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Saga - PT Prophesy: The Rogues, A Star Wars/Kingdom Hearts Crossover

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    Jun 17, 2014
    Prologue: Resurrected

    Title: Prophesy: The Rogues
    Author(s): Theodore Hawkwood
    Timeframe: Saga-PT
    Characters: Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, K-2SO
    Genre: General
    Keywords: Crossover, Rogue One, Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, Kingdom Hearts, Back to the Future
    Summary: After their deaths of Scarif, Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, and K-2SO find themselves raised from the dead on another universe where they are sent in a quest spanning several universes...

    Notes: A crossover with Star Wars/Kingdom Hearts/Back to the Future and will feature several other fandoms as the story goes on.


    Yen Sid's Tower
    Kingdom Hearts Universe

    Cassian Andor’s eyes opened. That’s impossible.

    The next thing Cassian knew was that he was surrounded entirely by liquid; it was familiar, like being in a bacta tank. He looked around, seeing another transparent tube through the distorted view that the liquid around him bestowed.

    He could see another tube adjacent to his, a human form suspended in the liquid. He could tell the other human was female, dark haired, slim figured but he couldn’t quite make out her facial features due to the distorted view through the liquid.

    Jyn? Cassian thought, eyes narrowing.

    The woman in the other tube, whoever she was, raised her head suddenly, realizing she was immersed in liquid. He saw her turn and face him, seeing her dark hair billowing around her in the liquid, but he couldn’t quite make out her face. Then the sound of a door opening to his left echoed faintly.

    He turned around in the viscous fluid in time to see a form he certainly recognized; the hulking form of a KX-series droid. Kay-Tuesso? No. Don’t get your hopes up. There are hundreds of KX-series droids in the Empire.

    He watched as the droid walked over to a console between the two tubes, punching in some commands that Cassian couldn’t see. He heard the sound of vents opening and felt the fluid moving around his body. He could see bubbles moving past his field of vision.

    Drainage. Let’s hope that the aftertaste of bacta is the worst I suffer. As the fluid drained entirely from the glass tube Cassian removed his mask and felt the rush of air moving as the glass tube retracted into a housing.

    “Finally. You’re awake.” The droid said.

    “Kay-Tu?” Cassian asked.

    “In the flesh, so to speak.” K-2SO walked over to a nearby table, retrieving a pair of towels and robes, “As I do not have flesh, per se.”

    That’s Kay-Tu alright. Or at least a convincing duplicate. Cassian thought as the droid returned to them, handing them each a robe and a towel.

    Once he’d dried off and put the robe on he turned to see the woman from the adjacent tube. Now that he was able to see her face, recognition hit like a stun blast.


    Jyn Erso locked eyes with the Rebel Intelligence captain standing before her, nodding in recognition, “Cassian. What happened?”

    “I don’t know,” Cassian replied, “I remember the beach on Scarif, the blast...and then waking up here. Wherever here is.”

    “Right,” K-2SO began, “There are refresher units to my left, feel free to use them. There are also suitable clothes available. Once you’re freshened up, use the door behind me. Our host will want to speak with us.”

    Cassian walked towards the refresher units, noticing Jyn went into the adjacent unit. As he walked into the refresher and cleaned himself up, questions were running through his mind. There’s no way we could have survived Scarif, so why are we here? Where is here? And who is our host?

    As Cassian let the streams of hot water wash the vestiges of the oily bacta and some other sort of compound away, he decided to assess the situation. That gut instinct has kept me alive this long...Scarif notwithstanding.

    Cassian finished cleaning himself up and got dressed. He waited in the room with the two tubes with K-2SO for Jyn to get ready.

    “I see you have a lot of questions.” Kay-Tu observed, striding over to Cassian.

    “What make you say that?” Cassian raised an eyebrow.

    “You took one and a half times as much time as you normally take in the refresher.” Kay-Tuesso deadpanned.

    That's Kay-Tu for you. If someone is trying to deceive you, they've gone through a lot of trouble to program a KX-series droid to act like K-2SO. Cassian thought. Why would they go through that sort of trouble? For now, I’ll believe them that this is K-2SO and…

    Cassian’s thoughts were interrupted by Jyn stepping out of the refresher. She looked puzzled before asking, “What’s going on?”

    “As I stated earlier, our mysterious host will explain it all.” K-2SO replied, “Shall we?”

    “I suppose we don’t have much of a choice,” Jyn replied, before she and Cassian headed for the room’s exit.


    Yen Sid's Tower, Sitting Room
    Kingdom Hearts Universe

    Cassian walked around the circular sitting room for the second time in as many minutes before he sat down on the sofa beside Jyn. He took in the room’s details. There was the sofa where he sat, a rug featuring a crescent moon and stars in yellow and silver over a dark blue background he didn’t recognize, a coffee table, and two easy chairs. Two doors also finished the picture.

    The door behind him was the room he and Jyn had emerged from. And the door in front, he wasn’t sure of. He did know that K-2SO positioned himself between them and the door with only the brusque warning that they weren’t to go through that door yet.

    He couldn’t help but notice the silver teapot, and the scones piled high atop a silver serving tray. Jyn was already munching away at one pastry and Cassian heard his own stomach growling.

    “I assure you that there are not toxic compounds in any of the food or drink here.” K-2SO began, as if reading Cassian’s mind.

    Cassian reached over and took a scone from the tray and taking a bite. He took another bite and another, and then the scone was down his throat. Whoever made this is a good cook, I even forgot about the bacta aftertaste.

    As he reached for another he heard the sound of the heavy door on the other side of the room opening. He and Jyn looked up in time to see a tall, stern-faced old man with long, grey hair, bushy eyebrows, and a long, grey beard parted down the middle. He wore a conical hat in blue, decorated with several yellow stars and a yellow crescent moon.

    “Master Yen Sid,” K-2SO began, “Our host.”

    The man stopped, turning his head to the droid, “Thank you, K-2SO.”

    The old man took a seat in one of the chairs and faced Jyn and Cassian, “Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor of the Rebel Alliance. As stated by your droid, I am Yen Sid. And I am sure you have questions.”

    “Yes, we do,” Cassian began.

    “I will explain it all, before I make my proposal.” Yen Sid began, “First, the question of how you got here.”

    Jyn interjected, “I remember the last thing being the explosion after the Death Star fired on Scarif…”

    “Yes. That event did happen. And afterward I retrieved your droid and what remained of you and Cassian.” Yen Sid replied.

    “How?” Cassian asked.

    “By magic.” Yen Sid gestured with his hand, causing the teapot to levitate and pouring some of it into Jyn’s near empty cup.

    “Through both magic and science I first rebuilt your droid before I began to work on recreating you.” Yen Sid continued.

    Recreating? Cassian thought. Does he mean cloning? But if he cloned do we have memories from up until our last moments of Scarif?

    “How much time has passed?” Jyn asked.

    “In your universe, one year has passed.” Yen Sid poured himself a cup of tea and sipped from it calmly.

    “Universe?” Cassian raised an eyebrow.

    “Yes, universe.” Yen Sid replied, “For you see, the reality which you came from, in which the Empire and Rebel Alliance fight for control of the galaxy is but one universe among many in a great multiverse.”

    “Alright,” Cassian challenged, standing up, “Say I believe you. Let's say that I believe that you raised us from death. Say I believe that there are multiple universes, in addition to our own. I do have a question…”

    Jyn watched Cassian’s dialogue with their new host as she sipped at some tea. What is this man’s motive?

    “Why?” Cassian asked, “Why did you raise us from the dead?”

    “There is a prophesy, one that is incomplete.” Yen Sid began, reaching into the folds of his robe and pulling out a piece of parchment. He lay it on the table beside the tray, positioning it so Jyn and Cassian could read it.

    “To counter a Great Darkness. Two Rogues...” Cassian read aloud. Matches our mission name, Rogue One. But what’s this Great Darkness?

    “Is that all?” Jyn furrowed her eyebrows.

    “There are more fragments of this prophesy strewn throughout the Multiverse.” Yen Sid replied.

    “Why?” Jyn asked.

    “To protect it.” Yen Sid replied, “For knowledge is power, as your past endeavors to find the Death Star plans demonstrate.”

    “So what does this prophesy contain?” Jyn asked.

    “The rest of the prophesy is unknown.” Yen Sid replied, “When the Great Darkness’ shadow loomed I tore the prophesy into pieces, scattering it throughout the Multiverse to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Then I cast a spell of forgetfulness. I will only remember the clues to the location of the prophesy’s parts when I am supposed to remember them.”

    Clever. Cassian thought. So even if he fell into the hands of whoever or whatever this Great Darkness is, he can’t reveal its secrets.

    “So where do we come in?” Cassian asked.

    “If you can help me find these pieces of the prophesy, I would be grateful.” Yen Sid replied.

    “And if we choose not to help you?” Jyn asked.

    “Then you will be free to go.” Yen Sid replied.

    “What’s the catch?” Cassian asked.

    “There is no catch, Captain Andor.” Yen Sid looked sternly at the two sentients sitting on the sofa.

    “We would need some time to think about this.” Cassian returned Yen Sid’s gaze.

    “You must be tired. Perhaps we can discuss this matter in the morning. K-2SO can show you your rooms.” Yen Sid replied, before rising to his feet and walking towards the heavy door he had been looking at earlier.

    Shortly afterward K-2SO led them through that door and Cassian took in his surroundings. The door led into a circular room. At the far end of the room was a spiral staircase where Yen Sid’s footsteps could be heard. There were four other doors, two on either side of the staircase.

    “Master Yen Sid’s chambers are at the top of that staircase.” K-2SO explained, “The other four are bedrooms. They’re fairly comfortable by human standards, and each has its own refresher unit.”

    Cassian headed for the door to the immediate left of the staircase. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Jyn picking the one to the immediate right of the staircase. As he held his hand to his mouth, yawning, he opened the door.

    As advertised the room was a comfortable one by any standards. A bed, a desk, a bedside table and a lamp furnished the room and there was a refresher unit on the far side of the room. Right now what he wanted was some sleep.

    A few hours after being raised from the dead, Cassian Andor lay down on a bed and let sleep take him...


    Yen Sid's Tower, The Study
    Kingdom Hearts Universe

    The next morning had dawned and Cassian awoke to find Jyn and K-2SO standing outside his room door.

    “Good morning,” K-2SO said, “Breakfast is served. Yen Sid wants to meet us afterward.”

    “Have you thought about Yen Sid’s proposal?” Jyn asked.

    “Yes.” Cassian rubbed sleep out of his eyes as he walked forward.

    “And your answer?” Jyn pursed her lips.

    “Yes. And yours?”

    “Yes as well.” Jyn nodded, “Kay-Tu?”

    “I’m going where Cassian goes. As always.” K-2SO replied.

    The three of them went to the sitting room where they’d talked with Yen Sid the day before. Following breakfast they headed back up the stairs to Yen Sid’s study. The door at the top of the stairs was open and they walked into a large room. There was light from both the glow of lighted candles in braziers and two windows, one in the shape of a star and the other a crescent moon.

    Several book shelves lined the walls, crammed with volumes of all manner of knowledge. A desk was situated between the two windows and Yen Sid sat behind it.

    “So, your response?” Yen Sid began.

    “Yes,” Jyn replied, “From all three of us.”

    “Very good.” Yen Sid began, “Now it is time to speak of the enemies you will surely encounter.”

    Yen Sid gestured to Jyn and Cassian to have a seat at the two chairs in front of his desk. K-2SO stood behind the two humans.

    “You mean this Great Darkness?” Cassian asked.

    Yen Sid nodded, “There is a balance of Light and Darkness that make up the Multiverse. Most worlds reside in the Realm of Light, to include yours. From the Darkness come the Heartless.”

    “Heartless?” Jyn asked.

    Yen Sid gestured with one arm, and to their left Jyn, Cassian, and Kay-Tuesso could see a holographic projection of Jyn standing there.

    “If one such as you, Jyn Erso, yields to the darkness in your heart, you will become a Heartless.” Yen Sid began.

    The projection of Jyn shrank, becoming a meter high, dark colored creature with antennae, clawed hands, and glowing yellow eyes.

    Whoa! What? Jyn thought to herself, eyes going wide before she quickly reigned in her surprise. Small body, about a meter or tall, but those claws look like they could do some damage. Looks like it’s a pretty stealthy creature, especially at night.

    Jyn couldn’t help the wry grin. Saw Gerrera, wherever you are, thank you. That quick assessment helped.

    “The creature you see is known as a Shadow. It is the most common form of Heartless, but certainly not the only one. There are many kinds of Heartless throughout the Multiverse. They act largely on instinct, and seek the hearts of both worlds and individuals.” Yen Sid explained.

    “Worlds?” Cassian replied.

    “Yes, Cassian,” Yen Sid replied, “Universes and worlds have hearts and it is these that the Heartless seek to consume.”

    “So Heartless are creatures of Darkness, that aren’t very intelligent. Seems straightforward.” K-2SO interjected.

    “Not quite, Kay-Tu.” Yen Sid replied, “Heartless, when controlled by strong willed evil beings, are especially dangerous. The Heartless are always lurking and ever seeking to capture more hearts. Never let your guard down.”

    Yen Sid gestured again and a grey skinned humanoid, taller than the Heartless, appeared beside it. The creature was thin, sinuous, with a large cylindrical, flat topped head.

    “At times if someone with a strong heart and will, be they evil or good, becomes a Heartless the empty shell they leave behind begins to act with a will of its own. An empty vessel with a stolen heart. A spirit that goes on, even as its body fades from existence. For you see, Nobodies do not truly exist at all. Nobodies may seem to have feelings, but this is a ruse, they only pretend to have hearts. You must not be deceived!” Yen Sid gestured again and the Heartless disappeared. In its place three more Nobodies appeared.

    Jyn’s mind raced again, automatically assessing the Nobody creature. Wispy build, but looks pretty strong. I’ll bet those arms have great reach, maybe might be as strong as a Vaapad’s tentacles?

    “Now then the beings you see before you are known as Dusks. But there are others, some larger and others with frightening and unique powers. On your journey you will meet an alarming number of Dusks, who will all attempt to do you harm. Still they are empty shells destined to return to Darkness.”

    “What’s the difference between Heartless and Nobodies?” Cassian asked.

    “Where Heartless act on instinct, Nobodies function in a higher manner. They can think and plan. And that can make them still more dangerous.” Yen Sid replied.

    Cassian’s eyes flickered to a large book atop Yen Sid’s otherwise sparsely furnished desk. Yen Sid gestured and the book floated towards them. K-2SO caught it in mid-air.

    “This book contains valuable knowledge for your journey. Study it carefully. Now then, I have a request for you. The lower floors of this tower have been taken over by Heartless and Nobodies. I need your help to clear them.” Yen Sid said, “The door to your left has an armory for your use.”

    “Right,” Cassian nodded. He and Jyn stood up and walked towards that door. He could see Yen Sid following them at the distance of a couple paces.

    As promised the room was indeed an armory. Cassian looked around. He could see weapon racks lining the walls, shelves, and other storage items. He could also see work stations where strange aliens about the size of Jawas were working.

    They look like plush toys. Jyn thought as she followed Cassian and K-2SO into the room. One of the small creatures passed her and she took in the imagery of a white furred creature with a large, spherical head and stubby hands. It flew past her on tiny, purple wings. And atop its head was a small red sphere, connected to an antennae.

    She walked into the room, selecting a blaster pistol from one gun rack, and attached its holster to her hip. Interesting. Clearly Yen Sid knows us well. This model of blaster pistol is one I favor for its lightness and its accuracy.

    She walked down to the melee weapons and selected an expandable baton and a knife. She placed the former on her left hip and the latter in her right boot. Both feel natural to me.

    She saw Cassian evaluating some weapons of his own, before turning to Yen Sid and gesturing towards the small creatures working at a small workbench, “What are they?”

    “These are Moogles,” Yen Sid replied, “They are an enterprising and hard working race of beings that often are to be found tinkering with technology. Very similar to the Jawas of your universe.”

    “I hope what they create are more effective than most Jawa contraptions,” Cassian commented. Like those three that I saw on Tatooine trying to test an ion blaster. It exploded and threw what was left of them over a kilometer wide radius.

    “I assure you, Captain Andor, that nothing the Moogles build here will explode in a spectacular fashion.” Yen Sid replied.

    A Moogle approached Cassian, offering him a A280-CFE rifle, and Cassian took the weapon from the creature.

    “Thank you.” Cassian replied.

    “You’re welcome, kupo.” the Moogle chittered, the little red ball above its head brightening before it flew back to another station.

    For his part, Cassian inspected the weapon, as per long ingrained habit. BlasTech did a hell of a job designing this thing. It’s everything from a pistol to an assault rifle, to a sniper rifle with minimal work.

    Cassian did a few checks to the weapon before he went to the different shelves. He picked out a small holdout blaster which he placed in his left boot, and a knife he placed at his belt. I’m an intelligence operative, not primarily an assault trooper. But I can do the job.

    He grabbed a satchel and filled it with an assortment of hand grenades before slinging it across his chest. He saw K-2SO grab an E-11 blaster carbine off of a wall mount.

    “Ready?” Cassian asked.

    Jyn nodded and K-2SO said, “Let’s get dangerous.”

    At Cassian’s raised eyebrow, K-2SO said, “It’s a phrase I picked up when Master Yen Sid was monitoring a hero on another world.”

    The three of them stepped back into Yen Sid’s study and Cassian said, “We’re ready.”

    “Very well.” Yen Sid replied.

    Cassian looked to Jyn and K-2SO in turn, locking eyes with his comrades as he thought to himself, In the next few seconds our lives will depend on one another.


    Yen Sid's Tower, Ground Floor
    Kingdom Hearts Universe

    Cassian took point as they walked down the spiral staircase of the tower towards the ground floor. Jyn was behind him, scanning their flanks and K-2SO was bringing up the rear. With Kay-Tu’s sensors, it’s very hard to sneak up on him.

    Cassian saw a Shadow Heartless sneaking along a wall and snapped off a shot that struck home. The Heartless tumbled several stories to the ground floor. Cassian stopped short, looking down the stairs, pulling a grenade from the satchel and tossing it down the landing.

    After it exploded Cassian ran down the staircase to the landing. He could see four Heartless and a Nobody lying on the ground, dead or wounded from the blast. He took no chances. Each creature got a blaster bolt to the head.

    For her part Jyn kept an eye on the flanks. While her eyes told her the landing was empty, the hair on the back of her neck stood on end. Something’s wrong here. I don’t know what. But…

    In the shadows at the base of the stairwell Jyn noticed the faintest movement. Then she saw the Shadows move. Along the floor. No, not crawling across the floor, but flattened into the floor, as if one-dimensional. Two of them.

    “Cassian! Watch out!” Jyn shouted, backing up as the two Heartless sprung from the floor. She snapped a shot from her blaster, striking the first one dead center. The Heartless fell to the ground, a smoking hole blown through it. She reached over and grabbed her baton and swung it towards the second Heartless, hearing the crack of bone as the weapon struck home.

    “They can meld into the floor and sneak up on you.” Jyn advised.

    “Good to know,” Cassian nodded as they approached a door.

    Jyn ran to the opposite side of the door, facing Cassian. She heard K-2SO filing in behind her as they lined up outside of the door. Cassian pulled a grenade from the satchel, nodding his head. Jyn returned the nod as she felt K-2SO squeeze her shoulder. Cassian primed the grenade, opened the door and threw it inside.

    After he heard the grenade explode he waited for Jyn and K-2SO to enter before he entered as well, rifle at the ready. He saw Jyn and K-2SO firing their weapons, each taking down a Heartless. There was a movement from a dark corner and Cassian saw a Dusk lying a meter above the ground, floating towards him, its long arms reaching out.

    He snapped a shot at it, striking home. Then he heard another blast shot to his right, just in time to see K-2SO firing his blaster into the ceiling.

    “Don’t….” K-2SO began as Cassian took a step forward.

    Thump. Cassian felt the weight of a Shadow Heartless land on him, and falling face forward towards the floor. He held his arms out to break his fall. That will leave a bruise. Cassian thought to himself.

    “...step forward.” K-2SO finished, before dragging the dead Shadow Heartless off Cassian and tossing it aside.

    With a muttered curse, Cassian got to his feet and retrieved his rifle. Then he followed Jyn and K-2SO out into the stairway landing. Scanning the room, the walls, the floors, the ceiling and then going into the second ground floor room, lobbing a grenade into it before stepping inside it, and seeing he’d done nothing but further damage a pile of old junk with the blast of the grenade.

    He entered the room, Jyn behind him and K-2SO bringing up the rear. This time he looked up once he was satisfied there weren’t any more Heartless or Nobodies lurking amidst the odds and ends the grenade explosion had scattered further.

    There was one more door, a trap door on the far corner of the room. K-2SO pulled the door open and Cassian lobbed another grenade down into the hole. After the boom he followed it down in time to find a Dusk riddled with shrapnel at the base of the stairs. He tripped over the corpse just in time for the tentacle-like arm of a second Dusk to go flying over his head. Jyn fired three blaster bolts into the darkness and an inhuman screech followed, followed by a loud thump of a body hitting the ground.

    Cassian scrambled to his feet turning right just in time to see a Shadow Heartless jumping for him from the wall. He fired his blaster at point blank range and jumped to his left, seeing the dead creature fall to his feet.

    Moving deeper into the room he heard another shot from Jyn as she managed to spot a third Dusk moving behind some boxes. Finally the basement was cleared. The three of them searched the basement one more time before going back upstairs, clearing through each room, finding no more Heartless or Nobodies.

    Once they reached the landing they found Yen Sid standing there. With an approving nod he began, “Good work.”

    “Thank you,” Cassian replied, “Now what?”

    “For now, you can rest the remainder of the day. I will talk to you about your mission tonight.” Yen Sid replied.

    “Why tonight?” Jyn asked, “It’s barely midmorning.”

    “I have only just now remembered the clue to the location of the next part of the prophesy.” Yen Sid replied, “I will require the rest of the morning and afternoon to decipher it and make some arrangements.”

    Yen Sid turned around,

    “Right,” Jyn nodded, holstering her blaster and following Yen Sid up the staircase to the upper floors. Cassian held his rifle and K-2SO trailed behind them.

    “We might as well get some rest and food and take some downtime until tonight.” Cassian replied.

    “Good decision.” K-2SO commented.

    “Since when do you care about downtime?” Cassian asked.

    “I don’t. However I do care about well rested teammates.” K-2SO replied.

    “That’s good of you.” Jyn replied.

    “Well rested teammates aren’t likely to make errors and get me shot.” K-2SO remarked.

    Cassian rolled his eyes at the droid’s attempt at wit as they ascended the staircase...


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    Jun 17, 2014
    Chapter One: Visiting Hill Valley
    Disclaimer: Same as before.
    Author’s Note: Thank you to Cowgirl Jedi 1701, my beta reader, for her insight. Jyn Erso’s ‘80s outfit and the dance moves scene were entirely due to her input.

    Yen Sid's Tower, The Study
    Kingdom Hearts Universe

    Jyn Erso stepped into Yen Sid’s study, Cassian and K-2SO at her heels. They saw Yen Sid sitting behind his desk, parchment on the desk and a fountain pen beside it. Cassian glimpsed at the words on the parchment as he sat down.

    A world attacked. An institute of the future. Cassian read the writing word for word in his head. As he mulled the words over Yen Sid spoke, “There was no need to surreptitiously read what I wrote, Captain Andor, I am going to share it with you.”

    “Of course,” Cassian blinked, “Force of habit.”

    “Yes, I am aware of your past.” Yen Sid replied.

    Cassian said nothing as he and Jyn sat across from Yen Sid, “Now then. A world was recently attacked by the Heartless, creating another world.”

    “How?” Cassian asked.

    “It is not completely understood how, but sometimes when the Heartless attack a world sometimes pieces of it break away and become their own worlds.” Yen Sid replied, “In this case the town of Hill Valley and some area of the surrounding countryside were separated and a new world was formed.”

    “So this kind of ‘world fragmenting’ has happened before?” Jyn asked.

    “Yes, it has. And Hill Valley has become such a world.” Yen Sid replied.

    “That is where the next piece of the prophesy is, right?” Cassian asked.

    Yen Sid made a circular gesture with his right hand. “A contact of mine, Sardo, will assist you on your mission.”

    An image appeared, about as tall as a Jawa, showing a man in garish colored clothing, receding hairline, with wavy brownish red hair that extended to the middle of his neck.

    “He owns a shop in downtown Hill Valley, Sardo’s Magic Mansion.” Yen Sid replied, “He is familiar with Hill Valley and he will be your guide.”

    “Hill Valley, Sardo’s Magic Mansion,” Cassian repeated so he would remember.

    Yen Sid gestured again and a folded square paper elevated and then landed in Jyn’s lap, “This map will be of assistance for your mission.”

    “So how will he recognize us?” Cassian raised an eyebrow, “Tell him ‘Yen Sid sent us’?”

    “Speak to him of the ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’,” Yen Sid replied.

    A code word or phrase. Classic espionage technique. Cassian thought, a slight smile of approval on his face.

    “Alright, so when do we leave?” Jyn asked.

    “As soon as you’re ready,” Yen Sid replied, “But first, allow me to show you something.”

    Yen Sid rose from his desk and Jyn and Cassian followed him out of the study and down a flight of stairs which ended in a three way junction. One way led to where their rooms were. There was another that led down a darkened hallway, and another to a door.

    They walked out that door and Cassian instantly recognized the compact, sleek shape with the four engine nacelles and folding wings. A UT-60D U-Wing. A craft he was more than familiar with.

    He could see Moogles performing preflight checks and fueling the ship. He followed Yen Sid around the ship in a circle, watching the Muggles at work. He admired the little creatures’ eye for detail for a moment before following Yen Sid back into the tower and Yen Sid’s study.

    “First it is best that you get oriented to this world you are about to visit.” Yen Sid replied before pointing to a large monitor and a computer terminal that were recessed into an alcove in the wall.

    K-2SO wordlessly headed for the computer and stuck one of his hand interfaces into its dataport as data was uploaded into his systems. As soon as the upload was complete, K-2SO disengaged himself from the computer.

    “In your rooms you will find suitable clothing for this world.” Yen Sid replied.

    “Right,” Jyn nodded before she, Cassian and K-2SO headed downstairs.

    Twenty Minutes Later: “This is entirely too garish,” Cassian grumbled as he walked into the hallway, catching a glimpse of his outfit in a mirror.

    He wore a pair of sneakers, blue jeans, a black t-shirt with the word RELAX emblazoned in white letters on it, and a garishly colored red leather jacket.

    “Really, Cassian,” K-2SO replied,”That style of jacket was rather popular with a certain performer known for great songs from the world of Hill Valley.”

    Jyn’s room door opened and she stepped out and Cassian’s eyes moved over to the sight. Jyn Erso wore her hair in a high ponytail, with a black leather jacket worn over a pink shirt that exposed her right shoulder, blue jeans and black high heeled boots.

    “What did I miss?” Jyn asked.

    “Cassian took some exception to his jacket.” K-2SO interjected.

    “It just looks entirely too garish for someone trying to blend in.” Cassian replied.

    “It’s functional, at least,” Jyn replied, “Just I’m not sure what the kriff AC/DC is?”

    “Alternating current/direct current?” Cassian asked, eyebrows scrunching, before smiling, “I do think you look good.”

    Jyn smiled, “I do agree, your jacket is entirely too garish.”

    “So what. Watch this.” Cassian declared before sliding his feet along the ground, moving backwards as he did so.

    Jyn laughed, “Stop it. You suck at dancing.”

    “It’s not as if we had any music.” Cassian protested, “Besides we can settle this little matter of dancing later.”

    “Was that an invitation?” Jyn asked. Cassian stopped for a moment before grumbling a nonresponse before they went into the armory for some supplies and equipment before they headed for the U-Wing.

    As Cassian got into the pilot’s seat beside K-2SO and Jyn got behind one of the M-45 repeating ion blasters he glanced around the instrument panel. Then he turned to K-2SO, “Just like old times.”

    “Let’s get dangerous,” K-2SO replied.

    “There you go with that phrase again.” Jyn remarked from behind the M-45 as the U-Wing took off before Cassian punched in the coordinates for Hill Valley and engaged the modified hyperdrive...

    Sardo's Magic Mansion
    Back to the Future Universe

    Cassian had landed the U-Wing on the outskirts of the town square, in the deserted public park. After landing he, Jyn and K-2SO had spread a camouflaged net along the ground before draping it over the U-Wing.

    Cassian turned towards K-2SO who promptly cut him off, “I know. I know. Stay with the ship…”

    “Right. Let’s go find this Sardo and move on with our mission.” Cassian replied as they walked into the town square.

    To the right of Lou’s Aerobic Fitness Center was a business with a green sign that read Sardo’s Magic Mansion. Cassian walked at a brisk pace, with Jyn following him, and he entered the shop. What he could see were crystals, old books, wands, and other paraphernalia one would associate with magicians. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a dummy lightsaber in here.

    “We’re closed currently.” A peevish voice echoed.

    “Mr. Sardo?” Cassian began.

    “That’s Sar-DOH! No Mister, accent on the ‘do.” Sardo said as he stepped into view, “What do you want?”

    “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” Jyn replied.

    “Ah, I see…” Sardo began, “Well, as I stated, first we’re closed.”

    “Sardo…” Jyn replied.

    Not even missing a stride Sardo pushed Cassian and Jyn towards the exit, “And second we’re not a video store. Perhaps you should try the video rental store on the other side of town. Good day.”

    Before Sardo could succeed in pushing Jyn and Cassian out of his front door, Cassian spun around and grabbed Sardo’s wrist, “Look, a mutual friend sent us here to meet with you.”

    “Really? Now who would this mutual friend be?” Sardo snapped back.

    “His name is Yen Sid…” Cassian began.

    “Yen Sid? Oh Disney spelled backwards. Well I can see that it’s a great reference to Fantasia and…OW!” Sardo shouted.

    Cassian promptly twisted Sardo’s arm behind his back as he turned the erstwhile magician around and whispered menacingly in his ear, “We don’t have time for this…We’re on a mission, Mr. Sardo.”

    “That’s Sar-DOH! No Mister! Accent on the...Ow!” Sardo shouted again as Cassian twisted his arm again.

    “We have no time for games,” Cassian said.

    Right around then the commlink in Cassian’s jacket pocket went off. With an annoyed sigh Cassian said, “Can you get that?”

    Jyn nodded, reaching into Cassian’s jacket pocket and grabbed the commlink.

    “Cassian. Jyn. We may have a problem.” K-2SO’s voice echoed.

    “You’ve got to be kidding me…” Cassian groaned.


    Hill Valley Town Square
    Back to the Future Universe

    “I think it’s safe to come out,” Clara Clayton-Brown said as she glanced out of the doorway of Lou’s Aerobic Studio.

    “Mom, was that a quake?” Seven year old Verne Brown asked.

    “I think so,” Clara asked.

    “It was pretty substantial seismic activity.” Nine year old Jules Brown said.

    Verne rolled his eyes at his little brother, “I swear you sound more like Dad every day.”

    “Verne,” Clara corrected her younger son, “Watch your language.”

    A whine came from near their feet, as Einstein, their Catalan Sheepdog, looked up. Verne reached down to pet the nervous dog’s head, “It’s okay, boy…”

    Einstein barked suddenly as a rabbit ran across the road and he ran after it.

    “Einstein!” Jules shouted as he chased their dog.

    “Jules!” Clara yelped and then Verne wriggled out of her arms, running after Jules and Einstein. She stood up herself and ran after them, “Boys!”

    She gathered up her skirts, running as best she could after the two boys. Of all the days to wear a dress from my old time…

    “Jules! Verne! Get back here this instant!” Clara shouted as the boys ran around a corner, towards the park in the town square, chasing Einstein through the copse of trees. She paused to catch her breath, thanks to the tightness of her 19th century attire. She looked up just in time to see the boys disappear into the trees.

    With a surge of adrenaline she ran forward after them, even after tripping over a pair of roots and getting a face full of leaves from a branch she hadn’t ducked in time for. After getting back to her feet she ran into the clearing just in time to see a robot with glowing yellow eyes holding Jules and Verne by their collars above the ground. Einstein was running excitedly around the robot’s feet, barking.

    The automaton turned towards Clara and said, “Excuse me, madam. Are these yours?”

    Clara breathed a sigh of relief before stopping in her tracks, “Yes. Thank you.”

    K-2SO set the two boys down on the ground. Verne and Jules ran off to their mother, who held onto them with both arms.

    “I swear the mischief these two get into with that dog…” Clara began. Einstein barked as well as he jumped up on K-2SO.

    Clara regarded K-2SO for a few more moments before asking, “You’re not from around here, are you?”

    “I am not,” K-2SO replied, “I am K-2SO, a reprogrammed Imperial KX-series droid.”

    “You mean android?” Jules asked.

    “Correct.” K-2SO said, before reaching for his comm-link, “Jyn. Cassian. We may have a problem…”

    “Boys,” Clara said, “Come with me. Let’s go find a phone booth and give your father a call.”

    Institute of Future Technology
    Back to the Future Universe

    “Doc! Doc, are you alright?” Marty McFly asked as he crawled out from underneath a workbench.

    “I’m fine, Marty,” Doctor Emmett Brown replied as he crawled out from underneath another nearby workbench, “I’m going to get to the Delorean and find Clara and the kids.”

    Emmett searched around the nearest workbench, “Now where are those infernal keys...I had them here somewhere.”

    He tossed aside odds and ends, and blueprints of random contraptions, muttering more about the missing keys before he headed over to the next workbench.

    The telephone atop the workbench clamoured loudly and he reached over and grabbed it, “Institute of Future Technology, Dr. Brown speaking...Clara? Thank God you’re alright.”

    “Doc, what’s going on?” Marty asked.

    “It’s Clara. She, the boys and Einey are fine,” Emmett replied, cupping the mouthpiece of the phone, “But evidently they’ve encountered a...something…”

    Emmett moved his hand away from the mouthpiece, “What was that, again, Clara? A what...Are you sure? Great Scott!”

    Emmett let go of the phone and the handset swung from the telephone cord, wide eyed. Marty walked over to him, “Doc? Doc?”

    Emmett blinked his eyes and said, “Marty, evidently Clara and the boys and Einey found a droid…”

    “ from Star Wars?” Marty asked.

    “Yes,” Emmett replied.

    “This is heavy.” Marty replied.


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    Aug 21, 2006
    A great fun to read about all the universes
  4. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

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    Dec 21, 2016
    Two thumbs up!:D
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  5. Chyntuck

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    Jul 11, 2014
    What a cool story! I'm completely new to the Kingdom Hearts fandom so I expected I'd need to go and read up on Wikipedia, but with Jyn and Cassian being as new to that world as me it wasn't necessary at all. Now I'm expecting to see their reaction to the fact that, in the BTTF universe, they belong to a fictional universe – although the one who's most likely to be scandalised about it is K-2SO, and you've nailed his voice very well here :D I hope you can continue this so we find out the rest of the prophecy!
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    Jun 17, 2014
    earlybird-obi-wan, Cowgirl Jedi 1701, and Chyntuck. Thank you all for your feedback. I'm still working on this series, sometimes sentence by sentence, but I'm hoping to have the next installment up in the next week or so.
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    Jun 17, 2014
    Chapter Two: Doctor Brown, I Presume
    Disclaimer: Same as before.​
    Chyntuck, Cowgirl Jedi 1701, earlybird-obi-wan. A new read for you.​
    Hill Valley Town Square Park
    Back to the Future Universe
    Clara Clayton-Brown had seen a lot of things she would have called whoppers in another life. The 2-meter tall robot she had seen holding Jules and Verne aloft by their collars would definitely have qualified as quite the whopper.
    Honestly if I wasn't married to Emmett and I heard this story from someone, I'd thought they spent too much time at the saloon. Clara thought.

    She sighed as she hung up the telephone in the phone booth, glancing over at the boys and Einstein who were, mercifully, staying put.

    “I just called your father.” Clara stepped out of the telephone booth, “Now you three stay put.”

    “Yes mom,” Jules said.

    Einstein barked and Clara looked straight at the dog, “That goes for you too.”

    Einstein whined slightly as he looked over at Clara just as she heard the door to Sardo’s Magic Mansion opening behind her. She turned around just in time to see Sardo walking out of his shop, locking it behind him.

    He wasn’t alone. She could see a dark haired young woman and a deeply tanned, dark haired man with a beard walking on either side of him.

    “Good afternoon, Mr. Sardo,” Clara said.

    “That’s Sar-DOH. No Mister. Accent on the ‘do!” Sardo replied.

    “Who are your new friends?” Clara asked.

    “They’re associates of mine, from out of town.” Sardo brusquely replied.

    “I see.” Clara replied. Something isn’t right here. Sardo can be a grouch sometimes, but he’s so tense right now.

    Clara went over to the boys and Einstein who let out another whine. Clara watched as Sardo and his two companions walked towards the park. In the direction of where she and the boys had encountered K-2SO.

    She saw the Delorean pulling up and parking, Emmett stepped out of one gull-winged door before closing it.

    “Clara! Are you alright?” Emmett said as he ran towards his wife, taking her in his arms and kissing her.

    “I”m fine, Emmett,” Clara said.

    “So where was this colossus of an automaton you saw?” Emmett asked.

    “This way,” Clara gestured.

    “Boys, Einey, come with us,” Emmett began.

    The two boys and Einstein followed Emmett and Clara into the park, following Clara’s lead. Einstein sniffed the ground and barked.

    “Where did this robot come from?” Emmett asked.

    “He didn’t say,” Clara replied, “It happened after the boys chased Einstein after he went after a rabbit.”

    Clara led Emmett and the boys towards the clearing in the trees where they saw K-2SO, in company with Sardo and two other strangers.

    The male stranger turned to face the robot, K-2SO, and asked, “Is this the ‘we may have a problem here’?”

    “Yes,” K-2SO nodded, “And apparently there’s one more civilian from Hill Valley with them. This mission has officially become complicated by a factor of…”

    “I don’t want to hear it!” the male stranger snapped.

    “Great Scott, Clara! It appears that Mr. Sardo is talking to a colossal form of sentient automata!” Emmett exclaimed.

    “That’s Sar-DOH…”

    “We know!” Jyn, Cassian and K-2SO simultaneously shouted.

    “Excuse me, so how do you know Sardo?” Clara asked. Phew, at least I remembered not to use the ‘Mister’.

    “It’s a bit of a long story, but suffice to say we know him through a mutual friend of ours named Yen Sid.” Jyn replied.

    “Will you people help me, please?” Sardo hissed, “I’m being held hostage by nuts who insist that I know a fictional character from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice!”

    “Well, they aren’t from around here,” Clara replied, “As their droid friend attests.”

    “So where are all of you from?” Emmett asked.

    “Let’s say a galaxy far, far away and leave it at that, shall we?” Jyn replied before Cassian rolled his eyes, only to get an elbow to the side from Jyn.

    Rustling was heard in the trees nearby.

    “Are we expecting any more visitors?” Cassian asked.

    “No, we aren’t,” Jyn replied, going for her blaster. She saw Cassian do the same just as several Heartless appeared from the woodline.

    Sardo let out a wordless scream and took off running, only to trip over a root and fall facedown on the ground, knocking himself unconscious.

    Cassian drew his blaster and shot the first of the Heartless as Jyn ran towards the Brown family, positioning herself between them and the Heartless. She drew her own blaster, firing another shot, taking down a second Heartless.

    Emmett reached under his coat, pulling a Colt Peacemaker revolver from underneath, “Clara! Boys, get back!”

    He pulled the trigger, taking down a third Heartless. Out of the corner of his eye, Emmett could see Clara, arms around the boys’ shoulders as she herded them away. He saw K-2SO lift another Heartless into the air before slamming it head first into a tree trunk.

    Jyn fired another shot that took out a fifth Heartless, before she heard the whine of a blaster shot that hit the sixth Heartless in the leg. The creature flattened itself into the ground only for K-2SO to raise one metallic foot, bringing it crashing downward onto the creature’s head.

    “What in the name of Doctor Albert Einstein were those things?” Emmett asked, eyes wide.
    “They’re called Heartless,” Cassian said with a sigh, “And I think we owe an explanation.”

    “Yes,” Emmett replied, “I believe we should talk elsewhere.”

    “Where would you suggest?” Jyn asked, tucking her blaster back in its hidden holster, but keeping her hand on its handgrip.

    “I run an institute that should provide us a safe place to talk.” Emmett replied.

    “Lead the way,” Jyn replied.

    Cassian turned to K-2SO and the droid looked down at his old friend, “I know. I know. Stay with the ship…”

    K-2SO watched Cassian, Jyn, and Sardo leave with the Brown family and as he headed over to the U-wing, concealed underneath a camouflage net, he said to no one in particular, “Even after resurrection I still get stuck with the ship.”


    Lyon Estates, McFly Residence
    Back to the Future Universe

    George McFly heard the screech of the BMW’s tires as he slammed in the brakes. With shaking hands he put the car into park before turning off the engine. He ran all the way to the front door, heart hammering in his chest. Lorraine. Got to see if she’s alright.

    George opened the front door just in time to see Lorraine crawl out from underneath the dining room table.

    He ran over to his wife, and gathered her into his arms. After holding her for a few moments he asked, “Are you okay?”

    Lorraine nodded, “I’m fine, just a little spooked.”

    “That was a nasty quake,” George replied, still holding her.

    “Have you tried to get a hold of the kids?” Lorraine asked.

    “Not yet,” George said, “I had a bear of a time heading home…”

    “Okay, I’ll try the phone,” Lorraine said, sliding from George’s embrace and heading for the kitchen and dialing the telephone number for Dave’s office.

    Lorraine held her breath until she heard the phone coming off the hook on the other side of the line. She heard her oldest son’s voice on the other side of the line.

    “Okay, I’m glad you're alright. Come home as soon as you can...Oh, you were about to leave before the phone rang? Alright, come home now…” Lorraine replied before signing up the phone and turning to George, “I got Dave on the phone.”

    “Alright, let’s give Linda a call at the boutique and then Marty and…” George began before the phone rang.

    “Hello,” Lorraine said, “Marty?”

    Lorraine’s brow furrowed slightly as she heard Marty talking rapidly. “Marty, slow down.”

    “What’s going on?” George asked.

    “It’s Marty, but he’s not making any sense.” Lorraine replied.

    “Let me talk to him.” George replied, walking closer to Lorraine who handed him the phone handset.

    George accepted it and said, “Marty? What’s going on?”

    After a brief pause George asked, “Say that again?”

    As Marty spoke again George let go of the hand set, eyes going wide before telescoping to the ground. Lorraine just barely managed to break his fall.


    Institute of Future Technology
    Back to the Future Universe

    “Dad? Dad?” Marty asked, worry creasing his features.

    It was a few moments before Marty heard his mother on the other side of the line, “Okay Mom, I’m fine, we’re all fine here. How are you?”

    Marty heard the response, “Okay, tell Dad we’re okay here and I’ll call later. Thanks. Bye.”

    He hung up the phone and walked into the living room where Doc, Clara, Jules, Verne, and Einstein sat with two new guests that Doc had introduced as Cassian and Jyn. And Sardo was there too.

    Einstein barked as he saw Marty, tail wagging.

    “Marty,” Doc asked, “How did your call go?”

    “Mom and Dad know I’m okay and I’ll come home soon,” Marty replied, “I think Dad fainted though.”

    “What did you tell him?” Emmett asked.

    “That we ran into some strangers from out of town.” Marty replied, “And I explained a few details about the strangers from out of town too.”

    “Marty, do you know what this means?” Emmett asked, eyes bugging out.

    “No, Doc, what?” Marty asked.

    “That means that my understanding of the nature of the space time continuum is vastly different than what we have just been presented with these people from another dimension…” Emmett began.

    “Alright, Doc, so what’s the gameplan?” Marty asked.

    “We find out what we can from our guests. What they have to say could very well alter our understanding of the fabric of reality as we know it!” Emmett replied before he walked back over to where Clara, Jules, Verne and Einstein were talking. Marty followed him.

    “So let me get this straight,” Clara said to Jyn, “You and Cassian are here on a mission to find a clue for a prophesy that Mr. Sardo…”

    “That’s Sar-DOH, no mister, accent on the ‘do’.”

    “Shut up!” Cassian smacked him on the back of the head.

    “I do believe that’s not going to persuade Sardo,” Clara replied, taking care to speak the man’s name exactly as he requested, “to give up that clue.”

    “Lady, I have no clue what these two are talking about.” Sardo replied, rubbing the back of his head.

    Cassian’s jaw set in a hard line as annoyance coursed through him, “Does the name Yen Sid sound familiar?”

    “Yes, from Fantasia, a great work of fiction…” Sardo peevishly sneered.

    “I assure you, my friend,” Cassian hissed through clenched teeth, “that Yen Sid is not a work of fiction.”

    “And how do you know that?” Sardo snarkily asked.

    Cassian’s jaw clenched as he forced images of throttling Sardo out of his mind, “Well, he was the one who sent us to find you. He told us that you could help us with finding the next part of the prophesy.”

    “What prophesy?” Clara asked.

    “Well, our mission from Yen Sid started with a clue that started with ‘A world attacked. An institute of the future…’.” Cassian replied.

    “Those two are crazy!” Sardo fumed, “I don’t know anything about any prophesy?”

    “Wait, now, Mr. Sardo…” Clara replied.

    “That’s…” Sardo began.

    “Shut your trap!” Cassian snapped.

    Clara interjected, “Please, let’s not get to that again. Now, Cassian, what else did this clue say?”

    “That’s it,” Cassian replied.

    “Sardo, have you been hit in the head recently?” Jyn asked.

    “Were you asleep? Yes. Your friend over there hit me rather hard.” Sardo rubbed the back of his head for emphasis.

    “I wasn’t talking about that.” Jyn replied.

    “Well, no, I haven’t.” Sardo replied.

    “There’s got to be some way to help him remember that prophesy,” Clara mused.

    “I could help,” Cassian grumbled, clenching his right fist and smacking the back of it against his left palm as Jyn glared at him.

    “Behave,” Jyn frostily said.

    “Doc,” Marty whispered over to his old friend, “You’ve been pretty quiet.”

    “I’ve been thinking Marty. I wonder if the four people we’ve encountered are the only people not from Hill Valley traipsing about here.” Emmett replied, “And if they aren’t, would these other visitors be friendly or foes, like these Heartless.”


  8. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

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    Dec 21, 2016
    Hmm, I wonder who these hypothetical strangers could possibly be...... ;)
  9. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Okay-dokey, read the instalment before Chapter One.

    You got the characterisations and speech patterns for the three Rebels down to a T, and I particularly liked K-2SO, with Cassian not far behind.

    You clearly know Kingdom Hearts very well, and showed good attention to visual detail throughout.

    I felt the three were taking an awful lot on trust, starting from the prophesy or whatever it was, bring split apart and scattered for sensible-sounding reasons, then wanting them to reverse all that; to trusting that the Darkness were invading Sid's tower, rather than him having teleported into the top of theirs.

    For all the thoughts that we did see, such as Jyn thanking Saw Guererra, it would have been nice to see why they sided with Sid.

    I liked the "Let's get dangerous" quip, though I cannot recall the source.

    You have a good foundation, and the makings of a good crossover here.
  10. Theodore Hawkwood

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    Jun 17, 2014

    The quote comes from Darkwing Duck, Sith-I-5.
  11. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    So, here from the read and review tag challenge. I know squat about Kingdom Hearts, but I wanted to read something new, so what the heck. :D

    I agree with Sith-I-5 that your characterisation of Jyn, Cassian and K2SO is perfect. Rogue One is heavy stuff and getting those folks right is a form of art. :)

    That made me giggle!

    Wow. This is messing with my head. Yen Sid is talking about it as if it's something super-simple and one can see that our heroes cannot comprehend it immediately. Not to mention that the powers he's talking about are different from the ones in the SW universe! This actually blew my mind.

    Another thing that got my attention is this:

    Hmmm...while I do not question his loyalty to Cassian, K2SO seems to be a bit too knowledgeable about this universe, he almost feels at home. Has he been reprogrammed?

    Overall, a good start, though I'll definitely need a Kingdom of Hearts wiki in order to get how this Universe of theirs works. :)
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    Chapter Three: Watchers
    For: @Ewok Poet, @Cowgirl Jedi 1701, @Sith-I-5, @earlybird-obi-wan, and @Chyntuck. Sorry this one's so late.

    Same as before. The character of Major Arnold Ernst Toht, Gestapo, is heavily based on a similar character from the Indiana Jones franchise that I simply transported to the Wolfenstein universe.

    Author’s Note 1:
    The crossover of the Wolfenstein Universe takes the 2009 Wolfenstein game as canon, so unlike in the game’s continuity World War II ends with an Allied victory. The Nazis, as a result, launched ‘Operation Exodus’ traveling via a dimensional gateway into another world.


    SS Paranormal Division HQ
    Wolfenstein Universe

    Heil Hitler!Sturmbanfuhrer Anton Betternich said as he stopped short of Oberstgruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Strasse’s desk sharply snapping his right arm forward at a slight upward angle. The Party’s standard salute.

    Der Fuhrer has been dead for five years, my friend.” Strasse replied with a wry smile, “But the sentiment is appreciated.”

    “Sir?” Betternich said, eyebrows furrowing.

    A long silence followed and Betternich felt ice run through his blood. A man nicknamed Totenkopf is a bad man to cross.

    Strasse stood from his desk and returned his subordinate’s salute. “You know Der Fuhrer took his own life when our empire shrank to little less than a bunker in Berlin when we received our last radio transmission from the Reich. Remember the last words Herr Goebbels said?”

    “Long live Der Reich!” Betternich said.

    “Yes, very good, Betternich,” Strasse’s wry grin widened into a toothier one, “I have to admit Herr Goebbels’ choice to paraphrase that traitor, von Stauffenberg, to be a touch hackneyed but still inspired.

    What the devil is the man’s point?
    Betternich thought to himself. “Yes sir.”

    “What does that mean to you?” Totenkopf asked.

    “That we must work to preserve the Reich in this new land of Nosgoth.” Betternich replied.

    “Of course, a politically correct answer.” Totenkopf nodded, “Now we were able to discover a way to access other lands.”

    “And learn of new technologies,” Betternich replied, handing Totenkopf a file, “To speak of which, Herr Doktor has made some progress.”

    “Oh?” Totenkopf replied, “What sort of progress.”

    “The subject survived the process,” Betternich replied, “He has not regained consciousness yet.”

    “Very good,” Totenkopf replied before nodding to Betternich, “You may go.”

    Jawohl Herr Oberstgruppenfuhrer.” Betternich replied, “Long live the Reich!”

    “Long live the Reich,” Totenkopf said as he looked up from the report before Betternich executed a smart about turn and walked out of the office.


    Hill Valley Courthouse Square
    Back to the Future Universe

    The man in the tailored black three-piece suit, fedora, and black leather trench coat scanned the town square impassively. His face betrayed no emotion, just a blank indifference with an undercurrent of intensity.

    Major Arnold Ernst Toht, of the Gestapo, committed everything he saw in Hill Valley to memory as he walked by a park bench. A derelict sat up, a half-empty bottle of vodka in one hand. Toht felt the man’s hand tug at the hem of his trench coat.

    “Hey buddy…” the derelict began before Toht jammed the heel of his palm into the man’s face, just below the nose, knocking him down.

    The Gestapo major tugged his coat out of the now knocked down bum’s clenched hand and continued on his way. His orders were clear. Map the town as clearly as possible to allow the hand-selected raiders from the Waffen-SS the best possible chance of success.

    “Hey….” the bum protested.

    “I’ve got a timetable to keep. I haven’t time for you.” Toht replied, “You’d best run along.”

    This guy means business. Red the Bum thought as Toht fixed him with a neutral expression. I mean he looks like he could break my arm and not care one damn bit.

    Red the Bum said nothing further as he scooted away on his rear, keeping the rude and mysterious stranger in sight...


    Gaynor's Hideaway, Courthouse Square
    Back to the Future Universe

    “You drinkin’ anything, or are you sticking with water?” the bartender asked.

    “Water will do just fine,” the patron replied.

    “Suit yourself,” Louie Gaynor, the bartender, replied as he regarded the driest patron in the whole bar. The fellow was fairly deeply tanned with a horizontal yellow line running from one cheekbone, across the bridge of his nose, to the other cheekbone.

    With those dreadlocks he fits right in with the Bob Marley Fan Convention,
    Louie thought, But he doesn’t fit at the same time? Whoever heard of a dry rastafarian…

    Quinlan Vos sipped at his glass of water as he scanned the bar area with both his eyes and the Force. He felt the wave of fear and worry from both patrons and staff after the tremor a little over an hour ago. That was to be expected. But the icy feeling of dread and darkness was not.

    After the quake had subsided Louie had poured the Bob Marley Conventioneers a free round of drinks in honor of their first earthquake. Quinlan had turned down the more intoxicating drinks, he was on the chronometer so to speak.

    At least my appearance doesn’t stick out to the residents of Hill Valley. Thanks to this convention I’m hiding in plain sight. Quinlan Vos thought to himself as he scanned the bar before stepping outside, reaching out through the Force to pinpoint this darkness.


    Institute of Future Technology
    Back to the Future Universe

    “I don’t believe this,” Cassian grumbled as he stalked off, “Yen Sid clearly sent us here and specified we were to meet with Mr. Sardo yet he knows nothing of the prophesy.”

    “There has to be some sort of reason why he doesn’t remember,” Jyn replied.

    “Perhaps I should inject him with some truth drugs or see if I can’t find a vial glitterstim somewhere,” Cassian mumbled.

    “Cassian. No.” Jyn replied as she fell into step beside him before they arrived on a terrace overlooking the courtyard of the Institute of Future Technology.

    “I only wish I remembered to request those items from the Moogles before we left.” Cassian continued.

    “We’re not doing that,” Jyn replied.

    “Maybe a mind probe?” Cassian mused.

    “No. Cassian. No!” Jyn replied, “Listen to yourself. You’re starting to sound like you work for the Imperial Security Bureau.”

    “In case you weren’t paying attention, we have a mission to retrieve a prophesy. By any means necessary.” Cassian turned around to face her.

    “I don’t think those methods you mentioned were even in our mission parameters.” Jyn replied, “There has to be some way to help him remember that doesn’t involve brute force.”

    “Taking glitterstim and probing his mind isn’t brute force.” Cassian interjected.

    “That’s a technicality. Even if we had the glitterstim we’re not doing that!” Jyn snapped back.

    “Any suggestions on what we should do, then?” Cassian replied.

    “Guys!” Marty McFly said as he ran onto the balcony nearly out of breath.

    “Force, Marty, what’s wrong?” Jyn asked as she turned around.

    “It’s Sardo,” Marty gasped.

    “What’s wrong with him?” Cassian asked.

    “He just started babbling something about the clue.” Marty said, “Though I can’t make any sense of it.”

    “What did he say?” Cassian said.

    “He just repeated the phrase: Knight of the Skull.” Marty replied.



    Sturmbanfuhrer - The Waffen-SS equivalent to a major in the British and American militaries.
    Oberstgruppenfuhrer - The Waffen-SS equivalent of a four-star general in the American Army.

    Author’s Note 2: I’ve got two Star Wars universes featured in this fanfic. One universe is more or less canon with the events of Phantom Menace thru Return of the Jedi having happened as seen on screen blended with Legends (Star Wars Universe 1). The other universe (Star Wars Universe 2) is what I suppose happened if Anakin killed Palpatine during Revenge of the Sith. Quinlan Vos is from Star Wars Universe 2.
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    Dec 21, 2016

    The description of Totenkopf in Hill Valley sounds like Belloque(?) From The Last Crusade(?)
    That bum is smart to decide to keep an eye on him.

    Loved Vos' intro.

    And Sardo remembered the clue. "Knight of the Skull"
    Sounds ominous. I've got a hunch that crap is about to get real pretty dang fast.
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