Beyond the Saga OTP Challenge #20 - Its a Date! - Too much work = too little attention.

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    Another creation between @darthbernael and myself, always fun working with these two.

    Title Too Much Work = Too Little Attention
    Tiber Ordgwal, Zara Chrischa-Ordgwal
    Plot: These two fought with the Resistance and when the war was over took up positions with the Lexrul Defense Force, taking on a new large squadron as Lead and XO. Work consumes their time and the newly weds find themselves with no time for each other let alone sleeping and eating.

    Zara was exhausted, for weeks they'd both been working 14, sometimes 16 hour days and by the time she got home she was even too tired to eat. She'd lost weight and wondered how long she could keep this up as she fell fully dressed in her uniform on to their bed. Curling to her side with her eyes already closed she muttered. "Too late, sleeping here." Letting her husband know any other option was off the table.

    Tiber was just as tired as Zara was. They'd not had time for themselves, let alone each other since they had taken command of the Squadron. The pilots were good but he knew the quality his uncle demanded and that had driven them to train their pilots to a higher standard. Meals had been few and far between, rest even less so. But as he collapsed next to Zara in the bed, not even sure if he'd taken his boots of first, he rallied enough energy to pull the flimsy from his pocket and put it before her. "Day off tomorrow, boss said we had to." He rolled slightly, his arm over her back, "Just for us, sleeping in first."

    "Hmmm, m'ok." Zara grunted. "Tell me 'gain...when I’m awake." She added.

    "Deal..." he said, the word slurring as his eyes closed and sleep took him.


    Zara had woken first, and was shocked she was still in her uniform, boots and all. Rolling to one side she smiled. Seemed Tiber had been as exhausted as she’d been as he was curled behind her, boots and all. Slowly she slipped out, leaving him to sleep. They had the day off and she had plans.

    Once she bathed quickly, she stood at her robe, she wanted this to be perfect and pulled out a soft white dress her mother had given her. She’d never worn it as it never seemed like something she’d ever wear, but this was perfect. Slipping into the lace and cotton dress she stood in front of the reflector and saw it was actually very feminine. That’s what she wanted.

    Quickly she ordered a breakfast to be delivered, she wasn’t about to make anything, so now she had time, she hoped, to set up having left a note on her pillow for him to find.

    ‘Formal Lounge. When you’re ready. Good morning love.’


    The next morning it was the sunlight as it crawled across the bed, finally into his eyes, that woke him. He checked his chrono and it was hours after he normally woke. He sat bolt upright for a moment before remembering that Feral had given them the day off. Slumping back, he groaned as he realized he was still in his flight suit. Dragging himself into a seated position he got to his feet and slowly stripped out of the garment. In just a t shirt and boxers he shuffled to the fresher. It was halfway there when he realized Zara hadn't been in bed and he looked around. "Breakfast maybe, need a sanistream first." About twenty minutes later a more refreshed Tiber emerged, sitting down on the bed again and reaching to the machine by the bed to get a cup of caf while he decided if he should go up to their other floor and see if there was breakfast.

    As he turned toward the machine he noticed a slip of paper on her pillow, something he'd obviously missed when he woke. Flopping back against his pillow the air pressure made the paper pop off her pillow and he snagged it from the air. He turned it so he could read it and it brought an immediate smile to his face. Standing, he walked to the wardrobe, opening it. As he looked over the garments there his fingers absently rolled his wedding ring around his finger, something he never really noticed he did. A smile came and he pulled out a darker green collared short sleeved shirt and a pair of dark grey pants. Comfortable but stylish shoes slipped onto his feet and he took to lift to their other floor, it opening and he stepped out, soon thereafter coming to the entrance to the Formal Lounge.


    Pushing the lounge back, Zara had spread a blanket on the floor near the large transparasteel window then spread random pillows off the lounge around. The food had arrived and she put it on the blanket with glasses, plates and utensils. This was as close to a picnic alone they could ever get here. Zara sat down and proceeded to arrange herself in the warm sunlight, her white beaded head scarf over her shoulder, the skirt over her legs and bare feet, and then the ruffle around her bare shoulders sitting a little low to reveal a touch of cleavage. Now she waited, the sun was warm and the food in containers, so there was time and she was enjoying the warmth.


    The door opened and the sunlight blinded him for a moment. As his eyes adjusted, he breathed in, "Ohh Zara..." he whispered. She was beautifully framed in the window, the blanket, the entire layout just took his breath away. He stepped out of his shoes, padding over the floor and slowly sinking down to sit next to her. As he leaned over to kiss her his eyes widened as he saw slight plunge of her cleavage just above the neckline of the dress. "You are stunning, my love." he said just before his lips touched hers.

    She received his soft kiss. "You look refreshed and smell pretty good." She smiled as she reached up and ran her fingers down his cheek. "Hungry?"

    He leaned his head against her fingers, "That long rest was good, yes. Did you sleep enough, Z? And yes, I am, and I'm sure you are, hungry.

    She moved her hand back and gently 'slapped' his cheek, "Food you devil." Turning she took the lid off one of the containers. "Scrambled eggs, bacon and fresh juice. Food first."

    He chuckled, "Can you fault me? You're beautiful, that dress suits you very well, and" he grinned wickedly, "you are tasty." Holding up his hands in 'surrender' "Peace, peace, yes I'm starving. Ohhhh and that smells delicious." He picked up a plate, placing a generous portion of eggs and bacon on it before setting it before her. Only then did he pick up the second and placed a similar amount of food upon it. He poured her juice, handing her the glass and then his, finishing with a light tap of his glass to hers in a toast.

    She took the glass and touched it to his. "To having no plans all day............well....some plans."

    A light chuckle, "This right here," he gestured to take in all she'd done for this breakfast, "this is a great start to that, and I can't wait to see what other plans you have in mind." he smiled as his eyes met hers.

    She sipped her juice. "You will have to wait. See, we have one whole day to ourselves and I do not want to have all my....our plans done with by lunch." Looking down she picked up a fork and stabbed some eggs, before lifting them and holding them out before him. "No eat up, you're going to need your strength."

    The smile broadened and he leaned forward, closing his mouth around the fork, pulling the eggs off of it. Chewing, swallowing, "I better eat up then, yes, in that case. But you need your energy too. I know you haven't been eating well enough, and it's worried me."

    Zara lowered the fork to get more eggs. “Yeah, I lost a bit of weight, but don’t all men want skinny wives?” She asked as she scooped up more eggs, lifting them to him again.

    He managed to get out, "I want you as you, not half starved, especially because of work." before the fork entered his mouth and he got another bite of egg.

    "This is me, working too hard," she removed the fork, "feeding my husband and making myself look good for him." She put the fork down and picked up a piece of bacon and holding it up. "And lying through my teeth!" She chomped on the soft fatty morsel. "Mmmmm." She swallowed, "That was delicious and you're gonna have to fight me for some of it!" She reached over and grabbed the entire container.

    He twisted, moving around behind, her quickly, arms around, grabbing for the container, "Dammit you have advantages I don't, things that are designed to grab my attention, well you have more, your lekku and your chest." he teased as he tried to pay attention to securing any of the bacon.

    She giggled holding the container above her head. "I good warrior uses all the weapons at their disposal!" Slipping her hand in the container she pulled out one piece and brought it down, holding it in front of his lips. "Here, rations."

    He smiled as the movement only enhanced her curves but then the delicious bacon was before his face. Before she could tease him further with it, he bit into it, pulling it from her fingers and wolfing it down. "Rations? I thought you said I needed my strength today." he teased, leaning forward and kissing her collarbone, even as a hand snaked up to try to steal the container back.

    "Cheat!" She cried as she lost the container. "No fair!"

    He pulled a strip of bacon out of the container he now held behind his back, lifting it to her lips, "You need your strength too." he said softly before kissing her in the same spot, breathing in the subtle scent of her.

    Zara smirked, tilting her head slightly to allow him the distraction, leaning forward she curled her tongue around the bacon he offered as she reached around to get the container. "Mmmmmm, nice." She murmured seductively.

    He had to decide, the container or continue the kisses. Lowering his head lightly as he felt her hand clasp the container, he kissed her just above the V of her cleavage. This was one battle he'd chose this path over another, any day.

    She pulled the container free. "Mine!" She pulled back, removing his distraction. "Now, eat up." She smiled, "dessert is later."

    He chuckled, leaning forward for a moment as though to follow before sitting back, a broad smile on his face. "Deal, I'll eat up now because I have a feeling dessert is going to mean I need my energy." he teased again, one hand reaching to hold hers as the other scooped up another bite of the eggs with his fork.

    Zara sat back and watched him. Yes, dessert would be good, it always was, but right now she was happy, and as a smile spread over her face she realised she’d never been more in love than she was in this moment. Every day with him was an adventure, a new exciting adventure and she couldn’t imagine riding this rollercoaster with anyone else.

    He slowly cleared his plate, glancing over at her from time to time as he did. The small smile on her face warmed his heart more than any declaration of love. He didn't need the Force to understand the meaning of the smile, it was one he knew crossed his face often when he gazed at her. Finishing his plate, he crossed his fork and knife, setting them on the plate, and setting it to the side. Shifting closer he lifted her and set her on his legs, her side against his chest, holding her closely, "I love you dearly, Zara, you make every day wonderful."

    She’d been picking at her food, but she was distracted and when he’d finished, he moved closer placing her on his lap. She didn’t need to speak, there was nothing to say. Turning she gently kissed him once, twice then deeper. Dessert was being served.
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    SQUEE! I adore this couple, now more than before. How sweet they are teasing and basking with one another. [face_love]
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    Funny little story. Tell us quite a bit about them as a couple.
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    Thank you guys for reading - this was a spur of the moment entry where I asked him to work with me on. We are having fun with these two.

    Edit: I wonder......... @Sinrebirth ?

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    A very fun and sweet story!

    Oh, I can totally relate. :p

    I love this line, it's such a gorgeous image, and I can practically feel the warm sun. [face_love]

    And what a lovely date that is for the two of them and a lovely way to use the 'picnic' prompt! Excellent work. =D=
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    Thank you @amidalachick - really love that you read our effort, I know @darthbernael appreciates it too. We've both become pretty attached to these characters.
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