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Beyond - Legends Puzzle-box for the springtime meadow of wildflowers & berries challenge Lost Then Found

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, Mar 26, 2021.

  1. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Puzzle-box for the springtime meadow of wildflowers & berries challenge
    prompt Lost Then Found
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: Legends: beyond
    Genre: one shot. Lost then found
    Characters: Moniron characters



    “More presents dad?” Jeb Bel Hana saw three speeders parked before the cottage of Steve Magaron. He had been returning with his dad and Steve after a visit to their new home. They were staying at Steve's cottage after coming to Noranan.

    “You have seen your new bedroom,” Jono smiled. “It's big and...”

    “My Steelman-figure can have many more friends.” Jeb had woken up this morning finding the second bed empty. 'It's my 6th birthday and no breakfast in bed?' But Steve had ordered him back in bed and had come with Jono and presents and ending with breakfast in bed. Steve had made it possible because Jono couldn't do that much with his right arm in a cast and sling.

    “Maybe,” Steve had a smile on his face. He had recognized the speeders belonging to his childhood friend Ivano Arvedai and his chief Tarhin Engaron.

    Jono followed Steve and Jeb inside.

    Jeb was awed. The living-room had now decorations and a large birthday cake with six burning candles was on the table surrounded by presents.

    “Happy birthday Jeb,” the four adults sang and waited for Jeb to blew out the candles.

    Steve was the one to cut the cake and serve tea.

    Jeb got busy with his cake and heard the beginning of a conversation but cake and presents were far more interesting.

    “Tell me Jono. You were leaving Noranan as what?”

    “I was the pilot for the corvette.”

    “I remember that, being with Bret in the control-tower.”

    Jeb was opening the first present when he saw Ivano reaching in his pocket and taking an intriguing device. “Can I see what's that?”

    “It is my diary but you can hold it,” Ivano gave the boy the diary. “But be careful and don't touch any button. I thought I had lost it but I found it today when I was cleaning my closet. My ceremonial uniform needed a new cover and the diary fell out of a pocket. Be careful.”

    “I will,” Jeb took the device and began to study it.

    Jono began to tell about his adventures on Corellia and the help he had given the Jedi.

    Valin and Jysella Horn had Tarhin telling about his meetings with Horn's and Halcyon's and it was late in the evening when Ivano and Tarhin left the cottage.

    Jeb was asleep on the floor, surrounded by toys and a closed puzzle-box. Carefully he had put the diary in the puzzle-box before resuming his play.

    “Shh,” Steve took Jeb in his arms and brought him to his bed.

    Jono followed with the puzzle-box.

    Then Found

    Almost 19 years later.

    Jono had helped his son to move to his new home and had cleaned the room. One item had him intrigued. It was the puzzle-box. He tried to open it and remembered the one who had given it. 'Work first and there's chief Engaron.'

    “I found this in Jeb's toy-box and don't know how to open it,” Jono placed the puzzle-box on the desk of his chief. “You gave him this present.”

    “I remember that,” Tarhin rummaged in his drawer, drew out a flimsy and moved a few switches. “And that's inside.”

    Construction-materials, some seashells, stones and a fluffy ball were inside but also a larger item.

    “That's Ivano's diary.” I will bring it to him.”

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Super use of the prompt =D= Keepsake was lost and found but the memory remains. :)
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Wow, have you been busy. Oh my! I can hardly keep two thoughts together or follow something on TV these days. (But that is partly being sneezed at by toddlers non-stop since three weeks and therefore fighting a dreadful cold, that has turned into a nasty sinusitis... sigh!)

    Anyway, you always master to weave your OCs into new stories to meet any challenge around here. =D=

    Construction-materials, some seashells, stones and a fluffy ball were inside but also a larger item.

    “That's Ivano's diary.” I will bring it to him.”

    Plus sneakily point out that there will be more any time soon.