Saga - PT Saga - Legends Papa Palpatine or Daughter of a Jedi, grandchild of a sith ( Mara, Palpatine, Satine background ob)

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    ( same universe as death is a joke)

    Fanfic idea: Mara Jade granddaughter of the emperor, daughter of Obi-Wan and setine


    "Chancellor Palpatine, I am of the understanding that you and I have a mutual familial attachment the former duchess of mandalore said

    "Oh how so?" Palpatine asked intrigued, yes he knew about his bastard son Kenobi spawned off a drunk in a fair when he was in his late 20s but he did not know have any familiar relations with the duchess

    Gently setting took the backpack off of her back, she playing the bag down gently on the table slowly opening the bag to reveal

    A young child, wrapped in swaddling cloth, hair as red as flame, eyes closed sleeping peacefully but what he saw with his eyes deceived him

    but the power so much youth and potential!

    "Damn" Palpatine thought, he had made his bets on that Siri girl "oh well you win some you lose some' now he owed young Skywalker a few credits and a race. Blasted girl Obi-Wan had a lot of love interests that h Palpatine had made a hobby of betting which girl would doo what.

    what with how Palpatine did not know how to be a father,
    he had killed his own father and his cousins and sisters. He did not know what to do and he only found out about via Kenobi's own research in his familial history.
    All he remembered was being extremely hammered those old years long past him and to find out he had a kid fully indoctrinated in the Jedi Order, Palpatine always wanted an heir to his dynasty, that's what all the Holofilms and plays said was needed. Especially with the whole immortal thing being tenuous at best so it was better to have a fallback

    Unfortunately Maul died cut by his own son
    ironic the two brothers have never have known their relation he should use that in a play he was writing

    And tyrannus was just too old to be his heir

    Kenobi as his own son would be a perfect match

    if he wasn't so indoctrinated

    But young Skywalker, he was so much of a grand prize. He would be the perfect heir to his dynasty.

    Whether it's political or Sith

    Palpatine wanted a legacy one that the Galaxy shall remember.

    The Chancellors musing was stopped by duchess's voice quiet and subtle but still there

    "Don't worry darling Mommy will make sure you're always safe,"she said holding the child in her arms

    This seems to be something of importance.

    Palpatine didn't understand emotion that well, he did understand the logical appeal of love but he didn't understand the emotional. But the logic made sense having a stable heiress was perfect.

    "Chancellor Steve Palpatine I would like to you to meet my daughter Maria JoCosta Kryze Kenobi yuor grandchild'

    Palpatine knew this was too good to be true, what was the catch, if it wasn't the happy couple would have been public about it. And he wouldn't have lost credits about it

    "My this is such a shock? What brought about you to reveal this to me. is Kenobi aware of this?

    "Unfortunately, no I was hoping to tell him but with him being the front and all," Satine Said with unease in her voice.

    She really hoped her Kenobi would come back in one piece, she had heard about what happened to Siri, such a shame.

    Satine would have loved to have a polycule, while Satine wasn't the biggest fan of the mandalorian culture, she did know where her heart and her libido lied, kenobi was hot and Poly was more fun. So she allowed that part of the culture to influence her.

    "The reason I brought her here today, revealed her to you is because I fear for my child safety"

    Satine said quietly tears In her eyes, she was fine normally with a Target forever on her back she had always grown up like that but when it was her own child at risk should her name be leaked to the public oh that would be the worst

    Palpatine was shocked, he didn't have use a single bit of manipulation. This completely happened naturally on its own. And this is where his theater brat shined

    "Oh so you asked me, the kind old generous one grandfather to look after his young grandchild in times of crisis, my I remember many wonderful productions with this premise. But I must ask

    " why did you want me specifically? Could not the Jedi Order to it? Would they not be better equipped?"

    Palpatine wanted to know, genuinely he also wanted to ensure that the Jedi didn't know, his heiress would never be allowed to get into their hands, this play was not to be about the silly Banite sith constantly fighting for dominance


    this would be about the Palpatine clan rising from the ashes of the old small weak family from Naboo, into a truly powerful galactic figure!

    All he had to do was figure out which side of this little war he would support fully and see where the cards fall.

    " Chancellor, we both know the Jedi will only make things worse!"

    Satine said pounding her hand on the table her voice strong confirm but not too loud to wake the child.

    "and with the Jedi actively sending children to die, some barely making the rank of Jedi Initiate! my child could very well be next in a few years if this war becomes a long crusade!
    so no!

    I will not allow her to die in a war that likely will kill my lover, in a war already that killed his lover!

    our family will legacy not die, If at the very least she can make it out without silly ideas of galactic peace and an absurd savior complex then I will count that as a victory!"

    As Satine's voice grew louder. Palpatine subtly put Force noise dampeners around the child's ears, Palpatine loved monologues and this was a beautiful real one. Also he didn't want to hear her crying child even if she was his heir, crying children did not make good theater audiences.

    "While that is fine and all. Quite frankly I don't blame you, as I fear forthous sent to die as well. But Don't you have any clan or anything else where the child could prosper," he asked, trying to get all the bases settled. He wanted to insure that lights were set and the stage was prepared.

    "No! that's absurd!
    I'm trying to rid our planet of that Savage archaic culture

    while I acquiesce that polyamory is a decent idea, especially in romantics but the insane amount of adoption paperwork is just not worth it, we spend billions on it! Billions of data wasted trying to figure out the info of everyone adopted by every single clan for people who are adopting as brother!

    Not to mention the most abusingly liberal ideas on marriage divorce...

    It sounds insanity!"

    Oh,This was interesting,

    while he always cordially knew of the duchess of mandalore
    He did not know the full extent of her thoughts it appears, shame on him.

    From his studying of the galactic mandalorian culture, one he did to find parallel between that and dothamiri subculture the zebrak colony had made on the planet.

    one of the key tenants that was always present in the culture Was "the Blood of the coven is always a thicker than the water of the womb"
    A philosophy he thought was fine with him. heck he even ended up adopting the young Maul

    But to hear the duchess go against that idea, almost heretical idea of blood before brotherhood especially coming out of a being raised from mandalorian roots

    that was far more fascinating, Palpatine wished he had more time to converse with this individual.

    It actually seemed to track with his initial thoughts of her multiple assassination attempts being because of her throwing away even the Resol'nare.

    But for a while he always thought it was just more because virulent hatred the mandalorians had for the Republic. Justifiably so, as their mandalorian Empire was toppled and all of the territory that was held was absorbed into the Republic. this little fact Sheev mostly thought fueled the hatred that a lot of mandalorians had of her. Not helped by her role as the leader of the Council of Neutral Systems
    a body of 1,500 peaceful planets in the war between the CIS and the Republic

    "Child, you seem to be getting heated, calm down,Guard!

    "yes sir?" Blue Chancellor guardsman asked

    Please,would you be so kind as go and fetch me some RosiƩ alderanian wine, my acquaintance and I are going to be discussing some fascinating topics and I need a little bit of liquid courage, to bring out honesty between us."

    "It would be an honor sir,"with that he left

    After a good few minutes waiting, which Palpatine took as a chance to lowered the force noise dampeners on the child without anyone noticing

    the child woke up almost randomly

    The child was strange

    having woke up, a giggly happy fashion. Having taken a long rest she was spitting and drooling all over her mother

    'I Have never seen such dullness in intelligence of any living being in my presence before, Palpatine thought 'is this what a infant's mind is? It was like putty but not even there to change no infrastructure, no basic thought, no basic instinct of survival.'
    Even the young Mall was only seven when he took the child in

    this would make very fascinating experience


    Drinks were poured and the child was thankfully put back to sleep by A little nudge in the force. Satine was happy that didn't have to take long to amount of hours putting her back to bed

    'Were those bags under her eyes' Palpatine couldn't tell

    But not before having having fed her, with the making a mess out of things a change of diapers.

    Palpatine swore was going to use clones on that one.

    "I know we both have this on our minds. so I'm going to State it plainly "why did you come all the way to me"

    "What safety would me, as Chancellor! one of the most known figures in the Republic! Grant this child, when as far as I'm aware anonymity has already given her a blanket safety."

    You must understand i have armies that I need to be seen commanding as Chancellor. As Chancellor I have duties I need to follow.

    What defense would I have to this child, this innocent youth?"

    After spinning a little bit of wine in her glass a quick drink, Satine sat down the glass and said with assurance and grace.

    Palpatine was interested

    "Why, you said it yourself

    you have armies that protect you, and if you are protected so can she be she.

    if she is known as just your granddaughter, and you as her rightful guardian, that you so found in such dire circumstances.

    she would at the have an entire Armadas of clone troopers protecting her. Far more than I ever could give her. Even if you were to retire after this war she would still have a luxurious home sweet as a former Chancellor would provide
    should my and my lovers lives parish."

    Palpatine could not fault her for this logic. And he was grateful. It seems fate had decided to give a him a gift one that he will no doubt use as his new heir to his dynasty. Gifts like these however came out of price. That price right now was time

    "Fine you convinced me duchess Satine.
    i shall have the paperwork ready in a day or so,
    So we can make this transfer of guardianship full and binding, no worries we'll allow for the same standard loopholes. As well as options to ensure that you may change it how you see fit

    I shall also insure so that the legal framework allows for a full return of custody, should you survive this war alive."

    "Thank you Chancellor, you have no idea how much it means to me!"tears was in her eyes she hugged him
    It was weird but it was better to be pragmatic and come

    You're welcome child, I will take great care of her be rest assured her safety will be paramount

    WithThat he got the tearing duchess off of him.

    Palpatine said all of this honestly.

    This was perfect he had gotten an heiress for his teachings, his writings so much more!

    so much was achieved today without any effort. All he had to do was ensure that the snot nose was brat didn't kill itself during its infancy and earlier years and he would have a perfect fulfilling one of his many plans of a dynasty.

    Although maybe he should make it so that her name didn't sound as long at least privately. he didn't care for long syllables, short and sweet was always the way to go. Sheev, maul

    Mary Jane no, that sounded like a boot brand

    Maria Joan nah

    Mara that sounded good
    she did have Jade color eyes

    Mara Jade

    that seemed like a name fit for his granddaughter.

    Later on

    Chancellor Palpatine, you wanted me to see you?

    "Oh Anakin I just wanted to make sure before you went out to the front to show you something wonderful that happened to me today...."


    Months later
    Palpatine looked at General grievous in the eye, behind him Shaak ti and other Jedi

    he had to put on a show

    In shaak ti's arms was a child. She had grown a little
    She was giggling having no idea what's happening....

    And it'll be a fun few hours with loud chaotic sounds and really pretty lights her eyes her brain hasn't really truly processed what explosion was, much less reentry into atmosphere.

    In my
    universe mara Will be the third in line for the imperial throne

    But I have more in-store for this
    ( Note. polyamory is loving multiple partners. this is not about just sex but romantically too.)
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    Interesting idea. Palpatine had a son and it's a certain Obi-Wan. And now there is a granddaughter via Satine. Well, it's a small universe after all... ;)