccotti and his gang. Nick Cardella:Mr. Coccotti. Alabama just met a guy named Larry Dimmick who’s another ex convict. Larry was convicted of armed robbery. I think that I know where Larry lives.Coccotti:I might be hunted by the Detroit police department. I just killed someone for saying that the Sicilian race was spawned by black people. We have Clearance Worley dead. Now I want his widow dead. You have reason to kill her new boyfriend unless he pisses the **** out of any of us.” They get into a hotel room.

    At the home Larry Dimmick. Larry brings Alabama into his apartment. Larry:Here’s where I live.” Larry spots intruders. There are mobsters Nick Cardella and many other mob enforcers. They have guns drawn. Alabama goes into the bathroom. Nick Cardella:You must be Larry Dimmick.Larry:I am. Who are you?Nick Cardella:I am Nick Cardella. I work for Blue Lou Boyle of the Detroit Mafia. Your new girlfriend and her late husband stole cocaine from us and sold it. Do you know where she is?Larry:She’s out somewhere looking for a job.” Nick Cardella shows up. Many mob enforcers hold Larry with guns aimed at him.

    Alabama is in the bathroom. A spirit of Elvis shows up. Alabama is greeted by the Elvis spirit. Elvis:You are the widow of Clearance Worley.Alabama:How did you know who I am?Elvis:I am his mentor. I gave him the task to kill Drexl Spivey. You have men working for Blue Lou Boyle after you. Take this gun and fight back.” Elvis gives Alabama another gun. Alabama gets out of the bathroom.

    All those mobsters are still holding Larry Dimmick. Nick Cardella goes over to Larry Dimmick. Nick Cardella:I am not asking you again. Where did she go?Larry:We just met not too long ago. She could be going anywhere.” Alabama comes out of the bathroom. Alabama:Hold it right there all of you.Nick Cardella:It’s Alabama Worley. You stole our narcotics from us. Your father in law was killed by Mr. Vincent Coccotti. Your father in law insulted him with the Sicilian history so he killed him as of what Virgil has informed me. Mr. Coccotti works as counsel for Blue Lou Boyle.” She opens fire on the mobsters. They turn to Alabama making the move to shoot her. Alabama fires back. Larry pulls out his gun. Larry shoots mobsters too. Alabama shoots Nick Cardella dead in the gun fight. Alabama and Larry kill the rest of the mobsters. Alabama and Larry get together. They are kissing. Alabama:We must get to this Coccotti. He will pay for killing my father in law.

    At a hotel room the next day. Vincenzo Coccotti takes the telephone to phone Mr. Blue Lou Boyle. Coccotti:Mr. Blue Lou Boyle. It’s me Vincent Coccotti. Everyone was killed by Alabama Worley and her new boyfriend. Nick Cardella was also killed.

    At the Detroit police station. There is Detective Wilson with his officers. They show pictures of Blue Lou Boyle’s mob family. He shows the officers a picture of Vincenzo Coccotti working as counsel for Blue Lou Boyle who is also a suspect of the murder of Clifford Worley. Detective Wilson:Very recently a friend of mine was killed. I guess that he would give information to the police about Blue Lou Boyle. This Sicilian man is Vincenzo Coccotti who works as counsel who is suspect of the murder of Clifford Worley who was a good friend of mine that worked here. I believe that I know where Blue Lou Boyle is headquartered. Clearance Worley killed Drexl Spivey who was associated with Blue Lou Boyle.” They even go over on where Blue Lou Boyle is stationed. The cops leave.

    At Blue Lou Boyle’s headquarters. It is empty. There is Detective Wilson and his officers. DEA agents also show up. They have guns drawn. They search the whole place. Detective Wilson:Let’s split up.” They all later on meet with Detective Wilson. They find not gangsters or the cocaine. DEA Agent:I found nothing. I believe that the cocaine was all sold. Also No one is there.

    In Los Angeles California the next day. Blue Lou Boyle meets with Vincenzo Coccotti. Vincenzo Coccotti leaves the place. Blue Lou Boyle:There is only you and I left. We could look for criminal jobs around here. You go after Alabama and Larry. Go kill them.Coccotti:Nick Cardella had told me where they have been living before he got killed.Blue Lou Boyle:Go there then.

    At a diner. There is Joe Cabot with his son Edward. There is also Larry and Alabama. Joe and Eddie have met Alabama. Alabama:I have turned to crime. I stole cocaine from local gangsters. I am a hooker.Cabot:You can work for us. Larry is getting a job for me.Nice Guy Eddie:We are looking to recruit many other criminals to work for us.Alabama:I think that I will work for you.Larry:I just recently met Joe. I have a criminal record.” They all leave the diner.

    At the home of Larry Dimmick. Alabama is given a key to get in. Alabama gets in. Vincenzo Coccotti spots Alabama. Coccotti comes up to Alabama. Alabama:Who are you?Coccotti:I am Vincenzo Coccotti. I am the one who killed your father in law. You killed Virgil.Alabama:I killed a cop too because he killed Clearance and now I will kill you because you will me father in law. I killed many of your men. Now I will kill you.” He throws a punch on her. Vincenzo Coccotti kicks Alabama Worley on the legs. Coccotti:You will die. Where’s your new boyfriend?Alabama:**** You!” Alabama throws a punch back on Coccotti. Coccotti throws Alabama onto the table. Coccotti gets a kitchen knife that’s really sharp. Coccotti:You will tell the angels in heaven of the man who killed you and your father in law on seeing someone so evil.” Alabama sees a pair of really sharp scissors. Alabama stabs Coccotti in the stomach with them. Coccotti falls to the ground. Alabama:Just die!

    Nice Guy Eddie gives Larry a ride back to home. Larry:Thank you for the ride Eddie.Nice Guy Eddie:No problem with it. Dad wants to meet with you again soon in his office.” Eddie drops Larry off at his apartment. Larry goes in and sees sign of someone breaking in. Larry pulls out his gun. Larry:Holy ****!

    Back to Alabama and Coccotti. Alabama sees Larry coming back. Larry from somewhere sees Vincenzo Coccotti. Coccotti gets back up and pulls out the same gun that he killed Clifford Worley with. Coccotti:I killed your father in law with this gun. I will kill you next with this gun.” Coccotti draws a bead on Alabama. Larry comes in. He shoots Vincenzo Coccotti on the back and Coccotti falls dead. Alabama and Larry get near each other. They hug. Alabama:Larry.Larry:I guessed that you were in trouble just as I saw a break in.” Alabama takes the gun from Coccotti. Alabama and Larry shoot Mr. Coccotti just to make sure that he is dead. Alabama shoots a final shot into his head. Alabama:Now he is gone.

    Later on at a marketing Center. There is Alabama and Larry. They are going to pull off a heist. They steel products. The alarm goes off. The police show up. All those cops come out with guns drawn. There is also Captain Quiggle. Captain Quiggle:Get them.” Alabama and Larry take off. Larry manages to flee. Alabama is caught by some other cops. Captain Quiggle comes up to Alabama. Captain Quiggle:A suspect for the murder of Officer Dimes. You are under arrest for breaking and entering.

    Sometime later there is Blue Lou Boyle in a meeting with Joe Cabot. Blue Lou Boyle:I am interested in working for you. I had my own crime syndicate in Detroit, Michigan. They are all dead.Cabot:You will work for me. Your name will be Mr. Blue since your name is Blue Lou Boyle. You’ll still to others have your name kept secret. I’ll announce your name to many others. They will get their color assignments. One of your men was arrested. He could work for me too.

    Larry is somewhere in the city in a car. He is driving down the streets.

    End of Flashback.

    Later on Gloria Cabot is in the office. Honey Bunny and Pumpkin go in with Teddy at the door. Teddy:Miss Cabot. Yolanda and Ringo are here.Gloria:Come on in. Have a seat.” The 2 convicted robbers come in. Gloria:I heard that you 2 just got out of prison.Pumpkin:Years ago when Yolanda and I were robbing a diner some black guy threatened me with a gun. Then another person working with him was going to shoot Yolanda. He threatened to shoot me if I take money from them.Honey Bunny:We robbed stores too. We have our nicknames.Gloria:You will go by Honey Bunny and Pumpkin. To the others you keep your relationship a secret. You don’t give out your names or where you live. My father had his robbery team. They were set up by an undercover cop named Freddy Newendyke. He went by Mr. Orange. We have to watch out for cops on us.” They are going down to business.

    Later on there is Marcellus Spivey in Gloria Cabot’s office. Marcellus Spivey:I worked with Larry who was Mr. White. I was incarcerated. My cousin in Detroit was a pimp who was murdered by a con man. He was Drexl Spivey.Gloria:Who’s your parole officer?Marcellus Spivey:Seymor Scagnetti.Gloria:Working for me you have to keep your name secret to those who you don’t know and don’t give out where you live.” They meet up too.

    Later on at an amusement park there is Gloria Cabot there with Alabama and Frank McGar. They are hanging out somewhere. Alabama is chewing pink bubble gum. She blows a bubble and sucks it back into her mouth. Alabama:I was acquitted on murder charges of Officer Nicholas Dimes of the LA PD. Frank and I was charged with robberies. Larry and I first met I had Vincent Coccotti trying to kill me. Larry and I killed him together. I used to be a hooker. My pimp was Drexl Spivey. He is long dead. His 1st cousin Marcellus was working with Larry and I. I used to smoke. I am chewing bubble gum to get away from the cigarettes. I used to smoke many years ago.” They are walking through the park. Alabama blows another bubble and it’s up to her eyes. Gloria pokes it with her finger popping it all over her face. Alabama takes the gum out of her mouth. Alabama is chewing. Gloria:My father easily found out that Mr. Blue was killed by the cops and that Mr. Orange was a cop. My parents got divorced when Eddie and I were in our teens. My mother moved away.” She blows a huge bubble and Alabama’s bubble pops all over her face and pops in her hair.

    At the police station there is Jack Caldwell with Captain Holdaway. There are at the police computer with Jodie McCluskey sitting there. They go over the files of Gloria Cabot. The 2 cops get seated. McCluskey:Gloria Cabot is the daughter of Joe Cabot. Joe Cabot was killed by Mr. White who was really Larry Dimmick because Larry didn’t want to believe Joe that Freddy Newendyke was a cop. The other officers tried to save Freddy’s life. Just after Larry killed Freddy our police force killed Larry. Just be extra careful. We had Mr. Blonde who was really Vic Vega working for Joe Cabot. Freddy killed Toothpick Vic. A woman who was a Detroit prostitute killed Virgil Vega. Vincent Vega was working for Marcellus Wallace. Butch Coolidge the boxer by accident killed Vincent Vega.Holdaway:2 of the Vega brothers were from Detroit and 1 was from here Los Angeles. 2 of the Vega brothers worked for Blue Lou Boyle back in Detroit. Someone dead was Vincenzo Coccotti with multiple gun shot wounds a stabbed in the stomach with a pair of scissors.Caldwell:I was on patrol on my first week on the job and there was a call from the diner that they were robbed as I remember.Holdaway:They might be out of prison. We need you to get enough evidence to arrest Gloria Cabot and those working for her.

    Outside there is Captain Holdaway with Detective Jack Caldwell. They go over their assignment. Holdaway:If you get the evidence Detective Caldwell then you arrest those working with you.” Mia and Marcellus Wallace show up from a Chevy. They have their son named Michael with them. Marcellus Wallace:Detective Caldwell. You arrested me. I will testify against the robbery team. I heard about your assignment.Mia: This is our son Michael.Marcellus Wallace:One of my hit men was killed by accident. I am coming to you because I want to testify against Gloria Cabot. One of those working for her might be a couple robbing people that one of my hit men was about to kill.Holdaway:I arrested those 2 years ago.Marcellus Wallace:I am getting a job in a bar around here. Vincent Vega’s friend Lance is up for parole. He has a daughter 1 month older than Michael here.Mia:Michael. Say hi to the cops.Michael Wallace:Hi. Are you the men who arrested my father before I was born?Caldwell:Yes. Your father is helping get those thieves behind bars.” They meet up.

    The next day at a briefing room that was once Joe Cabot’s. There is Mr. Pink, Mr. Purple, Mr. Green, Mr. Red, Mr. Black, Marcellus Spivey, Alabama Whitman, Frank McGar, Honey Bunny and Pumpkin. There is also undercover cop Jack Caldwell. Standing up there is Gloria Cabot with Teddy. Gloria:None of you are going to fight over colors. 2 of you are Honey Bunny and Pumpkin. 1 of you is Mr. Pink who worked for my father. You Mr. Purple and Mr. Black worked for my father. Here are the names that are colors for the rest of you.” Gloria Cabot is giving out names. One guy is named Mr. Red. Gloria:Mr. Red.” Another one is named Mr. Green. Gloria:Mr. Green.” Gloria now points to the undercover cop. The undercover cop is given Mr. Yellow. Gloria:Mr. Yellow.” Alabama is given Ms. White because she was partnered with Larry Dimmick who was Mr. White. Gloria:Miss White is your name you lovely blond hair woman.” Marcellus Spivey is given the name Mr. Blue because his cousin Drexl was associated with Blue Lou Boyle the original Mr. Blue. Gloria:You are the new Mr. Blue.” Frank McGar is given the name Mr. Orange replacing the undercover cop that was killed by Larry Dimmick/Mr. White. Gloria:You here are the new Mr. Orange.” Ringo and Yolanda go by Honey Bunny and Pumpkin since they called each other that. Gloria:My rules you don’t give out your names. We pull out some bank jobs together. We do not trade colors.Mr. Pink:Last time we had an undercover cop. Let’s hope we don’t have it happen again.Teddy:The old Mr. Blonde was killed by this undercover cop.

    The next day. At the police station Jack Caldwell is meeting with Captain Holdaway. They are going over the assignment. Holdaway:You know the drill Detective Caldwell.Caldwell: I am named Mr. Yellow.Holdaway:We apprehended a Mr. Pink long ago.Caldwell:Mr. Pink is working with us. He must’ve violated his parole. There is also Mr. Purple and Mr. Black who work for Gloria Cabot and they worked for her father Joe Cabot. Also Honey Bunny and Pumpkin are in on it. The couple that you arrested on my rookie days.

    Outside the bank. Honey Bunny and Pumpkin have their guns drawn. They burst in. There is a car there with Mr. Yellow behind the wheel. In the car with Mr. Yellow/Caldwell are Miss White/Alabama and Mr. Orange/McGar. Mr. Pink is somewhere out there too. Mr. Pink:It’s the fuzz! I ****ing hate cops.” The police show up. Alabama and McGar make the move for their guns. Caldwell/Mr. Yellow aims his gun at them. Caldwell:Don’t move. I am Detective Jack Caldwell LA PD. I set you up to stop you 2.McGar:We have been double crossed.Alabama:You weren’t supposed to give out your name.McGar:But Bama he’s a cop.Caldwell:I am arresting you 2 on attempted robbery charges. I know who you are Alabama Whitman and Frank McGar. You Alabama was suspected for the murder of Officer Dimes.” Caldwell exposes himself as a cop. Mr. Pink finds out that Mr. Yellow is another cop like Freddy Newendyke/Mr. Orange was as the undercover cop gets out of the car. Mr. Pink:Another cop. You will be a dead cop.” Mr. Pink shoots at Mr. Yellow. Caldwell:You are under arrest. Drop the gun or I will shoot. You other officers cover the 2 in my car.” Detective Caldwell gets into a gun fight with Mr. Pink. Mr. Yellow kills Mr. Pink. Caldwell:I have captured Alabama Whitman and Frank McGar right there.” Other cops put the handcuffs on Alabama and McGar. McGar:You will pay for this cop!” Honey Bunny and Pumpkin come out of the bank shooting at other cops. Police Force:Freeze. You 2 are under arrest.” Caldwell hides himself from Honey Bunny and Pumpkin. There’s a gun fight. Honey Bunny:They are heroes. Execute them.” Pumpkin shoots a cop. Police Force:Officer Down!” Honey Bunny and Pumpkin go running. Caldwell/Mr. Yellow appears on the 2. Caldwell aims his gun at Honey Bunny and Pumpkin. Caldwell:Honey Bunny and Pumpkin. You are under arrest for armed robbery. I am Detective Jack Caldwell LA PD. I work for Captain Holdaway your arrest officer.” Honey Bunny and Pumpkin throw their guns down. Other cops put their handcuffs on them. Caldwell:Take them away. I am going after the rest of the gang.

    At a warehouse. There is the rest of the crew. There is Teddy with Mr. Green, Mr. Red, Mr. Purple, Mr. Black and Marcellus Spivey/Mr. Blue. They have their loots. Mr. Red:We are going to be rich.Mr. Green:All those people wouldn’t have been shot if they hadn’t pulled the alarm on us.Mr. Purple:I was taking another job when I was working with Joe Cabot years ago.” Mr. Yellow shows up. Marcellus Spivey aims his gun at Jack Caldwell. Caldwell:Take it easy. It’s me Mr. Yellow.Teddy:What happened to everyone else? They were with you. Caldwell:The police killed Mr. Pink. Honey Bunny and Pumpkin were also taken down as were Miss White and Mr. Orange. I managed to escape.” He takes the gun off of him. They all meet up. Gloria Cabot now shows up. Gloria Cabot has found out that Mr. Yellow is with the LA PD. Gloria:We have been set up like my father was long ago. One of you in here is a cop. It’s either Mr. Red, Mr. Green or Mr. Yellow that’s a cop.” Captain Holdaway and his officers burst into the place right behind Jack Caldwell’s back. Captain Holdaway and his officers pull out their guns as does Jack Caldwell. Caldwell:LA PD. You are all under arrest. I am Detective Jack Caldwell.” All those working for Gloria Cabot pull out their guns. Gloria:It is Mr. Yellow who’s with the LA PD. You must’ve killed Mr. Pink and arrested Miss White, Mr. Orange, Honey Bunny and Pumpkin.” It’s a gun fight. Mr. Purple shoots a cop. Holdaway shoots Mr. Purple and kills him. Mr. Red and Mr. Green are shot and killed by Caldwell and his officers. A cop shoots and kills Marcellus Spivey. Gloria Cabot shoots a cop. Holdaway shoots and kills Teddy in the gun fight just as Jack Caldwell shoots and kills Mr. Black. Gloria Cabot shoots Holdaway fleshing wounding him. Holdaway:Officers down. Call an ambulance.” One of the cops calls for an ambulance for the cops shot. Police Officer:We are at the warehouse owned by Gloria Cabot. We have Captain Holdaway and another officer down.” Jack Caldwell gets into pursuit of Gloria Cabot. Gloria Cabot fires on Jack Caldwell just as she knows for sure that he’s a cop. Gloria:You’ll die now cop.Caldwell: Drop the gun and I won’t have to shoot you.” Jack Caldwell fires 3 shots into Gloria Cabot killing her just as she tries to shoot and kill the cop.

    Later on outside there is Jack Caldwell with Holdaway and other cops shot taken away in stretchers. Holdaway:It’s just a flesh wound Detective Caldwell. I am going to make it.Caldwell:Gloria Cabot tried to shoot me. I killed her.” All those dead bodies are being removed. Jack Caldwell is standing there. All those loots are being recovered.

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    Oct 15, 2005
    Walker Texas Ranger: Gangs United


    Fade In

    Title Card: The Spring of 1983

    Outside at the turf of Martin Tuscany in the day time. There are men working for Martin Tuscany present. They have shipments of cocaine. They enter the building.

    Inside of Martin Tuscany’s office. There is Martin Tuscany sitting at his desk. One of the Tuscany under bosses shows up. Tuscany Under Boss:I have the shipments here.Martin Tuscany:Good. Bring it to me. We’ll soon be dealing. The Texas Ranger Captain Bernard Rodgers is on us. I want him dead.” He goes over to Martin Tuscany.

    At Texas Ranger headquarters in the day time somewhere in the building. There is Texas Ranger CD Parker present. There is also the Texas Ranger captain Bernard Rodgers present. Captain Rodgers:I recruited a new ranger. He served in the Marines in the Viet Nam war.CD Parker:I also found out where Martin Tuscany is.Captain Rodgers:Your new partner is a black belt in martial arts.” CD Parker goes over to Captain Rodgers. They go off to the office.

    In an office of the Texas Rangers. There is Cordell Walker present. Captain Rodgers and CD Parker show up in the place. Captain Rodgers:This is Texas Ranger Cordell Walker. He’s joining Company B.CD Parker:I am your new partner CD Parker. I worked as a cop for 5 years.” CD goes over to Ranger Walker. They shake hands. Ranger Walker:I just got recruited.CD Parker:There’s the Mafia boss Martin Tuscany. We found his place. I’ll direct you to it. He’s in a drug deal too.Captain Rodgers:Let’s go get them. We’ll take down the Tuscany gang.” They depart with their captain and other rangers of Company B after mob boss Martin Tuscany.

    Outside of Texas Ranger headquarters. There is Walker’s pickup truck present. The Texas Rangers with their captain show up. Ranger Walker:Here’s my vehicle. You navigate me.” Walker gets into his vehicle with CD Parker riding aboard. The other rangers get into their vehicles. They all depart for Martin Tuscany’s turf.

    At the turf of Martin Tuscany outside. There are drug smugglers present. The Texas Rangers show up as does the Dallas police force. They get out of vehicles. Captain Rodgers:You rangers take down the wise guys. We’ll deal with them.” Captain Rodgers and the local police get into a gun fight with drug smugglers. They are shooting at each other. Walker with CD and some other rangers get into the building.

    Inside of the building of Martin Tuscany. There is Martin Tuscany and his whole gang present. Martin Tuscany:There’s a local cop named CD Parker who joined the Texas Rangers. Let’s kill him and Captain Rodgers.” Walker with the rangers of Company B show up along with CD. Ranger Walker:Texas Ranger.CD Parker:We are taking all this stuff. You are all under arrest.Martin Tuscany:Get them!” They get into hand to hand fights with Tuscany’s thugs. Walker throws kicks and punches onto some thugs. CD gets into battle with under bosses. Ranger Walker:You must be Martin Tuscany. You are under arrest.Martin Tuscany:You aren’t arresting me Texas Ranger. I’ll waste you with my hands.” Walker takes on Martin Tuscany in a hand to hand fight. The other rangers fight with wise guys and under bosses. Martin Tuscany throws a punch at Ranger Cordell Walker. Cordell Walker sends a round house kick onto Martin Tuscany knocking him down to the ground. Ranger Walker pulls out his gun. He aims it at mob boss Martin Tuscany. Ranger Walker:Hold it right there. You and your gang are under arrest.CD Parker:Got them. This is your first arrest Cordell.” Those Texas Ranger along with CD Parker aim their guns at the other mob guys.

    Later on outside. There are smugglers shot down dead. Also present are Rangers CD Parker, Captain Rodgers and Cordell Walker. Captain Rodgers:I am retiring now. We locked up the Tuscany gang. You rangers Walker and Parker will go on other assignments if there are any.” There are cops and rangers of Company B loading those mobsters into cars along with the boss Martin Tuscany and surviving smugglers as well. CD goes over to Walker. Ranger Walker:Let’s go CD. We’ll head home now.” They are talking just as the cars depart with arrested mob guys. Walker and CD go off to Walker’s truck.

    Opening credits and song called The Eyes Of a Ranger by Chuck Norris.

    Title Card: 28 Years Later

    In Texas at night time there’s 6 men going to mini mart. They are armed with guns. They get into the store. They threaten a man there with a gun demanding the money. Robber #1: "Give me the money or I will blow your head off and it will splatter all over the place." The clerk hands them to the money. They take the money in bags. Robber #2: "Thank you for your cooperation." The robbers leave. The clerk calls up the police. He picks up his phone and dials. Store Clerk: "Hello police. I have been robbed by 6 men. I have the descriptions for you."

    On the road there’s a van with 6 men in it. Police cars show up. The cops go after the van. The crooks get away.

    The next day in the morning at the house of the Walkers. There’s Cordell Walker with his wife and daughter. Alex: "You might be gone when I get back. If I don't see you when I get back have a good day." Alex is going out to take Angela to school. Alex leaves to her car. The phone rings and Cordell Walker answers it. Walker: "This is Ranger Walker here." Ranger Walker is listening to information about a mini mart robbery. Ranger Walker is informed of the arms dealing going on. Walker: "How many? Do we have any suspects?

    Later on at a warehouse Texas Ranger Walker with Rangers Trivette, Cook and Cage with a team of Rangers and ATF agents raid it. The rangers see what is going on. Walker: "Al right lets’ do it." There are several men there in supplying and distributing. Trivette: "Texas Rangers." Cook: "You are under arrest." Gage: "Don't move." The Texas Rangers get into a gun fight with the gun dealers. Texas Ranger Walker suspects that those 6 men hanging out there are the robbers. Walker: "You men are under arrest for robbing the mini mart last night."

    Texas Ranger Walker runs after those 6 in helping distribute the guns with the street hoodlums. The same men who robbed the connivance store the night before.

    Texas Ranger Walker gets into a gun fight with those 6 men. Walker kills a thug.

    Over to the other rangers and ATF agents. The dealers not killed get down on the floor with hands behind their heads. Gage: "Take them away." They are taken away by ATF.

    Back to Ranger Walker vs. 6 thugs. Walker kills another one who opens fire. Some other thugs try to kill Ranger Walker. Walker shoots the rest dead. The rangers come over to Walker. Walker: "Those were the men who robbed the connivance store last night."

    Later on At Ranger Headquarters. In the office of Walker and Trivette they are on a computer screen and get identification of the 6 men that Walker killed in the warehouse raid. Ranger Walker gets pictures of those men. Trivette: "They are most definitely the men who robbed the store. Those 6 men who you killed."

    On the streets of Texas later in the day. There are 2 young women walking down the street. 7 male hoodlums in their 30’s come up and attack them. Hoodlum #1: "Hey pretty lady. You are so attracting." These 7 men grab them. Young woman #1: "Get off of us. Please." Hoodlum #2: "Oh come on. You women are so pretty." Young woman #2: "You are trying to victimize us."

    Ranger Cordell Walker in his pick up truck is driving down the street. He sees 7 men attack 2 young women. He somewhere parks his truck and gets out. Walker: "Texas Ranger. Leave them alone." Hoodlum #3: "Are you looking for trouble?" Walker: "No. If you rape these women I will arrest you." Hoodlum #4: "I'm going to kick your butt." Those 7 men come up and attack Ranger Walker with their hands. Walker kicks 2 men. Another one throws a punch on Ranger Walker. Walker punches back. Walker beats up 2 more men with his hands and feet. Walker is beating the hoods. They are all down. Walker: "All you men better get out of here and I rethink your lives before I arrest you all." The 7 hoodlums get back up. Hoodlum #5: "I think that you better do what this Texas Ranger says." They all run away. Young woman #1: "Thank you Ranger." Walker: "The name is Ranger Walker." Those 2 women walk on and Ranger Walker gets back into his truck and drives off.

    At a tall building later at night. On the 8th floor there’s a tall man named Jerry Moss. At his table are his council members and person in charge named Mark Ling. Jerry Moss is setting a meeting with his council. Moss: "There’s the famous Texas Ranger Cordell Walker who is the best. He just recently got inducted into the Ranger’s Hall Of Fame. I own 3 gang leaders. They could pillage the Dallas area." Moss has pictures of the street gangs. Jerry points out to his council 3 gang leaders named Maria, Spike and Antonio. He points out to street hoodlums with faces painted like skeletons. They have glowing hair with the colors of blue, green and orange. Some of the girl gang members have pink hair and purple hair. Even neon blonde. Their faces too glow. Moss: "Only the leaders of the gangs don't have faces painted like skeletons. Just all the followers do. The many gang members look like Marilyn Manson."

    On the streets of Dallas in the night there are several gang members throwing things through windows and spray painting. They are people various races. There are a bunch of men and women with white faces painted like skeletons who are black, white, Hispanic and Asian. They are spray painting ‘Hail Moss’. The leaders are there too. 3 gangs in league with each other. One leader’s name is Antonio. Antonio is an Italian leader with various tattoos. Another leader is named Spike. Spike is a man with a goatee. Another is a young attractive woman named Maria. Jerry Moss shows up to them. Moss: "You are all partners in crime. We'll bring Dallas to it’s knees in terror. Are we partners?" Antonio: "Partners." Maria: "Partners." Spike: "Partners." They show hands.

    The Song Gangster’s Paradise by Coolio is playing in the background. There are the 3 gang leaders with their thugs going all over Dallas spray painting on buildings. They are even spray painting and vandalizing the HOPE Center ran by Alex Cahill-Walker. Alex in the background gets on the telephone and calls the local law enforcements.

    The next day at Ranger Headquarters. There is Texas Rangers Walker and Trivette in the office. The phone rings and Walker answers it. Walker: "Ranger Walker speaking here." He talks on the phone with an old woman from Dallas. Walker: "Yeah. I'll be there." They hang up. Ranger Trivette is at the computer. Walker: "There’s been gang activity in the Dallas area. Let’s go." Walker and Trivette leave.

    At the Dallas area vandalized. Texas Rangers working for Walker are talking to some men and women in the background. They haven't gotten much description of this gang. They do talk about something that they suspect. Company B Ranger #1: "Ranger Walker. Does a name Jerry Moss sound familiar to you? He’s a criminal warlord." Walker: "Never heard of him." Company B Ranger #2: "Ranger Walker. Ranger Trivette. Jerry Moss is paying gang leaders to have their followers spray paint on buildings." The Texas Rangers head back to Ranger headquarters.

    At Ranger Headquarters later in the day at almost noon. Ranger Trivette is on the computer with Rangers Cook and Gage watching them. Walker is there too by his desk. Trivette does a search on Jerry Moss. He finds that this man is an industrialist. They find no criminal record of this man. Trivette: "Walker check it out. Jerry Moss is a Texan industrialist. He has no criminal history." Walker: "I'll have DPS investigate this Jerry Moss."

    Later on at Moss Industries. There are cops there who look for Jerry Moss. The cops show him a search warrant for seeking evidence. DPS officer #1: "Jerry Moss. I have a search warrant to find the gangs whereabouts. Do you know anything?" Moss: "I'm just a business man. I don't hang around with gangs." DPS officer #2: "If you are lying you will be charged with perjury." Moss: "You are not arresting me I hope." DPS officers #3: "I will if the Rangers and us have enough evidence."

    At the house of the Walkers at night time. Ranger Trivette with Erica Carter-Trivette are there with their kids. Alex is there with Angela Walker. Gordon Cahill is there too. Gordon: "Ranger Walker. Did you get the gangs yet?" Walker: "No. Jerry Moss says that he has no connection." Ranger Walker also has over Rangers Gage and Cook. Many others are there too. There’s a football party with the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Los Angeles Raiders game on television. Trivette: "touchdown Cowboys." The Dallas Cowboys just scored a touchdown. Trivette: "Mr. Cahill you have met my kids Luther and Simone." Erica: "I'm Ranger Trivette’s wife." Gordon: "I knew. You got back together with Ranger Trivette at the time my grand daughter was born." Walker is in the house too. They have the football game on in the family room. There is yelling going on.

    The next day at the office of Jerry Moss. Jerry Moss is talking to gang leader Antonio and his men and women in his gang group. 5 are females (4 white and 1 Latina) and 8 males. They have their faces painted like skeleton except for the leader. The Hispanic woman has neon blonde hair. 3 of the girls have pink hair. 1 of the girls has blood red hair as does 1 of the males. 2 of the males have blue hair. 3 other males have orange hair. 1 male has purple hair. The 8th male has green hair. 1 other female has dark blonde hair. They are all dressed in black and blue clothing. Moss: "Texas Ranger Walker might find me out in league with you people. Go kick his butt. He is at Ranger headquarters. He could bring us down." Antonio: "Ranger Walker is just one of our victims." Moss: "Go now." They depart with their leader. They go off to Ranger headquarters.

    Outside Ranger Headquarters in the day time. Walker is walking outside with Trivette, Gage, Cook, Alex and Angela Walker. Out of a car there comes Antonio with 13 thugs. It’s those same 5 females and 8 males. Walker sees something suspicious about this. Gage: "I see one gang leader with his followers." Walker: "I see them too." Alex: "Their tattoos are so stupid looking." The gang members come up to the Rangers and Alex. They take clubs and baseball bats. They attack. Ranger Walker kicks a thug. Ranger Cook jump fights 3 of the females. One male attacks Ranger Gage and Ranger Gage throws a punch on that thug. Trivette battles the Latino male and they punch each other. An Asian member does karate on Ranger Walker and Walker kicks him a few times. Alex fights 2 of the females (1 of the 2 that Alex fights is the Hispanic female). Angela is watching the fighting. Cook: "You are all under arrest." Walker now faces the leader Antonio. Walker: "You are under arrest Antonio." Antonio: "You are another victim." Walker and Antonio beat each other up. Antonio throws punches as Walker high kicks Antonio. Antonio then runs up to Walker and Walker 3 times kicks him. Walker puts handcuffs on Antonio. Walker rounds up those thugs. Walker: "Who has hired you guys? We suspect that Jerry Moss is your employer." Antonio: "We are not telling you."

    Later on at the office of Jerry Moss. Jerry Moss is standing up by his desk. Mark Ling comes into the office. Moss: "What is it Mr. Ling?" Ling: "The Texas Rangers arrested Antonio and his followers." Moss: "Man. I hope that Antonio goes free and doesn't cooperate with the Texas Rangers. Go ask Maria and her followers to bring us Ranger Walker’s wife and daughter. They live on a ranch." Moss has Ling send Maria and her thugs to the house of the Walkers to bring Alex and Angela Walker to him.

    In the lobby of Moss Industries. Ling: "I'll need you to bring us Alex Cahill-Walker and Angela Walker who are the wife and daughter of the Texas Ranger who leads Company B. The Rangers of Company B are after you. Ranger Walker won't be home." He has 15 people with her. 3 females (1 is black with black hair and a skeleton painted face, another is white with purple hair and another has light green hair) and 12 are males (2 of the males are black, 5 are Hispanic, 3 Asian, 2 white) with blue or orange hair. They depart in cars.

    At night at the house of the Walkers. The gang members park their vehicles outside by the ranch. Outside there is the female gang leader with 15 thugs. They break into the house of the Walkers sometime before Cordell Walker comes home. Alex sees trouble. Alex punches Maria as she attempts to grab Alex. She fights with some martial arts with the 15 thugs and Maria. Maria: "I know that you are Alex Cahill-Walker. You are the former DA. Jerry Moss wants to see you." Alex: "My husband and his rangers will be after you and your followers. You will all be in prison." They beat her up. They also take away Angela. They take Cordell Walker’s wife and daughter out of the house and into a van.

    On the roads of Dallas there is Walker in his pick up truck. Walker is heading home. Walker goes to his house. Walkers sees that there has been a break in. Walker pulls out his gun and goes into the house. Walker picks up his phone and calls Ranger Trivette. Walker: "Trivette. It’s Walker. I think that my wife and daughter have been kidnapped."

    The next day at Ranger headquarters. Texas Rangers Walker, Trivette, Gage and Cook are in Walker’s office. There’s a man who is resigning Moss. This man’s name is Gary who is the witness. Gary is testifying against him. Gary: "Ranger Walker. I am Gary who works for Jerry Moss. I know that Gang Leader Antonio won't talk. Jerry Moss is connected to the gangs. He hired the leaders." He testifies against his gang connections. Walker: "Gage. Cook. Trivette. Issue a warrant for Jerry Moss." Gage: "I'll be right on it." Walker: "Cook. You notify DPS and have us called by anyone who spots Jerry Moss." They issue an arrest warrant for Jerry Moss.

    At CD’s Bar and Grill there are several people hanging out there. There is Jerry Moss inside the place. The bartender calls the Texas Rangers. Jerry Moss is going around the bar. Bartender: "It’s Brian from CD’s Bar and Grill who bought the bar. I have spotted Jerry Moss there."

    Later on the Texas Rangers come and attempt to arrest Moss. Texas Ranger #1: "Jerry Moss. We have a warrant for your arrest." Moss fights the rangers and gang unit officers with some martial arts moves. He beats them up. Jerry Moss manages to elude the Texas Rangers and the anti gang team. Moss gets into his car and gets away. Texas Ranger #2: "He got away. He beat us up."

    At Ranger headquarters Rangers Walker and Trivette with Gage and Cook head to Moss’s building. Trivette: "Jerry Moss just beat up the Rangers of Company B and got away." Gary: "He is going back to his building. I know. I didn't even want to participate in Jerry Moss’s scheme to bring terror to Dallas." Walker: "Gary. You'll ride with Trivette and I and will leader Gang and Cook to Moss’s place." Walker leaves with Gary and Trivette in his truck. Gage and Cook in their car. They head to the Moss Industries building.

    Outside Moss Industries there are the street hoodlums. 15 are the same that broke into Ranger Walker’s house. 16 with Spike (2 of them are females). Spike’s thugs are various races. They have various whacky hair colors. Texas Ranger Walker shows up with Rangers Trivette, Gage and Cook as they exit their vehicles. Cook: "Texas Rangers." Gage: "You are all under arrest." The hoodlums start beating up on the rangers. One of the thugs suspects Gary’s betrayal and the thugs with a skeleton like painted face threatens him with a chain. Spike: "You'll pay for your betrayal Gary." Walker does a jump kick on that thug that attempts to beat up on Gary. The Rangers and the skeleton painted face thugs beat each other up with the Texas Rangers using martial arts moves. Walker knocks down 5 males with martial arts kicks. Trivette back hands 2 other thugs. Cook sweep kicks 3 of the females. She jump kicks another female and throws a hard punch on another female. Gage throws punches and kicks on some other thugs. Walker and his company beat up on those thugs. They are all defeated. A gang unit team from DPS takes them away. Walker: "Take them away."

    Ranger Walker spots Jerry Moss and goes after him. Walker (to Moss): "Jerry Moss. Texas Ranger. You are under arrest." There’s Mark Ling with gang leads Maria and Spike. They attack. It’s Ranger Trivette vs. Mark Ling. Ranger Sydney Cook vs. Maria. Ranger Francis Gage vs. Spike.

    Somewhere else there’s a helicopter with the ranger team. The rangers get out and go to apprehend the council members also connected to the gang. Texas Ranger #1: "All of you don't move." The rangers and SWAT officers aim their guns at them as they try to go for their guns. SWAT officer #1: "Don't even try it or we will kill you." They listen to what SWAT tells them.

    On the rooftop Walker catches Jerry Moss. They fight each other with martial arts fighting. They are kicking and punching each other. Moss: "You will die Ranger Walker along with your wife and daughter." Walker: "My rangers are coming to rescue them and I am arresting you for destruction of Dallas."

    Somewhere else in the building the team of Texas Rangers rescue Alex Cahill-Walker and Angela Walker. Angela: "Mommy. There’s someone here." Alex: "It’s us. Alex and Angela Walker." They take them outside.

    In the lobby Mark Ling jump kicks Ranger Trivette. Trivette punches back. The 3 Texas Rangers and their enemies are beating each other up kicks and punches. Trivette throws Ling to the ground and puts handcuffs on him. Trivette: "You are under arrest for conspiring with gang members." Ling: "You'll be sorry Rangers one day when we get out." Spike charges at Ranger Cage and then kicks him 3 times and knocks him down. Gage: "Spike. You are under arrest for vandalism in Dallas." Cook and Maria punch each other. Maria: "I took Ranger Walker’s wife and daughter." As Maria throws another punch on Ranger Cook Ranger Cook throws a hard punch on Maria. Maria and Spike are handcuffed by Rangers Gage and Cook.

    Back on the rooftop Ranger Walker is fighting with Jerry Moss. Walker throws a kick and Moss blocks the kick with his knee. Moss throws a punch on Walker. Walker is being dragged by Jerry Moss to the end of the roof. Moss is beating up on Walker. Moss: "Now Ranger Walker. You will die. I tried to kill your wife and almost did so in the court room. I knew that you are in the hall of fame on your 20 years as a Texas Ranger." Walker gets back onto the roof as Moss attempts to throw him off. Walker throws a jump kick on Moss knocking him off the roof. Moss grabs onto the end of the roof. Ranger Walker:Give me your hand. I am arresting you on attempted murder of my wife. I don’t want to kill you.Moss:I would rather just die as you have defeated me.” Walker puts his hand on Moss’s hand. Moss hits Walker’s hand. Moss falls off the roof. Ranger Walker:Have it your way.” Moss lands on the ground dead.

    Later on Cordell Walker is back together with his wife and daughter. Alex: "Where’s Jerry Moss?" Walker: "He got killed trying to kill me but he dropped himself as I tried to save him." Cook: "Maria’s tongue is pierced. Did you see it? Yuck." Alex: "I can't stand looking at their tattoos and piercings on the bellybutton or the nose." Gage: "Neither the tongue or the nipples. Yuck." Walker: "I don't like tattoos or body piercings. I couldn't stand them either. Let’s all go home now." Ranger Walker with his wife and daughter get into the pick up truck as Rangers Cook and Gage get into their car with Cook driving this time. The leaders of the gang with the co owner of the industry are taken away to prison by the Rangers.

    Walker drives out onto the streets of Dallas.

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    Oct 15, 2005
    Walker Texas Ranger 2: Crime Land


    Fade In

    On the streets of Fort Worth at night time nearby a dance hall. There is terrorist leader Harry Seamore with his gang present. There are men various races in the gang. Harry Seamore pushes the button on the bomb. The dance hall is blown up. Harry Seamore:We blew up the place. This should draw Cordell Walker the Texas Ranger to here. We are more powerful than Jerry Moss who Ranger Walker has killed.

    Later on in the streets of Fort Worth. There is criminal master mind Ted Hesse with his right hand men Peter Rivera a Hispanic man, Victor Waters a white guy and Puchong Ling a Chinese American with the woman named Starr Reynolds a white woman. Harry Seamore with his gang shows up. Ted Hesse:You have done well Harry. Let’s be out of here before the police and Texas Rangers show up. Those gangs in league with Jerry Moss won’t work for me. They failed to waste Ranger Cordell Walker. Your next hit will be ranger headquarters.” Harry pulls out his suitcase. He has lots of coke in there. Harry Seamore:I have the coke right here Mr. Hesse. We’ll sell this once we blow away Captain Walker of Rangers of Company B.Ted Hesse:We’ll also spring those who worked for Emile Lavocat. Ranger Walker killed Emile Lavocat. 2 of the Texas Rangers incapacitated Graves and Chastain who hate the Texas Rangers.

    The next morning at the home of the Walkers. In the kitchen. There is Alex Cahill-Walker packing lunch for Angela Walker. Cordell Walker shows up. Ranger Walker:Alex.Alex:I am packing Angela’s lunch. We are on the investigation of this criminal named Harry Seamore.Ranger Walker:You almost died one time in the court house from being shot. I put the Blazing Demons motorcycle gang with the leader Boris Simmons in Huntsville when you got out of the hospital. 10 years ago I took down those sadistic killers who killed Joey Galloway’s whole entire mob after my Huntsville assignment with Ranger Trivette. It’s the same who killed the Votos locos with their new leader after we arrested the leader Philippe. Even a Texas Ranger was killed.” The telephone rings. Alex answers the phone. Alex:DA Alex Cahill-Walker.” Pre teenage Angela Walker shows up in the kitchen. Angela Walker:Mommy. Daddy.Alex:It’s for you Cordell.” Cordell Walker goes over to the phone. Ranger Walker:Yeah I am on it. I will go after Harry Seamore. We will find out who hired him.” He gets on. Walker hangs up. Ranger Walker:A dance hall was blown up and the prime suspect is Harry Seamore.

    Opening Credits. Walker Texas Ranger theme the Eyes of Ranger by Chuck Norris plays.

    Over to Ranger headquarters later on in the morning. There is Ranger Walker driving his dodge ram to ranger headquarters. Trivette shows up his car. Rangers Walker and Trivette walk into the building. Ranger Walker:There was an explosion at the dance hall in Fort Worth. Carlos Sandoval will be there. You run Company B as I am retiring. I’ll retire when we take down Harry Seamore and his gang and those who hired him.Ranger Trivette:I will be promoted to Captain as you retire. I almost died in one car bombing.

    In Ranger Walker’s office. There is Texas Ranger Walker with his former partner James Trivette. Ranger Walker:I am going to call Carlos. You Trivette run a search on Harry Seamore.” Ranger Walker goes over to a telephone.

    Nearby the dance hall outside. There is Carlos Sandoval back on the Dallas Police Department. There is the bomb squad present. Carlos’s cell phone rings. Carlos pulls out his phone. He answers it. Carlos Sandoval:It’s Detective Sandoval present. Ranger Walker. I am at the dance hall in Fort Worth. I will come to Ranger headquarters.

    Over to Ted Hesse’s penthouse. In the loft of the penthouse. There is Ted Hesse present along with his right hand people Peter Rivera, Victor Waters, Puchong Ling and Starr Reynolds. Ted Hesse:We’ll blow up the Texas Rangers.Puchong Ling:My brother Mark was arrested by the Texas Rangers. He worked for Jerry Moss. I know that Ranger Walker killed Jerry Moss as he tried to kill him and fired on a courthouse after the Texas Rangers killed Derek Gibbs. He tried to assassinate the DA and even targeted Ranger Walker and they were for years after him.” Harry Seamore shows up with his gang. Harry Seamore:I am here Mr. Hesse.Ted Hesse:Now you know where Ranger headquarters is. Captain Walker is 30 years now a Texas Ranger and he got inducted into the hall of fame 10 years ago. You can kill him and his long time partner James Trivette. He transferred some of his rangers to other parts of Texas. Rangers Kaye Austin, Rhett Harper, Sydney Cook and Francis Gage to other parts of Texas. The daughter of the late Cliff Jensen Alexandra just got out of prison as she was facing vandalism charges and she helped blow up some slaughterhouses. I will free most of the inmates of Huntsville.” Harry Seamore and his thugs depart for Ranger headquarters.

    Outside of Ranger headquarters later on in the day. Rangers Walker and Trivette are coming out of the building. Ranger Walker:I think that Harry Seamore is targeting us. You are 20 years now on the Texas Rangers. Maybe soon you will be inducted into the Texas Ranger’s hall of fame.” Harry Seamore and his gang of terrorists show up. Harry Seamore:This must be Ranger Walker. There’s his partner James Trivette. They were partners for 10 years and they split up and than were partnered again when Jerry Moss has united gangs of this area.” Ranger Walker sees Harry Seamore with a package. Harry Seamore’s thugs pull out guns. Ranger Trivette pulls out his gun as does Ranger Walker. Ranger Trivette:Texas Ranger. You are under arrest. Harry Seamore. Get your hands up or we will open fire.” There is gun fighting. Rangers Walker and Trivette shoot down Harry Seamore’s gang. Trent Malloy shows up in his car. Trent throws some ninja stars into members of Harry Seamore’s gang. Trent:I have come to help.” Harry Seamore throws a kick onto Ranger Walker. Harry Seamore:You should be easy to kill as you are getting too old to fight me.Ranger Walker:I am in good shape and am stronger than you think.” Ranger Walker throws down his gun. Ranger Trivette aims his gun at the members of Harry Seamore’s gang. Ranger Trivette:All of you hold it right there.” Many of the other Texas Rangers come out of the building. Carlos Sandoval shows up next in his car. Ranger Walker throws a punch onto Harry Seamore. Ranger Walker next jump kicks Harry Seamore as he throws a kick onto him. There are martial arts fighting going on. Ranger Walker round house kicks Harry Seamore. Carlos Sandoval pulls out his gun. He aims it at Harry Seamore. Carlos Sandoval:Hold it right there Harry Seamore. You are under arrest.

    Later on in the day at Ranger headquarters in an interrogation room. There is Harry Seamore there. Ranger Trivette comes in. Ranger Trivette:Could you tell us your leader? You’ll get a reduced prison sentence and immunity from prosecution if you tell us.Harry Seamore:It was Ted Hesse. I don’t know which is his main quarters. Ted Hesse has 4 people working for him. They are Peter Rivera, Puchong Ling, Starr Reynolds and Victor Waters. You arrested Puchong’s brother Mark when Jerry Moss was killed. Ted Hesse wants to create a statewide crime syndicate and rule Texas and over run Texas with criminals and shut down the Texas Rangers. Your partner Ranger Cordell Walker has taken down so many criminals here and he took down even Neo Nazis with devil worshippers.Ranger Trivette:The devil worship leader calling himself Lucifer was killed trying to kill Captain Walker and we arrested all of his surviving followers and I arrested the woman calling herself Belial.

    In the penthouse of Theodore Hesse. In Ted’s loft. There is the television on. On the television there is Carlton Cross. Carlton Cross:This is Carlton Cross for KGBX News. Ranger Walker and Company B have arrested terrorist leader Harry Seamore and his gang. It appears that crime lord Ted Hesse is behind this.” Ted Hesse is sitting there. Also present are his right hand people. Ted Hesse:Let’s spring the inmates of Huntsville. I hope that Harry Seamore didn’t give this location away.” They head off to the roof top.

    On the rooftop of the penthouse of Ted Hesse. There is Ted Hesse and his right hand people present. Ted Hesse’s right hand people pull out their guns. Ted Hesse goes into the pilot’s seat. 3 others board the chopper. Starr Reynolds:I was picked up by the leader of the Blazing Demons Boris Simmons. We broke up when he got arrested. Maybe we’ll get back together.Ted Hesse:I am hiring him too.” Ted Hesse takes off.

    Outside at Huntsville prison. There is an assortment of criminals there. There are guards on the tower. There is gang leader Antonio with his thugs present. Also there are Jonas Graves and Chastain present. Chastain:Our old leader did this to us.Graves:Ranger Walker killed Lavocat when we got put back there. Ranger Walker killed Shilts and one of his rangers killed Dollarhyde.” Also there is motorcycle gang leader Boris Simmons of the Blazing Demons with his gang. A helicopter shows up. Ted Hesse’s right hand people fire on the crowd. The guards fire back. Puchong Ling shoots and kills Antonio a Dallas gang leader. Puchong Ling:You failed my brother to kill Texas Ranger Captain Cordell Walker.” Members of Antonio’s gang are shot and killed. There are guards shot down and killed. The gate locks are shot by the villains. Many of those thugs are fleeing just as Graves and Chastain get into the helicopter. Peter Rivera:I am recruiting you all. Come with us if you want to be free.” Boris Simmons with his gang head out to the gate. Boris Simmons:I will with my gang get our motorcycles back.Victor Waters:Follow us to our place.” They all leave.

    At Ranger headquarters later on in the day time. In the office of Ranger Walker. There is Cordell Walker at his desk. Also present are Ranger Trivette and Carlos Sandoval with a detective named Trent Malloy. Ranger Trivette:I think that I have background on Theodore Hesse.” The phone rings. Ranger Trivette answers it. Ranger Trivette:James Trivette of the Texas Rangers here. I am going onto files of Ted Hesse. We’ll find them.” Ranger Walker gets onto the files of Ted Hesse.

    At night time at the penthouse of Ted Hesse outside. There is Boris Simmons with his biker gang on their motorcycles. They go over to the penthouse.

    Inside the upper part of the penthouse. There is Ted Hesse at his loft. There are also present Peter Rivera, Victor Waters, Puchong Ling and Starr Reynolds. Ted Hesse:We’ll have the Texas Rangers wasted. Spike with his gang are inside so we didn’t get him. We managed to get Antonio and his gang who were taken down at Ranger headquarters.” Boris Simmons and his bikers show up. There is also a band of convicted criminals along with Chastain and Graves. Ted Hesse:Follow me to my loft.Starr Reynolds:I was working with him all that time and Captain Cordell Walker of the Texas Rangers didn’t know this so he couldn’t arrest me.Boris Simmons:We picked you up on our bikes. When Ranger Walker arrested me his wife came out of the hospital and almost died in a shooting. The Rangers first suspected Derek Gibbs did it before they killed him as he tried to kill a ranger for his son. That ranger transferred.” They go into Ted’s loft. Ted Hesse:I think that you know where Ranger Walker lives Chastain. Go to his house and kill him.” Chastain departs with some thugs carrying guns.

    At the home of the Walker’s at night time. In the living room. There is Alex Cahill-Walker on the pc. Ranger Walker shows up with Carlos Sandoval and Ranger Trivette and Trent Malloy. Trent Malloy:I heard that you once got shot.Carlos Sandoval:I knew that Rhett Harper of the Texas Rangers was framed for murder and he killed someone in self defense. The father fired on him and was suspected of shooting your wife Ranger Walker. You killed that guy who tried to kill your wife.Ranger Walker:He tried to kill me. I tried to arrest him and not kill him. I was going to put my hand out of to save him but he let go.

    Outside the Walker household. Chastain shows up with other thugs. Chastain: Ranger Walker’s wife was shot in between the heart and lung at a court house and she almost died. Maybe we’ll kill them both.” They fire on the house.

    Back to the living room of the Walker residence. Ranger Walker goes for his gun. So do Ranger Trivette and Carlos Sandoval. Ranger Walker:Stay here Alex. You almost died in the court house when we found out who framed Rhett Harper and I arrested him.” They head off to outside.

    Back to outside of the Walker residence. Ranger Walker shows up with Ranger Trivette and Carlos Sandoval. Carlos Sandoval:This is Detective Carlos Sandoval of the Dallas Police Department. You are under arrest for firing on people and for prison breaks.” Chastain with the thugs’ fire on the cop and Texas Rangers. Walker and Trivette shoot down some thugs. Carlos shoots and kills Chastain. The gun fighting is going on. The other thugs are being shot down by Carlos and Trivette. Ranger Walker:I will go back inside to my wife and daughter.” They go back to inside of the place.

    At the penthouse of Ted Hesse outside the next day. There is Ted Hesse standing there. There are also biker thugs along with their leader Boris Simmons. Ted Hesse:A Texas Ranger semi retired named CD Parker owned a bar and grill and he was killed by an inside criminal leader thought to be dead and he poisoned CD and made it look like he died of a heart attack. I know that Texas Ranger Captain Cordell Walker doesn’t smoke and he sometimes drinks and it’s said that he never smoked anything. Go find him at the bar. You Boris can waste him.” Boris Simmons with his gang head off to CD’s Bar and Grill.

    At CD’s Bar and Grill outside. There are cars parked out there. The Blazing Demons show up with the leader Boris Simmons. They all get off of motorcycles. They go into the bar. Boris Simmons:I heard of this CD Parker. He was the head of Company B on Captain Walker’s rookie days.

    In CD’s Bar and Grill. There are many people seated there. Boris Simmons and his biker gang show up. There is a male bartender there. He goes to pick up the phone. Boris Simmons:I think that he’s going to call the pigs. Let’s go kill Ranger Walker.” The bikers start bailing out.

    At the Texas Ranger’s Hall of Fame. There is Ranger Walker with a bunch of kids on a field trip and there are teachers there too that are 5th grade. They are by the Ranger Walker display. Ranger Walker:This is me there. I was inducted when I took down a sadistic serial killing family who has killed members of criminal gangs that I arrested and killed innocent people. One of my rangers murdered and I killed his killer was survived by a wife and daughter. One of my rangers had a daughter that became an animal rights activist and blew up some meat companies and saved the animals from slaughter for food. I was a Texas Ranger now for 30 years. I served in the Marines in the Viet Nam war.” Ranger James Trivette shows up. Ranger Trivette:Walker. DPS spotted The Blazing Demons at CD’s. They found Boris Simmons. I will go after them while you go on the tour. You are up for retirement. I take your place and Carlos takes my place in the slot.

    At CD’s Bar and Grill later on outside. There is present Trent Malloy with Carlos Sandoval. There are other Dallas cops. Ranger Trivette shows up in his sports car. Ranger Trivette comes out of the car. Carlos Sandoval:I have found any of the bikers here. They must’ve escaped and someone said something about them heading off to Fountain Park.” Ranger Trivette goes over to Carlos Sandoval. Carlos’s cell phone rings. Carlos picks up. Carlos Sandoval:It’s Detective Sandoval. I was reinstated one year ago now to the Dallas Police. I am heading off to Fountain Park.” Carlos hangs up. Carlos:The bikers are heading off to the park making meth deals.” Carlos gets into his car as does Trent. Ranger Trivette goes into his car. The Ranger and the police head off to the park.

    At a park in Dallas. There are many people there. The bikers are there with their leader Boris Simmons. Boris Simmons with the gang has bags of meth and heroine. Boris Simmons:We should make sales here.” The police show up. There are Texas Rangers Santiago Perez and Bobbie Hunt a woman with blonde hair from their cars. Ranger Trivette shows up along with Carlos Sandoval and Trent Malloy. Ranger Trivette:Texas Rangers. You are under arrest.” The cops and Texas Rangers pull out their guns. The Texas Rangers and cops aim their guns at the biker gang. Bobbie Hunt:Hold right there or we will shoot.” The bikers pull out guns. Others have chains. Carlos with the 3 rangers open fire on the biker gang. There are bikers shot down. The bikers with the chains on their bikes go by Trent Malloy. Trent sends kicks onto the biker thugs. Boris Simmons now takes on Trent Malloy. Boris Simmons:What are you? A vigilante?Trent:I place you under citizen’s arrest on charges of escaping Huntsville and dealing illegal drugs.” They are throwing punches at each other. Boris Simmons throws a punch onto Trent Malloy. Trent throws a punch back onto Boris Simmons. A few more bikers are shot down by the Texas Rangers. Ranger Trivette aims his gun at the surviving biker gang. Santiago Perez:Hold it right there. You are under arrest.” Trent high kicks gang leader Boris Simmons on the face. Carlos goes over to the biker gang leader. Carlos puts a pair of handcuffs onto the biker gang leader. Carlos Sandoval:I am sending you back to Huntsville. You will testify against Ted Hesse. I am going into the Texas Rangers.” Later on the surviving bikers with their leader are being loaded into a prison transport van. Carlos is standing there with 3 Texas Rangers. Bobbie Hunt:I heard that you left the police.Carlos Sandoval:I got back into the police last year. My brother was killed by a drug dealer and Captain Walker killed my brother’s killer.Santiago Perez: “I got into the Texas Rangers after my captain and the DA had their daughter. I replaced Cliff Jensen and his daughter just got out of jail for destroying meat plants.Ranger Trivette:Alex is picking up Angela. We’ll be going after Ted Hesse.” They all get into their cars.

    At Ranger headquarters outside. There is a school bus parked out there. Ranger Walker comes out with the classes. The students and teachers get back onto the school bus. Ranger Walker:I will soon retire. My wife will retire DA and take another job soon.” Ranger Walker goes into his dodge ram. Ranger Walker departs for his wife Alex’s office.

    At the office of Alex Cahill-Walker. There is Alex at her desk. Ranger Walker comes into the office. Alex: Cordell. Ranger Trivette re apprehended Boris Simmons and the Blazing Demons.Ranger Walker:Soon I will retire. Our team will be going after Ted Hesse. You are picking up Angela.” Ranger Walker gets seated.

    At Texas Ranger headquarters later on in the day time inside the office of Ranger Walker. There is Ranger James Trivette present. Also there is Carlos Sandoval. Ranger Walker shows up with his wife Alex Cahill-Walker. Alex:I should get the evidence to prosecute Ted Hesse. We prosecuted the bikers. They were also suspects of shooting me after Rangers Austin and Harper killed Derek Gibbs.” They go over to a computer.

    At the interrogation rooms. There is leader Boris Simmons of the biker Blazing Demons. Alex Cahill-Walker with Ranger Walker comes into the room. They go over to the biker gang leader. Boris Simmons:I don’t have the key location of Ted Hesse. He goes all around Texas as Harry Seamore should’ve told you. You still have Jonas Graves standing.Ranger Walker:Alex. You take Angela home and I will meet you later at home and we’ll find Ted Hesse and put him behind bars.Ranger Walker:Who else is working for Ted Hesse? We also have Mark Ling’s brother.Boris Simmons:My ex chick is Starr Reynolds. As long as we have long broken up I’ll give her up for you.

    At the Texas Ranger office. There is James Trivette at the computer with Carlos Sandoval and Trent Malloy looking at it with him. Ranger Trivette:Still haven’t found anything on Ted Hesse. Starr Reynolds the ex girlfriend of Boris Simmons is in on it too.Carlos Sandoval:We should soon and I know that a vicious killer almost killed you when Alex was pregnant. I heard about CD Parker.” Ranger Walker shows up. Ranger Walker:Alex is picking up Angela. We have Jonas Graves to hunt down still alive along with Mark Ling’s brother Puchong.

    Outside of the Middle School in Dallas later on in the afternoon. There is Alex Cahill-Walker in her Chevrolet. There is the school patrol and there are school buses parked outside. Angela Walker comes out with many girls and boys. Angela Walker:Mommy.” Angela Walker goes over to Alex’s Chevrolet. Angela gets into the car. Alex drives off. Alex:Daddy is going after a criminal mastermind. I must take you home and than we’ll take you to grandpa. I am on the case of Ted Hesse.

    At the penthouse of Ted Hesse. There with Ted Hesse with the remains of his gang and his right hand people. Ted Hesse:Find Alex Cahill-Walker the wife of Captain Cordell Walker of the Texas Rangers and District Attorney. They have a little girl. Let’s take her too.” Many thugs leave going after Alex Cahill-Walker being accompanied by Jonas Graves.

    On the road. There is Alex driving down the turnpike. A van shows up. There is Jonas Graves with some other thugs. Alex:We took him down when you were born.” Graves is driving the van. A thug comes out with a gun. Alex stops the car. Alex with Angela Walker comes out of the car. Graves:You are coming with us.Graves:A woman Texas Ranger knocked me out. The Rangers of Company B put me back in Huntsville. Now you should soon die. You almost died in the court house.” Another thug comes into the car. Alex and Angela are thrown into the back of the car. They are tied up. Graves:Take them to Ted Hesse’s place.

    Later on at the penthouse of Ted Hesse. Alex’s car with a van show up. Ted Hesse shows up with his right hand people. Ted Hesse:You will die DA. I know who you are and you’re married to the Texas Ranger captain Cordell Walker.” Starr Reynolds finds Alex’s cell phone. Starr takes Alex’s cell phone. Starr Reynolds: I found this. Maybe we’ll get this to find Cordell Walker. He’s the famous Texas Ranger and is in the hall of fame. We hate Texas Rangers. They took the bikers down again.

    Inside of the penthouse on the upper floor. Ted Hesse with his gang shows up along with Alex and Angela Walker taken hostage. Ted Hesse:Load them under my loft. You Graves with some of you go to the house of Ranger Walker. Find him.” Ranger Walker’s wife and daughter are being loaded under Ted’s loft. They are taken at gun point. Jonas Graves departs with his thugs after Ranger Walker.

    At the home of the Walkers. There is Ranger Walker driving his dodge ram. He comes to the house. Ranger Walker pulls out his silver berretta. Ranger Walker goes into the house.

    Inside the Walker’s house in the lower hall way. Ranger Walker shows up with his gun drawn. Ranger Walker goes searching the house.

    Outside of the Walker’s house. Jonas Graves shows up with a band of thugs. Graves:I see Walker’s dodge ram. Let’s take him.” Ranger Walker comes out of the house with gun drawn. Ranger Walker: Texas Ranger. You are under arrest.Jonas Graves:There’s the Texas Ranger who busted me 19 years ago. Kill him.” Jonas Graves and the thugs fire on Ranger Walker. Ranger Walker shoots down those thugs killing them. Ranger Walker shoots at more who fire on him. Ranger Walker shoots them down randomly. Ranger Walker in the gun fight shoots and kills Jonas Graves. The others throw down their guns. Ranger Walker:You guys will give up the location of Ted Hesse. He has my wife and daughter and you’ll get immunity from prosecution by my wife.” Ranger Walker has his gun aimed at the surviving thugs. Carlos and Trivette show up along with Trent following each other’s cars. They all come out of the cars. Trivette, Carlos and Trent go over to Ranger Walker. Trent:I will work on the case finding your wife and daughter Ranger Walker.Carlos Sandoval:Take those surviving felons to my headquarters. We’ll interrogate them and find Ted Hesse with the remains of his gang.Ranger Walker:Let’s go to police headquarters.” They all go into their vehicles.

    At the Dallas Police station. At the office of Carlos Sandoval. Rangers Walker and Trivette show up with Trent and Carlos. There are many cops there present. Ranger Walker addresses the police. Ranger Walker:We found Ted Hesse. He has my wife and daughter. My former long time partner James Trivette will be coming with us as will Trent and Carlos. If we all survive we should have Carlos inducted into the Texas Rangers. Let’s go nail him and than I will retire from the Texas Rangers. I need you officers to wear body armor. They could be dangerous.

    At the penthouse of Ted Hesse inside of the upper part. There are thugs holding Alex and Angela Walker hostage. Ted Hesse shows up with Starr Reynolds, Peter Rivera, Victor Waters and Puchong Ling. Ted Hesse:We’ll kill you and than Ranger Walker will really be after us and we will kill him.Puchong Ling:I want Ranger Trivette who beat up my brother.

    Outside of the penthouse. There is Carlos Sandoval with the SWAT team. A police helicopter shows up. Also present are Texas Rangers Cordell Walker and James Trivette. They all pull out guns. Trent Malloy shows up next. Ranger Walker:This is Captain Cordell Walker of the Texas Rangers. My former partner and the Dallas police have you in sight. Come on out with your hands up and release my wife and daughter.” They break into the place.

    In Ted Hesse’s loft. There are many thugs sitting there. The Texas Rangers show up with the police. Ranger Walker spots his wife and daughter under the loft. Ranger Walker:I need you officers deal with the release Huntsville inmates while Trent and Carlos with my partner James will deal with Ted Hesse.” Trent, Carlos and Trivette appear behind Walker’s back. The police and thugs fire on each other. One thug fires on the police helicopter. Carlos shoots that thug down. The Texas Rangers with the Son of Thunder go to the dining room in search of Ted Hesse. Ranger Walker:Ted Hesse. You are under arrest.” Carlos takes on Peter Rivera. Carlos Sandoval:You are under arrest.” Ranger Walker jump kicks Ted Hesse. Ted Hesse:I should kill you all and than I kill your wife and daughter.” Ranger Trivette takes on Victor Waters. Trent takes on Puchong Ling. They are throwing kicks and punches at each other.

    Over to the loft. There are cops and thugs firing on each other. A few cops are shot down. Other cops shoot down those thugs. There is gun fighting going in. The cops and thugs continue firing on each other.

    Back to the dining room. Ted Hesse throws a punch at Ranger Walker. Ranger Walker throws a punch back at Ted Hesse. Trent and Puchong Ling are fighting each other with martial arts moves. Ranger Trivette and Victor Waters are throwing punches onto each other. Starr Reynolds goes for a knife. Alex breaks free. Starr Reynolds:I will kill you 2 just as your husband Mrs. Walker will die.” Alex throws a kick onto Starr Reynolds. The knife falls out of her hand. Angela Walker next breaks free. They remove the gags. Alex kicks the knife away. Starr Reynolds goes after Ranger Walker’s wife and daughter. Starr Reynolds:I will kill you both.Alex:You Angela had lessons from your father.” Angela Walker throws a punch onto Starr Reynolds. Alex next sends a kick onto Starr Reynolds. Alex:You stay down. I will indict you.” Alex picks up the knife. She aims it at Starr Reynolds. Carlos and Trivette throw Victor Waters and Peter Rivera into each other. They throw punches knocking them out. Trent Malloy sends an uppercut knocking down Puchong Ling.

    Back to the loft. Dallas cops and Texan criminals are firing on each other. One thug is shot down by a Dallas cop. Those thugs throw down their guns. Hesse Thug:We give up.Dallas SWAT team officer:Hold it right there. You are going back to Huntsville.” They put hands on top of their heads. The SWAT team comes over to them with guns aimed at them.

    Back to Walker vs. Hesse. The Ranger and criminal mastermind are beating each other up with kicks and punches. Ranger Walker round house kicks Ted Hesse. Ranger Walker pulls out his gun. He aims it at Ted Hesse. Ranger Walker:Hold it right there Ted Hesse. You are under arrest. Don’t move or I will shoot.Ted Hesse:One day we’ll be out and you will pay for this.Ranger Walker:I am retiring now. You are the new Texas Ranger Carlos.

    Later on outside of the penthouse. There are Ted Hesse, Peter Rivera, Puchong Ling, Starr Reynolds, Victor Waters and other thugs being loaded into a prison transport in handcuffs. There are Alex Cahill-Walker, Angela Walker, James Trivette, Carlos Sandoval and Trent Malloy standing there along with Cordell Walker. Ranger Walker:I am now retired. Alex is moving on with her life.Angela Walker: I do dad want to be a Texas Ranger when I grow up.Carlos Sandoval:I had a partner killed and that’s when I left the police but that killer is dead now.” They all get into their vehicles.

    Many days later at CD’s bar. There is Ranger Walker present. Also there are Angela Walker and Alex Cahill-Walker. Others present are Trent Malloy, Ranger Santiago Perez, Ranger Bobbie Hunt, Ranger James Trivette and Ranger Carlos Sandoval. Carlos has on his ranger badge. They are all chatting. Santiago Perez:Ranger Hunt and I were once candidates to take the place of the murdered retiring ranger Walt Cobb. You are now our ranger Sandoval.Ranger Walker:My long time partner James Trivette is now the Captain and runs Company B. You are Ranger Sandoval back to working with James Trivette.” They all gather together. The adults are all standing there with glasses of wine. Ranger Walker:My wife’s successor is your boyfriend Ranger Hunt. We have cleaned up crime in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolis.

    Fade Out

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    Oct 15, 2005
    Superman Batman: New Reich


    Title Card: Late 1944

    Outside of a lab by the ocean at night time in Europe. There is Captain Nazi with some Nazi scientists. Captain Nazi:I will crush the allies and serve der forever.” Spy Smasher shows up. Spy Smasher:I will stop you. No more Nazism.” Those Nazis pull out guns. Spy Smasher shoots them down. Spy Smasher gets in pursuit of Captain Nazi.

    On the beach at night time. Spy Smasher is still in pursuit of Captain Nazi. Captain Nazi:You will die.” They are fighting each other hand to hand. Spy Smasher sends a kick onto Captain Nazis making him fall into the ocean. Spy Smasher gets onto his plane. He flies off.

    Somewhere in Germany by a beach. There is Vandal Savage present along with Nazi Party and other Nazis soldiers. Vandal Savage has out his sword. Savage:I just had the Captain Nazi program. We’ll crush the allies as we serve Adolph Hitler.” Sgt. Frank Rock with Easy Company shows up. Sgt. Rock:It’s Vandal Savage. Spy Smasher is dealing with Captain Nazi.” Sgt. Rock and his soldiers get into a gun fight with the Nazis. Nazi troops are shot down. Vandal Savage pulls out his sword. He goes after Sgt. Rock. Vandal Savage is shot nearby a jetty by Sgt. Rock. Vandal Savage is being washed away. Bulldozer, Wildman and Ice Cream go over to Nazi Party with guns aimed at him. Ice Cream:Don’t move. We captured you.” Nazi party puts his hands up. Sgt. Rock goes over to the captured Nazi Party. Sgt. Rock:I killed Vandal Savage.

    Opening Credits

    Title Card: The Present Day

    In Gotham City at night time at the docks. There is present Sal Maroni. There are also members of Sal Maroni’s gang. Sal Maroni:We have Batman to deal with. I want him dead. He and Superman took down President Lex Luthor as Lex Luthor is impeached.

    Somewhere on a rooftop in Gotham City. There is Batman present with Tim Drake the new Robin. Batman:You are the successor to Dick Grayson. He is now Night Wing.” They spot Sal Maroni and his gang. Robin:I think I see the mobster Salvatore Maroni.Batman:Let’s nail them.” Batman and Robin go after Maroni and his gang.

    Back to Maroni’s place. Sal Maroni is there with his gang. Batman and Robin show up. Sal Maroni: Get them!” Sal Maroni’s thugs pull out guns. Batman and Robin throw boomerangs onto their guns. Batman and Robin are throwing kicks and punches to those thugs who throw punches onto them. Batman and Robin defeat Sal Maroni’s gang. Sal Maroni makes the move to pull out his gun. Batman throws a punch onto Maroni in the face. Batman picks up Sal Maroni. Batman:We are turning you over to the police.Sal Maroni:I will be out and you’ll pay for this.

    Later on at the docks. There are police cars there. Commissioner Gordon is over to Batman and Robin. They are talking. Commissioner Gordon:Bat Girl and Night Wing are dealing with other villains out here.Batman:This is the New Robin. I twice teamed up with Superman.” The other cops load Sal Maroni and his goons into a prison transport truck. Commissioner Gordon:I now have Salvatore Maroni in custody. Nightwing and Bat Girl are dealing with Salvatore Maroni’s rivals run by Carmine Falcone. We are hunting him down.” Batman and Robin swing off into the night.

    The next day at the park in Metropolis. There is Vandal Savage present. Also present are members of Vandal Savage’s Fourth Reich team. They are Baroness Blitzkrieg a woman, Captain Nazi, Captain Swastika, Swastika, Reichsmark, Hunter, Shadow of War a woman, Green Ghoul, Count Berlin, Doctor Demon a woman, Baron Gestapo, Captain Murder a woman, White Dragon and Red Panzer with his band of Neo Nazi thugs. Also on Vandal Savage’s team are Overman, Gudra a female, Fledermaus, Horned Owl and Sea Wolf. There is Der Konnigratzer march playing. Vandal Savage has his arm raised out. Those people rise out their arms too. Savage:I was thought to be killed during World War 2. You were Captain Nazi frozen and I defrosted you. We will take over Lex Luthor’s building. Maybe I will even take his place as president of the United States. Superman and Batman have started the Hall of Justice and are bringing together the Justice Society forming the Justice League. You Red Panzer will take your gang to the Hall of Justice. Horned Owl, Gudra and White Dragon will go to there. You Overman will take the rest of Red Panzer’s gang to Gotham City to deal with Commissioner Gordon and Batman. I have teleporters here used in the Lex Corp building. Lex Luthor owned a business before he was president of the United States.” White Dragon departs with Gudra, Horned Owl and Red Panzer with his Nazi thugs departs for the Hall of Justice. Overman departs for Gotham City with some other Neo Nazi thugs as they are teleported to there.

    At the Hall of Justice in the day time outside. There are Superman, Super Girl, Steel John Henry Irons, Hawk Man and Captain Marvel present. Superman:Batman is in Gotham City. We could call him to here. I defeated Darkseid and Lex Luthor. New Genesis is at war with Apokolips as they have been for years. My cousin Kara here became Super Girl after we defeated Darkseid.” Members of Vandal Savage’s Nazi Party show up. Red Panzer:I know that you are Superman. Vandal Savage will soon be president as I will be vice president of the United States.” Steel takes on Horned Owl. Captain Marvel takes on Red Panzer’s Neo Nazis. Super Girl takes on Gudra. Hawk Man takes on White Dragon. Superman takes on Red Panzer. New Age Nazis fire on Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel:Shazam!” Captain Marvel sends lightning on them. Those New Age Nazis run up to Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel throws punches onto them. Steel and Horned Owl are throwing punches at each other. Steel takes his hammer. Steel clobbers Horned Owl with his hammer. Gudra and Super Girl are fighting each other hand to hand. Super Girl in the battle throws Gudra to the ground. White Dragon and Hawk Man are fighting each other hand to hand. Hawk Man defeats White Dragon. Red Panzer:I will find kryptonite and kill you Superman. We’ll take over the world and no more pop music. No more tattoos and body piercings. No more ice cream and candy. I could find red kryptonite and use you to rip off tattoos and body piercings.” Red Panzer fires on Superman. Superman blocks the shots with his bare hands. Superman grabs onto Red Panzer. He throws him against the wall of the Hall of Justice building. Superman:I don’t support fascism.

    Outside of the Gotham City Police Station at night time. There is Overman with some other Nazi thugs. Batman and Robin are standing on the roof tops of the police station. They spot some other Nazis. Batman:They are Nazis. Vandal Savage is plotting to kill Lex Luthor’s successor for president.” They go after them. They swing down on ropes. Robin gets into battle with New Age Nazis. Batman gets into battle with Overman hand to hand. Overman:I will kill you Batman. We’ll soon rule the world with Reich 4.” Robin defeats Red Panzer thugs with kicks and punches incapacitating them. Batman uppercuts Overman defeating him. Gotham city cops come out of the place. They aim their guns at Overman and the rest of Red Panzer’s thugs. Batman:They might’ve been targeting tattoo parlors here with ice cream and candy stores. They are Nazis.” Batman and Robin swing off into the night.

    At Dusk at the Hall of Justice inside. There are present Superman and Batman present. They are at a computer. Batman:Vandal Savage was thought to be killed in World War 2. I took down Joe Chill when I started out. He was the one who killed my parents. I even took down Rupert Thorne and his gang when I started out. Joe Chill worked for Rupert Thorn.” Super Girl shows up. Batman finds things on Vandal Savage. He does studies on him. Super Girl:I met you when we dealt with Darkseid. Those on New Genesis are fighting Darkseid’s remaining minions.

    Later on at Wayne manor at night time. There is Bruce Wayne present in the living room with Clark Kent. Also present is Lois Lane. Lois Lane:I heard about Nazis in Metropolis.Clark Kent:I am doing a report on it. Superman defeated Darkseid and Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor is still behind bars.” Alfred shows up. Alfred:Can I get you anything?Bruce Wayne:No thank you.

    The next day at the Lex Corp building on the inside that was owned by Lex Luthor before he was President of the United States. There is Vandal Savage present. Also there are Sea Wolf and Fledermaus. Savage:There’s Aqua Man the king of the 7 seas. You could Sea Wolf deal with him. We’ll spring the others captured by local police. You could Fledermaus accompany Sea Wolf. I am even gathering the Japanese and Italians with the Germans to follow us but Red Panzer’s soldiers have been taken down by Batman and Superman.” They teleport to Atlantis.

    At the Hall of Justice in the day time. There is Superman present. Also there are Green Arrow, Black Canary, Vixen, Plastic Man, Captain Atom, Mr. Terrific Michael Holt, Wildcat Ted Grant and Super Girl. Also there are Batman and Aqua Man present. Superman:We have formed the Justice League. Wonder Woman is deal with her father Lord Hades as Artemis is dealing with Circe the witch. The Flash is dealing with his enemies. Some of you were in the Justice Society. You Captain Atom served in the United States Air Force. We’ll use you in our fight for freedom from Vandal Savage.” There’s an alert on the computer. They find Sea Wolf and Fledermaus in Atlantis. Batman:Nazis have come to Atlantis.Green Arrow:My sidekick Speedy is in Italy with Italian soldiers fighting to stop the new axis authority from being formed by Vandal Savage.Batman:You will Aqua Man go with me to Atlantis. We’ll stop those Nazis.” Batman and Aqua Man are teleported to Atlantis.

    Back at Vandal Savage’s headquarters that was once Lex Luthor’s place. There is Vandal Savage present. Also there are Green Ghoul, Shadow of War, Dr. Demon, Hunter, Captain Berlin, Captain Swastika, Baron Gestapo and Captain Murder. Savage:We’ll take over with the Justice League and Justice Society taken down. We’ll even get rid of Superman. He won’t join us. Also no more face painting at sports events. You others go to the Daily Planet. There is Clark Kent there with others he works with. Stop them from getting reports on us. You could Captain Murder slash Lois Lane and Perry White. You guys even deal with Jimmy Olsen the photographer who is friends with Superman.” They depart for the Daily Planet.

    In Atlantis in the day time. There is Mera present with Aqua Man’s kids. There are also Aqua Man’s soldiers present. Mera:My husband Arthur has joined the Justice League.” Fledermaus and Sea Wolf show up. Fledermaus:We’ll soon rule the whole world. Where’s Arthur Curry?Mera:We won’t tell you. Get them!” Fledermaus and Sea Wolf throw punches onto soldiers of Atlantis. Batman and Aqua Man show up. Aqua Man:I’ll deal with Sea Wolf.” Batman takes on Fledermaus while Aqua Man takes on Sea Wolf. The 2 heroes battle Nazi villains hand to hand. Batman kicks Fledermaus in the stomach. Fledermaus throws a punch back onto Batman. Batman throws a punch back onto Fledermaus in the face. Aqua Man throws a good kick onto Sea Wolf knocking him down. Those soldiers get back up with their weapons. Batman in the battle throws something around Fledermaus tying him up. Those soldiers aim their weapons at Sea Wolf and Fledermaus. Aqua Man:We got you 2 now.

    Somewhere in Japan on the harbor. There is Mister America Jeffery Graves fighting Kamikaze hand to hand. Kamikaze goes flying off. Mister America uses his bull whip on him. Kamikaze falls to the ground. Mister America steps on him. Mister America:Not so fast. You were looking to recruit Japanese people to join the New Age Axis Authority. I stopped you.

    Somewhere in Italy on the streets. There are people standing there. Usil appears. He pulls out his bow and arrows. Usil:I will recruit people to follow me just as Vandal Savage rules the world.” Roy Harper as Speedy shows up. Speedy:Never. I will stop you.Usil:You will die.” Speedy and Usil fight each other in a bow and arrow fight. Speedy shoots down Usil with a stun arrow. Speedy:Stay right here.

    Outside of the Daily Planet. Green Ghoul, Shadow of War, Dr. Demon, Hunter, Captain Berlin, Captain Swastika, Baron Gestapo and Captain Murder appear. Captain Murder pulls out her knives. Captain Murder:I will slice up Jimmy’s friends. Come on out Perry White.

    Back at the Hall of Justice. There is Superman present with the newer members of the Justice League. Superman finds other Nazis at the Daily Planet. Superman:There are more modern Nazis at the Daily Planet. The rest of you will go to there.” Superman teleports those members of the Justice League to the Daily Planet.

    Back to outside of the Daily Planet. There are members of Vandal Savage’s Nazi team. Those members of the Justice League show up. Green Arrow:It’s over. No more Nazism.” Green Arrow takes on Green Ghoul. Black Canary takes on Shadow of War. Super Girl takes on Dr. Demon. Vixen takes on Captain Murder. Wildcat takes on Hunter. Captain Atom takes on Captain Swastika. Plastic Man takes on Count Berlin. Mr. Terrific takes on Baron Gestapo. Captain Murder swings her knives at Vixen. Captain Murder:I will skin the cat.” Vixen makes her extended lion claws. They swing at each other. Vixen sends a kick onto Captain Murder. She knocks the knives out of Captain Murder’s hands. Vixen makes herself into a rhino. Vixen rams Captain Murder. Hunter and Wildcat throw punches at each other. Wildcat uppercuts Hunter knocking him out. Green Ghoul goes after Green Arrow with his blades. Green Arrow shoots a boxing glove arrow onto Green Ghoul. He knocks him out. Captain Swastika with his sword lunges at Captain Atom. Captain Swastika:Now I will slice you down and deflate you.” Captain Atom with his powers shoots down Captain Swastika. Count Berlin goes after Plastic Man using a knife. Plastic Man makes a boxing glove out of his hand while with the other hand grabs onto Count Berlin’s arm. Plastic Man next punches Captain Berlin in the face. Mr. Terrific and Baron Gestapo fight each other hand to hand. Mr. Terrific in the battle defeats Baron Gestapo. Black Canary and Shadow of War are fighting each other hand to hand. Black Canary sends out a sonic scream onto Shadow of War defeating her. Super Girl and Dr. Demon are throwing punches at each other. Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Perry White all show up. Super Girl grabs onto Dr. Demon. She slams her to the ground. Super Girl:Call the police.Lois Lane:I can see you have saved us.” Lois Lane gets onto her cell phone. Clark Kent shows up in his car. He comes out of the car. He goes over to Perry White. Perry White:Members of the Justice League and Justice Society have defeated other Nazis here.Clark Kent:Superman will be hunting down Vandal Savage. They are fighting for our freedom.Wildcat:I am retiring now. Someone will take my place.

    The next day at Vandal Savage’s headquarters that’s the Lex Corp building. There is Vandal Savage present with his remaining Nazis. Savage:Our others have failed. We’ll free them after we defeat the Justice League and Justice Society. Then we’ll go back in time and alter the past and make myself der fuehrer overthrowing Adolph Hitler. I have this power glove and we’ll change the past to winning World War 2. This is before Sgt. Rock thought to have killed. Me. I am immortal and harvest organs to keep myself alive. I even harvested organs from Joe Chill who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne as he got out of prison.” Vandal Savage pulls out his power glove.

    At the Hall of Justice later on in the day time. There are Batman and Superman present. Super Girl shows up with Green Lantern John Stewart. Green Lantern John Stewart:I served in the United States Marines. I will fight for our freedom.Superman:Captain Atom has defeated a Nazi. Batman is doing a search on Vandal Savage.” Batman on the computer finds Vandal Savage at Lex Luthor’s headquarters. Batman:Vandal Savage has taken the building owned by Lex Luthor before he was president of the United States. The Waynes were to testify against Rupert Thorne and Joe Chill made it look like a mugging on a hit task.Superman:Let’s all go to there.” They all depart after Vandal Savage and the rest of his Nazi team.

    Back in the office of Vandal Savage. There is Vandal Savage present with the remains of the Fourth Reich team. Savage:I could send you all to free the others. Soon you could Reichsmark turn the Justice League and Justice Society into statues. We’ll then change the past and we have won World War 2. We could kill Adolph Hitler as I could have myself back then take his place.” Those 4 remaining followers to Vandal Savage leave for the lobby of the building.

    In the lobby of the Lex Corp building. There are Baroness Blitzkrieg, Swastika, Reichsmark and Captain Nazi. Batman, Super Girl, Super Man and Green Lantern John Stewart appear. Superman:It’s over Captain Nazi. Face me.” John Stewart takes on Reichsmark. Super Girl takes on Baroness Blitzkrieg. Batman takes on Swastika. Superman takes on Captain Nazi. Reichsmark tries to turn John Stewart into a statue. John Stewart with his powers blocks it. Reichsmark:I could turn a Green Lantern into a statue.” John Stewart and Reichsmark fight each other hand to hand. Reichsmark knocks John Stewart to the ground. Reichsmark:I will take your ring and turn you into a statue.” John Stewart finds something on the back of Reichsmark’s neck. John Stewart shoots it with his power ring. Reichsmark falls down. John Stewart makes chains out of his power ring. Green Lantern John Stewart:I found your weak point.” He ties up Reichsmark. Baroness Blitzkrieg goes speeding around Super Girl. Super Girl catches up to Baroness Blitzkrieg. They throw speed punches at each other. Super Girl throws Baroness Blitzkrieg into a wall. Batman and Swastika are fighting each other hand to hand. They throw punches and kicks at each other. Batman sends a roundhouse kick onto Swastika defeating him. Superman and Captain Nazi are throwing punches at each other. Superman is pounding Captain Nazi. Superman slams Captain Nazi to the ground. Superman:Batman and I will get Vandal Savage. You cousin stay with Green Lantern holding them for the police and United States Marines.” Green Lantern captures those members with his power ring. Superman and Batman go after Vandal Savage. Captain Nazi: Vandal Savage is immortal. He will harvest your organs to keep himself alive or he will age.

    In Vandal Savage’s office. Vandal Savage gets up. Superman goes flying in. Vandal Savage with the power glove zaps Superman. Savage:I will kill you all. I can see my followers failed. Rest assured. You will all die.” He falls to the ground. Batman jumps in. Batman is fired on by Vandal Savage. Batman sends a jump kick onto Vandal Savage. Batman and Vandal Savage are throwing punches at each other. Batman:I could defeat an immortal. Once you are captured no more harvesting other people’s organs as you will age and rot the rest of your life in prison.” Batman knocks the power glove off of Vandal Savage. They continue fighting each other. Superman with his heat vision blasts Vandal Savage. He falls to the ground. Superman:I got him.

    Later on outside of the Lex Corp building. There is the United States Marines present along with the Metropolis Police Department. John Stewart the Green Lantern is also present. There are also Super Girl, Superman and Batman. Vandal Savage and his Nazi team are captured. Superman:You won’t be immortal anymore Savage.Savage:I gained my powers from a meteor in the stone age.Batman:You’ll lose your powers. No more Nazis.” They are loaded into a prison transport truck. Superman:We are going now Batman. We’ll start our watch tower for both the league and society.Batman:I think my partner will join the Teen Titans.” Superman with Super Girl go flying off into the day.

    Many days later at the Justice League watch tower there are the entire Justice Society and Justice League combined. There are Batman and Superman there. Also present are Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Mr. Terrific, Plastic Man, Super Girl, Green Lantern John Stewart, Hawk Girl, Vixen, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Speedy, Mister America, The Flash Wally West, Hawk Man, Captain Marvel, Katana, Captain Atom, Star Girl, Steel John Henry Irons, Star Fire, Cyborg, Power Girl, Black Lightning, Aqua Man, Plastic Man, The New Wildcat Tom Bronson, Dr. Fate, Captain Mid-Nite and Hour Man. Superman:We are unlimited. We are the Super Friends. No more crime or dictatorship in the world. Orion has defeated Darkseid and New Genesis won the ancient war against Apokolips. We saved the world. You can all go home.” They all teleport to home. Batman and Superman are still there. They walk the tower chatting. Batman:Robin is the leader of the Titans team now. The Brotherhood of Evil has been defeated by The Doom Patrol while the Teen Titans defeated HIVE.Superman:Evil never dies. We’ll all fight any new evil out there.

  9. demolition18

    demolition18 Jedi Master star 1

    Oct 15, 2005
    Smallville Reunion: Fourth Reich


    In Russia in the day time in 2016. There is the black marketing gang. There’s also the leader present. Vandal Savage shows up. Savage:I have come for the supplies for my troops. I will soon rule the world.” Vandal Savage now has a goatee and mustache. Vandal Savage goes over to the guns. Vandal Savage buys a machine gun. Savage:This is for Red Panzer leader of the New Age Nazis who serves me.” He leaves the site.

    At Clark Kent’s home in Metropolis. There is Clark Kent present. Clark Kent goes outside.

    On the yard of the Kent’s. Black Canary with Green Arrow shows up on her motorcycle. Black Canary:Hey Kent. We need you as Superman.Clark Kent:I just became Superman half a decade ago. It’s five years I saved the world from Apokolips. I am coming.Green Arrow:That Russian criminal organization that you infiltrated is back. We must stop them. Chloe and I are in a divorce process. Our son is with Cousin Lucy.” She gets off. Black Canary goes over to Clark Kent. Black Canary:We have a place in Metropolis called the Hall of Justice.” Clark Kent transforms into Superman.

    In Metropolis at the Hall of Justice building. Superman is flying by. There’s the motorcycle carrying Black Canary and Green Arrow.

    Inside the Hall of Justice. There is the computer present. Superman comes in with Black Canary and Green Arrow. Superman:Lex Luthor was dead and came back to life half a decade ago but there’s the Russian black marketing.

    In Russia the next day. On the grounds of the black marketing band. There is an arms deal going on. Superman flies by. Superman:It’s over.Russian Black Market leader:Who ever you are you die. Kill him.” The Russian black marketers fire on Superman. Black Canary and Green Arrow show up. Green Arrow pulls out his trick arrows. Some men pull out guns on Green Arrow. He shoots them with trick arrows. Green Arrow:Now Black Canary.” Black Canary sends a sonic scream onto other Russian thugs. Superman goes after the black market leader. Superman grabs onto the black marketing leader. He throws him against the fence. Black Canary throws kicks and punches onto the rest of the Russian thugs. Superman flies over to the illegal weapons. Superman:I found their illegal weapons.” Superman melts the weapons with his heat vision.

    At Vandal Savage’s headquarters in the day time. There is der Konnigratzer march playing. There is Vandal Savage with his hand out. There is Red Panzer with his band of new age Nazis. Also present are Captain Nazi, Baroness Blitzkrieg, Reichsmark, Swastika, White Dragon and Scandal Savage the daughter of Vandal Savage. The New Age Nazis are marching around. Savage:This is my daughter Scandal. We will take over the world with Reich Four. I tried to assume the position of der fuehrer after Adolph Hitler died.Red Panzer:I started the New Age Nazis.Captain Nazi:You have Vandal Savage taking on the name Curtis Knox found me frozen in an ice berg and brought me to here.Savage:Yes. Now I will rule the world and destroy the new hero calling himself Superman. My daughter Scandal will slice the Justice League.” Scandal Savage pulls out the knives on her wrists.

    At the Daily Planet a few days later. On the main floor. There are Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Chloe Sullivan at their desks. Chloe Sullivan:Clark is doing the report on the Russian Black Marketing.Clark Kent:Superman took them down with the help of Black Canary and Green Arrow.” Perry White shows up. Perry White:Clark Kent just came back from Russia. Dr. Curtis Knox is back in town. He is really known as Vandal Savage claiming to be immortal and served the axis authority during World War 2.Clark Kent:I was once at this Russian camp.

    At the Residence in Metropolis. Kara Kent is walking by. She walks into the house.

    Inside of the Kent’s house. Kara shows up. Kara goes up to her bedroom.

    Back to the Daily Planet in Perry White’s office. There is Perry White sitting at his desk. Clark Kent shows up. Perry White:You are Clark Kent our best reporter. There’s the Hall of Justice in Metropolis. I want you to do a report on it.Clark Kent:I will. I have gotten the report on Super Boy up against Mr. Mxyzptlk.” Clark Kent leaves the place.

    On the streets of Metropolis. There is Clark Kent walking to outside of the Daily Planet with Lois Lane. Lois Lane:What has happened Smallville?Clark Kent:I saw Superman throw the camp commander against the fence post and this was ended and I think that Curtis Knox is really Vandal Savage.” John Jones shows up. Clark Kent goes over to John Jones. John Jones: I need to see Clark Kent personally.

    At the Hall of Justice in Metropolis. Inside there is the computer. Martian Manhunter shows up with Clark Kent. Oliver Queen, Dinah Lance, Bart Allen and Victor Stone show up next. They get onto the screen. John Jones:I think that I found out Curtis Knox is really Vandar Adg AKA Vandal Savage. Vandal Savage wants to take over the world and outlaw things.” There is background on Dr. Curtis Knox. There’s a reading on Vandal Savage.

    Back in Metropolis at the home of the Kent’s. There is Kara. She transforms into Super Girl. Super Girl goes flying off to the Hall of Justice.

    Back to the Hall of Justice. Super Girl shows up. John Jones turns to his Martian form. Martian Manhunter:So good of you to show up Super Girl.” Green Arrow, Cyborg, Impulse, Black Canary and Green Arrow show up. Aqua Man shows up next. Aqua Man:I am here.Impulse:I have before dealt with Red Panzer. There’s a new Red Panzer in town.Martian Manhunter:We haven’t found Vandal Savage’s base yet but I know the history of Spy Smasher who fought against the Nazis. There’s Nazism in Metropolis.

    At Vandal Savage’s palace. In the throne room. There is Vandal Savage sitting on his throne. Captain Nazi shows up. Savage:Captain Nazi. I will have you and 5 others raid a tattoo parlor. Under my enlightened leadership no more tattoos or body piercings. No more pop music or even MTV. No more sweets will be allowed to be eaten. No more cigarettes. No more gum chewing allowed in the world.Captain Nazi:We would’ve mien fuehrer ripped out so many piercings if they were so being back then.Savage:I am allot older than you think.

    Flashback to the Stone Age in the day time. There is Vandar Adg with his bear tribe. They are seated on the ground. Savage (OS):Back in the stone age a huge meteorite hit. Everyone else ran off scared. I was kept warm by it. I haven’t aged so much in over years.” A meteorite is flying by. It hits the ground. Everyone runs off in fear. Later on at night time Vandar Adg goes to sleep next to the meteorite.

    Back to 2016 at Vandal Savage’s chamber. There are Vandal Savage and Captain Nazi. Savage:This is how I got my immortality.

    Flash back to World War 2 Era. There is Spy Smasher piloting his Gyrosub. It goes flying over to a Nazi lab.

    In the Nazi lab. There is Albert Krieger tied up to a table. There are Nazi scientists there present too. They inject something into Albert Krieger. Captain Nazi leaves the place. Captain Nazi:I will meet up with Der Fuehrer.” Spy Smasher shows up moments later. Spy Smasher:It’s over. Where’s your super soldier?” Nazi scientists pull out guns. Nazi Scientist 1:You will die Spy Smasher.” Spy Smasher kicks them. One throws a punch back onto Spy Smasher. Spy Smasher throws a punch back onto him. They are beating each other up.

    Later on outside. There is Spy Smasher on his plane. The lab explodes.

    Back to 2016 at the Hall of Justice. The Justice Leaguers all come out of the place. Martian Manhunter:I have the history of Spy Smasher. What we are facing is Nazi fascism.Superman:Lana told me that a few of her friends are going to get their bellybuttons pierced.

    At a tattoo parlor in Metropolis. There are people getting tattoos. There is Jenna a blonde hair girl, Laura a red head and Christina a Hispanic girl with their friend Lana Lang present. Lana Lang:I won’t bother to get tattooed or pierced.Jenna:I want to get a black hawk tattoo.” They come in.

    Outside of the Tattoo Parlor. There is Captain Nazi and his squad of 5 New Age Nazis. Captain Nazi:I defeated Spy Smasher once but he didn’t die and I face him a number of times. Let’s destroy this place for our new fuehrer.” They break into the place. There is the Hoch and Deutschmeister march going on.

    Inside of the tattoo parlor. There are the 3 girls getting their bellybuttons pierced. Captain Nazi and his band burst into the place. Captain Nazi:Everyone be cool. Under Vandal Savage’s enlightened leadership you do as he says. No more tattoos and no more body piercings.

    Somewhere else in Metropolis. There is the Justice League present. Martian Manhunter reads on his mind a tattoo parlor raid. Martian Manhunter:It’s Captain Nazi. There’s a tattoo parlor being raided.” The Justice League heads off to the tattoo parlor.

    Back to the tattoo parlor. Captain Nazi is destroying the tattoo samples. The New Age Nazis aim their guns at the girls Laura, Jenna and Christina. Captain Nazi grabs onto Lana Lang. Captain Nazi:I see that you aren’t getting a tattoo. But your friends will go to jail for getting tattoos and be executed under Vandal Savage’s leadership. Martha Kent will answer to Vandal Savage. Your 3 friends love chewing and blowing bubble gum. No gum chewing as well anymore.Lana Lang:She’ll never ban anything. Only cigarettes if she could.Captain Nazi:We were back than going to ban all tobacco products and many of us smoked.

    Outside of the tattoo parlor. Martian Manhunter shows up with Superman, Aqua man, Cyborg, Green Arrow, Impulse, Super Girl and Black Canary. Black Canary sends out a sonic scream. Superman:Cyborg. Shoot them down.” Cyborg pulls out his sonic cannon. Cyborg targets some New Age Nazis.

    Inside of the tattoo parlor. The Justice League shows up. Superman takes on Captain Nazi. Superman:I am Superman the hero of the city.” They are throwing punches at each other. Captain Nazi pulls out kryptonite on Superman. Superman is falling to the ground. Captain Nazi:Curtis Knox knew of your weakness. He is really known to us as Vandal Savage.” Captain Nazi flies off into the day. Green Arrow aims his bow and arrow at the other New Age Nazis. Green Arrow:Hold it right there.” Lana goes over to Superman. Lana Lang:Superman.Superman:I will find their headquarters. Call the police.

    Later on outside. There is the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit. There are 5 New Age Nazis in handcuffs. There is the Justice League by Dan Turpin and Maggie Sawyer. Lana with her 3 friends goes over to the Justice League. Also present is photographer Jimmy Olsen. He takes a photo. Jimmy Olsen:I am doing work for the Daily Planet.Superman:Captain Nazi got away.Lois Lane:Perry White’s father fought in World War 2 and served Easy Company.

    Later on at the Daily Planet. On the main floor. There are people seated at their desks. Lois Lane is present. Also there is Chloe Sullivan present. Clark Kent shows up. Clark Kent:I heard that you guys were at the tattoo parlor when Captain Nazi raided it.Chloe Sullivan:Lana’s 3 friends got their bellybuttons pierced while one of Lana’s friends got a black hawk tattoo. They love bubble gum and they blew big bubbles. Her grandfather was a black hawk freedom fighter.” Clark Kent gets seated at his desk. Clark Kent:Let’s meet up on the Metropolis diner with Ollie and Dinah. My cousin Kara will meet up there too. I know that you and Oliver Queen are in a divorce process. I am ready to marry Lois Lane but she’s still not.

    Later on at the Metropolis Diner. There is Kara Kent present. Also there are Lois and Clark. Dinah Lance is with Oliver Queen there too. They get seated at a table. Clark Kent:I think that Spy Smasher defeated Captain Nazi in the old days. I was doing research while Superman fought Captain Nazi at the tattoo parlor.

    Flashback to the World War 2 era near D-Day. There is Alan Armstrong present at his home. He transforms into Spy Smasher.

    Out by the battlefield. There is Sgt. Rock with Easy Company present. Spy Smasher shows up. Sgt. Rock:Spy Smasher.Spy Smasher:Captain Nazi is back. He almost killed me.Sgt. Rock:We’ll take down Adolph Hitler as I am fighting against the Germans. Someone is calling himself Vandal Savage in the axis authority.

    Over to Berlin, Germany in the Lion’s Den. There is a band of Nazis marching. Der Konnigratzer is playing. There is Adolph Hitler with his hand up. Also present are Vandal Savage and Captain Nazi. Also there are Nazis marching. Adolph Hitler:Vandal Savage. I am impressed of you. You can send Captain Nazi to the beach.Savage:You will go to France and fight the allied forces there Captain Nazi.” Captain Nazi with some German Soldiers departs after Easy Company and Spy Smasher.

    On French beach at night time on D-Day. There is Sgt. Rock with Easy Company fighting Nazis. Also there is Spy Smasher in battle against the Nazis. There are allied forces in battle. Captain Nazi shows up. Captain Nazi:Spy Smasher. We meet again.Spy Smasher:You are hard to kill. You will pay for your war crimes.” Spy Smasher takes on Captain Nazi. They are fighting each other hand to hand. There are soldiers on both sides shooting each other. Sgt. Rock shoots down some Nazis. Spy Smasher throws Captain Nazi into the ocean. Spy Smasher shoots Captain Nazi just as he goes for his gun.

    Back to 2016 at Vandal Savage’s headquarters. There is Vandal Savage present with his daughter Scandal. Vandal Savage’s soldiers show up. They are many different men and women. They do the Nazi salute. Savage:Captain Nazi was shot in the ocean and he swam away and got frozen in an iceberg. The global warming defrosted him and I hired him.

    On the streets of Metropolis at night time. There is Lois Lane walking by. There’s a mugger down the street. That mugger shows up.

    Somewhere else on the streets of Metropolis at night time. There is Superman present. Superman is flying by. Superman flies over to near Lois Lane. The mugger pulls out a blade on Lois Lane. He aims it at her throat. Metropolis Mugger:Hold it right there or I slit your throat.” Superman zips over to the mugger. Superman:You aren’t mugging anyone else here in Metropolis. I am turning you over to the police.” The mugger swings his knife at Superman. Superman throws that mugger against the wall. Superman grabs onto that mugger.

    At the Metropolis Police Station at night time. In the evidence room. There is Dan Turpin present with Maggie Sawyer. Maggie Sawyer:I suspect that Luthor Corp is taken over by the Nazis. It’s empty.Dan Turpin:I arrested 5 guys calling themselves New Age Nazis.” Detective Maggie Sawyer is at the computer. Superman goes flying in with a mugger captured. Superman:I have a mugger for you. He tried to mug Lois Lane.” Superman gives that mugger to the police. Superman flies off into the night.

    Outside of the Metropolis police station. There is Superman present. He flies off into the night.

    On the docks of Metropolis in the day time. There is Bibbo Bibbowski. He is moving the anchors on the boat. Aqua Man shows up out of the water. Aqua Man:I am warning you. Vandal Savage could attack you.Bibbo:He won’t come to here. We are fighting for our freedom.Aqua Man:I am hunting him down.

    Flash back to May of 1945 in World War 2. At the Lion’s Den in Germany. There is Vandal Savage present with left over Nazis. There is Der Konnigratzer playing. Vandal Savage holds out his hand like Adolph Hitler did. Savage:We’ll crush the allied forces as I am the new fuehrer. Adolph Hitler has just killed himself. We’ll crush the Russians and the US forces.

    Somewhere else in Germany. There are the Black Hawk planes flying by with Spy Smasher.

    In Germany at night time on the battlefield. There is Vandal Savage with General Hoffman and his Nazi band. Spy Smasher shows up. General Hoffman:I will have my soldiers crush Spy Smasher.Savage:Your spies have failed due to him.” Some Nazi agents go after Spy Smasher. Spy Smasher battles those Nazis with his hands. He is beating them up. General Hoffman pulls out his gun. Spy Smasher pulls out his gun. They shoot at each other. Spy Smasher shoots down General Hoffman killing him. He next aims his gun at Vandal Savage. Spy Smasher:Hold it right there Vandal Savage. You are to be executed for your war crimes.Savage:Execution won’t kill me. I am immortal.

    Many days later in Nuremberg, Germany. There are the soldiers gathered together along with Spy Smasher and his allies. There are soldiers taking Vandal Savage prisoner. Trial Officer: Vandal Savage has been found guilty of war crimes against the US. He is to be hung by the neck on this day until dead. May God have mercy on your soul?” Vandal Savage is placed at his post. A noose is tied around Vandal Savage’s neck. Vandal Savage is being hung. Vandal Savage’s body is being dropped.

    Back to 2016. At Vandal Savage’s headquarters. There is Vandal Savage with his soldiers and the New Age Nazis. Also present is the 4th Reich team. Savage:I was sentenced to hang and they failed to kill me. Red Panzer. Your Nazis will raid the dance hall while those men and women who serve me will raid a candy shop.” Vandal Savage’s troops depart with Red Panzer’s thugs.

    At a dance hall at night time. There is a globe up there. The song It Ends Tonight by All American Rejects is playing. There are a bunch of men and women gathered together. Red Panzers thugs come into the place.

    At a candy shop at night time. There are Vandal Savage troops present.

    At the Hall of Justice. There is Martian Manhunter at the computer. He finds a dance hall raid. Also he finds a candy shop being raided. Martian Manhunter:Superman. You take Black Canary and Green Arrow with you to the dance hall while the others go to the candy shop. Vandal Savage arranged an attack on those places. I will find his whereabouts.” The entire Justice League is present. Superman heads off with Black Canary and Green Arrow to the dance hall. Super Girl with Impulse and Cyborg head off to the candy shop.

    Back to the dance hall. There are Red Panzer Nazis holding everyone at gun point. Red Panzer Nazi:Everyone hold it right there. Under Vandal Savage’s leadership no more bubblegum pop music.” Superman flies in holding Black Canary and Green Arrow. Superman:We are freedom fighters here to stop you. I saved the world from Apokolips half a decade ago.” Green Arrow pulls out his arrows and bow. Green Arrow shoots down some New Age Nazis. Others run up to Black Canary. Black Canary sends a kick onto one. Black Canary sends a punch onto another. She is beating them up. Green Arrow shoots down on more New Age Nazi with his boxing glove arrow. Superman goes over to the New Age Nazis. Superman:I am rounding up the new Age Nazis.

    At the Candy Shop outside. Vandal Savage’s troops fire on the place. Super Girl shows up carrying Cyborg and Impulse speeds by. Super Girl:It’s over. Vandal Savage will not have the world.” Cyborg shoots some Savage soldiers with his sonic cannon as they fire on him. Cyborg:Boo Ya!” Impulse is fired on by Vandal Savage’s troops. He speeds by them throwing punches. Others fire on Super Girl. Super Girl grabs onto them and throws them men and women into each other. Cyborg holds them with his sonic cannon. Cyborg:Hold it right there.

    Later on back at the Hall of Justice. There is John Jones at the computer. He transforms into Martian Manhunter.

    Somewhere else nearby the Daily Planet. There is Jimmy Olsen with Chloe Sullivan and Lois Lane. Chloe Sullivan:John Jones says that Vandal Savage is hiding out at Luthor Corp building. We must stop them.” Vandal Savage shows up with the 4th Reich team. Savage:I am taking you nosy reporters with me. I once was going to remove your organs Miss Sullivan.Scandal Savage:We want to hire the Daily Planet employees to do a report on us. My father will take over the world. We were going to use you Miss Sullivan to make my step mother immortal.Red Panzer:I think that my gang has failed us. We’ll get them back.” Vandal Savage has his gun aimed at the reporters. The others surround them.

    Back at the Hall of Justice. Martian Manhunter is on the computer. He finds something. The Justice League shows up. Martian Manhunter:Let’s all go together to a Luthor Corp building. Vandal Savage has taken it over.Superman:Lex killed his father Lionel long ago.Martian Manhunter:In league with Vandal Savage is his daughter Scandal. Also there are Red Panzer leader of the New Age Nazis. There are others called Baroness Blitzkrieg, White Dragon, Swastika, Reichsmark and Captain Nazi.Superman:I will take on Vandal Savage.Black Canary:Super Girl and I will take Scandal Savage and Baroness Blitzkrieg.Super Girl:We’ll face the women.Impulse:I have faced them before.Aqua Man:I just defeated Ocean Master who’s my half brother Orm before we all joined together to fight against the Fourth Reich.

    Later on at Vandal Savage’s headquarters. Vandal Savage and his whole 4th Reich team show up with Lois, Chloe and Jimmy’s little brother taken hostage. Reichsmark:If any of you try to escape you will be turned into statues.Swastika:Just be quiet and I won’t shoot you.” The Justice League shows up. Superman takes on Vandal Savage. Super Girl takes on Scandal Savage. Scandal Savage:I know your weakness. It’s kryptonite. I will slice you up.Baroness Blitzkrieg:Face me now Black Canary you vigilante.” Martian Manhunter takes on Captain Nazi. Green Arrow takes on Swastika. Black Canary takes on Baroness Blitzkrieg. Cyborg takes on Reichsmark. Impulse takes on Red Panzer. Red Panzer: You are faster than Superman.” Aqua Man takes on White Dragon. White Dragon:Just like catching a fish out of the water.” Scandal Savage pulls out the knives on her hands. She swings them at Super Girl. Super Girl throws a punch onto Scandal Savage. Scandal Savage strikes Super Girl. Her blades brake. Super Girl throws Scandal Savage against the wall. Black Canary and Baroness Blitzkrieg throw punches at each other as does Aqua Man and White Dragon. Cyborg and Reichsmark throw punches at each other. Cyborg uppercuts Reichsmark. Captain Nazi and Martian Manhunter are throwing punches at each other. Captain Nazi:I am invincible. You can’t stop me. Spy Smasher has tried to stop me many times before.” Swastika shoots at Green Arrow. Swastika:I hate vigilantes.” Green Arrow shoots Swastika with a trick arrow tying him up. Black Canary sends out a sonic scream onto Baroness Blitzkrieg. Vandal Savage pulls out his sword. Savage:Maybe I will kill you with this sword.” Vandal Savage swings his sword onto Superman. It breaks. Vandal Savage and Superman now throw punches onto each other. Aqua Man with a kick defeats White Dragon. Red Panzer shoots Impulse with his cannon. Impulse speeds around Red Panzer. Red Panzer gets dizzy. Impulse throws speed punches onto Red Panzer. Cyborg with his sonic cannon shoots down Reichsmark. Cyborg:Boo Ya!” Martian Manhunter puts his hand through Captain Nazi. Captain Nazi is next punched by the Martian. He is knocked down. Superman flicks his finger onto Vandal Savage. Vandal Savage hits a wall. Police sirens are going off. Superman:You are all going to prison.Lois Lane: Where’s Smallville?Superman:He’s fine Lois. I saved you from the modern Nazis.Martian Manhunter:There is always evil out there and we’ll recruit more into the Justice League.

    Later on outside. There are police cars. There are Maggie Sawyer and Dan Turpin present. There is Vandal Savage in handcuffs along with his daughter and 4th Reich team. Savage:I am immortal. Those bars won’t hold me.Superman:Maybe you will lose your immortality and age.” The Justice League is standing there too. Vandal Savage and company are loaded into the prison transport vehicle.

    Days later at the Hall of Justice. There is John Jones at the computer. Also present are Superman, Aqua Man, Impulse, Cyborg, Black Canary, Green Arrow and Super Girl. Martian Manhunter:I am recruiting more to join with us in the Justice League. We’ll be unlimited. One day Lex Luthor will be out there. Conner Kent as Super Boy defeated Mr. Mxyzptlk.” They all leave the hall of justice.

  10. demolition18

    demolition18 Jedi Master star 1

    Oct 15, 2005
    Smallville Reunion: Legion of Doom


    Outside on the streets of Metropolis at night time. There is Ray Sacks with all of his goons and 2 others who helped him try to throw Lois Lane off of the roof of the Daily Planet years ago. Ray Sacks:Soon I will become the DA as we kill the current DA. The Blur has become Superman years ago. Maybe we will join up with Lex Luthor as he runs for president of the United States.” There’s the Doomsday creature somewhere on the streets of Metropolis. Doomsday appears in front of former DA Ray Sacks and his goons. Ray Sacks:He’s the Kryptonian monster that the Red and Blue Blur has defeated years ago. Let’s waste this monster.” Ray Sacks’s goons pull out guns. They fire on Doomsday. Doomsday throws punches onto the 2 goons who tried to throw Lois Lane off of the Daily Planet roof years ago. He scratches them killing them. Others fire on Doomsday. Ray Sacks:He must be bulletproof. Shoot him in the head.” Doomsday does a sonic clap onto them. Doomsday bangs some more goons into each other. Doomsday grabs hold of Ray Sacks. Doomsday slams Ray Sacks into the ground. Doomsday crushes Ray Sacks killing him.

    At the Daily Planet outside. There is Clark Kent with his wife Lois Lane walking by. Also there is Jimmy Olsen walking by. Perry White walks by them. Perry White:We just had a report that Ray Sacks the former DA has been killed by this Doomsday creature. I need you Clark on it.Clark Kent:I am right there.Jimmy Olsen:I remember my brother was doing my job here years ago and was killed by this thing. Superman recently defused a bomb 7 years after becoming Superman. It was half a year ago. Lex Luthor said that the terrorist leader was arrested by Jamie Sawyer the daughter of Maggie Sawyer as this terrorist network was arrested by the Special Crimes Unit.” Clark Kent vanishes.

    Somewhere in an alley. Clark Kent shows up. Clark Kent removes his glasses. Clark Kent transforms into Superman. Superman goes flying off into the city.

    Somewhere in downtown Metropolis. There is Doomsday terrorizing the city. There are many people there present watching. Superman goes flying by. Superman:I will deal with him.” Doomsday sends a punch onto Superman. Superman throws a punch back onto Doomsday. They are throwing punches at each other. Superman grabs onto Doomsday. Superman slams the Doomsday creature to the ground. Superman shoots lasers out of his eyes in between Doomsday’s eyes. Superman lobotomizes Doomsday. Lois Lane shows up driving her car with Jimmy Olsen aboard. They come out. Jimmy Olsen takes photos with his camera. Jimmy Olsen:He will pay for my older brother years ago.” Snapper Carr with his NEWS crew shows up. Snapper Carr goes over to Superman. Snapper Carr:Superman. It’s Snapper Carr. What have you done?Superman:I lobotomized him. I will send him to the phantom zone.Jimmy Olsen: Superman. I heard that you as the red and blue blur buried him alive years ago. I know that this thing killed my brother as my ex sister in law told me.Superman:He also killed a mob guy in Bruno Mannheim’s gang.

    At the Legion of Doom Headquarters in the swamps of Metropolis inside later on at night time. There is Lex Luthor the head of the legion present in a suit and tie. Also present is Lucas Luthor Lex’s half brother. There are also John Corben AKA Metallo, Oswald Loomis also known as Prankster, clone Leslie Willis also known as Live Wire, Parasite, Black Manta, Dr. Anton Hastor the reincarnated Hath-Set, Plastique, Toy Man, Felix Faust, King Shark, Roulette, Atomic Skull, Cyborg Superman, Deathstroke now in orange and blue clothes, Bizzaro, Justin Ballantine also known as Libra and Conduit. Also present is Inter Gang run by Bruno Mannheim. On Inter Gang there are Kyle Abbot, Whisper A’Daire a woman, Johnny Stitches and other Italians. Luthor:Superman has defeated Vandal Savage. I am president and this Doomsday creature killed Ray Sacks and his goons.Lucas Luthor:I know brother that you were once killed by Green Arrow and he’s made many attempts to kill you. With making an imperfect replicant of Superman I have also had Neutron and Live Wire cloned. Neutron is somewhere else and he will kill Captain Atom.Luthor:I will have my revenge on him. Superman has even defeated Vandal Savage 2 and half years ago. I call us the Legion of Doom. We’ll crush the Justice League and Justice Society. 2 and a half years ago Superman defeated Vandal Savage while Super Boy defeated Mikhail Mxyzptlk.Dr. Anton Hastor:In the previous life I was the high priest Hath-Set and I killed the Thanagarian lovers and in this lifetime I killed Hawk Woman. I will kill Mr. Terrific who took Hawk Man’s place as leader of the Justice Society. Those reincarnated lovers have a son named Hector I had just found out.Luthor:I rule the United States.Libra:I could with my flaming spear kill the Green Arrow.Live Wire:I was once killed by Tess Mercer and you brought me back to life through cloning. I know that she’s dead now.Luthor:We’ll crush the Justice League and Justice Society. Superman in this generation leads the Justice League. I am sending you Bruno Mannheim with your gang known as Intergang to your turf. I remember that I killed Morgan Edge years ago and that you Bruno Mannheim killed Ron Milano the old boss. I have Solomon Grundy, Captain Cold and Vordigan the Dark Archer in Central City. Impulse is with Cyborg on War World up against Mongul and his forces.Bruno Mannheim:This Doomsday creature killed one of my men and this woman calling herself Stiletto has retired. Now there’s Superman.

    In Central City in the day time. There is Vordigan present along with Solomon Grundy and Dark Archer. Vordigan :I trained Green Arrow. He could be up against us.Captain Cold:The Justice League women are up against the female furies as Super Girl is up against Granny Goodness. Impulse is on another world. We’ll kill Superman.Vordigan:I could get kryptonite arrows.” Blue Beetle Jamie Reyes shows up with Superman and Super Boy. Blue Beetle:It’s over.Superman: You are all going to prison.Captain Cold:Not so fast Superman.” Captain Cold shoots ice at them. Superman melts the ice with this heat vision. Superman takes on Captain Cold. Super Boy takes on Vordigan. The Dark Archer shoots arrows at Super Boy. Blue Beetle takes on Solomon Grundy. Solomon Grundy bangs his hands on Blue Beetle. Blue Beetle sends Solomon Grundy energy projection. Super Boy grabs onto Dark Archer. Super boy throws Vordigan against a wall. Captain Cold is shooting ice at Superman. Superman melts the ice with his heat vision. Superman grabs onto Captain Cold. He throws him against the wall. Blue Beetle shoots beams on Solomon Grundy knocking him out. Blue Beetle:He was Cyrus Gold who was murdered. Those who murdered him were in battle with El Diablo and El Diablo defeated them.” Solomon Grundy falls down to the ground. Super Boy with Superman flies off into the day. Superman: Call the police. My partial clone and I will meet at the watch tower. Lex Luthor formed a legion of doom.” Blue Beetle gets onto his cell phone to call the police.

    At the Justice League watch tower later on in the day time. There is Chloe Sullivan at the computer present. Lois Lane-Kent is also there. Lois Lane:I should soon meet with my kids at my sister’s place.Chloe Sullivan:I saw that Blue Beetle is staying in Central City.” Superman goes flying in with Super Boy. Super Boy goes over to Lois Lane-Kent. Superman:You can join us. Lex Luthor has united criminal gangs with many other super criminals. I could use you to stop them.” Oliver Queen, Roy Harper, Arthur Curry and John Jones show up next. John Jones:I think that Lex Luthor has formed a legion of doom. Leslie Willis also known as Live Wire was also cloned as she is brought back to life. The Prankster I defeated and he’s now out of prison.Green Arrow:Mia is now known as Speedy. She’s with Black Canary, Zatanna and Super Girl your cousin against the female furies.Roy Harper:Super Girl is dealing with Granny Goodness while Zatanna, Black Canary and Speedy are dealing with the female furies while Cyborg and Impulse are dealing with Mongul and his forces.Superman:We have had enemies who don’t all stay dead.” They go over to Super Boy. John Jones:Let’s get suited up. We have investigations to do.” John Jones with Roy Harper, Arthur Curry and Oliver Queen go to get suited up as Martian Manhunter, Aqua Man, Red Arrow and Green Arrow.

    At the Hall of Justice in the day time. There is present Michael Holt also known as Mr. Terrific with the son of the reincarnated loves Hector Hall. Also there are Courtney Whitmore and Thomas Bronson the new Wildcat. Also there is the new Hawk Girl Kendra Saunders. Michael Holt:This is my new girlfriend Kendra Saunders. I found that out Dr. Anton Hastor the reincarnation of Hath-Set has killed Shyera and is trying to kill me. Anton Hastor must’ve ordered the first Icicle who is long dead to kill Hawk Woman. Carter Hall is also dead. I know that Death Stroke killed him. His son Hector has become the new Dr. Fate.” There is Courtney Whitmore chewing pink bubble gum. She blows a big bubble and it pops all over her face landing on her nose and chin. Michael Holt:Courtney. Get rid of the gum now and suit up.” Courtney Whitmore gets rid of her gum. Hector Hall pulls out his Dr. Fate helmet. Tom Bronson:Ted Grant had just retired so I took his place.” Courtney Whitmore, Thomas Bronson and Michael Holt get suited up as Star Girl, Wild Cat and Mr. Terrific.

    At the Daily Planet later on in the day time. There is Clark Kent present at his desk. Also there is Lois Lane-Kent at her desk. Jimmy Olsen is also there. Perry White shows up Clark Kent:He’s a partially altered clone of me. Those who Superman and Super Boy along with Blue Beetle faced in Central City as Lex Luthor testified against those who put a bomb in an elevator.Jimmy Olsen:We could clone my brother who worked here years ago but it won’t happen. Superman has avenged him. I know that Jamie Sawyer is the arresting officer of the terrorist mastermind just as veteran cop Dan Turpin went after those terrorists.Perry White:Clark Kent. I need you to get the report on Intergang back out there. Detective John Jones of our local police is after them as is Dan Turpin and they are going after Lex Luthor. Ron Tourpe is doing the report on Captain Atom vs. Neutron.Clark Kent:I am on it.” Clark Kent departs into the day.

    Somewhere else on the streets of Metropolis in an alley. Clark Kent walks by. He transforms into Superman. Dr. Fate appears with Hawk Man, Hawk Girl, Star Girl and Wildcat. Wildcat:I am the new Wildcat. I know that you Superman were once known as the Blur and even the Red and Blue Blur.” The Justice Society goes over to Superman. Superman:I am going after Intergang.Mr. Terrific:So are we. There’s also the killer of Hawk Man and Hawk Woman in league with Lex Luthor. He killed them in the previous life. Ted Grant retired as Wildcat and not that many years ago Hector Hall became the new Dr. Fate. Alan Scott and Jay Garrick are on a mission fighting against Despero and his forces teaming up with a rebellion.Superman:The others in the league are joining with New Genesis at war with Apokolips. I heard that Orion will take on Darkseid. Those killed by Green Arrow were somehow brought back by Darkseid’s scientists. Kent Nelson as Dr. Fate predicted that Lex Luthor is my ultimate enemy. Let’s nail Intergang. I remember that Lex Luthor killed his father and even killed Morgan Edge years ago. Captain Atom is going after the resurrected Neutron. Rick Flag said that Plastique left Task Force X to join with Lex Luthor’s team. Lucas Luthor has Live Wire, Bizzaro and Neutron brought back to life through cloning just like Lex Luthor did. ” Superman with the Justice Society goes off into the city of Metropolis.

    At the turf of Inter Gang outside. Superman shows up with the Justice League. Superman:My wife Lois as Stiletto defeated Bruno Mannheim when I was known as the Red and Blue Blur years ago.” They go to inside of the building.

    Inside of the Intergang building. There is present Bruno Mannheim with other Italian mobsters along with Kyle Abbot, Whisper A’Daire and Johnny Stitches. Bruno Mannheim:Lex Luthor gave me kryptonite bullets in that gun to shoot and kill Superman with. We’ll get rid of the Justice League and Justice Society and we’ll even kill Detective John Jones.” Superman shows up with the Justice Society. Superman:We are turning you people over to the police.” Star Girl takes on Whisper A’Daire. Wildcat takes on Johnny Stitches. Mister Terrific takes on Kyle Abbot. Hawk Girl and Dr. Fate take on other Italian mob guys. Superman takes on Bruno Mannheim. Bruno Mannheim:You waste those members of the Justice Society while I waste Superman.” Hawk Girl and Dr. Fate throw punches onto the Italian mobsters as they throw punches at them. Whisper A’Daire spits acid at Star Girl. Star Girl with her staff blocks the acid. Star Girl next clobbers Whisper A’Daire with her staff. Mister Terrific and Kyle Abbot are throwing punches at each other. Kyle Abbot:It could be better to face you at night as I am a werewolf.” Johnny Stitches throws punches at Wildcat. Wildcat Cat uppercuts Johnny Stitches. He knocks him to the ground. Mister Terrific sends an uppercut onto Kyle Abbot next. Bruno Mannheim pulls out a gun onto Superman. Superman grabs the gun and throws is aside. Superman throws Bruno Mannheim against the wall. Dr. Fate:Now we’ll send them to the Metropolis police.” Dr. Fate sends Intergang to the Metropolis police station.

    Outside of the Metropolis Police station. There is present Lt. Dan Turpin with his officers. All those members of Intergang with the leader Bruno Mannheim show up. The Metropolis cops and Dan Turpin pull out their guns. Dan Turpin:I have been looking for you guys. Maggie Sawyer is retired from the force. You men are under arrest. Give up Lex Luthor with those other super villains.Bruno Mannheim:Never. The Justice Society and Superman will pay for this.” They aim them at the mob guys. They all get up with hands on their heads.

    Somewhere inside of the Legion of Doom headquarters later on in the day time. There is Lex Luthor walking by with King Shark. Also there are Dr. Caselli, Darius, Jonah Doyle, Dr. Otis Ford, Dr. Edward Groll, Dr. Jansen, Kat a woman, Ray and Jose Santana leader of the 13 Gang. Luthor:I was years ago thought to be dead. I know that Superman has a partially altered clone of himself. We’ll crush the Justice League and Justice Society. I know that Amanda Waller with other members of Checkmate was killed by Zod while Zod was defeated by Superman when he was just known as the Blur. You employees of mine will depart after the Justice League along with King Shark. We’ll even kill Superman and Mr. Terrific. I know that the Icicle was killed by Amanda Waller. I think I know who the Green Arrow really is. ” King Shark departs after the Justice League members with those other Luthor employees as Lex Luthor stays behind with Jose Santana.

    Somewhere near the Justice League watch tower. There is Chloe Sullivan present. Also there are Martian Manhunter, Aqua Man, Red Arrow and Green Arrow. Also there is Super Boy. Super Boy:I will take down Lex Luthor.Chloe Sullivan:Dr. Fate saw our future and my ex brother in law is now a photographer at the Daily Planet. I lost my powers years ago. Lana Lang and Pete Ross got married and just recently had their first child and Clark’s cousin Kara as Super Girl is dealing with Darkseid’s forces. My son is with my dad.Green Arrow: I trained Mia to become Speedy and Roy to become Red Arrow. You and I got divorced 2 years ago and I am with Dinah now.” King Shark shows up along with those Luthor employees. King Shark:You must be Super Boy. I know that Aqua Man defeated Ocean Master and that Black Manta is in league with Lex Luthor. Face me Super Boy while you others face Superman’s allies.” Super Boy takes on King Shark. Chloe Sullivan takes on Kat. Martian Manhunter with Red Arrow and Green Arrow take on the other Luthor employees. Martian Manhunter puts his hand through Ray knocking him down to the ground. Martian Manhunter:You once made Green Arrow kill Clark Kent. I saved his life.” Dr. Ford and Dr. Groll pull out their guns. Red Arrow and Green Arrow shoot them down with trick arrows. King Shark swings his claws at Super Boy. King Shark:Maybe you aren’t as powerful as Superman is.” Super Boy throws a punch back onto King Shark. They are fighting each other hand to hand. Dr. Jansen with Jonah Doyle and Darius pull out their guns next. Green Arrow and Red Arrow shoot them down with stun arrows. Dr. Caselli goes for his gun on Martian Manhunter. Dr. Caselli:I remember when Impulse took me down at the Daily Planet before there was Superman.” The Martian Manhunter throws a punch onto Dr. Caselli. He throws him to the ground. Super Boy throws some hard punches onto King Shark. Super Boy throws a punch onto King Shark knocking him down. Chloe Sullivan throws punches and kicks onto Kat knocking her to the ground. Super Boy:I will deliver them to the police.Chloe Sullivan:You have done well cousin Kon-El.

    Later on at the home of the Kent’s at night time in the living room. There is the television on. Also present are Lois Lane-Kent and Clark Kent. Also there is children and Connor Kent the partial clone of Clark Kent. Lois Lane:Have you found Lex Luthor?Clark Kent:No.Connor Kent:I did as Super Boy defeated a shark like villain and we took down Luthor employees. Maybe we’ll take down the rest of the Legion of Doom.Clark Kent:Before I was Superman Dr. Fate had told me of leading a generation of heroism. Dr. Fate I think is the son of Hawk Man. Hector Hall is the son of Shyera and Carter Hall. I had found that out just before Ray Sacks went to trying to take back his role as DA.Lois Lane:I know that his 2 goons who helped throw me off of the roof at the Daily Planet when he was DA were killed along with him as was he by Doomsday.

    At the Legion of Doom headquarters at night time. There is present Lex Luthor. Also there is present Cyborg Superman and Deathstroke. Luthor:My employees are taken down by the Justice League. I am sending you Death Stroke with Cyborg Superman after Super Boy and his host Superman. John Corben wanted to join the Justice League. He’s on our side. He became Metallo when I was dead.Deathstroke:I was years ago defeated by the Blur and I know he’s now Superman. The VRA had been repealed as I have gone to the phantom zone.Luthor:Get them. I am president of the United States and bring back Ray Sacks by cloning him. He wanted to join up with us and Doomsday killed him.” Deathstroke departs with Cyborg Superman after Superman and Super Boy.

    In Atlantis at night time. There is Arthur Curry the king of the 7 seas present. Also present are Mera AC’s wife and their son Arthur Curry Jr. Also there are the people of Atlantis present. Arthur Curry:I did as Aqua Man defeated my evil half brother known as Ocean Master. Black Manta who is now in league with President Lex Luthor knew who planted a bomb 7 years after the blur has become Superman. Lex Luthor is leading the Legion of Doom. I will take down the Legion of Doom. My kids are in the sea. I know that this terrorist network that Lex Luthor testified has been defeated by the Special Crimes Unit.

    Back at the home of the Kent’s. In the kitchen there is Lois Lane’s cell phone. It rings. Lois Lane goes over to answer her phone. Lois Lane answers the phone. It’s Perry White. Lois Lane:It’s me Lois.Perry White:I need you to get a story on Cyborg Superman and Death stroke attacking Metropolis. You have before been rescued by Superman. You get the Superman story.” Clark and Connor Kent show up. Lois Lane:I am on it. I’ll find Superman.” They hang up. Clark Kent:We’ll go after those 2 super villains. I first faced Metallo when I was just known as the Blur. I sent Slade to the Phantom Zone.Lois Lane:Go get them Smallville.” They transform into Superman and Super Boy.

    Somewhere else on the streets of Metropolis. There are Cyborg Superman and Death Stroke present. They are terrorizing the city. Superman shows up with his genetic clone Super Boy. Superman:We are here to stop you. You could my partial clone be immune to kryptonite. You’ll face Deathstroke as I face my cyborg copy cat.” Superman takes on Cyborg Superman. Super Boy takes on Deathstroke. Deathstroke shoots kryptonite bullets at Super Boy. He misses. Super Boy sends a hard punch onto Deathstroke. They are throwing punches onto each other as are Superman and Cyborg Superman. Superman and Super Boy bang Cyborg Superman and Deathstroke into each other. Super Boy:We’ll leave you guys for the police.” Police sirens are going off. The police cars with the Special Crimes Unit show up. Superman departs with Super Boy from the streets of Metropolis. Superman:Let’s go meet up at the watch tower with my cousin in law Chloe.

    Later on at night time at the Justice League watch tower on the inside. There is Chloe Sullivan present. Superman and Super Boy go flying into the place. They go over to Chloe Sullivan. Superman:My partial clone and I just defeated Deathstroke and Cyborg Superman. The SCU should take them in. I think that Lucas is in league with his half brother Lex. I will go to work tomorrow at the Daily Planet. I got the story on Cyborg Superman and Deathstroke.

    The next day at the Daily Planet on the upper floors in Perry White’s office. There is Perry White present. Also there is Jimmy Olsen. Jimmy Olsen:I remember when my older brother did my job and my ex sister in law gave me his camera at the service. I will get pictures of Superman. I am friends with him. I started here when Superman and the Justice Leaguers faced Vandal Savage and his Nazi team.” Clark Kent shows up with his wife Lois Lane. Perry White:Come take a seat.Clark Kent:Superman with the hero called Super Boy has defeated those 2 super villains. My cousin is out of here again.” They get seated in Perry White’s office. Perry White:You have done well. I hired you 2 back before the attack of the Kandorians years ago.Clark Kent:Superman and other members of the Justice League have defeated Vandal Savage and his Nazi minions five years after The Blur has become Superman.

    Somewhere else in the Daily Planet building. There is Clark Kent with Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. They go to their desks. Clark Kent:Superman should soon find Lex Luthor. I have gotten stories on him even when he was known as the Blur and even the Red and Blue Blur when your brother Jimmy saw him.

    At the Legion of Doom headquarters later on in the day time. There is Lex Luthor present. Also there are Prankster, Toy Man and Parasite. Also there is the 13 gang with their leader Jose Santana. Luthor:I have you Prankster with your nano bots to kill the Justice League and Justice Society. You Jose Santana with your gang spilt up from Prankster, Parasite and Toy Man. Green Arrow made an attempt to kill me with one of your explosive toys Toy Man. Let’s get the league and society. I knew Curtis Knox. He’s really the immortal tyrant known as Vandal Savage and leader of modern day Nazis. Superman and the Justice League have defeated him. Vandal Savage killed those who mugged me when I was running for senator around Christmas as I had a dream of my future. He killed this entire criminal gang.” Jose Santana with the 13 Gang departs the legion of doom headquarters. Prankster:You Parasite with Toy Man will go with me after members of the Justice League and Justice Society. You years ago worked for the Tess Mercer and were betrayed by her.” Parasite departs with Prankster and Toy Man.

    Somewhere else on the streets of Metropolis. There is Wildcat with Green Arrow and Red Arrow. Wildcat:I had boxing training by Ted Grant once.Green Arrow:I started the Justice League years ago and now Superman leads it.” The Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna show up. The Wonder Twins now have on costumes with letters of their first names on their shirts that are purple. Jayna:Zan and I want to join the Justice League now. We are known as the Wonder Twins.Green Arrow:We are going after the 13 Gang. Vengeance who killed the old leader and fought them before is dealing with Lex Luthor’s ex girlfriend known as Contessa and last year they had a daughter named Lena.“ They head off to the turf of the 13 Gang.

    At the turf of the 13 Gang. Jose Santana and his gang show up. Jose Santana:The Justice League defeated me before and I know that Lex Luthor’s ex girlfriend is dealing with the angel of vengeance who went after us before just as they had a baby girl named Lena last year.” Green Arrow, Red Arrow and Wildcat show up with the Wonder Twins. Green Arrow:It’s over. You guys are going back to prison.Jose Santana:Get them. I will face you Wildcat.” The members of the 13 Gang pull out switch blades and clubs. Wonder Twins:Wonder Twin powers activate.” The Wonder Twins put their powers together. Jayna turns into a Doberman pinscher. Zan turns into a tidal wave. Those gang members go after the heroes. Jayna in the form of a dog jumps onto a gang member with a club. She growls and shows teeth at him. Zan as a tidal wave strikes a gang member with switch blades. Wildcat takes on Jose Santana the leader of the gang hand to hand. Other members go after Green Arrow and Red Arrow. They shoot them down with trick arrows. Tom Bronson as Wildcat uppercuts Jose Santana the leader of the 13 Gang. Wildcat:I defeated the leader. Soon we’ll bring down Lex Luthor.” Police cars show up. Dan Turpin gets out of one car and John Jones gets out of the other car. They have guns drawn. The cops aim their guns at the 13 Gang and the leader Jose Santana. Dan Turpin:Hold it right there Santana. You are under arrest. Where’s Lex Luthor?Jose Santana: I am not telling you. I know my rights.John Jones:I need you members of the Justice League and Justice Society to come with me. We’ll find Lex Luthor and the rest of the Legion of Doom.Wonder Twins:Wonder Twin powers deactivate.” The Wonder Twins turn back into themselves. John Jones goes over to Red Arrow, Wildcat, Green Arrow and the Wonder Twins. They vanish.

    Somewhere else on the streets of Metropolis. There is Superman present. Also there are Mr. Terrific and Dr. Fate who’s the son of Hawk Man and Hawk Woman. Superman:I know that you Dr. Fate are the son of Hawk Man and Hawk Woman.Mr. Terrific:It took me years to find out that Dr. Anton Hastor killed Shyera. He ordered it. He’s the reincarnated Hath-Set. He poisoned them in the previous life and there they didn’t have any kids.” Prankster shows up with Toy Man and Parasite. Prankster:Get them! Kill them!” The Prankster sends nano bots after the heroes. Superman blasts the nano bots with his heat vision. Parasite jumps onto Dr. Fate. He takes his powers. Toy Man takes out his mechanical toys. Mr. Terrific clobbers them with his hands. Superman grabs onto Prankster and Toy Man. He throws them to the ground. Parasite:I got you all now. I have your powers Dr. Fate.” Parasite shoots magic at Superman with Dr. Fate’s powers. Mr. Terrific throws a punch striking Parasite. Dr. Fate goes over to Parasite. Dr. Fate:Now I will take my powers back.” Dr. Fate gets his powers back. Superman:We are turning you 3 criminals over to the police.” Dr. Fate teleports himself with Superman and Mr. Terrific to the Metropolis police station along with The Prankster, Toy Man and Parasite.

    Outside of the Metropolis Police Station in the day time. There is Dan Turpin present. Dr. Fate shows up with Superman and Mark Terrific taking Parasite, the Prankster and Toy Man prisoner. Mr. Terrific:Lt. Turpin. I have 3 of those men who might be working for Lex Luthor.Dan Turpin:You 3 know your rights but I will find Lex Luthor. Where is he?Toy Man:He has the headquarters that moves. We don’t know where it’s at now. Lex Luthor brought me out as he has come back to life.Parasite:He killed his half sister before becoming president of the United States.” Dan Turpin pulls out his gun as do some other cops. They aim them at the villains. Superman:Let’s get to watch tower as Lois and Jimmy are at the Daily Planet.” Dr. Fate teleports himself with Superman and Mister Terrific to the Justice League Watch Tower.

    At the Daily Planet in the day time. There is Lois Lane present. Also there is Jimmy Olsen present. Perry White shows up. Perry White:I think that Super Boy with the Justice League and Justice Society have found the Legion of Doom and even found Lex Luthor. I need you 2 on it now.” Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen depart going out for a story.

    At the Legion of Doom headquarters in the day time. There is present Lex Luthor with the remains of the legion. Luthor:Felix Faust. I need you with your sorcery teleport us to my building. I have my power suit here. As president of the United States and we’ll destroy the Justice League and Justice Society.Felix Faust:Right on it Mr. Luthor.” Felix Faust is transporting the legion headquarters to the Luthor Corp building.

    At the Luthor Corp building. The Legion of Doom Headquarters shows up and lands nearby the building. Lex Luthor and the entire legion come out of the place.

    Inside of Lex Luthor’s office. Lex Luthor shows up with the remnants of the Legion of Doom. Luthor:You will half brother put on your suit and I have a more powerful power suit and we’ll defeat the Justice League and Justice Society.” Lex Luthor goes for his power suit just as Lucas Luthor puts on his battle suit. Lex Luthor and the remaining legion members go to outside. Luthor:Let’s destroy the Justice League and Justice Society.

    At the Justice League watch tower in the day time. There is Chloe Sullivan present at the computer. Also there are the Justice Leaguers Green Arrow, Red Arrow, Aqua Man, Martian Manhunter, The Wonder Twins and the Justice Society members Mr. Terrific, Dr. Fate, Star Girl, Hawk Girl and Wildcat. Super Boy is also there. Chloe Sullivan:I will need you psychics together to find the legion of doom headquarters.Dr. Fate:Kent Nelson in my costume foresaw Superman going up against Lex Luthor. Maybe this will be when we bring him down.” Martian Manhunter with Dr. Fate together goes tracking down Lex Luthor with the legion remnants. Martian Manhunter:Dr. Fate and I have found the legion headquarters at the Luthor Corp building.Dr. Fate:You stay behind Chloe while I teleport the rest with myself to the place.Chloe Sullivan:Soon the Justice League will be unlimited.” Dr. Fate teleports everyone to the Luthor Corp building.

    Outside of the Luthor Corp. building. Lex Luthor shows up with the rest of the Legion of Doom. Luthor:Let’s nail the league and society.” The Justice Society and Justice League show up with Super Boy. Super Boy:It’s over legion. I was created to help fight against you men.Wonder Twins:Wonder Twin powers activate.” The Wonder Twin powers activate. Jayna turns into a gorilla. Zan turns into a giant hammer. Luthor:You’ll face me Superman as I am your ultimate enemy.” Zan takes on Bizzaro. Jayna takes on Roulette. Star Girl takes on Live Wire. Mr. Terrific takes on Dr. Anton Hastor the reincarnated Hath-Set. Hawk Girl takes on Plastique. Martian Manhunter takes on Metallo. Dr. Fate takes on Felix Faust. Red Arrow takes on Conduit. Green Arrow takes on Libra. Wildcat Tom Bronson takes on Atomic Skull. Aqua Man takes on Black Manta. Super Boy takes on Lucas Luthor. Superman takes on Lex Luthor. The battle is going on. Dr. Anton Hastor:I will kill you now new leader of the Justice Society.” Dr. Anton Hastor fires on Mr. Terrific. Mr. Terrific throws t spheres to Dr. Anton Hastor. Mr. Terrific sends a high kick onto Dr. Hastor knocking him down. Mr. Terrific:That was for who you poisoned in the previous life.Roulette:I can take down a gorilla.Bizzaro:I hate the Justice League and I will crush you both.” Bizzaro and Roulette go after the Wonder Twins. Jayna in the form of a gorilla grabs onto Zan in the form of a giant hammer. Zan as the giant hammer clobbers Bizzaro. Roulette sends a kick onto Jayna in the form of a gorilla. Jayna in the form of a gorilla sends a punch onto Roulette incapacitating her. Wonder Twins:Wonder Twin powers deactivate.” The Wonder twins turn back into themselves. Dr. Fate and Felix Faust shoot magic at each other. In the battle Dr. Fate defeats Felix Faust. Libra:I will kill you Green Arrow and you will burn.” Libra makes the move for his flaming spear onto Green Arrow. Green Arrow shoots down Libra with a boxing glove arrow. Conduit:I know that you are Green Arrow’s sidekick. You will die and I will kill the Kryptonians as I now have kryptonite.” Conduit blasts bursts of kryptonite at Red Arrow. Red Arrow shoots a trick arrow at Conduit just as Conduit misses at Red Arrow. The arrow ties up Conduit. Red Arrow next shoots a boxing glove arrow onto Conduit knocking him out. Martian Manhunter and Metallo are throwing punches at each other. Martian Manhunter puts his hand through Metallo onto the kryptonite heart. He next throws a punch onto him. Plastique:I have new powers now as I will blow you up.” Plastique throws explosives trying to blow up Hawk Girl. Hawk Girl blocks them with her sonic mace. Hawk Girl next clobbers Plastique with the sonic mace. Hawk Girl:Not in your life time. I know you left the suicide squad betraying them to join Lex Luthor” Wildcat and Atomic Skull are throwing punches at each other. Atomic Skull:I fought in Roulette’s meta brawl and I am champion and I finally face you.” Wildcat sends a hard punch knocking down Atomic Skull. Wildcat:I am someone else now.” Aqua Man and Black Manta are throwing punches at each other. Black Manta:Your soldiers have defeated your evil brother Orm and I will blast you now.” Aqua Man knocks down Black Manta. Aqua Man holds Black Manta with the trident. Aqua Man:Now you go to prison finally.Live Wire:Now I will kill you just as I have been brought back to life through cloning. I know that Tess Mercer was killed by aliens years ago that were defeated. Tess Mercer died again at the hands of Lex Luthor.” Live Wire shoots electricity at Star Girl. She blocks it with her sonic staff. Star Girl next with her sonic staff clobbers Live Wire incapacitating her. Super Boy and Lucas Luthor are throwing punches at each other. Super Boy sends a super punch onto Lucas Luthor on his battle suit. Super Boy knocks Lucas Luthor to the ground. Super Boy rips off Lucas Luthor’s battle suit. Luthor: Now to kill you Superman.” Lex Luthor from his power suit shoots kryptonite beams at Superman. He misses. Lex Luthor and Superman are fighting each other hand to hand. Superman:I will defeat you. You won’t be president of the United States just as you are going to prison as long as you are still alive.” Superman throws a hard punch onto Lex Luthor on the battle suit. Superman throws many punches onto Lex Luthor’s power suit. Superman next grabs onto Lex Luthor. He slams him to the ground. Police sirens are going off. Dan Turpin is coming with the SCU. All those cops get out of the cars with guns drawn. There’s also a prison transport truck. Dan Turpin:You super criminals hold it right there. You are all under arrest.” All those cops are loading Lex Luthor with the rest of the legion into the prison transport truck. Dan Turpin has Lex Luthor in handcuffs. Dan Turpin:Here comes Lois Lane of the Daily Planet with staff photographer Jimmy Olsen.” Lois Lane shows up with Jimmy Olsen as Lois Lane is driving the car. Jimmy Olsen gets a photo of the Legion of Doom arrested. Superman goes over to Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. Superman:I have defeated Lex Luthor just as the old Dr. Fate had foreseen. I triumphed over him. He was for some time in prison before. You are impeached as the president.” Dan Turpin puts Lex Luthor the greatest criminal mastermind into the prison transport truck. Superman goes over to Dan Turpin. Dan Turpin:Good work Superman. Where’s your cousin Super Girl?Superman:She’s on a mission teaming with New Genesis against Darkseid and his forces. I hope that they defeated them. We are going now. The original Justice Society years ago had been arrested by your department. Lex Luthor must’ve cloned Live Wire and Bizzaro for his legion of doom to bring them back to life. They both died before I was Superman just as Bizzaro was an imperfect replicant of me.” All those heroes depart.

    Many days later at the Daily Planet. There is Clark Kent sitting at his desk. Also there is Lois Lane at her desk. Jimmy Olsen is also at his desk. There’s a newspaper copy of the Daily Planet. There’s the photo of both the Justice League and Justice Society. Clark Kent: I got the story on Superman defeating Lex Luthor. He won’t be president of the United States anymore is facing murder charges on his half sister Tess and he formed a legion of doom.

    At the Watch Tower later on in the day. There is Chloe Sullivan present. Also there is present Clark Kent with Connor Kent his partial clone. Oliver Queen is present along with Roy Harper, John Jones and Arthur Curry. There is also the Justice Society in human form. There is present Michael Holt with Courtney Whitmore, Hector Hall the son of Carter Hall, Kendra Saunders, Thomas Bronson and The Wonder Twins in civilian clothes. Hector Hall:Those who have teamed up with my father Jay Garrick and Alan Scott teaming with this rebellion have defeated Despero and his forces.Oliver Queen:I know that Vengeance has defeated the Contessa the ex girlfriend of Lex Luthor and their daughter Lena is now in a foster home.” John Jones shows up next. John Jones:Lex Luthor and his legion have been indicted. Lex Luthor gets a long time behind bars.Clark Kent:Dr. Fate foresaw that when we faced Icicle and Kent Nelson was killed by him after he gave you your powers back. I am still Superman. I will face other evil out there. Cyborg has defeated Mongul and with Impulse they won the freedom for those on Mongul’s planet. Captain Atom defeated Neutron while Impulse defeated Mongul’s son named after him and Dregga took over that planet giving the people freedom. I just heard that Vengeance had defeated the mutated General Wade Eiling.

    On the roof of the Daily Planet at dusk. There is Superman by the globe. Superman flies off into the night.

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    Smallville Reunion: Ultimate Villain Showdown


    Somewhere on the streets of Metropolis. There is Jimmy Olsen present. Also there is Clark Kent with his suit on wearing glasses. Clark Kent:I am going to get a report on Chronos here. Maybe Superman and Booster Gold will stop him.” Clark Kent vanishes.

    Somewhere in an alley. There is Clark Kent. He transforms into Superman. Superman goes flying off into the day.

    Somewhere on Metropolis rooftops. Superman goes flying by. Booster Gold appears as does Jamie Reyes the Blue Beetle. Booster Gold:Chronos David Clinton comes from my time. I’ll bring him back to the future and to justice.Superman:I know that Intergang is out there and there are new members with a new leader. Super Boy and I teaming with the Legion have defeated the Fatal Five in a thousand years from now. My descendant has taken my place as Earth’s protector and as Superman.” Booster Gold has Skeets with him. Skeets:Superman. Follow Booster Gold and Blue Beetle.” Superman follows Blue Beetle and Booster Gold to somewhere.

    Somewhere in Metropolis. There is Chronos David Clinton present along with Hellgrammite, Key and Mike “Machine” Gunn. Chronos:Some of you work for Intergang. In a decade ago now the Blur has evolved into Superman. Let’s go back to prevent Superman after he saved our planet from Apokolips. He triumphed over Vandal Savage and Lex Luthor. Once I prevent Superman I will go to the beginning of time and reset history. I’ll become a God.” Superman shows up with Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. Superman:It’s over Chronos you time travelling warlord. You won’t go back and prevent me.Chronos:Get them. I will go back and kill Superman after he pushed Apokolips away from Earth.” Superman takes on Hellgrammite. Blue Beetle takes on Mike “Machine” Gunn. Booster Gold takes on Key. Those heroes fight those villains hand to hand. Superman throws Hellgrammite to the ground. Blue Beetle sends a kick onto Mike “Machine” Gunn. Booster Gold throws a punch knocking Key to the ground. Lois Lane shows up in her car with Jimmy Olsen aboard. Jimmy gets onto his camera. Lois Lane:I have come to get the story.Superman:Chronos is trying to go back to prevent me.” Chronos takes off. Superman with Blue Beetle and Booster Gold go after Chronos. Chronos goes into a time portal.

    In a time warp. There is Chronos going back to 2011. Superman with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle go flying after him. Chronos:I will find green kryptonite and kill you Superman.” Superman catches up to Chronos. Superman captures Chronos. Superman:I got you now Chronos.” Superman with Blue Beetle and Booster Gold have Chronos prisoner. They go back into the present.

    Somewhere at the Metropolis park. There is Chronos tied up. Booster Gold has him. Superman and Blue Beetle are also present. Booster Gold:I am taking him back to my time and he will be brought to justice.” Booster Gold goes back to his time with Chronos prisoner. Superman:I better get to Intergang and take them down.” Superman goes flying off into the day.

    At the Daily Planet later on in the offices. There is Lois Lane present along with Jimmy Olsen. Clark Kent shows up. Clark Kent goes over to his wife Lois and friend Jimmy. Jimmy Olsen:I got pictures of 3 members of Intergang arrested.Clark Kent:I got the Chronos report. Booster Gold brought him back to the future and brought him to justice.

    At night time at the Ace of Clubs. At a table in the place. There is present Frank Sixty. Also present are newer members of Intergang named Chiller, Detective Soames, Ginny "Torcher" McCree, Radion, Rough House and Shockwave. Frank Sixty:3 of us were working together with the time travelling warlord. Superman has taken him down. Let’s kill Superman. We’ll eliminate the Justice League. The Justice League and Justice Society together have triumphed over the Legion of Doom and Superman defeated Lex Luthor.

    Somewhere nearby the club. There are present Superman, Super Boy, Green Arrow, Red Arrow and Black Canary. Superman:Chronos in his own time was brought to justice.” Green Arrow pulls out a wedding ring. He gives it to Black Canary. Green Arrow:Dinah. Will you marry me?Black Canary:Yes Oliver. I will marry you. Maybe in a few years we’ll have kids.” They kiss. Superman:Let’s go take down Intergang. I remember sending Slade Wilson to the phantom zone before I was known as Superman. A couple of years before I defeated Vandal Savage Chloe and you Oliver became parents.” The heroes go into the club.

    Inside of the Ace O’ Clubs. There is Intergang present. Superman and his team show up. Superman:It’s over Intergang.Frank Sixty:I think not. You are almost a decade known as Superman.” Superman takes on Radion while Super Boy Superman’s genetic clone takes on Shockwave. Detective Soames goes after Black Canary. Black Canary sends to him a sonic scream. Superman with Super Boy and 2 members of Intergang are throwing punches at each other. Chiller goes for his weapons. Green Arrow shoots down Chiller with a boxing glove arrow. Torcher goes after Red Arrow with a knife. Red Arrow shoots down Torcher with a trick arrow. Green Arrow shoots a gas arrow at Rough House. Superman throws Radion to the ground just as Super Boy throws Shockwave to the ground. Superman grabs onto Frank Sixty. He throws him against a table. Superman:I am giving you to the police. A decade ago there was the vigilante registration act. I was the red and blue Blur when Bruno Mannheim took leadership and Stiletto brought him down.

    Later on outside of the club. There are police cars there. Also present are Jamie Sawyer and Dan Turpin. There are Metropolis cops with members of Intergang and Frank Sixty in handcuffs. Superman with Super Boy, Black Canary, Green Arrow and Red Arrow are standing by Lt. Dan Turpin. Superman:I remember taking down dirty officers as the red and blue Blur. The other members of the Justice League with John Jones are on missions. John Jones is with some others in the anti matter universe facing evil versions of us teaming up with my Earth 2 counterpart who’s the Superman in the black suit.” Lois Lane shows up. Lois Lane goes over to the heroes. Lois Lane:I have seen that you took down newer members of Intergang with the leader.Green Arrow:I defeated some members of Intergang. We have a new person in the Justice League.

    At Darkseid’s fortress on Apokolips. There is Darkseid the ruler present. Also present are Granny Goodness and the Female Furies along with Virmin Vundabar, Kalibak, Kanto, Mantis, Krayven, Amazing Grace, Mortalla, Steppenwolf, Glorious Godfrey, Desaad, Deliverance, Brola, Dr. Bedlam, parademons and Darkseid soldiers. On the female furies are Bernadeth, Lashina, Mad Harriett, Gilotina, Stompa, Artemiz, Knockout, Malice Vundabar, Chessure, Speed Queen, Wunda and Bloody Mary. Darkseid:You have Dr. Bedlam created a body for me. Long ago my parents and my wife were killed. You female furies have killed Himon from New Genesis. We have for years been at war with New Genesis. You have even resurrected me. We were defeated by Superman and Green Arrow a decade ago.Granny Goodness:I am sending Virmin’s niece Malice to Earth with Chessure.Darkseid:You have done well Granny Goodness. We’ll eliminate Earth and New Genesis and then we’ll rule the galaxy. Dr. Bedlam has brought you Granny Goodness, Glorious Godfrey and Desaad back to life through cloning after you were killed by Green Arrow. He even created a body for me.” Malice departs for Earth with Chessure in a boom tube.

    Somewhere at a park at night time near Metropolis at night time. There is Vandal Savage present. There is his new Fourth Reich team. On the team are Hunter, Shadow of War a woman, Green Ghoul, Count Berlin, Captain Swastika, Doctor Demon a woman, Baron Gestapo and Captain Murder a woman. Savage:My old team has quit. Years ago I took on the alias Dr. Curtis Knox. We’ll inherit organs to sustain my immortality. You are new members of my Fourth Reich team.” They put out their hands doing the Nazi salute. There is the Hoch- und Deutschmeister Marschplaying.Somewhere nearby Malice Vundabar and Chessure show up. They spot the modern Nazi team. Vandal Savage and his team do a march. Savage:I will rule the world. Even pop music is banned along with eating candy and ice cream. Tattoos and body piercings will also be banned.

    The next day at the Daily Planet in the lobby. There are Lois Lane and Clark Kent walking into the place. Perry White comes into the lobby. Perry White:We have female furies from Darkseid’s world attacking downtown Metropolis. I need you 2 on that story.Clark Kent:Right on it Mr. White.” Lois and Clark leave the Daily Planet.

    Somewhere else in private. Lois Lane and Clark Kent show up. Lois Lane:I am getting the story.” Clark Kent transforms into Superman. Lois follows Superman around. Superman:I will stop them.

    Somewhere else in Metropolis. There is a crowd there. There is Malice Vundabar. Also present is Chessure. Malice Vundabar:Soon we’ll rule the Earth.” Superman and Lois Lane show up. Superman:Not so fast. We’ll stop Darkseid.Malice:You Chessure will deal with Superman.” Superman takes on Chessure. Lois Lane takes on Malice Vundabar. Lois Lane:I could take her out helping you.” Lois and Malice are throwing punches at each other. Chessure goes after Superman. Superman is throwing punches onto Chessure. Superman slams Chessure to the ground. Superman with his heat vision blasts Chessure. Lois Lane sends a kick onto Malice Vundabar. Lois Lane-Kent next throws a punch onto Malice knocking her to the ground. Police sirens are going off. Superman:Let’s go Lois. You got the story and helped me defeat those female furies.” Superman and Lois Lane leave the place.

    At the Justice League Watch Tower later on in the day. There is present Superman. Also present are Chloe Sullivan, Vengeance, Green Arrow, Speedy who is Mia Dearden, Super Girl, Red Arrow Roy Harper and Black Canary. Green Arrow:Mia here is known as Speedy. She’s now in the Justice League.Red Arrow:You have Superman had a clone created and adopted him.” Connor Kent the genetic clone of Superman and Lex Luthor shows up. Connor Kent:I am here Superman.Superman:Get suited up my clone. Darkseid is out there. It was foreseen by Dr. Fate that I triumph over Lex Luthor. He’s still in prison. He’s there since 2 and half years ago.” Connor Kent gets suited as Super Boy.

    On Apokolips in the day time. There is Granny Goodness present. Also there are Female Furies Stompa, Speed Queen, Wunda and Bloody Mary. Also there are some parademons present. Granny Goodness:Super Boy must be Superman’s offspring. I am sending you to Earth with your parademons. Dr. Bedlam could create more parademons. Big Barda is with New Genesis.” The Female Furies with parademons depart for Earth. Darkseid appears. Granny Goodness:I have sent some furies to deal with the Justice League as they have parademons with them. Soon we’ll rule the galaxy.Darkseid:You have done well. I can see that Superman has defeated Malice Vundabar.

    Outside of the Justice League Watch Tower. Superman has Super Girl, Speedy, Black Canary, Super Boy, Green Arrow and Red Arrow with him. Superman:I have dealt with vampires before I was known as Superman. There’s a vampire type we could use an antidote on. She’s a female fury.” 4 of the Female Furies with parademons show up. Bloody Mary:Get them!Superman:You men deal with the parademons while I with the women deal with female furies.” Super Boy, Green Arrow and Red Arrow take on parademons. Superman takes on Bloody Mary. Speedy takes on Wunda. Super Girl takes on Speed Queen. Black Canary takes on Stompa. Bloody Mary shoots beams out of her eyes at Superman. Superman uses his heat vision. Superman shoots down Bloody Mary with his heat vision. Superman gives something to Bloody Mary. Superman:This should cure you of vampirism. I have years ago dealt with Darkseid.” Bloody Mary is feeling human again. Super Boy shoots lasers out of his eyes onto parademons. Green Arrow and Red Arrow shoot down parademons with their arrows. Stompa stomps around Black Canary. Black Canary jumps. Black Canary sends a kick onto Stompa. Black Canary sends a sonic scream onto Stompa. Super Girl and Speed Queen are speeding by each other. Super Girl throws Speed Queen against a wall. Wunda:Now to shoot you down.” Wunda shoots a gun at Speedy. Speedy ducks from gun fire. Speedy shoots a trick arrow onto Wunda. She is incapacitated. Orion and Light Ray show up with Big Barda and Mister Miracle. Orion:I am Orion from New Genesis and this here is Light Ray.Big Barda:I am Big Barda and this is my husband Scott Free who you call Mister Miracle. I was a on the female furies team and turned against them. I knew that Granny Goodness for years on here owning an orphanage.Scott Free:We would like you to come with us to New Genesis.Superman:I have other leaguers on missions.” They go over to the Justice League.

    Later on at New Genesis. There is High Father present with some soldiers of his. Also present are Takion, Infinity Man and Metron. The Justice League shows up with Orion, Big Barda, Mister Miracle and Light Ray. High Father:You must be the Justice League.Superman:I am. In the past decade as Superman I have faced a Nazi team and the Legion of Doom. My ultimate opponent was Lex Luthor who was once dead.Metron:When you dealt with the Legion of Doom we lost Himon from our world.Light Ray:Darkseid now has a body as Dr. Bedlam had created one for him. He also resurrected 3 of Darkseid’s minions. His parents and wives are dead. Darkseid has 2 sons named Grayven and Kalibak.Superman:I was for years known as the red and blue blur before I was known as Superman.Speedy:I had archery training from Green Arrow.Red Arrow:Vandal Savage the modern Nazi leader is back out there and is immortal. He has newer members on his Fourth Reich team.High Father:You could get him and his team against you to save the world.Superman:Once I defeat Darkseid my Justice League and with the Justice Society will take down Vandal Savage and his Nazi team. He wants to take away other people’s freedom. John Jones is teaming with Cyborg, Impulse, Zatanna and the Wonder Twins against our evil counter parts known as the Crime Syndicate. They were brought by Lex Luthor’s heroic counterpart as he’s the only known surviving member of the Justice League there and the leader of it. The leader of the Crime Syndicate is Ultra Man my anti matter counterpart as my Earth 2 counterpart after being known as Ultra Man became Superman with a silver and black suit. John Jones got brought in by Alex Luthor there against the Crime Syndicate to make that world crime free. This was just after my visit to the further future right after our defeat over the Fatal Five.High Father:Dr. Bedlam is making a swarm of parademons to invade your planet. Maybe the Justice Society will deal with them as does the other members of the league on missions. They are being up all over the Earth.Superman:We’ll stop them. Maybe Darkseid will again come to Earth.High Father: We might as well have minions to Darkseid come to here. Big Barda. You will take Mister Miracle, Light Ray and Orion to Earth with you.” Those heroes depart for Earth.

    On Apokolips at night time. There is Darkseid present. Also there are Darkseid’s minions all still standing. There are also parademons and Darkseid soldiers. Darkseid:You are Desaad my torturer. You’ll go with General Steppenwolf and Virmin Vundabar to New Genesis with an army to deal with them. Kill High Father.Steppenwolf:I have in battle killed Himon when the Justice League and Justice Society faced the Legion of Doom.Virmin:I’ll put the other warriors of New Genesis in the X-Pit. Superman defeated my niece. We’ll set up boom tubes there.” Steppenwolf and Virmin Vundabar with Darkseid soldiers depart for New Genesis and Desaad. Darkseid:The rest of us invade Earth. We’ll go to nearby the Justice League watch tower.” Darkseid and everyone else with some Darkseid soldiers depart for Earth. There are parademons with boom tubes.

    On Earth at night time at the Justice League watch tower. There are Superman, Vengeance, Chloe Sullivan, Super Girl, Super Boy, Green Arrow, Red Arrow, Black Canary, Speedy and Lois Lane present. Also there are Mister Miracle, Light Ray, Big Barda and Orion. Chloe Sullivan is at the computer. Vengeance:You did Clark Kent five years as Superman face Vandal Savage.Superman:I found out then that Dr. Curtis Knox who I faced once before I was Superman was known as Vandal Savage. The Justice Society defeated General Zod and his forces when I defeated Vandal Savage. Titan and Aldar were also brought back by Zod through cloning just as other minions to Zod. Nearly 3 years ago I triumphed over Lex Luthor where we defeated the Legion of Doom. ” She finds Darkseid somewhere in Metropolis nearby the Daily Planet. Chloe Sullivan:I found Darkseid near the Daily Planet.Superman:Let’s face him. Maybe the other leaguers if they come back will face Vandal Savage and his Nazi team. Darkseid is more evil than the Nazis and Nazis are the greatest evil on our world.Vengeance:You stay back here Lois Lane. You could get Jimmy to cover the story.” Lois Lane stays behind as everyone else departs to take on Darkseid.

    Somewhere on New Genesis. There is High Father present with his soldiers along with Metron, Infinity Man and Takion. Virmin Vundabar and Steppenwolf show up with Darkseid soldiers. High Father:You will Metron with Takion and Infinity Man face Darkseid’s minions while my soldiers and I face Darkseid’s troops. We won’t go down without a fight.” High Father and his soldiers get into battle with Darkseid soldiers. Metron takes on Desaad. Takion takes on the general Steppenwolf while Infinity Man takes on Virmin Vundabar. There are soldiers striking each other. Infinity Man and Virmin Vundabar are throwing punches at each other. Steppenwolf has his ax while Takion has his golden staff. Steppenwolf:I will kill you like I killed Himon.Takion:You will pay for killing Himon and maybe sign surrender to us.” They are all fighting each other.

    Somewhere else on Earth in Metropolis nearby the Daily Planet. There is Darkseid with the rest of his forces. They are setting up boom tubes. Darkseid:Soon we’ll have Earth. I did a decade ago tried to merge my world with Earth.

    Outside of the Justice League watch tower. There is the Justice League present. Vandal Savage shows up with his Nazi team. Savage:I am not fighting you. I knew of Darkseid and the female furies Superman as you were the blur. Half a decade known as Superman you defeated me. If we defeat Darkseid and his forces and survive I will take control of you. You could then with your heat vision rip off tattoos and with your powers rip off piercings. I could with red kryptonite take control of both you and your cousin Super Girl. Super Boy was on a mission when you faced me.Super Girl: I don’t think so. I defeated your daughter and she wanted out on your Nazi team and is free to get a tattoo. We are not fascist.Savage:I am immortal. I’ll kill Darkseid and then we’ll rule the world.Superman:We could use you Savage with your Nazi team against Darkseid and his forces for help. Your anti matter counterpart fighting for freedom was killed by Ultra Man the evil version of me. I reformed another evil counterpart of mine who killed your reformed counterpart when he was known as Ultra Man on Earth 2 and he’s teaming with others in my Justice League being brought in by the good version of Lex Luthor fighting to end crime on that world.Savage:After that it’s back to the drawing board for the Justice League and Justice Society.” The Justice League and 4th Reich are going after Darkseid and his minions.

    Back to the main boom tube. Darkseid and his minions are fanning out in the area. Darkseid:I have a green kryptonite knife. I will carve out Superman’s heart and put it on a throne.” The Justice League and 4th Reich show up. Superman:You face me personally Darkseid. Those other Justice Leaguers with the Justice Society are at other parts of the world dealing with your parademons.” Vandal Savage and Light Ray take on some parademons while Green Arrow and Red Arrow take on Darkseid troops. Superman himself takes on Darkseid the ruler of Apokolips. Big Barda takes on Granny Goodness. Black Canary takes on Amazing Grace. Super Girl takes on Mortalla. Captain Murder takes on Bernadeth. Dr. Demon takes on Gilotina. Shadow of War takes on Mad Harriett. Vengeance takes on Lashina. Speedy takes on Artemiz. Chloe Sullivan takes on Knockout. Hunter takes on Glorious Godfrey. Green Ghoul takes on Dr. Bedlam. Captain Swastika takes on Kanto. Count Berlin takes on Mantis. Mister Miracle takes on Deliverance. Captain Swastika takes on Dr. Bedlam. Baron Gestapo takes on Brola. Orion takes on Grayven. Super Boy the partial clone of Superman and Lex Luthor takes on Kalibak the son of Darkseid. Those fighting on both sides throw punches at each other. Green Arrow and Red Arrow with their arrows shoot down Darkseid soldiers. Vengeance:Tess Mercer has dealt with you women before. I can defeat female furies.” Vengeance and Lashina are throwing punches at each other. Vengeance knocks Lashina to the ground. Vengeance ties up Lashina with her whips. Chloe Sullivan:I helped establish the Justice League. It’s over you female fury.” Chloe Sullivan and Knockout are throwing punches at each other. Chloe Sullivan sends an uppercut incapacitating Knockout. Dr. Demon and Gilotina are sword fighting. In the battle Dr. Demon defeats Gilotina killing her. Super Girl and Mortalla are throwing punches at each other. Super Girl in the battle defeats Mortalla. Light Ray blasts down parademons with his powers. Shadow of War and Mad Harriett throw punches at each other. Shadow of War defeats Mad Harriett shooting her with a gun killing her. Green Ghoul in a hand to hand fight defeats Dr. Bedlam crushing and smashing his skull into the ground killing him while Hunter defeats Glorious Godfrey and Captain Swastika defeats Kanto as Captain Swastika with his sword fatally stabs Kanto and Hunter with axe slices down Glorious Godfrey. Count Berlin defeats Mantis nearly killing him. Baron Gestapo shoots Brola killing him. There are others still fighting. Darkseid:Soon you will all die.

    Back on New Genesis at High Father’s kingdom. There are Darkseid soldiers defeated as residents have defeated Darkseid’s 3 minions. Darkseid’s minions. Desaad, Steppenwolf and Virmin Vundabar have been defeated. High Father:I have defeated you. Maybe Superman and the Justice League will defeat the rest of you and Darkseid.Steppenwolf:You’ll pay for this. Desaad has been dead before.

    Back on Earth with Superman and company vs. Darkseid and his minions. In the battle Mister Miracle defeats Deliverance in a staff fight. Orion in the hand to hand fight defeats Grayven. Orion:I am not your brother. You’ll sign surrender.” Black Canary in a hand to hand fight incapacitates Amazing Grace with a round house kick. Speedy and Artemiz shoot arrows at each other. Speedy with a trick arrow defeats Artemiz. In the blade fight Captain Murder kills Bernadeth with a fatal stab of her daggers. Super Boy and Kalibak throw punches at each other. Super Boy throws Kalibak to the ground and slams him. Vandal Savage slices down some parademons. Superman throws Darkseid against his main boom tube. Darkseid shoots lasers out of his eyes at Superman. Darkseid:Now to kill you man of steel.Savage:Never. We all quit Nazism as we save the world from you and I give up my immortality. I’ll stop you.” Vandal Savage with his sword comes after Darkseid. Darkseid uses his omega beam on Vandal Savage vaporizing him just as Darkseid pulls out a green kryptonite knife. In the battle Big Barda hand to hand defeats Granny Goodness. Superman with his heat vision manages to blast the knife out of Darkseid’s hand. Superman:Face me. You killed Vandal Savage.” Superman goes flying into Darkseid. They are throwing punches at each other. Superman throws Darkseid into his main boom tube. Superman shoots the boom tubes with his heat vision and Darkseid is blown up with the boom tubes. It’s a victory. Darkseid’s surviving minions give up. Granny Goodness:We survivors give up.Orion:Good. Maybe on my world the others are defeated by my allies.Superman:Vandal Savage is dead. Darkseid killed him with his omega beam. Maybe he will find redemption as he helped me.” Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen show up. Jimmy has his camera with him. Jimmy takes photos. Lois Lane:Where’s Darkseid?Superman:Darkseid with and his minions are dead now. The survivors will sign surrender and be taken prisoner on New Genesis.Count Berlin:No more Nazism for us. Our leader Vandal Savage is now dead. I knew that there were many attempts to kill him and this time he is for sure dead.Superman:I thought for years he could never die. But immortals can be killed. Darkseid is killed by the explosions. I will banish his essence to where it belongs.

    Many days later on New Genesis. There is present High Father. There are also New Genesis soldiers along with Orion, Light Ray, Metron, Takion, Infinity Man, Big Barda and Mister Miracle. Also there are Justice Leaguers Superman, Super Boy, Super Girl, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Speedy, Red Arrow and the survivors of Vandal Savage’s Nazi team. Green Arrow: My wife and I are on a honeymoon here as we defeated Apokolips.High Father:We went to war with Apokolips for years. Superman:I faced Darkseid even known as the Blur just before becoming Superman. We are going back to Earth.Mister Miracle:My wife Barda is pregnant with our first child.Superman:I destroyed Darkseid’s physical body. His minions who survived signed surrender. They could come back and bring Darkseid back with his dead minions. Nazis are and were killers and they killed some of Darkseid’s minions. Darkseid a decade ago brought Lex Luthor back to life.Red Arrow: Vandal Savage died helping Superman against Darkseid. Maybe he will go to heaven as he and his Nazi team have quit. Evil never dies.Superman:Black Canary and Green Arrow and staying here for a while just as the rest of us go back to Earth. Our evil counterparts were defeated by my Earth 2 counterpart and members of my Justice League teaming with the good version of Lex Luthor from the anti matter universe.” Those heroes depart heading back to Earth with the survivors of the Fourth Reich team.

    On Earth later on in the day. There is Lois Lane present. Also there are Superman and Super Boy. Lois Lane: I saw that the man calling himself Dr. Knox before you were Superman died saving you Smallville.Superman:He sacrificed his life for mine. Darkseid’s survivors have surrendered. My Earth 2 counterpart with the anti matter Lex Luthor and members of my Justice League defeated the Crime Syndicate and made that world crime free.Super Boy:We’ll fight more evil out there. We have seen the Legion from the 1,000 years from now. We are going now. We defeated the Fatal Five one year after you defeated Lex Luthor. Captain Atom defeated Major Force.” The clone and host go flying off into space.

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    Smallville Reunion: Final Crisis


    On Apokolips at night time at Darkseid’s palace on an outer balcony. There is present Yuga Kahn with his wife Heggra the parents of Darkseid. They are standing there. Heggra:We’ll bring back our son to rule this world.Yuga Kahn:Yes. We’ll rule the universe and we’ll destroy New Genesis. We were for years at war with them.Heggra:Darkseid our son brought criminal mastermind Lex Luthor back to life so maybe he could bring him back to life.

    In Metropolis the next day at the Daily Planet in the main part of the building. There is Lois Lane present. Also there is Clark Kent present along with Kat Grant, Ron Tourpe and Jimmy Olsen. Clark Kent:Perry White is retiring.Lois Lane Kent: “My dad is retired from the US Army.Ron Tourpe:I will take this over once Perry goes into retirement.Kat Grant:It’s now 15 years since the Blur was renamed Superman.” The older Perry White shows up. Perry White:Lex Luthor is freed from prison by Professor Anthony Ivo and Dr. Thomas Oscar Morrow. They have created androids that are attacking town.Clark Kent:I am on it. The Hardwicks I think are working for Lex Corp now.” Clark Kent departs the building.

    Somewhere in an alley. Clark Kent shows up. He removes his glasses. Clark Kent rips open the shirt revealing the Superman shirt. He transforms into Superman. Superboy and Super Girl show up next. Super Girl:Harry Hardwick is calling himself Eclipso. He must be possessed by something.Superboy:I am going back to my original look. Eclipso has a diamond and it needs to be destroyed.” They all go flying off to Metropolis.

    In Downtown Metropolis. There are people running. Amazo and Tomorrow Woman are present. Superman with Super Girl and Superboy show up. Superman shoots lasers out of his eyes onto the droids. Superman:I’ll search for the Hardwicks. You 2 deal with those droids.” Super Girl takes on Tomorrow Woman. Superboy takes on Amazo. Victoria Hardwick shows up with her father Harry possessed by Eclipso. Eclipso:You defeated Darkseid 15 years ago and faced him when you were 10 years known as Superman.Victoria Hardwick:Otis Ford was a terrorist victim when Lex Luthor got elected president and maybe Otis into Cyborg Superman. We’ll have him back to take your place.Superman:I will fight you until my last breath and bring Lex Luthor to justice and maybe he rots the rest of his life in prison.” Superman takes on Eclipso. Eclipso shoots from the diamond at Superman a black light beam. Nothing happens. Superman grabs onto Harry possessed by Eclipso. Super girl with Super Boy and those 2 droids are pounding each other up. Super Girl shoots lasers out of her eyes blowing off Tomorrow Woman’s head. Superboy many times pounds Amazo. Superman shoots the Eclipso diamond out of Harry Hardwick’s hand. Eclipso comes out of Harry Hardwick. Harry Hardwick:You’ll pay for this Superman.Superman:Lex Luthor is my greatest enemy.” Superman throws Harry Hardwick into Victoria. Lois Lane shows up with Jimmy Olsen and Kat Grant. Superman:Stay there until the police come.” Also Metropolis police cars show up with Captain Dan Turpin and Detective Jamie Sawyer. Jamie Sawyer goes over to the Hardwick’s. Jamie Sawyer:You’re both under arrest. We are investigating Lex Luthor.” Superman goes over to Dan Turpin. Dan Turpin:Lex Luthor is on parole. He might be violating parole. Officer Sawyer here just got promoted to Detective and she’s investigating Professor Ivo and Dr. Morrow.Superman:I will find things out. We could never prove Lex killing his sister. Senator Martha Kent is retired now and is watching over the grand children.

    At the Lex Corp building later on in the day. There is Lex Luthor present. Also there are Dr. Thomas Oscar Morrow and Professor Anthony Ivo. Lex Luthor:I have a get out of prison party. Superman had me impeached as president as I formed the Legion of Doom. I have come back to life after my first death 15 years ago as I was gone for 2 years.Professor Ivo:It appears that our creations have failed.Dr. Morrow:I found those meteor infected people. Superman is an alien.” The Darkseid essence shows up. Darkseid:I brought you back to life. Maybe you could bring me back as I’ll take your body and clone it. We’ll work together.Lex Luthor:Sure thing. I’ll rule Earth.” Darkseid takes possession of Lex Luthor. Molly Griggs, Jodi Melville, Abigail Fine, Cheerleaders of Devotion, Samantha Drake and clone Emily Dinsmore show up now. Lexseid goes over to those girls. Lexseid:You can join as female furies. Lex Luthor and I Darkseid are one and the same. You 2 scientists and create parademons and bring my soldiers back. Dr. Bedlham is dead. You can Professor Ivo and Dr. Morrow replace them.Professor Ivo:As you wish.Lexseid:We have Kryptonians to free from the Phantom Zone. Once we destroy Superman we destroy the Phantom Zone.

    The next day on New Genesis in the day time. There is High Father present at his throne. There are the residents. Also there are Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Takion, Metron, Orion and New Genesis soldiers. High Father:We didn’t defeat Darkseid’s parents. They are to be sent to the Phantom Zone.Orion:Superman killed Darkseid. He could be brought back to life.Big Barda:Granny Goodness who recruited me on the team is also out there and must’ve freed the Phantom Zone prisoners that are enemies of Superman.

    Somewhere else on New Genesis. There is present Lexseid with Granny Goodness, Desaad, Steppenwolf, Mantis, Mortolla, Amazing Grace, Graven, Deliverance, Kalibak, Virman Vundabarr, Knockout, Lashina, Artemiz, Malice, Speed Queen, Stompa, Chessure and Wunda. Lexseid:We have our Kryptonians here. Once we defeat Superman we destroy the Phantom Zone and General Zod could rule the new Krypton.” Kryptonians General Zod, Faora, Nam-Ek, Aehtyr, Titan and Aldar with Doomsday show up. General Zod:They were brought back to life by cloning some of them.” Infinity Man and Light Ray are also show up. Light ray:We defeated you. We’ll do it again.General Zod:You 2 resurrected zones can deal with them.” Titan and Aldar take them on. Light Ray shoots beams at Aldar. Aldar throws a punch onto Light Ray. Titan and Infinity Man are fighting each other hand to hand. Titan throws Light Ray to the ground. General Zod with his lasers fries to those New Genesis warriors. Lexseid:Now we’ll find High Father.Granny Goodness:Big Barda turned against me before the Blur was changed to Superman.Lexseid:You General Zod will deal with High Father the ruler of this world. I am more powerful now.” Darkseid possessing Lex Luthor with the forces of Apokolips and Kryptonians go after High Father.

    At High Father’s palace. Lexseid shows up with his forces. High Father:Let’s take them.” High Father with Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Takion, Metron, Orion and New Genesis soldiers go after them. Kalibak is slamming New Genesis soldiers around. General Zod:Kneel before Zod.High Father:Never. We’ll put you back in the Phantom Zone.Lexseid:You will all die as you refuse to kneel before Zod.” General Zod fights High Father hand to hand. Doomsday and Orion throw punches at each other. Granny Goodness takes on Big Barda. Deliverance takes on Mr. Miracle. Nam-Ek fries Metron with heat vision. Graven takes on Takion. The rest of the forces take on soldiers of New Genesis. Doomsday kills Orion. General Zod with his heat vision fries High Father. Granny Goodness with her powers kills Big Barda. Steppenwolf with his axe slice Mister Miracle just as Deliverance gives him to the general Darkseid’s uncle. Graven kills Takion. High Father’s soldiers are killed. Lexseid:Let’s leave the world. I have the anti life equation. We’ll bring Apokolips to Earth as we are there next and then New Krypton.” Darkseid and his forces leave New Genesis.

    Later on in Space. There is New Genesis floating there. New Genesis is blown up. There is Apokolips coming toward the Earth. Darkseid and his forces move onto Earth.

    At the Justice League Watch Tower building. There is Clark Kent present. Also there is Lois Lane with her kids. Also present are Kara Kent and Connor Kent. Chloe Sullivan is there as well along with John Jones, Megan Morse, Dinah Lance, Rose Wilson and Courtney Whitmore. Rose Wilson: I am known as Ravager as I joined the Justice League. My brother was once sent to the Phantom Zone.Clark Kent:We’ll again bring Lex Luthor to justice.” The computer screen reads that New Genesis is destroyed as the alarm goes off. Chloe goes to the computer. Chloe Sullivan:Darkseid has taken possession of Lex Luthor. We have many others on various missions. My son is the new Speedy. Also the New Gods have freed the Phantom Zoners including General Zod.Clark Kent:All of us in the league let’s get suited up. I’ll send Zod back or otherwise he dies.” All those others go get suited up in superhero uniforms. Chloe Sullivan:I’ll go to my son and ex husband.” Chloe departs for Oliver and Nicholas her son.

    Somewhere else in the building. There is Green Arrow present with his son Speedy. Green Arrow: I defeated Darkseid’s prophets 15 years ago. Your mother read to you the story of the boy turning into Superman. That’s Clark Kent. She wrote that comic book.” They are shooting arrows onto targets. Chloe shows up. Chloe Sullivan:Darkseid is back and maybe possesses Lex Luthor. You once killed him and tried many times to kill him.Green Arrow:Let’s go son.Chloe Sullivan:I’ll notify Professor Hamilton.” They go over to her.

    At the Cadmus building in the day time inside. There is present Maxwell Lord. Also there is Emil Laselle aka Warp, Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot in cowboy clothes, Bette Sans Souci aka Plastique and General Rick Flagg. Rick Flagg:We have Lex Luthor back out there.Maxwell Lord:I was an enemy of Superman when he was known simply as the Blur. He stopped blurring himself 15 years ago when he saved the world.” Emil Hamilton shows up. Emil Hamilton:Darkseid is back as he was defeated 5 years ago. He possesses Lex Luthor now and is plotting to destroy this world and merge planets. He destroyed New Genesis. He also freed Kryptonian prisoners of the Phantom Zone.Rick Flagg:Warp. Get out of out there. Let’s meet with the Justice League.” Warp teleports everyone out of here.

    Outside of the watch tower building. There is Superman present along with Superboy (back to his original Superboy costume in blue jeans with a black t-shirt having the house of El symbol in red), Super Girl, Miss Martian, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Speedy, Black Canary, Star Girl, Rose Wilson as Ravager and Chloe Sullivan the Watch Tower of the Justice League. Chloe Sullivan:Superman here heads the league.Superman:I will take charge and put those back into the Phantom Zone. I’ll put Lex Luthor back in prison and cast him out of Darkseid and send those back to the Phantom Zone.” Task Force X is teleported to the Justice League with Emil Hamilton. Emil Hamilton:I think that the Doomsday creature is back as well. I have the kryptonite to depower or kill those. We’ll try to seal them in the Phantom Zone.” Emil Hamilton gives blue kryptonite to Green Arrow and Speedy and the Martians. Green Arrow:When I lead the Justice League I had the mission to kill Doomsday. Let’s kill him.Martian Manhunter:I could use some blue. I will deal with General Zod. Superman will deal with Lex Luthor and cast Darkseid out of him.Superman:I started wearing a cape and gave up the red leather jacket I pushed away the planet before and cast the darkness out of everyone else as well.

    At the Lex Corp building. There are present Granny Goodness with the new Female Furies team members Molly Griggs, Jodi Melville, Abigail Fine, Cheerleaders of Devotion, Samantha Drake and clone Emily Dinsmore. Also there is present Virmin Vundabarr with his niece Malice and Chessure. Others on the Female Furies Knockout, Lashina, Artemiz, Speed Queen, Stompa, and Wunda show up next along with Graven and Deliverance. Granny Goodness:I was second in command to Darkseid. You new recruits on my team will deal with Superman. I know where Task Force X is at. You women on my team before will work with me setting up boom tubes. We’ll defeat the Justice League.” Virmin, Graven, Deliverance and Granny Goodness with the old female furies team members depart after Task Force X. Amazing Grace shows up next. Amazing Grace:You new recruits on the furies come with me. We’ll take the Daily Planet. We’ll create boom tubes there.” Amazing Grace departs after the Justice League with the new Female Furies.

    Somewhere in Metropolis in the day time on the road to Smallville. There are present parademons setting up boom tubes. Virmin, Graven, Deliverance and Granny Goodness with the old female furies team members show up and Mortalla. Granny Goodness: “There’s the heart of the great city. We’ll even take Smallville.” Maxwell Lord shows up with the Suicide Squad. Maxwell Lord:Get them. They aren’t coming to Smallville.” Granny Goodness is on a boom tube. Parademons go after Task Force X. Deliverance impales Maxwell Lord as he tries to shoot him. He dies. Deadshot shoots down parademons. Artemiz pulls out her bow and arrows. Lashina pulls out her whips. Rick Flagg shoots and kills those 2 members of the Female Furies team in 2 shots. Stompa with Speed Queen and Graven are going after Deadshot and Warp. Deadshot manages to shoot and kill Speed Queen and Graven killing them and they vaporize into clouds of smoke. Stompa stomps around Warp. Mortalla:We got you now.” Warp goes for his gun. Granny Goodness with magic powers kills Warp just as parademons are going after Plastique. Rick Flag shoots and kills Virmin Vundabarr as he goes after him. Stompa jumps onto Plastique. Stompa:I got this explosive woman.Mortalla:Now to kill you with my hands.” Plastique blows up Stompa with Mortalla next. Granny Goodness with Malice and Chessure are setting up a boom tube. Rick Flagg:You can project blasts Plastique and you’re back with me as I freed you from prison after the defeat of Lex Luthor. You can do it.” Plastique with her powers blows up the boom tube and kills Granny Goodness with a couple more of the female furies. Deliverance goes after Rick Flagg. Rick Flagg fires a shot shooting and killing Deliverance. He vaporizes into clouds of smoke. Rick Flagg:They would’ve taken Smallville next. We saved even Smallville. Emil Laselle and Maxwell Lord were killed.

    Nearby the Daily Planet. There are parademons present along with Amazing Grace, Desaad and the new female furies. Superman shows up with Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Superboy, Super Girl, Miss Martian, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Speedy, Star Girl and Ravager. Super Girl, Ravager, Star Girl, Black Canary and Miss Martian take on the female furies. Martian Manhunter: We defeated them before. We’ll try not to kill them this time.Superman:When I was the red and blue blur I was forced to kill one of them. You women deal with the female furies and Amazing Grace.Green Arrow:I killed Desaad before. Maybe this time he stays dead or he’s back in the Phantom Zone if he’s lucky.” Aldar and Titan show up. Superman takes on Titan. Super Girl:You women deal with the female furies as they are the new recruits.” The other women deal with the new female furies. Jodi Melville:I’ll eat a Martian.Miss Martian:I don’t think so.” Jodi Melville runs up to Miss Martian. Miss Martian throws Jodi to the ground. Speedy and Green Arrow take on parademons. Super boy takes on parademons also. The 2 men are hand to hand fighting those heroes that killed them long ago. Molly Griggs with Clone Emily are going after Star Girl. She strikes them with her battle staff. The cheerleaders of Devotion go after Black Canary. Black Canary:Want to hear something funny?” She sends a sonic scream on them. Miss Martian and Samantha Drake throw punches at each other. Miss Martian throws Samantha Drake to the ground. Emily Dinsmore clone uses super speed on Ravager. They are fighting hand to hand. Ravager gives a roundhouse kick to Emily Dinsmore. Miss Martian puts her hand through Abigail Fine as she goes after her. Superman throws Titan to the ground just as Martian Manhunter delivers a hard punch to Aldar. Aldar:Kill me again.Martian Manhunter:Time you live and I’ll put you back in the phantom zone.” Green Arrow and Speedy are shooting down parademons with arrows present. Desaad:I’ll kill you now as you have killed me 15 years ago.” Green Arrow shoots another one of his arrows into Desaad as he tries to kill him with his powers. Desaad is killed again vaporizing into clouds of smoke just as Superboy pounds the rest of the parademons present. Green Arrow:Maybe this time you’ll stay dead.” Superman pulls out a thing to send those villains to the Phantom Zone. Superman sends those surviving villains to the Phantom Zone. Superman and the team depart for the Justice League watch tower. Superman:Let’s go back to the tower. We’ll meet up with Task Force X. Let’s hope Smallville is saved where I grew up in.

    At the Lex Corp building on the inside later on in the day. There is Lex Luthor present possessed by Darkseid along with Professor Anthony Ivo and Dr. T O Morrow. Also there is Knockout, Mantis, Kalibak, Steppenwolf and Darkseid soldiers. Also there is General Zod with his disciples and Doomsday his son. Faora the wife of Zod is also present. Lexseid:My parents should be showing up soon. We’ll merge this world onto my home world and then merge the New Krypton.General Zod:They’ll kneel before me.Lexseid:You are a general to my army now.” Heggra and Yuga Kahn show up. The omega symbols are shown on the heads of the Kryptonians and the 2 scientists in league with Lex Luthor. Yuga Kahn:You have done well son.Lexseid:I’ll clone Lex Luthor’s body and take possession of it.Heggra:Now you’ll even kill Superman. We’re immortal and you killed an immortal on this world.

    Outside in space. Apokolips is coming closer to Earth.

    Somewhere else in Metropolis. Superman shows up with the Suicide Squad survivors and others in the Justice League present. Martian Manhunter:It appears that the Kryptonians are at the park. We’ll capture of kill them.Green Arrow:Doomsday is to be destroyed.” Chloe is also there. Chloe gives blue and green kryptonite to the Martians and her ex husband with their son. Green Arrow and Speedy go with the Martians after the Kryptonians. Chloe Sullivan:Here’s your kryptonite. I’ll deal with the rest of Darkseid’s forces.Superman:I’ll find Lex Luthor and Darkseid. They might as well be nearby the space station that Hank Henshaw was at half a year after I became Superman. I’ll take Task Force X with me to deal with Darkseid’s army. You will my cousin and also my partial clone deal with Darkseid’s parents. I’ll try again to push the planet away.Speedy:I am in my teens and I’ll take leadership of the Teen Titans if I survive this.” Superman: “I take it Emil Laselle and Maxwell Lord were killed. But it appears that Smallville was saved by Task Force X I take it. The rest of the Justice League with Task Force X goes after Darkseid and his forces.

    At a park in Metropolis. There are the Kryptonians present. Green Arrow, Speedy and the Martians show up. General Zod:Face me Martian.Martian Manhunter:I have the blue k and take you down.Miss Martian:I will deal with Zod’s wife.” Martian Manhunter takes on General Zod. Miss Martian takes on Faora. General Zod:You my disciples with Doomsday can crush those 2 archers. Kill them as I with my wife kill the Martians.” Green Arrow and Speedy take on the Doomsday and Zod’s disciples.

    Somewhere else in Metropolis. There is Darkseid present with the rest of his forces. Also there are Darkseid’s parents. There are even Darkseid soldiers cloned by those 2 scientists working for Lex Luthor and Dr. Morrow with Professor Ivo present. Also there is Knockout. The Task Force X and Justice League show up. Superman:I’ll face you again and put you Lex back in prison.” Superman takes on Lex Luthor possessing Darkseid. Superboy takes on Yuga Kahn while Super Girl takes on Heggra the mother of Darkseid. Rick Flagg takes on General Steppenwolf while Chloe Sullivan takes on Knockout. Black Canary takes on Kalibak. Star Girl takes on Mantis. Ravager with Deadshot and Plastique take on Darkseid’s soldiers. Plastique blows up Darkseid’s soldiers. Rick Flagg:Face me like a man. I’ll man you up as you are a general to Darkseid.” Steppenwolf and General Flagg are fighting each other hand to hand. Superman throws the possessed by Darkseid Lex Luthor into Professor Ivo and Dr. Morrow.

    Back to the Metropolis Park. Doomsday and Zod’s disciples go after Green Arrow and Speedy. They shoot lasers at them. Doomsday jumps onto them. Green Arrow and Speedy shoot green kryptonite onto Zod’s disciples and Doomsday in the chest. They die. Green Arrow:I killed the Doomsday creature. We’ll see if we send Zod with his wife back to the Phantom Zone or they end up dead.” Miss Martian and Faora are locking on as is Martian Manhunter and General Zod. They are throwing punches at each other. The Martians pull out blue kryptonite onto the Kryptonian wife and husband who were parents of Doomsday. Faora:You took our powers away. You’ll pay for this.” They are rendered powerless. Green Arrow:They managed not to kill them. Send them to the phantom zone my son.” Speedy takes on the Phantom Zone thing. Speedy sends Zod and Faora to the Phantom Zone. Martian Manhunter:We’ll meet up with Superman.

    Back to the Superman and company vs. Darkseid and his forces. In the battle Steppenwolf pulls out his axe just as Rick Flagg draws his gun. Steppenwolf:Now to kill you.” Rick Flagg fires shots into Steppenwolf killing him. He vanishes into clouds of smoke. Chloe sends Knockout a roundhouse kick in a martial arts fight. She falls down to the ground. Knockout:You’ll pay for this. I could kill you in a rematch.Superman:Take this and send those survivors to the Phantom Zone. I am going to do again what I did 15 years ago when you people renamed me Superman as I started to wear a cape.” Superman has a thing for the Phantom Zone. Superman goes flying after Apokolips. Superman gives his thing to his partial clone just as Superboy slams Darkseid’s father to the ground. Super Girl in the battle uppercuts Heggra just as Deadshot shoots and kills Darkseid soldiers while Lois Lane shows up with Ron Tourpe and Jimmy Olsen and Kat Grant. Kat Grant:The Kryptonians have been defeated by the archers and Martians.” Jimmy is taking photos. Jimmy Olsen:That thing that killed my brother must be dead now.” Mantis shoots his powers onto Star Girl. She blocks them with her battle staff. Kalibak and Black Canary fighting each other hand to hand the Black Canary sends a roundhouse kick onto Kalibak knocking him to the ground while Star Girl with her battle staff clobbers Mantis. Darkseid soldiers are being blown up. Ravager with her sword slices down the rest of the Darkseid soldiers while the rest of them are blown up by Plastique. Superman goes flying into the sky just as Lexseid gets up. Lexseid:You’ll pay for this Superman.” Superman is going flying in front of the planet Apokolips. Superman is getting closer to it. Superboy:Now to stop you all.” Superboy sends Darkseid’s parents to the phantom zone along with Kalibak, Mantis and Knockout just as the Special Crimes Unit shows up next with police cars blaring sirens. Superboy:That must be the police.

    In outer space. There is Superman is pushing Apokolips deep into space. Superman goes flying back onto Earth.

    Back to this part of Metropolis with the others in the Justice League and Suicide Squad. Darkseid is coming out of Lex Luthor’s body. Lex Luthor:I’ll be out again one day and Superman will die.” Jamie Sawyer and Captain Dan Turpin aim their guns at Lex Luthor, Professor Anthony Ivo and Dr. Thomas Oscar Morrow. Dan Turpin:You men are under arrest. I know that you 2 scientists are working for the former president.Jamie Sawyer:I have evidence on that.” Dan Turpin: “I could never prove you Mr. Luthor killing your sister when the Blur’s name was changed to Superman 15 years ago.” The Suicide Squad and Justice Leaguers present go over to the cops. Plastique:I won’t again work for Lex Luthor.Rick Flagg:I got her out prison after Lex Luthor was convicted of his impeachment.” Superman is flying back to the place. Green Arrow, Miss Martian, Speedy and Martian Manhunter show up next. Superman goes over to Green Arrow. Green Arrow:I ended up killing the 2 disciples of Zod as they were helping Doomsday try to kill us.Superman: ”I could get Darkseid’s essence into the Phantom Zone. Let’s go home.

    Many days later at the Daily Planet in the main part of the building. There are the reporters at the desk. Jimmy Olsen is there as well as Lois Lane, Kat Grant and others in the Daily Planet. Kat Grant:Lex Luthor could never be convicted of killing his half sister.Lois Lane:I was rescued many times by Superman. I came up with that name for him as he changed his clothes and went from a jacket to a cape.Clark Kent:Also Lex Luthor stated that his sister Lutessa Lena Luthor committed Suicide when Superman saved the world.” Ron Tourpe who now runs the place shows up. Ron Tourpe:I have replaced Perry White as he retired. I need you people to get out there to get a story.Clark Kent:I am on it. I know that Superman leads the Justice League and now Speedy leads the Teen Titans just as Mr. Terrific leads the Justice Society. I’ll get a report on Superman as well.” Clark Kent departs the Daily Planet.

    On the roof of the Daily Planet. Clark Kent opens up his shirt revealing the Superman suit. Superman goes flying off into space in Superman pose with his arms straight out.

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    Oct 15, 2005
    I am not writing anymore fan fiction. That Quentin Tarantino one could change. If Mr. Blue isn't Blue Lou Boyle there should be not shown that Joe Cabot kills Blue Lou Boyle is rival criminal as he comes into LA. This should be the True Romance Reservoir Dogs crossover. Blue Lou Boyle could be a gangster Half Irish/Half Italian.
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    Marvel Action Movie

    Crossover of the Marvel Action hour and Spider-Man the Animated Series television movie idea.

    Chapter 1


    At the Life Foundation building. There is Roland Treece present with his thugs. Dr. Doom shows up. There are Doctor’s new minions Ramon Carl, Trevor, Donna, Leslie, Scott Washington and Patrick Mulligan. Dr. Doom: “I have hired you to build my empire. Those 7 here could wear your symbiotes.” Roland Treece: “Spider-Man years ago defeated Carnage and Venom. They were sent to the great Dormumu’s world. Teaming with Iron Man he defeated Baron Marto.” Also there is a man wearing a hat and has a white beard. There’s also the woman who once attacked Silver Surfer. Dr. Doom: “This woman here years ago faked being kidnapped by my robots to lure Silver Surfer into a trap. This man here has served me for years.” There are some symbiotes. They go onto the 7 people working for Dr. Doom. Donna becomes Scream. Leslie becomes Agony. Carl becomes Phage, Trevor becomes Riot, Ramon becomes Lasher. Scott Washington becomes Hybrid. Patrick Mulligan becomes Toxin. Scream: “I am known as Scream.” Agony: “Call me Agony.” Phage: “Call me Phage.” Riot: “I am known as Riot.” Lasher: “Call me Lasher.” Hybrid: “Call me Hybrid.” Toxin: “Call me Toxin.” Dr. Doom: “You 7 work for me. You can destroy Spider-Man. I will rebuild sentinels to destroy the X-Men.” Those 7 go back to their human forms. They all leave the place with Dr. Doom and 2 more of his minions.

    Outside of the Life Foundation building in the day time. There is Silver Surfer flying by on his surf board. Spider-Man and Daredevil are swinging by. Also with them are Elektra and Black Cat. Elektra has a stick with her. Spider-Man: “Roland Treece has been using symbiotes to create monsters.” Daredevil: “You took down the Kingpin years ago. I will team with you again. I teamed with the Fantastic Four against Dr. Doom years ago when they lost their powers. After you took down the Kingpin I took down Herbert Landon. Silvermaine and his daughter were arrested by Terry Lee after I broke up the bandanas gang. Elisha Silvermaine is in prison for a good long time.” Bruce Banner comes out of no where. Bruce Banner: “I am coming to help you. We’ll use Johnny Storm’s help in getting the symbiotes off of those felons who serve Dr. Doom. I become the Incredible Hulk when I get angry.” Spider-Man: “We will need your help Dr. Banner.” They all get into the building.

    Chapter 2

    Inside the Life Foundation building. The heroes all come in. There are Life Foundation droids present. Bruce Banner: “They must be welcoming us.” They shoot at the heroes. Spider-Man shoots webs onto those droids. One of them zaps Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner leaves the place. Black Cat throws some kicks onto the droids. Daredevil hits one of them with his billy club. Elektra strikes them with her battle staff. Silver Surfer shoots lasers out of his eyes onto the droids. Elektra: “They are the diggers.” The diggers show up. The Hulk comes in. A digger slices at the Hulk. The Hulk grabs that digger. The Hulk bangs a digger to the floor destroying it. Silver Surfer shoots down 2 more diggers with lasers coming out of his eyes. Silver Surfer: “Now let’s get Roland Treece.” Everyone goes into the shafts. Hulk reverts back to being Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner: “I know about the place. I infiltrated the lab recently.

    In the ventilation shafts. Bruce Banner: “Soldiers of this company will show up here.” There are probe droids. They shoot acid at the heroes. Silver Surfer shoots them down. LF soldiers show up. They fire on the heroes. Daredevil double kicks 2 of them. Spider-Man ties some up with his webs. Black Cat flip kicks 2 more. Elektra strikes them with her battle staff. Daredevil battles many of them with his hands and knocks them out. Elektra: “I once killed Kirigi from the Hand. Stick fought the Kingpin’s old gang members. The Kingpin killed his boss to take over. I killed the leader of the hand who killed Stick years ago.” Daredevil: “Stick trained me to control my powers.” They go after Roland Treece and his thugs.

    Chapter 3

    In Roland Treece’s lab. There is Treece at his desk. Spider-Man, Daredevil, Elektra, Black Cat, Silver Surfer and Bruce Banner show up. Roland Treece: “Kill them all.” Roland Treece’s thugs go after the heroes. Daredevil: “Spider-Man and I will take them.” Spider-Man and Daredevil battle the thugs in a hand to hand fight. Spider-Man next ties them up. Roland Treece pulls out a gun. Daredevil throws his billy club striking Roland Treece in the hand. Spider-Man with his webs ties up Roland Treece. Spider-Man: “We’ll have the police put you behind bars.” Elektra: “The Hand is also in league with Dr. Doom hired to kill us all.

    At Dr. Doom’s headquarters the next day. There is Dr. Doom with his 2 human minions. Also there are many super villains there like Typhoid Mary, Bullseye, Rhino, Shocker, Man-Bull, Task Master, Captain Ultra, Beetle and Tsurayaba leader of the Hand. Also there are many Hand assassins along with Revanche and Kuroyama. Dr. Doom: “I hired the hand to help you all kill the heroes. I will destroy the X-Men. J. Jonah Jameson is getting information on us. Takashi. I will need you to kill the Daily Bugle reporters before they get us behind bars. The rest of you super villains could kill Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four. Kill Daredevil. Kill the Silver Surfer. Kill the Incredible Hulk and the Avengers. I have new sentinels to kill the X-Men. Go now robots and destroy the X-Men.” They have swords with them. Sentinels are being built. The Sentinels go to the X-Men mansion.

    Chapter 4

    At the X-Men mansion inside. There is Wolverine present. Also there Franklin Richards son of Sue and Reed Richards with his sister Valeria. Also present are Psylocke, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Gambit, Rogue, Jubilee, Beast and Nightcrawler. Ice Man is present too. Wolverine: “I have for years been leader of the X-Men.” Cyclops: “Jean and I with Storm run the school. We have Dr. Doom to take down.” Jean-Grey: “I think that there are sentinels outside to kill us.” Franklin Richards: “My mother and father have years ago fought against Dr. Doom. I was a baby when I came to school here as was my sister.” Psylocke: “The Hand is also in league with Dr. Doom. I was once part of the Hand. I defeated the leader Takashi. Someone else runs the Hand now.

    Outside of the X-Men mansion. There is an army of sentinels. They go after the X-Men.

    Back inside of the X-Men mansion. Jean Grey finds sentinels out there. Jean Grey: “The Sentinels are outside.” Cyclops: “Let’s destroy them. Nightcrawler. Stay with the kids.” They all go outside.

    Back to outside of the X-Men mansion. The Sentinels attack the X-Men. Sentinel: “The mutants are there. Destroy all mutants.” Cyclops shoots some down with his laser blasts. Psylocke makes a psychic blade and stabs a sentinel. Jubilee shoots explosives out of her fingers at the sentinels. Ice Man shoots down some freezing them. Wolverine slashes his claws at some sentinels. Storm shoots lightning onto some Sentinels. Gambit shoots down sentinels with playing cards. Rogue uppercuts onto some sentinels. Beast with his powers destroys the rest of the sentinels. Franklin Richards comes out. Wolverine: “I am taking you Franklin to your parents.

    Chapter 5

    Outside of the Baxter building at night time. There is Wolverine driving by in his jeep. He has Franklin Richards with him. Wolverine: “We destroyed all of Dr. Doom’s sentinels. Now you will face Dr. Doom himself.” Daredevil and Spider-Man are swinging by just as Silver Surfer is flying by. Spider-Man: “Wolverine. We met years ago.” Silver Surfer: “I defeated Dr. Doom years ago. One of his minions zapped me.” They all enter the Baxter building along with Elektra and Bruce Banner.

    Inside the Baxter Building. There is the whole Fantastic Four team. Wolverine shows up with Franklin Richards. Mr. Fantastic: “Logan.” Spider-Man and Daredevil come into the new building. Daredevil: “I am Wolverine called Daredevil. I fought Dr. Doom years ago when the Fantastic Four lost their powers.

    At Dr. Doom’s headquarters. There is Dr. Doom present. There are all of Dr. Doom’s minions present along with an assortment of super villains. Dr. Doom: “The X-Men destroyed the sentinels. I will have an army of robots to destroy the heroes. Captain Ultra, Task master, Beetle and Man-Bull. Go after the heroes. The Fantastic Four had a new building. They quickly had the Baxter Building rebuilt. Go kill them and Spider-Man and Daredevil. You will take robots with you.” Captain Ultra, Task Master, Beetle and Man-Bull leave for the Fantastic Four headquarters with the new doom patrol.

    Chapter 6

    Outside of the Fantastic Four headquarters. There are Man-Bull, Task Master, Beetle and Captain Ultra with the doom bots. Captain Ultra: “Blast the Human Torch. I pass out to open flames.

    Back to inside the Fantastic Four lab. There is the Fantastic Four present along with Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, Bruce Banner and Daredevil. Also present is Elektra. Spider-Man’s spider sense goes off. Spider-Man: “My spider sense is tingling. Our enemies are around here.” Daredevil: “We’ll go after them all.” The heroes all go to outside.

    Back outside of the Fantastic Four building. The heroes all show up. Elektra pulls out her battle staff. Captain Ultra: “Kill them all.” Human Torch takes on Captain Ultra. Spider-Man takes on Beetle. Beetle: “We meet again Spider-Man.” Thing: “It’s clobberin time!” Thing takes on Man-Bull. Daredevil takes on Task Master. Everyone else takes on the Doom Patrol. Task Master: “I will kill you now Man Without Fear. Sometime after you teamed with the Fantastic Four against Dr. Doom you teamed with Spider-Man against the Kingpin and his gang.” Task Master shoots at Daredevil. Daredevil leaps out of the way. Daredevil throws his billy club hitting Task Master in the face. Mr. Fantastic bangs some doom bots into dust. Captain Ultra throws a punch onto Human Torch. Beetle shoots beams at Spider-Man. Human Torch shoots fireballs knocking out Captain Ultra. Man-Bull rams at the Thing. The Thing throws a punch back onto Man Bull. Elektra with her battle staff destroys some doom bots. Task Master tries to grab onto Daredevil. Task Master: “I got you now Daredevil. You will die.” Daredevil high kicks Task Master. The Thing uppercuts Man-Bull incapacitating him. Spider-Man jumps onto Beetle. Mr. Fantastic ties up the Beetle next. Spider-Man webs all those villains there. Spider-Man: “We’ll hold them until the police come.

    Chapter 7

    At Dr. Doom’s headquarters. There is Dr. Doom present with many other super villains. Dr. Doom: “4 of those who I have sent after the heroes have failed. Shocker. Got with my doom patrol after the heroes. Spider-Man years ago put you in Ravencroft. Kill him.” Shocker leaves the place with doom bots. They go after the super heroes out there.

    On the streets of New York City. There are Spider-Man and Daredevil swinging by. Daredevil: “Before you and I teamed up against the Kingpin and his gang I fought Dr. Doom. The Fantastic Four lost their powers and they had suits to power them up.” Shocker shows up with a band of doom bots. Shocker: “There’s Spider-Man and Daredevil.” Spider-Man: “He’s called the Shocker. He worked for the Kingpin years ago. Now he works for Dr. Doom.” Doom bots fire on the heroes. Daredevil visualizes the doom bots. He throws his billy clubs destroying the doom bots. Spider-Man shoots web pellets onto the doom bots. Shocker: “I will get both of you at once.” Shocker shoots at the 2 heroes. Daredevil covers his ears. Spider-Man shoots webs at the Shocker. Daredevil throws his billy clubs hitting the Shocker in the face. Police cars show up. Terry Lee is driving one of those police cars. Spider-Man ties up the Shocker on his webs. Daredevil and Spider-Man swing off into the night. Spider-Man: “I knew Terry Lee of the department for years. Now let’s go home.

    Chapter 8

    At the Home of the Parkers at night time. There is Mary Jane there with little May Day Parker. Peter Parker walks in the door. Mary Jane: “Peter. I have something to tell you. I am again pregnant.” Peter Parker: “Our daughter could one day take my place and she could be known as Spider-Girl. Dr. Doom is out there. He has hired those who once worked for the Kingpin of crime.” MJ is pregnant again.

    At the New York City police station. In Captain Terry Lee’s office. There is Terry Lee sitting at her desk. Matt Murdock comes in with his walking cane. Terry Lee: “Mr. Murdock. Can I offer you a ride back home tonight?” Matt Murdock: “No. I am building a case against Dr. Doom. His minions have gotten away years ago. Dr. Doom has hired the yakuza. The boss is Tsurayaba leader of the Hand. He’s hired the Hand to kill the head of the Daily Bugle.” Terry Lee: “Years ago a federal agent took bribes from The Kingpin. I put the Kingpin and that corrupt agent behind bars years ago along with The Kingpin’s son and Chameleon.” Matt Murdock goes over to Terry Lee. Matt: “Spider-Man and Daredevil are hunting down Dr. Doom.

    At Dr. Doom’s headquarters later on. There are the Enforcers present with Dr. Doom. Dr. Doom: “You Hammerhead hates Spider-Man. Daredevil also brought down the Bandannas gang some time after Spider-Man brought down Elisha Silvermaine and Tombstone. You men are known as the Enforcers. Go kill Daredevil and Spider-Man.” On the team are Mr. Big, Fancy Dan, The Ox and Montana. Also Hammerhead is present.

    Chapter 9

    On the streets of New York City at night time. There is Matt Murdock walking by with reflective clothing on. Matt Murdock goes off to an alley somewhere else.

    In an alley. Matt Murdock transforms into Daredevil. Stone of the leader of the Chaste shows up. Stone: “Daredevil. It’s me Stone. I know that you faced Dr. Doom before. Our enemies the Hand is in league with Dr. Doom.” Daredevil: “You brought Elektra over to your side after the Hand brought her back to life. She was killed by Bullseye. Bullseye is also hired by Dr. Doom to kill us.” There are some Chaste ninjas with Stone. Stone: “You’ll all face Dr. Doom while me and my ninjas face the Hand.” The Enforcers show up. Hammerhead: “He’s the leader of the Chaste.” Hammerhead rams at Stone. Daredevil sends a high kick onto Hammer Head. Daredevil visualizes Fancy Dan’s gun. Daredevil throws a billy club hitting Fancy Dan on the head. Daredevil clobbers next Ox and Montana run after Daredevil. Daredevil goes up on his ropes. Hammerhead: “Kill Daredevil.” Ox and Mr. Big are banged into each other. Montana lassoes some Chaste Ninjas. Montana: “We’ll help the Hand win the war against the Chaste.” Stone throws a punch onto Montana. Fancy Dan and Daredevil fight each other in a martial arts fight. Daredevil defeats Fancy Dan. Daredevil goes to talk to Stone. Stone throws a punch knocking out Hammerhead. Stone: “I knocked him out.” Daredevil: “The police will arrest them. Matt Murdock was talking to Captain Terry Lee of the NY PD.

    Chapter 10

    At the Daily Bugle the next day. There is J. Jonah Jameson present. Robbie comes in. Jameson: “Dr. Doom attacks the city. I want a report on Dr. Doom.” Robbie: “Yes Mr. Jameson.” Jameson: “And Robbie. Spider-Man is part of the Hand.” Robbie: “Spider-Man is one of the good guys. He’s fighting against Dr. Doom.

    Outside of the Daily Bugle. There are some ninjas of the Hand. There are also the old man and young woman who work for Dr. Doom. Dr. Doom’s female minion: “I once zapped the Silver Surfer as I lured him into a trap. You ninjas will kill J. Jonah Jameson. Kill Robbie Robertson.” They go to inside of the building. They go into the Daily Bugle.

    Nearby the Daily Bugle. There is Spider-Man swinging by. His spider sense if going off on some Hand Ninjas. Spider-Man goes swinging over to the Daily Bugle.

    In the Daily Bugle office. There is J. Jonah Jameson there. Some hand ninjas appear on him. Jameson: “Ninjas. You must be the Hand.” Spider-Man swings in. Spider-Man: “I will save you against JJ. I am one of the good guys.” Spider-Man webs some ninja sword. A ninja does a jump kick onto Spider-Man. Spider-Man throws a punch back at this ninja of the Hand. Dr. Doom’s 2 minions show up too. Dr. Doom’s male minion: “He’s Spider-Man.” Spider-Man leap kicks 2 more Hand ninjas. The female minion to Dr. Doom pulls out a taser. Spider-Man shoots webs onto this woman. The old man is next tied up by Spider-Man. He sticks the Hand ninjas to the ceiling with 2 of Dr. Doom’s minions. Spider-Man: “Call the police JJ. I captured 2 of Dr. Doom’s minions with 3 Hand ninjas.

    Chapter 11

    At NY PD headquarters later on in the day. At Captain Terry Lee’s office. There is Terry Lee present. Also there are Spider-Man, Daredevil, The Fantastic Four, Franklin Richards, Silver Surfer and Bruce Banner. Terry Lee: “We arrested 2 of Dr. Doom’s minions. Now I will come with you all to arrest Dr. Doom and other villains out there.” Invisible Woman: “We’ll have my son Franklin face Dr. Doom. We’ll face the symbiotes.” Human Torch: “My powers will get the symbiotes off of Dr. Doom’s minions.

    Somewhere else in the city. There is Elektra and Wolverine with Stone and the good ninjas. Wolverine: “I will face the Hand with you.” Stone: “Elektra joined with us some time after Stick was killed. Claw and Shaft were killed by the Hand. I killed the leader of the Hand after he killed Stick.” They go after Dr. Doom.

    Chapter 12

    At Dr. Doom’s headquarters outside. There is the Fantastic Car. Also there is Wolverine in his vehicle carrying Franklin Richards and Bruce Banner. Silver Surfer goes flying by on his surfboard. Terry Lee is driving in her car. Also there are Spider-Man and Daredevil swinging by. Spider-Man: “Here comes trouble Captain Lee. Those are Dr. Doom’s robots.” There comes the doom patrol. They fire on the team. Bruce Banner is shot. He transforms into the Incredible Hulk. Human Torch shoots doom bots with fireballs. Silver Sable shows up. Silver Sable: “I have come to help. I want to stop Dr. Doom too.” Silver Sable shoots down doom bots. Silver Surfer shoots lasers out of his eyes shooting down doom bots. The Thing throws punches onto the doom patrol. Franklin Richards is shooting down doom bots. The Hulk shows up. The Hulk sends a sonic clap onto the Doom bots. Daredevil bangs some doom bots with his billy clubs. Silver Sable pulls out her knife. She slices down the rest of the doom patrol. Silver Sable: “I am fighting for freedom against Dr. Doom.” Terry Lee: “I will arrest all those super villains.

    Chapter 13

    Else where in Dr. Doom’s headquarters. There is Dr. Doom present. Dr. Doom: “You Typhoid Mary and Bullseye are hired assassin to kill The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man.” Also there are symbiotic villains. There are Rhino, Typhoid Mary and Bullseye present. The heroes show up. Dr. Doom: “Kill them all.” Bullseye has paper clips with him. He also has nails with him. Franklin Richards takes on Dr. Doom himself. Franklin Richards: “Face me Dr. Doom. You once took the powers away from my parents.” The Hulk takes on Rhino. Silver Sable takes on Agony. Invisible Woman takes on Scream. Mr. Fantastic takes on Phage. Human Torch takes on hand ninjas Daredevil takes on Bullseye. Silver Surfer takes on Riot. Spider-Man takes on hand ninjas as does Toxin. Stone takes on Tsurayaba. Elektra takes on Revanche. Wolverine takes on Kuroyama. The Chaste ninjas take on hand ninjas. The Thing takes on Lasher. Captain Terry Lee takes on Typhoid Mary. Terry Lee: “You are all under arrest.

    Toxin takes on Hand ninjas with his powers. Toxin: “I am on an undercover assignment for the NY PD just as I have taken a symbiote.” Doom bots fire at the Human Torch. Hybrid: “In this suit I can extend my body. I am also NY PD.” Rhino rams at Hulk. Hybrid slices down some doom bots. The Hulk throws a punch onto Rhino. They are beating each other up. The Hulk throws Rhino to the ground. Lasher slashes at the Thing with his claws. The Thing throws a punch onto Lasher. A few hand ninjas shoot stars at Spider-Man. Spider-Man jumps out of the way. Spider-Man shoots webs onto those hand ninjas. Mr. Fantastic strikes Phage with his hammer hands just as Phage goes after Mr. Fantastic. Riot swings his claws at Silver Surfer. Silver Surfer throws a punch back onto Riot. Silver Surfer uses the lasers on Riot. Spider-Man: “Keep blasting him Silver Surfer. It will get the symbiote off.” Silver Sable with her stick strikes Agony just as she slashes her hair at Silver Sable. Scream shoots a tentacle at Invisible Woman. Invisible Woman blocks them with her invisible shield. Invisible Woman shoots invisible energy balls at Scream. Human Torch shoots doom bots with fire balls. Spider-Man: “Burn them all Johnny.” Silver Surfer gets the symbiote off of Riot. Human Torch lights fires on all of the symbiotes. Terry Lee and Typhoid Mary are throwing punches and kicks at each other. Terry Lee throws Typhoid Mary to the ground. She puts a pair of handcuffs on her. Terry Lee: “You’re under arrest Typhoid Mary.” Typhoid Mary: “I am a hired assassin. I was hired to kill you too.” Terry Lee: “You will testify against Dr. Doom.” Elektra in battle strikes Revanche with her battle staff. Wolverine swings his blades at Kuroyama. Kuroyama swings his sword back at Wolverine. Wolverine throws a kick onto that Hand ninja. Many chaste ninjas knock out hand ninjas. Franklin Richards and Dr. Doom are shooting their powers at each other. Dr. Doom: “I will kill you along with your parents. You were 1 when they sent you to mutant school and your parents went to outer space.” Human Torch burns the symbiotes off of the other villains. Bullseye shoots nails at Daredevil. Bullseye: “Now I will kill you Daredevil.” Daredevil blocks them with his billy club. Bullseye next shoots paper clips at Daredevil. Daredevil throws his billy club hitting Bullseye in the forehead. Daredevil and Bullseye fight each other hand to hand. Daredevil defeats Bullseye. Bullseye: “You made me miss. I never miss.” Daredevil: “I took you down against Bullseye.” Stone defeats Tsurayaba in the hand to hand fight. Tsurayaba: “I declared myself the new leader after Elektra defeated Takashi. Now there will be no more of the Chaste.” Franklin Richards lifts Dr. Doom. He bangs him against the wall. The Hulk jumps onto Dr. Doom. He rips off his metal armor. Dr. Doom: “You’ll all pay for this.” The Thing grabs onto Dr. Doom. Spider-Man: “Captain Lee. Call for back up. You had 2 of your officers wearing symbiotes on an undercover assignment.” Terry Lee is on her cell phone. She calls for back up.

    Later on outside. There are many police cars there with prison transports. Dr. Doom and many other villains are being loaded into the prison transport trucks. Patrick Mulligan is one of cops loading the villains into the prison transport trucks and Scott Washington is loading villains into prison trucks. Silver Surfer is standing by the Fantastic Four, Franklin Richards, Bruce Banner, Silver Sable and Wolverine. Also there are Daredevil and Spider-Man. Silver Surfer: “I will go back to Zen-La now. We have defeated Dr. Doom. We have dealt with him before years ago.” Spider-Man: “One of Dr. Doom’s minions helped capture you. I took her down with another man at the Daily Bugle when the Hand tried to assassinate J. Jonah Jameson. Toxin is my first symbiotic alley.” Silver Surfer flies off on his surf board. Spider-Man and Daredevil swing off into the night. Daredevil: “I am done now. Matt Murdock will have Dr. Doom prosecuted for his acts of terrorism.” Everyone else leaves in their vehicles just as Wolverine as Franklin Richards with him. Terry Lee: “I will give you a ride back Bruce.” Bruce Banner: “Most of the time I like to walk.” Bruce Banner gets into Terry Lee’s car.


    Marvel Action Movie 2: Major Villain Showdown

    Crossover 1990’s Marvel Comics Superhero Television Shows TV Movie Idea.


    On the streets of New York City in the day time. There are Spider-Man and Daredevil swinging down Times Square. Spider-Man follows Daredevil through Times Square. Spider-Man: “Owl must’ve been back.” Daredevil: “You have twice defeated the Insidious 6. Now there’s the sinister 12. The Owl has hired the Sinister 12. Also Red Skull is bringing Nazism into New York City. Patrick Mulligan with Iron Fist and Luke Cage are dealing with Maggia run by Count Nefaria. Black Widow is teaming with them. Jessica Jones is dealing with Count Nefaria’s daughter.

    In New York near the city somewhere. At Red Skull’s headquarters. There are a bunch of New Age Nazis and Red Skull present. Mandarin shows up. Also there are Hypnotia, Justin Hammer, Grey Gargoyle, MUDOK, Whirlwind, Dread knight, Blizzard, Blacklash, Living Laser and Controller. Also who shows up are Crossbones, Klaw, Baron Zemo and Red Skull’s daughter Mother Superior. Many of Red Skull’s robot soldiers are being built. Red Skull: “My followers. I will soon have world domination. The world will be our’s. I have recruited mutant hater William Stryker.” Ultron shows up. Ultron: “I lead robots. We’ll destroy Captain America and the Avengers. We were defeated years ago. There will be New Age Nazis. Whirlwind. You take Klaw and Controller with you. Go raid some tattoo parlors. Living Laser will destroy tattoos and body piercings.” Whirlwind leaves the place along with Klaw and The Controller and a band of robotic soldiers.

    At the Owl’s headquarters in the day time. There is the Owl present. Also there is the Sinister 12. On the Sinister 12 are Shriek a woman, White Rabbit another woman, Speed Demon, Beetle, Rhino, Shocker, Doctor Octopus, Boomerang, Mysterio, Electro, Chameleon and Jack O’Lantern. Owl: “You Shriek and White Rabbit haven’t before faced Spider-Man. You will join with 10 of those who have years ago been defeated by Spider-Man. Go after him and kill him.” The Sinister 12 leaves the place.

    Nearby the Baxter building in New York City. There are Spider-Man and Daredevil swinging by. The Fantastic Four shows up along with Valeria and Franklin Richards. Spider-Man: “I have seen that both of the kids are teaming with us against the Sinister 12.” Spider-Man and Daredevil go over to the Fantastic Four and the kids of the X-Men team. Chameleon shows up posing as Captain America. Chameleon: “I have defeated Red Skull.” Daredevil: “You aren’t Captain America. After we taken down the Insidious 12 we’ll take out Red Skull and his axis forces.” Dr. Octopus, Jack O’Lantern, White Rabbit, Mysterio, Electro, Rhino, Shocker, Shriek, Beetle, Speed Demon and Boomerang all show up. Chameleon takes off his disguise. Chameleon pulls out a gun. Chameleon: “Fooled you all. We’ll next fight for our freedom. We don’t need any of you or the avengers.” He fires on the team. Invisible Woman has an invisible shield around everyone. Thing: “It’s clobberin time!” Human Torch: “Flame On!” Rhino charges at the Thing. The Thing grabs Rhino. He throws him onto the ground. White Rabbit is shooting deadly carrots at the heroes. Electro shoots electricity at the heroes. Electro: “Now I will Spider-Man fry you.” Spider-Man goes swinging by Electro. Shriek shoots lightning at the Invisible Woman. Shriek: “I have found you Susan Richards.” She makes an invisible shield blocking it. Invisible Woman next throws her invisible shield striking Shriek. Daredevil throws his billy club knocking the gun out of Chameleon’s hand. Beetle shoots his powers at Human Torch. The Human Torch shoots down fireballs at the Beetle. Boomerang throws his deadly boomerangs at the heroes. Boomerang: “Now I will kill you all.” Valeria Richards with her powers throws White Rabbit off of her rabbit thing. White Rabbit: “You pay for this daughter of the Fantastic four members.” Franklin Richards shoots energy blasts back at Boomerang. Mr. Fantastic with his arms stretched out grabs Electro. Daredevil with his ropes ties up Chameleon. Daredevil: “We’ll find the real Captain America and we don’t need any of you to take down the new Axis authority.” Doc Ock has his tentacles on Spider-Man and Daredevil. Doctor Octopus: “It’s pay back time Spider-Man.” Jack O’Lantern pulls out a pumpkin bomb. Jack O’Lantern: “I got them Doc Ock.” Spider-Man and Daredevil swing out of the way of Doc Ock’s tentacles. Doc Ock by accident grabs onto Jack O’Lantern with his tentacles. Doctor Octopus: “Sorry.” Spider-Man: “We got Jack O’Lantern knocked out. Now we’ll get you Doc Ock.” Daredevil sends a round house kick onto Doctor Octopus. Mysterio shoots energy balls at the heroes. Mysterio: “I got you now Spider-Man.” Spider-Man next with his webs captures Mysterio. Shocker: “It’s payback time Spider-Man. I will shoot you all down.” Shocker shoots sound waves at Spider-Man. Speed Demon goes speeding over to the heroes. Speed Demon: “So quickly I will lure you all into a trap.” Human Torch shoots flames around Speed Demon. Daredevil throws his billy clubs striking the Shocker’s sound waves. Spider-Man makes a web pool holding the whole sinister 12. Spider-Man: “We’ll go after the Owl.” Mr. Fantastic: “Sue and I need a vacation with our kids.” Invisible Woman: “Not to long ago the Punisher was arrested on 2nd degree murder charges. He killed Flag Smasher.” Daredevil: “We’ll go nail the Owl.” Spider-Man and Daredevil go after the Owl.

    At the Owl’s headquarters outside. There are Spider-Man and Daredevil swinging by. Spider-Man: “My spider sense is tingling.” They go over to there.

    In the Owl’s place. There is the Owl with his thugs. Owl: “We’ll go after Red Skull and his axis authority and kill them all. The Sinister 12 should defeat Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four with the off springs of Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic. We’ll free everyone else and form a legion of doom. We’ll kill Red Skull and his Nazi followers.” Spider-Man and Daredevil jump into the place. Spider-Man: “We are ending your plot for war.” Daredevil: “Matt Murdock the blind man has a case against you. You are going back to prison. We’ll next stop Red Skull.” Owl: “Kill them.” The Owl’s thugs pull out guns. Daredevil ducks and throws Spider-Man out of the way of gun fire. Spider-Man ties up some Owl thugs. Daredevil fights some hand to hand and incapacitates the Owl’s thugs. Daredevil: “Take me on Owl.” Daredevil fights the Owl hand to hand. Owl swings his talons at Daredevil. Owl: “I will kill you both.” Daredevil lays a kick onto the Owl. Spider-Man next ties up the Owl with his webs. Spider-Man: “We’ll leave you here for the police.

    Somewhere else in New York City. There are present robotic Red Skull’s soldiers with Whirlwind, Klaw and The Controller and Living Laser. Whirlwind: “We have found the tattoo parlor right here.” Living Laser: “You’ll rip off tattoos. You could easily rip off piercings.” They find a tattoo parlor.

    In the air in the Avengers quinjet. There are Captain America with Thor, Black Panther, Quicksilver, Black Widow and Scarlet Witch. The Avengers spot the villains. Captain America: “I found Living Laser, Klaw, Controller and Whirlwind present.” Scarlet Witch: “My father was Magneto who lead the brotherhood of mutants. The X-Men long ago defeated the brotherhood of mutants.” Quicksilver: “Magneto is also my father. He will team with us against Nazis and Juggernaut is now on our side.” They land the jet there. They all get out.

    Over to the tattoo parlor. The Controller pulls out control discs. He shoots them at the tattoo parlor. The robots go into the place. Captain America and his avengers team show up. Captain America: “What evil things you men are doing.” Living Laser: “Puny heroes. I will shut you up for good.” The robotic soldiers fire on the team. Captain America blocks their blaster fire with his shield. Controller throws disks. Quicksilver out runs the disks. Black Panther takes on Claw. Scarlet Witch and Black Widow take on Red Skull’s robotic soldiers as does Captain America. Scarlet Witch with her powers shoots down Red Skull’s robotic soldiers and Living Laser just as he is shooting lasers at the team. Black Widow shoots robot soldiers with the guns on her wrists. Whirlwind goes into tornado mode. Captain America throws his shield striking Whirlwind. Black Panther and Klaw swing claws at each other. Quicksilver out runs the disks. Controller: “I will take control of the citizens just as Red Skull rules the world.” Hawkeye, War Machine, Spider-Woman, Thor and Iron Man show up. Iron Man: “Not so fast you tyrants.” Iron Man punches out Controller. War Machine shoots down some robotic soldiers. Hawkeye with a non lethal arrow shoots down Whirlwind as he tries to blow away Captain America. Living Laser: “I will fry you all with my lasers.” Thor strikes the rest of Red Skull’s robotic soldiers with his thunder mallet and Living Laser. Spider-Woman with her pink webs ties up Klaw, Controller and Whirlwind. Spider-Woman: “We are the Avengers team. We’ll team up with Spider-Man.” Captain America: “Nick Fury and his shield agents are battling HYDRA and the leader. Also Spider-Man has joined with the Avengers. Magneto runs the X-Men since Professor Xavier died years ago.

    At the home of the Parkers at night time. There is Mary Jane with little Mayday and Richard Parker. Peter Parker comes in. MJ turns on the television. Peter Parker: “Maybe Mayday will become Spider-Girl once I retire being Spider-Man. J. Jonah Jameson is on television.” Mary Jane: “I think that little May has your powers. She could be your replacement. John Jameson and his wife had a baby boy and named him Jack. Felicia Hardy and Flash Thompson have a little girl named Felicity.” It’s J. Jonah Jameson on the television. Jameson: “This is J. Jonah Jameson for the evening news. Spider-Man and Daredevil teaming with the Fantastic Four have defeated the Sinister 12. Spider-Man I know is a hero and he took down the Owl teaming with Daredevil.

    At Red Skull’s headquarters the next day. There is Red Skull present. Also there are Henry Peter Gyrich and William Striker. There is also Red Skull’s band of Nazis. Red Skull: “You have Henry Peter Gyrich years ago been arrested for murder of Charles Xavier.” Gyrich: “I discovered him as a mutant. Dr. Trask has betrayed me just as he resigned me. William Stryker here is an agent working for me.” William Stryker: “I was trained for the ministry but I joined the US army.” Red Skull: “Bring the X-Men here. My robot soldiers will bring them all to here. I will use them as my key source to eradicating mutants.

    Somewhere else in Red Skull’s quarters. There is Red Skull standing there. There are band of Nazis marching. Also there are super villains Mandarin, Hypnotia, Justin Hammer, Crossbones, Blacklash, Blizzard, Grey Gargoyle, MUDOK, Dread knight, Blizzard, Blacklash, Living Laser and Mother Superior Red Skull’s daughter. Also present is Baron Zemo. Red Skull, Baron Zemo and the New Age Nazis do the Nazi salute. They are marching around. Red Skull: “What will we do with tattoos and piercings?” Red Skull’s minions: “Ban them.” Red Skull: “Yes. I will also ban hip hop music and many other popular music. No more face painting. No more mutants. We’ll eliminate those who oppose us.” William Stryker and Henry Peter Gyrich leave the place with a band of robotic soldiers going after the X-Men.

    At the X-Men mansion outside. William Stryker and Gyrich show up with a band of robotic soldiers. William Stryker: “We got the X-Men now.

    In the X-Men mansion. There are Jean Grey and Cyclops walking around with their daughter Rachel. Cyclops: “You have passed the tests in the simulation. We’ll fight for world freedom from Red Skull.” Rachel Summers: “It was said that I defeat Ahab the hound master who was defeated by Bishop. We teamed with Bishop against Ahab and defeated him.” Wolverine shows up with Storm. Wolverine: “Magneto says that there are the New Age Nazis run by Red Skull. We must stop them.” Nightcrawler teleports into the room. Nightcrawler: “I am here.

    Somewhere else in the mansion. There are Jubilee, Gambit, Rogue, Beast, Morph, Ice Man, Shadowcat, Banshee and Psylocke. Banshee: “We have just defeated Onslaught and the brotherhood of evil mutants with Zaladane, Avalanche, Blob, Pyro, Toad, Mystique and many others on the team.” William Stryker and Henry Gyrich show up with a band of robotic soldiers. Psylocke: “I sense trouble.” Psylocke makes a psychic knife from her hand. Gambit pulls out playing cards. Morph turns into Wolverine. He pulls out adamentium claws. He slices at robots. Stryker grabs Psylocke with his sentinel hand. William Stryker: “I will weaken you all.” Gambit: “Who are you?” Gambit throws a playing card destroying a robot. Other robots shoot tranquilizer darts onto Rogue, Gambit, Morph and Beast. Ice Man shoots ice at the robots. He is next shot down. Ice Man and Shadowcat are next shot down. Psylocke loses her powers. Banshee: “I have your backs.” Banshee next sends out a sonic scream and Jubilee shoots explosive energy out of her fingers. Nightcrawler teleports into the room. Nightcrawler: “I have heard noise.” Jubilee: “You went right into a trap.” He is next shoot down by Red Skull’s robotic soldiers. Banshee and Jubilee are next shot down by robotic soldiers. Storm shows up and turns into a tornado. Storm: “I will stop you all.” Stryker with his sentinel hand zaps Storm. Ice Man is next shot down by Red Skull’s robotic soldiers. Cyclops out of no where shoots optic blasts. Cyclops: “Not so fast Gyrich.” Wolverine: “You must be Agent Stryker. I was in the military years ago.” Wolverine goes after William Stryker. Robotic soldiers shoot Wolverine with plasma. Jean Grey is shot down by tranquilizer darts from the robot soldiers as is Rachel Summers. Gyrich next with a stun gun zaps Cyclops. All those present in the X-Men mansion are taken captive by the robotic soldiers. William Stryker: “Now you all go powerless. You are all coming to Red Skull’s quarters and we’ll eliminate the rest of the mutants.

    Later on outside of the mansion. There are helicopters flying off with Stryker and Gyrich aboard. Magneto and Juggernaut show up next. Magneto: “It has to be mutant hater William Stryker who could take of the Friends of Humanity after Victor Creed.” Juggernaut: “We’ll stop them.” Magneto: “The Nazis killed my parents. I killed them in return. We’ll have the Avengers team with us to rescues the X-Men.” They find the X-Men mansion empty.

    Later on at Red Skull’s quarters. There is Red Skull standing there. William Stryker and Henry Gyrich show up with the X-Men captured by robotic soldiers. Red Skull: “Good. You have captured the X-Men. We’ll next take Magneto who survived the Nazi holocaust.” Red Skull’s band of New Age Nazis show up. Red Skull: “Blizzard, Blacklash and Dread Knight. You’ll go with my Nazi band after the Avengers. Kill Daredevil and kill Magneto. Also there is Juggernaut.” The New Age Nazis go out onto the streets of New York City along with Blacklash and Blizzard and Dread knight.

    On the Streets of New York City. There are Spider-Man and Daredevil swinging by. Magneto shows up with Juggernaut. Daredevil pulls out his billy clubs on his heightened senses. Juggernaut: “I am now reformed.” Magneto: “The Nazis have taken the X-Men as has William Stryker the mutant hater.” Spider-Man: “I remember that you Magneto was an enemy of the X-Men.” Spider-Man and Daredevil go over to Magneto and Juggernaut. New Age Nazis show up with guns along with Dread Knight, Blizzard and Blacklash. Dread Knight: “There are the heroes. Kill them all.” Magneto makes a force field around him. Blacklash: “Let’s kill Magneto and kill those heroes too.” The New Age Nazis fire on Magneto. Magneto shoots magnetism taking the guns from the Nazis. Blizzard: “I got you now Magneto.” Blizzard shoots ice at Magneto. Juggernaut rams into Blizzard. Dread Knight pulls out his sword. Blacklash whips at Spider-Man. Spider-Man leaps out of the way. Spider-Man ties up Blacklash. Daredevil and Dread Knight are fighting each other hand to hand. Daredevil next with his ropes ties up Dread Knight. Juggernaut rams into the New Age Nazis. Spider-Man ties up everyone. Spider-Man: “The Avengers will be looking for me. Let’s leave them here for the police. Captain Terry Lee has a case on Nazism and The Owl himself.” The Avengers quinjet shows up next. It lands. Captain America comes out of the jet. Iron Man, War Machine, Spider-Woman, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Thor all come out of the jet too. Captain America: “Get on Spider-Man. You too Daredevil and Magneto. I saw that you Juggernaut joined the good side. You could Spider-Man talk to Ghost Rider. Warn him of Red Skull’s plot.” Magneto goes over to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Everyone gets into the jet. Police cars show up later on just as the jet leaves the site.

    At Red Skull’s headquarters. There is Red Skull present with his followers and there are Red Skull’s robotic soldiers. Baron Zemo shows up on Red Skull. Baron Zemo: “I think Red Skull that the heroes defeated our Nazis.” Red Skull: “When we destroy the avengers and Daredevil and even Spider-Man we’ll spring all those they defeated and even kill Magneto and Juggernaut.

    At the Avengers headquarters. In a computer room. Captain America and the Avengers show up with Spider-Man and Daredevil and the reformed super villains Magneto and Juggernaut. Captain America: “I will go over to the computer. We’ll find Red Skull’s fortress. It’s somewhere near the city. We’ll take down Red Skull and you Magneto will free the X-Men members captured.” Iron Man: “Sub Mariner is fighting Atuma in Atlantis. Atuma is also in league with Red Skull.” Captain America goes over to a computer.

    In Atlantis there are Atuma and Sub Mariner fighting each other. There are many people watching including Lady Dorma and the off spring of Prince Namor.

    At Central Park at night time. There is Zarathos present. Also there are villains called Blackheart, Ruth, Orb, Kazann possessing Outcast, Fashima a woman, Demogoblin, Death Watch, Skinner and Blackout present. They have flames lit there. Zarathos: “We will rule the world. Spider-Man and Daredevil teaming with the Fantastic Four have defeated The Owl and Sinister 12. We’ll crush the Avengers and even kill Red Skull and those all in league with him.” Ghost Rider Danny Ketch shows up with Johnny Blaze the original Ghost Rider and Vengeance a reformed villain. Ghost Rider: “It’s over Zarathos. You won’t eat anyone’s souls.” Spider-Man and Daredevil also swing by and Juggernaut rams in. Magneto shows up too. Magneto: “I am a reformed terrorist. I will save the world from you demons.” Outcast: “I am possessed by Kazann.” Blackheart: “I will burn you all.” Blackheart shoots blue flames at the heroes. Vengeance takes on Skinner. Johnny Blaze takes on Blackout. Juggernaut takes on Deathwatch. Magneto takes on Orb. Ghost Rider takes on Blackheart. Spider-Man takes on Demogoblin. Daredevil takes on Kazann in the body of Outcast. Fashima jumps at Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider whips Fashima with his chains. Ruth is struck next by Ghost Rider’s chain. Vengeance and Skinner are fighting each other hand to hand. Blackout jumps at Johnny Blaze. Johnny Blaze with his flame thrower shoots Blackout. Vengeance defeats Skinner. Death watch shoots at Juggernaut. Juggernaut sends an uppercut onto Deathwatch. Demogoblin shoots pumpkin bombs at Spider-Man. Demogoblin: “You have Spider-Man defeated the Hobgoblin and Green Goblin.” Spider-Man swings by and sends a kick onto Demogoblin knocking him off of his glider. Outcast extends bones from his body. He has a skull thing and swings it at Daredevil. Outcast: “I am possessed by Kazann. I will destroy you man without fear.” Daredevil visualizes the villain. Daredevil knocks him out with his billy club. Kazann leaves the body of Outcast. Kazann goes back to the underworld. Orb shoots lasers at Magneto. Magneto blocks them with a force field. Magneto with his powers grabs onto the motorcycle flipping Orb off of it. Ghost Rider and Blackheart shoot flames at each other. Ghost Rider defeats Blackheart. Zarathos: “I will eat all of your souls. I will even eat the souls of the Avengers and Red Skull and his daughter Mother Superior.” Zarathos shoots flames at the heroes. Ghost Rider whips his chain at Zarathos. Johnny Blazes shoots Zarathos with his flame throwers. Daredevil next strikes Zarathos in the face with his billy clubs defeating the demon. All those demons go into the inferno. Spider-Man ties up the other villains there. Spider-Man: “I am warning you Johnny Blaze that there are girls at the motorcycle race with pierced bellybuttons.” Daredevil: “Red Skull with Baron Zemo are plotting to rip off tattoos and body piercings and have people arrested for them.” Spider-Man: “We are teaming with the Avengers just as I was recruited.” Johnny Blaze: “I am the original Ghost Rider.” Vengeance: “I was part of the NY PD before I was recruited by Zarathos.” Spider-Man and Daredevil swing off into the night.

    The next day at the office of Matt Murdock. There is Matt Murdock at his desk tapping his blind man’s cane. Also present is Captain America. Captain America: “Did you find Red Skull’s headquarters?” Matt Murdock: “Yes. Turk a reformed criminal told me. Years ago I fought Turk.” Captain America: “Spider-Man defeated Kingpin years ago.

    Later on in the day. There are Spider-Man and Daredevil swinging off with Black Widow to Red Skull’s headquarters. Daredevil: “I used to fight Turk. Turk told me about Red Skull’s whereabouts.” Thor, War Machine and Iron Man are flying by. There is also the Avengers quinjet flying by carrying Captain America, Hawkeye, Spider-Woman, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Black Panther. Also Magneto and Juggernaut are aboard the Avengers quinjet. Magneto: “I will end Nazism in the world.” They all go over to Red Skull’s headquarters.

    In Red Skull’s quarters. There is Red Skull present with his band of robotic soldiers and his evil followers. Also there is Ultron present. Red Skull: “We’ll soon expect a visit from the Avengers. We’ll kill them all on Daredevil. Even kill Magneto and the Juggernaut.” Grim Reaper pulls out his axe. Grim Reaper: “They will come here to die.” Baron Zemo pulls out his gun. Red Skull also pulls out his gun as does Justin Hammer. Captain America: “You know the meaning of justice. Let’s take them out.” Red Skull: “My daughter here will face Black Widow the Russian woman.” Black Widow takes on Mother Superior. War Machine takes on Ultron. Hawkeye takes on Grey Gargoyle. Scarlet Witch and Spider-Woman take on Hypnotia. Juggernaut and Black Panther take on the rest of the robotic soldiers. Spider-Man and Daredevil take on Crossbones. Crossbones, Justin Hammer and Red Skull fire on the heroes. Ultron shoots lasers at the heroes. Thor blocks them with his hammer. Mudok shoots thought bolts at the heroes. Thor strikes Mudok with his mallet. Black Panther throws kicks onto some robotic soldiers. Daredevil strikes robotic soldiers with his billy clubs bouncing. Daredevil: “You Avengers will deal with Red Skull while I with Magneto and Juggernaut rescue the X-Men.” Captain America throws his shield and strikes Justin Hammer. Quicksilver makes a tornado around some Red Skull soldiers. Red Skull next grabs the shield. Captain America rams into Red Skull. Captain America: “I will face you Red Skull just as we fist met in World War 2.” Red Skull: “Than we’ll never meet again after now.” Grey Gargoyle shoots bricks at Hawkeye. Hawkeye with a non lethal arrow shoots down Grey Gargoyle. Mandarin shoots his powers at Iron Man. Mandarin: “Now I will kill you Iron Man.” Iron Man: “Never. We are the Avengers and there will be no more Nazis.” War Machine and Ultron shoot lasers at each other. War Machine blows up Ultron. Crossbones shoots at Spider-Man. Crossbones: “You’ll be trapped.” Spider-Man leaps out of the way of gun firing. Spider-Man lays a good kick onto Crossbones. Spider-Man next ties up Crossbones. Black Widow and Mother Superior are fighting each other hand to hand. Black Widow: “You must be Red Skull’s daughter. I am from the CIA.” Black Widow defeats Mother Superior. Juggernaut rams onto some robotic soldiers. He throws around others. Hypnotia shoots hypnotic blasts at the women heroes. Hypnotia: “I will destroy you now and people answer to us all.” Scarlet Witch: “I will face you now. I was once a member of the brotherhood.” Scarlet Witch shoots down Hypnotia. Spider-Woman destroys some robotic soldiers. Spider-Woman next ties up Hypnotia with some other villains. Spider-Woman: “I defeated you before years ago Mother Superior.” Grim Reaper shoots lasers at Juggernaut. Zemo fires on Magneto. Baron Zemo: “I will get you now.” Juggernaut next rams Grim Reaper. Captain America and Red Skull are fighting each other hand to hand. Magneto with his power throws the gun out of Baron Zemo’s hand and clobbers him on the face. Magneto takes Zemo’s rod and knocks him out with it. Magneto: “You’ll come with me Spider-Man. The rest of you deal with Red Skull. I hate Nazis.” Spider-Man and Daredevil go to rescue the X-Men along with Magneto and Juggernaut. Iron Man in battle throws a punch onto Mandarin.

    At the prison area of Red Skull’s quarters. There are the X-Men members taken prisoner. Red Ghost appears out of nowhere along with William Striker and Henry Peter Gyrich. Red Ghost: “I created MUDOK. I think that the Avengers defeated him.” Wolverine: “You won’t get away with this Stryker. We might’ve know each other from the military years ago.” Storm: “You Gyrich killed Professor Xavier years ago.” Spider-Man, Daredevil, Magneto and the Juggernaut show up next. Spider-Man: “My spider sense is tingling.” Red Ghost: “I will get you all now.” Red Ghost goes after the heroes. Daredevil radar scans for the invisible villain. Juggernaut rams into the machine of the compound and he uppercuts Gyrich and Stryker. Juggernaut: “I was mutated by a gem. I am not really a mutant.” Spider-Man next ties up Red Ghost in his webs. Spider-Man: “We found you Red Ghost.” Magneto with his powers grabs hold of William Stryker’s mechanical hand. He throws him into the machine. William Stryker: “You’ll pay for this mutant.” The X-Men members are all freed. Spider-Man: “We’ll go back to dealing with Red Skull. Daredevil and I took down the New Age Nazis.

    Back to Captain America vs. Red Skull. The fighting is going on. Red Skull’s minions are defeated. Captain America continues fighting Red Skull. Red Skull: “I will bowl you all down.” Captain America: “You are being beaten Red Skull. We are teaching you the meaning of justice.” Red Skull throws Captain America into Black Panther, Black Widow, Thor, Hawkeye, Spider-Woman, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and War Machine. Red Skull: “I will rise everyone and you will all be killed. Mandarin…” Daredevil throws a billy club striking Red Skull. Spider-Man shows up and ties up Red Skull’s minions all there. Spider-Man: “You won’t be able to bring us down now.” Red Skull: “I am a skilled combatant. I could free them all from your webs Spider-Man.” Red Skull jump kicks Daredevil next. Red Skull grabs Daredevil and throws him into Spider-Man. Juggernaut rams into the way to grab Daredevil. The X-Men all show up on Red Skull. Red Skull: “Now you will face me.” Magneto: “It’s pay back time you Nazi agent.” Magneto rips steal beams from parts of the building and hits Red Skull with them. Juggernaut picks up a defeated Red Skull. Juggernaut: “Now we have defeated you.

    Later on outside. There are all the heroes grouped together. There are many cops with Red Skull and his minions present along with Gyrich and Agent Stryker the traitor captured and many other villains. They are loaded into prison transports. Jean Grey lifts all those with her who don’t fly. Everyone else on the X-men team goes flying off. The Avengers swing off into the quinjet with Juggernaut aboard. Spider-Man and Daredevil swing off into the day. Daredevil: “I will swing back into the city.” Wolverine: “Jean-Grey will fly us who don’t fly back to the mansion.” Captain America: “I have saved the world from terror and tyranny.” Magneto: “We’ll combat any more evil out there. I am a reformed villain.” Magneto goes floating into the air.

    Many days later outside of the United Nations. There are Spider-Man and Daredevil present along with Juggernaut and Magneto. The entire X-Men team and Avengers team along with Captain America are present. Spider-Man: “This man here will take our photo. He’s a new photographer for the Daily Bugle to replace Peter Parker.” Daredevil: “Matt Murdock has prosecuted Red Skull and his daughter Mother Superior and those who follow him.” There is a Daily Bugle photographer there present. He takes the picture.