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Star Wars Outside Time - an Epitaph Short

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Nov 3, 2021.

  1. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    Welcome to Outside Time.

    Here, you will not age, will not grow, will not end.

    Here, the rules of existence need not apply.

    The Force nurtures these dead spots, and in the past, the Celestials have created their own, enclosing these unnatural places in their immense Tho Yor as prisons, as refuges, as redoubts.

    The most famous place outside the Force is Mortis.

    But this place has been cultivated not by the Ones, no, but by the Master of Many Names, seeking to avert - or subvert - the End of Time itself


    One moment the Master of Masters - the multiversal entity that thought in terms of timelines, that had reaped the Change for Keys to cross and manipulate the very fabric of the Force - stood with his Protectors at the edge of the broken down castle behind him, then having just arrived, him having been waiting for their escape from the failed timeline of Legend.

    Dunkeel and Vydra, who had been carried forward within their statues, within Faya and Yanjon, had just arrived with Arek Graul, the son of yet another fallen Aryan Graul, who had been carried forward within the statue of Sistros.

    Braata was no where to be seen, as ever. Her fate - her fates - were no longer written. Only rewritten. Again and again and again.

    The Chistori - Dunkeel - had just drawn the Black Coat into a big hug, and he had hugged his old apprentice back, tightly. Vydra had stood off to the side, not forgiving the man who had ruined his life, who had detached his spirit from his body for millennia. Arek had asked questions about the shining timeline in the sky - the massive central branch, with new life with a dip and trough through it as the Master subtly rewrote a different future - and the massive limb heading off into the distance that was the Twilight Timeline.

    “The idea is to introduce variables sufficient to contradict but not fully Change the End of Time. A fourth Solo child; Palpatine defeated again at Exegol; the galaxy saved before it falls a century later.” He counted off fingers. “Not precisely easy to manage two differing events but they are sufficient similar that they can, with judicious nudging, interwoven.” He looked at Vydra. “Everything I’ve done will stop the End of Time; create a reality without Darkness. I’m sorry that I couldn’t tell you the truth - the Darknesses were watching from the shadows, and if I’d told any of you… we’d be doomed.”

    He sighed. “I told Zas’tel, and you saw what happened to him. He fell. Now his prime iteration Arb Skynxnex, causing grief and as much working with me as against me.”

    The Master regarded the Twilight Timeline in the distance, a clear splintering of the Force. “Palpatine had a go at a couple Changes, which is why he had to fall at Exegol too. But you give the Sith a sniff of cosmic power, and they’re all over you. Palpatine setup another plan, created another timeline, and we’ve a group of Sith reality-hopping and causing issues.”


    Before the Master could reply more, there was a flicker of energy above Outside Time, above the broken down castle, and the Master drew his hands into a tangle of motion, before a space opened beneath Arek and dropped him into the catacombs within the asteroid -

    “A Dark Lord of the Sith has found us, he’s come from the Twilight Timeline to take control of here and now -“

    He gestured, the doors behind them to the broken down hovel opening. “Vydra, Dunkeel, prepare yourself; the First Darkness itself is working through this man.”


    The small Tho Yor, as similar as Heart, landed before them and revealed two Kaminoans. Darth Cocytus and his new apprentice, Alecto. The latter sneered at the Chistori, the fussy looking librarian that was Vydra, and the Black Coat. “Found you.”

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox, @Mitth_Fisto, @HanSolo29, @Darth Cocytus (singles)

    This is a short game, dealing with the meeting of the several factors from the Epitaph, Aftermath, Dark Reach and Twilight of the Force games. If you would please include a picture of yourself in your replies, so those of us who have never met, may meet anew.
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  2. Darth Cocytus

    Darth Cocytus Jedi Master star 4

    May 8, 2016
    Walking down the ramp of the Time Ship,, Darth Cocytus's eyes glowed as he eyed the Black-Coat Man and his company. He wasn't as surprised to find the 'Master of Masters' here of all places as as he was to find the others. The kaminoan smiled thinly as he made a greeting gesture.

    "So we meet again at last, Black-Coat." Cocytus spoke before gesturing to the other kaminoan, "This is my apprentice, Darth Alecto. Don't want to cause confusion with Darth Styx, of course."

    He stepped forward as he eyed the Master with pure malice.

    "I thank you, 'Master of Masters' for the most wonderful gift beyond my most wildest dreams." Cocytus spoke with wicked appreciation, "The key to all of time and space in my power."

    His eyes glowed with deranged ambition.

    "With which I shall create a new Sith Empire, stretching across both eternity and infinity."

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  3. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005

    IC: Vydra Delomeux
    Location: Nowhere, that's where

    The Master yet again was trying to justify what he had done. And yet again he had not taken into account just how many people he had killed or lives he had destroyed. Not just Vydra's.

    And yet again off he waffled. If Vydra had wanted to listen to such tales he could read about them in a book.

    You should have told us the truth from the start Vydra thought it might have still ruined the Protectors but at least we would have known what we were fully getting into. Zas'tel made his choice and now he gets to relive the consequences. Again and again.

    Before Vydra could respond though Arek dropped away, and there was an unmistakable feel of darkness coming. A Sith Lord the Master said. But why did that mean Arek had to disappear?

    He grabbed the famous Skywalker blade and pulled it off his belt, ready. Dunkeel of course was the leader so he would decide what to do next. But Vydra was ready to defend.

    Two aliens appeared and on e definatly seemed bonkers with the way he was speaking.

    "Well well looks like the Master may have dropped a really big clanger. Now all of time is at risk. Guess we will have to clean up your mess".

    He turned to the Sith "My name is Vydra Delomeux, Protector in exile. And you shall not pass".

    Vydra activated his blue blade and moved into 'Guard of the Hawk' position, his trademark.

    "So do us all a favour and trot off back to wherever you came from".

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  4. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP - Game Winner

    Apr 13, 2001
    Arek Graul
    Outside of Time

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Inclining his chin, the young man listened attentively to the Master’s explanation. For someone who was not familiar with the concept of the multiverse, it would’ve been simple to dismiss it as mere drivel, but Arek did not fall under that category. He had acquired a greater understanding of what was about to occur, and as a result, he found no reason to challenge his words. Despite its growing complexity, it seemed to align with what the man had told him earlier.

    Each new variable and every Change was an attempt to prevent the End of Time. It was obvious that some methods had more success than others, but the goal remained the same. Arek could accept that. The Black-Coat had even provided valuable information to assist him on his own journey to subvert his father’s—and Palpatine’s—plans.

    He would’ve preferred to delve deeper into the nature of the Darknesses, but a palpable shift in the Force interrupted the Master before he could elaborate further.

    A flicker of energy then flashed in the distance, instantly casting Dunkeel, Vydra, and the Master in dark shadow. For a brief moment, their silhouettes merged with the astral realm above them, but it faded almost as quickly as it appeared.

    As it did, Arek caught a glimpse of two spindly figures approaching from an organic ship similar to their own. His eyes grew wide with anticipation and fear—

    But then the ground dropped out from beneath him.

    "Master—I, NO!"

    His voice cracked with the exertion, but it was already too late. In spite of his scrambling to desperately find purchase on the solid wall that passed him by on either side, he still tumbled to the stone floor in the catacombs below.

    A grunt issued from his lips as he tucked and rolled to protect his body from harm. In the same motion, he was already reaching for his belt to retrieve the lightsaber that had once belonged to Jacen Solo. With a familiar snap-hiss, the emerald blade sprang to life. Not only would it provide protection against whatever foe he may find lurking within the subterranean tunnels, but it was a sufficient source of light to guide his path.

    Pursing his lips, Arek slowly rose back to his feet and cautiously crept forward to explore his surroundings. As he moved, he occasionally glanced up toward the surface to regard the commotion with mild curiosity.

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  5. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Dunkeel
    A Stand Outside of Time

    What had been a savory experience of reconnecting with one that had been dear to him that had 'passed away' mere days before to his point of view, had quickly turned to something else. The questionable Arek had fallen away as the shadow appeared, The Master making it plain that that boy was to be protected. Dunkeel's questions about that boy changed at that moment. From whether he should be killed or watched, to should he be watched and trained?

    The Master had plans obviously, and now a threat was appearing. This was not Dunkeel's terrain though, this was nothing he knew or he would not have been surprised by The Master dropping the boy through the ground to safety. The dark creatures that stepped out, spindly and gaunt in forms that felt wanting to Dunkeel's own tastes, were given to taunting the situation. Vydra dropped into his stance of the Hawk and Dunkeel felt a rumble deep in the pit of himself at it. A growl of appreciation as he remembered sparring against that form and playing with how to overcome it.

    "The Master will decide your fate. Now." Dunkeel stated with a tilted head as he swayed his view over both of them. Reaching out to Heart even as he drew Fang, he quietly asked it a question, 'Can you save the other?' A question about the new Thor Yor. After all, Dunkeel had not eaten in apparently many millennia and despite the skinny lank bodies Dunkeel felt these two might just be filling.

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  6. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Master of Many Names; the Prime

    This was mildly terrifying, and yet heartening.

    Alecto ignited a blade and pointed it at Vydra, which of course left Dunkeel to Darth Cocytus

    And Arek to escape.

    The Tho Yor that had brought the Protectors here, Heart, it reached out to the Tho Yor that had brought the two Sith here - it identified as Box, oddly enough, but it had served the Twilight Master…

    Box beseeched Heart to help it, and he knew that all would be well. If Box realigned with the Protectors, they could strand Darth Cocytus here, perhaps even trap him -

    There was a glimmer of light behind the two Protectors, and the Black Coat looked back. “Oh I do not have Time for this.” There were five of them, led by a samurai-esque version of the Master himself.

    A Ronin-version of the Master…


    They were all Patriarch or all the Tobias Vox, or perhaps both, or neither, in the case of Anubis, all standing in the courtyard of the broken down castle behind the fight.

    All hunting the Master, who they knew as Samhain, as Arc, as the Jester, as Wapoe.

    “Had to be done,” the Ronin-esque Master said with a shrug. He eyed the hole in the floor; his voice would drift down to Arek in the catacombs. “Who are you hiding?”

    “I mean at some point I was going to try and kill myself,” the Master said drily. With two Kaminoan Sith in-front of him and Vydra and Dunkeel, and a five man hit-squad behind them - it wasn’t exactly looking good.

    He reached out to Heart and to Box, audibly requesting in the Force that they fire on the castle and drop it upon the Multiversal Hit Squad -

    The Prime Master’s hand blurred, even as the Ronin spun around and lashed out at the Patriarch, flipping over the team and landing behind them, yanking at the ceiling -

    A triple-cross?!

    In the depths of the asteroid catacombs, a hand found Arek’s. “Come on, quickly.” It was a man, his features that of Jacen Solo.

    “You’re going to hunt down your father, and his Sith bride, and I’m going to help you do that.” Jacen looked worried. “He’s Emperor now. He can’t be left to master his Key.”

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  7. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    OOC: Context for how this gang got here.

    Oh and yeah... only one of these characters is from a Star Wars game... so... keep that in mind ;)

    IC: The Patriarch, UnuTobias (Tobias Vox), Anubis, and Malum Dragonson

    The Omniversal Holy Order

    The Patriarch




    Malum Dragonson
    The Patriarch stepped through the shimmering light, his twin golden eyes lighting up in great interest as he took in his surroundings. His head tilted in a murmur of curiosity as the combination attacks came down upon his little band. A castle dropped down upon them as the Ronin master spun round to attack Patriarch as the Prime Master in turn yanked at the ceiling.

    As these simultaneous events transpired the members of the Patriarch's 'Omniversal Holy Order', as they called themselves, would react accordingly. Patriarch did not need to convey a single world or command, his will was their will. In an instant, Malum raised his hand up at the ceiling, his magic flowing throughout him. He was a man that commanded lightning and earth to his every whim, a master of these magics. And so great pillars made from the floor rose up, colliding with that of the falling ceiling. In tandem with this did the jackal-headed being move, red, ethereal magic arising from him, it's feeling and form greatly different to that of the magic of Malum. From it conjured a great red shield, protecting the group from any further falling debris.

    As this happened the Ronin Master had lashed at Patriarch, who would find the moment he came into contact with the man he would pass through him. It was like passing through air, cold, chilled air. No, it was air. It was the Patriarch's magic, parts of his body made immaterial. The Patriarch would look nonplussed by this all, unsurprised that he had been betrayed so quickly. It was in the nature of the Masters to betray, to undermine, to lie. The Patriarch's eyes were fixated on one thing; the Prime Master. His golden eyes shifted for just a moment to look to Ronin Master, his body still colliding with the Patriarch's immaterial body.

    "Betrayal... how quaint,"

    The Patriarch's opposite hand came round, within it a dark sphere had formed. It appeared to have no depth, no light, just an area of nothingness that came for the Ronin Master, and he knew what would happen if it touched him.

    UnuTobias was the only one to have not moved, reflecting briefly on how much anger must be in Azathoth now that he knew the truth, their shared truth. A voice emerging from behind his mask as he stood, taking in the scene that played out.

    "The Patriarch only wishes to talk... Prime Master... it would do you good to do so..."

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  8. Darth Cocytus

    Darth Cocytus Jedi Master star 4

    May 8, 2016
    Darth Cocytus
    So much for a Welcoming Committee.

    Darth Cocytus stared blankly at the warrior, Vydra, his eyes shifting to Dunkeel, facing his new official apprentice. Back on the other, his eyes glowed with desire to cross blades with him. However, this was not the plan and thus he merely smirked thinly and raised a hand as a symbol of... well, 'peace' wouldn't be the right word for a Sith Lord.

    It would certainly be an unspoken order to Alecto to hold herself, albeit defensively, for now.

    "Now, now, as much as I find your offer for a dance most enticing, my Apprentice and I are merely here for a..." His voice trailed as his eyes looked towards behind the Black-Coat and Co to find a group of other unsavory visitors, some of the most otherworldly beings he has ever laid eyes on, "...Visit."

    His eyes glowed in cold rage as he figured out they were here to kill the Master of Masters.

    Now that wasn't part of the plan.

    "It seems that you have the most unwelcome of company." Cocytus noted to the two other warriors. "Which makes it lucky that we are here, don't you say?"

    The kaminoan ignited the crimson curved lightsaber of the Darth Bane with a devious grin.

    "How about the we put aside our would be quarrel and even the odds a bit?"

    His eyes shifted as suddenly castle fell upon the newcoming marauders, even as one of them, a sort of Ronin version of the Black Coat, turned on one of them in a fight. He watched curiously, his blade in a defensive guard, as the Ronin tried and failed to even make a hit on the other invader, clearly of great power, as if they weren't even there. All of them were of great power, in fact, with one of them creating a barrier to protect the others from further debris.

    Curious. Absolutely Curious.

    Cocytus was most intrigued by what was going on as he watched with glowing yellow eyes.

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  9. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Vydra Delomeux
    Location: Let the mayhem begin...

    Vydra heard Dunkeel's growl of appreciation and he had to smile.

    Just like old times old friend….

    And the look he was giving the Sith….chow time was coming.

    And then everything changed again. It looked like the Sith apprentice was going to go for him, before several other people arrived. And all after the Master apparently.

    It looked and sounded like they were after the Master. So Vydra let them handle him. Fate would decide what would happen. If they came for Vydra he would defend.

    Focus on the Sith.

    And it seemed they wanted an alliance with Dunkeel and Vydra to take on the Master. Vydra knew what Dunkeel would think of that.

    "As much as it is enticing tobhave a go at the man who ruined my life i'm afraid I can't let you go anywhere. If you pass through to another timeline who knows what chaos you will unleash".

    "You want to take on the Master? Fine. But you try to escape and I will be blocking your way".

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  10. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Dunkeel
    Facing the Unknown

    Facing the one threat before them, waiting for the responses that would show the path of how this hunt would go, he was interrupted. Others came and began attacking The Master, and the Sith changed their tune to one of cooperation. Using words of assistance when Dunkeel knew full well they were the bloody words that coat a dagger meant for your own backside. He had never dealt with Sith, but one does not declare themselves enemies and then offer to be friends.

    Vydra seemed to be aware of this as well, most likely more so and with better understanding than Dunkeel. Then again he was awake while Dunkeel had slept. The Master would take care of himself and if The Master needed them Dunkeel was sure he would ask. Until then Dunkeel merely dipped his snout. "Declarations cannot be taken back. Too bad." he simply snarled before dashing forward.

    Fang sprang to life from his hand as stabbed low to swing up, hard. A start to the dance of life and death.

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  11. Darth Cocytus

    Darth Cocytus Jedi Master star 4

    May 8, 2016
    Darth Cocytus
    So much for being a 'nice' guy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Darth Cocytus looked back at the two protectors of the Master of Master with a blank look as they stood against him before smiling thinly with narrowed eyes, eager for this inevitable challenge.

    Alas, so be it then.

    "I am a Dark Lord of the Sith." He retorted to Vydra, "It is my right to rule and conquer! And why should the Sith limit itself to a single Galaxy and Timeline when all of reality is now in it's grasp?"

    His eyes flickered to the other and as Dunkeel made the first move, the kaminoan summoned a second lightsaber, igniting it's crimson blade. Taking an inital soresu stance, he would parry the first thrust of Fang with one blade before having both blades meet the upward swing, pushing it away.

    "So typical of you Jedi." Cocytus sneered with grin, as he countered with a series of attacks of his own, a series of feints and probes to test out Dunkeel's defensives, "Always the aggressors and always paying for it in the end, but at least I get to say I was provoked!"

    He would meet with Vydra as well should he wish to join in this most deadly dance.

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  12. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Master of Many Names
    Skirmish at the End of Time

    The words of the Patriarch hung between them, but the Protectors and the Sith could ill keep themselves together. Cocytus and Dunkeel would be powerful matches for each other, and Alecto could not hold herself back, even as Vydra essentially declared himself neutral when it came to the man who had brought them together. Eager to show what she could do, she lunged at the former librarian, a low stab at his knee -

    Their collected efforts devolved into violence, as the Ronin-Master engaged with some of Patriarchs, and the 'prime' one with the big bold black sphere.

    Engaging with them seemed like a failed effort; the Ronin-Master skittered back, readying his blade, but eying Malum, UnuTobias and Anubis.

    The Master gestured to the Patriarch - the main one, with the dark ball of nothingness.

    "Let us allow the vagaries of war pass between Light and Dark and Nothingness..." he said drily. "We can talk in my keep, no?"

    He gestured, and a light shone from a tower of steps. The roof reassembled, as did the glass pane above it, showing the single timeline with its Twilight Branch.

    "I did wonder if my reality hopping self would be noticed," the Master of Many Names said, bemused. "Tea?"

    Keep them busy, his whispered thoughts touched Vydra and Dunkeel and even the Ronin-Master.

    He would have smiled genially and politely, if such an expression was necessary.

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  13. Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Jerjerrod-Lennox Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Vydra Delomeux
    Location: Let the mayhem begin...

    The one thing about being a defender was that you let the fight come to you.

    Of course Dunkeel loved the aggressive type of duel. He had a meal in front of him and he intended to utilise his animal instincts.

    He was a capable warrior and could handle himself. Meanwhile the apprentice it seemed had decided to come for him. The Master spoke to him through his thoughts. Oh Vydra and Dunkeel were going to be busy alright.

    Let the apprentice waste her energy charging at him. Of course he had last dueled Abeloth but that was in his spirit form. This time it was for real.

    And he did something he had not done in years.

    He grinned.

    At her low stab he swung down his blade to meet hers….

    It was time to duel.

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  14. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 26, 2017
    IC: The Patriarch
    The End of Time

    The black sphere hung in Patriarch's hand for a moment as the Ronin Master darted away from him. Good... it seems he realized he had no chance, or perhaps they were testing my capabilities thought the Patriarch to himself. In either case, they seem to be trying to separate me from my aspects, not that such a short distance matters. They clearly do not understand the intricacies of my own abilities. Not that they would. A flick of his wrist as black sphere disappeared from the Patriarch's grasp. He closed his eyes for a moment...

    There were others here, other than his forms and that of the Masters. He looked to the entryway where they were a number of people a little aways from the entrance It seemed he was not the only one that had been tracking the man of many realities, but it mattered little. He was confident that UnuTobias, Malum, and Anubis could handle any possible interruptions.

    Find out who these others are. He spoke as his mind connected to the three of them. Any unnecessary violence that interrupts my conversation will not be looked favorably upon.

    His golden eyes then swiveled to the Master, taking the graceful steps leading to the Keep as he listened to the Master's words.

    "I did wonder if my reality hopping self would be noticed, Tea?"

    "I recall well when in one reality a version of yourself poisoned half the gods of that realm, my own aspect in that time included," He spoke with some amusement. "Though such a trick will not work against me, I will gladly have some"

    Even if the Master wanted to poison him, which the Patriarch doubted. He did not know what the Patriarch was, and even if he did, he doubted he would be able to find a poison that would affect him. If such a thing even existed. The Patriarch then made a motion to sit, at the same time a chair of stone erupted from the floor to meet with the Patriarch.

    "And you thought no one would notice you or figure out that you were... what do you call it... the only one of these 'multiversal' beings?" The Patriarch chuckled, relaxing in his chair, his fingers coming up against the side of his head.

    "No, as I told your 'Ronin' version out there I am similar to you in some regards... and you are one that seems to pop up over and over in many realities my aspects dwell within. At look at you here, hiding away in this pocket of time. What are you doing, what are you planning?"

    TAG: @Sinrebirth

    IC: Anubis
    The End of Time

    Anubis would disengage his red shield, the need for it gone as he swung round to view the Patriarch, a message floating in his mind and that of the other two men.

    Find out who these others are.

    Cautious as ever it seemed. Anubis floated off so he was several meters away from Vydra, Dunkeel, Cocytus, and Alecto.

    He simply would hover like a specter of death, making no indication that he was going to interfere with the evolving fight. Better to simply question the ones left alive... no use in interrupting them, that will likely only aggravate them. The twin sky blue eyes of Anubis would hover glancing from the human with medium length wavy hair, to the tall alien with a thin neck, to the lizard-like man with him. Anubis waved his hand as a round disc made of translucent red substance appeared below him, his legs shifting as he sat cross-legged observing them all. They would see him of course, he did not care if they did, they had more immediate things to contend with anyway.

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox @Darth Cocytus @Mitth_Fisto

    IC: UnuTobias & Malum
    The End of Time

    Malum would glance to his masked companion, his eyes narrowing as the Patriarch gave his little command.

    "So what now, Patriarch has his little chat with the Master and then what? I thought our plan was to kill him no matter the cost,"

    Malum glanced to Anubis who was hovering away to keep an eye on the situation behind them. His eyes shifted back to UnuTobias, his voice echoing from behind his mask, the same disturbing voice of many emerging from within the depths.

    "That is what we told you and Azathoth, yes, but that was not the Patriarch's or rather, our, true plan. That is more of a worst-case scenario."

    UnuTobias shifted his body so he was directed to the Ronin Master, Malum's face hardened, looking to the side of him and viewing the other fight from where they were.

    "These other people who are here. Who are they? Other people looking for the Master?"

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  15. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Dunkeel
    Preparing Dinner

    As the battle began Dunkeel was met with resistance as his chosen meal appeared to have some skill. Their blades hissing as they met and parted, resisting each other only to meet again a moment later. It was dance of measure at this point. Each predator feeling the other out.

    "What's Jedi?" Dunkeel hissed out in annoyance, this was not the first time he had been accused of being one since he woke up and so far he had not had enough time to understand this accused of group. Then again the fish was calling itself Sith, what little he knew was that these were unbalanced darkly and Vydra had bad history with them.

    If that was not enough this fish's boasting was enough to know he had made the correct decision. Feinting high Dunkeel moved in for a testing stab at the fish's thigh, ready to withdraw Fang if need be for his personal defense. There was one of those that had come and upset the sure front that approached and seemed to sit in a passive state as they battled. Dunkeel ignored him for now.

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  16. Darth Cocytus

    Darth Cocytus Jedi Master star 4

    May 8, 2016
    Darth Cocytus

    Not a Jedi, then.

    Cocytus grinned thinly as he kept the defensive Soresu style, blocking and parrying Dunkeel's attacks with the feint ripostes and counters of Makashi. The dark kaminoan would let the opponent be the aggressor for now while he pushes and annoys him. Without Jedi training in the Light, he assumed, Dunkeel ought to be vulnerable to the temptation of the Dark Side and his passions.

    "The Jedi are weak, sanctimonious fools!" Cocytus spoke as they danced, his footwork moving in the evasion of his defensive style. "They, in their hypocrisy, claim to be guardians of Peace and Justice in the Galaxy, but their history is naught but war and atrocity!"

    Cocytus smirked as he swatted away Dunkeel's stab and made a feint stab in return, no doubt to be blocked by him as well, as part of the game.

    "You on other hand, I see you for what you are, lacking such arrogance!" He smirked as the dance went on, stonewalling the Chistori with more precise blocks and quicker evasions in almost ballerina-like movement, "A true warrior! Hunter and predator! Why stay here as guardian to that treacherous two-faced Black Coat when you can join my cause? Know the power of the Dark Side from me! Join the Sith's crusade across reality and be free in your passions to hunt and kill as you see fit! Free to break your chains and become more than what you are now!"

    “Or are you just a loyal lap dog?” He sneered dismissively.

    The dun much technique was both a genuine offer and a taunt. Cocytus would not expect Dunkeel to accept it, of course, believing this particular Chistori to be loyal. Instead he hoped to push the opponent into further aggression, appealing to the brutal and violent nature of Dunkeel's kind.

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  17. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    IC: Anubis

    So the lizard creature did not know what a Jedi and Sith were. While the thin-necked alien spoke of 'Sith'. Anubis knew these terms, although he had not be born in such a universe where they existed. The jackal god's long ears twitched at the thin-necked alien's sneer of 'loyal lap dog' which the seemingly half dog, half man being did not appreciate as a comment even if it was not directed at him. Although he doubted the alien would care either way.

    There was a key detail, however. The thin-necked Sith knew of other realities, so he was not brought here against his will. At least it indicated that.

    'Black coat'. Another term for the Master. It was clear that this thin-necked Sith was opposed to the Master, while this other lizard-like being was with him it seemed. Curious... and the human, or at least Anubis assumed they were human was facing off against the female that seemed connected to the thin-necked Sith.

    His face moved to his fist, leaning against it as he thought in silence. He did hope they would kill each other sooner rather than later. Perhaps he should interfere, despite Patriarch's indication that escalating matters would be frowned upon. It would be a hassle after all if the thin-necked Sith and their companion proved victorious given the Patriarch's plan. Still, there was the risk the other two that seemed on the Master's side would mistake him for an enemy, only causing more chaos.

    And if there was one thing Anubis despised it was chaos.

    So he remained cross-legged, his sharp blue eyes tracking every movement, every subtlety that transpired.

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  18. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Master
    Winding steps

    "And you thought no one would notice you or figure out that you were... what do you call it... the only one of these 'multiversal' beings?"
    The Patriarch chuckled, relaxing in his chair, his fingers coming up against the side of his head. There was no poison, no, though the Master knew that Samhain had taken such a step, and killed off several deities...

    "No, as I told your 'Ronin' version out there I am similar to you in some regards... and you are one that seems to pop up over and over in many realities my aspects dwell within. At look at you here, hiding away in this pocket of time. What are you doing, what are you planning?"

    The Master sipped at his tea, carefully. He eyed precisely where he drank, for treasons.

    "Planning? Well, if you don't know, then perhaps you're not as multiversal as I was hoping. Omniversal, even." He held out his hand.

    There was time for a snap of the fingers, he reckoned.

    "I'm here because in this place, it is possible to exert oneself along the Epitaph currents that I have lain across various realities. This is a Nexus, one would say, created from the shards and pieces of what I am, what I will become, and what I once was." His tone grew sad. "Or... what I was once to become." His tone was solemn.

    "Surely you are aware of the Darkness? Not the little pieces that act within sentient's, or corrupt them, but the First?"

    He snapped his fingers.

    Trump card time.

    A snap of a finger and something fell to the ground among the three Protectors, interrupting the conflict and seeing blades part to avoid him. Someone, in-fact. Or rather some Zabrak. His name was Darth Manticore, having fallen from a great height on Coruscant…

    Now it’s a fight,” the Master said, indicating out the window of his keep.

    Manticore would know him as Wapoe.

    A whisper across the Force from his mind to someone in the rooms of the broken down castle. Braata, stay hidden. Not that the woman would know what was going on, for she had been asleep… the Chiss would be confused, for she was dreaming… and yet here too.

    There was one person left, who knew not of this place, but the Master called him.

    It would not be Balance for the Sith to take this place; it would not be Balance for a multiversal hit squad to kill him; it would not be Balance to allow Snoke to win.

    Choose your shape and poison, old friend. I’m here. I’m here. I’m here.

    He called to the Balance, or, rather, the entity that identified as Balance.

    The shadows of the asteroid led to a door; it would remind Arek of how he had fled from the Legends Timeline; a stony place on Mustafar. ”Use your Key; open the rift. Go. It’s what the Master wants.”

    The voice did not belong to Jacen, but it cut through the conversation he was having with Arek -

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  19. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    IC: The Patriarch
    The Keep

    The Patriarch did not turn his head to face out of the window. Instead, he simply looked to his tea, sipping it as he was quiet in his thoughts.

    “Now it’s a fight,” spoke the Master.

    His eyes still cast straight in front of him the Patriarch responded in some mild interest.

    "Manticore? Yes, that should make things interesting," he tilted his head upwards looking to the ceiling, speaking once more in his calm, matter of fact tone that lacked even a whiff of emotion.

    "Manticore might even be capable of hurting Anubis, though if this is the same Manticore that went against Snoke with Azathoth, Bernael, and Insipid then I am not overly concerned,"

    The Patriarch did not bother to explain how he had come to know the events of that time, his mind dissecting what the Master had spoken a moment before.

    "Planning? Well, if you don't know, then perhaps you're not as multiversal as I was hoping. Omniversal, even. I'm here because in this place, it is possible to exert oneself along the Epitaph currents that I have lain across various realities. This is a Nexus, one would say, created from the shards and pieces of what I am, what I will become, and what I once was. Or... what I was once to become. Surely you are aware of the Darkness? Not the little pieces that act within sentient's, or corrupt them, but the First?"

    A small, smug smile formed on the Patriarch's lips, his head tilting to view the hooded man.

    "When the Darkness that calls itself 'Vicrul' embedded itself in Tobias Vox I suspected there was some larger connection, something beyond that 'Twilight' Time. Especially as it was within a Black Coat before him... but no none of my aspects nor myself have come to know of this 'First Darkness'"

    He paused for a moment, a finger coming up horizontally across his lip in thought.

    "Truth be told I have been too focused on finding you by comparison I am still a rather young multiversal being," admitted the Patriarch in his straightforward manner, his golden eyes glinting with an air of mischief as he felt a sensation reverberate throughout him.

    "Ah, now I know where this 'Ronin Master' is from... one of my aspects does live within that time after all," his tone was distant as he came to view the Master once more.

    "You seem rather focused at whatever this task is at hand. I had come here to make you a proposition, a deal in a sense, but whatever this darkness is that has you feeling ever so sorry for yourself is I am now quite intrigued... although..."

    He tilted his head in thought, taking another sip of the tea.

    "This ruckus outside better not cause too much of an issue. I would hate to destroy this quaint pocket universe,"

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  20. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC The Balance
    Outside of Time, The Keep

    ”Ah, there you are, my old friend…”

    The voice came from thin air, both close to and, at the same time, distant from both the Master and the Patriarch.

    Motes, flakes, whatever one wished to call them spun off from every being on the rock as well as the two in the room. The motes flowed in hidden currents, slowly coming together.

    ”Your version of this is very...gothic, old friend.”

    A cup, a teacup, similar to the Master’s appeared, hanging in the air. The motes spun together even more and the cup descended as a furry hand closed around it. A robe formed, covering a short form, the tip of a snout poking from it.

    ”This, this form...seemed appropriate, for a start. Although most who know it are outside. Now, where was the discussion heading?”

    A beat of power on the air, the figure turned, swelling, silver eyes glinting beneath the cowl. ”I would recommend against destroying this place, or do you think he…” one hand gestured at the Master, ”wouldn’t have safeguards to End all of the Omniverse if you did?”

    His head turned to the Master, ”You did, however, make one miscalculation old friend. In this place, outside of all, I am fully myself, not the shard you have enjoyed your long game of chess with.”

    The figure lifted the cup, taking a sip, as it regarded them both.

    ”But, play nice, both of you, events must play out and in the right way, in the correct order.”

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  21. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Darth Manticore
    ~ Outside Time ~

    Darth Manticore

    One of several critical component of Dejarik, was not only having an understanding of the varying pieces on the board, their capabilities- weaknesses and strengths, but also those not currently on the board. In addition, there was also knowing the effects presented by the environment they found themselves in.

    Darth Manticore, the zabrak Sith Lord had been engaged in a pitched battle on Coruscant a mere moment ago. The Sith were taking the planet again, as was the wont of the Sith Emperor. Imperial defenders had exploited a moment of opportunity and concentrated offensive fire upon Manticore’s position, causing his section of the boulevard to crumble, leaving him to fall to his apparent death.

    The zabrak did not fear death.

    But now his surroundings had suddenly changed.

    No longer did he find himself plummeting down the high rise buildings of the city-planet, his doom almost assured. No, something had happened between a blink of an eye and now he found himself ‘elsewhere’ by the looks of things. All about him there was only space, a craggy and desolate rocky landscape was rushing up to meet him and in the distance, there was a dark castle.

    What’s more, a strange ring of illumination rounded the entire horizon, nearly dominating all that he surveyed. However, the Force itself felt both strange and powerful in ways he could easily describe.

    His first thought was that the Darkstaff had somehow tricked him once again, but that thought perished immediately. Now he knew, whatever this was, Wapoe was somehow involved. The enigmatic force user was not ‘dead’ after all. Then again, that seemed to be a recurring theme.

    Upon landing in a trounced position, Manticore took stock of the scene unfolding before him. It was a battle of some kind. His fiery eyes narrowed as he extended his force senses, his double lightsaber flaring to life almost reflexively.

    Powerful beings in the Force were within the Castle yonder, including Wapoe. Before him, two pairs of combatants were dueled fiercely, as if their lives depended on it. Manticore smirked liberally at this notion. Perhaps Wapoe was attempting to make amends?

    For a moment, Manticore’s fiery eyes tracked a human male he did not recognize - but felt like some of the Jedi he had slain in the past. The man was defending himself against an aggressive kaminoan- a female by the looks of it, one who knew the darkside of the force. An amused chuckle issued from his black lips.That should prove to be an interesting match.

    The zabrak’s fiery gaze moved to the others.

    The second pair seemed somewhat more appealing to spectate, though that was not the role he was meant to play here. A capable looking chistori was facing off against a second kaminoan…one he recognized!

    Darth Cocytus!!?

    Manticore bristled in the force, not concealing himself. This was a sith traitor. The one who was complicit in Emperor Insipid’s death. An though the Sith Emperor lived yet again ( for Manticore was not privy to the events that occurred after his disappearance ), the kaminoan had yet to be brought to justice for his misdeeds, at least in the zabrak’s mind.

    Thus, taking an interest, Manticore was about to step closer to encounter, when a powerful sensation drew his attention. His head turned just so, and his fiery eyes beheld a tall jackal-headed being observing the combat theatre as well. Manticore’s eyes narrowed further as he regarded the creature, not immediately recognizing the race. What he did recognize was the powerful aura in the Force, despite how strange it felt, not unlike the entire landscape.

    Manticore snarled, then offered the slightest nod of acknowledgement, before he began to slowly move to the creatures periphery. This was the only one not currently engaged, however, it would be interesting to know if this creature would simply ignore him as he moved outside his line of sight…

    …or not.

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  22. Jerjerrod-Lennox

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Vydra Delomeux
    Location: It's raining Sith not Men

    It felt like they had been stuck in this position for ages, him and the alien.

    Dunkeel and the Sith named Cocytus were having more of a ding dong duel than he was presently.

    His Force senses were telling him there was a creature watching and thankfully not attacking.

    When somebody decided they wanted to drop in. Literally.

    And it seemed he didn't to take part either, but Vydra sensed his presence, like another dark cloud hovering around.

    He still grinned at the alien in front of him "Well are we going to stand around all day or are we going to FIGHT?"

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  23. Lady Belligerent

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    Jan 29, 2008
    IC: Bellorum
    somewhere in her dreams

    There’s a stage of sleep where your sense of “here” and “now” shifts from the real world to the dream world. It’s called hypnagogia when the alpha waves in your brain are decreasing, but you’re not yet in a deep state of sleep.

    Famous people have used techniques to induce this state to stimulate their creativity.

    Bellorum snuggled deeper into the soft sheets and sighed in her sleep. Her hand stretched out by reflex to caress his shoulder, but he wasn’t there. It was okay. His warmth was still with her, and she remembered his whispers as he caressed her skin. Even in her sleep she knew he had held her close when her body was still quivering from their intimacy.

    She’d dreamed of him for as long as she could remember, and the man standing inside ancient temple ruins had told her stories of him. There was a great man coming for her, he had said, and she only had to recognize him and make her claim. He told her tales of an Empress in all her finery with a handsome Emperor at her side. The stories were fascinating to a young girl, but now she was a woman, and he had come for her. They didn’t recognize it at first, but the Force directed their paths.

    Where are you? Bell heard herself whispering.

    Her hand slid across the sheets again, they weren’t the texture she was used to…something was different.

    He didn’t leave. This one will not walk away, he’s promised his heart and soul to her. Others have left, but they weren’t the one.

    Bell’s leg stretched to wrap around him, but there was empty space. It’s okay, she knew he wasn’t leaving. So long ago she’d felt the searing cold of a broken heart, but that wasn’t him. She was different, and so was he. We learned from the past.

    The soothing warmth kept her wrapped in an embrace that would do until he laid beside her once again. Bell could almost feel his arms slipping around her body before he pulled her in close. She rolled into his arms and slipped her head under his chin without waking.

    Muscle memory kicked in as she tilted her head back for his kisses…but it was a pillow.

    She knew he wouldn’t be far away. He’ll always be there for her.

    She would just sleep longer…waiting for him to return.

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  24. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    IC: Anubis

    The jackal-headed man's eyes narrowed as he viewed the falling Zabrak, seeming to appear from quite literally nowhere. The cold, harsh blue eyes of Anubis met with the fiery, burning orange of Manticore. A look exchanged between the two of them as they appraised one another in that singular moment. Anubis did not know who this person was despite the Patriarch up in the keeping knowing in an instant who he was.

    Anubis knew of lightsabers, he had battled against them during his travels with the Patriarch and his 'Omniversal Holy Order'. So he would deduce in a moment from the crimson, double bladed weapon that the Zabrak had ignited that he too was a Sith, and one it seemed that knew of the thin-necked Sith. Anubis had been tasked to find out who these people were as even the Patriarch did not know them, and Anubis had no knowledge of Manticore and assumed the same was true for Patriarch.

    So when the tattooed alien began to move toward the battling thin-necked Sith Anubis would arise from his disc, hovering over to Manticore. One of his hands and reached into a pouch that was attached at his hip. Taking it out he flung three eye balls that began to float in midair, darting round to view the various combatants and their movements. They had the same sky blue hue as Anubis.


    Finally, someone he could question without engaging in the course of a battle. He glanced back towards UnuTobias, Malum, and Ronin Master wondering if they had made any progress with obtaining information.

    His gaze returned to the tattooed alien.

    "Who are you?"

    It was a simple and direct question, the very first of a cascade of questions to come.

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  25. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Dunkeel
    Battling on the Castle Docks

    The thin necked Sith went on talking and the battle between them seemed to fade. IT was merely a faint now as the Sith exposed upon his world views and what he thought was best. The form this one used was primarily fine points and edging deflections that relied on the space of finger between self and enemies blade to better to conserve energy and stamina. Would such a fighter tire easily if not allowed to hide behind such supple finese of combat?

    Twisting Dunkeel pushed away to the side the stabbing motion of the long-neck. Back and forth and the long neck droned on, speaking as if he always had known who and what Dunkeel was. The being came from a black and white reality, Dunkeel nearly pitied the man. Nearly.

    If not Sith you were Jedi, if neither you were a potential recruit. Back and forth they went as the Sith laid this world view out. The final taunt was the final straw.

    “Or are you just a loyal lap dog?” Cocytus sneered dismissively.

    At this Dunkeel's battle strategy changed. The next stab he blocked he did not let the contact break. The blades slide against each other for a moment as he kept the light touch. Wherever the enemies blade went his own went with it, acting on instinct and feel. His eyes shifted up to the long necks eyes, letting the feel of what was happening dictate his action and reaction to always stay a step ahead and slowly. Ever so slowly, step closer.

    One step, that was all. A pause at one and he could advance to two. With two he could grab the others saber weilding hand. His claws would dig in, lock in and hold them steady if he found purchase. "Idiot." he simply stated with sad eyes before the moment would change and he would begin to twist to bring both sabers through the others neck.

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