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Star Wars OPEN Paradoxical Echoes: An Original Trilogy Game (Always Accepting New Players)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Bravo, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    OOG: Grey & Mitth, I'm moving us along for sake of skipping over shortened replies (I didn't realize I was boxing you two in, when I could of expanded the post and had you retcon questions back accordingly). So I'll put us into a position of more freedom. :) In light of that freedom---Grey & Mitth---I'm giving you wide ranging possibilities on this mission. Think outside the box and enjoy yourselves. And, ah, be ready for a few surprises coming your way in the most unfortunate of timing from your most innocent GM. :p:-B


    IC: Jim Palso (& company)

    Tempest, hyperspace,Outer Rim Territories

    Jim Palso had crawled down the airlock attachment to the modified G-400. By the time the airlock had detached and retracted back into the Tempest, the canopy pressure had stabilized and life support was working within the starfighter, as Palso was attaching his chin strap to his helmet and doing last minute checks on the starfighter itself. Now, the G-400 was held in place by the external physical docking mounts only and could be detached at a moment's notice by the cockpit of the Tempest.

    Although Jim hoped it wouldn't be in the blue tunnel of hyperspace as it swirled around him. Lacking a hyperdrive with the G-400, any accidental deployment into hyperspace would mean a slow death for any starship pilot without a hyperdrive to exit and enter hyperlanes properly. The chances of running into another ship and being rescued were so randomly slim that all pilots knew the danger and most, at least privately, would rather go out on their terms then die from a lack of food or running out of oxygen.

    "Quagmire to Hero," Palso said over the private comm channel, looking across the blue hyperspace separating the two craft under the belly of the larger transport, "You ready?"

    Jason Lasso gave a gloved raised thumb, "All green, Quagmire."

    "Copy," Jim said, turning back to his cockpit controls, "Follow my lead. We'll need to look professional down there. These rich folk have private security chiefs that are usually loaded with prior military backgrounds. They'll be able to spot a fake a mile away."

    "Technically, most species can't see a mile away," Lasso replied.

    Palso looked across the hyperspace abyss to the other cockpit, "Keep it up wise guy and I'll blow you out of the sky myself."

    "Touchy," Jason said, adding, "What would Taller say about that?"

    Palso shrugged as he turned back to his duties, "One less mouth to feed and check to sign."


    IC: Commandant Y'mong Zake
    Axis, Gladiator Auctorati-class Star Destroyer, Project Zero, dead star system

    Zake stood at the bridge windows of the newest warship of the Imperial Fleet: the Gladiator Auctorati-class Star Destroyer. While still considered experimental, there was now a small battle group's worth of them ready for the Empire's immediate use. It provided the Empire and in specific the Star Destroyer line with a useful escort and deep space patrol craft for larger ISD's.

    But for Zake, it provided his home base of operations, personally offered to him by Emperor Palpatine himself. Here, in deep space and in a dead star system, he waited. Before him, the halfway completed capital world of the former Red Rock Kingdom lay before him. While its distance did not fill up the star destroyer's viewports, its fiery innards were plenty to light up the darkness of space. Before the brilliant glow of life was a defensive force in the foreground, their space stations, starships, and patrol ships barely visible.

    Every so often the bridge would burst into a fiery of action as sensors would go off. Either it was another rogue asteroid from the thick asteroid fields or planetary debris floating in the dead system rocketing towards the planet or it was a piece of Red Rock exiting what scientists called Red Space now, but had no other information on the other hyperspace-like travel. The exiting Red Rock would shoot itself like a magnet towards the planet that was Project Zero. In other cases, oftentimes more rare, were the warning sounds that told the various Imperial assets to a mindless Beasts attack, as the strange aliens would mindless attack any that would dare touch the Red Rock.

    None of those alerts came as he heard two voices whispering angrily back and forth some yards behind him on the bridge. Finally, the commandant heard the ship's commanding officer's frustrated sign and then the straitening of the uniform as the man's military officer boots carried him across the bridge and before Y'mong.

    "Commandant," the starship captain said with a slight bow of his head, "We have received a urgent message."

    "I see," the Umbaran replied, adding a long moment later, "And you do not feel it is important?"

    "Its another one of your contacts," the naval captain said, "With another lead."

    "Ah," the alien replied, pleased to see the frustration on the man's face, "But you feel it is another wild goose chase?"

    "Commandant, sir," the captain started, "We've been all over the galaxy in the last six months, following even the most remote leads to more Red Rock. Only a fraction of those leads have become remotely useful with only three confirmed mission successes. The men, sir, need a break. The ship needs a break. Engineering is reporting the engines' efficiency are down to seventy-three percent. Fuel is at forty-one percent. Most of the crew hasn't slept for more then a couple of hours each day, as we've been chasing after multiple leads a week, oftentimes in the dead of night in full combat alert at your orders. Our combat readiness is below seventy-four percent. The Royal Red Squadron will be operational in three days. The men, sir, could use that break."

    "Captain," the commandant said with spaced anger, "I never want to hear an excuse from your dirty mouth again. Your primitive mind cannot understand what is at stake until that squadron is ready. We, until the 217th Naval Battle Group departs, are the tip of the spear for the Emperor's wishes in the regard of the Red Rock. We will continue until the 217th is ready. And, as such, we will not fail."

    "Understood Commandant," the captain replied, "I'll ready the ship and crew for immediate departure on full alert."

    "What's our destination, captain?"

    "Maryo, sir," the officer replied.

    "Hmmm," the alien replied, "An interesting place to go. But logical. Only the rich live and relax there. But where there is credits, captain, there are secrets. And possibly the greatest secret of all: the Fragments of the Lost Kingdom. Alert the Corporate Sector Authority to our presence, but request it is kept off the grid and on a need-to-know basis. Promise them Coruscant if you have to, but get us in there quietly and quickly. And ready the Stormtrooper platoon."

    "As ordered, Commandant," the captain said and was but a few steps away from the alien when the commandant called the officer's attention.

    "And captain, you won't question our objective again, correct?"

    "A course not, Commandant," the officer replied.

    "The next time you do, I'll have you shot for treason."

    The captain forced a lump down his throat, "Understood, sir."


    IC: Jim Palso (& company)
    Tempest, hyperspace,Outer Rim Territories

    "Detaching!" came the co-pilot's voice over the comm channel as the Tempest dropped out of hyperspace. Before them, the planet of Maryo. A handful of starships came and went from the planet and a handful of CSA military craft could be seen of various sizes patrolling and randomly inspecting inbound ships.

    After the bump into outer space, Palso clicked his comm, "Hero, escort formation. You got starboard. I got port. Nothing fancy."

    For the time being, Palso and Lasso had a open comm to whatever comm tarffic the Tempest received, but they couldn't respond. As the trio of starships rocketed towards the pleasure planet, the comms lit up.

    "Unidentified starship, this is Maryo Tower. Transmit identification."

    The cruiser pilot's voice came over the comm channel in reply, "This is the Black Queen. Transmitting identification."

    A long moment passed before the space traffic tower came back, "You are clear, Black Queen, for docking bay ninety-one. Please give your master, Lord Visor, our best regards. The Corporate Sector welcomes back a gentlemen of such high reputation."

    "Docking bay ninety-one, copy. And I'll let my master know the corporate sector welcomes him."

    "Maryo Tower clear."

    Palso rolled his eyes. If you played the game right, you could trick just about anyone. As space gave way to clouds and clouds to the night sky of Maryo, Taller's voice lit up the comm channel as the Tempest angled in for a landing up ahead. The landing pad overlooked a vast waterfall that was the barrier of one of the many gambling towns on the planet. Luxury underground high speed trains connected the various high end gambling towns across the planet, as to enable the well connected and rich the most comfortable and fastest way to burn their credits and personalized butler droids would ensure the intoxicated made their way back to the right landing pads.

    "Palso and Lasso, stay by the starfighters. You'll be Lord Visor's personal sentries that guard his ship."

    "Copy," Palso said and both him and Lasso hovered their G-400s a short distant away as the cruiser landed. Both starfighters remained in the air as the trio of organics left the ship and the 4 ECT B1 Battle Droids took up sentry positions (one guarding the ramp, one to port, one to starboard, and one on patrol around the cruiser and now landed starfighters).

    "So, we went from pilots to guards," Lasso said, walking up to Palso as the Corellian jumped down from his starfighter.

    "Most of the rich's pilots double as elite bodyguards. Its a sign of status."

    "Its a sign of boredom," Lasso replied, leaning up against Jim's fighter.

    "No argument there," Jim replied, yanking out a cigar from a pocket in his flight suit, "Cigar?"

    Lasso shook his head, "I don't smoke," he looked at Palso as the man lit the cigar up, "You know, those things are going to kill you?"

    Jim shrugged as he leaned back on the fuelsage of his starfighter and took a long drag from the cigar and exhaled, "Gotta die of something."


    IC: Rick Taller (& company)

    After passing through security screening at the docking bay, Taller, Mitth, and Winterkill were walking up a long oval elegant flight of marble steps and towards the three grand double door entrances to the interconnected vast city of casinos, restaurants, holo theaters, live drama theaters, pubs & cantinas, auction halls, spas, libraries, and other entertainment venues to suit the ultra rich & wealthy. Well dressed Corporate Sector Authority guards stood sentry on a side of each door, while door men and women opened the doors and greeted the rich, taking immediate care of every care and want.

    Taller knew his role well: be rich and don't apologize for it. He had his outer coat taken to the coat room and he was given one thousand casino coins to spend on the house. He had his own favorite drink and drink for Mitth & Winterkill as his guards ordered. For good measure, he added a plate of the most exotic local food available. A butler droid would track where the trio went and deliver the food promptly.

    The inside was a busy scene of credits, influence, and politics. Immediately Taller felt at home, as he could easily spot the weapons dealers, information traders, and spies without much effort. He was use to it. Once the trio found a semi-circular holo game table to sit at, Taller sat roughly in the middle of the soft leather seats, while his two "guards" sat on either end. Drinks arrived first.

    Despite them being in the middle of the who's who and sooner-than-later someone would notice "Lord Visor" and come strike up a conversation, Taller knew he had a few minutes before that happened. The place was packed tonight. Taller played Lord Visor to the T on Maryo, always finding a table in the same place, the same highest-end casino, the same landing pad and landing pad number. Lord Visor would always find a table and wait for those to come to him. Visor was full of himself and seeking to climb the social ladder of success.

    Maryo wasn't Visor's first stop, but it wouldn't be his last. The well connected Visor seemingly knew someone at every sleazy rich establishment across the galaxy and Taller liked it that way. He always knew someone to take the heat off of him in case someone got too interested in the finer details of Visor's life for the Mining Guild.

    "Remember, the man's name, Courage Stack. Strong, wide shouldered, tall, and handsome looking late fifties human male. Light skin, graying red hair and beard, blue eyes. He likes refined clothing and he loves capes. He shouldn't be too hard to spot. One of the richest people on the planet, he likes risks. High roller and confident. Take shifts," Taller said to each of them, "One stays here, the other branch off. We don't want to look like we're looking for someone. I'll contact whoever branches off when we leave to move on. We'll rotate one on patrol, one on guard duty with me. Maybe ask the locals for help indirectly, use my name of Lord Visor asking to make an audience with the man. Either we follow him home or we invite him with us and take him down with a sleeper agent," Taller looked at both Mitth & Winterkill, "You're call on the situation. But we do it quietly."

    "Okay," Taller said after a moment, "Before we get too noticed, who's up first on patrol? Keep in comm contact. If you spot him, don't loose him."

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  2. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Outspoken and Enraged Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Elena Shan
    Downtown, Javin

    "Sir." Elena replied curtly. She saluted him and turned sharply on her heel, before marching up to both a TIE Pilot and one of her own men from Joker Platoon and forcibly getting in the middle of them before they could throw another punch. Elena had them each by the shirt collars and realised just for a second, if the anger building up inside of her was any sign, that she must look angry. "YOU ARE STANDING AT ATTENTION!" Elena shouted out over the fight. She pushed the men behind her and grabbed two more and separated them as well, feeling a jab on her shoulder and then the side of her jaw that made her stagger.

    Elena winched, and got into the soldiers face. "You are aware that assaulting an officer is a major offence in the stormtrooper corps are you not soldier?" Elena pushed them next to each other and shouted again, "If you are not standing at attention within the next ten seconds everyone here will be demoted in rank." She added quickly, "And if you think our new CO is harsh with punishments, you've never had to deal with me."

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  3. Laine_Snowtrekker

    Laine_Snowtrekker Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jul 8, 2003
    IC: Gwen Levric

    "Hello 'Pretty Lady'!" He greeted brightly, his antennae pointing towards her now that she had all his attention. "A beautiful flower for your hair? Just 5 decicreds?"

    Levric had a brief moment of hesitation, that initial hitch of suspicion that all good Imperials and intelligence officers were trained to have, before she caught it. Kid's just selling flowers, Levric, she told herself. You don't have to be suspicious about everything.

    Gwen grinned. "Why not?" she answered in a friendly manner. Besides, even if it were flattery to be called pretty (and it was), it was still nice to be called so. She dug out 5 decicreds and paid the kid, then selected a bright orange flower. "Thank you," she said as she tucked it behind her ear.

    The boy smiled broadly, pocketed the coins. "You're welcome!" he chirruped and went on to find his next customer.

    Her comm buzzed; that routine maintenance period must have ended. Gwen fished out the device and read the message, from Voss, of all people: "Care for a new dining experience? The Drooping Stalk looks like good food, possibly a good place for a quiet conversation."

    Hmm. Again that well-experienced suspicion cropped up in Levric's mind. Voss's food was good, he did good work on the ship, but there had never been any friendly overtures to her from anyone except Debgate. That was the nature of the job. So...maybe the key was that last bit, the part about the conversation. Maybe Voss had suspicions of his own about something. Maybe he knew something of Adults. Maybe he just wanted to pass on information about a fellow crewmember--if that were the case, she'd have to refer him to the new security chief, as she wasn't ISB.

    And maybe, like the flowers, it was just a friendly gesture, allowing her entrance into the circle of those who'd been on the ship longer than she had. Either way, reason to be cautious in the reply.

    Still no sign of her food here at this restaurant, so she quietly got up and headed back out into the street, locating The Drooping Stalk. She thumbed in her response to Voss: Always up for a new culinary experience, and if you're recommending, it's worth trying! I'm right down the street from there; I'll grab us a table. How many should I reserve it for?

    Levric hit 'Send', then walked into The Drooping Stalk. Curtained booths. Ah, Voss didn't want to be overheard, it seemed. Well, once he replied, she'd snag a booth for whoever.

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  4. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Sergeant First Class Adrias Stark
    Downtown Javin

    Adrias was following the two officers silently as a good little soldier. That was the norm in the Imperial Army. He remembered one of his drill sergeants back in the Academy. He used to yell at them “WHEN YOU ARE SPEAKING WITH ME YOU WILL REMAIN SILENT!”, which meant that he could not say anything, only his superiors were “allowed” to talk.

    They approached a trio of Navy Troopers. They were discussing a brawl between pilots and Stormies. Adrias tried not to roll his eyes, but remembered he did not wear a helmet. These conflict were such a cliche. But it was natural, he guessed, given how different the two branches of the military were. Both thinking they are bigger heroes than the other and that their job was more dangerous and important.

    Adrias stifled a smile remembering the brawls on Carida and the evenings spent in the brig, trying to find a comfortable pose to lie on given the bruises on his body. Good times… He kind of sympathised with the Navy Troopers as they were shocked to see officers and to hear being chastised for not doing their job. These incidents were annoying for the Military Police as well, so the Sergeant couldn’t blame them for not trying to break the fight up.

    He tried not to groan when the Captain and the Lt. decided that they had to intervene. It was even worse than MPs breaking up a fight. Officers doing that usually spelt even more trouble than such brawls usually brought. Then the Captain said something that sent chills down his spine. Did he just suggest that they will be assigned to an unruly squad? This assignment had been a rollercoaster ever since his arrival on the planet.

    As they reached the brawlers the Lt. decided to stop them only to get hit. It was time to intervene so he nodded to TK-1245, not waiting for orders from the Captain. Adrias hoped that this was the idea. The Sergeant and the Trooper restrained a couple of the fighters “I suggest that you listen to the Lieutenant!” he tried to keep calm, but firm. Hopefully that would work…

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  5. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    Dano Weesk (nrc), Baille Harte, Downtown mall, and Javin O.C. landing pad, respectively.

    The Rodian lad was genuinely pleased to see the human femme smiling, and putting the orange flower in her hair.

    After telling her that that was a good choice, and that it suited her, he took a last glance around the restaurant and sauntered out into the crowds milling along the pedways between the shops and bars, looking for another sell.

    O.C. Landing Pad

    Baille Harte did not know what a genuine Dagger-class starfighter looked like, so had no feelings either way when a flatbed on fat balloon wheels drew up beside her shuttle, and the 'Bush Babes' proprietor explained that the pastel pink and blue craft was an UGLY, trihedral fins around a spherical TPV survival cell, in case she has to ditch in the ocean.

    After filling out the rental agreement and insurance, she was soon in the air, nosing up into the sky, tapping Jingle's coordinates into her navicomp.

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  6. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Stormtrooper Captain Kurt Stein
    Tavern, Downtown, Javin

    Kurt repressed the smile that tugged at the corner of his mouth as he stood outside the tavern's front door, his legs shoulder width apart and his hands clasped behind his back. Lieutenant Shan's actions and booming voice had not only stopped the members of Joker Platoon, but also the whole melee came to a slow, disjointed, and clunky end. The black uniforms & helmets of about a dozen Imperial Naval Troopers---their numbers so small as to represent black dots in the greater crowd---came to a halt as well in trying to break up the frenzy and all the troopers released their charges and turned to the infantry officer as well.

    The stormtrooper captain took a step into the tavern, his uniform boots crushing pieces of glass underfoot as he entered the tavern into a more identifiable light. If not his rank, position within the Stormtrooper Corps, or size did anything to detour further misbehavior, his self confident character & demeanor had the effect.

    "I believe Lieutenant Shan got your attention," Kurt came to a stop beside Shan and her charges, and placed a hand on Sergeant First Class Adrias Stark's shoulder to ease the NCO's own restraints on the other troopers, "And I will not have to repeat what you all heard or, at the very least, can assume she said as an officer of the Stormtrooper Corps," behind Kurt collected a whole platoon's worth of Imperial Naval Troopers, some even having riot gear (but not all), while their landspeeders with flashing emergency lights sat outside (some of the Navy Troopers still disembarking the vehicles), "You will clean up this establishment, pay for the damages, and conduct yourselves worthy of the Galactic Empire. Once that is done, you will all depart to your assigned units and report to your commanders. No more will be said of this. But, if it happens again, I will personally oversee public flogging for further questionable behavior. The Imperial Naval Trooper officer in charge behind me will carry out my orders to the letter."

    Kurt turned his attention to his own charges and that of the now infamous 2nd Squad of Joker Platoon, "Lieutenant and Sergeant, escort these stormtroopers with me."


    They weren't more then 30 yards from the tavern when a lone Stormtrooper NCO stood in their way, causing Kurt and the others to halt their journey. His face was shrouded in darkness from shadow, but a lone small fiery point of light could be seen from the person's mouth area and a tail of faint smoke could be seen trailing up from it. The man had his left hand in his pocket as he brought up his right hand to withdraw the cigarette from his mouth and exhaled the tobacco smoke as he stepped into the light and his face could be seen.

    "I believe you have my men," the man said to Kurt.

    "I believe introductions are in order...?" Kurt replied.

    "Master Sergeant Craig Stewart, DW-418121." Animal replied frankly.

    "I see," Kurt said, adding, "It appears the NCOs within Joker Platoon have a problem with officers. If you and DW-418131 are an appropriate sample of such behavior."

    "The Old Man has his ways," Animal replied, referring to the operating number the infantry captain had identified the Sergeant Major as.

    "If you mean his way out of the Stormtrooper Corps, then yes Master Sergeant, I would agree with you. An early retirement would be an appropriate send off for a man of his dedicated service to the Emperor."

    Animal smiled as he took a drag off of his cigarette, "You have a lot to learn about Joker Platoon. Especially from someone who hails from the 501st," Animal could see the officer's reaction and he smirked, "Oh, I knew everything about you before you landed. Isn't Joker Platoon beneath someone of your resume?"

    Kurt smiled like a predator at the clear challenge, "Is it, Master Sergeant? I believe you are not only addressing an Imperial officer, but also your new commanding officer. I would hate for our initial introduction to be a foreshadowing of disciplinary action against you."

    "What's your play, Captain?" Animal asked.

    "Come again, Master Sergeant?" Kurt asked.

    "Your play?" Animal repeated, clarifying, "You excuse my squad from punishment and march them away before any higher ranked Navy Trooper officer overrides your orders as part of military law enforcement and starts throwing troopers, sailors, and pilots into the brig. So, what's your play with my squad?"

    Kurt smiled, "Insightful, Master Sergeant. But a conversation I cannot have here and now. A more appropriate establishment would be in order."

    Animal shrugged and pointed back behind him, "Karl's Local," the NCO replied, "Best local food on the planet. And a good place to find a more refined place of dinning for us Imperials. The old timers put up shop there."


    Animal opened the door to the rough red wood paneled tavern, low amber lighting, and refined sense of class in the place known as Karl's Local. A handful of similar heavy red wood tables were taken up, the red wooden bar counter too, but enough was left open both ways as to not clutter the place. Mostly veteran Imperial NCO's and Imperial Officers took up the red wooden chairs with low chatter, some smoking cigars or cigarettes inside, and expensive hard liquors and other alcoholic beverages.

    "Back again Animal?" the Ovissian said from behind the bar counter while drying a glass with a towel.

    The Master Sergeant tossed a few coins the alien's way, "For privacy."

    "A course," the alien said and walked around from behind the bar and motioned for Animal and his fellow Imperials to follow him. The ovissian took a key ring from his belt buckle and found a old large looking key and opened up a locked wooden door on the side of the bar. Once opened, the Imperials filed into the room that had a similar decor to the tavern as a whole with a large circular heavy wooden table surrounded by similar chairs, and several flickering candle lights along the wall and a large three-candle light above the table. A self-serve wet bar was in the corner complete with glasses. A single P4T Protocol Droid activated itself besides the wet bar when people entered and disengaged itself from the charging station.

    "Serve yourself. Clean up after yourself. Walls and door are sound proof. No hidden listening devices," the alien said in rough galactic basic, then closed and locked the door behind him as he walked out.

    Animal looked to his fellow Imperials, "Have a seat."

    The white and orange highlighted droid turned to the wet bar and started preparing an assortment of drinks.

    "Karl," Animal said, answering the elephant in the room question, "Is a good friend. Known him since my first days out of training for the Corps. Few people I trust more. The room is secured," Animal paused then added, "Don't ask what for. There's certain things we must overlook at times," Animal turned his attention to the infantry officer across the table from him, "Correct Captain?"

    "As you said," Kurt replied, knowing that local crime wasn't his problem. It was the local law enforcement's problem, "Although I'm curious to see if this Karl was the same person who gave you information on my service record?"

    Animal didn't have time to respond as the protocol droid walked over to the table and put a tray of drinks down in the middle of the table, "An assortment of drinks from my master's special selection."

    "Thank you T," Animal said, using the droid's name, then turned to the gathered and decided to ignore the infantry officer's earlier question, "Captain, do you care to enlighten us?"

    "I am Captain Kurt Stein. And as the Master Sergeant so elegantly put earlier in the street, I'm from the 501st," there were some whispers and grunts between shock and anguish between Corporal DW-418123 (Boss William Con; "Tech"), Trooper DW-418128 (Lance Zachary Yates; "Business"), Trooper DW-418125 (Benjamin Jacob Waynes; "Face"), and Trooper DW-418122 (Matth'set'peteravrevma / Peter Streets; "Eyes"), who hadn't met the man before or knew anything about his past resume like Animal had recently found out about.

    "Why someone from the 501st?" Business asked.

    "And you are?" Kurt asked.

    "Trooper Lance Yates, DW-418128. Most people call me Business."

    "Well, Trooper," Kurt replied, "With the assumed death of Captain Logan Grimnar on Lepsawn 1-9, Stormtrooper Command wanted someone uniquely qualified to lead the renowned Joker Platoon."

    "Sounds more like a spy," Business retorted, adding after a stern look from Animal, "If you don't mind me saying, sir."

    "What Business was trying to say, sir," Tech said, "Is that a member from the 501st is a odd play. Wouldn'ty you promote up, not down?"

    "And you?" Kurt asked.

    "Corporal Boss Con, DW-418123. Most call me Tech."

    Kurt added, "A valid observation. But not without its flaws," Kurt looked around the table, "As most of you have heard from the rumor mill aboard the Darkest Night, you have a new commanding officer in Commodore Valentino Mazzanti. And with a new commanding officer, a new assignment. While I can't get into specifics yet, the Commodore has briefed me on what he could without proper authorization from his own commanding officers. In light of that information---what I can tell you---is that Joker Platoon is being looked at being the spear of Dark Battalion is several upcoming missions in your new assignment. Of those assignments, 2nd Squad is looking to be the very tip of that spear."

    TBC ( @TheSilentInfluence & @TheAdmiral )

    OOG: Will finish tonight. Going to go see Rise of Skywalker today; ran out of time to finish post.
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  7. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Winterkill

    It wasn’t considered odd for the nagai to be silent for great lengths of time. Winterkill had a habit of doing that as he simply preferred to observe and collate what data he gleaned. At a glance, nothing seemed out of place, but the fact was, that he had been speaking, rather, signing, to Havah Jeth for sometime now. Their wordless conversation was sustained since the events at Port Haven.

    Winterkill had not liked the deal, nor how it had gone down. He accepted it, of course, but had not liked it. He was also glad his impulse had not led him to do anything foolish which they would all later regret. At the end, Captain Taller had agreed to take the contract out of his own Free Will.

    The risks were high, but the reward was far higher than the risks. This was a dynamic Winterkill was intimately familiar with while surviving inside a Concentration Camp. At least out here, he had a ‘choice’ as to the dangers he wished to face- or rather- a better appearance of choice.

    They all had only 48 hours to succeed, or else.

    So, he remained silent planning, gauging, strategizing and readying his mind for what was next. He absently listened to both Palso and Lasso as the two pilots 'playfully' traded barbs, back and forth, back and forth. For a pair who did not much care for each other, they were doing a lot of bonding. The irony amused the nagai enough to cause him to smile, if only a little.

    But that smile soon vanished as thoughts of their destination flooded his mind. It’s not that he’d ever been to the Corporate Sector. No, what he disdained about them was everything they represented. Greed, Avarice, Selfishness, Excess, Wantonness, Egocentrism, and plenty more unsavory traits than he cared to count.

    Sure, these traits were part of the living experience, but here in the Corporate Sector, they were taken to a whole new level, which sickened the nagai- this due to his knowledge that the Tof-Nagai War was started by creatures afflicted by these very traits.

    Still, he had a job to do, not only as ‘Lord Visor’s’ bodyguard, but also as his Scout and Hunter-Assassin. Winterkill regarded his perfectly fitting bodyguard uniform and wondered how many more hidden weapons he could fit, aside from what he was allowed to carry.

    Ready as always, he joined Lord Visor as they arrived on planet and made their way through the luxurious reception at the casino. Taller played the part so well, he seemed to become a different person; thus Winterkill also needed to do the same, as far as putting his own prejudices aside. He couldn’t very well kill everyone here, however fun that particular fantasy might seem.

    And so, Taller being Lord Visor was flanked by the Spook and the Specter. How fitting indeed.

    But the clock was ticking and time was running. The name and description of their target was given and acknowledged. Tall. Redheaded, Blue eyed, well dressed. Courage Stack. Noted. Taller had used the word ‘man’ while describing the target, so it was safe to assumed he meant a human male.

    Winterkill wasn’t quite ready to ‘mingle’ among the locals and informed Havah ( via signing ) that he wished to stay with Lord Visor for now, but was willing to defer to him should he feel differently. After all, the arkanian still outranked him and was by default the leader during their paired missions. There was no ego or competition between the two, just synergistic efficiency- that was something that set them apart from the rest.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Flight Lieutenant Alex Qipao19, Miami Vice, Tavern

    Alex' initial attackers were distracted from him, one by his broken hand, and the other by a tossed beer glass bouncing off the side of his head; allowing the pilot to get out of his booth and make a push to rescue Rick, dodging fists, swung chairs, and ducking under a frisbee'd saucer that caught someone else in the mouth.

    Alex' leading boot slipped on some spilled drink, almost giving him the splits and he toppled sideways, landing on his side but softening the impact by throwing out his right hand and slapping it palm down on the floor.

    Instinct was to stay low and out-of-sight, crawling on all fours; then he had a gut feeling that he was presenting too much of a target to the belly splash brigade, so crawled between legs until the mental alarms spiked, and rolled aside under a table, just as someone shoulder-barged into the spot where he had just been, eliciting an audible crack of some thick bone.

    Alex was thinking Clavicle and Phew.

    That was when a female voice, a really angry female voice, came in and started shouting orders lessons in optimism: "YOU ARE STANDING AT ATTENTION!"

    From his position under the table, Alex felt a change in the room, as if a thousand oysters did not want to disappoint the little woman.

    Hostilities ceased quickly, though as Qipao19 pulled himself up from the floor, ignoring the moaning fellow with the broken shoulder, she accused someone of hitting a superior officer.

    Mentally waving goodbye to the poor miscreant that had hit her. The Imperial officer corps, as outnumbered as they were on most ships and bases, did not let stuff like that slide.

    Though he could see that she was in uniform, so it had probably been an accident.

    Seeing that she was the same rank as himself, he wanted to get ahead of the curve, announce himself as a fellow officer, that he was glad to see her...but his gut intervened again, warning him to be silent and not raise his head above the proverbial parapet.

    She threatened the room with demotions if they didn't all stand to attention in ten seconds.

    Alex glanced at the man at his feet. A binary loadlifter wasn't getting him up in ten seconds, so if this slitch was serious, he was losing his commission. Thanks, Rick.

    Another uniformed officer loomed into the doorway, regarding the bar with an air of superiority.

    The sound of cracking glass under his boots as he stepped further inside, so that he was less of a sun-backed silhouette, and more visible.

    Alex definitely straightened for his choob.

    "I believe Lieutenant Shan got your attention," he announced calmly, "and I will not have to repeat what you all heard, or at the very least, assume she said as the officer of the Stormtrooper Corps."

    He gave orders that the fighters fix the place up, pay damages and report to their unit commanders.

    Alex felt palpable shock when the man mentioned the possibility of a public flogging - What in Oseon is this, the Kanzian Disorders? - then departed stage left, with the occupants of the very table that had started the whole mess to begin with!

    As the Naval Troopers poured in, he was surprised to hear Miami shout across the hubbub, and turned to see her picking her way through the wreckage, empty wine flute in hand.

    Surely she didn't want a refill.

    "No, leave him alone!" She called to the nearing MPs, as she embraced him, her head against his chest. "Alex didn't do anything."

    "She's right." Supported the now visible bartender, standing up from behind the polished chrome and wood bar. "The man in the flowery shirt got my girls to safety just before it kicked off, and actively avoided the fighting. He did not land a hit on anyone, and frankly I have no idea how he is still standing."

    The proprietor's word clearly carried weight with the local troopers, one who looked in charge, queried, "Is that right, Lem?

    "Lieutenant Ricotta, he even went so far as protect one of my drinks trays from being damaged." Alex caught the amused sparkle in Lem's eyes as he continued, "If you just leave it there, son, I would be happy for you to be allowed to go. You can come back any time."

    The TIE pilot felt a little sheepish as he pulled the drinks tray down from under his tee, flipped it and settled it onto the nearest upright table.

    The military police split to allow him a route to the doorway, but instead, Alex made a move to the still laid out Johnson, a purpling bruise swelling on his face.

    "I gotta get my friend out of here." He dropped to his knees beside the unconscious spacer, Miami still awkwardly holding onto him.

    Ricotta turned to the barman. "Lem?"

    "Oh, that one on the ground? He actually did hit someone, the first punch as it happens."

    The black-uniformed officer looked down at them, recalling the Chiss girl calling out a name. "Okay, Alex, is it? You can go, and I suggest you do so before we change our minds. Your friend will be overnight in the drunk tank."

    "Righty-ho." Alex rocked back on his haunches and somehow sprang to his feet, and hugging his new girl walked towards the light, then turned to look back at the lead MP. "So what about the reporting back to unit commanders, thing?"

    "I expect that was aimed at the actual troublemakers. But if you are concerned, you could go after them to ask. As long as they haven't turned any corners or gone inside, they should be relatively easy to spot."

    "Thanks, Man." Alex nodded his gratitude, heading out into the sunshine, then giving his eyes time to adjust, he asked Miami if there were any 'mother and baby' shops around here.

    She separated slightly and slapped at his bicep with the back of her hand. "You're a bit forward aren't you?"

    "What?" He gazed hard into her indignant scarlet eyes, then, "No! C'Boath on a bike, nooo, I wasn't thinking that!"

    That was when he spotted, over her shoulder, Lieutenant Shan's group, stopped by a distant bit of shadowed street.

    Alex grabbed Miami's hand and ran after them. "Come on!"

    To be continued...
  9. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Courage Stack

    Irresistible. Slick. Smooth.


    All of these traits made Courage the center of attention he was. Larger then life, in both physical stature and legendary accomplishments, few dared to seriously challenge him. He sat at the central table, as he always did, taking up the center of attention as he always craved.

    The few that did usually wore a yellow shirt, had a cape, and always reminded everyone around him how better he was then everyone else. It was the one man that could truly get under Courage's skin.

    "I up you one," Lando Calrissian said with a flashy smile as he pushed several tokens to the middle of the table as several of the other players around the table grunted in frustration and threw down their cards and got up to leave. Several by standers remained, watched.

    "That's more than one," Courage said, pushing more then Lando towards the middle and adding a key to boot, "I up by three and the key to my personal selection of ships. Take any ship under two hundred thousand."

    "Brave," Lando said, looking around at several humans and aliens around the table watching, and adding as he waved some cards towards Courage, "I like this guy."

    "Are you going to up me?" Courage said, adding, "Or did Han Solo damage you too much?"

    There was a gasp of silence at the dig from the bystanders. Courage simply smiled.

    Lando bit back the need to go even lower, "That hurt. And that's low."

    "Your point?" Courage shot back.

    Lando sat back in his chair, regaining his swagger as quickly as it disappeared. "I've regained my good name. Had a good thing going on Lothal before I," Lando flashed a smile larger then a Star Destroyer, "Run Cloud City now."

    Courage smiled a toothy grin, "I bet off the Empire's sensors, too. How much is worth to you that I keep your little operation off the Mining Guild's books and out of the Empire's control?"

    "How about the price of your Gray Tiger Model?" there was a hush of silence across the table as now Lando had the upper had, pushing over more coin, "I believe serial number five, five, three if my memory serves correct? A rare beauty I hear, even for starship collectors such as yourself."

    Everyone was looking at Courage, whose's face showed no sense of humor, but the man nonetheless removed the original key and put down a new data key on the table and pushed it over, "I'll up it one more. Five, five, three and a secondary ship of your choice."

    "The price?" Lando said, his smile never fading.

    "Cloud City," Courage said.

    The bystanders had been switching heads back and forth between the two, their voices going up and down in excitement and now, their voices matched the newest level of challenge.

    "Not enough," Lando said, adding, "Shared stake in Cloud City. Profits are expected to exceed benchmarks in the next year. Five, five, three, a secondary ship, and thirty percent stake in your ownership here at the casino. Match stake for Cloud City with profit projections adjustments."

    The by-standers' voices matched the level.

    "Fifteen percent to fifty percent."

    "Thirty percent to thirty-five percent. Final offer up."


    Lando laughed, "Lets see your play, then."

    "Draw first, Lando."

    "A gentlemen," Lando put a hand across his chest, his fingers just over the inner flap of his shirt, "Always allows his counter to go first."

    "Is that so?" Courage asked.

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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOG: Completing from earlier (above) TBC.


    IC: Stormtrooper Captain Kurt Stein & company

    Karl's Local, Downtown, Javin

    Business raised an eyebrow and pointed to the two new comers and the Lieutenant, "What's up with the 3 new faces, then? We're full as a squad. No need for more."

    Kurt nodded, "As a traditional squad," the captain replied, "Yes. But nothing is traditional and we transfer members out that don't fit the new model. Both Lieutenant Shan and Sergeant First Class Stark are sniper and marksmen trained, respectfully. A valuable addition to any first strike unit. The Lieutenant is proficient in completing reports quickly and I already read her training exercise review. 2nd squad, for being unruly as you are, looks promising. I agreed with the Lieutenant's after training review...with the correct push and nudge in the right direction, 2nd squad can become a valuable asset to the Empire's goals."

    Animal remained silent. He had heard this song and dance before, but kept his personal thoughts to himself. Before Business got shot for being an idiot, though, the Master Sergeant figured it was time to intervene. "When do we start training, captain?" the Master Sergeant said, "We have a working understanding with Lieutenant Shan, but," Animal nodded towards Stark and TK-1245, "We'll need to get up to speed on the new Sergeant and trooper. Depending on our deployment orders into the Unknown Regions, training time may be restrictive."

    "As stormtroopers, we adjust Master Sergeant," Kurt said, adding, "I believe you'll find Sergeant Stark more then capable in what I am asking your troopers to do, as well as TK-1245."

    "What are you asking us to do?" Tech asked.

    "To be the best," Kurt said, adding, "Better then the 501st, because you have to be," the old 2nd squad members looked at each other in a mix of awe and uncertainty, then Kurt got up and added, "Now, I have other business to attend to. A whole platoon to introduce myself to. Good day," everyone started to get up to salute, but Kurt put a steady hand out and encouraged everyone to sit again, "A time and place for that will happen. But not today. Later, such devotion, will be required."


    Business looked across the table at everyone else in the long moments of silence after Kurt had left, then with a frustrated sigh said, "Well, I minus well say it. That was unexpected," the trooper looked at the new First Sergeant, "What makes you so special to be part of Joker Platoon? Not like we take just anyone within Dark Battalion. What's your story? Any skills beyond marksmanship?"

    If Business' voice sounded rough and challenging, that's because it was. He was just starting to like Captain Grimnar when the man had died on Lepsawn 1-9...supposedly. Although no body was ever recovered. Now he had to adjust to a new commanding officer and worse, new replacements that were going to transfer out some old faces.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Natalia Markova

    The song was still ringing in her head her hands mirroring that of the woman playing in the street. Her heart was still beating fast as the message came in from Voss. It snapped her out of her thoughts of that recent memory. She wasn't just here to take in the local sights and sounds. They had a meeting to go to. Her hands quickly pull up location and a map of the city. She blinked hard almost seeing the streets of Lepsawn Central, or maybe she did.

    Once everything resolved she found the optimal route through the city and calculated her own walking speed as she was moving. It would give a more accurate estimate of her arrival and keep her mind busy not thinking about why she saw another city in the map before. Though it didn't quiet all her thoughts. There was still that song drifting around, the sharp eyes of the woman playing. With a few spare moments she marked the location of the busker on her map.

    She couldn't wait to hear her play again.

    'En route ETA 15 minutes.' Was her short reply, no one would notice that it was a little later than it should have been from her. It was not as though her movements were being tracked, that she was being watched every hour of every day.

    She kept her head down glancing up every now and again to keep her bearings. Without her thinking about she began to hum a little tune her hands tapping out the time signature.

    An old habit she couldn't break.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Jingleheimmer Voss (Jingle)
    Arriving at 'The Drooping Stalk', Planet of Javin

    When he stepped out of the taxi and onto the permacrete of this little worlds road of it's capital. The neon holo sign was blinking showing some alien with eyes on stalks, first droopy without any food and then perking up and happy as a steaming plate spun into the image. The same scene was stuck on a loop in staticy blue above the main entrance, with a couple languages, neither of which were basic spun through underneath. Ostensibly it was the name of the restaurant, and perhaps the basic version of the name would eventually cycle through.

    Walking inside he had a bit of a wait until a short little bald thing with a stub of a snout and bright eyes walked up to him jabbering in something or other. Tapping his chest he simply spoke slowly, "Basic, need, table, for, six." the last he held up his fingers before the little one sighed, hard.

    "Listen cyborg, we don't have a table ready yet and if you stammer talk this will take all night anyway. Now if you don't have a reservation we are very busy and you're not exactly easy on these eyes neither so. . ."

    Well, that solved that problem. Waving a hand he cut her off as he dug in a pocket and produced two items. The first was his credentials as a Chef Inspector from the Darkest Night. Plain, simple, and straightforward. Underneath was few credits to grease the palms of this person stuck in either waitressing or middle management.

    Taking a look at the badge she seemed nonplussed until she finally took it after a couple gestures. Then with a twitching of her snout she beamed up at him in completely new attitude. "Why didn't you say so sweetheart! We were just about to reopen the back section, and silly droids forgot to save your reservation Mr.?"

    "Voss." he said pointing at the credential card. "I will need that back. I'm expecting some humans to join my party shortly. We'll be ordering sample platters." he simply stated as she handed back the card - sans credits.

    "Of course, and with more than three standard gratuity rises an extra ten percent." she stated with a wavering smile.

    "You mean raised an extra twelve?" stated back with a smile.

    "Silly me, I always get those confused." she laughed back as she gathered some menu's off a bottom shelf in basic. "This way, this way." She stated as she hummed down a side hallway before lifting a small roped off section just to push the rope back one set of booths. "There ya go sweetheart. I'll be sure to send your party back as they arrive, Voss."

    Taking a seat he began looking at the menu, already a sample platter should be coming so the main question was, what to drink? Maybe keep it simple and just get some Jawa Juice. . .

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Flight Lieutenant Baille Harte, Downtown spaceport
    Location: Javin

    Baille parked her craft in a ferrocrete pit that was one of about a hundred, set in a four by twenty-five pattern; then strode along the pathway between the craters to a building with lockers, where thankfully, she was able to stow her bag and TIE helmet.

    A brief walk through the clean, sterile concourse, passing a smattering of concession shops, led her through large glase doors that slid aside at her approach, giving her, her first ground-level view of the busy Downtown streets, filled with all manner of beings and vehicles.

    Opposite her, on the other side of the street, was a huge advertisement for Tagge Co.

    She looked left along the front of her building, then the other way, looking for a taxi rank.

    What kind of spaceport, not counting those on backwater worlds like Tatooine, didn't have taxis?

    "Are you lost?" Asked a voice behind her.

    Baille spun around, to see a lot of red, then looked up, her mouth dropping open as she realised from the blank red faceshield and hooded robe, that an Emperor's Royal Guard, sans long stick thing, was looming over her.

    She could feel her mouth moving, but no sound was coming out.

    "Eight words. First syllable. Sounds like...?"

    "Wh-what?" She stammered, stunned to be in the presence of one of these legendary figures, usually only seen close to the Emperor whenever he made public appearances.

    "Nice dress."


    The robes split down the front as an arm encased in scarlet armour thrust towards her, a gloved hand of the same colour, looking for all the world like it wanted her to shake it.

    "I'm Roy."

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  14. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Sergeant First Class Adrias Stark
    Karl’s Local, Downtown Javin

    The whole commotion was over very quickly, ended by the Captain. After that Stein saved the troopers from going to the brig, something any good soldier had done at least once. They were confronted by another man, who revealed himself to be called Animal. Adrias could sense the threat emanating from him. The man was dangerous, so the Sergeant kept quiet. Besides no one spoke to him.

    The revelation that Stein hailed from the 501st was not surprising, though it made Adrias’ brain work overtime. So his assignment to the man was not a coincidence. There was a chance for him to become a Death Trooper or at least a Shocktrooper. Though it was surprising that such a man to be transferred to this backwater. Maybe he had crossed someone? This could be problematic for his career, maybe will have to ask “dad” for some information next time he was going to get in touch with the old man.

    Animal surprised him by getting them in such an establishment. Usually those places were reserved for the members of the “old boys’ club”. Adrias had been to such places before, but only when accompanying his father. They were “marketplaces” for favors and opportunities to climb the social ladder.

    The mention of a special assignment got him listening again. That was the opportunity Adrias was looking for. So probably that was not a demotion? Or was Stein lying? He surely looked like a man who can twist and bend the truth to put himself in a favorable position. A trait that most Imperial officers had. So the Unknown Regions, eh? That could be both a career killer or an elevator to the top.

    The Captain then left them and that put Adrias under the spotlight. He considered the question. His first thought was to say that he was there because he was the best, but that would invite trouble as then he will have to prove it and any mistake, however small, would be doubled in their eyes thus making him lose face. “Well I graduated top in my class on Carida, SpecOps, saw some action, I guess I impressed some people...” He avoided mentioning that his father also pulled some strings too. After all it was mostly because of his own achievements, just his “dad” presented them to the right people, which put him on the fast track. Hopefully the answer would be satisfactory enough.

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Elena Shan
    Karl’s Local, Downtown Javin

    Elena wasn't too upset about being overruled by the Captain. He was of higher ranking, and she probably was being harsh. But Elena could at least tell Captain Stein was pleased. Going by the compliments he gave her in the "old boys" club establishment.

    The throbbing pain in her jaw brought her back to reality and Elena realised that a bruise was forming already. She looked over at Sergeant Adrias Stark as he spoke and nodded along, fighting hard not to look over at Animal and smile.

    "I'm afraid I wasn't top of my class. But you don't need to be a scholar to be a good soldier for the Empire." Elena winked at Adrias.

    "I was assigned to the 212th before this. Ghost Company. I learned all I know about being a sniper from the soldiers there." She touched her bruised face and looked thoughtful.

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Corporal DW-418123 (Boss William Con; "Tech"), Trooper DW-418128 (Lance Zachary Yates; "Business"), Trooper DW-418125 (Benjamin Jacob Waynes; "Face"), Trooper DW-418122 (Matth'set'peteravrevma / Peter Streets; "Eyes")
    Karl's Local, Downtown, Javin

    One by one the new squad mates bonded. Whether that was through necessity or desire, only time would tell.

    "TK-1245. Riflemen," the trooper said, "My real name is Jet Chan. Dad served before and during the Clone Wars," the non-assuming Asian-skinned human male spoke, "Figured I'd give it a shot and follow in his footsteps. My old man knew a few old buddies in the newly formed Stormtrooper Corps after the Clone Wars and kept in contact with them. When I became of age, I had a foot in the door," he looked around the table, "But I earned my place by my own skill. I have the kill count to prove it," the

    "Two associates degrees and two bachelors' degrees," Tech answered next, looking around the table, "Name is Boss William. Combat Engineer...aka Demolitions. Call me Tech. Did the civilian thing for three years as an engineer and was active in COMPNOR," he shrugged, "I guess one day I decided I wanted more then politics and science. So I enrolled into the Stormtrooper Corps," Tech looked to the person to his right.

    "Lance Yates. Riflemen. Everyone calls me Business," Zachery Yates said, "Because I can wheel and deal any business arrangement and barter for the best of anything. A few demotions along the line for reckless behavior and," Zachery smirked and pointed to Tech, "This Corporal is my superior," Business looked to his right.

    Face smiled with that actor's charm, "Benjamin Waynes. Riflemen. Call me Face. Imperial Army with NCO time, combat experience, and awarded the Crimson Star in combat. The Corps decided they needed someone of my skills and combat experience, so I naturally accepted," Face looked to his right.

    Eyes was as cold in social settings, as he was behind the scope of a sniper rifle, "Matth'set'peteravrevma. Sniper. The token alien of the squad," the Chiss tried to make light of his alien status among the all humans present, but his cold exterior remained, leaving a odd delivery between language and physical mechanisms, "The Empire shorted it to Peter Streets. Everyone in 2nd Squad calls me Eyes," the alien looked around the table, "I shoot things with a scope and never miss," Streets turned to his right and the last man yet to speak at the head of the table.

    "Master Sergeant Craig Stewart. Heavy weapons," Animal replied as directly as he always did, "People call me Animal," the experienced NCO let those last words hang in the air for a moment before following up after a sip of his drink, "Don't ask how I got the nickname," the grizzly NCO glanced towards Elena, before addressing the group, "Lieutenant Shan appears to be our new commanding officer for the Captain's little adventure. She's proven herself adept at leadership during a training session. I would expect no less in the field," Animal turned to the Imperial Officer, "Any words of advice or ideas of where we go from here, LT? We've been given a whole bag of unexpected fun tonight. If I had to bet, I'd say you're going to be the Captain's number 2 in this platoon and point woman in this squad."

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Alex Qipao19, Miami Vice, outside Karl's Bar
    Location: Javin

    Miami clutched Alex' arm as he waited outside the bar that the group had entered about ten minutes before.

    "Are you sure this is a good idea?" She asked.

    "I need the closure. You never know when you could be working on the same base with someone. And whilst that captain and I are in different branches, the New Order only works if we respect each other. Hold on." He had seen the front door open, and recognised that the person emerging was the officer that he was here to see.

    Alex snapped to attention, where the man could not help but notice him.

    "Captain! Flight Lieutenant Qipao19. Darkest Night. Sir, I was in that bar where the fight took place, but was not involved in the affray. The bartender and Miss Vice here-"

    Miami grinned at Stein, and gave him a cute wave from her waist.

    "-vouched for me, and the security released me. I needed to check with yourself, if the order to report to my unit commander, still applies?"

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Elena Shan
    Karl's Local, Downtown, Javin

    "Am I allowed to bet on myself Sergeant?" Elena gave him a measured look, and tried her hardest not to smile. She was beginning to like her new place in Joker Platoon, and she assumed that her new squad was too; if they were joking with her. Though there would still be a long road of trust to build ahead.

    Elena leaned forward a bit and added, "I might become his second in command, but lets keep all bets off the table for now. I'm more concerned about at least showing respect for officers. I know you like to run things you're way Animal; and I'll take you up on teaching me how to do that. I don't know Joker Platoon as well as you do. But appearances matter. If the civilian population thought we were all rough like those Rebels do you think we would get any respect?"

    She leaned back and looked thoughtful, "When I was in the academy, my CO was Commander Price. We had Clones too; sure. But one of the things that we learned was that good soldiers follow orders. That meant acting like we were being watched all the time. No fighting especially with other members of our squads or regiments in General. I know that there is a divide between The TIE pilots and the Stormtroopers. But we need each other to win this war. The Empire needs to succeed. Do you have any idea of what would happen if we don't?"

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Stormtrooper Captain Kurt Stein
    Outside Karl's Local, Downtown, Javin

    Kurt listened to the pilot ramble off---that was sure a mouth full! Did he breathe at all during that? As if giving his own off-the-wall thoughts any leg to stand on, he watched the pilot's chest for any labored breathing. The bar girl who had waved like a bubble gum chewing one night stand free loader had reminded him of---well yes, that was the thought---a bubble gum chewing one night stand free loader. She was probably a walking biology experiment under the short dress, tight shirt, and overly flashy girly colors with a endless line of diseases that had more thrill rides then an amusement park.

    But, each to their own.

    "At easy, Flight Lieutenant," Kurt replied, "If you didn't get an official citation from the local military police, I highly doubt your commanding officer will even hear about this, let alone care. Now, you and," Kurt looked to the woman, "Miss Vice?" The woman nodded a few times like a eagerly waiting puppy wanting a bone---Kurt mentally rolled his eyes as he turned back to the pilot, "Go have a good night. If anything arises, since it was the Stormtroopers who apparently started this, I will personally talk to your CO. As for coming and finding me, your persistence is honorable. I doubt, as I previously mentioned, more then half of your comrades even gave a thought to reporting to their CO," Kurt gave a look towards the woman, "Miss Vice, have a good night."

    Kurt started on his way down the street. This could end, or not end, in one of two ways: first, the pilot would leave him alone and run off into the night with his one night stand or, second, press the issue out of some personal honor code to avoid even the slightest infraction on his service record. The more steps Kurt took away from the conversation, the more likely the first ending would be happening.

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Corporal DW-418123 (Boss William Con; "Tech"), Trooper DW-418128 (Lance Zachary Yates; "Business"), Trooper DW-418125 (Benjamin Jacob Waynes; "Face"), Trooper DW-418122 (Matth'set'peteravrevma / Peter Streets; "Eyes")
    Karl's Local, Downtown, Javin

    "Yeah," Business said, a rare moment where his blowhard and egotistical charm didn't weigh through in some sarcastic way as the memories of his slain grandparents at the hands of "rebels" came to mind, "I do," The Trooper-turned NCO-turned Trooper swallowed the rest of his drink and put the glass on the table, "But we ain't doing much here about those rebs, but policing the darn galaxy. I say we leave the policing to the Army and law enforcement. Give us the supplies, the logistical support, and intelligence to launch an offensive to wipe out the rebellion!" the nearly drunk trooper's fist slammed the table in frustration as he shot a finger at Animal, "You were there during Operation Foothold, Sarge!" he spread his arms out wide to encompass the entire table, "None of us at this table have that type of glorified experience! I enlisted in the Corps to kill rebels, not hand out parking tickets to 'em!" he pointed back to the Sergeant, "You tell Stormtrooper Command, Sarge, to get us some heavy action instead of this galaxy policing BS!"

    Animal had his hands cuffed on the table in front him and he spoke quietly, firmly, and directly to everyone at the table, "We do that, Business---we all do that---by doing what the Lieutenant said. Good order within the unit---inside and outside of the ranks---respecting our officers, and following orders. We do that, we'll not only see real heavy action, but we'll blow the rebels back to the stone age."

    "You better promise me!" Business blurted out, the effects of one too many drinks now taking on a dramatic effect as he stood up pointing his finger wildly at his NCO, "You promise my Grandma Rose! She's up in the stars and holding you to your word! You promise I'll get to kill some sons of a-----"

    A crash and a groan later and Business was passed out on the floor.

    Animal sighed as he followed the trooper's collapse and then turned his attention to the LT, "Lieutenant, you always said that your grandfather was well connected within the Imperial government. How well connected?" Animal nodded towards Business, "However drunk Business was, he had a point. Good men are wasting away on policing actions better suited for Army grunts, not shock troops like us. Call this upcoming Unknown Regions' mission what you will, but if we don't start seeing some real action soon---what is the Empire doing to combat the rebellion other then policing our very own citizens?" Animal shook his head as if to clear his own questioning thoughts, "I'm sorry Lieutenant. I was out of my bounds there with questioning the Empire's goals. Maybe one too many drinks clouded my judgement."

    Animal knew that the Lieutenant---or anyone at this table---could report him to the Imperial Security Bureau for such comments. It wasn't within "regulation" for a Stormtrooper to question the Empire's goals.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Natalia Markova

    It was 15 minutes, 15 minutes and 23 seconds, from the time of her message and her arriving at the designated restaurant. As she entered dutifully she removed her cover tucking it into her belt. A new habit ingrained into her by her training at the academy. As she looked around her she cringed a little at the slightly loud music of the interior. It was much louder than it needed to be though likely not loud enough to actually annoy anyone but her. Her sensitive ears were always aware of music and its relative volume. It did not help that it seemed to be in a style that was rather improvisational, nothing she could recognize. As she mentally tried to follow the time signature it kept moving, the harmonies wavering, staying in the same octave but jumping up and down it like one would bound over multiple steps on a flight of stairs. She looked around confused for a moment taking in the space mostly looking for Voss, or someway to turn off the music as it was currently doing a good job of driving her mad.

    The host noticed her and her attire and approached her.

    "Excuse me Sweetheart," Natalia nearly jumped turning to see a shorter being, bald with a short snout and sparkling eyes. "You looking for your group."

    "Yes," the Officer replied.

    "Well we don't see many human visitors so your with the Voss party right?"


    "Well he's right back this way." The being guided Natalia towards the back of the establishment. As she entered she nodded in thanks to the waitstaff before taking a seat on the other side of the table from Voss, clearly the only other to have arrived. She looked over the menu having no idea what much of it was or how it even worked together. Looking at the pictures provided she tried to find something familiar, something she understood. She did not dine in such places, her father and mother possibly, no. Such places were not for a young girl like her. She should stay home and study, eat the same meal for breakfast, have a choice of only three meals at home. The options were less, it was easier to choose.

    She pulled out her datapad looking up what reviews of the place existed seeing what was recommended. There was an article written by a critic with a few vague statements, something about the atmosphere being a little grating and full of 'undesirables'. Of the food they tried they did recommend a few. She was prepared to select those. However she looked up to Voss seeing if he had any recommendations himself. She did not ask this of him merely looking his direction, preferring not to speak.

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Sergeant First Class Adrias Stark
    Karl’s Local, Downtown Javin

    So TK-1245 had a name after all. At the Academy they drill in your mind the thought that you were simply a cog in the big machine that was the Empire. It was a dehumanizing experience, hence they had think of themselves in terms of serial numbers. A bit like the Clones. Adrias understood the logic of it. They had to lose a piece of themselves and be able to make difficult decisions.

    Unfortunately that created certain problems as well. Some troopers could go a bit… overboard. Some committed crimes or were a bit too aggressive to civilians. Good thing the ISB kept a watchful eye. Of course there were some exceptions, but that was natural, given the size of the Imperial Military. Not everyone could be a model soldier or officer.

    The Jokers surely weren’t, that was why he let those words slide for now. At the core they seemed to be patriots… just a bit over eager for a fight. That could be a useful trait if directed appropriately.

    “I too have some connections within the higher ranking Imperial Military.” Adrias added “Maybe I can ask them?” he offered.

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Elena Shan
    Karl's Local, Downtown, Javin

    Elena listened to Business talk with a gentle, sympathetic expression before turning towards Animal again as Business passed out. She hesitated for just a moment after he finished speaking, before smiling shyly and shaking her head; doing her best to look embarrassed.

    "My grandfather is Kren Blista-Vanee. He's one of the Emperors advisors." Elena shrugged a little and added, "I could ask as well." She nodded towards Sargeant Adrias Stark. "But any mission we get put on is central to the Empires goals." She looked at all of them. "Besides, we should enjoy a few nights off." She tapped her foot against Animals shin, and turned towards the door hoping he would get the message.

    She needed to speak to him in private.

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Corporal DW-418123 (Boss William Con; "Tech"), Trooper DW-418128 (Lance Zachary Yates; "Business"), Trooper DW-418125 (Benjamin Jacob Waynes; "Face"), Trooper DW-418122 (Matth'set'peteravrevma / Peter Streets; "Eyes")
    Karl's Local, Downtown, Javin

    To Animal's surprise, the Lieutenant or the new Sergeant didn't say anything. Not even a sideways look...although privately, that may of been different. To his more objective surprise, the Sergeant & Lieutenant offered contacts to aid the Jokers in more dangerous and worthwhile assignments for the Empire.

    It wasn't lost on Animal that all of this could be seen as treason at worse and circumventing the command structure at best. Sergeant Major Patrick Jones (the infamous "Old Man") would hear any assignment request first as the "chief NCO" of the platoon; technically, all requests for new assignments went through him and he would decide if it warranted the infantry captain's attention. Which, if he decided it did, it then had to go through Joker Platoon's own commanding officer, Captain Stein, who then decide if it was worth the headache to move it higher up the chain of command. Assuming the infantry captain shared an interest in the request and it didn't give to the slightest possibility of "annoying" his own commanding officer with the request, the captain would forward it onto the Dark Battalion's commanding officer, Major Hardneck. Assuming Hardneck gave it more then a snort and it shared a self-serving interest in his own military career, the major would then send it through the commanding officer of Death's Whisper Legion itself, Brigadier General Alexey Vasiliev. After all that was done, it would be presented to Stormtrooper Command if Vasiliev sent it that far, who would make the final decision. Even if protocol was followed to a T, you were looking at a month at the quickest before Stormtrooper Command even gave you a response back. Then, if the request was approved, it was waiting for Stormtrooper Command to hear back from the Admiralty to redirect resources from other requests within the Imperial Navy, since the Death's Whisper Legion was attached to a Naval starship in the Darkest Night. The whole process, at hyperspace speeds, could take more then a month since it was considered a "non-urgent" request.

    But, now wasn't the time for answers. A slight nudge to the shin at the Lieutenant's last words and Animal looked at those gathered, "You heard the Lieutenant. Enjoy yourselves," as Animal lead the way to get up, he looked towards Face and Stark, "Pick up Business and find a place to sober him up. If the Old Man catches him like that, you don't want to be anywhere near Business for the arse chewing that will follow."

    As the group started to break apart, some of them finishing the last sips in their drink glasses, Animal looked towards Elena and gestured towards the door, "After you, Lieutenant."

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Alex Qipao19, Miami Vice, outside Karl's Bar
    Location: Downtown, Javin

    Alex had said his piece, and now stood to attention with baited breath.

    If this went badly, it wasn't the end of the universe, unless he had badly mis-read the situation; but it would waste vital hours of his shore leave and this delightful girl on his arm, as well as miss out on Jingleheimer's suggested meetup. He had checked his messages whilst waiting for the stormtrooper captain to emerge.

    He had held off responding until he knew how this was going to play out.

    "At easy, Flight Lieutenant," The officer replied, which Alex took as a good sign.

    He flowed into feet shoulder width apart, and hands meeting behind his back, complicated ever so slightly by Miami holding on to him.

    "If you didn't get an official citation from the local military police, I highly doubt your commanding officer will even hear about this, let alone care. Now, you and..., Miss Vice?"

    Miami nodded a few times like a eagerly waiting puppy, she was so happy to have been given the consideration, not something she was used to as a civilian alien on an Imperial world.

    "Go have a good night. If anything arises, since it was the Stormtroopers who apparently started this, I will personally talk to your CO. As for coming and finding me, your persistence is honourable. I doubt, as I previously mentioned, more then half of your comrades even gave a thought to reporting to their CO." Kurt gave a look towards the woman, "Miss Vice, have a good night."

    Stein had walked off before Alex had dumped enough of his adrenaline to call his thanks after the man. "Thank you, Sir!"

    Alex ran off into the night, towing Miami by the hand towards an illuminated shop sign that he had spotted down the street: a hawkbat in flight, holding a baby in a white sling.

    "Where are we going?" She enquired with a frown. "The Drooping Stalk is in the other direction!"

    "Something we should do first."

    Another hundred metres and Alex slowed to a halt in front of the large windows of the sort of parent and youngling store that he had asked her about.

    Sounding a little more intelligent than she had since he had met her, she commented that she couldn't help thinking that they were skipping a few steps here.

    Alex glanced at her curiously, then said, "Wait here."

    In fact, Miami followed him inside.

    "I like surprises as much as the next gal, but I feel like this time I want to see what is coming my way."

    They nodded to the woman at the counter, and proceeded to investigate the aisles packed with accessories for baby and toddler care.

    "Hold on, are you married?" She asked as she followed him.

    "No. Why?"

    "Then, why are we in a baby store, Alex?"

    "Ah-ha!" Alex stopped before a shelf packed with colourful plastic mugs with big single or double handles, with screw-on caps that had a protrusion like the mouthpiece of a Sharu flute. The sort of thing youngsters drink from to help transition from bottles to cups, mugs, and glasses. "Pick out your favourite. I'm buying you two."

    Vice looked from the sippy mugs to him and back, her frown deepening. "My favourite."

    "You are over eighteen standard years, right?"

    "Of course."

    "Then that nonsense earlier with you biting that wine glass; that is learned behaviour. You are not growing out of that."

    She stepped back and crossed her arms. "And your solution is that I drink out of one of these things instead, is that it?"

    Alex reached up to grab a pair of them and knocked them together. "High impact plast. You can bite it as much as you want, no danger it shattering in your mouth. Prevention is easily better than the cure."

    "Alex, if those cups leave this store, then we are done."

    The Drooping Stalk

    Alex was reluctant to take Miami into the meeting with the rest of the Lepsawn Away Team. Actually, that sounded less unwieldy than what TALC was supposed to mean.

    So he got a table for him and Miami, but told her that he would have to slip over to his friends' table at some point.

    She was okay with that. She was less okay with him showing the freshly-purchased sippy cup - dark blue, with a jagged band of silver sparkles around it - to their waiter, and asking if her drinks could be served in it.

    "Certainly, Sir." The abo didn't even miss a beat, just left menus and whipped it away.

    Alex craned his neck and looked around for the others through the smokey darkness.

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