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    Welcome to the Prequel Trilogy forum - in aligning with the other boards here, here are our guidelines and expectations aimed towards maintaining a positive experience for everyone.

    Prequel Trilogy Forum Rules

    1. At all times, users are expected to behave responsibly and observe the rules and Terms of Service for the Jedi Council Forums. They are located here:

    Terms of Service:
    Rules of the JC:
    Harassment Policy:

    2. This board is for discussion of the films of Prequel Trilogy and subjects closely related to it ONLY. Off-topic discussions and/or threads will be discontinued and/or locked. The exception is the PT Social Thread, in which non-Star Wars related discussion is encouraged.

    3. No bashing, of any kind, related to any Star Wars film, studio, or anyone who participated in the filmmaking process is allowed anywhere on this board, including social and game threads. Bashing is not equivalent to thoughtful criticism and debate, however, we encourage you to err on the side of caution, if there is a question. Personal attacks on other users or individuals related to the Star Wars films are not allowed. “Flame Wars” and trollish behavior will result in an immediate suspension of posting privileges (“ban”).

    4. No attempts at starting/baiting “fan wars” involving the separate trilogies or Star Wars content (CT vs. PT, PT vs. ST, Lucas vs. Disney, Continuity/Canon disputes) are allowed.

    5. Do not spam threads with multiple, consecutive posts (often referred to as “stacking”).

    6. Do not post links or footage of any kind (including GIFs) from pirated (“bootleg”) sources.

    7. All spoilers for upcoming major film releases should be “spoiler tagged” for two weeks after release, in accordance with board policy. These may be adjusted on an individual basis by staff members.

    8. Users are encouraged to use the “Report” function as appropriate for content that violates the Terms of Service and these board rules (including bashing, trolling, flaming, and spam/advertisement), but never as a means of retaliation against those with whom they disagree. Abuse of the report function will be treated as a violation of the terms of service. If a post is questionable and you do not feel comfortable reporting it, you can always reach out to one of the forum’s staff members.

    Have fun, and enjoy your stay!


    updated 04.18.2019
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