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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by Prolific_Ficcer, Oct 22, 2006.

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  1. Tarsier

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    Jul 31, 2005
    Beyond the Saga

    Chasing Whisperkits Timeline

    Title: You Found Me
    Timeframe: sometime between Vision of the Future and Sacrifice
    Genre: one-shot, angst/mush
    Characters: Platt, Callista, Dankin; mention of Mara and Luke
    Summary: Started off as a bit of background for the unnamed characters in Chasing Whisperkits but it ended up as . . . well, this.
    Status: Complete

    Title: Chasing Whisperkits
    Timeframe: LOTF (sometime after Sacrifice)
    Genre: short story, drama/angst
    Characters: Callista, Mara (ghost), Caedus/Jacen, Tahiri, Luke, Ben
    Summary: Jacen captures Callista to lure Luke and Ben to him. Callista and Force-ghost Mara race to save Jacen before he can corrupt Ben.
    Status: Complete

    Title: Not the Beginning
    Timeframe: ~41 ABY
    Genre: one-shot, songfic, introspection
    Characters: Ben, mention of (redeemed) Jacen and (deceased) Luke
    Summary: Ben Skywalker struggles to cope with the death of his father.
    Status: Complete

    Worth Fighting For Timeline

    Title: Drabbles #67-100
    Timeframe: New Republic era to NJO era
    Genre: drabbles
    Characters: Callista, Luke, Benji (OC), Mara, Dankin, Odonnl, others
    Status: Complete

    Title: R.S.V.P.
    Timeframe: ~21ABY
    Genre: two-shot, fluff/mush
    Characters: Part 1: Luke, Callista, mention of Mara; Part 2: Callista, Dankin, Anakin, Ghent
    Summary: A bit of fluff surrounding Mara's R.S.V.P. to Luke and Callista's wedding.
    Status: Complete

    Title: Worth Fighting For
    Timeframe: LOTF-like AU, ~40ABY
    Genre: novella, drama/action
    Characters: Mara, Luke, Dankin, Benji (OC), Odonnl, Callista (ghost), Mirax, Corran, Faughn, Aves, Ghent, H'sishi, Pormfil
    Summary: Mara reluctantly agrees to find Luke, who has disappeared after the death of his wife, Callista. Luke and his son Benji temporarily join Mara's crew as Luke tries to figure out what's gone wrong in the galaxy and in his life, and what's really worth fighting for.
    Status: Complete

    Title: Can't Sleep
    Timeframe: halfway through Worth Fighting For
    Genre: vignette, missing scene, challenge response
    Characters: Mara, Luke, mention of Benji (OC)
    Status: Complete

    In the Shadow of the Force Timeline

    Title: New Resolve
    Timeframe: AU, about 3 years after Children of the Jedi
    Genre: one-shot, introspection, challenge response
    Characters: Callista
    Status: Complete

    Title: Slave Crusades Drabbles #1-66
    Timeframe: late New Republic era
    Genre: drabbles
    Characters: Callista, Hand of Judgement, Blue, Fenig Nabon, Ghitsa Dogder, Platt Okeefe, Tru'eb Cholakk, Jai Raventhorn, Dirk Harkness, OCs, Mara, Luke, Han
    Summary: This will mostly be about Callista, and various others hired by her, trying to free slaves on Tatooine.
    Status: Complete

    Other Stories

    Title: We Can't Move On, We Can't Stay Here
    Timeframe: New Republic era AU
    Genre: angst, romance, songfic
    Characters: Major - Mara, Corran; Minor - Luke, Aves, Mirax
    Summary: Mara and Corran as a couple. It doesn't end well.
    Notes: Based on the lyrics to "Mockingbird" by Rob Thomas
    Status: Complete

    Title: ...For the Rest of Us
    Timeframe: 21 ABY
    Genre: one-shot; mush, fluff, humor; challenge response
    Summary: Festivus!
    Status: Complete

    Title: Tell Luke
    Timeframe: late New Republic era AU
    Genre: angst
    Characters: Mara, mostly; also Callista, Luke, Dankin , Aves, Odonnl, Karrde
    Summary: Who would you call with your last goodbye?
    Status: Complete

    Title: Overjoyed
    Timeframe: New Republic era, slight AU
    Genre: runs the spectrum from angst to mush
    Characters: Mara, Luke, Dankin
    Summary: Luke and Dankin: Each would be overjoyed to be closer to Mara.
    Notes: Based on the lyrics to "Overjoyed" by Matchbox Twenty
    Status: Complete

    Title: Drabbles and Such
    Timeframe: New Republic era
    Genre: fluff; silliness; humor, if I can manage it
    Characters: Various, including Luke, Mara, Callista, Dankin. Some crossovers with Stargate: Atlantis.
    Summary: Assorted (non-challenge) drabbles and slightly longer pieces that don't warrant their own thread.
    Status: Ongoing

    Title: Captain and Pilot (a Mara Jade diary)
    Timeframe: ~12 ABY AU
    Characters: Primary: Mara, Dankin; Secondary: Karrde, Luke, Callista, Lando
    Summary: Under Karrde's guidance, Mara starts her own two-person company.
    Notes: For the Dear Diary Challenge 2014.
    Status: Ongoing

    The Saga

    Title: The Color of Her Eyes [scroll to #6]
    Timeframe: between the sagas
    Genre: angst, introspection; songfic; challenge response
    Characters: Ben Kenobi
    Notes: Based on the lyrics to "Savior" by Rise Against; for the Moving Challenge (entry #6)
    Status: Complete
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    Jul 10, 2009
    Do you have one on Ahsoka and/or Rex and/or Ventress?

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