JCC P E O P L E Interviews, Issue LV: I Are The Internets!

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    I Are The Interview!


    Okay, bad joke out of the way…

    After I made a tribunal thread about him a little while back, IATI and I were in conversation when I asked him if he’d like to give doing a PEOPLE interview another try. I seem to recall we had tried a long while back, but we didn’t really get anywhere. We both agreed to give it another try and went for it. This time, I think the result was much, much better.

    I think this is one of the more heartfelt interviews I’ve ever done, and by the end of it, I sure was sorry I ever even contemplated a half-jokey, half-serious thread with the purpose of contemplating IATI’s banishment from the JCC. He is a fixture of our forum, and he has earned his place here.

    My dialogue is italicized; IATI’s is not.

    [I]So tell us about where you're from. What's the first thing the average JCCer would remark about if they visited there?[/I]

    I'm from Minnesota, the home of snow and Garrison Keillor. I would expect a bunch of tired quotes from the movie Fargo along with comments about us being the lucky state of Michelle Bachman.

    [I]You know, I always thought Minnesota looked like a magician lifting his cape with one arm. What do you think?[/I]

    Ha that's a good description, I've never thought of it that way. Really it looks like the famous Hitchcock shadow got in a fight and winded up with a broken nose.

    [I]What's been the most Hitchcockian moment or hour or day in your life? In terms of you having to deal with some unbearably uncomfortable experience while wracked with almost unendurable suspense?[/I]

    Wow that might be a couple of weeks ago when I saved a baby bird from certain death in the garden center of Walmart.

    [I]Was Tunick about to sit on it?[/I]

    No but he was about to pick it up and roll it into a doobie.

    [I]If you were a Mortal Kombat character, who would you be?[/I]

    Whoever it was that Christopher Lambert played in the 1995 classic.

    [I]Raiden. Good answer. [/I]

    [I]What, to you, is the perfect day?[/I]

    The perfect day is sleeping in until 10:30, getting up, having coffee while scrolling through TFN, watching some movies I haven't seen before, and then having the most misguided house party known to mankind.

    [I]What thing(s) is it impossible for you to be objective about?[/I]

    Ummm I have no idea.

    [I]Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?[/I]

    A little bit of both. Moreso an introvert as of late. I do like to go out on occasion.

    [I]Do you think you're as vocal in RL as you are on the JC?[/I]

    Hmmm well that's interesting. I'm at my snarkiest on Facebook. I'd say I have more of a dry wit on the internet than in real life.

    [I]Do you think there's a reason for that?[/I]

    I'm shy and awkward in real life, and I'm just afraid of being judged or worse by people.

    [I]Why do you think the barrier created by the presence of the internet weaken that kind of anxiety?[/I]

    It might be because I haven't seen any of you in real life yet. I feel less judged if I say something on here.

    [I]Do you think you would feel more judged saying stuff on here if you met some of us?[/I]

    Ya know, probably not. I'd at least be more into the inside jokes.

    [I]So, you mentioned how your state is the home of Michelle Bachman. It's also apparently the home of that guy who killed Cecil the lion. Who are some of the good, not-crazy people from your state?[/I]

    Jesse Ventura

    Ha just kidding.

    We're the home of Al Franken, the Cohen brothers, Garrison Keillor, and Stephan Sommers.

    [I]What is some of your favorite music?[/I]

    I have so many favorites. Love Bono, The Boss, The Bee Gees, Pink Floyd, Meghan Trainor, Lana Del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, Frank Sinatra, Etc.

    There's this wonderful song I'm in love with that just came out by this up and coming band. Electric Love by Born. Check it out. It'll change your life.

    [I]Electric Love? I'm slightly afraid. :p[/I]

    [I]And what is your absolute, number one, most favorite book?[/I]

    [I]JUST THE ONE![/I]

    That's easy. Catcher in the Rye.


    I...have...too many favorites. :(


    *sigh* ok well the best film of 2015 is Love and Mercy.

    [I]Who is your favorite person on the JC, in terms of you just liking to read that person's posts?[/I]

    Oh man there's quite a few. I love reading Ender's thoughts on things because I agree with them for the most part. However, I love reading Beezel (RIP) posts while intoxicated.

    [I]Just what is it about Ender?[/I]

    Ender is a combination of Peter Capaldi's character from In the Loop along with every single Graham Chapman character on Monty Python's Flying Circus. Although his anger towards things comes off as genuine a lot of the time.

    [I]Did your high school have an "incident?" If so, what was it?[/I]

    My high school was crazy conservative and very religious. Is that incidental enough? I have a lot of repressed memories, I fear.

    [I]Wanna share any of them?[/I]

    No. Not yet. I'm afraid I'll get PTSD again.

    [I]I don't know if you're joking or not. :p did you really have PTSD in the first place?[/I]

    [I]Well, you had to have liked college, better, right?[/I]

    High school was incredibly rough for me freshman and sophomore year. People prank calling me to commit suicide because I was awkward and different. Um, yeah, really ****ed up ****.

    College was loads better. I had a better friend base, and being part of two sports along with so much independent time made it probably the most memorable four years of my life.

    [I]I'm so sorry that happened to you![/I]

    [I]Do you think people are innately bad or born as blank slates?[/I]

    I'll go with blank slates. My spiritual beliefs regard people as redeemable no matter how despicable they may seem in this life. I don't believe in Hell, therefore.

    [I]Good time to get this one out of the way... How about God?[/I]

    Well my beliefs have changed over the years. My family would go to the Catholic church almost every Sunday and holiday until 2008 when we switched to the Episcopalian faith. End of freshman year to most of sophomore year, I was a rabid atheist. Then I became agnostic junior year up until now where I've decided I'm a very spiritual person who is not religious, if that makes any sense. I frankly despise most organized religion and the strict doctrine that goes with it. Everyone in my family is either an atheist or agnostic. I'm the most spiritual of the bunch. I can't stand overly religious people who feel they need to rub their doctrine and belief system in my face, expecting me to convert. That's one of the reasons I joined the JCC in the first place.

    [I]Technically, you never answered my question. :p[/I]

    [I]What prompted a switch from Catholicism to Episcopalianism? That's kind of unusual.[/I]

    Aha sorry. I don't necessarily believe in God but more so a committee or some such that helps guide one into the afterlife. Hope that's a bit clearer.

    We switched because we were getting fed up with the backwards policies of the Catholic church and the sexist practices. Pope Benedict was a bigoted idiot as well.

    [I]What did you study in college?[/I]

    I'm an English major with an unofficial minor in Writing. Basically, my advisor saw that I had taken a lot of Writing classes and said I was eligible for a minor in Writing. However, the head chair of the English department at the time said that since I'm an English major, I can't minor in writing.

    Moral of the story is, my advisor was a ****ing worthless idiot and the English department sucks in general. To this day, I still tell people I minored in Writing while telling their kids to NOT attend St. John's University in St. Cloud. :)

    [I]What is your absolute favorite thing you read for your English major classes?[/I]

    Either The Divine Comedy or Paradise Lost. I'm leaning more towards the latter since my thesis was on that specific work (no I don't remember what I wrote about) and I got an A on it.

    [I]Whaaaaat?! You've got to remember something about it! What was the general gist of your paper?[/I]

    Dude, I know. It's freaking me out too. I have it saved somewhere, so I'll dig it back up one of these days.

    Wait a minute...YES! I wrote about predestination and how it applies to the characters in PL!!!!!

    [I]Were you high when you wrote it?[/I] :p

    No, but it might have ended up a more interesting read if I were high.

    [I]How about short stories? Written some? Published, maybe?[/I]

    I've written a few over the years. I wrote a script that was a sequel to Old Yeller senior year of high school for Creative Writing. It was called Old Feller and surrounded a depressed Travis Joad still recovering from the death of his dog. He befriends a homeless fellow that lives near the railroad tracks and brings him home. Horrible things begin to happen such as Old Feller chopping down a Christmas tree that was blocking a portal to Hell along with him carving up the town mayor for Thanksgiving dinner. It ends with Travis's mom proclaiming "OH MY GOD HE HAS A CHAINSAW". Needless to say, I got an A- on the whole thing.

    I have an incredibly warped sense of humor if you hadn't noticed.

    [I]If you had to write a horror short story taking place inside the brain of a JCC, whose mind would be primo material? Don't say beezel.[/I]

    Well since Beezel is (probably) no longer with us, either beezer or moviefan. I'm leaning more towards moviefan.

    [I]No, no, no, no. Too easy. It's the politics that makes it too easy. [/I]

    [I]Pick someone else, I say![/I]

    Okay, well I have no idea if he's still here but probably Crem. He has multiple personalities (user profiles) and has admitted he's a sociopath. Not to mention he's the funniest read.

    [I]Ooooh, good choice. [/I]

    [I]Now pick another JCCer who goes on a voyage through Crem's mind.[/I]

    Does it matter which JCCer? I'd pick either Lazy Storm Trooper because of his innocence and he's the youngest poster, or Legolas Skywalker because IT WOULD CHANGE HIM

    [I]Now, let's say Crem and Legolas Skywalker (we'll go with him) experience time differently during the latter's ordeal. The former has no idea the latter is going on a voyage through his mind. So this whole thing lasts years for Legolas, but just about 5 minutes for Crem. What is Crem doing, specifically, while Legolas goes on the mystical, magical, life-changing, traumatizing, horrible-terrible voyage?[/I]

    Crem is pitching an idea for a new Robocop film to MGM. In fact, that might be why Crem is absent right now.

    [I]Now what does Legolas experience in all those years he spends in Crem's mind, subconscious and all?[/I]

    I don't know, but for some reason, I keep envisioning a Terry Gilliamesqe circus show. Inception on acid.

    [I]Do you identify with your avatar, in anyway?[/I]

    My current one? Actually, most of my avatars consist of someone yelling. It might describe my feelings of rage or something deep like that.

    [I]What has got you so mad?[/I]

    A lot of things. Racism, homophobia, gun violence, narcissism, PT vs. OT debates, irrational hatred of the Millennial generation, etc.

    [I]Yeah, but what about you- as in your own life, with your family, job, friends, etc...- surely, that's gotta be better, right? Why let the big, strange world out there make you so mad?[/I]

    I guess I'm also mad at myself because I could be doing so much better, and I have so much potential that I haven't discovered yet.

    And also because I got everyone to read the plot summery of A Serbian Film in the Feminism thread.

    [I]You've mentioned you get SAD at some points in the year. What does that feel like?[/I]

    Well January and February are brutal months for me in regards to SAD. Almost every day feels like a slog. I feel winded down and very fatigued. This past January and February were the worst in regards to that.

    [I]So, for those of us that don't live in Minnesota, or anywhere up in that northern Midwest, what are those winter months truly like?[/I]

    Cold, bleak, and drab. It's like Cormac McCarthy's The Road. Absolutely hopeless. The first couple of snowfalls in November and/or December are glorious though. Especially when I was still up at St. John's. The lighting and everything on the campus was perfect and nostalgic.

    Gah look what you made me do. Get all nostalgic like. Dagummit.

    [I]Sorry! [/I]

    [I]What do you say when people tell you to just get over it, or that it's all in your head?[/I]

    For the latter, it depends on the context of how they're saying it. For the former I tell them to **** right off and jump into a volcano. :)

    [I]But what if it's a family member or a very close friend who tells you something like that?[/I]

    I smile, nod, and take them off my Christmas card list.

    [I]Is SAD the only depression you feel?[/I]

    No, I see a therapist once a week in regards to my ongoing depression and anxiety. I was diagnosed summer of 2013 with Social Anxiety Disorder, and just last week, I was diagnosed with mild Autism Spectrum Disorder along with Social Communicative Disorder. I'm basically a high functioning autistic.

    [I]Do you feel like your depression and anxiety subtract from who you really are, or do they add to who you are?[/I]

    Oh I believe they add to my personality. My cynicism especially.

    [I]Do you believe cynicism can be a positive trait? Would not cynicism detract from who you could possibly be?[/I]

    I guess I sometimes confuse weariness and cynicism. It's good to be weary about certain things whether they be politicians (and I might add Jon Stewart's final monologue on watching out for bull******** in the media really touched me) movie franchises, or any other aspect of pop culture. Being overly cynical, I suppose, is not that admirable a trait, and it just adds to the depression and anxiety along with making you look like a pretentious *******. Sometimes, you just have to suck it up and go with the crowd.

    [I]Is there a JCCer you admire?[/I]

    Several as a matter of fact, but I really look up to Stephan (Rogue1.5). His lengthy reviews on things are always fun to read, and they inspire me in my writings as well.

    I really admire Frieda as well. She was one of the first JCCers to converse with me one on one, and she's just a kind hearted and loving person in general. Plus, she made me a battle jacket for goodness sakes!

    Um, I have several more I admire. You want me to go on?

    [I]By all means, yes![/I]

    Well Tracy (AFS1983) is awesome as well. Just a really positive person, and she's very snarky and witty.

    That goes for Maia, Kristie, and Amy as well. Always love reading their posts, and it's especially awesome to see how well Maia is fitting in with the Community since she joined.

    Tom is an all around great guy who tries to keep things real. When Ender is being...well...Ender about things or another user is being difficult, Tom will almost always come by and be all like "hey let's calm down here dudes". And his passion for Nic Cage movies (although it's a bit masochistic as of late with Nic's current slate) is well met.

    Wocky is an honorable dude. Nuff said.

    Uh, I could basically go on all day about the fine crop of JCCers. They're all a great bunch. I'll just save the rest for the 5 year anniversary thread.

    [I]What has been your utmost favorite thing about the JC in your experience here so far?[/I]

    Wow geez there's been a lot. Merlin's breakdown in his hilariously awful fanboy thread was memorable as was Amy (I think it was her?) referring to him as "Thesaurus Diarrhea Man" for his overall pretentiousness whenever he made a post.

    The JCC Awards are always a great time just to see who actually takes them seriously.

    But what really makes the JCC such a great place to be (also because I don't think you were asking for favorite moments) is the sense of community. We're all here for each other, and we don't take things too seriously or get too focused on one aspect of a certain topic.


    That’s all! I hope you enjoyed the interview. Thanks for your participation, IATI!

    I am in the process of restoring old PEOPLEs. Unfortunately, I did not save the old PEOPLE threads, so they're all truncated. If you were a PEOPLE interviewee and you saved your issue, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, these will be restored by going the (very) long way around.

    Past Issues

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    See you later,

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    I enjoyed this for obvious reasons.
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    you are a good guy i are the internets. cor, congrats on your first people interview in two years. considering the relative length of these things you are at least a thousand times worse than george rr martin. i am trying to shame you into doing more interviews because i miss them and this one was good.
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    Well, then if interviews need to happen I want one!
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    I learned a lot about IATI and almost nothing about Coruscant, so this was a near perfect interview.

    Also it's "wary," not "weary," in that context.
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    burrisjedimaster1, uh, who are you?
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    You'd know if you interviewed them.
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    it's settled then.
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    Yes you lazy bastard Cor, do more interviews and less non-interview posting.
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    I am like Tony Stark!!
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    Well. I simply have to interview you now.

    Consider yourself added to my shortlist.

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    Cor, be wary anyone who uses that many exclamation marks (his signature). It's not as bad as Leoluca Randisi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but it's bad.
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    what do we even know about burrisjedimaster1? they have been here for thirteen years and i am embarrassed to admit that i'm not 100 percent sure of their gender. you need to bring us this story coruscant, this person is a mystery. it's urgent okay.
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    His profile says male, but his profile also says "Ska rules!!" so I consider him to be an unreliable narrator.
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    i laughed out loud at your post boba nkhbet.
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    Hey just because I said I wanted to be chosen for an interview doesn't mean you posters have to ask for credentials.....
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    "It could be ironic?" Ender asked, unconvincingly. He didn't know anyone who actually liked ska past the year 1999 and wanted to believe it lay dead.
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    And here I thought "Ska" was some character from the abandoned post-ROTJ EU.

    This is why I need to interview burris.
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    IATI you am good interviewee. I've been in MN in January, I think I have a cure for your SAD.
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    i consider ska to be quite good and fun and now i just feel impugned

    also this was good
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    Very good and insightful interview.
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    Very nice interview. =D=
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    Great post Juliet.
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    No mention of Prince? I am judging j00.
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    One of the best interviews conducted; a fine read.

    I Are The Internets It's been really nice to have you as a part of this community.