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Drama Outrageous Fortune

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by BobaMatt, May 31, 2011.

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  1. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Goneril

    She woke suddenly, and in the brief moment of confusion between sleeping and true wakefulness, Goneril was unsure as to why?until she noticed the smell. It was not the sort of smell she usually associated with the animals that occupied the barn, but a strange, decaying odor. Where was it coming from?

    A cow lowed in fear, and Goneril quickly located the source of its distress?an unknown figure standing in the hay, its eyes glowing in the darkness like a cat?s. It seemed to be a woman, bent and aged. But where had she come from, and how had she slipped by Sir Hal?he was supposed to be keeping watch.

    Before Goneril could scold her companion for his inattentiveness, the woman spoke: "Hail Henry, King of England and leader of men. Hail Goneril, Daughter of Lear, the King that was and is."

    Astonished, Goneril turned a glare upon her companion?she had suspected that there was more to him than he let on, but the idea that he in fact was the King Henry to whom he had occasionally alluded had not entered her thoughts, and she did not appreciate his lie, no matter his reasons.

    But she would address that later; more astonishing?and troubling?than Hal?s true identity was that this woman knew who they were at all. That she knew both of them, though Henry denied knowing who King Lear was, and Goneril had never heard of any King Henry. And what did she mean, ?the King that was and is??

    ?Who are you?? Goneril inquired of the woman.

    Tag: Sirak, BobaMatt
  2. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005

    He did not appreciate the manner in which this Grecian stripling addressed him, nor did he appreciate the tone with which he commanded the patrol.

    "Mind your words, lad, and perhaps you'll keep thy tongue a while longer." He spoke next to the riders. "I will accompany you to Caesarium. The name is odd, though your standards are near enough like mine own that I will gladly follow."

    SPQC. He was not sure what to make of that. Too often did the populace frustrate him. He found it difficult to accept the idea that he and his emperor were merely tools of Roman will. We are Rome. We will it, and it happens. Not the other way around. A Volscian joke sprang to mind. Sono pazzi questi Romani - these Romans are crazy. Was Caesarium any different?

    "I am called Caius Martius Coriolanus."

    tag: Matt. Morkai
  3. Morkai

    Morkai Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 29, 2005
    Hector Of Troy

    Hector stopped and turned to face the other man, slowly casting his eyes back and forth between the patrol and the man on the beach the cold eyes behind the golden helm boring into them all they may be Agammemnon's own for the manners and the arrogance, i have no need of people like this. In a tight yet restrained tone he replied "and i dont like how you assume you have the ability to cause me harm, i think now we shall part company, i apologize for any insult given and i bid you goodbye". with that the young prince turned on his heel and strode away towards the distant hills on the other side of the beach, he needed to find a ship and get back to Troy.

  4. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 9 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    Scene. The Dark Woods.

    [Enter King Richard, on horseback, surrounded by Brigands.]

    [They fight.]

    King Richard
    [blockquote]Not so dolorous, that blow. Have one and two and a dozen of Richard's![/blockquote]
    [More fighting.]

    King Richard
    [blockquote]'Tis naught but a mere graze! Your swordplay is wont for sport.[/blockquote]
    [They continue to fight.]
    [Exeunt Several Brigands, breaking formation.]
    [Exit King Richard in pursuit.]
    [Exeunt The remaining Brigands, giving chase.]

    TAG: Matt
  5. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 7 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    [blockquote]Orlando returned with a plate of food: smoked pork sausaged and apples, along with the end of a loaf of bread and a few handfulls of walnuts, a few hunks of cheese and a caraffe of sweet well-water. Two glasses balanced awkwardly on the food tray.

    "I hope you're hungry, because -" he stopped short. Hamlet held in his hand a copy of The Great Gatsby. A tear streaked down his cheek, but he read on. Orlando shifted on his feet before quietly setting down the food. "That's a great one," he said. "We have a few other by Fitzgerald. Sometimes my master prefers Salinger."[/blockquote]

    TAG: blubeast
    [blockquote] "Canst thou help us to free our friend, before he meets an untimely end?" The fairy squeaked.

    Reaching down, the Wizard unhooked the fairy's feet from Caliban's belt. He closed his eyes, cradling the tiny body, and let out a rattling breath. "Not here. We must return to my home."

    Remembering himself, he cried out. "Ariel!" and an armored wind spirit appeared beside him. "Have you found the other?"
    She nodded. "Dead."[/blockquote]

    [b]TAG: Ktala, Chanbill[/b]
    [blockquote]The Blackguard spurred their horses in pursuit of the band. The hobbled man was unexpectantly swift, the other brigands slow behind him and the first brigand.

    And then, as so often happens in these cases, the one in the lead tripped. The hobbled king was upon him in no time.

    The child hung back, watching.[/blockquote]

    [b]TAG: ramza[/b]
    [blockquote]Mercutio gave up trying to get a word in edgewise when he noticed the intensity that had overtaken the Mute's eyes. Someone loyal to money, rather than principles. Find the youth before the King. Fair.

    "I know people loyal to money," the courtier said, "I know people loyal to nothing but mischief and adventure, as well."

    The Mute continued, stressing the need for immediate information and to position people close to Regan and Cordelia, to recruit magical creatures. He wanted to know about the situation at the borders.

    "I'll see what I can do, good Mute. As for the borders...Regan's scouts on the border of Glamis are reporting the same rumors they have for some time: that Macbeth is building up an ever larger army and we don't know how or why. Some suspect Sycorax's help. The Blackguard grow more terrifying. Caesarium has turned its sights East towards Glamis. Macbeth is arming but shows no sign of mobilization. He's waiting. Titus may not be so patient.

    "As for the've heard of the swelling waves, the earthquakes, the storms...there is conflict between the King and Queen. The fairies and elves trading at the edge of the wood continue as ever to be obtuse, but there are reports of murders. The Wizard's beast may be to blame."[/blockquote]

    [b]TAG: Saintheart[/b]
    [blockquote]The ghastly woman coughed a laugh.

    [i]"A sister's sister's sister, chosen but unchosen, you, Goneril, are sought. You are lost. One will find you, Queen hereafter."[/i]
    She giggled.

    In the distance, galloping horses.[/blockquote]

    [b]TAG: JediMasterAnne, SirakRomar[/b]

    [blockquote]The standardbearer turned his horse in the direction of the one stomping off up the beach. "You won't get far in this heat and that armor," he said. "We have shelter, we have provisions...come with us, and then go where you want. We promise to tell the Roman to shut up."

    He turned, smiled.

    "Shut up, Roman."[/blockquote]

    [b]TAG: Penguinator76, Morkai[/b]>
  6. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    The not so dark Woods..

    Peaseblossom hovered, with Moth nearby as she spoke to the wizard, asking for his aid. She came closer as the Wizard then reached down, and unhooked poor Cobwebb's feet from Caliban's belt. He closed his eyes, cradling the tiny body, and let out a rattling breath. "Not here. We must return to my home."

    So...he was still alive?! But hurt badly. What an EVIL creature!! Why?!?!?!... Peaseblossom's angry thoughts were interrupted when the Wizard suddenly cried out. "Ariel!" and suddenly, an armored wind spirit appeared beside him. "Have you found the other?" the Wizard asked it.

    The one called Ariel nodded. "Dead."

    Peablossom's wings began to flap so fast, it was like she had turned into a hummer's bird, even as she began to glow once more. Dead? Dear Mustardseed was dead?! She suddenly shot up high, her wings now humming. Death was not unknown to the fae, but it was something far away, and not often. In battle and such, of course...but this was not the case. He had simply been on a errand for his Mistress. A bit of fun and work..and now... he would never dance the winds again..

    Peaseblossom turned to look at the wind spirit. The one called Ariel. "Did the beast kill him too?" she asked quietly. She then looked over towards Moth. He was lucky to be alive, even though she was sure he did not feel that way. Her face softened some. Peaseblossom was already beginning to work her spell. She needed to call Persi to her, and how were they going to tell their Mistress...?! Peaseblossom was too upset to worry about that. She had a suddenly thought. She then looked back towards the Wizard.

    "Could not our Mistress heal him, or do you be closer?"

    As she waited for a response, Peaseblossom whispered to a nearby tree. "Friendly spirits, hear my plea, and call my Persimmion back to me..."

    She waited for the Wizards words, as she hovered nearby.

    TAG: Chanbill, BobaMatt
  7. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Goneril

    The old one did not give Goneril a direct answer, speaking instead in a confusing and infuriating riddle. ?Chosen, but unchosen,? told her nothing. Given her status as the firstborn daughter of a king, with no brother, ?Queen hereafter? intrigued her, sparked her interest, but still meant little at the present time. At least some of the words made sense?though Goneril did not need reminding that she was lost. But sought? Someone was looking for her? She had been in this foreign land for several hours at this point; she would certainly be missed at home by now, her husband certainly worried. But she and King Henry had already arrived at the conclusion that wherever they were, they were not in Britain; it would be days before anyone from home could even begin to look here?wherever here was.


    The sound of galloping hooves alerted her to the distant presence of horses. A search party, perhaps? Already?

    Or something more threatening? Goneril rose to her feet and moved, with considerable caution, to carefully peer around the barn door?she could not yet see any riders in the darkness of night, and she could not tell for certain if they drew closer or further away.

    She turned again to the old woman, eyes narrowed. ?What do you mean by all this? Sought by whom? Do they approach now, or are these arrivals something else??

    Tag: Sirak, BobaMatt
  8. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: sorry this needed so long

    Henry V.

    The reveal of his name had almost been enough to slay the hag, but his chivalry kept him from doing anything rushed. After all it could not be a secret forever right? his sword found his hand and the pointy end was directed at the surprise visitor. He stepped between Goneril and the intruder and listened. So she knew a lot of things. But what she had not yet told them was where they were.

    It would probably not come to this. Horses. in the distance. He wondered how many they were. Turning half he kept an eye on the doors, while he left the talking to his female companion. It was not appropriate for him to talk to such a creature wnay, until he knew what were her desires to come to them like this at night.

    Tag: Anne, BobaMatt

  9. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Mute
    King's Court

    [blockquote]Mercutio looked irked by the wave of orders and requests. The Mute let him finish, and then nodded. [Send me someone loyal to money, and send me someone loyal to mischief.]

    The Mute mused about the borders. Macbeth and Sycorax - a troubling pair. Titus concerned him, also. [You may report to the King about the borders, once we are finished. Those may focus his mind on an external foe.] The Mute looked to the King, and nodded, slowly.

    [If there is conflict in the Wood we should not become involved. Meddling in that area will only cost us...] The Mute sighed, and thought aloud... or not, as it were. [I am sometimes tempted to burn down the forest, so as to save ourselves the trouble of more terror emerging from within it.][/blockquote]

    TAG: Matt
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