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Star Wars OPEN Paradoxical Echoes: An Original Trilogy Game (Always Accepting New Players)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Bravo, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Havah Jeth

    After passing through security screening at the docking bay, wearing the ridiculous suit and feeling rather exposed, made the opulance of the place all the worse. Nice things begat hidden weapons systems and itchy trigger fingers so long as one didn't have to worry about blood on an expensive rug or other. Not to mention he always had a brief if rather uncomfortable nagging to look out for a nanny or custodian or family bodyguard. In truth those were real things and beings to be aware of, but he had the irrational urge to look for his own childhood individuals that fit that bill. After all, some of them surely were still alive and working, but this place was not that type of opulence. Taller, Havah, and Winterkill were walking up and into an interconnected vast city of casinos, restaurants, holo theaters, live drama theaters, pubs & cantinas, auction halls, spas, libraries, and other entertainment venues to suit the ultra rich & wealthy. Rich and wealthy that normally unless eccentric would not bring their children here and grounds guards and children specialist guards would not be here.

    No, here well dressed Corporate Sector Authority guards stood sentry on a side of each door, while door men and women opened the doors and greeted the rich, taking immediate care of every care and want. This is where you came to be served, not where you brought your own services with you.

    Taller was a good crystal when he played this roll, getting not only a drink for himself but for Havah & Winterkill which they as guards were allowed to place their own orders. For good measure, he added a plate of the most exotic local food available. A butler droid would track where the trio went and deliver the food promptly. A part of him always felt a longing and missing for home from such service, but some things you can never really go back to. Some stains are too deep for a valet or butler droid to brush or clean out.

    The inside was a busy scene of credits, influence, and politics. Like a rare glimpse into his fathers work life. Only here the corrupt and the just flowed and mingled freely. They located a semi-circular holo game table to sit at, Taller sat roughly in the middle of the soft leather seats, while his two "guards" sat on either end. Typical stupid relaxed guard demeaner, acting so slovenly as to sit in such an open and exposed position only softened when the drinks arrived. His was a crystal chalice of Gorimn Wine, fortified to what the rich would call Mus quality. A Zabrak term for a beverage strong enough to clean wounds with. Strained through a silken handkerchief taken from an ample virgins care, dry, with a delightful after bite and cooled to the perfection of 39 degrees of one system, or 3.88 Celsius. Taking a sip, appreciatively with half lidded eyes he listened to Taller and with his eyes, listened to Winterkill. At least it didn't taste like home.

    "Remember, the man's name, Courage Stack. Strong, wide shouldered, tall, and handsome looking late fifties human male. Light skin, graying red hair and beard, blue eyes. He likes refined clothing and he loves capes. He shouldn't be too hard to spot. One of the richest people on the planet, he likes risks. High roller and confident. Take shifts," Taller said to each of them, "One stays here, the other branch off. We don't want to look like we're looking for someone. I'll contact whoever branches off when we leave to move on. We'll rotate one on patrol, one on guard duty with me. Maybe ask the locals for help indirectly, use my name of Lord Visor asking to make an audience with the man. Either we follow him home or we invite him with us and take him down with a sleeper agent," Taller looked at both the Spook and the Specter, "You're call on the situation. But we do it quietly."

    "Okay," Taller said after a moment, "Before we get too noticed, who's up first on patrol? Keep in comm contact. If you spot him, don't loose him."

    Winterkill wasn’t quite ready to ‘mingle’ among the locals and informed Havah ( via signing ) that he wished to stay with Lord Visor for now, but was willing to defer to him should he feel differently. There was no ego or competition between the two, just synergistic efficiency- that was something that set them apart from the rest. It was also one of the most refreshing aspects of working with Winterkill, no judgment, just duty and the job. Neither cared about the others pleasures from doing that job except perhaps to let them have them.

    That also fell into the line of not forcing bad ones on each other, that was less efficient and showed no respect. Fidgeting with his cup and uniform he parsed together a quick sign that he would do it, take the first lap. Getting up without a word he nodded, feeling his white straight hair, loose for this mission sway over his vision. Nice thing about white eyes that saw into the infrared and white hair, it was like a gauze curtain to his vision, a natural visual shades to dim the lights just a touch without truly obscuring.

    Making his rounds meant one looping circuit in the middle space betweens the walls and the center of the room. Seeing what he saw, looking for someone that somehow fit the description given. Look for the one that fit, then look and listen more to see if it was right in a way that made sense. Chiefly and sadly through a name.

    Asking a passing server, which was tantamount to a middle class asking the lower, but no where near as scary as a higher such as a customer asking got him directions to a set of gaming tables. Looking at them he had to admit he wasn't sure which one fit the description better. Still he stepped away to tap out a quick code to Winterkill, 'Target possibly found. Gambling. Large.' before stepping back to watch the two still at the table. One of them was the target, it took a moment to remember Light Skin. So between the two it should be the one over there. Still, he wondered if he was about to be bounced was watching. Expanded spectral vision was often a casinos nervous point for cheating schemes and often on lower class worlds or were the cards weren't reinforced against multiple spectrums of light bleed through saw his kind barred from the tables. Or forced to be monitored heavily, which would mean his comms might go out or be out at the moment from a localized jammer field. Still, nothing to do but wait and watch, and enjoy his wine as he waited for the game to finish.

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  2. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Outspoken and Enraged Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Elena Shan
    Karl's Local, Downtown, Javin

    Elena straightened out her uniform and nodded goodbye, before following Animal towards the door. "Thank you Sergeant." She said as she walked past him into the streets. She waited for a moment before motioning her hand to start walking, and started off. "I'm surprised at you Animal." Elena said quietly. She turned and looked at him. "You need to be more careful. Not everyone is as forgiving as I am." There was a quiet warning in her words, but Elena knew she needed friends, especially in Joker Platoon. It's what her grandfather would want, regardless of his plans.

    She paused in her steps and looked around before turning to face Animal, one hand on her hip. "Is there anything else you need to get off you're chest before you retire for the night?"

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  3. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Trooper DW-418125 (Benjamin Jacob Waynes; "Face")
    Karl's Local, Downtown, Javin

    Face was out of his chair and shuffled over to Business, kicking the overly intoxicated man with a firm nudge and received a groan in disagreement.

    "Come on you drunk," Face said, signaling for the new squad's NCO (Stark) to get under the other shoulder and as the two men pulled the heavier man up, Face looked at a disgruntled Business that dragged his feet as the trio made it for the door, "Next time, I'm disobeying orders and leaving you to rot."

    Business looked at Face with a slush look on his face, "I love you Becky."

    Face rolled his eyes as the trio made their way out the pub and past Animal and Elena talking in hushed tones and after a few more feet, the trooper looked to the sergeant, "Sarge, how much credits you got? We'll need to find a place to dump him, so he can sober up. Problem is, even the shadiest motels in town are an arm and a leg because of all the civilian and military traffic in and out needing a quick place for a night or two. Cheapest place is down a block or two. About a hundred credits a night."

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    IC: DW-418121 ("Animal"; Craig Anthony Stewart)

    Outside Karl's Local, Downtown, Javin

    Animal took a moment to look around, purposely ignoring Elena's gaze, watching as Face & Stark dragged a overly partied Business towards the cheapest motels in towns the opposite direction. The other Stormtroopers had soon filed out, going their own directions in groups or alone. Finally, Animal brought his eyes to face Elena.

    "Permission to speak freely, Lieutenant?" the Master Sergeant added, "Or do I need to worry about ISB killing me in my sleep?" Animal made sure his tone was respectful, yet connected to the LT's earlier warning on their way out of the pub.

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  4. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Gotz Richter
    Level 15, Unit Command Office (Security), Darkest Night

    The former Chief of Security, Cain Shinzon, was a man of detail. Richter could admire that out of anyone conducting security operations, especially security operations aboard a Star Destroyer. The in-depth details the Mandalorian recorded left little to the imagination and strictly from a operational point of view, made preventing, tracking, and enforcing security---both from minor offenses among the crew to more serious security threats from outside hostile forces---much easier. While only three days long, the intern security chief---the Stormtroopers' commanding officer, Brigadier General Alexey Vasiliev---had not only just left the Unit Command Office of starship security, but also had officially transferred security command over to Richter less then fifteen minutes ago. It was painfully obvious that Vasiliev was not only less detailed then Shinzon in his reports (mentioning only essential details, whereas Shinzon gave you a novel), but that his lack of reports and the few reports he had reflected a man whose mind was on the Stormtrooper legion he had been commanding and not on his temporary job at hand as the head of security.

    But it wasn't Richter's job to judge past performances of others, only to do his job and do it well.

    He smiled thinly as the computer he was working at beeped and he removed the miniature flashing blue data device. The encrypted drive had downloaded his specifically designed security protocols into this computer, not only preventing anyone but himself from accessing it, but also setting up a program to search the Star Destroyer's internal computer system. The program would search for any hint of disloyalty, running various programs through communications, sensors, life support, medical, and countless other possible categories, all the while tracking personnel data and compiling a list on each crew member's daily activities, routines, likes & dislikes, their social circles within the Star Destroyer, political & military (and economic / social) views, among other information. However thorough & detailed Cain was in reporting, Richter would be that plus more.

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  5. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Darth Oetker (aka Johmer Evanzon), Prison Commandant Masuka, the Fluffy command deck, and vid screen, respectively
    Location: Wobani

    "I have looked at your inmate manifest. You will bring Santa Claus and Gaby Hayes to the gates, where I will pick them up. Oh yes, clean them up first, and give them back their clothes and effects.

    "Yes, My Lord. Err, Miss Hayes was arrested when she was like, six. All she has is stuff that won't fit any more, and a skipping rope."

    Beyond the balding Imperial's left shoulder, were fragments of a vase on a shelf, the debris of Johmer's attempt at a remote Force Choke to help convince the man of his 'credentials' as a Sith Acolyte.

    There must be some kind of refraction in the holo lenses that threw his aim off.

    Evanson thought back to Agent Nifesta's rules on rescues.

    "Give her your wife's third favourite sundress, and some sandals, and we'll be good to go."

    "As ordered."

    "Sorry about the vase. When my mission is complete, we will pick you up some glue."

    "Don't worry about it, My Lord. Mrs Masuko-"


    "-whatever. She bought it to brighten up the office. You are already raiding her closet, My Lord. She can suck this up as well."

    Prison Gates

    A wan grey light spilled into the cargo bay, as the hatch and ramp opened up enough to show the chain-linked fence that surrounded the fast mucky flatlands and hillocks that formed this Imperial prison for low-level criminals.

    A multi-wheeled Juggernaut sped up the couple miles from the cluster of buildings to the gate, braking and slewing into a handbrake turn that threw up a sheet of dark water and mud that the hooded Johmer could only stare up at, and follow it's progress till it plopped into a line of ragged splashes a few metres short of him and his ship.

    "Man," he chuckled ruefully to the hidden members of the Rebel Alliance's Retrieval Team Bravo, armed and concealed behind him at the edges of the hatch, if I had really been a Sith, and that had hit my ship, that driver would be one dead abo."

    From the rear of the transport, rusted metal steps extended and unfolded down to the rutted roadway, and then the hatch above them opened, a pair of Imperial stormtroopers holding the arms of their handcuffed captives as first a bemused-looking brunette in a striped blue-and-white outfit, that the strong wind whipped about her knees, stepped out; then a grizzled-looking heavyset man in bright orange coveralls, and a white and grey beard that came down his chest.

    They were brought down to the ground, where the guards proceeded to un-cuff them both.

    To be continued...
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  6. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002

    IC: Johmer Evanzon, Jyn Erso, Tim Williams
    , Fluffy ramp, prison gates
    Location: Wobani

    As Johmer observed the four from the near bottom of the Fluffy's boarding ramp, the dirt-stained stormtrooper on the right, released the woman from her handcuffs, then pulled her skipping rope from a sack, and handed it over; whilst his counterpart with Santa, was unclasping the binders from around the bearded man's wrists.

    Evanzon missed how the girl had gotten into the position for what she was doing now, however she had slipped the dirty rope over her guard's helmet and jerked it tight into the relatively unprotected throat area between his armoured chest and under his helmet; turning away with both ends of the skipping rope held at her right shoulder, like she was lugging her sack of loot as she scarpered from raiding the Spice Vaults of Gargon, ducking to lower her centre of gravity compared to the trooper.

    Tim and the other Imperial watched the choking soldier kicking his legs as he was pulled up over her back, before Williams embraced his guard and pulled his E-11 carbine from his scabbard, flipped it over, and shot him point blank in the stomach, turning on the spot himself and spraying a fan of lime green laser fire into the open ship hold, Evanzon dropping to a knee in time to avoid getting shot!

    The four Rebels to either side of the jedi, hidden beyond the sides of the ramp opening, demanded to know what was happening, as alarms within the ship, reacted to the fires caused within; then seconds later, almost in sympathy, more distant alarms moo-whoo'd across the distant "correctional facility" buildings.

    The jedi sprang to his feet, thrust a hand forward and Force Pulled the carbine from the older man's grasp, and as he took hold of it, yelled, " Knock it off, dammit! This is supposed to be a rescue!"

    The girl was low down, bringing up her subdued guard's blaster, and fired at what must still appear to her, as a hooded Dark Lord. One who managed to get his blue lightsabre around and on, the thrumming blade bouncing her plasma bolt into the mud between them.

    "RES-CUE!" Johmer re-iterated at her. "What part of that is confusing you! We're friends!"

    "I don't have any friends!" She countered, warily.

    "Yeah, we're getting that." The first acrid wisps of smoke started to billow past him into the open air, as Johmer extinguished his blade, and felt around the voluminous folds of the strange black robe for where to hook the hilt. "Err, someone want to put that fire out?"

    One of the Alliance soldiers stepped into view, aiming his blaster at the pair. "Tim Williams. Jyn Erso. We're with the Rebel Alliance-"

    "And S.G.I.S."

    "-and you are being rescued." The Rebel lowered his gun, and motioned them up the ramp. "If you would like to come aboard-"

    "-before the Juggernaut that is literally right behind you, tries to shoot us down." The SGIS agent was extremely aware that his ship, his only way off this mud-hole, unless the Rebels had room on theirs, was extremely exposed and vulnerable here.

    Nifesta had warned that rescues tended not to be straightforwards, but neither prisoner was showing the slightest inclination towards cooperating with their liberty.

    The guy in orange pulled a wide toolbelt of what looked like black synthleather, around his waist and pulled himself up to the vehicle's rear hatch, and disappeared into the ajar hatch.

    Johmer used the Force to leap the several metres from his ramp, through the open gates, and to the hatch; and because he could tell what Erso wanted from her outstretched hand up to him, braced himself on the hatch-frame, grasped her fist, and hauled her up onto the step next to him.

    "What is going on down there!" Devon Robie's voice sounded in Johmer's earpiece.

    "I don't know!" Evanzon tore after Williams, who seemed to know where he was going, moving internally from the prisoner area, to an abbreviated maze leading to the cockpit.

    He caught up to repeated sounds of physical impacts, and grunts of exertion, revealed to be Tim bracing himself as he repeatedly jammed his boot again and again onto the head of a stormtrooper on the deckplates, his helmet a short distance away, and still spinning slowly.

    "Pay. ugh. Back. ugh. Is. ugh. A. ugh. Bith! ugh."

    Apparently satisfied with the mess left behind, Williams stepped over it into the cramped, two-seated cockpit, lifting the limp, armoured legs out of the near seat, and sliding over into the other seat.
    "Gaby, you wanna help me out here?"

    Johmer squeezed aside as the girl moved past him and dropped into the first seat.

    Both of them looked like they knew what they were doing as they took the huge vehicle into drive, and started the long journey back into the installation.

    "Is this a bad time? Are they serving Rafa Delight today?"

    "Tim doesn't like stormtroopers." Erso explained, pressing a green toggle as the Juggernaut slewed through the heavily gouged roadway, the rear stepping out a bit before they regained control. "If he is following what we talked about every day for the last week, we'll be driving through their barracks, and seeing what we can do to take down the Administration Tower."

    "Through the barracks." The jedi echoed softly. He couldn't believe how casual she sounded about it.

    Tim pointed out the slanted window blister, though at what, Johmer could not tell from this angle. "What do you think of that, Gaby?"

    "Optimistic. And like they said, my name's Jyn. Jyn Erso."

    "How did they know your name?"

    Jyn glanced up at Evanson. "How did you know our names?"

    The SGIS man crossed his arms and leaned against the bulkhead. "There are two rescue operations going on here. The Rebel Alliance are here for you, Miss Erso, and I don't know what their story is. You should be safe with them.
    As for SGIS, we urgently need starshipwrights and engineers. A younger Williams, Rachael, made a deal to work for us for a year, providing we extracted her father."

    Johmer's shoulder left the wall as the transporter crunched over something that felt and sounded harder than mud.

    "What was that?"

    "AT-ST." Tim looked over, and Johmer could see tears on his face. "Where is my daughter?"

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  7. TheSilentInfluence

    TheSilentInfluence Outspoken and Enraged Mod of SWTV and SWC star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Elena Shan
    Outside Karl's Local, Downtown, Javin

    Elena watched with curiosity as the members of Joker Platoon before she broke out in a smile. Their good boys. I'll have to suggest leave more often.

    After they left and Animal drew her attention to him, she furrowed her brow and nodded back at him. "I won't let anything happened to you Animal." She said, her expression relaxing and tone soft before Elena paused and wrapped her fingers around his wrist gently, hoping she had his full attention. "Whatever you have to say to me is in pure confidentiality. Okay?"

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  8. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Sergeant First Class Adrias Stark
    Karl’s Local, Downtown Javin

    Adrias checked his pockets and managed to fish out a couple of credit chits. They held the value of 100 credits each. Hopefully that should be enough. “Will that do?” he showed them to Business.

    It was so annoying having to deal with the MPs and the ISB. The higher ups had a different opinion of what should constitute “good time” for the grunts. They expected them to be gentlemen and ladies, to sit down quietly and discuss classical music, theater and art.

    “We need to make him a bit more presentable first. Maybe get him in the bathroom, wash his face? Order him a cup of caf, it also helps with sobering up.”

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  9. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Trooper DW-418125 (Benjamin Jacob Waynes; "Face")
    A Shady Motel, Downtown, Javin

    Benjamin look to Stark and a smirk former at the corner of his mouth, "Ya know Sergeant, you're gonna be alright with us in Second Squad."

    It was the official acceptance of the Sergeant First Class into the ranks of second squad. If Benjamin Jacob Waynes ("Face") gave the new man a pass, then the others would follow his lead.

    They found a motel with a blinking sign outside and a rough exterior to match; instead of let Stark pay the full bill as was the plan (after all, the "new guy" had to pay his dues), Face chipped in half. The pair added a tip for the counter droid to keep quiet about the three Imperials---luckily droids out in the Outer Rim saw much less memory wipes as opposed to their Coreward cousins and the droid happily accepted and let the trio use the manager's refresher to wash Business up. Once that was done, before getting to their room, the duo helped a stumbling Animal towards the lobby area of the motel, the sober pair taking a scan of the area. The open area's tile floors spoke of better days far behind them, while the cheap yellow-tinted walls had a faint residue on sections. Three annoying ceiling fans ran at a slow speed---made annoying by a wobble sound in each---while the ceiling fan lights flickered every so often. The ceiling lights were mostly working, although a few were burnt out and one was flickering in the back. Aside from a standard assortment of cheap end tables and chairs to house guests, the serving counters attached to the walls on one end of the lobby had your standard fair: coffee, hot tea, milk, juices, cereal, bread, fruit, and some snack bars. Aside from a handful of ragtag guests that covered most alien groups across the galaxy and a handful of other fateful Imperial soldiers and sailors here & there, Face & Stark served up on some local drinks and food at the counters and found one of the many empty tables and chairs to sit at, putting Business at one end of the table as they say across from each other (the less-then-sober trooper was nodding in and out of the here & now as he drank his coffee with a bewildered look of drunk confusion on his face....but at least he was quiet about it and not making a scene).

    "So SpecOps, huh? Army or Corps?" Face asked, adding for clarification after he took a sip of the lukewarm coffee with a grimace, "I started Army. Had to get off the dust ball that is Tatooine," the former army grunted shrugged, "Like you, impressed a few people and then found my way into the Stormtrooper Corps," the trooper looked out the wall length window that spanned the opposite side of the lobby with security bars on the outside and the interior glass spray painted in areas; a local landspeeder rocketed passed, shuttering the weak windows, and two local Patrol Troopers on two C-PH Patrol Speeder Bikes sped after the reckless landspeeder. Face turned his attention back to Stark, "One day, though, I want to give my hand at moisture farming. Quiet life on Tatooine and you can turn a profit if you build enough connections. Just gotta be ready for those Tusken Raiders every so often. I figure the Army and Corps prepared me enough," Face chuckled, "Although, the Stormtrooper Corps keeps it interesting enough for now, that I don't think too much about moisture farming."

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    IC: DW-418121 ("Animal"; Craig Anthony Stewart)

    Outside Karl's Local, Downtown, Javin

    Animal flinched slightly at the touch of another human, but he gave the Lieutenant a moment before he withdrew as gracefully as he could. Not that he didn't enjoy the social interactions of culture and society, but more so because the memories of loss had made him cold to the prospect of socializing----even on a professional level---with anyone of the opposite gender. The mostly male Stormtrooper Corps had allowed him to surround himself with fellow men and the interaction of any females were usually done on mission or in the far eye squinting of some parade ground.

    It had allowed him to ignore that pain. That memory.

    He enjoyed the Lieutenant's professional company, but certain memories would make it impossible for the Master Sergeant to move beyond his own deepest, darkest pains and the realization that---if Elena would die today or tomorrow---he wouldn't shed a tear for her passing. Any emotion he had was drowned out by the Corps long ago and what remained was for his fellow men.

    Molly would want it that way anyways. She always said no one could share the bond they had as friends growing up since 7 years old together. Poor and ragtag friends that knew nothing more then friendship and loyalty. Even the emotionally charged teenage years couldn't separate the unofficial brother & sister duo. That was, however, until Animal's parents deaths. Molly had said Animal had changed then, had something dark and ugly grow inside of him now: anger, hatred, pain. Her visits to the orphanage grew less and less as time went on as Animal became more and more loss in the rigid routine of the Sub-Adult Group after his parents' deaths (which they had enrolled him into shortly before they both died). Without her "brother" by her side, Molly would fall into the wrong crowd in those discovering years as a teenager, found her "true love", and ran off into the sunset.

    By the time Animal was able to track her down years later, early in his Stormtrooper Corps career, Molly was living in a one bedroom apartment in one of the worse parts of Coronet City. By the time Animal found Molly, she was a horrible spice addict and little more then a pleasure slave for the people that supplied her spice. Her "true love" had turned her towards the drug years prior before "trading her" for the drug when he ran low on credits. She had worked low end, dead-end jobs and did whatever she had to do to ensure she got the spice she needed.

    That much Animal learned before Molly passed at the young age of 24 years old. The future Master Sergeant had got her help at a local hospital, but by the time Animal had found her---nearly a skeleton of herself mentally and horribly underweight and sickly pale---in the corner of her apartment, crumpled in blankets and shivering on the hottest day of the year, it would be too late. He had carried her in his arms to the hospital a block away and a week later, she was gone. But she wasn't gone before she remembered who Animal was, holding his hand and rambling on about their past adventures before lapsing into weird drug damage fueled episodes of near-crazy moments. She thanked him, hated him, loved him, and despised him all in that week. Moments of hope that she would recover would be crushed by realistic health troubles that drug addiction and unchecked pleasure trafficking had taken their toll on her body.

    In her last hours, he was her hero, as she would always say as kids growing up.

    He never felt like a hero after she died that day. Her frail body a reminder of his failure to protect the only person that ever cared for him and never expected anything in return for friendship and loyalty. But she had told him she was at peace, knowing that he had come back for her and it made her complete. Then, in the coldness of reality in this dark, crooked universe, she started slipping away from the land of the living. Her last moments were a crazed convulsion of paranoia as she pleaded Animal to not let her go, to save her from dying, then she died suddenly as her hand fell from his face and the other hand loosened over his shoulder, her limp body falling in a crooked position to the bed, her mouth gaping open as her eyes stared open to the ceiling at some unseen eternal end.

    He had chosen---from that moment on---to never let another human that close again, especially anyone he would dare call a sister. Molly had died with his heart that day and no one, sister or lover, would ever have it again. Women had come and gone in his life since Molly's death, but as much as they had used him for his military pay and benefits, he had used them in return and discarded them as coldly as trash after their usefulness was at an end. He cared for none of them and he suspected as much from them as well towards him, items to be used to gain a benefit for the immediate future before an uncertain end suddenly came upon either of them. In the Stormtrooper Corps, death was a daily thing while on deployment and relationships mirrored that life expectancy, at least for Animal.


    The NCO watched as a local landspeeder rocketed passed and towards the shadier motels down the way where Face, Stark, and Business had gone earlier---making people run & dive for safety who were near enough (luckily Animal and Elena were not too close)---and two local Patrol Troopers on two C-PH Patrol Speeder Bikes sped after the reckless driver. The Master Sergeant then turned to the Lieutenant and said, "Do you ever feel we're on the wrong side of this war?" he looked around at the surrounding city for a moment before turning back to the LT, "But the other side of the war is worse then the one you're fighting for now, so you know you're fighting for the lesser of two evils?"

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  10. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Stormtrooper ARA-2240 "Forty" (nrc), rock outcropping
    Location: Javin

    "Forty" stood guard on the rocky outcropping.

    In front of him, churning blue-grey waters were filled with the flotsam from that crashed starliner a few hundred metres offshore, whilst a hundred metres behind him, were the wave-runner docks, dozens of them, for the glistening Oversector Command complex that towered into the sky.

    That was how close that darned vessel had come to hitting them.

    It made no sense, that a civilian craft could get so close, unchallenged; yet officially authorised Imperials were stopped at the interplanetary way stations to get their IDs checked, and asked stupid questions:

    "Do you belong to a terrorist organisation, as defined by ISB or Imperial Intelligence?"

    "Have you ever mooned the Emperor over a holo-projected conversation?"

    Who in their right minds, would answer 'yes' to either of those questions, whilst standing before an Imperial Customs agent?

    ARA-2240 felt an odd sensation at ankle level, but his first attempt to see down there was thwarted by his helmet.

    Before he could pursue another method to see if there was a problem, his back hit the stone, and he was pulled, feet first, into the water, bubbling water closing over his head!

    He could feel something adhering to his armour in several places, and despite his best efforts, the trooper was unable to grasp at anything solid.

    Cold water squirted up his chin, then washed into and froze his face, as his helmet was ripped off.


    Twenty minutes later, ARA-2240, his pristine white armour, now scratched, both laterally, and in collections of circles, clambered out of the red, chum-filled water, his helmet back on.

    Sitting on his haunches as best the armour would let him, ARA-2240 put a thumb under the helmet's front rim, an inch below the vocoder.

    Pink water washed down the front of the chestplate.

    2240 glanced around to see if his antics had been spotted, then glanced down to the rock, which was being darkened by the water spattering off him.

    A pink tentacle, or the first several inches of it, at any rate, slapped onto the rock, after a second, changing color to match the different shades of the rock underneath it.

    The stormtrooper pointed a finger down at where he figured the pseudopod's owner would be, and thought: Go. Patrol north. Fast as you can, far as you can.

    The camouflaged tentacle slipped back into the water, with a quiet plip.

    2240 turned and ran to the docks, eager to get inside before that thing changed its mind.

    His boots, sliding over the rocks, gained surer footing, once he reached poured ferrocrete, and then reached the docks.

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Courage Stack & Lando Calrissian

    Lando collected the coin and the security key Courage had thrown in.

    "Better luck next time," Lando said with a flashy smile as he collected the winnings into a large bag.

    "No matter the winnings," Courage replied, "You still lost to Han Solo. And lost your ship to him. It'll never leave you."

    The table erupted into laughter.

    Lando's pride had been challenged and he couldn't let such a slight go unanswered. Lando showed Courage the true prize---his security key, "But, good sir, I have your security key. And last I heard, it was Five, five, three, a secondary ship, and thirty percent stake in your ownership here at the casino. So," Lando beamed as the table fell quiet with awe, "What you say co-owner? That I have a look at my new business here?" Lando smiled in victory and added with a flash of pride and a index finger pointed at Courage, "And, don't forget the ship. Especially Five, five, three."

    Courage never lost his smile as he produced a blaster pistol, "How about not?" Two white painted KX-series security droids with the Imperial crests removed and replaced with the casino's crest flanked Lando from out of the crowd of comers and goers behind the gaming table, making their approach stealthy and undetectable. Each droid carried a DH-17 blaster pistol, had a general combat utility belt around its waist, and a ammo belt across its chest from shoulder to hip.

    Lando didn't even look at the droids and kept his stare on Courage, moving uncomfortably under the weight of each droid's free hand on his shoulders. He smiled, if a bit resigned, "Cold," Lando said, nodding, "Cold," he tossed the security key onto the table, "I believe our deal has been altered to just the winnings and not the ship?"

    "Or the shared ownership of my casino," Courage added with a predatory grin, "But I'd like to think I'm a fair man and would let you keep your winnings."

    "Considering the circumstances," Lando said, "I would think that's a fair deal."

    The droids released Lando and the smuggler-turned-business owner stood up, straightening his shirt and cloak.

    "One more thing, Calrissian," Courage added, "Never show your face here again."

    "You won't have to worry," Lando said, "I don't plan on to."

    With that, Lando departed the table.

    Courage sat back, easing down with a smile as his two enforcer droids left, "Ah, some people just don't get it."

    Everyone around the table laughed nervously and started leaving, soon Courage was the last one left. A gold plated RA-7 Protocol Droid walked up shortly thereafter and approached Courage.

    "Master" the droid started, "Should I get the SCS-19 Sentinel ready?"

    "Yes A7," Courage said with a sigh, "The night was short, but fun. I do believe I need to retire before I crush anymore men like Lando," the man added, "I'll be down shortly. Can you please make sure the heat is set just right? The wind is picking up---I can hear it outside. It'll make for a cold night."

    "A course sir," the droid replied and walked away.

    Courage moved his feet around and put them up on the game table, shaking out a cigar from a tin case in his breast pocket and popped one of the cigars in his mouth, lightening it and taking a long drag before exhaling. He took his glass and drank what was left of his drink, before putting the cigar back on his mouth.

    Courage shook his head in self reflection on the recent events and smiled, "People."

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Elena Shan
    Outside Karl's Local, Downtown, Javin

    Elena stepped back when Animal gently pulled away and watched his expression. She hadn't been trying to overstep her bounds; but she didn't want Animal to feel alone either. Instead she placed her hands behind her back as she listened before her attention was caught by a passing speeder, and then once again turned to Animal at his question.

    She frowned, and felt a little insulted. "We're better then the Rebels. They taught us that in the Academy. I don't believe that we are on the wrong side." Elena said quietly. "But I can understand why you feel that way. I still wonder-" She shook her head and smiled, thinking about the Lasat family that she would never seen again because of the Empire. "-if maybe sometimes we should strive to be better. Have some kind of humanitarian corps." She laughed. "But...that's probably silly."

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: DW-418121 ("Animal"; Craig Anthony Stewart)
    Outside Karl's Local, Downtown, Javin

    Animal watched the expressions from the Lieutenant; he could tell she was less then comfortable saying the Empire was the wrong side.

    After the killing Animal had done in the name of order & security for the Empire---being shot as a traitor may be a blessing to put him out of his own dark thoughts and regrets.

    He chuckled at thought of the humanitarian corps and followed up the officer's last words with, "Yeah, silly," the Master Sergeant looked around and said, "Its getting late. With the DN in for repairs, all non-necessary flights in and out are prohibited from the Star Destroyer. We count as the unnecessary type," Animal smiled at his own comment that Stormtroopers were considered unnecessary and pointed his arms in both directions down the street, talking in turn with each up-and-down motion of his index fingers, "Shady, cheap part of town. About a hundred credits a night. Or," he pointed with the other finger opposite the direction that Stark, Face, and Business went, "don't have to worry about getting killed in your sleep motels, roughly two to three hundred credits a night. With this being a frequent Imperial Military stopover point, the locals have skyrocketed the prices either way."

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Commodore Valentino Mazzanti & Captain Duke P. (Patrick) Totter
    Ready Room (Commanding Officer), Darkest Night, orbiting planet of Javin for light repairs, restocking, and refueling

    Valentino looked out the spanning view port from the ready room, the planet of Javin as close and detailed as ever. A steady string of Zeta-class Cargo Shuttles and several Eta-class Supply Barges from the army garrison and numerous maintenance & repair facilities, as well as supply & fuel depots, based on Javin came to and from the Star Destroyer. The Darkest Night was given priority over all other functions on the planet of Javin and the full weight of the Empire's resources and manpower were directed at the Imperial Praetorian-class Star Destroyer. Ships midway through repairs and resupplies were halted while all off duty personnel were called in. The number of technicians and other maintenance personnel from the planet's surface almost matched the Star Destroyer's own skeleton crew and they're own technicians and repair personnel, which made security a bit of a headache, but one that was manageable by the right personnel like Chief of Security Gotz Richter. Rumor was the new security chief and his greatly reduced security detail of mostly Imperial Navy Troopers & a handful of Stormtroopers had already busted 3 people from the planet's surface who lacked the proper security clearance to be on this assignment (on a secondary security scan of clearances)---it wasn't that the personnel were doing anything wrong, rather that their commanding officers had goofed up the orders & clearances and once the misunderstanding was cleared, the 3 Javin techs were released back to work.

    A Altor-class Replenishment Ship refueled the Star Destroyer and the whole operation, from cargo vessels from the planet to refueling by the Altor, were being jealously guarded by a single command ship (a Arquitens-class Command Cruiser), 2 Imperial Light Cruisers, and 4 Gozanti-class Cruisers. TIE Fighters zoomed in and around the whole operation on patrol, often in pairs or in trios.

    Amidst the organized chaos that would see the Darkest Night ready for another deployment in record time, the Ready Room was one of the few areas on the Star Destroyer that didn't see a technician or two working on some system, repairing internal piping or other systems, or repainting a overused part of a door. It was in this quietness that Valentino was able to start to lay the framework for the following operation into the Unknown Regions.

    The Commodore's eyes watched as a Gozanti-class Cruiser passed lazily by, its four TIE Fighters still mounted on hooks as a pair of other TIE Fighters danced over and then swooped under the cruiser and back out again in a S formation and then rocketed up and past the ready room's viewport.

    Valentino brought the cup of whisky to his lips and sipped on it, the drink's amber coloring reflecting off the viewport, as his other hand was behind his back. He turned from the window and walked back towards the desk, where he walked around his second-in-command took the proper seat behind the desk for the commanding officer.

    "Commodore Englewood had a taste for style," Valentino noted as he looked around the room and the brought his eyes to bear on the Captain, "I think I'll keep it the same."

    "Peter would appreciate that," Duke said, looking up to the ceiling for a moment, "Force knows he's looking down on us now."

    "You believe in that old religion, don't you?"

    "I saw it first hand, sir," Duke replied, adding, "So did you, as your service record shows. So I wouldn't call it a old religion. Just not practiced."

    "The Jedi were traitors, Captain, to the Galactic Republic. Their religion is dead. As is their memory. The New Order rose from the ashes of that betrayal and replaced the bloated and corrupt Galactic Republic for which the Jedi engineered its downturn. That, Captain, is all that will be entertained of the Jedi and their betrayal from here on out. Are we understood?"

    "A course, Commodore," Duke replied, the shock from the Commodore's black-and-white response wearing off after a moment, "I'll send out a memo restating the Empire's stance in such matters and ensure Command Subordinates and Crew Officers instruct their crews."

    "Security Chief Gotz Richter will follow-up, Captain, in case anyone needs a in-depth review on the New Order," the Commodore pushed a datapad across the desk, "These are the ranks and names of personnel that the Imperial Security Bureau flagged when I took over this command."

    Duke took the data-pad and read through the list briefly, his eyes growing big as he looked up from the pad and at the Commodore a long minute later, "Sir, there's several thousand names here. Good men and women, sir, loyal to the Empire."

    "Four thousand and three," Valentino replied, "To be exact. And good men and women or not, Captain, these personnel showed repeated patterns of behavior not in line with the New Order, both in uniform and out of uniform. They were loyal to Commodore Englewood and officers such as yourself, Captain. A strong and desired trait to be sure for any commanding officer, but not one that will be able to sustain us going forward.

    "Loyalty must be to the Empire itself and only the Empire, not to a commanding officer. In words of our own not so distance past, Coruscant was not built in a day, nor did the Galactic Republic fall in a day. Loyalty to a officer and not the Government State causes the vision as a whole to waste away. The Clone Wars could have been avoided if the Galactic Republic's senators and other government functions were loyal to the Republican government body and not their own self interests. Such a time, Captain, as we face now. If left unchecked, we are weakened by those we trust the most."

    "All of them, sir?" Duke asked.

    "No, only the ones highlighted in red. They will have their new orders cut today and transferred to other commands. New replacements are already en-route and should be here by tomorrow. Names in yellow will be watched closely by Chief Richter. Names not highlighted are warned, henceforth."

    "I see, sir," Duke replied, his face rejected.

    "A number of your close comrades on that list, Captain?"

    Duke nodded, "Yes, sir," the second-in-command paused, then added, "Permission to speak freely?"

    "Granted," Valentino replied.

    "I am one of those officers that the crew are loyal to. What happens to me? My name isn't on this list."

    "For good reason, Captain," the Commodore replied, "Unless you want me to add your name to it?"

    Duke shook his head, "A course not, sir."

    "What I thought," Valentino replied, "I understand that you and the late Commodore were close?"

    Duke nodded, "He saved my career, sir."

    "He did. But he also threatened to resign if you were not put back as his second-in-command after Operation Home Base. Which speaks volumes of both his character and yours. The Darkest Night is one of the best commands in the whole Imperial Starfleet. Only a fool would skip an opportunity like this to take this command and only a greater fool would take this command thinking he or she could simply strong-arm their way into the Darkest Night. It is the officers and veteran enlisted crew that have made the Darkest Night what it is today, Captain. You included in that. We will have growing pains and have tough moments as we see friends depart and go, but a single ant can bring down a dam. We are the dam and we must not allow a ant to destroy the strength of what makes us great."

    "What makes the Darkest Night great, Commodore?" Duke asked.

    "Loyalty," Valentino replied, "Loyalty to the Empire and to each other."

    Duke nodded, quietly filing away that response mentally as the closet thing to state propaganda that he could think out, then asked, "What's next, sir?"

    "Promotions up and down the ranks," Valentino signaled for Duke to push on the next arrow button on the screen, "Files I reviewed on my journey to the Darkest Night. Some were pending recommendations by Commodore Englewood himself. But most are promotions that I feel were needed."

    "Commander?" Duke looked up to Valentino, "You're making Senior Lieutenant Steadfast a Commander?"

    "Is there a problem with that promotion?"

    "No, sir," Duke replied, adding, "He just won't shut up about it for the next month once he finds out."

    "A long overdo promotion and one sorely needed," Valentino added, "He's the only Senior Lieutenant in a Second Officer's post aboard a Star Destroyer in the entire Imperial Navy according to the reports I brought up. While I understand Humanocentrism is well ingrained into our military and political systems within the Empire, I would like to think that we're not so blinded as to ignore true skill and a belief that one's own skin is not how we should judge any human or alien's character."

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Gotz Richter & Staff Sergeant Oak
    Primary (Rear) Hanger Bay, Darkest Night

    Staff Sergeant Oak finished checking the last technician's Imperial ID---swiping the card through his datapad and scanning it---and then handed it back to him after the lights on his datapad flashed green and waived the last technician through. The Zeta-class Cargo Shuttle behind the now former line was already lifting off and heading to exit the massive hanger bay, which was a fury of activity. The newly minted Staff Sergeant was the chief NCO running the Imperial Navy Trooper detail which was put in charge of checking and screening arriving and departing planet-side technicians and other Imperial personnel. Of the 3 "check-in" stations, each being roped off with a laser wall reaching 12 feet high and running wall-to-wall of the hanger, had further crowd control cones directing traffic to enter or exit through the two temporary security & bio scanners. Each station had two Navy Troopers each running the scanners, while two Navy Troopers directed traffic in front of the scanners and a fifth trooper scanned Imperial IDs behind the scanners for those arriving, while a sixth and seventh trooper provided additional security behind the scanners with the ID scanner, and a eight and ninth navy trooper patrolled up and down along the inside of the laser wall fro wall-to-wall. A single Stormtrooper stood sentry at each station in between and in front of the two scanners to reinforce the rule of law with extra force if needed. While the ten-personnel scanning areas were crude, they were effective at directing traffic flow and providing some form of security. Behind the 3 station security check-point, four Stormtroopers flanked the massive blast doors (2 to either side) leading into the Star Destroyer proper, with another two Stormtroopers flanking on the opposite side of the blast doors to either side.

    "Security Chief approaching, Staff Sergeant," said one of the Navy Troopers from behind, which caused Staff Sergeant Oak to turn around swiftly and snap to attention once he realized the new chief of security was making a B-line towards him.

    "Staff Sergeant," Richter said with two Navy Troopers flanking him and an administrative navy ensign between the guards and him, the aid juggling several data-pads and other paper files.

    "Chief!" Oak replied sharply as his feet snapped together.

    "Report?" Richter said.

    Oak relaxed, putting his hands behind his back, "Check-point Alpha secure, sir. We've adopted your new scanning suggestions and input the new guidelines into the datapads. We've had a eight-five percent increase in spotting improper order clearances matching identifications. We've sent one hundred and seventeen order confirmation requests to commanding officers."

    "They're replies?"

    "Within recommended response times with communications labeled urgent, sir. But they seem less then pleased with us."

    "That's not our problem, Staff Sergeant. That's their problem for a lack of efficiency. We must do our job to secure the Star Destroyer against all threats and do so in a matter worthy of the Empire and its citizen body that we protect and serve."

    "A course, Chief," Oak replied.

    "Carry on, Staff Sergeant."

    "As ordered, Chief!" Oak replied and snapped his feet together as the security chief turned and walked away. Once the man was a safe distance away and heading towards the large interior blast doors leading out of the hanger and into the ship proper, one of Oak's troopers turned to him.

    "And I thought Shinzon had a stick up his arse."

    Oak shrugged, "Sticks come in different sizes."

    "I'm sure the new chief's is the pointy type dipped in acid for extra burn."

    Oak shrugged as the deck officer came walking over, "Staff Sergeant, that's the last of the incoming personnel shuttles. Only cargo and resupply shipments are left. All other personnel are departures only."

    Oak nodded, "Thank you."

    As the deck officer walked away, the trooper talking previously asked, "Rusty, you hear the rumors you're getting the crimson star for your actions on the Sentry Moon?"

    The Staff Sergeant nodded, the voices of war and death echoing in his head from that fateful day. He knew this particular navy trooper wasn't with him on that mission and so he wouldn't know what really happened down on that forest moon that day. Regardless, he was part of the Staff Sergeant's new command.

    "So I hear. But the dead deserve it, not the living."

    The trooper was caught off guard by the Staff Sergeant's sudden dark and forbidding voice as the NCO turned back to the next batch of 3 arriving Eta-class Supply Barges that started arriving up through the hanger bay's open bottom bay.

    "Yeah Sarge," the trooper said, watching the NCO turn away and his voice trailed off in turn, "Whatever you say...."

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Sergeant Ruescott Melshi, Devon Robie, K-2SO, Kamali, Pike, Fluffy cargo bay
    Location: Wobani labor prison

    Peering round the edge of the cargo hatch, Ruescott watched the Juggernaut thunder and splash away towards the buildings.

    He put his finger to his right earpiece, so he could talk to the Rodian captain upstairs: "We are potentially going to have TIEs on us, within two standard minutes. What do you wanna do?"

    "First of all, I want that fire dealt with. Then someone up here to man the guns."

    "On it. K-2, Pike, you two tackle the blaze." He directed the former Imperial security droid, and one of his soldiers, to find fire extinguishers, then turned away from the opening, to the girl next to him. "Kamali, upstairs; help the captain with the ship guns."

    "Sir." She pushed herself off the wall, slung her carbine over her shoulder, and headed aft (back) for the narrow route through the burning boxes, pushing her green scarf up over her nose and mouth.

    The lumbering droid towered over her and the boxes, to her right. "I would assume the extinguishers to be along the walls?"

    "What about me?" The remaining member of the Rebel team, piped up, from his new position on the other side of the hatch.

    "We stay put. In case Erso and Williams make it back, we can provide covering fire. Make sure not to fall out, if we suddenly need to take off. Whoa!" The team leader jerked back from a cloud of glowing embers, as the droid tossed a fiery box outside.

    "That was too far gone to save." It advised, turning and stomping back into the billowing black smoke.

    Since heat rises, Kamali was very glad that the hatch at the top of the spiral stairwell was unlocked. She stepped through and swung it shut behind her to keep the bridge air clean, finding the Rodian captain, and the Williams' femme sitting at consoles.

    She exchanged nods with the other woman, then looked at Robie. "Private Kamali reporting for duty; where do you need me?"

    Like her, the alien was in tans and greens, but it was clear from the cuts and fabrics used, which were for infantry work, and which was ship-wear.

    "So what heavy weapons training do you have?

    "I trained in piloting and heavy weapons at Imperial Starfleet, but washed out with low piloting grades. H.W. is what I'm good at, and I doubt your Golan Arms turrets are going to cause me an issue." She sat in the indicated chair, and swivelled it to her controls, gripping a joystick and hearing hydraulic movement from the right-sided boom that extended forwards from the main hull. "Who has the left turret?"

    "That would be me." Rachael advised. "I learned on the job, with S.A.G.E. I'm handling ground threats, while you are keeping TIEs off us till we are out of here.

    To be continued...
  17. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Winterkill

    Despite not actively mingling with the affluent crowd, Winterkill remained at the Captain’s side, as he kept his eyes and ears fully engaged, actively seeking-out their designated target.

    Well, it didn’t take long for all attention to gravitate towards the central gambling table, where not one, but two men which fit the description the captain had given, faced off against each other in a game of Sabacc. Both men had an imposing demeanor, an air of unmatched importance- and capes.

    Winterkill watched and listened carefully to see what he might learn. He eyed Havah whom he could still make out in the crowd and communicated with him silently via signs.

    It soon became clear to the nagai that the game was one which tested one’s wits, along with one’s willingness to part with their riches- something that would happen sooner or later regardless.

    Blue eyes.

    ‘Lord Visor’ had mentioned their target had blue eyes and greying red hair and beard. Out of the two men, one was light of skin, while the other had a darker tone. This made identifying their target easier than anticipated. Indeed, that was the easy part. The trick here would be to gain an audience with him.

    Winterkill tried and failed to understand how these men managed to experience any sort of ‘thrill’ risking their riches the way they did. He understood ‘thrill seekers’, those who risked their lives while performing reckless acts, like piloting a starfighter without shields through an asteroid field, for example - or entering a no-holds barred, vale tudo prize fighting octagon.

    Risking one’s riches in a card game was just puzzling- yet, it seemed like a very popular thing to do.

    Still, given the popularity of the practice, he was sure to learn something useful from it.

    It was quite curious to see the reactions of the spectators as the two men gambled each other, back and forth. Their target, Courage Stack and his opponent, outclassed all others and cleaned-out all opposition until just the two of them were left.

    A game of wits, nerves and tactics Winterkill surmised, amending his knowledge as the match progressed. He found himself growing more intrigued by the encounter.

    From what he understood, the dark man had won the game, but all was not well- given the droids, the blasters and the follow-up resolution. The nagai couldn’t say he was surprised by the outcome, which had no bearing on their current mission.

    In short order, the ‘winner’ departed with only a portion of his spoils, and their target paused to enjoy a drink and a smoke, looking smug and self-satisfied.

    Immediately, Winterkill signed to Havah across the room.

    Opportunity to approach

    The man was a risk taker who now needed to be shown Lord Visor’s bait.

    “Lord Visor…” the nagai intoned just so the Captain could hear.

    “Target is clear.”

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Sergeant First Class Adrias Stark
    A Shady Motel, Downtown, Javin

    Adrias had seen some seedy places on the different worlds that he had been. They kind of had their own charm, if you ignore the dirt, old furniture, the food that might poison you and of course the patrons… He felt like in those detective holomovies where the main character finds a dead body surrounded by needles and unsavory substances. Or he and a girl are hiding from their pursuers then fall in love...

    The coffee that he was drinking was alright, if he did not think much about it. He watched with a mild interest the pursuit that was going on outside. The Sergeant was tired, it had been a long day, and the alcohol that he had drunk did not help either. But they had to sober the guy up before they could get some rest.

    “I was part of the Corps...” he started “Took part in the pacification of Mimban, still shudder when I see mud or downpour of rain.” Adrias was not so proud of that mission, but there was no point in sharing, though he was sure that Face had traumatic experiences of his own. They all did, that was part of the job description. Adrias wondered what happened to that guy… Solo was his name, probably got himself killed or is spending his time in a penal colony for insubordination “I am an army brat… well navy, since my father is...” he paused not sure whether to say it or not, but one way or another the Squad will surely learn it, so it was better they do it from him “... is an Admiral, so I guess I will remain in the military.” He shrugged but did not mention his desire to become a Death Trooper, not everyone could understand.

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  19. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Rick Taller (& company)

    The man was a risk taker who now needed to be shown Lord Visor’s bait.

    “Lord Visor…” the nagai intoned just so the Captain could hear.

    “Target is clear.”

    Taller replied, "Signal Jeth to keep an eye out for those droids," Rick stood up, wiping his mouth with a napkin, then said, "You're with me Winterkill."

    Rick strode across the distance between the side tables and central gambling table. He called out in a confident swagger only a man overly confident of himself or a complete fool could.

    "Courage Stack!" Taller barked, gaining the retired businessman's attention as Taller came and all but invited himself to the table, taking out a chair and sitting down.

    "And who are you?" Courage said back.

    "Lord Visor," Taller replied, flashing a smile, "Mining Guild."

    "Not interested Visor," Stack said, easily dismissing the man as he turned his face to a group of Twi'lek dancers walking across his vision in the distance.

    "I didn't ask if you were," Taller replied, throwing a pair of boots up onto the table with the legs behind them crossed, "And its Lord," Taller corrected, "Lord Visor," Rick looked to a half drank glass near him and grabbed the drink, looking at the besides himself-Courage Stack as the larger businessman stared Rick down. Taller gave a lopsided grin towards Courage, "I get really insulted when people forget the Lord part. I worked hard to get that title," Rick took a sip of the drink and said to Courage, "Wouldn't you agree?"

    "My droids will---"

    Taller held up a finger, "Now that's a step too far! You may be able to intimidate some yellow shirted fellow wearing a cape flashing more fake promises then a one-night stand with a Wookiee. But I have a Nagai bodyguard behind me who knows more things about torture and suffering then you could ever dream of," Taller allowed Courage to follow his eyes to Winterkill standing behind him, then Taller added, "As for your droids, well," Taller smirked, "Lets just say my Arkanian guard has been looking forward to some sparring practice. His last training---well, lets just say the droids didn't make it past twenty seconds. And there was four of them."

    "Are you threatening me?" Courage spoke, his anger besides himself.

    "Threaten---ing," Taller said, "Would imply I have something to loose," Rick wasted no time and produced a blaster pistol from his holster as he still relaxed with his feet up on the table and a drink in his other hand, "You have been threat---ened."

    Courage started laughing, boasting, "You think you can come into my casino and tell me what to do?" His voice was barking so loud that the whole place stopped and turned to the noise at the center table.

    "Yes, in fact, I do," Taller replied, adding as he glanced at Winterkill to give Havah a signal, "Instruct our Arkanian friend to disable the droids."

    "Not so fast!" two tux suited humans, a Rodian tux suit, and a Bith tux suit emerged from the crowd opposite of Taller across the table, all of them sporting stun batons ripping with blue energy in one hand and DL-18 Blaster Pistols clearly visible and reversed holstered inside their tux coats along the side of their torsos, "Mr Courage doesn't deal with insults."

    "I have more of them," Courage said, adding, "Privately well-paid security," the businessman turned his inside wrist to show a luxury comm watch with a red button on the side, "One push and this place will be swarming with armed guards."

    Taller stared down the businessman, "You'll need them," Taller directed his next words to Winterkill, although his eyes never left Courage, "Would you please take care of those armed men?"

    Taller kept a blaster trained on Courage as the place fell into chaos as innocents started running for cover as the two droids started to approach, which Havah would disable, and the four guards rushed towards Winterkill in blind rage. For Taller and Courage, the two kept staring at each other, one with a blaster, the other with a cigar, and both with fine drinks in their hands as they sipped away, carefree of the chaos that happened all around them.

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  20. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Trooper DW-418125 (Benjamin Jacob Waynes; "Face")
    A Shady Motel, Downtown, Javin

    Benjamin's eyebrows shot up and his eyes went big, "An Admiral!" he whistled quietly, "Now, that's a tall order!" After his smile and amazement faded, Face looked at Stark, "But do you want to be in the military? Or is it more to please the old man?"

    Face didn't want to push too much, but after all, some of the best soldiers he had ever served with---Imperial Army or Stormtrooper Corps---were the ones that had made a decision somewhere along the line in their service that this was the job they wanted to be doing, not their parents' dream for them or some end-of-high school recruiter's idea, or even some effort to please a girl back home. It was their job and their choice, however long it took for them to realize that.

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  21. TheSilentInfluence

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Elena Shan
    Outside Karl's Local, Downtown, Javin

    Elena regarded Animal carefully and wondered if he was just tired. She made a note in her head to bring it up again later and turned toward the direction of the less seedier motels. "I'd rather not get murdered in my sleep." She started to walk towards the nicer hotels. "And a good sleep sounds nice right about now." She carefully watched the street and stopped. "We can talk about Joker Platoon getting a new assignment when you're more sober Animal." Elena added, almost too quietly. "I will see what I can do."

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  22. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: DW-418121 ("Animal"; Craig Anthony Stewart)
    Outside Karl's Local, Downtown, Javin

    Animal and Elena walked towards the nicer part of town. Aside from a few nods and waves of hello to fellow Imperials either walking their same direction or the opposite direction, the pair remained oddly quiet, something that would have been unexpected a day ago considering their rather quick familiarity with each other during Animal's assignment to get the Lieutenant up to speed on Joker Platoon. The few words they did share, however, were regarding a motel that seemed a few grades up from the ones they had just passed. They booked their own rooms and, luckily, the rooms were at least on the same floor, if not necessarily right by each other.

    By the time the Lieutenant and Master Sergeant parted ways in the motel's third floor hallway, Animal was starting to feel the affects of a long few days mixed with a night of drinking. Once inside the confines of his own motel room, the NCO acquainted himself with the necessities within the room---where the soap and other shower items were, the small refrigerator (stocked with bottled waters and snacks) on the floor under the desk with office chair, the dresser drawer besides the desk, the two chairs flanking the circular coffee table by the window, the holo screen hanging on the wall above the dresser and work desk, the bed opposite the holo screen (and desk & dresser), the single sink and morning preparation area between the desk and the refresher (and opposite that a closet for clothes), and the refresher complete with a single standing shower near the entrance/exit door. The motel's window overlooked the downtown area and the Imperial Military spaceport in the near distance.

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  23. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Johmer Evanson, Tim Williams, Jyn Erso, hijacked Juggernaut.
    Location: Wobani labour prison, Wobani

    "Sir, Rachael Williams is aboard the ship that we tried to entice you aboard, and that you set on fire."

    Tim nodded slowly up at the jedi, steering abruptly to the left, which bumped Jyn's shoulder into his, and almost shifted Evanson from his perch.

    Erso, eyes widened dramatically and she scrambled to pull the band of safety webbing down over her right shoulder, and clip it securely by her left hip.

    "This does not-" She started to say.

    Johmer felt the floor push gently against the soles of his boots, as the wheeled behemoth started up an incline.

    Williams took on a steely-eyed expression, jammed his foot on the accelerator as his fellow prisoner's voice continued to rise.

    "-seem very WWWIIIZZZE!!!" She finished, trying to turn from the window and shrink into her seat.


    There was a massive impact and everything went dark....


    "Johmer! Johmer, report!"

    His friend's voice in his ear, was what roused the prone jedi. He was on the floor, felt like he hurt all over, and managed to do enough of a press up to role off the dead stormtrooper, staring up into the darkness.

    A darkness out of which he heard the girl's moaning that mirrored how he felt.

    The vehicle no longer seemed to be moving. He couldn't feel the thrum of it's powerful engine, any more.

    "You missed the barn." Jyn accused.

    "What barn?" Williams' voice.

    "You know what I mean; the barracks. I don't think our wheels even scratched the roof."

    Johmer wasn't getting any sense out of these two, so finally responded to his friend's entreaties, and gave him a basic rundown of his health status.
    "I'm alive. What happened?"

    The Rodian relayed that they had driven up a muddy hillock with enough vim to go airborne, and were now half-embedded in the side of the Administration Tower, maybe three standard levels off the ground.

    Without moving, as there did not seem to be much point at this stage, Johmer passed this news to his driving 'buddies', adding, "Not wishing to sound critical, but this has got to be the most squandered rescue in galactic history."

    "Only if we get captured, Son." Tim gruffed, out of the darkness.

    "Oh? You foresee a scenario where we get out of this, Old Man?"

    "Less of the Old Man. The back hatch is still open. Your ship can come in and pick us up, can't it?"

    Evanzon sighed and unclipped his lightsabre, applying the Force to lift it up from his grasp and into the air while he lay there. "Alright, stay in your seats and keep your arms in. I'm turning on my lightsabre for a bit of light, and we don't want any accidents."

    "Or any more." The girl quipped in the darkness.

    "No need to keep going on about it." Tim complained. "No plan survives contact with the enemy, as the saying goes. Now go ahead and turn your glowy stick on."

    The green glow galvanised the trio, and the jedi floated it safely out of the way as they extricated themselves from the driving cab, and clambered towards the back, the route more complicated without proper lumis to guide them, and with the floor canted and creaking around them.

    To be continued...
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  24. TheSilentInfluence

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Elena Shan
    Outside Karl's Local, Downtown, Javin

    The moment the hotel door shut and locked behind her; Elena removed her shoes, cap and jacket, leaving them neatly on one of the chairs and turned on the holo-screen. It began playing some newscast about the Empire; and Elena hit the mute button before heading to the fresher to get cleaned up. She showered and changed into something a little more comfortable as she felt the edges of sleep begin to pull at her.

    Elena crawled under the covers, choosing to leave the blinds open as she tried to drift off to sleep; but found herself thinking about what lay ahead, and what she had already been through. Animal had mentioned how the Rebels might be less worse then the Empire; but Elena didn't believe it. They were helping the galaxy get better. How could he not see that?

    She continued to look outside, not realising that she was starting to fall asleep. I don't want to lose anyone to those Rebels. Elena thought quietly, slowly drifting off into a restless sleep.

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  25. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: DW-418121 ("Animal"; Craig Anthony Stewart)
    Galactic Seas motel, Downtown, Javin

    Animal allowed the luxuries of civilian living to wash down his body as he stood in the shower with his head held high as he looked upwards towards the ceiling with his eyes closed, the real water (verses a sonic shower on a military starship or planetary garrison barracks) running down his body and creating a feeling of relief, relaxation, and pure & utter bliss. The steam that rolled out of the near-ceiling high transparent shower walls and into the rest of the refresher was the icing on the cake; the steam soaked into the Master Sergeant's rough, coarse skin. The flagellation scars across his back were a reminder of his time as a prisoner of war, as were the burn scaring and several other ill-healed scars across his torso & chest (and back), with more minimal reminders on his arms of the torture he endured as a prisoner of war. Other various ill-healed scars dotted his chest and torso from seeing sustained combat within the Stormtrooper Corps.

    One of his lesser scars was a minimal post surgery remnant from a blaster impact on his left thigh, while contrary to that scar, a blaster scar ran across his right shoulder. His torso, under his right rib cage, showed the nasty remnants of a ill-healed blaster scar that had actually burned through his armor and body glove and had soaked into his skin next, the previously flaming armor & underneath body glove, had warped and scarred the skin, leaving visibly disfigured burn & surgery scars on the area.

    The colorized tattoo of Joker Platoon's symbol on his right arm, the black Imperial Crest tattoo on his left pectoral, and the Death's Whisper Legion words tattooed in black cursive words up his left rib cage/torso added texture to his life as an Imperial Stormtrooper.

    One by one, Animal started with his hair and then worked his way down his body, soaping up his rough skin and letting the natural body cleaner soak into his skin. Finally, well over 30 minutes later, the NCO stepped out of the shower with a bath towel around his waist. The NCO opened up the door to the refresher, allowing the steam to billow out, and then he used a unused towel from the towel rack to scrape the excess steam build-up off the mirror. Animal lit a cigarette and took a few puffs before he started shaving his face while keeping the cigarette in his mouth, shaving off the already forming five o'clock shadow that had formed since his morning shave. After that was done, he took his cigarette and the glass of whiskey in the refresher and walked out into the motel room and made it to one of the two over-sized chairs flanking the small coffee table. Once he got soaked into the chair, he put the drink beside him on the coffee table and grabbed the viewscreen remote and started flipping through channels.

    Overtime, the busyness of the night life started to slow down outside the motel room's window and that time reflected Animal's own awareness to the world as his eyes had long ago closed to the lights & sounds of the viewscreen.



    10 seconds passes...


    Another 10 seconds passes...


    Animal snapped awake, the viewscreen still playing whatever late night show now aired. The beeping noise was coming from the motel's service phone and the NCO looked around his motel room, his vision still blurry as he became fully awake.


    10 seconds passes...


    Another 10 seconds passes...


    The Master Sergeant looked back over the chair and out his window, where the dead of night was all but certain to slow the activity of the city. Only traffic lights, business security lights, street lamps, and the every-so-often landspeeder speed through the city's landscape. An even rarer sight was the launch and landings of starships and other planetary aircraft.

    Looking back to the coffee table, the whiskey glass had a bit of the amber liquid left at the bottom and the remnants of his cigarette in the glass. The NCO grimaced at that sight, hating when he ruined a good drink when he disposed of his smoking habits in them.


    10 seconds passes...


    Another 10 seconds passes...


    Animal sighed as he got up and shuffled towards the red button flashing & beeping sound service phone.

    "Yeah," the Master Sergeant spoke into the phone gruffly.

    "Mr. Craig Stewart?" came back the mechanical voice.

    "Yeah, that's me," Animal replied, looking around for a pack of cigarettes.

    "Mr. Stewart, this is A-Two-Nine-Three-3PO, your front desk clerk."

    "Yeah," Animal said, finding a mostly depleted pack of cigarettes and a lighter, withdrawing the cigarette from the pack and grabbing the lighter.

    "I have wonderful news for you, sir!" The droid replied so excitedly, that Animal thought the droid was tripping over himself in excitement.

    "Is that so?" the Master Sergeant replied, putting the cigarette in his mouth and lighting it. He tossed the lighter to the table and spoke with a cigarette in his mouth, "Did I win the Intergalactic Lottery?"

    The droid sounded confused, "The lottery? A course not, sir!"

    "Well, sith," Animal said, rolling his eyes as he took a drag off his cigarette and exhaled the smoke, "Well, there goes my retirement plans."

    "Retirement, sir?" the droid sounded thoroughly confused now and Animal could almost hear the droid's processors working over time trying to formulate a response, "Mr. Stewart, are you feeling alright? Your sounding rather strange, talking about winning a lottery and retirement. Are you in need of medical assistance?"

    Animal shook his head, "Nope. Look droid, you called me," the NCO was making the hand gestures ill regardless of the physical droid being present or not, "What did you have to tell me?"

    "Sir, your military uniform is washed, dried, and pressed. Its ready for your immediate pick-up at your earliest convenience at the lobby level, VIP Cleaning Service room."

    Animal looked at the digital clock on the phone, "You call two in the morning convenience? You couldn't have called me later in the morning? I was sleeping."

    "Mr. Stewart, I do apologize, but all Imperial uniforms are automatically marked as being cleaned first and returned as quickly as possible. It is a standard operating policy the city had this motel and all other motels sign onto with the military base in town. Although I can assure you, sir, our cleaning, drying, and pressing methods are superior to all other motels here in town."

    "I see," Animal said, adding, "I'll be down in a bit."

    The NCO hung up the phone without another word and went to the closet; opening it up, he saw a one-size-fits-most gray bath robe and brown slippers. He took off the cleaning tags that indicated when they were last cleaned and to show they hadn't been used since. Tosing his shower towel onto the bed, he put on undergarments, fashioned the robe to his body once he took it off the hanger in the closet, and slipped on the slippers that he withdrew from the floor of the closet. Closing the closet door, he walked over to the desk where there was a coffee machine maker. He made a quick cup of black coffee, smiling at the motel's brand symbol, name, comm number, and HoloNet address location on the cup; ever the marketers, weren't they?

    Once the coffee machine was done, he made sure to grab his room card and military comlink on the desk and stuffed them into a pocket on his bath robe, then he grabbed the white coffee cup and headed out of his room. The hallways were quiet and mostly abandoned, so only his shuffling slippers, rubbing robe against his body, and his own sipping of his coffee were mostly the only sounds he had heard. The once in a while mechanical groan from the wall or piping could be heard, but that was it. Taking the turbolift down to the lobby level, Animal made his way towards the VIP Cleaning Service room. After using his room card to gain access, he came across a single droid in the room: a red plated SA-5 Protocol Droid standing behind the desk, with two black plated GL Vendor Droids working the large and complex VIP Cleaning Service room, which ran backwards for a bit and including washing and drying machines, traditional open air drying racks, and most high-end and expensive steam dry cleaning machines closer up for customers to view more clearly. Dry cleaned clothes were wrapped in a plastic covering and hung on a rotating track that ran on the exterior edges of the room in a giant oval.

    "Name?" the red plated SA-5 droid asked in as much a dull mechanical voice as possible.

    "Craig Stewart," Animal replied.

    The droid looked up the NCO's name in the computer screen in front of him, then pointed out the card reader on the desk.

    "Please swipe your room identification card," the droid's robotic voice replied.

    Animal dug out his room card again and swiped the card in the reader; the light on the reader went from red to green.

    "Thank you Mr. Stewart," the protocol droid replied. pushing a button the desk that alerted the black plated two vendor droids with a number appearing on a viewscreen above. Soon, Stewart's uniform was brought to him.

    "Thank you," Animal said.

    "You are welcome," the droid replied, adding, "Thank you for using Galactic Seas' VIP Cleaning Service. Enjoy the rest of your stay with us."

    Leaving the VIP room, Animal made his way to the dark coffee colored carpeted lobby area where overstuffed reclining dark red chairs, couches, and brown coffee tables were laid out in a circular fashion around a thick central dark wooden supporting pole of the building, with four large viewscreens on each side of the pole various news and sports shows at the 2 am hour.

    Finding one of the empty seats, Animal went to sit down, but before he did, he had to waive back at the overly excited gold played protocol droid at the front desk, known as A-Two-Nine-Three-3PO. Laying his cleaned uniform carefully on a long table in front of him, Animal relaxed into one of the recliners and watched the endless going news cycle as he sipped on his coffee.

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