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Story [Pokemon, anime] The Aqua Diary (Misty, Brock, AU romance) Updated 7/10/14

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Alexis_Wingstar, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Alexis_Wingstar

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    Sep 16, 2006
    Title: The Aqua Diary
    Author: Alexis_Wingstar
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Characters: Misty and Brock, mostly.
    Genre: AURomance, humor, others perhaps.
    Note: Though this is based on the Pokemon anime which ages Misty at 10-years old at the start of the show (1997), I am going with the manga age of 12 for her at that time period where she met Ash because she looks older than 10 even in the cartoon. I’ve aged the characters one year for every two years in real life which would make Misty around 19 during this story. Brock is 23, and Ash 17 (though Ash isn’t in this much except for being mentioned once in awhile by the main character, Misty). This is for the Diary Challenge 2013.


    May 12, 2013:

    I can’t believe I’m starting a diary at age nineteen. You’d think I’d have grown out of it, but something big has happened, and I need to get my bearings. You see, two weeks ago, I got a phone call from Brock. I hadn’t seen him in ages! I used to travel with him and Ash, training our Pokemon. That is, until my sisters needed me to take over the gym for them when they went on tour. I’d seen Brock a couple times since then, but only briefly.

    Anyway, he called me because he needed help setting up the water section of his Pokemon farm. He’s finally able to become a breeder now... it was his dream. Anyway, since my sisters are back, I agreed to go help him. It was nice seeing him again.

    So, I’ve been working closely with Brock for the past couple weeks. I never told him this, but back when we were travelling with Ash, I had a crush on him. It always made me sad when he would freak out over one beautiful woman after another... even my sisters... and never even blinked an eye at me. I mean, he could even tell all the Nurse Joys and Officer Jenny’s apart! It made me feel awful... yet at the same time, it allowed me to get to know him better, and I’m glad we became good friends. He’s a very nice guy when he isn’t making a fool of himself with some pretty lady.

    Well, this morning after breakfast we had our swimsuits on because we were working with the water, setting up the final touches before we let any of the water pokemon in, and I saw him watching me. When he realized I caught him looking, he blushed and quickly looked away. Suddenly, I felt like the 12-year-old girl who had a crush on him way back when. I became very distracted and wasn’t watching what I was doing. The rocks around the pond area were slippery, and I fell in the water. As I did so, I hit my head against the side of the rock I’d been standing on.

    Next thing I knew, I heard his voice sounding very anxious, repeating my name. I felt a calloused hand on my cheek, and when I opened my eyes, I was laying on the grass and Brock was leaning over me. I swear, his face could not have been more than 10 inches away from mine.

    I felt dazed and confused, and asked what had happened. When he explained, I remembered slipping, but didn’t remember hitting my head... but knew he told the truth because the back of my skull hurt really bad. I tried to get up, but he made me lie still and told me that paramedics were coming. I had been out for five minutes!

    I was at the emergency room for several hours, but they let me go. I have a light concussion, and am staying in one of Brock’s little sister’s rooms in his father’s home. His sister let me use this diary because she never used it.

    But that’s not what I wanted to say... while I was in the emergency room, Brock stayed with me the whole time when the doctors and nurses weren’t working on me. He held my hand in his for most of that time as we talked... about nothing really important except he apologized to me about what happened. It wasn’t his fault... just my own stupidity. I swear though, my heart at times felt like it was about to beat out of my chest. I like the feel of his calloused hands holding mine. They’re so warm and strong, yet gentle.

    I think I’m falling in love with him all over again.

    I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship.
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    Jun 29, 2004
    Ooh, a very interesting idea for a diary. [face_thinking] I remember the anime from way back when, and this pairing has possibilities. It is already off to a sweet start, and I can't wait to see where you take it. =D=
  3. Alexis_Wingstar

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    Sep 16, 2006
    Thanks. I like the possibility of Brock/Misty better than Ash/Misty. Ash and Misty's temperaments were too similar to make a good match (two stubborn hotheads do not a good couple make LOL).


    May 12, 2013:

    I made a damned fool of myself this morning!

    Brock showed up while I was eating breakfast with his family. He sat down to eat with us (I have to admit, I’d rather eat Brock’s cooking than his parents’... Lola and Flint are nice, but they’re total fail in the culinary arts). Anyway, when I mentioned going over to Brock’s breeding farm after breakfast, he said he said he didn’t need me.

    Actually, his words weren’t quite that direct. He said, “That’s okay, just take it easy today. I’ll be working on other areas today, so you can recover.”

    I just took it wrong. You see, when I travelled with him and Ash, he was always kind of the mediary between me and Ash. I know it’s hard to believe, but I was rather a stubborn hothead when I was younger. Ash was just as stubborn as me (more, actually). Anyway, Brock was always the level headed negotiator... and Ash and I were stupid quarrelling kids. So, when Brock told me to take it easy, I felt like he was being patronizing (I know he wasn’t... he was just concerned for me) and I once more felt like a little girl. I got angry.

    I stood up, placed my hands on the table and glared daggers at him and yelled, “I’m fine! I don’t need you to play doctor with me!”

    He just sat there grinning from ear to ear.

    Irritated, I asked (less loudly), “What are you smiling about?”

    “Now there’s the Misty I know and love!”

    I know I was blushing. His brothers and sisters were giggling, and I swear I heard Yolanda whisper to Forrest, “Oh oh, lover’s quarrel!”

    I growled, “I’m going!” I stomped out the door and walked to the breeder farm. Then realized I’d forgotten my backpack back at the house. I was about to go back, but when I turned around, there was Brock, just a few steps behind me.

    I think he followed me the whole way.

    “You forgot this,” he said as he held the backpack out to me. As I took it, he asked, “Are you alright?”

    I couldn’t look him in the eyes. I felt so embarrassed. I just nodded and told him that I could finish up at the water hole alone so he could do what he needed in the other areas. When he asked if I was sure, anger swelled up again, but I kept myself from exploding. I kept my voice level as I finally looked him in the eyes. “I said I’m fine! You don’t have to treat me like I’m one of your little sisters, I’m a grown woman!”

    I turned around and left him standing there.

    Yeah, I’m a grown woman alright. It’s time I start acting like it.

    Well, I got work to do. I’ll write more later.
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    Jun 29, 2004
    Oh poor Brock! He had to be so confused there. :p Even still, it is adorable to see Misty fumbling with her feelings and letting off a little too much steam.

    A nicely done update. =D=
  5. Alexis_Wingstar

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    Sep 16, 2006
    Mira_Jade I think Brock may have an inkling about what's going on. He's always been very observant. I mean, a guy who can tell all of the Nurse Joy's apart by such little details as one wears her skirt 1/8 of an inch shorter than the others, etc., cannot be that clueless.[face_laugh]

    I hope you like this next update... I had fun writing it.


    May 12, 2013 (noon)

    Well, after I walked away from Brock, I went to the dressing room and changed into my swimsuit before going to the water area. I wore a swim cap because I’m not supposed to get the injury on my head wet.

    I went to inspect the area Brock and I were working on before I fell, and froze when I saw dried blood and a bunch of hair stuck to the rock I’d slipped on. Then I jumped when I heard Brock’s voice behind me. He quickly apologized for startling me, and further apologized for not getting the rock cleaned before I came. “I was going to do it today, thinking you won’t be back here until at least tomorrow.” He had a bucket with soapy water in it and a sponge.

    I was trembling all over, because I suddenly realized if Brock hadn’t been there when I’d fallen, I could have drowned in the water. I tried to speak, but when I opened my mouth to say his name, no sound came out.

    “Misty, are you okay?” When he asked, he sounded very anxious and he quickly put the bucket up on the ledge and took my hands in his.

    My voice was shaking as I whispered, “You saved my life!” I felt tears streaming down my cheeks, and I could hardly breath. Next thing I knew, he was hugging me tight and whispering in my ear that everything was alright now, that I was safe. I wanted to stay in those arms forever. When I stopped crying (I hate that I was bawling like a baby, but hey, whatever got me into those arms can’t be all that bad), I pulled back my head and looked up at him. “I’m sorry I yelled at you earlier.” I swear my heart was trying to break through my chest as I looked into those deep brown eyes of his.

    Unfortunately he took that moment to pull away from me. “You’re already forgiven,” he said softly, “always.”

    The way he looked at me when he said that made me blush.

    Then he got this funny catch in his voice as he sandwiched my hands between his. The one he used to get whenever he tried to pick up some pretty woman. “If you change your mind about not needing me to play doctor with you, I’d be willing to examine every inch of you!” Then he let go of my hands, backed away, and smacked his forehead a bit too dramatically as he turned from me. “Oh no, it’s official! You are a beautiful grown woman, and I’ve fallen deeply in love and will be heartbroken in the next two seconds.”

    I stood there mutely with my mouth wide open.

    That is until he looked at me from the corner of his eyes and had this grin on his face. Then I started cracking up laughing and slapped the water so it splashed him in the face. “Don’t you tease me, Brock, you creep!”

    He started laughing too as we got into a splash fight.

    After a bit, we came up onto the shore and were sitting next to each other with our feet still dangling in the water. He was holding my hand. It felt really nice just sitting there quietly together.

    Then he started speaking softly, “Truth is, Misty, I’m not sure how to act around you. I cherish your friendship, but since we started working together these past couple weeks, I... well, you really are a very beautiful woman.” He looked over at me and swallowed. “I... like you, Misty... and I’m attracted to you. I wish we could have more time together because I’m growing to love you.”

    I couldn’t say anything at first. His words took my breath away. I guess I waited too long to speak, because he let go of my hand and apologized for saying anything... said he was making a fool of himself once more as he stood up. There was such hurt in his voice.

    He was walking away.

    I quickly stood as I said, “Brock, wait!”

    Apparently, I got up too fast and lost my balance. He was there in an instant and caught me in his arms. Before he could pull away again, I took his hands and squeezed his fingers. I confessed to him I had a crush on him when we traveled together seven years ago. “It’s more than a crush, now though.” I blushed then, and looked down at the ground.

    He slipped one of his hands out from mine and raised it to cup my cheek. As I looked up at him, I saw him close his eyes and lean down toward me. I closed my eyes too and went up on the tip of my toes.

    Mmm, he kisses really gooood!!!!

    I am so in love! XOXOXOXOX <3
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    Jun 29, 2004
    Aww, but that was so sweet! The confessions were just perfect, and throughout it all your 'voice' for Misty is just spot on. This is such an adorable read so far. [face_love]
  7. Alexis_Wingstar

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    Sep 16, 2006
    Mira_Jade Misty has been and probably will continue to be my favorite female travel companion in the Pokemon series. She's the most complex of the female characters.


    May 13, 2013 (evening)

    Brock and I had a romantic dinner at a restaurant down the street from his house. They served French cuisine. More fancy than anything else. What made the night was seeing Brock in a nice suit and tie. Oh, I love seeing his taut muscles when he’s in a swimsuit (very drool-worthy =P~ ), but he’s so handsome when all gussied up. And how he looked at and treated me when he picked me up for the date... and throughout dinner... he made me feel beautiful.

    Did I mention I was in love? [face_love]@};-[face_love]
  8. Jedi Master Thon

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    Feb 3, 2013
    Awesome. Great entries so far =D=. Keep it up!
  9. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    Aww, how sweet. It sounded like the perfect date. [face_love]
  10. Alexis_Wingstar

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    Sep 16, 2006
    Jedi Master Thon I'm glad you like it. Thanks for reading.

    Mira_Jade I think they could have had a casual picnic and she'd be just as thrilled because of how Brock treats her. :)

    Okay, this is a very short one because Misty is too sad too write more.


    May 13, 2014

    Well, the water sections of Brock’s breeding farm is finished, and it’s time to go home. I don’t want to go. =((
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    Sep 16, 2006
    Jedi Master Thon, Mira_Jade

    May 20, 2014

    I didn’t write anything in the diary because I couldn’t... I accidentally left it behind at Brock’s breeding farm. He’s been calling me every night since I came back home, and we talk for hours, so it’s almost like we never parted... except we can’t hold hands, hug or kiss. I miss holding his hand the most... the way he rubs his thumb across my knuckles and gently squeezes.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you how I’m writing once more. Brock sent it to me via Crobat. Along with the diary was an invitation to the grand opening of his breeding farm. There was a personal note in the invitation which said:

    “I’d be honored if you come as my date, Misty.

    “Your eternally devoted admirer.

    “P.S. I miss you.”

    He is so sweet! <3
  12. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    Aww, how sweet! [face_love] It's adorable to see their relationship blossoming. :)
  13. Alexis_Wingstar

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    Sep 16, 2006
    Mira_Jade yeah, it's fun to write a blossoming romance.


    May 21, 2013

    After leaving the gym today, I went shopping for a dress to wear to Brock's opening. There were two I really liked. One was an aqua blue number that had a halter style top & a full skirt which came down just below my knees. The skirt swirled when I turned real fast. The other one was a jade green, sleek affair that didn't show any of my cleavage, but was very form fitting. The skirt part went all the way down to the floor and had a slit on both sides which came up to my thighs. It also had lovely gold swirling patterns on it.

    I have a feeling Brock would enjoy seeing me in either one. I bought both because I couldn't make up my mind which to get. I'll try both on in front of my sisters. Getting their feedback may help. I kept the receipt, so I can return the one I choose not to wear.
  14. Alexis_Wingstar

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    Sep 16, 2006


    May 22, 2013

    Well, I wound up taking back the blue dress even though Lily and Violet both voted for it. It was what Daisy said when she voted for the green dress that made up my mind. She said, “You always wear blue, Misty. If you want to knock his socks off, do something unexpected. Besides, the green dress sets off your pretty eyes.”

    Tomorrow I’m going shopping for some shoes in Celadon City because I couldn’t find any I liked here in Cerulean. If I can’t find what I want in the Celadon department store, then I’m too picky for my own good. Oh, and I need to get some jewelry to go with it, too!

    I’m getting so excited about this. I sure hope Brock likes me in this dress!

    Wow, I never thought I’d be so particular about clothes... I’ve always been a tomboy. Put on some old denim shorts, a T-shirt, sneakers, pack a swimsuit and towel in my backpack, and I was good to go.

    Oh GAWD! I just looked in the mirror and my hair is so shabby... I’d better go to the salon the morning of the opening to get it done up right!

    Now I’m getting nervous.

    What if Brock doesn’t like the whole ensemble?

    Okay, breathe... he loves me. He doesn’t care what I wear. Breathe, Misty, breathe.

    I still hope he likes it.
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    Sep 16, 2006
    Mira_Jade Do you wish me to keep tagging you, or shall I stop? If you don't answer in this thread, I'm going to assume you don't wish a tag any more. :)

    May 25, 2013

    Between my duties at the gym and finding everything I want for my outfit I’m going to wear to Brock’s opening... WHICH IS TONIGHT! I'm getting all jittery with excitement. Thank heavens I have everything together... I think... anyway, I haven’t had the time to write.

    I just got my hair done, and I’m killing time until my ride gets here... Brock is sending a limousine for me! He’s so thoughtful. <3

    My sisters are once more filling in at the gym for me. More and more, I feel like I don’t want to run it any more. I love my water Pokemon, but I just feel like there is more for me to do. I’m just not sure what that is yet.
  16. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    You can keep tagging me - I have been out of town the last two weeks, and have fallen behind on reading, I do appologize. :)

    As for the updates I missed . . . It was cute to see Misty so concerned over her wardrobe and hair! Rather telling signs both of those. ;) And I really like the green dress she decided on. :) And then the last line - that was a great springboard for the next chapter in her life. I can't wait to see what she decides to do. =D=
  17. Alexis_Wingstar

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    Sep 16, 2006
    Mira_Jade No need to apologize. I just didn't want to annoy you with tags.

    Okay, now we're getting into some action here:

    May 26, 2013, 12:42 am

    I’m sitting in the waiting room at the hospital with Brock’s father right now. I can hardly believe what happened tonight. Everything was going beautifully. When I arrived, Brock was very appreciative of my outfit, and I was no less approving of him in his tuxedo... oh he was so handsome!

    Then Ash showed up. He’s changed. Well, of course we have all changed, it’s been seven years since we first met. We’ve grown up.

    But Ash...

    The change gives me the chills. He was always a hothead... kind of like me... but he was never cruel. When he first came, I noticed he seemed very bitter. I’d heard what happened a couple years ago... there was a secret organization that had invented a way to not only steal pokemon from their owners, but change them, making them no longer loyal to their owners. They got both Ash and Brock’s pokemon that they were travelling with at the time, and the pokemon turned on them... except Pikachu... Pikachu evolved into Raichu with a thunderstone and helped Ash and Brock defeat the people. But afterwards, Ash changed. The only pokemon he goes around with now is Raichu. He no longer goes out to catch and train pokemon.

    Anyway, Ash became drunk at the party, and started a fight with Brock. It was terrible. Before the police came, both Brock and Ash, who had been up on a balcony, fell. Ash landed on top of Brock, and Brock’s right arm was somehow behind his back when he landed, and he couldn’t move it when the police arrived and broke up the fight.

    Thank goodness Brock managed not to hit his head when he fell! We’re waiting as they x-ray his arm and shoulder and I guess they’re going to set it.

    Ash was arrested.

    I don’t know what to think about what happened. I’m in shock. I can’t help but think Ash needs help.
  18. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    Oh, but that was so sad to see of Ash. I hate that all of that fire burned on itself like that. :(

    And Brock! Ouch! Definitely not how I saw that date going at all. :( But I can't wait for more. I'm interested to know what the fight was about, and if and how they can help Ash at all. :)

  19. Alexis_Wingstar

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    Sep 16, 2006
    Mira_Jade Sorry you won't find out what the fight was about. It really has no bearing on the story except that a drunken Ash was looking for a fight.

    May 26, 2013, 10:15 am.

    Brock is sleeping in his bed, and I’m sitting in a chair beside him as I write this. Thankfully, he’s not in any pain right now thanks to all the drugs the doctors pumped him full of last night/early this morning.

    Officer Jenny had come to the hospital while we were waiting for Brock to be released and she got our versions of what happened. Brock told her he didn’t want to press charges against Ash. He’s of the same mind I am about this. Ash needs our help. I just hope our friend lets us help him.


    This is really weird. As I was writing, I heard the doorbell ring. I went to answer, and there was Ash’s Raichu sleeping soundly on the doorstep with a letter addressed to Brock on top of him. I left poor Raichu still sleeping Brock’s couch in the living room.

    I’m loathe to wake Brock, because he needs to sleep, and I know he’ll be in pain when he wakes up. But, I feel this is urgent.

    Well, I woke him. Thankfully, he wasn’t in any pain yet, but he was still groggy. It took me three times to explain to him why I was waking him before he understood. Once he did, he sat up, suddenly fully alert and asked me where Raichu was. I told him I laid him on the couch, and stood up and took the letter. He began to go into the living room as he was opening the seal... that is before I cleared my throat.

    I was blushing and trying not to stare at him... I looked down at the floor.

    He was in his undies.

    Anyway, I went into the living room as he got dressed, and when he came out, he read the letter out loud.

    Dear Brock,

    I’m sorry for my actions last night. There is no excuse for what I said, and you have every right to be angry at me. It would serve me right if you HAD pressed charges, but you are too good a friend to do that.

    I have to go now... somewhere I have to go alone. I can’t take Raichu with me. I sedated him, because I know he’d follow otherwise. Please take care of him.

    You and Raichu are my truest friends.


    P.S. You and Misty make a beautiful couple. Please tell her I’m sorry for what I said about her... that was beyond rude, and being drunk doesn’t give me an excuse.

    Brock and I just sat there in silence for a few minutes, then I asked him, “What are you going to do?”

    He gently folded up the letter and put it back in the envelope. Looking over at Raichu, who was still sleeping on the couch, he shrugged. “I guess take care of Raichu until Ash decides to come back.”

    “You mean you aren’t going to go looking for Ash?” I couldn’t believe it. Ash needs our help.

    He shook his head. “Ash is going through something he needs time to work out on his own.”

    “But... it sounded like he might be suicidal!”

    “I don’t think so, Misty. I mean, he said he was going somewhere, and Raichu would follow but he didn’t want Raichu to come there.”

    “Maybe he was thinking of committing suicide and was afraid Raichu would do the same if he saw him do that.”

    “Misty,” he took my hand in his good one, “I really don’t think...”

    I interrupted him by pulling away and shaking my head. “I’m going to find him. He needs our help!”

    I left. I had no idea where Ash went. I called his mom, but she hadn’t heard from him in weeks. I asked around town and no one seems to have seen Ash or where he went.

    I feel so helpless.
  20. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    Ack! Sounds like Ash is down a bad path. :( I hope Misty and Brock can help him.
  21. Alexis_Wingstar

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    Sep 16, 2006
    Mira_Jade Yeah, it does sound like Ash has gone to the Pokemon equivalent of the dark side... I can't say more about that without giving some major plot away. LOL

    May 26, 2013, 4PM

    Raichu woke up two hours ago, and at first he looked around for Ash, then became panicked when he couldn’t find him. It was so heartbreaking to see him running around, crying, “Rai? Rai-raichu?” Then when he realized Ash was gone... Brock and I had to tell him, and Brock read the letter to him, Raichu started a keening wail.

    He’s still at it. Brock and I are taking him to Professor Oak’s laboratory at the Professor’s suggestion. Ash’s Bulbasaur lives there still, and we hope the deep friendship between Raichu and Bulbasaur will help Raichu calm down.

    We still haven’t been able to find Ash. Hearing Raichu cry like this is making me kind of angry with Ash. Damn him for doing this to poor Raichu who had been so loyal to him!
  22. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    Oh, the poor sweetie! My heart twisted at reading that. :(

    My annoyance with Ash definitely rose with this - but I am curious to find out what is going on. [face_thinking]
  23. Tarsier

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    Jul 31, 2005
    I know I'm arriving rather late, but I'm really enjoying this diary! Any chance it will continue?
  24. Alexis_Wingstar

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    Sep 16, 2006
    Mira_Jade There is definitely a mystery afoot.

    Tarsier Yes, thanks for your interest. :)

    Sorry it's been so long since I posted for this story. There are some RL issues that prevented me from accessing the internet for over a year. So, here is the next entry:

    May 26, 2013, 10:30PM

    Well, Raichu seems to be doing better. We finally arrived in Pallet Town around 6:30, and Professor Oak took us out back to the corral. Raichu had stopped his wailing about halfway to Ash’s hometown, but he was still very upset… sparks kept coming out of his cheeks… it was a bit scary. Anyway, as soon as the little dear saw Bulbasaur, the two started talking, and Bulbasaur extended it’s vines and wrapped them around Raichu to comfort him. As the two pokemon continued to speak, Professor Oak took us inside so we could talk without disturbing them.

    While we were discussing Ash’s strange behavior and disappearance, Mrs. Ketchum showed up and invited us to dinner. Neither the Professor nor Ash’s mom have a clue as to Ash’s whereabouts. After dinner, Mrs. Ketchum insisted we stay the night because we were so exhausted. Brock is sleeping on the couch in the living room, and I’m in Ash’s room. It’s weird being in here where Ash slept as a kid. It’s still decorated the way it was since he was a kid!
  25. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    It's so good to see you back! And I hope that RL is given you a breather for now. [:D]

    And it is great to see this updated. I liked her contemplation of Ash's room, though it continues to make me sad for his behavior now. :( I can't wait for more. =D=