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Discussion in 'EU Community' started by MasterDarkra, Mar 1, 2021.

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  1. MasterDarkra

    MasterDarkra Jedi Master

    Apr 26, 2006
    I've been reading online that Filoni's Clone Wars series seriously contradicted a lot of the established continuity that was in Legends. Is there a timeline that has been put together for the legends media that excludes all of the material that TCW retconned?
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  2. Dark Ferus

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    Jul 29, 2016
    Nothing official from Lucasfilm that I know of, but the closest I know of is Wookieepedia's timeline of Legends books. Disclaimer: A few Rise of the Empire Legends books contain elements of TCW, specifically the Force Gambit duology. Ironically, even though the Clone Wars movie is canon, the novelization for it is considered Legends because Karen Traviss included elements of EU stories outside of the series in the book.
    Jedi Trial got pushed by TCW to one month after AOTC. It was originally six months before ROTS. There were several novels of Anakin still as a Padawan that had been written in 2002-2004, so those all originally took place over 2.5 years instead of four weeks. If we restored the pre-TCW timeline and dismissed all events in and related to the series, then this would return the dates to their pre-2008 places.
  3. Irredeemable Fanboy

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    Mar 27, 2020
    If you want a timeline that outright EXCLUDES any material retconned by TCW (even by such minimal things as dates not making sense due to the 2 month thing) then you have a very short list.

    This video of the user Captain Fordo can give you more info about just how much the series retconned from the EU and it shows how many stories can fit without retconning anything at all (around 32:20 he starts going through evey single story form the original project to see how it stacks up to TCW's timeline, giving you the final results afterwards):

    He did make the video mainly to criticize that aspect of TCW, but it is a very comprehensive list of the retcons, in the regular EU timeline it is said that most of the multimedia project takes place in that 2 month gap i mentioned, basically changing around the times the stories are set compared to where they originally were.

    The Expanded Universe Timeline page gives you a very exhaustive list of stories in chronological order for everything, here's the link for the timeline of the Rise of the Empire era (which encapsulates all of the Prequel, Clone Wars and Dark Times stories) including TCW and having the older stories' retconned placement in the timeline, this can give you a very good idea as to where everything is supposed to happen:

    Here's the timeline for the Clone Wars as it originally was in the EU:

    I recommend checking that page in general, it is very useful and it even breaks down the chronological placement of flashback sequences and the like, giving exact page numbers (and it also goes a bit One Canon, including the placement of certain New Canon stories that could fit perfectly in Legends).

    But the Timeline of Legends media is also a very good option, i also check it out when i'm simply not sure what to read next to not miss anything:

    The options here include the TCW material but don't outright exclude the retconned material, it just has it in it's retconned placement (basically having the TCW rule over the rest of the material, but without making it non-canon, which was the official stance from Lucasfilm at the time).

    Of course all the material that is a direct tie-in to the series but stayed in Legends also remains in the timeline, those are the TCW novels No Prisoners and Wild Space, the novelization from the movie, the Secret Missions series of books, the Siege and Gambit duology, the One-off comic stories, the Graphic Novellas, the short stories and the webcomic from the UK, in this wook page you have a list of all that material (and some more i may have missed):

    So i guess the best answer to your question should be the list of unretconned material from Fordo's video + all of the TCW multimedia project and check the timeline to see when each of those stories takes place in relation to each other.
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  4. Tython Awakening

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    Oct 12, 2017
    The publications that came out after Episode II: Attack of the Clones are some of the best places to look for that. You are looking for a Lucasfilm-approved timeline that does not include the Clone Wars animated material from 2009 onwards. If anyone remembers this exclusive short story collection from Hasbro and the Cartoon Network -- this has a timeline dated to around 2003 right before the original Clone Wars animated series debuted that ran from 2003 - 2005 and led into Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. It's also worth mentioning that events were dated using months after Attack of the Clones and the Battle of Geonosis.

    You basically have to go back in time and look at stuff that came out after Attack of the Clones. This promotional short story collection is one of the best examples. There's also the Star Wars: Republic comics series that includes clone wars material published before 2009. It ran for 83 issues. Other comics series from Dark Horse actually continued the numbering beyond 83 issues using sub-numbering. Some characters were connected beyond the sub-numbering.

    There is a detailed timeline on Page 4 of this mini book. The timeline has the number of months following Attack of the Clones in which the short story took place. The timeline also has the number of months after AOTC for the first series of cartoons.

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