Senate Pandemics in the Age of Globalization: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion: See OP Warning

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    I don’t quite get how that works, given that I can talk to HR/management at my work in-person; different circumstances, obliviously, but the dichotomy here is bizarre.

    @Ramza Be well, man. Don’t get overwhelmed.
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    Wishing you the best @Ramza. Hopefully you escaped being infected.
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    @Ramza - glad you're vaccinated, hoping for negative news.

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    Sorry to hear @Ramza ; hoping for a negative result.
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    @Ramza - fingers crossed! Are the monoclonal antibody treatments available where you live?
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    Yeah but I’m really, really hoping that’s a non-issue, y’know? :p
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    We don't know yet, but if antibody levels are high enough from booster shots, chances that it will mitigate Omicron go up. Either way, it's *highly* unlikely that the vaccines will be rendered completely ineffective by this new variant.

    Is it a Jewish space laser? I speak some Yiddish so maybe I can disarm it.

    EDIT @Ramza

    PM me if you'd like to talk. Fingers crossed for you.
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    Already got my third shot. No reaction yet.
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    Senate thread, Tina
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    @Jedi_Sith_Smuggler_Droid I think it be more shocking if it wasn't here then if was. We don't know how it will compete with Delta ultimately though as the assumption it will become the dominate strain but there are no guarantees. So far Delta has beaten every variant it's run against and despite our best efforts remains the dominate strain. Will know in a few weeks when they get into the boxing ring and duke it out.

    @The Regular Mustache They are already there. FNC has been saying it all weekend, Dr. Feelgood Jackson texted over the weekend it was made up by Biden and the Democrats to effect elections while Congresswoman Mace gave two different answers based off what audience she was playing to:

    Again this is nothing more then a game to these people.

    @Lordban Chin diapers are going to be a fashion statement until at least mid-2022 now. Just drives me insane.

    @Rylo Ken Seems like the Swiss voters approve of the new measures there:

    And I see that previously infected clearance getting amended and it will just be vaccination only.

    @MagnarTheGreat And Pfizer is getting ready to asked for FDA approval for a booster for 16 & 17 year olds:

    As my doc friend said, everyone is getting a booster. The question is do you want a third dose of a free vaccine that has very mild side effects (and gathering evidence is showing that the booster dose is the most tolerable one so far) or a breakthrough case with Delta (which is a "fill in the blank") or a new variant we have no clue about yet other then some insanely early data and reports on the ground in South Africa. Not much of a choice as quite frankly as again I am kind of kicking myself for getting my booster shot in early October but we were eight months out from our second dose and my doc friends all said we pick a really good time to get it as waiting would just most likely lead to a breakthrough case with symptoms, new variant or not.

    And good to hear you had no reaction to the third dose. Again evidence is still ongoing but it seems like the booster shot is the one that comes with the least amount of issues.

    Both the CEO of Moderna and Pfizer spoke this morning and while they brought up variant tailored vaccines, both made it sound like that was more like Plan Z then Plan B. Bancel (Moderna) said it would much quicker and hopefully just as effective to give out a stronger dose of the booster shot or if needed be, a targeted fourth dose for the highest risk population.

    Bouria (Pfizer) said exactly what @Vaderize03 said in that any possible slip in coverage of their vaccine can be picked by their antiviral:

    Interesting he said too that "remains to be seen" how the variant impacts their two dose regimen as again the big push seems to get everyone boosted once they are 5-6 months out. All of this echo's what Dr. Collins said yesterday that the booster shot is now vital especially with another variant swirling:

    Meanwhile in SA, the doctor who first discovered the new strain says they are continuing to see different symptoms then prior variants especially Delta as *knock on wood* it continues to be very mild:

    It's interesting to watch as the SA along with vaccine providers and some top government scientists are the only ones not panicking over this. Maybe they been dealing with horrible diseases their whole lives so they don't panic at the first sign of something different:

    South African scientists are rightfully starting to get more upset and thankfully started to call out some of the fear mongering:

    Obviously they are being singled out for this as I do not think at all that it's only there and again travel bans do very minimum. More testing is needed really even when things are "calm" and even though were two years into it and obviously the vaccines have been basically miracles and *knock on wood* the antivirals to hit the market over the next several months, our testing by and large still sucks. And this is a major problem even if the antivirals work as well as they are hoping since it's dependent on getting treatment started shortly after first symptoms. I wonder if CRISPR will break being stuck in the mud with testing:
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    Hoping the best for Ramza.

    The South African doctor who discovered this variant said that all of the cases she's seen have been mild with no loss of taste or smell. The bad aspect is that it apparently can cut through the vaccines. We're not sure how fast it can spread in areas where most people are vaccinated.

    Travel bans will not fix this. The only thing that will fix it is distributing the vaccines to every country in the world. As such, capitalism stinks as per usual.
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    I heard an interview with her in which she said that no one had been admitted to the hospital, which on the positive side, if there is one, could mean that this disease is now becoming endemic.
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    Can you elaborate on that part please? I think "cut through the vaccines" may be interpreted in a number of different ways. There are numerous factors that can decrease vaccine effectiveness to some degree, naturally, but I believe, generally speaking, being vaccinated still greatly mitigates the risk of severe disease and/or hospitalisation in most cases. (Which also doesn't mean you couldn't catch it, remain asymptomatic, and spread it to the unvaccinated around you). At least it has been that way until now, even with Delta.
    Some of the experts I've been following (all of whom are reliable in not spreading misinformation AFAIK) seem to believe it's unlikely a new variant could render existing vaccines completely useless, but of course they are urging everyone to be extremely cautious until they have more accurate data on omicron.
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    @anakinfansince1983 Yes but all the patients so far have been younger and healthier who typically have milder symptoms anyway. What I think is the good sign so is that their symptoms have been milder then even most mild COVID cases before. Plus the vaccinated cases so far have basically shown no symptoms which is a bad and a good thing perhaps all at the same time. As my doc friend says how a human being reacts to a virus is an extremely complicated and more mutations does not translate into it necessarily being more dangerous and the like. Eventually it's going to mutate so much it will be basically harmless aka the common cold. But when that will ever happen remains to be seen.

    @Princess_Tina By and large most experts especially among virologists and other infectious disease doctors (and the vaccine makers) feel like there no protection from vaccines seems extremely unlikely especially after the booster shot. The question is how much protection particularly against new variants. The worry is that effectiveness against infection could take a big hit like it did against Delta. Now for someone like me who is almost 44 years old (scary to say that!) but in good health and full vax + booster, a breakthrough case is not a huge least to my well being. But to my parents who are 81 and 79 who are both cancer survivors? Yes a breakthrough case is not something to take lightly. In regular times, a viral infection will generally effect them way worse then me. Before COVID, I had a couple viral infections over the previous years (like 2016-2019 frame) where I felt like absolute crap for a day or two to the point I vomit. But then I was fine and honestly I never even missed work with it. My mom though got one of those bugs and was sick in bed for like a week. I think that is the concern overall that breakthrough cases are going to be more common and going to hit older/more vulnerable populations harder.

    I read somewhere today that 41% of all COVID hospitalizations in the US are 65 and older. Yes quite a bit of them are incredibly still not vaccinated while many have other underline health conditions that make them more vulnerable to getting sick even without COVID. But shows you even within a heavily populated group, breakthrough cases can be real issues. I think that is why getting to the bottom of this, boosting everyone soon as they are eligible and getting antivirals on the market ASAP (they honestly should be manufacturing the Pfizer one in mass qualities right now and have them ready within the next few months) is paramount. Breakthrough cases can be really bad for older/more vulnerable populations even if for the rest of us it's hardly anything due to again the vaccine.
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    I’ll think negative results for you @Ramza[:D]

    And despite what’s going on with omnicron, this made me laugh…hopefully it will do the same for someone else here.

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    Fingers crossed, @Ramza . Touching wood.
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    We're still not sure what that means. We assume it means what you said in the second paragraph. Apparently, it will take 2 or 3 weeks in a laboratory to ascertain that answer.

    It will take 100 days for Pfizer and Moderna to update their vaccines for a new variant.
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    Good luck, @Ramza, hope it's all just a false alarm. [face_peace]
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    Okay anyone else really confused right now? Moderna CEO has spooked the markets by saying that the vaccines will struggle with Omircron:

    Then he later came out and said that a double dose of the vaccine is what's needed perhaps to give good coverage against it:

    Now the EMF Chief said I think maybe an hour or two ago that while the vaccine needs to be tinkered with that the current vaccines will give good coverage even against Omircron:

    Dr. Peter Hotez is thinking perhaps both Omicron and Delta both exist effecting different groups:

    Other scientists are beginning to look at the data readouts and saying that perhaps Omicron isn't as powerful as we think as again more mutations does mean worse virus:

    And all the while they are finding cases in more countries going back longer then they anticipated and while it's insane early, so far it's leading to very mild or no symptoms:

    Should be noted that both the Pfizer and AZ CEO's feel like the booster dose will give enough protection against serve disease while the Pfizer CEO again stated whatever slippage can be gobbled up by their antiviral.

    Truly crazy. I guess in a way perhaps it's a good thing (assuming it doesn't turn out to be the mega virus we are worried about) and that they will listen to the original designers of the vaccines and say we need to start making it like the flu vaccine and aim to where the target is going and not where it was:
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    Best practice, IMO, is to ignore the CEOs as they're speculating, get your booster, and wait for the data on Omicron.
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    Here's the thing:
    We were already having spikes just prior to Omicron.
    Little is known definitively, but it appears more transmittable.
    This pandemic is more and more concentrated among the unvaccinated.
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    But surely they are all qualified experts who have the public's best interests at heart.
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    Sorry to hear that, @Ramza . I hope everything turns out OK for you and your boss.
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    Fingers crossed for you @Ramza. Meanwhile…

    - “Certain People”: COVID is just like the flu!
    - COVID: New variant pretty-much every year, requiring updated vaccinations, just like the flu.
    - “Certain People”: