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Saga - OT Pets, Of Course! (OCs, single post, award fic for Findswoman)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Ewok Poet, Apr 7, 2017.

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    Jul 31, 2014
    Title: Pets, Of Course!
    Author: Ewok Poet
    Characters: Code:Blue, Sladok Kusetzi, Mungo Baobab (EC), Pollo Dorks, Yilda Lami Jr., Mayk, Dani Shykrill Glisse, Taì Shykrill Glisse, Aarla Shykrill Glisse, Jennik Shykrill Glisse.
    Timeframe: 1 ABY, around the same time as the first chapter of Death, Life and Other Goals
    Genre: Fluff
    Length: Single post
    Summary: Code:Blue just became father for the third time and celebrated a goal that got his planet to the semi-finals of the Galactic Cup. His priorities are, however, skewed.

    This is an award fic for Findswoman who won best author in Before and Saga, Best Epic in Saga and more at the 2016 awards. And yes, it's a bit late and I'm sorry. I still have one award fic to do after this.

    This was originally meant to be a fic to give to Finds for her birthday in October and the award fic was supposed to be something else. Since the said award fic was something I have been pondering for almost two years and it still lacks an actual plot (!), I decided to make this one Finds’ award fic instead. She is a fan of the OCs in it, so I hope that it works.

    Mungo Baobab and Auren Yomm are the characters from Star Wars: Droids.
    Code:Blue appears in The Black Star, Death, Life and Other Goals and Nolevorution, Of Course!.
    Sladok Kusetzi appears in Quite a Handful, so does Taide Lambrin who is only mentioned here.
    Pollo Dorks appears in MESA, JAR JAR!!! and Galactic Correspondent, Yilda Lami Jr.'s mom also appears in the latter.
    Mayk is the twin brother of Rayk from I've Got a Bad Feeling About This.

    Abatore, Vagran, around the time of the Battle of Yavin was a melting pot of confusion, much like every single place the Death Star had hit and, ultimately, the superweapon of evil itself. Streets were crowded with exiles from other planets in the Corellian Sector, seeking a better life in the eco-wonderland, and the spice users, slythmongers and smugglers alike.

    And that afternoon, everybody in the city saw the goal that took Sacorria to the semi-finals of the Galactic Cup – a torpedo of a ball, worthy of the epithet “beautiful game”, shot by one Code:Blue. After he scored, he ran to the edge of the limmie field and did a strange dance – as if he had been making a baby burp. The crowd laughed, clapped their hands, they were enthusiastic. Vagran had not made it to the Galactic Cup and Sacorria, their neighbor, was the next best thing. And this player was great: little girls adored him, grown men admired him, everybody was suddenly a fan…though few of them knew his real name.

    Joak Bluestar Shykrill Glisse was known as just Blue to his family. He never liked his first name much and was lucky to have had two names given before yet-another-unnecessary set of laws set by the Sacorrian Triad, to make it look like they were actually doing something, outlawed the practice of more than one name per being. Here on Vagran, he was able to cheat the law again, by doing the unimaginable – adding his wife’s last name to his own. It’s not like he wanted to rebel, though. Despite having been given an orange shirt after his first month in basic school, he was a timid, rule-abiding Sacorrian who just happened to have a talent for the beautiful game. It was the fact that another last name would mask the burden of the one he carried with himself better.

    The secret he lived with had always been risky, or so he felt. At some point, the Emperor’s henchmen could figure out that there used to be a family originating from Sarcophagus, infamous for one of its first offspring, Cope Shykrill, who murdered a handful of Padawans more than twenty-five millenia ago. And they could investigate into it and realise that there were more Force-sensitives in the family and that this carried on for millenia to come. Sure, at some point, somebody abandoned the graveyard moon looking for a more exciting life on Sacorria proper, and there could be more Shykrills scattered around his home planet, with traces of Force-sensitivity very much like his own, but he was yet to meet any.

    His profession had been a blessing – once he was discovered by a talent scout in his hometown of Saccorata, he could simply attribute his speed and precision on the field to nothing but pure talent and his sensitivity and nervousness to something in the lines of hyperactivity and neuroticism. Soon, he became known as the limmie player who cries a lot, has a fondness of desserts rarely ever seen in a non-Zelosian or anybody older than twelve standard years, and while it did bother him to a certain extent, it was also helpful in his quest to remain hidden and not be recruited for something that he would never want to do, or imprisoned.

    And Abatore Magnets were a great team, with a cult following all around the Galaxy. Playing for them was an honour and it was one of the rare opportunities for Sacorrians to live abroad. Of course, there could have been CESA spies sent to check on comrades and comradettes’ morals in order not to embarrass the Homeplanet, but that could have just been his paranoia.

    But this time, the pressure on him was worse than ever before – he almost babbled out that he knew the exact moment his youngest child was born and that some celestial, unknown power guided him to scoring what was most likely one of the beast goals at the Galactic Cup overall.

    “Ooie boie! Pollo Dorks from Otoh G…Imperial Naboo Journal.”

    “Of course…” Code:Blue responded, absent-mindedly.

    “Yousa knowen mesa? Strange. Anyways…how was the feeling of scoren this goal? Knowing that Sacorria technically did not qualifien…”

    What he truly wanted to say is that, in his mind, he dedicated Sacorria’s run to the title to Alderaan, whose team perished when the planet was destroyed by the Death Star.

    “Master Code:Blue!” Another reporter, a woman in a violet pantsuit approached him. “Yilda Lami Jr. from Juic…I mean, Lightyear Holo. What would happen if you scored more goals in the last two games?”

    “I would need to father more younglings, of course…” The response came, much to the journalist’s surprise. At this point, he wasn’t quite sure what he was talking about and why. The woman walked away, her hand on her mouth. It took him a while to figure out the implications of what he’d just said.

    “How are you going to name your child? Goal?” The next reporter, an overweight male Theelin who was nervously fiddling his fingers, was not even making sense. All good questions had been asked already.

    Code:Blue was confused for a second. “Of course…not! Dani and I have already decided on the name, he will be called Jenik. And now, I really have to go and join Taì and Aarla…my other two children, of course. We are going to go home and see the baby!”

    He somehow managed to get away from the noise. It was only when he got to his speeder that he remembered something – he had promised the older two younglings a gift in case he scored another goal! But what was he to give them?

    Just then, a piece of flimsi fell into his hand, out of seemingly nowhere. He read it out loud, with no stray “of courses”.

    “Would you like to adopt a pittin cub?

    Vagranite Aviation Street, 17
    Anaslinea-Hoc (right on the Abatore – Lyro speeder way – watch out for the hills)
    - Granny Anga

    “Of course!” He thought. “Just what I need.”

    The next thing he knew, he was in Anaslinea-Hoc. The town was small and at number 17 of the Vagranite Aviation Street, there was a small restaurant called Sladok’s Place. A portly cook came at the door upon seeing the speeder. The first thing he did was imitating the baby burp move from just a couple of hours ago. Code:Blue was confused.

    “I am looking for granny Anga. I wanted to adopt a pittin, of course! For my son – older son – and daughter.”

    “Dear Brother, the pittin has been adopted out already. Not sure where you have found the flimsi. But I have another pet, I mean, granny Anga does. And we don’t know what to do with it.” The cook initially frowned, but then, there was this wicked smile, visible even in the corners of his eyes.

    “Of course! And what is it?”

    “There he is.” Sladok pointed to a basket in the corner. There, in a pile of old blankets, was a six-limbed canine, sleeping soundly. Once the two men approached him, however, he woke up and started panting. Seconds later, he was licking Code:Blue’s hand. “Isn’t he sweet?”

    “Of course he is, the kids will adore him! But where did you find him?”

    “He was running around the ruins on the other side of the street. The remains of the Church of the Blind. Brother Taide, our museum curator couldn’t catch him, but I could and I brought him here.”

    “Taide…of course. So, I am taking him...the animal, not the curator.”

    “Thank you, Brother. Please, give me your comm code, so I can know if he’s happy with you.”

    Reluctantly, Code:Blue gave Sladok his code and drove his speeder back to Abatore. The little canine was drolling in the backseat and the man noticed that the little pendant on his furry neck was glowing. He stopped by the road to see what was going on. The pendant opened upon being touched. There was a small datachip inside.

    “Of course…a secret message. This is a war, after all.”

    Code:Blue put the datachip in his speeder’s holocomm. A flickering blue hologram of a woman with dark hair and three pairs of arms appeared before him. There was a lead around her neck. She must have been a slave.

    And then, she spoke.

    “I’m Darla-Di. This is my son, Jagger. Please, find him a transport for Munto Cordru as soon as possible. I am not sure what is going to happen to me and he’s going to be happier at our homeworld before his metamorphosis has taken place. Whoever you are, I will never forget your kindness.”

    Code:Blue was confused. Whatever this species was like, he didn’t want to ask any more questions. Apparently, their younglings were non-sentient. He had no idea what to do other than turn around and go back to Anaslinea-Hoc.

    Once he was there again, he headed straight to the cantina on the waterfront. He did not like seedy and smoky places, but this situation had called for it. He got in.

    “Do you know what this is?” He picked the cub up. Nobody turned around, other than one bearded offworlder.

    “Hey, it’s the limmie striker from earlier today! The baby man!”

    The next thing he knew, everybody in the cantina, including the waitress droid, was doing the baby burp dance.

    “I need help with this cub. Is anybody here…a spacer?”

    “I am.” Said the bearded man again. He didn’t seem to be using the word “brother”. “Mungo Baobab, of the Baobab Merchant Fleet. I come here often, we have a trade deal with this planet. And that’s a Codru-Ji you have there. A very young male close to his transformation to a near-human adult form.”

    “Of course, of course, of course!” Code:Blue nodded. Mungo could see that he was worried. He then told the spacer what had happened and that was followed by a couple more “of courses”.

    “I can take him to Munto Cordru, if you like.” Mungo patted the limmie player on the shoulder.

    “How much? You are not doing that kind of stuff for free, of course…”

    “One holo message for my son, Nilz. It’s not only that he adores you, he wants to be you. And my wife, Auren is kind of fond of you as well, to the point where it makes me a little jealous.”

    Code:Blue smiled. This must have been the best day of his life.


    An hour later, he was holding his newborn son, Jenik and his wife, Dani, was looking on at the small animal he got from the mysterious spacer and brought home.

    “This is not a repulsortrain toy!” Taì did not seem pleased at all. “You scored that kind of a goal, Jenik was born and all that you brought us is this…rebo…roba? That’s not, how they say it back at home, progressive…Brother-daddy!”

    “Shut up, non-progressive Brother-brother. I like him! I will call him…Goal!”

    Aarla reached out to the small animal and gently pulled its tail. It let an “oink” sound and rolled on its back to be petted.

    This was almost certainly not a pittin cub. But whatever it was, she loved it.

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    Nov 30, 2005
    Aw, this is so cute! Code:Blue loves his family very much, and that baby burp dance has gone viral, it seems. Of course, nobody is ever, ever going to let him forget it. Interesting that he can feel the Force and that makes him such a good player.

    And he brought home ... a pig??? Whatever it was, she loved it and that is all Code:Blue asked for.
  3. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Code:Blue, of course, OF COURSE! :D [face_dancing] :D

    Always great to see my favorite [hl=black]Force-attuned[/hl] limmie-star-who-eventually-turns-bureaucrat, and it's a particular treat to see his (in)famous "baby burp" goal from his very own point of view, and to learn what he did and what happened to him directly afterward. (Yes, we've seen the goal before in Life, Death, and Other Goals, but in a different context, from a different viewpoint that wasn't Blue's own, or wasn't exclusively.) And because he is after all a sincere, caring type who loves his family (even if he is a bit scatterbrained and frequently utters superfluous "of courses" :p ), it is of course most fitting that his very first action after that goal (barring distractions from pushy journalists... and fun cameos here from Pollo Dorks and from Yilda Lami of the Juicy... I mean, the Lightyear Holo!) would be to go out and look for the gift he promised to his older two kids.

    How fun that his quest for that gift takes him to no other place than beautiful Anaslinea-Hoc, and to a familiar name or two—good old Sladok (and Taide, too, even just as a "mentioned only")! Now, there has got to be a story as to how this Codru-Ji cub ended up in the Church of the Blind ruins, and given the way things seem to go with EP stories and the EP universe, I'm guessing that might come in a future EP story. :p But it speaks volumes for Blue's caring nature that he immediately takes steps to get Jagger passage back to his homeworld. And he couldn't have found a better person to do so—and for such a reasonable price too, because Mungo's a decent fellow, too, in the end. (Lucky it wasn't one of the more scoundrelific types of spacer!)

    And on top of helping Jagger, it's great that Mungo was able to help Blue achieve his "other goal" too. Taì and Aarla have a sweet new pet—and it's a pygmy roba! [face_love] With time, Taì will grow to adore the li'l guy just as much as his sister does. And if Raissa Baiard 's stories about the Blaynes are any indication, the wohle family will be enjoying the company of Goal for a long time! :D

    Thanks for this wonderful gift—this was so much fun, and Blue always rocks, of course! :)
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    Mar 3, 2001

    So many points given for the wyrwulf; I know nearly everyone hates The Crystal Star and it is a preeetty straaaange book characterization-wise. But I have a weird sentimental affection for it, and for the Codru-Ji. (Read it at an impressionable age. :p )

    Anyway, moving on to plot and stuff like that. [hl=black]I can't recall that we learned about Code:Blue's Force-sensitivity before, and this puts his behavior in the other stories into a really interesting light. It hadn't occurred to me that his high-strung, rule-following nature might be influenced by having something like that to worry about! But once mentioned, this piece of his life story makes perfect sense. He's still the same sweet, slightly out of touch person that we see elsewhere, but there's an extra layer there.[/hl] Leave it to this guy to go looking for a "normal" pet, such as there is in space, and nearly come home with a shapeshifter child! :p Glad that he was able to find Mungo to relay the wyrwulf home; one good deed done for the day.

    Loved the final choice of (thankfully not a sentient life stage this time [face_laugh]) family pet; given all the chaos that seems to hover around Code:Blue's life sometimes, they could probably use a sturdy sort of animal friend. :)
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    Hooray for Code:Blue! This sweet, fun little story is perfect for him. I love seeing all the cameos from around the EP Universe, but I think Mayk made me smile the most (I hope he never runs into hive-mind slugs like his twin. If he has animal affinity, he should stick with robas, just ask Prefect Raissa ;))

    I don't recall reading that Code:Blue was Force-sensitive before, either, but it does make an interesting explanation both for his inexplicable knowledge of his child's birth and his athletic abilities. It reminds me of Rick Riordan's "Percy Jackson" series, in which demigod children are routinely labeled as ADD or ADHD because their godly abilities make them predisposed to action and battle. It's interesting to ponder what other kinds of abilities might be due to mild Force-sensitivity in the GFFA.

    Of course, of course...Code:Blue's eventual choice of pet made me SQUEE [face_love] and SQUEE again when Aarla named him "Goal", as the unfortunate Mayk suggested for the new baby. Hopefully Tai can get over him not being a train and find that behind the so-ugly-they're-cute exteriors, pygmy robas are loving and loyal. The Code:kids are adorable, too, the way they have picked up Sacorrian progressive-speak (Brother-daddy and Brother-brother [face_laugh])

    Possibly my favorite part was poor, befuddled Code:Blue trying to answer the nosy Yilda Lami, Jr.'s question:
    BWAHAHAHA, poor Blue!

    Another fun addition to your 'verse...of course! =D=
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    Jul 31, 2014
    One group answer before I get to answering everybody separately - Code:Blue is Force-attuned. It makes him slightly hyperactive, connects him to animals and gives him certain athletic ability, but he's not Force-sensitive. He wouldn't be able to actually manipulate the Force in any way. He's aware of his gift to a certain extent, but he doesn't always see it as a good thing. Sometimes, he wishes it could be gone.

    Yup, it's gone viral. Darn HoloNet! Now he will be haunted by that for the rest of his life. Not that it wasn't inspired by a known story...

    Robas are pigs, yes. Raissa Baiard has an adorable pygmy roba named Frugly in her stories and I liked those so much that I first used Roba as an unfortunate middle name for a character and then created a pet roba for this story. :)

    Yeah, of course!

    In that story, it's a background event. In this one, it's inevitable in the narrative. And the contrast between life and death in the stories is all there, but both of them are about saving lives by proxy, in a way. Aren't they? :)

    Those two just had to be there. The story is very straightforward, without a major plot twist and I wanted to give it more humour than the said superfluous "of courses" I thought, why not those two?

    And the convenience of the tournament being held in the city you happen to live in at the moment allows for this to happen. ;) GO MAGNETS!

    I had to put Mungo in a story in my 'verse somewhere and when the opportunity sprang, I was so happy! Sladok was a late addition, otherwise the granny was supposed to appear, but since I have him as the typical restaurant owner character (not exactly a René Artois, but he does know everybody!), I thought that it would be fun if the Codru-Ji eventually ended up with him! That means that the granny gave him up for whatever reason - perhaps he was really, really vivacious. :D

    As for the future story - who knows, maybe. :)

    And now I guess I either have to retcon Goal in The Black Star or have him appear in a latter story. :p

    You're more than welcome. :)

    I didn't read the book, but I saw the Codru-Ji in the Legacy comics and I fell in love with them, instantly, then got this plot wywwulf. :D It's absolutely OK to like things people dislike, btw, as long as they're not something scary.

    I explained the Force-attuned bit in the introduction to these comments, same for Mungo's appearance, but I wanted to honour this comment.

    And seriously, had Blue come home with Jagger, that would've been QUITE a weird story!

    They will have more animal friends when daddy retires and goes back to Sacorria - but for now, Goal it is. :D
    It's not a secret that I took Rayk's death hard, so I had to invent his brother and have him appear here. Another nod to 'Allo 'Allo too - as it happens to both René Artois and Leclerc. In René Artois' case, the twin is actually himself.

    I will have to read some of his stuff. :) The more I hear about it, the more interested I am!

    That's Vagranite speak. And they tend to mix it up with Sacorrian speak, for the extra-hilarious results.

    And Aarla gets it. Her brother will eventually get it, too. :D

    Thank you so much. :D
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