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Saga - PT OTP Crack!Pairing Challenge- One Last (Eli/Kallus)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Nehru_Amidala, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. Nehru_Amidala

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    Oct 3, 2016
    One Last Date

    Written by: Nehru_Amidala aka FossilQueen1984

    OTP Thread Crack!Pairing challenge

    Genre:hurt/comfort, angst

    Characters: Eli Vanto, Agent Kallus, Thrawn and Minerva

    Cast list: Minerva- Jenna Coleman, Thrawn- Lars Mikkelsen, Eli Vanto- David Tennent, Governor Pryce- Cate Blanchett, Agent Kallus- Dee Bradley Baker

    Pairings: Eli/Kallus (this chapter ONLY!), slightly implied Kallus/Zeb, minor Thrawn/Minerva

    Rating: T/PG-13 for angst and snogging

    Chapter soundtrack: No Holly for Miss Quinn-Enya, One of Us/Lay All Your Love On Me/Winner Takes it All- ABBA

    Chapter 10: One Last Date

    Even with Thrawn and Minerva as the Chimaera’s de facto power couple, it should have been noted that once upon a time about four years ago there were two young men who had met by chance and had fallen in love with one another, and who were currently serving in the Imperial Navy. They were none other than Eli Vanto and ISB Agent Kallus.

    Kallus and Eli had meshed together so well, and even formally courted prior to Thrawn’s arrival that it was hoped there would be a wedding, but the older of the two (Kallus) felt unready to take such a large step, even though he loved the younger man (Eli) with every ounce of fiber in his body. Needless to say, Eli was deeply heartbroken and had not really move on. These two men who had suffered so much together and the love that had seemingly endured faded into a flickering flame. Certainly, whenever Kallus and Eli encountered each other in passing, they could not pass each other without the other party flushing slightly and small talk was strained.
    Even after Eli started going on longer missions at the behest of Colonel Yularen, that small shred of angst still remained, and it was painfully obvious that neither he nor Kallus had ever really gotten over one another. Thrawn, who had watched Eli’s psyche crumble into pieces after bad breakups, was determined that his brother deserved to have one last date with the man he loved, even if meant he and Kallus weren’t meant to be, at least there wouldn’t be any hard feelings. After running it by Minerva, Thrawn pitched the idea to Eli.

    Eli was hesitant, scratch that- he was terrified of going on one last date. He even told his honorary brother and sister one morning at breakfast, “Thank you both for your concern, but as far as I’m concerned, the ship has sailed. I am not going on a date with Kallus.” Tearing at the hawkbat omelet laying innocently on his plate, he gave the couple a sharp look. Minerva frowned, how was burying his head in the sand going to resolve anything? The feelings were never going to go away, and the longer this went on, the worse it was going to get.

    Thrawn shot him a look, “Eli, your staring a nervous breakdown right in the face if you don’t face if you don’t get your feelings for Agent Kallus. I am ordering you to take him on one last date.” His voice while icy, was tinged with concern. Eli was his brother after all, and he had to help him out as far as his love life was concerned. Eli had given him advice about courting Minerva, so it was his turn to assist Eli with his love life.

    With his marching orders, Eli could not help but feel sweaty and faint. How on Earth was he going to face Kallus and ask him on one last date? As it turned out, the very same issue was on Kallus’s mind. The unresolved sexual tension had been eating away at him, and Yularen (who thought he and Eli made a very nice couple) had asked when they were getting back together, unaware that Kallus had jilted Eli at the altar the week before Eli discovered Thrawn bumming around Wild Space.
    Inside his office on the Chimaera, Agent Kallus was reading through his weekly planner and today (2 January, Imperial Year 17) was looking good. He had cleared out some time to sneak off and leak information to the Rebels in his role as Fulcrum. How long had it been since he had started sneaking down to Lothal to provide illegal broadcasts? Three months since early October, since that quasi-disastrous crash landing on that ice moon and his forced alliance with that Lasat! No, that Lasat has a name- Garazeb Orrelios, he thought to himself as a faint flush rose to his cheeks. Where in space had that come from? He smiled at the memory though, it was nice to go bashing baddies together. Then there was the comradery those Rebels had, it was seeing a family being reunited- and he desperately wanted that. It could be and often was lonely for people like him in the Empire.

    As he leaned back in his chair, his mind wandered back to those long ago days back on Coruscant when he had had a family, he had Eli Vanto. Sweet, romantic, silly but endearing Eli Vanto who wanted nothing more to kick Rebel arse and see the galaxy and promote the Empire. While the Imperial Navy was tolerant of gay couples (monogamy was encouraged to cut down on venereal diseases), there were still those higher ups whose conservative values ruled and then he and Eli had to tread a fine line to avoid being court marshalled on sexual indecency charges.
    When he opened his eyes, he glanced out the window and looked out at the planet Lothal sitting below him. He let out a sigh, he really wished he could go planet side, drink a Corellian whiskey at one of Bataan’s many gay bars and maybe have some fun with an anonymous local. He did this infrequently as Pryce was notoriously homophobic, and made no bones about it. However, he wanted something more, and it was at this minute Eli Vanto walked into the room.
    His sat up immediately, “Captain Vanto, to what do I owe the pleasure?” Eli was still standing in the door way, his face flushed. Kallus wondered what was going on, and invited him to sit down. Eli looked at Kallus straight in the eyes and stated, “We need to talk, Kallus.”

    “Talk about what? I’m rather busy at the moment.”

    “That’s a bloody lie, and you know it! Kriff Kallus, I’m here to talk about us!”

    To drive his point home, Eli tackled Kallus so that he was laying on top of him on the floor, when he kissed Kallus hungrily and initiated a round of tonsil hockey. Kallus groaned, he had forgotten how good of a kisser. He moved his hands up to Eli’s upper back and began massaging his shoulders and they would have stayed there for Force knows how long until a need for oxygen forced them both apart.
    Kallus was blushing bright red and had to admit, they did have to talk. “What are you offering Eli? You know how I feel about you… I do love you…but our relationship. I know a place where we can go and talk. A last date, if you will.”

    “Sounds good to me. Shall we go?” Eli, being a gentleman and an officer, offered Kallus a hand to get up, which was accepted. They were holding hands as they left the Chimaera, and made their way planet side to Lothal’s industrial capital of Bataan.

    The place they were going was somewhere Kallus had been many times before and it was known for it’s anonymity. The discothèque was merely called Hush! and to any Earthling tourist it was highly reminiscent of Studio 54 in the late 1970’s. One long silvered bar ran against the length of the left wall, there were numerous tables covered with draped tablecloths (for obvious reasons) and sexual innuendo so thick you could slice it with a knife. Eli screwed his face in disgust, “What are we doing at a glorified brothel?” Kallus grinned at him, “You and I are going to have some fun.” Without another word, he grabbed Eli around the waist and led him in, getting jealous looks from all of the other patrons.

    A good looking waiter led them to a table and gave them each a long look under his gilded eyelashes, making the couple blush ever brighter. Glancing at the menu, Eli inquired about the food. Kallus commented that the nerf steak fajitas with Nubian squash was quite tasty. As they ate and shared a pitcher of aged Selonian whiskey, they fell back into their old habits and began to act like the couple they once were.

    Over the long dinner, they laughed and reminisced about old times together. As they did so, they began to debate and argue over what had driven a wedge between them and by the time they had finished desert, they had both been crying and snogging when it occurred to them both- although they loved each other in the past, they had drifted apart. Eli wanted a happily ever after scenario and Kallus was too jaded and bitter to see it becoming a reality for either of them. Simply put, their differences were too much to overcome.

    “So that’s it then, it’s not you it’s me,” Eli spat disgustedly as he got up to leave. Kallus grabbed his hand, and pulled him close, “Our date’s not over yet.” Eli shivered in his embrace as Kallus led him over to the dance floor. Already, music was blasting out of the speakers and you could feel the vibrations no matter where you stood. Holding Eli close, Kallus swayed to the music wishing this evening could last forever and in his mind’s eye wanted to be doing this with a certain Rebel. When this thought popped up in his head, Kallus silently groaned.

    Meanwhile, Eli was remembering the nights he and Eli had snuck out together to hit one of Corulag’s nightclubs. They had held each other close and would whisper sweet nothings to each other. Now though, things had changed. It was time to move on. The song came to an end and with it, Kallus and Eli shared their last tender, passionate kiss as a couple.

    When they parted company and arrived back on the Chimaera, Eli returned to his quarters and was surprised to find a note from Thrawn and Minerva. They wanted to know how the date had gone and that Lord Vader had need of him on the Executor ASAP. Eli nodded, he needed to start over.

    When Kallus awoke the next morning, he was in a much more cheerful mood and decided to join high command (Thrawn, Minerva and Pryce) for breakfast. “You seem cheerful,” Minerva remarked as she daintily ate an overdone omelet. Thrawn nodded to him, apparently the date had gone well. “Yes, I was able to track down leads on a few Rebel cells,” Kallus lied blithely. Pryce nodded, “Good to hear then.”

    She excused herself and now it was the three of them, Kallus addressed the Grand Admiral and his fiancée. “I know it was you two who sent Eli yesterday to see me… and I wanted to say thank you.” Saying nothing more, he turned around. Thrawn watched him warily, Kallus seemed a bit too chipper about the breakup. “I think there may be more to this than meets the eye,” he told her in an undertone.

    Minerva sipped her tea and gazed at him, “You think so?” Kissing her gently, Thrawn assured her it was nothing to worry about, and that ended the conversation.
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    Aug 14, 2002
    Okay-dokey, fairly pleasant story. In fact, more than pleasant.

    Fairly good attention to detail, good characterisations, and some spots stood out, such as Kallus enjoying the camaraderie that the Rebels had, despite the fact of him feeding them misinformation, and working towards their downfall.

    Working out when to do that next using his calendar, read as both a fun idea, and something an intelligence officer would actually do!

    Wow, when Eli jumped on the agent...good physical descriptions...

    Excellent descriptions and variety of suitable clubs and venues on the various planets.

    For me at least, the only two mis-steps, as this was stated to be a one-off, were the reference to "Earthling tourists" - that jarred badly - and not explaining that Pryce was a female.

    I'd never seen her before, so at the end when the high command (Thrawn, Minerva and Pryce), and a She excused herself, I'm naturally assuming that it was Minerva who left, as that was the only femme actually mentioned...unless I missed something.

    Lastly, I did grin at the Rating, for angst and snogging. :D

    9/10. Good stuff.
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    Oct 3, 2016
    Thanks much for the review, Sith-I-5. This is a chapter from my longer story "Ballad of the Winter Rose" and I liked how this worked so well within the context of larger story, I posted this as a stand alone.
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  4. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    :) You are most welcome.

    If this was part of the Winter Rose thing, then I guess that explains the Earth reference as that is the one with your Scottish girl reading about Thrawn in a bookshop?

    However, now that you have excised this bit to stand on its own, I would suggest expanding on the two bits that I pointed out.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Caught up with most updates today, despite making real tarte flambée with DarthUncle in between.

    This weekend I was taught a valuable lesson by my old RL friend Cem_Fel about manga and animes. While in her home and before watching the "Power Rangers" movie with us, she explained genres to me that I accidentally stumbled into by zapping through TV channels. (Monster ladies living with a male student... :eek:)

    If your story of Kallus and his lover would be a manga or a anime, it would be a dignified shonen-ai. One that never would drift into a cheap hentai frame, because it shows too much emotion, story plot and character development.
  6. Nehru_Amidala

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    Oct 3, 2016
    That sounds delicious, and poor DarthUncle! Glad you liked!
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    DARTH_MU Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 9, 2005
    This is a crack!ship indeed, Nehru Amidala.

    The plot is plausible and show the love between individuals, confusing yet rewarding.

    Well written and a good appetizer for your main fic.

    edit: I also want to add great accompanying music.
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  8. Nehru_Amidala

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    Oct 3, 2016
    Thanks much, glad you enjoyed it.
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