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Problem Child - ObiWan/Qui-Gon AU (Second Teaser )

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Just_Jill, Nov 15, 2002.

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  1. Just_Jill

    Just_Jill Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 17, 2002
    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

    Padawan_Travina - Qui-Gon when you find them, I want you to take you saber and chop them up into little pieces and then space them....
    That would be nice, eh?

    Jedi_Loren - Welcome!

    another post? today? please?
    It will just not be possible. I'm sorry. But I am glad you like it! [face_blush] Although the lightsaber-shaped candies on top were mighty tempting.... [face_mischief]

    Flashbacca - The previous masters might not have been doing anything deliberately to Obi.
    Interesting possibility!

    jascen200015 - That is an interesting hypothesis
    See, I'm not the only one who thinks so.

    forever_jedi - Wonder what would have happened if this was in the future, and the Padawan had been Anakin?
    Can you imagine what might have happened? And the backlash? Hm.... and thank you. [face_blush] I hope my beta reader can stand me after the big head all your feedback has given me.

    Cicci - You're not going to throw him yet another traumatic experience back at the Temple are you?

    Tahiri - I like Qui-Gon's determination here to figure out what happened.
    Makes you kind of wonder if it isn't personal...

    Jedi_Knight150 - When is Qui gonna make Obi-Wan his padawan?
    You'll just have to wait and be patient.

    BlueJedi - Welcome!

    Extremley well set up story!!
    Thank you. [face_blush]

    kikeriki - Obi's showing great improvement!
    Nice to see, isn't it?

    Wild_Huntress - But I'm a bit worried what'll happen when Obi goes back.
    So am I.

    Shaindl - Welcome!

    you can picture a scared and abused Obi-Wan, and the Jedi Master who wants to help but is resisting what his heart is telling him.
    I'm glad... Now I wish I knew how I'd done it.

    Lieutenant_Page - but there has to be a catch
    There does?

    Jedi_Suzuran - I'm worried though, about what'll happen to Obi when they return to the temple.

    obaona - And I'm even more glad that Qui-Gon is going to get those Sithly Masters!
    What if they aren't Sithly?

    PadawanKitara - Ok Qui-Gon it's time to figure out that you have had a great time teaching this kid.

    Jane Jinn - Qui-Gon must have his reasons for suggesting that he work in the creche
    All will be made clear, I promise.

    Kit' - It's spot on for both Obi-wan and Qui-gon (considering the circumstances)
    [face_blush] Thank you.

    Here's the next chapter.

    Just Jill
  2. Just_Jill

    Just_Jill Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 17, 2002
    Note: I won't be posting again until Tuesday, in all probability. We're going out of town. There might be a post tomorrow.

    Ch 13: "We Can't Afford to be Innocent" - Pat Benetar, Invicible

    Returning to the Temple was not as much of a shock as Obi-Wan had thought it would be. Part of it was due to the fact that he was not in the room he'd been in for the last three years. His relief was a surprise. He still had nothing to decorate with, so the room was bare, but it was his, even if he was on a level with much younger initiates. He couldn't even bring himself to care.

    He was surprised to discover that his morning schedule was no longer taken up with classes, or even with the work on his shields. He'd thought the schedule from... wherever he'd been would continue. Instead, he was to spend the first two hours after breakfast in the creche, and then two hours with the healers, with a half hour between them. After lunch he'd be working with Master Zichri on his lightsaber technique for two hours, and then with Master Yoda on his shields, again with a half hour break between.

    Obi-Wan stared in dismay at Qui-Gon, who had informed him of the change in his schedule when the Knight had walked him to his new quarters. "With the healers?" he questioned softly, doubtfully, and glanced at the door to make sure it was closed. He didn't know how many people had seen them return, and he didn't want rumors to start because someone heard this conversation.

    Qui-Gon nodded firmly. "You have faced all your fears with great courage, Obi-Wan," he said gently. "Do not stop now."

    Obi-Wan hesitated, a protest on his tongue, but then he dropped his head. "Yes, sir," he said.

    Qui-Gon's hand fell heavily on his shoulder, and Obi-Wan felt comforted - although it was probably for the last time, he thought despondently. "You'll do well," the Jedi Knight told him.

    Obi-Wan nodded, but he didn't look up, and he could not force his voice to work. He did not want to work with the Healers. He didn't want to be anywhere near them. Just in case his Masters were right.

    His first day in the creche was hectic. The creche was separated into four rooms. The first housed the new arrivals until they were able to walk steadily on their own, and most of the beds were cribs. The greatest number of Masters worked in that room, filling it with all the love the Force could hold. There were three children per Master, and that kept those that worked in there running. The second room held mostly toddlers, children who still needed help with feeding, clothing themselves, and so on. Many of them still had to be potty trained, but most of them slept on small sleep couches. Some of the sleep couches had railings on them, both to keep wayward Initiates from escaping, and to keep the more unsteady children from falling out of bed. The third room was for the children nearly ready to receive their own quarters on the initiate floors. These children helped with the toddlers, sharing the responsibility with Master Elaida, creche Master, and others who worked with him. The fourth room was a common play room, where most of the children spent much of their time, in play, study, and eating.

    The Masters who worked in the nursery were glad for the help, and took turns sending Obi-Wan on errands that they simply did not have time to do themselves. Most of them were without a Padawan, and the two Padawan who worked there were as harried as their Masters. Hurrying back on one of his trips through the Temple, Obi-Wan wondered how long he would be able to keep this up. If nothing else, his mind went on as he slipped into the creche, I'll know the Temple better than anyone. Well, almost anyone. He had a suspicion that Master Yoda knew nearly every stone.

    The half hour between assignments was welcome. He found a small garden in which to refresh himself for a moment, firmly not thinking of the Healer's Wing, where he was to go next. But eventually, he had
  3. Padawan_Travina

    Padawan_Travina Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 5, 2002
    Wow Jill...

    That was such a great chapter...Loved the ineraction w/ Obi and all involved.

    I hope this all works out for him in the end...

    But what did that creepy lady want with him?

    Cant wait to read more

  4. Lieutenant_Page

    Lieutenant_Page Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 17, 2001
    But I do know I hope I never see her again.

    Something tells me that isn't gonna happen :(

    Great post! Those little ones are sooo cute!
  5. forever_jedi

    forever_jedi Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jun 5, 2002
    Just_Jill Wonderful again! Happy Thanksgiving to you. And I'll be waiting to see Obi's progress (or setback!) on Tuesday!

    It's really smart that Obi-Wan was set to work with the healers and in the creche. Very young children are naturally non-threatening and lovable and the sick need attention. He can forget about his own troubles in the mornings and just concentrate on helping others!
  6. jacen200015

    jacen200015 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2002
    wonderful post. Obi seems to be doing a whole lot better, except for that incident in the crehce. I liked how they cudled up next to Obi-Wan even after what happened, that was soooo sweet. :) I'll be looking forward to the new post. :)

  7. obaona

    obaona Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 18, 2002
    I like how Obi-Wan is getting better, and I wish Qui-Gon weren't so stupid.

    Qui-Gon should take Obi as his Padawan. 'Nuff said. :D

    And GREAT POST! Having Obi-Wan work in the creche was very smart, I think - young children are innocent and nonthreatening. I'm really wondering about that woman, though. What does she think she's doing, disapproving of Obi-Wan? :mad:

    More please. :D
  8. Wild_Huntress

    Wild_Huntress Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 15, 2002
    Ooh lovely chap Jill! That scene with Obi and the little Twilek girl was really touching! ;)
  9. Jedi_Suzuran

    Jedi_Suzuran Jedi Knight star 5

    May 22, 2002
    Hmm, who was that old sourpuss? ?[face_plain]

    Loved the chapter, Jill. The interaction was great, especially Obi comforting the young girl. :D
  10. PadawanKitara

    PadawanKitara Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 31, 2001
    That creepy knight needs to stay away from Obi-Wan. I think it's cute how he is working with the little ones and hopefully learning how to trust.
  11. kikeriki

    kikeriki Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 23, 2002
    Happy... and yet sad... Wonderfully written!

    Have a happy holiday! :D
  12. Just_Jill

    Just_Jill Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 17, 2002
    Did I forget to mention? Wahoo! Over 200 posts... You guys are so awesome!

    Padawan_Travina - I hope this all works out for him in the end...

    It will. Um. When's the end for you?

    Lieutanant_Page - Something tells me that isn't gonna happen
    Follow your feelings....

    forever_jedi - He can forget about his own troubles in the mornings and just concentrate on helping others!
    That did not occur to me. But of course you're right.

    jacen200015 - I liked how they cudled up next to Obi-Wan even after what happened,
    They are cute children, aren't they?

    obaona - What does she think she's doing, disapproving of Obi-Wan?
    Makes one wonder, eh?

    Wild_Huntress - That scene with Obi and the little Twilek girl was really touching!
    [face_blush] Glad you liked it.

    Jedi_Suzuran - who was that old sourpuss?
    Good question.

    PadawanKitara - That creepy knight needs to stay away from Obi-Wan.
    Are you sure?

    kikeriki - Happy... and yet sad...
    Seems to be the best way to go.

    I was mistaken - I will be posting today, because I allowed for it in my absence. I will be gone from now until Tuesday - hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

    Just Jill
  13. Just_Jill

    Just_Jill Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 17, 2002
    Note: Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

    Ch 14: "How Can it Happen" - Colors, One & Nothing

    Qui-Gon was somehow not surprised to find that all three of Obi-Wan's former masters were on assignment. He tracked Yoda down, grim with determination. He wanted to find out what the men had done to the boy, and why, and how they'd kept it a secret from everyone in the Temple. Well, maybe that wasn't so hard. There were ten thousand Knights, and it could have been a simple case of not meeting the same one more than once or twice. Although how his teachers had never noticed, Qui-Gon didn't know. He paused outside the small Master's door, then knocked sharply.

    Yoda didn't look surprised to see him, and beckoned him into the apartment. Qui-Gon followed the little Master, and sat down in a chair when he was directed. It was the only chair big enough for someone not Master Yoda's size. It sat in a corner away from the door. Against the wall to one side, near the kitchenette, a table was shoved against the wall, two chairs on either side. Qui-Gon tried to imagine his Master sitting there, on the floor as a Padawan, and it almost made him smile. It also reminded him of why he was there, and turned back to Yoda, who had settled himself comfortably in a small chair next to the one Qui-Gon sat in. Yoda's chair lifted with a soft hum so that he could see Qui-Gon's eyes. "I would like to speak with Knight Sorin," Qui-Gon said without preamble.

    Yoda sighed gently, ears twitching back slightly. "Why wish this do you?"

    "Because there is much more to this... situation," Qui-Gon said quietly. "Obi-Wan is still scared." Everyone had heard about what had happened in the creche.

    "Hm. Very intent you are. Personal is it?"

    Qui-Gon just barely managed not to squirm. As usual, Yoda had turned the topic exactly where he did not want it to go. "No, Master," he said, and decided it was time to let Yoda know how he felt. "Somehow, we didn't notice that a Padawan was being beaten into submission," he said bluntly. "We missed how the Force was used to subdue and hurt him. I feel that the Jedi have failed Obi-Wan Kenobi, and I do not like the feeling."

    Yoda's ears drew back further, and his wrinkled forehead grew more furrowed. "Understand, I do, and agree," he said finally. "Recalled to the Temple is Knight Denk. Speak with him you should also."

    "And Toman?"

    "To return soon. Almost finished his mission is. Knight Sorin will be recalled tomorrow."

    Qui-Gon nodded. "Thank you, Master Yoda." He stood, bowed, and started out.

    "Master Qui-Gon," Yoda said, and he stopped, turning to face him. "Well you have done with the boy," Yoda said. "Continue you will?"

    Qui-Gon smiled. "Yes, Master," he said, and left the apartment.

    His patience was stretched to the limit by the wait for Denk to return. He spent some of it observing Obi-Wan, watching the boy with the children in the creche, and with his friends during meals. The boy seemed to be happier and was more animated than he had been, and Qui-Gon was glad. According to all of the Masters the boy was working with, he was progressing well. Master Elaida had only good things to say, although Master Zichri blamed Qui-Gon for confusing Obi-Wan in the lightsaber forms. Still, even Master Yoda thought he was gaining the control he'd lost. And Theela had only good things to say about him. Obi-Wan worked hard, Qui-Gon mused one night. He'd make someone a good Padawan. He got up abruptly and busied himself with something to eat before his mind could go to the next logical step - that he take the boy as his own.

    Three days after Qui-Gon's conversation with Yoda, Denk arrived. Qui-Gon waited as long as his waning patience would let him, not wanting to rush the man, but then he tracked him down. He'd never met this Knight, and had only seen the effects of his treatment of his Padawan. Every time he remembered that, he had to stop to dismiss the animosity he felt for him. It hap
  14. Just_Jill

    Just_Jill Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 17, 2002
    Does anyone know why this page is stretched all out of proportion? And if there's anything I can do to fix it?

    Just Jill
  15. forever_jedi

    forever_jedi Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jun 5, 2002
    Just_Jill Thanks for posting on Turkey day!
    The mystery deepens. Denk doesn't seem too bad over all, though he is NOT telling all. Could he have been influenced also? He was the middle master who had Obi-Wan for a short time. He seemed almost sad to hear about Obi being without a Master now and had recognized his potential in the past. Hmm..Is Di'ona doing a mind trick on him? Or are they all in league? Well, we have a delicious wait to solve this disturbing puzzle!
  16. Nicky

    Nicky Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 25, 2002
    I guess that it all comes down to this Foilani knight. Maybe she somehow taps into Obi-Wan's powers, uses him as her tool while the 3 masters are "only" her accomplices to prevent Obi-Wan and everyone else from finding out the truth...

    BTW, I really love Qui-Gon in your story - but I presume it's still going to take a while and many more dangerous situations for Obi-Wan for him to really acknowledge his inner voice which tells him to take on Obi as his padawan...

    Very good story so far! :) More please!

  17. TheFallen

    TheFallen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 27, 2001
    Ah, devious plans abound. I'm looking forward to the next chapter! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving! :D
  18. Tahiri

    Tahiri Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2001
    Ah, I had only read through half of yesterday's post so I need to comment on that -- it was great with what happened in the creche, I really liked that part.

    Now for this chapter -- who is that woman?? Why does she care about where Obi-Wan is? Hmm... and is she hiding something with Denk, or influencing him somehow?

    Oh yeah, and....

  19. Jedi_Loren

    Jedi_Loren Jedi Master star 1

    Sep 16, 2001
    Happy Thanksgiveing to one and all! am I supposed to survive till Tuesday with no post? I may die of post-starvation! :p
  20. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    Hmm, Denk never actually did say what kind of discipline he'd used with Obi-Wan. He neatly sidestepped the issue.

    The Foilani female appears again, and her anger is not abated! I know this is AU, but do the Jedi still have the same code "there is no emotion, there is peace" in this universe? Wouldn't somebody have noticed her distinct lack of peace by now?

    Remembering what Flashbacca wrote a few posts ago, I was thinking that if somebody had set these bombs in Obi-Wan's mind, at least one of which was set to go off when he took a padawan ... what is to prevent that same person from setting similar bombs in other people's minds, also set to go off when they took a padawan? Or perhaps only for a certain padawan?

  21. Cicci

    Cicci Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 16, 2002
    I don't know who or what to believe here, Jill! No further messing with my head, ok? ;)

    Great chapter...have anybody told you you're an amazing writer recently?
  22. obaona

    obaona Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 18, 2002
    Having too long of a line, like **** or ==== all across the thing, usually does that.

    About the post! :) I loved it, but its clear that Denk didn't think he was abusing Obi-Wan. And recently some strange thoughts have entered my mind . . . like perhaps his former Master's weren't abusing him. Perhaps something else is going on . . . and perhaps that disapproving woman has something to do with it!

    *is paranoid*

    But anyway! Great post! :D
  23. Ewanfan51

    Ewanfan51 Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 19, 2002
    Thanks for the Post. This is getting better and better. Qui Gon is that close to taking Obi Wan for his Padawan.
    I am very confused. This Denk guy never really answered Qui Gon's questions. He was evasive.
    That creepy lady is back. Qui Gon is going to have to find out what is up with her.
    Obi is doing so well with this regimine they have put him on. I hope some nasty Master doesn't decide to take him and mess him up again.
    More Please.
    Hope you had a wonderful Turkery Day.
  24. Jedi_Suzuran

    Jedi_Suzuran Jedi Knight star 5

    May 22, 2002
    That was not good. What was Di'ona doing right outside Denk's door when Qui-Gon was there?

    Call me paranoid, but that's darn suspicious to me, that she's there when Obi is being discussed. [face_plain]

    Thankee for the post, Jill, and have a great holiday. :D
  25. PadawanKitara

    PadawanKitara Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 31, 2001
    I thought I was pretty happy with this chapter until I read Jane's comments. Now the paranoid padawan is starting to surface 8-}
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