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Science Fiction Point Break: X-men no more

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Bloodline, Aug 5, 2011.

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  1. Bloodline

    Bloodline Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 18, 2008
    Greetings all! You have probably seen me in a few Rps around the site and I figured I would try my own hand at one!

    For the benefit who maybe are not as familar with the pretense of the plot, this is the first part of an inner civil war between the Xmen.The basis of this rp came from the idea set in stone by the recent X-men Schism comic. This is an alternate telling of that very idea.

    The X-men team is in shambles. Even after years of fighting side by side for a common goal internal rifts have done nothing but fester and grow. Hidden agendas, jealousy and individuality has led to a dissolution to occure far faster than anyone could have forseen. Cyclops advocates for isolation of mutantkind from humankind and Wolverine is pro-intergration. Dissagreements have esclated past harsh words into full on combat between members.Spearheading the split, two of the greatest Xmen in history, Cyclops and Wolverine attack each other with slander. One offers choice, the other offers decisions but which one is what it seems?

    The shepard of the flock, Professor Charles Xavier is forced to watch everything he has worked for burn to ash and bleed to death. He begs for peace and understanding. He begs for his gifted 'faculty' to stay the course, too much is on the line for selfish bickering. The X-men are few, but they still must answer to the needs of many. His words fall on deaf ears.
    Cyclops and Wolverine will have their war. It is long overdue, they have kept each other waiting far too long.

    The ideals of an old man that brought a group of young mutants together are no longer enough. Peace between man and mutantkind is outdated and has long been forgotten. War between friends and family has arrived. A side must be picked and loyalites will be tested. Blood can only be redeemed with blood.

    A dream must die.
    You are witnessing the end.

    1. Keep the swearing to a minimum.
    2. Keep the OOC to a minimum.
    3. No killing off other people's characters without consent
    4.PM your character sheets for approval
    5. Abide by the TOS
    6. In an effort to keep the game quick paced and streamlined, I am only accepting 5-7 CS. That number may change depending on the RP's situation.
    7. Have an enjoyable time!

    Character sheet:

    Affiliation (Cyclops;Wolverine;other)
    Weapons (if any):

Thread Status:
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