Before - Legends Palpatine's Box (Completed March 12, 2003 Repost)

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    Apr 3, 2002
    Decades before Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace

    Every place in the Universe was its own center. From The Beginning Moment the substance of space spread out to fill its own void and become permiated with the breath of energy and life.
    All energy and life were connected, and all at its own center in the majestic depth of reality.

    Jedi Master Vashe felt his own center. Cross legged, head down, hands resting gently on his knees, he floated above the deck of his small cabin feeling the song of all creation through The Force. He reached out to every fiber of his body, out beyond the confines of the Republic Cruiser ModeusII, beyond the fabric of hyperspace.

    The stars sang of titanic energy, the planets sang of desperate power. Height, width, length, time; all ceased in meaning as the Universe sang.
    From the very center.

    Vashe reached to Naboo. Such purity it contained, such peace and beauty and richness of craft. This then was his destination, a place he would see at the behest of the Jedi Council. He sought an object, a long lost object much like those that were found in the Jedi Archives. A holocron. But no Jedi holocron was this. Master Yoda was old and wise and this particular box was not for Jedi, but for Sith. A tool of evil for those who craved the Darkside.

    Master Yoda was somewhat vague about his information. His only explanation was from a gathering of bits and pieces of information, and he suspected its existance from hearsay and rumor. Vashe would find...

    The singing was stopped. Violated from the center and pulled away from Vashe. He hit the deck hard as a blanket of blackness spread over his mind, a point of darkness that stabbed at his senses.



    It was time to go, time to leave paradise. Palpatine had become a bit proud of himself. Naboo and its thirty plus allied worlds had chosen him to represent them in the Republic Senate. He himself had not gained Senatorship as yet, instead he would journey to Coruscant to assist Naboo's current Senator who would groom him for his own position among those who ruled the galaxy.

    But at the moment he had to wait. Arrangements could have been made to just go from Naboo to the capital world but there were always formalities to be maintained. A ship would be sent bearing the red color of the diplomacy of the Republic. It was considered a summoning, a call, a gift of becoming brought on by those who ruled everything. No matter, Palpatine was a very patient man, he could almost wait an eternity. In the meantime he he would walk through the city he called home.

    Palpatine never minded taking in the sights of Theed. After breakfast in a small stand along Palace Plaza he mingled over to the Parnelli Museum of Art. It was never empty, there were always students, teachers, critics, artists and just everyday people who liked to look on the works of some of the finest artists of the sector.

    The building itself had been built by a native of Naboo, creating an arched, domed covered building with a sprinkling of influance from far off Alderran worked into the outer decor.
    The art within consisted of thousands of works. Many artists still liked to work with oils taken from the skins and blood of animals. Some used synthetics, by those who still loved to paint, but who thought it disgusting to use real animals for painting materials.

    Palpatine had a favorite. It was a holographic display that dramatically relived a battle that took place nearly four thousand years prior. In this he became lost among the visual mastery that surrounded him within the confines of the museum.

    A Jedi had fallen to evil and placed on trial on Cruscant. In the middle of this a Sith Lord invaded the chamber and faced off with A Jedi Master who had formerly been his master, a master who wielded a stick. It was wooden stick imbued with The Force. The Sith Lord produced a double bladed lightsaber, a design he had apparently retrieved from an aritfact that held the recording of a master of evil. Evil had won
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    I just found this. It's great :)

    I don't normally like stuff like this but this is an exception
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    Apr 3, 2002
    Thank you Lowla. :)

    In reposting it I just relized I messed up and had part of it in regular text, and part in bold. Funny thing is it looked much better and easier to read in bold, so now, it's all in bold. ;)
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