Saga Pieces of the Past, Fragments of the Future (Week 11 and 12 up June 7)

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    Thank you.

    Thank you. There will probably be more Bail/Breha stuff here.

    I didn't mean to imply that Leia caused Breha's break - it was more like Breha trying to do too much.

    And, yeah, regarding Burn, I really put my own experiences into that poem - I'm a descendant of a people who were victims of a genocide that some historians still don't recognize.

    Thanks! READ IT! READ IT!

    Thanks. I really thought that line fitted Alderaan particularly in light of R1.

    Non-Stop: At first I was just smiling over your including the take a break line - because she can't throw away her shot when she's running out of time and - ahem, wrong fandom. But . . . in all seriousness, the end here was completely sobering and heartrending. You were able to move through quite a few beautiful complexities in a hundred words, that's for certain. :([/quote]

    What? It is totally the right fandom! :p

    Bail: "I begged you to take a break - you refused". Breha's non-stop because Alderaan is running out of time.

    I'll just leave now :p

    Thanks so much.

    Thank you.

    Thanks. I really feel that both Bail and Breha were so important for galactic events, but Breha had such a short moment in the movies.
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    Week Four: Bits of Ben (Skywalker)

    16. Hunger

    “He’s a hungry one,” Luke commented with a light laugh as he held his 5 hour old son. Ben was currently sucking contently from a bottle of milk.

    Mara was in the medcenter bed, still looking pale and grey from her battle with death. She was tired and propped up on pillows. Still, she wore a smile. “He takes after his father.”

    “He also has a hunger for life,” Luke said softly. “Just like his mommy.”

    The wrinkled baby squirmed to get more of the milk.

    “Yeah, but, right now, I think the kid is pretty focused on his breakfast.”

    17. Thirst


    Luke and Mara looked at each other with a sigh. Luke had just gotten back from a three week mission. He and his wife were attempting a romantic night cuddled on the couch, complete with a holo and a fine Coruscanti wine. Their five year old son was making this difficult.

    Luke got up, much to Mara’s resistance, and walked to his son’s room. He looked in on the boy sitting up on the bed. “What do you need, Ben?”

    “I’m thirsty. Can I have some water.”

    “Yes, then you have to get to sleep. Alright Ben?”

    “Alright Daddy.”

    18. Itch

    “But DAD! It itches!” Ben whined from his side of the bed and Luke wondered how his Aunt Beru never burred him in a sand dune. Ben had m’onnok pox - a childhood disease that caused itchy spots on the skin. It was harmless if one caught it in childhood, like Luke had. Unfortunately it could be deadly to adults. Mara had not had it, which left Luke to be a single parent for the duration of Ben’s illness.

    Still, Luke was patient. “If you itch, they will hurt, then scar. Do you want another guara bath?”

    Ben nodded. “Please Dad!”

    19. Yearn

    All Ben yearned for was a hug from his mother. But that was one thing in the galaxy that Ben could not have. His mom was gone. Dead. Murdered. Her body in the ship’s morgue.

    He found the only comfort he could have - an empty room to cry.

    Eventually there was a knock and another figured entered. Ben could see it in the man’s eyes - he too yearned for something the galaxy could not give him: a hug from Mara Jade Skywalker.

    So instead, they hugged each other.

    It was a frail comfort, but the only one each man wanted.

    20. Impulse

    Lukia Skywalker - daughter of Ben Skywalker, granddaughter of Luke Skywalker - knew what they whispered.

    “She’ll never make a Jedi.”

    “She’s too impulsive.”

    “Her mother was a Nightsister.”

    “We will never truly know what happened on the Barionia.”

    She didn’t know why they said what they did, but it didn’t matter. She wasn’t impulsive. She just hadn’t figured out her life yet. But she knew one thing, she wanted nothing to do with their impulsive judgements.

    They didn’t see her. They didn’t know who she was.

    Little did she know, she was passing the same impulsive judgments on her own fate.

    Week 5: Anakin’s Aftermath (I’ve always loved “Anakin Skywalker Lives” AUs so this is in my “Honour Thy Father” AU, but reading that isn’t at all needed to understand these, but it may help :p)

    21. Dinner

    Dinner was… tense. Anakin lay in his medcenter bed, no longer a Sith, but still a broken man.

    “I am not impressed.” He stared at the frothy liquid in the cup. “I was under the impression that they were going to start me on a solid diet.” He used the Force to push it away.

    “Your organs still need time to adjust.” Luke reminded his father, picking up the cup and holding it to the older man’s mouth. “The nurse said this smoothie had some chunkier bits.”

    “Chunky bits? You aren’t helping.”

    “Are you really in a position to complain?”

    22. Theater

    “This is cruel and unusual punishment,” Anakin said, adjusting his scarf so it covered up the tubes coming out of his throat.

    Han crossed his arms as he sat on his father-in-law’s bed. He didn’t speak.

    “I know, carbonite and yada yada,” Anakin grumbled, picking up his bag that contained his life-support-systems. Han got up and help Anakin place it on his back.

    “I don’t want to go either, but it means a lot to Leia.”

    Anakin nodded. “Of course. A theatre company doing a traditional Alderaani opera? She deserves it. But I really hate operas.”

    23. Pint

    There were days when Anakin felt like his punishment for his crimes was a pint - insignificantly small. He had killed how many innocents? He had killed children. He had stood by as a planet had been destroyed.

    He didn’t deserve forgiveness. He didn’t deserve Leia’s mercy, grace, and love.

    Yet, she gave it to him and it overwhelmed him like an ocean.

    She made him proud, but he knew he could take none of the credit. She was her mother’s daughter, and a child of Alderaan.

    He would often cry, more than a pint, at the kindness that she showed.

    24. Shot

    Anakin saw the shot before it was fired. Only one thought crossed his mind before Lumiya pressed the trigger: protect Leia and her unborn children. Save them. Be the one who is slaughtered.

    There was no time to pull her to safety, so instead Anakin overwhelmed her like a shield, taking the brunt of the blast.

    His world then rocked, exploded in fire and pain, then rapidly got dark. But Anakin did not care. This moment had been the reason why he had been forgiven: his shot to make up all the wrongs he had done in his past life.

    25. Alcohol

    After Anakin, Leia, and little Ani got out of the medcenter, Han offered Anakin a drink of fine Corellian liquor.

    “I don’t drink alcohol,” Anakin said, before immediately going back to spoiling his newborn granddaughter. He was in the rocker, with a rattle and a bundle of yellow blankets.

    It wasn’t that he feared what alcohol would do to him. He had simply never touched alcohol - not as a slave, a Jedi, or Sith. He didn’t need it to be happy now. He had a little, squirming, smiling, grand baby in his arms. She was all the euphoria he needed.
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    Love your drabbles with Ben and Mara, touching when she died and Ben and Luke had their hug. And Lukia, she is nice.
    And the set with Anakin, that should have been the new beginning
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    This was a fantastic double whammy of drabbles! :cool:

    Hungry: This family. What a great moment to capture; I loved the dialogue - and the symbolic and literal definitions of hunger. ;) [face_love]

    Thirst: This was so ordinary in its domesticity, but that's what made it wonderful to read. [face_love]

    Itch: The line about Beru not burying him in a sand dune was fantastic. [face_laugh][face_love] It really does take saintly patience to raise a Skywalker - any Skywalker, it would seem. [face_mischief]

    Yearn: THOSE DAMN NINJAS. :_| :(

    Impulse: A great look at Lukia's character. =D=

    As for Week 5 - sign me up to read the rest of this one! I'm a sucker for Anakin Skywalker lives AUs, so these drabbles were a tantalizing beginning. Pint was especially touching - though it's hard to pick a favourite in the set. I loved Han and Anakin's interaction; and Anakin and his children and grandchildren, of course. The last drabble was a particularly sweet end to the set - in the best of ways! [face_love][face_love]
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    I really enjoyed this first set as it travels through Ben Skywalker's life, first as a newborn, then through his childhood, his loss of his mother, and finally, indirectly, as Lukia's father. Lukia is a wonderful character and she is the best of them all. Her heritage is as much Skywalker as Nightsister, and yet she is her own person. She's got Mara's strength, Luke's compassion, and her father Ben's sensitive heart.

    The second set was fascinating. Anakin is not an easy patient nor is he someone who is easy to love. Yet Leia, Luke, and even Han are able to find sympathy and love for him. Shot is my favorite, when it all becomes clear to him why he was saved, and that Leia's life and the life of her child are more important than his own. For a man who struck down so many, he has learned to sacrifice for others.
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    Dinner: Ha-ha-ha-ha! Anakin is too impatient, shows that he's becoming his young self again. :D

    Theater: Oh, wow. Dealing with those tubes with Han around to remind him of some things he put others through and having to go to an opera (like, real scary :p), seems that Anakin will take a long time to adjust to plain, everyday life.

    Pint: Creative use of, well, your own prompt. And a beautiful insight into Anakin's feelings!

    Shot: Oh! I hope that this wasn't his end!

    Alcohol: Love this whole thing, my favourite of the set. Anakin holding a baby and not needing any simple pleasure. <3
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    Thanks. Yeah, it does take saintly patience to raise a Skywalker! And sorry I didn't put a ninja warning :p

    As for week 5, well, I included the link before the drabbles, so if you ever got a few hours to kill or a itch to read a different take on the "Anakin lives" AU (IT HAS ROGUES!!!!), I suggest people check it out... because I did write it :p

    Thanks. Yeah, Lukia has a lot of different Skywalkers in her (probably a whole lot of Anakin), but she is also uniquely herself.

    Thanks. Yeah, loving Anakin is not easy.

    In that AU, Anakin had complete moments of reverting back to his Clone-Wars era self (and not the dumb sithy one). It was so much fun.

    As for Shot if you don't want to read the fic [hl=black]No, that wasn't his end, but it also wasn't a completely happy ending either[/hl]

    Thanks so much for reading!
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    Week 6: Lumps of Leia and Luke

    26. Dream

    She would dream of a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes, living on a desert planet, being raised by his aunt and uncle.

    He would dream of a young princess with flowing brunette hair and dancing brown eyes, living in a palace, being raised by a queen and a senator.

    They would dream of playing together, of surfing down sand dunes or pranking royal aids.

    These dreams unsettled Owen as much as they did Bail. Both thought of contacting Obi-Wan Kenobi. Breha and Beru, however, would smile, knowing the twins at least got to meet in their dreams.

    27. Stars

    Leia looked up at the stars as a teen. It was nights like these that she thought about the boy in her dreams. She dare not tell her father that she still dreamed of the boy from the dreams of her childhood. He wanted her mind and her thoughts on the present: on Alderaan or Coruscant. But she knew the boy was real and he needed her. Or she needed him.

    Leia looked up at the stars and wondered if the boy from her dreams was looking up at the same stars as her.

    He did and thought of her.

    28. Barricade

    The sky might as well have been a barricade for Luke. An unclimbable wall. The stars were so close, yet so unreachable. He was never getting off this planet. His uncle was going to make sure of that.

    Luke looked up at the stars and still felt the draw of adventure, of freedom, of destiny. A princess was waiting for him. He’d reach her. He’d pass the barricade that was the cyclical, mundane life of Tatooine. One day, he’d climb that wall. He’d fly to freedom. And then he would never come back here.

    “Luke! Dinner!”

    Except for Aunt Beru.

    29. Rain

    Han and Chewbacca sat on a crate. Luke was slowly approaching the open hanger door. Outside the sky was down-pouring rain. A typical jungle storm.

    “Oh! I think he’s going to do it this time!” Han said with a laugh.

    “What?” Leia asked.

    “Luke has never seen rain before. I think he’s scared of it!”

    Leia, exasperated with the smuggler’s mocking tone, marched towards Luke, grabbed his hand, and dragged him out into the downpour.

    Luke gasped, then grinned, looking upward. “It’s more than I ever expecting it to be.”

    Leia sat in the rain for hours with Luke.

    30. Home

    She couldn’t go home. She could never go home.

    As much as Luke complained about Tatooine, he tried not to around her. When he forgot, he made sure to hug her and apologize.

    Though, upon arrival to the planet, Leia understood why Luke complained.

    And - to a degree - Luke couldn’t go home either. Home had been with his aunt and uncle. They had died the same day as Alderaan. Upon returning, Luke felt little connection to this planet.

    So the orphans made home elsewhere: with friends, with comrades, with each other.

    And home became not a planet, but a state.
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    Luke´s reaction to the rain was cute. It reminds me of children that I work with that only know the desert and a lot of sand, like Luke really. [face_love]

    All of the drabbles were great, showing the vulnerability that members of the Skywalker Clan posses. But that vulnerability is also their greatest strength.
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    Dream: Aww, little Luke and little Leia dreaming of each other, father figures worried about it, but mother figures knowing that his connection was special. And the idea that they can play and be equals in dreams, given how they're growing up, each isolated in their own way, is wonderful. Melty-melt!

    Stars: Even more beautiful. Leia has a little boy made for her in the stars and she is perfectly aware that it's a connection that surpasses some others. And, of course, the lovely cosmic moment where they can see each other grow up in dreams is beautiful.

    Barricade: I am not sure if this is a connection to Anakin, because the only thing that brought him back to Tatooine was his mother, and in Luke's case, the only thing he thinks could bring him back is his mother figure, but whether it is or not, it's a beautiful moment. A wall separating him from the stars, a wall that might be limited income from the farm, Owen himself or the fear of the Jedi.

    Rain: A lovely parallel between Luke's experience and what Rey did when she saw the greenery for the first time. And a good one to explore the Luke and Leia connection, too; since Leia comes around to enjoy what is a miracle for whom she doesn't yet know is her twin brother. :)

    Home: Wow. Never thought about this before, no matter how obvious it had been. She doesn't have a home to go to, he doesn't have a family to come back to. They build their own, different connections and the home is wherever those connections are. A strong and powerful ending to a strong and powerful set.
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    Luke and Leia, always connected and both with no home to go to but a new family; their friends
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    Oh, my goodness, but I loved Dream and Stars - I'm a sucker for stories detailing Luke and Leia's connection as twins, especially before they met each other, and those drabbles really just ticked off every fangirl box I have. [face_love] Especially:

    You don't get any more perfect than that line!

    Rain was just as beautiful for me - Luke being introduced to water is another missing moment I love to read about. I actually toyed with the idea of writing a similar drabble before my muse tugged me in another direction, so I'm glad you wrote it! :p

    But Home was a wonderful way to tie these together. They have a home to return to through their bond with each other, even when their physical childhood homes are gone. A powerful sentiment, beautifully conveyed. [face_love]=D=
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    Thanks. I've been witness to many exchange students' first snowfalls and it is always so magical!

    Thank you for all your comments! I never thought of this connection before, but I totally agree.

    Yeah, they might not have grown up together, but they shared the two days when they became orphans - when they both lost Padme, then again 19 years later when Leia lost Alderaan and Luke lost the Lars.

    Thanks so much for your comments!
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    I got behind, so these are just the first things that came to mind and things kinda got random.

    Week 7:

    31. Tangy

    Bail laughed as Breha took a bite of the vibrant pink fruit. Every muscle in her face contracted. Her brown eyes squeezed tightly shut.

    “My stars! What is this,” she asked, her mouth full of food.


    “Well,” she replied, swallowing and handing the sticky fruit back to him. Acidic juice flowed out of the single bite she had taken out of the fleshy food. “You can have the rest.”

    Bail shrugged, opened his mouth and bit into the tangy fruit. His fiancee was a picky eater, but she was always willing to at least try whatever he handed her.

    32. Sweet

    The cake was sweet, normally something Breha enjoyed, but this evening, she was oh so tired. But the greatest baker on Alderaan had been hired make her wedding cake, so she was going to try her darnedest to eat it. She ended up taking small nibbles.

    Bail brushed his hand down her back. “How are you feeling?” he whispered.

    She blinked twice as she looked into his caring eyes. “Completely exhausted.”

    “Then shall we make our exit?” He knew her so deeply, so intimately.

    Today had been her wedding day, but those had been the sweetest words to her ears.

    33. Spicy

    Breha adamantly refused. “I’m not eating it.”

    Bail frowned as he looked down at the meal he had cooked.

    She gave a soft sigh. She knew he always poured out his love when-ever he made her dinner. Though they had been married for three weeks, he still had much to learn about her. “Anything spicy will give me… stomach issues. I give a new meaning to ‘gas-giant’.”

    “Oh,” he said, picking up the plate.


    “No need to be sorry. I guess anything Corellian is off of the menu.”

    “Your arteries will thank me.”

    Bail rolled his eyes.

    34. Bitter

    Breha held herself in the healer’s room. She felt alone on Coruscant. Alone in the galaxy. She had just miscarried and felt like throwing up.

    The pain medication given to her had left a bitter taste in her mouth. Her stomach was too cramped up for her to get up to get water.

    There was a knock at the door and she recognized Bail’s figure. He opened the door. “May I come in?”

    She forgot their stupid argument. “Please,” was all she managed to get out before breaking down into tears.

    He took her in his arms and held her.

    35. Bland

    Everything tasted bland. Bail tried to get her to eat something - anything, and she knew that his efforts were only out of love, and she knew his cooking was delicious. But she couldn’t bring food to her lips.

    After her third miscarriage, the depression was apparent, but she did not care. She only wanted to disappear into the oblivion.

    Bail entered their bedchambers. He knew not to smile. Instead, he simply took the tray off food away. “Is there anything you want?”

    She looked past him to the mountains. At least this one had been on Alderaan. “For tomorrow to be better.”

    Week 8:

    36. Rebellion

    Few knew this, but the rebellion against the Empire had begun even before the end of the Clone Wars. Back when the Emperor was still Chancellor Palpatine. Members of the senate resisted his amassing of power. Bail had been among them, lead by Padmé Amidala. She had been so brave.

    It was now nearly two decades later. Padmé was dead, but still, Bail openly rebelled against the tyranny controlling the galaxy.

    He was now joined by another bright young woman with brown eyes and a headstrong demeanour. Leia was going to complete what her mother - her real mother - had begun.

    37. Revolution

    After the Battle over Endor, their rebellion had become a revolution - a legitimate replacing of the galactic government. No longer were they a mere armed resistance, no longer were they terrorists. They were the future.

    And Leia was leading them.

    She did not fear the burden. They were going to succeed. They were going to defeat the remains of the Empire and restore the Republic.

    They were going to win.

    For all those who had been repressed and killed: the Jedi… Alderaan.

    And after they won, everything was going new again. The new Jedi Order, New Alderaan, the New Republic.

    38. Freedom

    The treaties were signed. The war-ships were docked. Leia Organa could finally retire her blaster pack for a podium.

    They had rid the galaxy of the tyranny of empire. Justice reigned, but the work was far from over.

    Could she continue on? All she had know was fighting and war. She was expected to preserve the peace - with help of course - something she had never known.

    Leia’s eyes skimmed the skyline of Coruscant and a smile formed on her lips. The next steps could wait. For a moment, she basked in the victory and the simple happiness of freedom.

    39. Martyr

    Winter normally left the public speaking to Leia. Leia, after all, had been able to empathize, and evoke empathy. But, after Leia, and the rest of the Orphans of Alderaan had passed on, Winter finally broke her silence. She, at the age of 119, was asked to speak in front of millions.

    “Alderaan was nothing less than a Martyr. My planet and all of the beings living on it were killed simply because they held the beliefs of freedom, mercy, and democracy. Alderaan did not die in vain. It was the beginning of the end for the Empire. Remember that.”

    40. Veteran

    On the 100th anniversary of the destruction of Alderaan, one of the last surviving veterans of the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire was asked to speak. The veteran also happened to be the last being alive to have seen the stars with her feet planed in the soil of that planet.

    So Winter spoke and told the story.

    She was frail, yet she spoke with a warning wisdom: it could happen again.

    The youth of the galaxy had a duty: to remember. To retell the story of those long gone. To never let it happen again.

    Her duty was done.

    Week IX

    41. Bright

    After being freed of the carbonite, the world was bright. Han Solo had to squint. Being on Tatooine probably did not help matters. Now he knew why Luke hated this place.

    But after they had freed themselves from Jabba’s clutches, Han and his friends were back on the Falcon and Han was able to begin his recovery- which meant lying in the dark to prevent a migraine.

    For the first few days, Han hated anything bright, except for when Leia would bring him food. She, and only she, did not get yelled at for turning on lights in Han’s presence.

    42. Star

    Tegwen Breha Alderaan Celchu was the star of her father’s life. Sure the tot was doted on by her Auntie Leia and cousin Jaina, and all her uncles positively adored her. Her mother, Winter, had found a reason to laugh once more (and Tycho loved to hear that laugh). But Tegwen had stolen her father’s heart the moment she had looked up at him with blue eyes.

    Every morning Tycho would simply watch his daughter try to scoop up her breakfast. Every night he would scoop her upon and put her to bed.

    Tycho’s life revolved around his little star.

    43. Mama

    Tionne Solusar had helped raise countless beings into becoming Jedi Knights, yet she was never a mother. This was fine by her. Her life, heart, and arms were constantly full with the future. Her husband had joined her in this pursuit to touch many lives.

    Never once was she called mommy. Ben Skywalker came close when he called her Tion-Tion.

    Yet, when she died, her funeral was attended by one hundred of her children - from Jaina Solo Fel, to the youngest Twi-lek Jedi apprentice. All laid flowers at the base of her funeral pyre and called her Mama.

    44. Please

    Ben Skywalker did not beg or plead his captors as they mercilessly tortured him for information. He would not say “Please, let this stop.” Instead, he merely spit in their faces. He was not helping his case.

    He continued this, even as they threw burning acid in his eyes and hacked away at his flesh. He would die before he gave up the location of asylum seekers.

    Then, in what felt like his final hour, he heard the hanger doors open and a lightsaber ignite.

    “Step away from my son!” His father, normally a polite man, did not say please.

    45. Shine

    The metal cylinder shone in the dim light. Cautiously, ten-year-old Corran Horn reached out to touch the unique looking object he had found in his father’s personal belongings. Corran had been looking for power-converters when he had come across an old box. He had guessed the combination lock as his own birthday.

    “Stop, Corran,” Hal Horn’s voice was commanding, but not angry.

    “What is it Dad?”

    “A symbol of an era long past. A time when criminals feared the just, when good beings guided the galaxy. These ideals have been dimmed, but they will shine once again.”
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    Aug 21, 2006
    superb, first the serie focussing on Bail and Breha, followed by Leia and the rebellion and ending with the new Jediknights
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    Typing with fingers hurt in a self defence course is tough, but you deserve an answer for so much beautiful writing and catching up. My brain is so busy with the pain that I am in, that I have trouble forming sentences. But I will try anyway.

    All your latest drabbles carry on the light that the love union of Bail and Breha brought to their (adopted) children. This light is carried through the generations, giving the individuals inner strength and precious roots to be proud of.
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    26. Dream. I love the idea of the psychic connectedness between Leia and Luke, even when they were children. He has always known, somehow, that there was another; she had always understood that she wasn’t alone. It’s nice, too, the way you showed the two concerned “dads” who couldn’t be more different – one a prince of a planet, the other a simple farmer – but they are completely alike in that they love their adopted children with all their heart.

    27. Stars. And years later, Luke and Leia find comfort in knowing that they have each other, regardless of where they are. They are still close and will continue to be regardless of the events that might conspire against them.

    28. Barricade. Now the focus switches to Luke, who continues to dream beyond his frustrating existence. And Aunt Beru- sweet Aunt Beru – holds such a strong place in his heart that maybe he might come back, if only for her.

    29. Rain. And now they are reunited. Not knowing that they are siblings, but still feeling the bond between them as close as ever. I love the idea of Leia sitting for hours in the rain with Luke. What a miracle water falling from the sky must have been for him, and how precious that he had Leia to share it with.

    30. Home. “ And home became not a planet, but a state.” This is lovely. They understand each other so well, they look out for each other. But then again, they have been together in some form all their lives.

    31. -35. These are so sad! Bail loves Breha so much, and he tries to express it the ways he knows how, but there is nothing he can do. Her body just isn’t strong enough to support a pregnancy. Each loss is a cut to her heart, and to his, and seeing her in pain is painful for him, too. And yet, she is hopeful that “tomorrow will be better.” At least she finally got to hold that precious baby in her arms in ROTS. A child perhaps not of their DNA but definitely a child of their heart.

    36-40. Wow. You’ve taken the story of the Galactic Rebellion from its inception to well after it became a page in the history books. And Winter, with her damningly perfect memory, exorts others to Never Forget. Every person murdered on Alderaan was a martyr, and their deaths have to count for something. So odd to think that Winter is the last being alive who once stood on the soil of Alderaan, and after she is gone, there will be no one who recalls the life that they had once taken for granted.

    41-45. An interesting set. With the exception of the first one, they all seem to have the theme of parents and children. I especially liked the one about Tionne. It reminds me of the drabbles you wrote about Breha, and how she longed for children of her own. Here, Tionne has been the mother to them all and never even realized it.

    Excellent sets!
  19. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010

    I know what it is like to type in pain. Thanks for the reply.

    Yeah. I think Owen and Bail were alike in their love.

    Yeah. I've been missing writing Bail and Breha. I think I feel another B/B fic coming on

    Thanks so much for all of your comments!
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    Week X

    46. Raise

    Ben had observed this odd tradition ever since he was a young boy. Family and friends would gather on the day they had destroyed the second Death Star and raise a glass.

    As a boy, it had always confused him - their words seemed so happy, so joyus - yet the feelings in the Force were always so sad and heavy.

    His aunt always began. Raising her goblet of wine, she declared, “To the Rebellion!”

    Many choruses followed her: “To victory!” “To freedom!”

    But Ben now knew, their words of triumph had come at a cost. Many had paid the ultimate price.

    47. Juvenile

    People often wondered how Winter put up with Rogue Squadron - first going on missions with them, then marrying into the insanity of pranks and solutions to galactic problems that involved women’s clothes.

    There were days when Winter herself wondered how she put up with her husband’s friends’ antics without killing them all.

    To put it kindly, they were juvenile.

    They were geniuses with the minds of 15-year-olds. They showed no restraint because they had no filters.

    But they could do things few in the galaxy could.

    Like make her laugh.

    Or at least roll her eyes in dismay.

    48. Mature

    They had grown up before their times.

    At 14, Padmé Amidala was elected Queen.

    At 18, Princess Leia Organa had been a senator and a leader of the Rebellion.

    At 19, Winter had been a silent spy and assassin.

    At 19, Luke Skywalker had saved the rebellion.

    At 17, Jacen and Jaina Solo had led the fight against intergalactic invaders.

    At 16, Anakin Solo had willingly given his life for the galaxy.

    At 13, Ben Skywalker had branded himself a murder.

    They all swore their children would have the childhood they never got. But somehow, those promises were always broken.

    49. Growth

    “Without the rain, the flowers can not thrive.”

    An ancient Alderaanian proverb as a reminder to hold fast and survive.

    But what if the rain is not water.

    What if the sky ignites with fire, stars dripping red with the slaughter.

    Can you grow when all that you love has come to an end.

    And there is nothing left to even make an attempt, with nothing you can not mend.

    How do you go on with no soil?

    For what will you toil?

    You do not seek growth.

    So you take your only oath.

    Never again.

    Never again.

    Never again.

    50. Elder

    At the end, it was Luke and Winter left. Many had been fortunate to live well into their elder years, but the last of the veterans of the Rebellion were the Farmboy and the Lady-in-Waiting. Now, Luke was recognized as the former Grand Master of the Jedi Order and Winter was known for her role in forming the New Republic Intelligence.

    Many came to them for advice and wisdom. They were highly respected elders.

    But as they sat together, they were simply friends.

    “Luke! Stop kreffin cheating!” Winter exclaimed, throwing down her Planko playing chips.

    Luke was guilty.
  21. Mistress_Renata

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    They were geniuses with the minds of 15-year-olds. They showed no restraint because they had no filters.

    All of your drabbles are genius. (I especially like Mature). But in this, I think you were generous; I'd never put the Rogues much beyond 12! (Except Tycho. He's at least 15). And yes, Winter deserves combat pay for putting up with all of them.
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    May 14, 2017
    I liked Elder part the best.
    oh. Sad and Happy mixed together into... ah the memories.
    To the EU.
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    Raise: Oh, Ben! This was a lovely scene to present from his POV, with him able to feel their sorrow, but not quite understanding how bittersweet such remembrances are - not yet, anyway.

    Juvenile: Winter is a woman after my own heart. [face_love] This entire drabble was an incredibly accurate characterization for all involved. :p

    Mature: . . . ouch! That one pressed every button and then a few more. What a sobering, intense way to frame the drabble. :(

    Growth: Now you're just holding that button down! Powerful, and intense. [face_plain] =D=

    Elder: [face_laugh][face_laugh] This was a perfect bit of levity to end the set on - of course Winter can spy a cheat, especially after her years with the Rogues' antics. And, Luke! :p Their comradery was fantastically portrayed here. [face_love]

    This was another fantastic set, as always. :) =D=
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    Thank you! And, yeah, I was probably a bit generous :p

    Thanks. For all the weirdness in the EU, the characters were all amazing.

    Thank you so much! And ME?! Press buttons? NOOOO NEVER? :p

    And of course Winter would call Luke out on his crazy-old-Jedi antics!
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    Week 11 - These will make the most sense if you have read my fic So Much More Than Fairytales.


    She could go. Run and flee forever. She didn’t have to become Queen of Alderaan.

    Breha looked down at the chip for the transport that would take her and her former lover to the Outer Rim. She could leave the life of duty, of responsibility, and traditions and go and have a life of carefree adventure.

    Former lover was the critical key.

    Her heart skipped a beat as the hangar announced the ship was boarding.

    Decision time. To go, or to stay. No changing her mind after this moment.

    In the end, it wasn’t much of a debate. She knew.


    Bail waited for Breha.

    It felt like he waited his entire life for her. In some ways, he had. She was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

    He also waited for her to come to him. He knew she may not choose him, but he could never live with himself knowing that she was unhappy.

    Yet, when she had rushed through those doors, Bail knew his waiting was over. She was his and he was the happiest man

    He held her in his arms and swore to never let her go from his heart.


    Princess Breha sat on the throne, looking poised and serious. In her right hand, she held an orb of water and in her left, an orb of stone. The water was from the depth of the Alderaanian Ocean and the stone was from the peak of a Alderaan’s highest mountain. She wore a long, flowing white dress and cape.

    The Prime Minister approached her and placed a small, delicate silver chain around her head as she recited an ancient oath.

    Bail approached her and kissed her foot.

    She then rose from the throne as Queen Breha of Alderaan. All bowed.


    Breha would be the first to admit that she had gotten a “crash course” in how to be queen, but after four years in the life, she knew her basic duties: stand for justice, for peace, and for freedom.

    But all this seemed wrong.

    War? With a faction of planets wanting to leave the Republic? All they wanted was freedom, but the Republic saw it as a threat?

    Was she starting to think like a Separatist?

    No, only the peaceful leader that she sought to be.

    Breha’s education never prepared her for this.

    But who was ever prepared for war?


    Everything inside of her told her that this was wrong. The Empire was destroying everything she had vowed to protect as queen. She had vowed stand for justice, for peace, and for freedom.

    But Alderaan was safe, as Bail kept reminding her, as long as they obeyed.

    But what about the galaxy as a whole? Who would stand for the Jedi?

    Bail assured her that they would stand against this, when the baby in her arms was grown; when the twin brother was trained.

    Bail and Breha silently and secretly stood against the Empire from the moment it was announced.

    Week 12 - I got on a poetry train and it just kinda flooded the brain.


    If the destruction of Alderaan was supposed to break them,
    If it was supposed to cut them at their stem,
    The Empire would not succeed,
    The roots swore a creed.

    Flooded with innocent blood,
    They dragging themselves through the mud.
    The Rebellion was built on hope.
    Fighting on, was how they coped.

    It did not break their drive, but inside
    From the monsters within they couldn’t hide.
    After the treaties were signed,
    It became clear, they would never regain their right mind.

    The galaxy was healed.
    But the orphans all feared.
    Their hearts, their souls,
    Would never be made whole.


    Space around them was still, quiet.
    Yet, this was where the Empire did it.

    The galaxy’s greatest massacre.
    This was where it had occurred.
    No graves.
    The fallen brave.

    The map would be forever scarred.
    The stars were all marred.
    The endless void.

    Wells of gravity.
    Surrounded the cavity.
    Planet’s core.
    No more.

    The survivors left to defend.
    Orphans at the end.
    No home.
    Forever would they roam.

    Winter was tied together.
    Then Tycho would find her.
    His life.
    His wife.

    Floating through the darkness,
    Feeling the pain was catharsis.
    Eternal Memories.
    When there were no remedies.


    They thought they could decide,
    Who lives and who dies.
    They thought they were gods.
    Don’t tell me the odds.

    They were arrogant.
    With the ability to destroy a planet.
    Insignificant next to the power of the Force.
    They showed no remorse.

    The Galactic Empire,
    Lit so many funeral pyres.
    Twisted and evil.
    In for an upheaval.

    Don’t try to frighten us with your sorcerer’s ways.
    But of that, they should have been afraid.
    Obi-Wan Kenobi still lives.
    And the Rebels had made it to the archives.

    Don’t you dare underestimate.
    The false gods will fall to their fate.


    In the end, we all get to die.
    But with all your lies,
    Can you live with what you have done.
    Destroyed worlds, drowned out a sun.

    Ben, my baby, who are you?
    Kylo Ren, why did you choose?
    My home world was obliterated.
    But in my heart, for you, you will find no hatred.

    You killed your father.
    How much farther,
    Must you go?
    Still, you must know.

    You are my son.
    Next to no one.
    So please stop your fleeing.
    I love you with all my being.

    Ben Han Solo, that’s your name.
    It is yours to reclaim.


    They say it was all a story.
    He’s a myth, an allegory for their glory.
    But I know, it all happened, it’s all true.
    I met him, Luke Skywalker, but he never asked who.

    I am his daughter.
    Mother foresaw the slaughter.
    She hid me from him.
    Under a pseudonym.

    Rey. My real identity classified
    I was left in the sand, and she fled.
    Ashamed she could not protect me.
    But I was the key.

    To his hope, to his return.
    To be at his side, I had to learn.
    But we were family.
    An end to our lonely agony.