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Our New Jedi Order- The Essential Guide to the Fan Fiction Characters

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by excalibur2358, Aug 2, 2001.

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  1. excalibur2358

    excalibur2358 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 13, 2000
    A lot of our stories feature new Jedi Knights, obviously original since we created them. With the announcement of a revised Essential Guide, Grand Admiral Jaxx and I were thinking...since our characters won't be included (a pity), why don't we create our own Guide. Bios on your favorite characters from your own stories and others. If anyone want to start, go ahead, if not, I'll post the first one.
  2. Jaded Skywalker

    Jaded Skywalker Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 24, 1999
    Well, I have a few characters but this one is my favorite. I created Atana for my main character in the series for The New Order of the Gray, based on a secret Jedi Knight Order, which trains in both the light and dark sides of the Force (hence, Gray).

    Well- here she is...

    ?Married name: Atana Aswen
    ?Gender: Female
    ?Age when joined Order: 21½
    ?Species: Human
    ?Homeworld: Coruscant
    ?Height: 5'6"
    ?Build: Petite and lanky with sporty build
    ?Hair Color: Snowy, natural white
    ?Eye Color: Icy blue
    ?Rank in Jedi Order: Jedi Master to Sieka Ti-Gar
    ?Weapons: Lightsaber
    ?Lightsaber Color: Magenta with sleek silver base
    ?Gray Side Power (if any): Can go through solid objects (walls, doors...)
    ?Best Defense: Lightsaber and martial art skills
    ?Personality: A tranquil and wise persoanlity, with the heart of a dreamer. When her life and the life of the one's she loves becomes endangered, old habits kick in, allowing her to fight against reigning darkness with a passionate spirit.
    ?Bio: Was born in the lower parts of Coruscant. She lived with her poor mother and sister. Together they supported each other. Atana's father was unknown to her. However, her father had a great deal of power in the Force because it was passed onto her, but her mother and sister do not have the ability to tap into the Force. Growing up in the streets toughened her and soon her skill in the Force was discovered. She was taken in by her Master, Jeraquil, who was a great Jedi Master. There at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant Atana spent the later years of her life, learning and growing in the Force.
  3. IronParrot

    IronParrot Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Aug 2, 1999
    Do they have to be Jedi?
  4. excalibur2358

    excalibur2358 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 13, 2000
    You know what, no they don't have to be Jedi. We'll make this our own Essential Guide- all characters open!

    -Name: Jace Pendragon
    ?Gender: Male
    ?Age when joined Order: began training at 14
    ?Species: Human
    ?Homeworld: split time between Tatooine, Dathomir and Umbriel (original planet)
    ?Height: 6'2" (at 18)
    ?Build: slightly muscular, rugged
    ?Hair Color: Blonde
    ?Eye Color: dark blue
    ?Rank in Jedi Order: Jedi Knight
    ?Weapons: Lightsaber
    ?Lightsaber Color: Cerulean blue blade
    ?Light Side Power (if any): telekinesis, jump, speed, prediction (able to see ahead), the usual Jedi tricks
    ?Best Defense: Lightsaber skills, knowledge of the Force
    - Ship of Choice: the Knight's Saber (YT-2100 Corellian stock light freighter, modified), X-Wing, Phantom Fighter
    ?Personality: Jace is usually serious, but after traveling with his friends, Arcturus, Kellilyn and Mazza, he has become kind of sarcastic. Always willing to help, sacrafices self before others.
    ?Bio: Jace was trained by his parents to survive in any enviornment. He was taught in the harshest enviorments- the deserts (Tatooine), the mountains, jungle and cold (Dathomir) and the city (Umbriel). Later he began Jedi training, teaming up with the Corellian archaeologist Kellilyn Corsaire to train. After her "death", Jace works with Arcturus in his pirate fleet (the Ghost Fleet). Jace's parents, Darcus and Elisi, were co-founders of the Ghost Fleet, along with Arcturus's father. Jace has now grown to be not only a Jedi and a leader, but a good friend. But he is troubled by his incredibly bad luck and the visions that he can never seem to prevent...he has much potential, but also many problems.

    -Debut book: "A Different Rebellion" by Grand Admiral Jaxx

  5. excalibur2358

    excalibur2358 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 13, 2000
    Like I said, this is open to any kind of character, Jedi and non.

    -Name: Tyrus Spectre
    ?Gender: Male
    ?Age when joined Order: began training in mid 20's
    ?Species: Human
    ?Homeworld: unknown
    ?Height: 6'7
    ?Build: very muscular, very limber
    ?Hair Color: black
    ?Eye Color: brown
    ?Rank in Jedi Order: Dark Lord of the Sith
    ?Weapons: Lightsaber
    ?Lightsaber Color: blood-red blade
    ?Dark Side Power (if any): telekinesis, jump, speed, lightning, mind warp, heat absorbtion
    ?Best Defense: Lightsaber skills, fighting prowess, intelligence
    - Ship of Choice: Super Star Destroyer [/i]Ravager[/i]
    ?Personality: Spectre is obsessed by revenge and hate. He believes himself to be very intelligent and always a step ahead of the rest. Very crafty. Serious demeanor.

    ?Bio: Tyrus's father, Drywater, was killed by the Fleet started by the father of rival Jedi student Arcturus Lynx. After discovering this truth, and that of the extent of Lynx and Jace Pendragon's superior power, he decided to delve into the Darkness. His dejection by Kellilyn Corsaire made him nearly kill her, and through his own powers and that of his own Fleet, Spectre is out to not only kill Pendragon, Lynx and Corsaire, but also take over Lynx's semi-home, Umbriel. His hatred has resulted in the near deaths of all of the Ghost Fleet leaders, the killing of Arcturus's parents, and many other harrowing experiences for our heroes. His own physical and mental powers will wreak havoc for the Jedi.

    -Debut book: "A Different Rebellion" by Grand Admiral Jaxx
    -Debut book: "A Different Rebellion" by Grand Admiral Jaxx

  6. Grand_Admiral_Jaxx

    Grand_Admiral_Jaxx Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 23, 2000
    excal, first off, for italics, there is no slash in the first set of brackets.

    But here are the bios

    -Name: Arcturus Lynx

    ?Gender: Male

    ?Age when joined Order: began training in late teens

    ?Species: Human (Corellian)

    ?Homeworld: Corellia

    ?Height: 6'0

    ?Build: Lean, muscular, devilishly handsome (cause he's modeled after me)

    ?Hair Color: brown

    ?Eye Color: hazel, with gold flecks

    ?Rank in Jedi Order: Jedi Knight, later becoming Grand Sorceror

    ?Weapons: Lightsaber, stave

    ?Lightsaber Color: deep blue (navy) blade

    ?Force Powers (if any): telekinesis, Force leap, lightsaber combat

    ?Best Defense: Lightsaber skills, fighting prowess, intelligence, sorcery
    - Ship of Choice: custom made ship Avatar

    ?Personality: Arcturus is always sarcastic and joking around, prefers to take manners in own hands. Very egotistical, hopelessley in love with Mazza Phobos, hoplessley in love with money. But he is willing to lay his life on the line for his friends (and for the galaxy)

    ?Bio: He became a Jedi in "A Different Rebellion" when he was around 17, and shortly inherited the mighty Ghost Fleet, stationed at Umbriel. He leads the Ghost Fleet with the help of his friends, General Jace Pendragon, and his girlfriend Mazza Phobos. Grand Admiral Jaxx leads the Ghost Fleet's navy, General Jace Pendragon leads the covert squadron named Mirage Squadron, and Lynx himself leads an elite fighting squadron named Nightcrawler Squadron.

    -Debut book: "A Different Rebellion" by Grand Admiral Jaxx

    -Name: Mazza Phobos

    ?Gender: Female

    ?Age when joined Order: She is not a Jedi

    ?Species: Human

    ?Homeworld: Unsure (she has it narrowed down to Emberlene, home of the Mistryl, or Hapes)

    ?Height: 5'9

    ?Build: very pretty, very feminine, very limber, but can fight if needed to be

    ?Hair Color: brown

    ?Eye Color: brown

    ?Rank in Jedi Order: Not a Jedi

    ?Weapons: blaster, sniper rifle

    ?Best Defense: sharpshooter, intelligence, able to settle peace

    - Ship of Choice: Outlaw

    ?Personality: Mazza is very kind and gentle, but has fierce passion and determination underlying her calm beauty. She tries not to resort to violence unless absolutely necessary. Her ability to talk to people and help them with their problems make her a very well liked person (except to the people that find those traits disgusting, namely, the bad guys). Her sense of humor and sharp wit make her a perfect match for Arcturus.

    ?Bio: Her history is shrouded with secrets. What she does remember is being raised by a gentlehearted Hapan pirate, raised with a degree in psychology and eventually elevating herself to the rank of captain in the pirate group. When her captain is sick, she is forced to take command of the pirate group as Arcturus, who has just received command of the Ghost Fleet, decides to flex his muscle and capture a few Hapan ships. Arcturus ends up capturing Mazza, and they met. It was instant love. (It's not really that sappy... just read "A Different Rebellion")

    -Debut book: "A Different Rebellion" by Grand Admiral Jaxx


    Who's next?
  7. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Force Ghost star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    I guess I am-but I will start with just one character for now.


    Name: Nadja Moranna

    Real Name: Siren Gheruit

    Parents: Soo-Si Gheruit(father, Jedi Master) Ajdan Moran Gheruit(mother)

    Known Relatives(all stories)-Dux Gheruit(eldest brother, Jedi Knight), Swan Gheruit(eldest sister, Captain in the Republic Navy), Deuce Gheruti(Drifter, second oldest brother), Song Gheruit(Nun, second oldest sister), Diggin Gheruit(younger brother), Dewey Gheruit(youngest brother), Sissy Gheruit(youngest sister), Sussex Gheruit(uncle, Soo-Si's identical twin), and Dejirra Gheruit(distant cousin from Sussex's side of the family, Jedi Knight and married to Kelak Raederth)

    Age: Varies. Last posted age of Siren will be 17. Nadja is currently 18 in the short stories, and dies at the age of 52 in The Dark Hope: Prologue Two: Goodbye.

    Height(as Nadja): 5'3"

    Weight: 110 pounds

    Eyes: Green

    Hair: Brown

    Species: Human

    Build(as Nadja): slightly muscular with oversized breast and a shiny, but firm, buttocks(for mooning you see).

    Build(as Siren):slender, natural build.

    Home World: Alderaan

    Place of Birth: Sabbath

    Era of exsistence:pre-Episode One

    Character status(as Nadja): depeding on story, either Knight or Master. Founder and Leader of the Jedi Behavioral Sciences Department.

    Character status(as Siren): Padawan Learner

    Weapons: her lightsaber, her mind, and her body.

    Lightsaber color- prodominately blue, but she has purposely changed it from time to time.

    Personalty(as Nadja): Often considered either insane, or just weird, Nadja Moranna has a personality that suggest immaturity, but overall has a tough love persona. Truly she cares for the innocent, but often times she questions their insanity just as much as they do hers. She can be unorthodox when she expresses her feelings, but one thing everyone knows for sure is her ability to flat out tell the truth, which more times than not gets her in hot water. Cares very deeply about children and will for the right cause put her life in jeopardy.

    Personalty(as Siren): Siren is very gentle, kind young girl, who has a deep love for her family, especially her older brother Dux. One of 8 children, Siren dreams of becoming a mother herself, as well as becoming a Jedi Knight. Often times she finds herself at odds with things she may consider too mundane for a Jedi to be part of, but it is not too terrible a fault.

    Biography- Nadja Moranna was born Siren Gheruit in the tiny hamlet town of Sabbath. After a great tragedy befalls her family involving her brother, Siren supposedly dies a hero. But actually she becomes Nadja Moranna, and the most controversial Jedi Knight in the history of the Republic is born. Wit of a comedian, mind of schoolar, and heart of a warrior, Nadja has done many things people praise, her Jedi peers question, and criminals deeply dispise.

    The transformation from Siren Gheruit to Nadja Moranna is a very painful story. Siren's brother and Jedi Knight, Dux Gheruit, falls from Jedi grace and slaughters her entire family. In his insane euphoria, he figures that Siren had survived his attack on her because she was meant to join him. For days he tortured her both physically and mentally, finally leaving her for dead and taking out his frustration on the town of Sabbath.

    Siren recovers miraclously from the damage inflicted on her, and ultimately confronts her brother in what many Alderaanians that witnessed it called the most grusome sight they ever saw. With a great sacrifice on her part, Siren was able to stop Dux. The effects of the fight put her in a deep coma, but it also brought the survivors of Dux's rampage together to overcome the darkness. Many Alderaanians, and Jedi, call the dark event Siren's Trial, and many use the story as a tool to teach young ones about courage and as a warning about darkness.

    Siren eventually awakened from her deep coma, and discovered that she was no longer Siren Gheruit. The elements that made her were all gone, and a stranger stood in her place. With Yoda's help, Si
  8. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Force Ghost star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    Here's one more before bed.


    Full Name- Enothchild Sarch Sura'brio

    Parents- Nach'cht'musik Allegro'con'brio(a.k.a.-Nach, father)
    Valk'ries'sol Xer'av'brio(a.k.a.-Valk, mother)
    Anka-Dee Sura'brio(2nd wife of Nach, 2nd mother, Human, Jedi Knight)

    Age (as of The Dark Hope)- 100 years old

    Height- 7'

    Weight- 420 pounds

    Eyes- Amber

    Hair- Essentially cimmon brown, but patchy.

    Species- Vhinphyc

    Build- Massive, no fat. Very broad shoulder, complete with bantha like horns emerging from his head. Other than that, looks Human.

    Home World- Although a Vhinphyc, a race that resides prodominately on Vhanba, Enothchild considers Alderaan to be his home.

    Era of existence- Pre-Episode One

    Character Status (as of TDH)- Jedi Master, Special Investigator to the Jedi Behavioral Sciences Department.

    Weapons- His heart, his words, his lightsaber, and his body.

    Lightsaber color- white.

    Personality- Unlike the majority of his fellow Vhinphyckians, Enothchild Sarch is a very caring being. Always considerate and always compassionate, he is one who had no problem wearing his massive heart on his sleeve. A being that rarely holds a grudge against anyone, especially if he figures out why the individiual has a problem with him in the first place and tries to work it out with great success.

    Biography- Enothchild Sarch is a Vhinphyc, a super powerful race of beings not part of the Republic that are very racist to other beings and have such a tremendous hate for the Force that anyone with a high midi-chlorian count found on Vhanba, the Vhinphyc home world, is killed without question, regardless if it's man or woman or baby! His mother and father, space explorers, had Enothchild while away from Vhanba, and discovered very quickly that their son was Force sensitive. Fearing his saftey, his parents left him in the care of Anka-Dee Sura, a female Jedi Knight, to raise. It is this enviroment of love and caring that Enothchild does not become the typical Vhinphyc.

    Growing up was hard for Enothchild; Vhinphyc have really weird growing cycles. Many of the Jedi initiates picked on him, although Enothchild, even as a child in what could be called late elemantary-early junior high years, was stronger than a Wookiee, a Hutt, a Whiphid...COMBINED! They just took advantage of his kindness and shyness, knowing that they had nothing to fear from the being that could literally wad them up in a ball and throw them with all his leverage many, many meters. Biologically other than super strength and speed, Enothchild, like all Vhinphycs, have ultra dense bones and Human-like skin that is two inches thick at it's thickest points, which stretches across his massive muscular stature.

    Many years later, Enothchild became Nadja Moranna's Padawan Learner after many of the great Jedi Masters of the era saw him as a mistake; how could a Vhinphyc be Force sensitive given the fact that the race eradicates anyone with the power of the Force? However, Nadja Moranna saw past that, and in only 5 years made him a Jedi Knight to be respected. A few years later, Enothchild would marry his Jedi Master, and the both of them would move to her home world of Alderaan.

    Enothchild took his lessons learned from Nadja and trained his own Padawan Learner to Knighthood, Ros Ofcheck, but took longer to do it. However soon after, the Mid Rim Conflicts broke out, and his status as a hero was born. On the planet Evramora, Enothchild took on 300 heavily armed soliders and defeated them in less than an hour! He did not allow one solider to get past him.

    Tradgeically, Enothchild bore witness to the very long and painful death of his beloved Nadja. Fearing that a secret he kept from her caused her death, he roamed Alderaan for 8 years. Soon he returned to his home, and the ghost of Nadja Moranna directs him to go to his long lost homeworld of Vhanba. Once there, he discovers that the Force-sensitive Vhinech have wiped all his people, lead by Nadja's other Padawan Learner, Jurivicious Pern. Pern, jealous over the love between
  9. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Force Ghost star 6

    Oct 18, 2000

    Full Name- Juna Belladonna Rapier

    Other Names and Identifiers- Princess Angelleia of the Providence of Iossessa, Queen Angelleia of the Soverign System of Naboo.

    Parents- Bendian Rapier(Father by Marriage)
    Naressa Rapier(Biological Mother)
    Dace Palpatine(Biological Father, Senator)

    Age(as of The Dark Hope)- 8 years old.

    Height- 3' 10"

    Weight- 60 pounds

    Eyes- Dark Brown

    Hair- Dark Brown

    Species- Human

    Build- Very petite and tiny.

    Home World- Naboo

    Era of existence- Currently Pre-Epsiode One

    Character Status- (before TDH)Just a girl. (beginning of TDH) Ambassador. (end of TDH) Queen of Naboo. Also a known Sith Maiden and the Dark Hope of the Sith.

    Weapons- No real weapons other than the Force. But she has been known to be such a devastating hugger it melts the coldest of despostions.

    Personality- Ultra loving, gentle and high spirited, Juna wants to be everyone's friend. She is also very shy, which she uses to cover up her intellegence, fearing that she could offend others with it. Very trusting, but can get very upset when she knows people are lying to her.

    Biography- Juna Rapier's life has just begun, and all ready it is filled with such adventure and hidden truths it could fill several volumes of books. Conceived by an extramarital affair between Naressa Rapier and Dace Palpatine, Juna's mother used her pregnancy to prevent her husband Bendian Rapier from taking the seat of the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, for it appeared that Naressa's 'family' was setting her up to be captured and returned to the dark side fold.

    Juna, however, does not know this. She believes Bendian is her father, and so with some reluctance follows in his political footsteps. As heiress to the Rapier Political Dynasty, Juna becomes the youngest Republic Ambassador at age 6. By age 8 she has attended several ambassadorial missions and is sought after by many governments as a mediator. All of this was done for Juna's mother told her she would be queen.

    As the Dark Hope begins, Queen Landana, the long running Naboo leader, is retiring and announces that elections will take place to decide a new ruler. Immediately Juna is in the spot light for this position, being groomed for royalty since age 5 by her Political Guardian and friend Muriel Thahada. It is a role she is reluctant to accept at the moment. All her life, Juna has wanted to be a Jedi, due to fact that she could feel the Force. She had no way of knowing how powerful she was, or the forces that wished to exploit her.

    Seeing a chance to win favor with Naressa, Bendian lies to Juna and instructs her to go with the Republic to the doomed world of Vhanba, where the Vhinech Order has supposedly taken Republic citizens hostage. Upon her arrival in system and in a clever attack, she soon discovers that the trap was all laid out...for her! She is taken to Vhanba, where her Force sensitivity tortures her with all the death around her, and then is mentally raped by Jurivicious Pern so she would sircum to the dark side of the Force.

    However Muriel Thahada and Enothchild Sarch soon free her, and with the help of Dizzy Arnes escape Vhanba and it's destruction. But such a devasting disturbance in the Force overwhelms Juna's abused senses, and momentarily kills her. Brought back to life, she is in a coma and all the while the dark side continues to torture her. Upon the heroes arrival on Alderaan, Juna awakens and is almost defeated by the dark side. She shook with the touch of death, which her little moans and episodes of tears burned into the souls of those who wish to help her.

    Seeing enough, Enothchild Sarch violates the Jedi Code to save Juna's life. As he does, Juna discovers his pain, and feels a kindship between them. It is solidified by the fact that her favorite book, 'A Knight is Born', was writen by his wife, Nadja Moranna. His caring for her, and then his expression of his feelings, made Juna care enough to love him. This love is tested, though, when Enothchild test her mental strength by e
  10. JediGaladriel

    JediGaladriel Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 3, 1999
    [li]Name: Dritali Neral[/li]
    [li]Gender: Female[/li]
    [li]Age when joined Order: 15[/li]
    [li]Species: Human [/li]
    [li]Homeworld: Zompesha, where she was the daughter of a ruler; after he was deposed, she went to Coruscant, and after her father's death, she went to Tatooine, where she grew up in an orphanage run by Anakin's friend, Kitster[/li]
    [li]Height: 5'[/li]
    [li]Build: built like a gymnast -- short and lithe[/li]
    [li]Hair Color: black (long, straight, coarse and thick)[/li]
    [li]Eye Color: dark brown[/li]
    [li]Rank in Jedi Order: padawan, knight, master (obviously, in this order)[/li]
    [li]Weapons: Lightsaber, hand-to-hand combat[/li]
    [li]Lightsaber Color: green[/li]
    [li]Light Side Power (if any): telekinesis, telepathy, precognition, levitation, balance, creating visions for others[/li]
    [li]Best Defense: hand-to-hand, speed and agility[/li]
    [li]Ship of Choice: Dritali is a lousy pilot, and only flies if she has absolutely no choice, in which case, she grabs whatever is at hand. She prefers to be a passenger.[/li]
    [li]Personality: The key to Dritali's personality is her need to help and defend people who are smaller and weaker than she is -- a kind of noblesse oblige that doesn't always come off well (some people think she's haughty). She's serious-minded and responsible, but has a tendency to externalize her fear, her anger... and occasionally, even her power.[/li]
    [li]Bio: Born the daughter of the First Scion of Zompesha, the Lady of Lake Zhinahumi, Dritali's early life was a nightmare. Her father was quick with his fists, and paranoid about his position. He was convinced that his wife was in league with insurgents on Zompesha, an accusation that became true after the fact. The night after Dritali's mother disappeared, the insurgents took the government, and Dritali fled with her father to Coruscant, where his behavior became progressively worse. Looking desperately for help, she overhears a conversation about a high Imperial official who was once a knight (and still thinks he is, according to a hapless stormtrooper), and she determines to learn about Lord Vader. In her concentration, her Force sense reaches out, and Vader senses her. He arrives in time to save her from a potentially lethal beating from her father, whom he kills, then sends her on to Sanctuary, an orphanage on Tatooine run by his old friend Kit Jarai (Kitster). Several years later, when Anakin is resurrected and tried for war crimes, she is called to the stand, and her Force potential is pushed out into the open. Luke, who has been looking for a padawan, recruits her. After three years of training, she returns to her homeworld of Zompesha, to confront the truth of the insurgency, her mother's death, and her own past. She emerges from this a knight, and soon thereafter, Anakin (now travelling among various worlds doing penance) finds her an apprentice in nine-year-old Zemai Laryhi (a same-name descendent of another character of mine).[/li]

    Debut: [link=]I'm Your What? (aka, Shifting of the Sand)[/link], an AU. Solo story: [link=]Uprising[/link] Prominently featured in [link=]The Penitent[/link]

    Note: As is obvious, Dritali does not inhabit the EU timeline in any way.
  11. Grand_Admiral_Jaxx

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    Dec 23, 2000
    All right! It's great to see some people contributing to this thread, and hopefully, this will grow to epic proportions (maybe 20 pages worth, lol)
  12. Casper_Knightshade

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    Oct 18, 2000
    Well in that case, I better help....;)


    Full Name- Muriel Thahada

    Parents- Mir Thahada(father), Serena Bastain(mother)

    Age(as of Kissing the Girl)- 20

    Height- 5' 7"

    Weight- 130 pounds.

    Eyes- Purple

    Hair- Red

    Species- Human

    Build- A very well scuplted build, which with the proper clothing no one knows how well built she is.

    Home World- Naboo.

    Era of existence- Currently Pre-Episode One

    Character Status- Political Guardian-Status Alpha-License to Kill without restriction or fault.

    Weapons (as of Kissing the Girl)- Guardian Series 9 blaster, capable of firing underwater, assorted small throwing weapons, master of the Gund-Poe martial arts.

    Other warfare intangibles- Wears Guardian Saberhide body armor, a stealth suit that can even stop lightsabers from penetrating it's 1/64 th of an inch plating.

    Documented Education- Guardian's Degree-Status One: Protection-Education-Psychology-Emergency Medical. Bacholar Degree in Republic Law and in Naboo Law.

    Personality- Muriel is a very serious woman, often too proud of being female and can take offense to sly, sexist remarks. However, she is opened minded after she gets over her stubborness, cares deeply, and can show signs of her youthful immaturity when backed into a corner where she cannot use her fist to solve a problem.

    Biography- Ever the constant professional, Muriel Thahada, born on Naboo but half Alderaanian. continues to improve herself, and more times than not prove herself over and over again. Trained to be a Naboo Political Guardian, Muriel was trained for 10 non-stop years to be the best at her profession, which her areas of expertise required her to known how to bandage her charge after injury, how to educate and defend a charge, to handle any mental challenges a charge may face in their life, and lastly how to kill to protect a charge's life without hesitation. The training harsh enought, Muriel had to also accepted the fact that the Guardians were frowned upon by the people of Naboo, and thus were a dying breed in regrads to politics.

    That changed when she was 15 years old. Graduating with honors, Muriel was soon tapped for assignment and what an assignment; train Juna Rapier, Senator Bendian Rapier's daughter. Given the Rapier's traditions in politics, Muriel was bound and determine not to mess it up.

    Muriel's first meeting with little Juna was not good; the little girl ran away in tears. But soon the two grew close together, and as they grew old together they became more and more like sisters.

    However, Muriel's first real test as Juna's protector came on the doomed mission to Vhanba. Initial overpowered by a surprise attack from Magus Prophet, Muriel went down to the surface to Vhanba and was determined to rescue Juna all by herself. Running into Enothchild Sarch changed all that, and soon both Guardian and Jedi managed to secure Juna from danger.

    The feelings of letting Juna down on Vhanba consumed her, and often felt threatened by Enothchild's growing friendship with Juna. This put her at odds with him on Alderaan, but was somewhat curtailed from going overboard due to one being: Dizzy Arnes.

    Muriel...was constantly arguing with the Sullustian smuggler who got them off of Vhanba. He was everything Muriel warned Juna about: a sexist, butt grabbing male being that only cares about getting a notch on his bed post. However, even Muriel grew to like Dizzy, which eventually brought her around to being Enothchild's friend and not just his ally. This happened, also, due to Juna's admission for her love for Enothchild.

    Upon returning to Naboo, Juna's mother, Naressa Rapier, was so rude with Muriel that the Guardian felt the mother was going to harm Juna in some way, buying Enothchild's arguement that she was a Sith. Further complicating matters was Juna facing possible expulsion from Naboo politics. As Juna's Guardian, Muriel was Juna's lawyer and had to prepare with the worry of Naressa on her mind.

    When Juna decides to lie, Muriel is forced to stay in Naboo and fight on her
  13. nithrak_tewl

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    May 23, 2001
    Here's my character:

    Name: Dantross Rahl
    Gender: Male
    Age when joined order: 20
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Creave
    Height: 6'3"
    Build: Tall, muscular.
    Hair Color: Dark
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Jedi Rank: Knight
    Weapons: Dual lightsabers
    Lightsaber color: Orange
    Best Defense: Martial skills, TK
    Personality: Generally serious, but able to relax and have fun when the time is appropriate.
    Bio: After training to become a Jedi, Dantross returned to his homeworld to find his loved ones killed by the Yuuzhan Vong, including his fiance Raena. Raena is later resurrected by the Vong in an attempt to lure Dantross into a trap. Dantross outwits the Vong and rescues Raena, only to discover she has been infected with a genetic altering disease, kept in control by her Vong captors. Dantross sets off on a quest to find a cure, and in the process courts the Dark Side...

    Story link is in my sig.
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    Full Name- Arness Arnes.

    Parents- mentioned, but no names as yet.

    Age (as of Kissing the Girl)- 39

    Height- 5' 4"

    Weight- 165 pounds

    Eyes- Black

    Hair- Blue

    Species- Sullustian

    Build- Compact

    Home World- Sullust

    Era of existence- Pre-Episode One

    Character Status (as of Kissing the Girl) Twice divorced starshipwright former smuggler, now a hero and a millionaire.

    Weapons- Standard blaster, his ship, and with his wit makes things up as he goes along.

    Ship- Owner of the Millenium Falcon, a YT-1300 Corellian Stock Freighter with a Dilemna-saucer shape and off set cockpit.

    Personality- Dizzy's very witty and overly friendly, but can be a serious being when the circumstances call for it. Much of his attitude reflects both his messed up childhood and his dealings with some of the worse scum in the universe. It has helped him form and live by a code of ethics, which make him not a hardend criminal, just a misunderstood one.

    Biography- Arness 'Dizzy' Arnes has his own screwy history with a lot of emphasis on screwy. His mother, a smuggler, left him and his father all alone on Sullust and was never heard from again. Young Arness began to hang around with the more heavier elements of Sullust to replace that motherless void in his life, which would eventually lead him to enjoy the company of women when he became an adult.

    During one of his many juvenile violations, young Arness ran into a young female that would later on become his first wife. Maynade Maymanno, a nun in the Sullustian Fednori religion, saved him from a mandatory beating and over time the two were good friends and became lovers. However, Arness would get caught for smuggling, but was released on a techinicallity. Maynade gave him an ultimatium: her or smuggling.

    He chosed her, and solidified it by marrying her, changing his ways and became a hard working starshipwright, in spite of the fact that Arness did not get persmission to do so from her father. Under Sullustian law, the marriage was automatically terminated and Maynade was whisked away and hidden in the Fednori Temple. Needing to see her, Arness requested for a true divorce so she would be present in court. Her father came instead, and presented to him Maynade's cremated ashes. Or, that they were meant to be her ashes. Unbeknownest to Arness Arnes, she was still alive and in the process of being cleansed for her actions. The father had faked her death so he would forget her. Needless to say, it crushed Arness and haunted him for years.

    To rid himself of grief, Arness, in his opinion, married the first mistake that came along. Only six weeks into his new marriage, Arness was ready to return to smuggling and had left Sullust to do, prepurchasing a Sullustan Moonhauler and having it on hold for him on Corellia. When he got there, he discovered very quickly that others have bought the Moonhaulers way before he did, and thus was given 'compensation': a YT-1300 Corellian Stock Light freighter, the worse ship of it's kind because of all the modifications that needed to be done on it.

    Soon after leaving with his new frighter, the ones claiming the Moonhaulers, a crew headed by the smugglers Sade Sudafed and Djuva, along with a mysteriously silent Wookiee named Rokangus, chase after him for the ship of his had cargo that was on hold for them. Dumping the cargo in anger, Sudafed questioned if he was 'dizzy'. Which from the moment on, Arness Arnes ceased to exist, and Dizzy Arnes was born.

    Dizzy escaped the carnage but only to be detained by CorSec. The smuggler's boss, the Vhinech Warrior Magus Prophet, took care of that so he could talk to Dizzy privately. Finding out the information he wanted, Prophet instucted Rokangus to kill Dizzy, but the Wookiee-Vhinech shocked Dizzy by speaking perfect Basic and sparing him. Upon his 'release', Dizzy fled with Sudafed and Djuva to Fondor so repairs could be made on his haphazzardly, spur of the moment named Milleinum Falcon.

    5 years later, during the events depicted in The Dark Hope
  15. excalibur2358

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    Name: Kellilyn Corsaire

    Gender: Female

    Age when joined Order: 12 (began training)

    Species: Human

    Homeworld: Corellia

    Height: 5'10

    Build: lithe, muscular, like a dancer

    Hair Color: straight red-gold hair

    Eye Color: emerald green

    Rank in Jedi Order: Knight

    Weapons: Lightsaber, vibro-whip

    Lightsaber Color: turqupoise/aqua (depending on lighting)

    Light Side Power (if any): telekinesis, telepathy, precognition, levitation, balance, "Alter Body"/"morph"

    Best Defense: smarts, lightsaber skills, experience

    Ship of Choice: Knight's Shield, later co-pilot of Jace's ship- Knight's Saber

    Personality: Kelli is a very witty, very world worn person. She has traveled the galaxy, has been imprisoned by pirates and forced into less than pleasant situations. But she is a survivor, is incredibly tough, but is very protective of Jace and company.

    Bio: Kelli's father was killed when she was only 12. Kelli's mother, a bartender on Corellia, knew her daughter had Jedi potential when the pre-teen went after the Blackstar Nova Pirates leader, the man who killed her father. So Kelli was shipped off to train under Luke Skywalker at the Academy. She became interested in archaeology and studied under Tionne. She then traveled the galaxy for years unti Tionne asked for her help in training a younger apprentice, Jace Pendragon. Kelli, skeptical at first, soon warmed to teaching the younger, more naieve teen.

    Kelli showed Jace and his friend, Arcturus, how to survive in the galaxy. However, shortly before Jace was to graduate, while investigating a famous shipwreck near Yavin, Tyrus Spectre, a jealous rival, caused the wreck to crash. Kelli sacraficed herself to save Jace. However, she managed to escape, although her body suffered radiation damage, which would later cause her body to be able to mutate temporarily into any female bipedal species.

    Shortly before the wreck hit the core of Yavin, she escaped, only to be captured by the Blackstars. Kelli was then forced into slavery, forced to dance and serve, Force-less behind the ysalamir and weakened by the radiation damage. But she survived, and later met back up with Jace on Dathomir.

    Now Kelli has grown close to the now 18 year old teen. Her loss affected him deeply, and she is surprised to see how similar he turned out like her. Traveling with Pendragon, Lynx and his fleet of misfits, Kelli is now reviewing her current situation.

    First appearance: "A Different Rebellion" by Grand Admiral Jaxx

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    [li]Name: Rejuo (used with honorific "Kel" -- hence, often referred to as Kel Rejuo)[/li]
    [li]Gender: Female[/li]
    [li]Age when joined SW timeline: 27 (about five years before ANH)[/li]
    [li]Species: Ampinuan (small-statured, purplish skin, large but vestigal translucent wings) [/li]
    [li]Homeworld: Ampinua, a small, disaster-plagued world on the Outer Rim; died on Ampinua's neighbor world, La'azum[/li]
    [li]Height: 4'3"[/li]
    [li]Build: delicate, fey[/li]
    [li]Hair Color: deep purple[/li]
    [li]Eye Color: violet[/li]
    [li]Job: Engineer, Imperial[/li]
    [li]Weapons: None[/li]
    [li]Lightsaber Color: n/a[/li]
    [li]Light Side Power (if any): n/a[/li]
    [li]Best Defense: a good mind that attracts the protection of Vader[/li]
    [li]Ship of Choice: Rejuo builds ships, and flies them all.[/li]
    [li]Personality: She is quiet and determined, and devoted to those who have offered her help. She is an obsessively good engineer, and her career is more important to her than anything else.[/li]
    [li]Bio: Rejuo was always a bit of an outcast in her family, rejecting not only limitations on Ampinuan women, but the cultural isolationism practiced by nearly all Ampinuans. When Ampinua is taken over by a dishonorably discharged Imperial officer named Mol Zolkusa, she is among the women brought to his palace as a pleasure slave, a position that is as far from her natural personality as it is possible to get. Nevertheless, she determines to find something worthwhile in her captivity, and what she finds is a damaged TIE fighter that Zokusa has possession of. She studies it, redesigns the engines, and tries to streamline the systems. When she asks Zokusa about submitting her modifications to the Empire, he laughs at her and tells her -- albeit truthfully -- that they will ignore anything that comes from a non-human, who is a woman to boot. He says he'll submit them under his own name. She has no illusions that credit will eventually trickle down. When Lord Vader appears to deal with a possible Rebel infiltration, Zokusa assigns her, along with two other women, to "fulfill whatever needs [he] might have."

    Because Vader despises Zokusa and slavery -- particularly of this sort, since it reminds him of his life as Anakin -- his first action upon seeing the captive Ampinuans is to make Zokusa stop tormenting them (by making them hover on their mainly ineffectual wings, just to see them sweat). Rejuo recognizes this as the act of a potential kindred spirit, and she fights both her fear of death and of doing whatever he might ask in return to approach him and discuss her fighter plans. Vader likes her dedication, and agrees to give her a fair evaluation. After he deems her a very talented engineer, he champions her career in the Empire, fighting to get positions for her. Rumors fly; he quashes them brutally. In point of fact, she is a rare commodity to him: an actual friend. Finally, he gets her a job as chief engineer at a TIE factory on La'azum. When Leia--embittered by her foster mother's death--uses an attack on the factory as a cover for an attempt to assassinate Vader, Rejuo is caught in the crossfire between them and killed.[/li]

    Debut: [link=]Father's Heart 2: Problem-Solvers[/link], an AU. She continues throughout the [link=]Father's Heart[/link] stories, and her niece appears in "The Penitent."
  17. Whiskey in the Jar-Jar

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    Here's my guy, for anyone who reads my stuff.


    Name: Dalan Ch?ang Kalamar

    Gender: Male

    Age: 32 (when arrived in GFFA)

    Species: Bengalan ? tiger rakshasa

    Homeworld: Bengalis ? 7th planet of the Tigris star system, Milky Way Galaxy

    Height: 6?5?

    Build: Very muscular, but surprisingly agile

    Fur Color: Stripe patterns similar to Terran Siberian Tiger; a mix of black stripes on orange and white fur.

    Eye Color: Primarily green?glowing red if angered

    Weapons: Hand-to-hand combat, swords (metal or laser), projectile weaponry (lasers are for losers)

    Ability: Martial arts training allows him to alter his form to that of a primal cat. Once transformed, distinction between himself and an actual tiger is near-impossible.

    Personality: A real dichotomy. On one side, he?s a loving, gentle, parental soul whose soul purpose in life seems to be the continued well-being of his friends and family. On the other side, he can be a ruthless, bloodthirsty hunter with little regard for life.

    Ship: VF-1S Valkyrie fighter/interceptor with transatmospheric capabilities

    Bio: At age 12, Dalan was attacked by four members of a rival Clan and robbed of a prize won by his father earlier that night. He spent a year in a coma where he underwent several surgeries to repair his cut-up muscles. The end result was the addition of several military grade cybernetic implants grafted to his arms and legs beneath the skin. When he awakened from his coma, he was 13 years old and the strongest cub on the planet.

    His losing of the prize earned Dalan an exile from his family. He spent the next 6 years as an outcast from Clan society and stayed with his circle of non-Clan friends. He also began training in the forbidden art of L?au Tar, a martial art whose end goal is the act of self-transformation. On Bengalis, there are only 12 people on the planet capable of teaching this art?Dalan and his friends are five of them.

    At 18, Dalan re-gained his honor by breaking into the compound of his rival Clan and personally slaughtering over 30 soldiers, including the Clan leader. Though he himself was grievously wounded, he recovered in time to be accepted back into his own family.

    While attending university, tensions within the Kalamar family continued to mount. Dalan was still spiteful of his father and what he?d done to him all those years ago. Further, his father was so proud of his eldest son that he would parade him around like some kind of war trophy, intent on striking fear into the hearts of all other Clans. In fact, people soon started associating Dalan with the term ?Clan Slayer?, something he?s never really lived down.

    After graduation Dalan accepted a position on Earth as a Confederation ambassador. He left behind all he held dear and many things he didn?t in order to get away from the nightmare that had become his family life. This included the woman he loved and the future they?d planned together.

    Dalan returned to Bengalis 6 years later a changed man. During his time away the Dark Seed in his soul had finally blossomed, giving birth to Ravage, Dalan?s bounty hunter code name. He returned home to avenge the murder of his grandfather, but soon found himself facing all the ghosts of his past, from his father to Kerin Cheng, the woman he?d left behind.

    A reconciliation was soon reached between all parties and Dalan started making preparations to return home permanently and give up his hunting ways. His last act as a hunter was the destruction of a prostitution ring on his homeworld, run by one Tomlin Shem. While Shem himself had not been apprehended, his business had been all but destroyed.

    While returning home from a diplomatic conference, Dalan met Shem in space and a fierce battle ensued. Just as Shem?s ship exploded, Dalan had started his ship?s hyperspace sequence. The shockwave from the explosion sent the Valkyrie hurtling through hyperspace at an unk
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    I'm glad to see people responding to this
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    Just wanna give this a swift kick to the top.

    Anyone care to open a discussion... conversation? I'm game
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    -Name: Jenner Agravaine

    ?Gender: Male

    ?Species: Human

    ?Homeworld: Alderaan

    ?Height: 5'11"

    ?Build: Thin, but healthy

    ?Hair Color: Grey

    ?Eye Color: Blue

    ?Weapons: Dual blasters, influence

    ?Best Defense: Influence

    - Ship of Choice: Last Chance

    ?Personality: Jenner is a man of principle, and fervently believes in the sovereignty of the people. Compassionate by nature, he is nevertheless willing to make any necessary sacrifice for the greater good.

    ?Bio: Elected to the Senate shortly after Valorum took office, Jenner's faith in the system dwindled as he watched the Republic's ideals slip down a continous slide. Although Palpatine's election restored a sliver of his faith, the new Chancellor's veiled apathy toward the galaxy's poor kindled Jenner's anger against him; in a final confrontation with the entire Senate Chamber, he announced his intentions to leave office, and fight to give the galaxy a "fresh start."

    -Debut book: "Episode II: The Blood of Heroes" by Darth Geist
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    Hey, that book sounds good... what's the link for "Blood of Heroes"?
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    Name: Kyle Kielen

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Homeworld: Coruscant

    Height: 6'1"

    Build: Strong, tall, muscular

    Hair Color: Blonde

    Eye Color: Icy blue

    Weapons: Any Imperial firearm

    Defense: none

    Ship of Choice: TIE Fighter

    Personality: To be updated later

    Bio: To be updated later

    You can check him out in my story, STAR WARS: The Hell Within
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    Full Name- Prophet

    Parents- Unknown

    Age(as of The Dark Hope)- 150 years old

    Height- 7'

    Weight- 480 pounds

    Eyes- Drawn Blood Red

    Hair- Black

    Species- Vhinech(subclassification unknown)

    Build- Large and all over with muscle. Has smooth black horns on his head, claws, and sharp teeth.

    Home World(as of TDH)- was Vhanba until the world was destroyed.

    Era of existence- Pre-Episode One

    Character Status(as of TDH)- Vhinech Order Magus(Master) and General of all armed forces.

    Weapons- Lightsaber, the Force, and the massive horns on his head and his highly invulnerable body.

    Personality- Cold, aloof, murderous and a hateful loner. Keeps to himself. Feels that whatever he thinks is right is right. Care for only his wants and his desires and in TDH developes a nasty violent possesive nature.

    Biography- Very few words can describe Magus Prophet, for all one has to do is look at him and know fear. Born on Vhanba, where any being born Force-sensitive is killed due to the world's violent past, Prophet was one of the few Vhinech that managed to escape the horrors of genocide and fight the Vhinphyc Hierarchy. With him the Vhinech now had a being that could match any Vhinphyc in size and strength, and the Force of course was strong with him, but no one on Vhanba could match his unrelenting brutallity, which given also Vhinphyc-like attributes such as a thick hide, incredible healing powers, and immune to the harshes enviroments and poisons every conceived, to say Prophet was unstoppable would not be denied.

    The ante was upped when the rogue Jedi Knight Jurivicious Pern came to Vhanba. Sensing Prophet's pure dark side nature, Pern selected him along with four others to form the Vhinech Order; a quasi-organization of Force-trained Vhinech. Unlike the other Vhinech who had the problems of possessing and living with both a light side brain and a dark side brain, Prophet totally committed himself to his dark mind, practically killing anything light within him and therefore excelling faster than anyone, completing his Jedi-like training in record time. With his tuned abilities, Prophet faced whole Vhinphyc armies by himself, which made him a legend among his people, and also made them all fear him. Prophet was one of the key elements of the sucessful end of the Vhinphyc race, which nearly all 20 million Vhinphyc were wiped out in 8 years.

    Magus Prophet was so involved in that, that the official record of his kills, the names of victims, are tattooed all over the upper half and parts of the lower half of his body. So many names cover him in fact that he himself has lost count.

    As The Dark Hope begins, Magus Prophet, dominated by the dark side and his hate, is disenchanted with the whole Vhinech concepts of peace. That is, until Pern reveals to him that he had a vision regarding someone called the Dark Hope, who apparently is the strongest being in the universe, and...a female. As plans are made to capture such a being, Prophet becomes curious and power hungry and vows to make every effort to possess the Dark Hope.

    Prophet leads the actually attack on the Republic conselor ship that has the powerful entity on board. But to his surprise, Magus Prophet discovers that the creature in question is a 8 year old, very tiny little Human girl named Juna Rapier, who is seemingly unaware of her own power. Still craving her power, Prophet steals away Juna to Vhanba, but quickly is made to leave her side due to an oversight in her sensitivity to the Vhinphyc death ash making contact with her skin. This seperation leads to her eventually escape, in which Prophet finally discovers he has an equal in the warrior department; Vhinphyc Jedi Master Enothchild Sarch.

    Soon after Vhanba's destruction, Magus Propher begins to question his own mind, for Juna fills every waking thought. And it wasn't necessarily due to her hidden dark side power. And when Jurivicious Pern lies to him about going to Coruscant, which actually Pern headed to Alderaan to capture Juna and keep her away from Prop
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    It's good to see people responding to this!
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    You're welcome, Jaxx.


    Full Name- Naressa Jaina Solo Rapier

    Other Names- The Black Rose, Darth Rune.

    Parents- Jacen Han Solo(father, decease)
    Faradi Nimh Solo(a.k.a. Darth Rune, mother, decease)

    Children- Juna Rapier(daughter)

    Age(as of The Dark Hope)- 38 years old.

    Height- 6'

    Weight- 130 pounds.

    Eyes- Dark Brown (But glow yellow upon tapping the Force).

    Hair- Dark Brown

    Species- Human

    Build- Very exotic, shapely female. Nothing over done, but unbelievibly stunning nonetheless.

    Home World- Naboo(Born on Corellia)

    Era of existence- Pre-Episode One

    Character Status-(at the beginning of The Black Rose)Head Mistress of the Royal Nubian Library. (As of TDH)Wife of former senator Bendian Rapier. (As of the end of TDH) Majority owner of Rapier Technologies. And Sith Maiden.

    Weapons- Her mind. The Force.

    Personality- Very cool and calm with sharp, witty points to make. Always the very example of a lady of splendor until crossed. Then she is rude, not afraid to insult anyone and cusses worse than most sailors. She always has a dominate everything demeanor, except when it comes to her daughter Juna, where Naressa truly shows her love and beauty for anyone.

    Biography- During the Dark Hope Saga, more than twenty years before Episode One, Naressa Rapier is the most powerful Force-user in the universe and the most powerful dark side entity ever born, until Naressa's daughter, Juna, is born. She could have possibly been the most devastating creature in the galaxy and maybe lead the Sith Order to absolute victory over the Republic except for the fact that Naressa Rapier does not crave such things, and is not part of the Sith Order.

    Born on Corellia, Naressa Jaina Solo was only a few days old when her life turned dark. Her father, Jacen, discovered a secret not meant to be exposed. His wife and tiny Naressa's mother, Faradi Nimh Solo, was a Sith Master and leader of the Sith Order. Faradi, like Naressa, was born a Sith Maiden, an entity conceived within the embrace of the dark side of the Force. Over the centuries, the organization within the Sith Order known as the Daughters of the Dark Side give up the most essential elements of Sith existence and bare an offspring, and in turn that offspring bare offspring, which theortically given the right circumstances a super powered dark side entity would be born, or quite possibly the Chosen One him or herself. And Naressa was soon destiny to join her mother to continue that dark legacy until the birth of the Dark Hope.

    However, Faradi didn't count on one thing: the phenomenon known as Solo Luck. Naressa's father managed to defeat an ultra powerful Sith Maiden-Master, and escape Corellia with little Naressa in arms to the off the beaten path world of Naboo, where he supported he and Naressa for the rest of his life. All the while he did everything a good father could do to prevent Naressa from listening to the dark side's whispering voice, going so far as making her swear on his death bed that she never bears any children.

    With her father's passing, 20 year old Naressa Solo finds that she has to support herself, and do so in a way that does not draws the Sith's attention. With her high intellegence and in home study degrees, Naressa was selected to be Head Mistress of the Royal Nubian Library, where she ran the institute of learning and knowledge from 10 in the evening till six in the morning in the hopes to avoid unexpected visitors from her 'family', the Sith.

    But unfortunately she was cursed with the cruelist curse of them all: unmatchable beauty. Naressa drew young and old men out of the blue, to the point where the library would be at it's fullest during her shift! She did everything she could to off set her natural eroticism, even resorting to wearing Sith attire for intimidation. All that did was increase her appeal to the point that she was developing a cult following with males and females. The effects of such worship made Naressa Sithian in mindset, thus although still an attractive must have woman,
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