Beyond - Legends Perks of Being Married (L/M February Challenge)

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    Title: Famous Last Words
    By Nyota’s Heart
    Genre: Snarky mush
    Timeframe: After parenthood—Au to Legends EU, so earlier and different younglings.
    Summary: Mara is pregnant again and feeling it!
    Note: For the Luke/Mara discussion thread February challenge. We had to write something using a zany quote.

    My quote was:

    5 – I love being married. It’s great to find someone to annoy for the rest of your life.

    Luke hovered during Mara’s second trimester and it drove her nuts! “You got me into this mess!” She tossed at him at one point.

    “As I recall, you were a willing participant.” He replied airily.

    This factoid did little to ease her irritation. She rolled her eyes and stalked off.

    Then when she wanted something like fizzleberries and fudge sauce over topato bread, he was nowhere to be found.

    He did, however, take wonderful care of their daughter, Cerys, who was entering the move faster than a juiced up speeder stage.

    “You do make a wonderful daddy.” She commented after he put Cerys to bed and settled next to Mara on the couch.

    “I love being a daddy. So much I wanted to repeat the experience.” He winked. “I love being married to you, Mara.“

    “So do I. It’s great to have someone to annoy for the rest of your life.” She snarked, but her green eyes were laughing.

    He grabbed one of her feet and started to give it a massage. She sighed in pleasure. “You’re doing that without me bugging?”

    “Of course. Your back will be next. Han told me Leia never could get enough of these when she was pregnant.”

    Mara observed wryly: “It’s a wonder she ever did! She’s forever putting him on the couch!”

    Luke laughed. “Yeah, but he has a way of getting back on her good side.”

    “Hmmph!” Mara retorted. “Must run in the family.” She smirked and leaned in for a kiss.


    When the twins, Devora and Devlin, were born, Mara could not remember that she had threatened or promised Luke that she would never, ever let him near her again! When two pairs of blue-green eyes looked at her with such love, and another pair of sky-blue, she melted, simply melted inside.

    That particular fact would stay her own secret. And freezing Luke out was always … Mara’s famous last words, and a promise she was willing to retract.
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    Aaaww. What a fun snipit!
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    So cute! I love their little family! [:D]
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    Great little snippet.

    fizzleberries and fudge sauce over topato bread Great, now I'm hungry! :cool:
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    This was my favorite part as you did not use the famous vape line from the profic in which Ben was born.
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    Aww, very cute! Love the idea of Luke and Mara with twins.
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    [face_love] [face_love] Luke and Mara with kids - bantering and loving, how could it get any better?